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You Want Me to do What? (Part 1)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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January 6, 2020 1:00 am

You Want Me to do What? (Part 1)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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New series introducing you to Joshua Dr. Michael you set single one of us, like Josh will all standing at the threshold of a great work I'm at work. Good job in the Old Testament. Then, through the prophets and priests, but in the event because all the believers are prophets and priests. According to the word of God. Therefore, it is the call of God upon your life to do what only you can. When Moses died, called Joshua to assume the role is Israel even group for this, but it was still a huge step.

They in like change. Hello and welcome to leading the way with Dr. Michael, you set Dr. Yousef begins to introduce you to the story of Joshua mind. It's also the story of you. God is called you for special purpose and like Joshua, you might be saying to God. You need to do what today.

Dr. Yousef reveals how to step up to God's calling for the new year and for your life. Listen with me as Dr. Michael Yousef begins today's leading the way that I am beginning a new series of messages and five will be a woman to know what a good series of messages come from the book of Joshua is convinced that when you get challenge of thinking of your position in Christ. From your call.

The call of God upon your life. I'm sure some of you say what you want to do what the first thing that God wants you to do is to step up. That's the first thing he wants you to do, listen to my every single one of us, like Joshua, we are all standing at the threshold of a great work and the work that God did in the Old Testament. He did through the prophets and priests, but in the New Testament because all the believers are prophets and priests. According to the word of God. Therefore, it is the call of God upon your life to do what only you can do every single person here is called of God, and no one can say that's not me that's not me because Josh was fast is your task. Joshua was call is your call. Joshua's leadership is your leadership. But listen whenever God calls you to work which he is calling you today. He will always always always always give you encouragement along the way. All the encouragement that you need from the word of God, you will see here three times in just a few verses. Three times God encouraged Joshua. So why is that Joshua facing this fortified city. This fortified town and realizing that is for you in front of a fortified city wall but you might be standing before our colleague who has no time for Christ or or even interested in salvation. Maybe a person who has a hard heart. Maybe a person who is crusty on the outside but absolutely desperate on the inside and let me know a person who may be self-sufficient on the outside but inside here. She is fearful and desperately in need of somebody to give them hope.

And Joshua was facing a fortified city, and we might be facing varieties of Jericho's in every office and every factor in every environment to live in. In fact, when Joshua was to step up and do the work that God told him to do. It was a time of crisis. It was a time of opposition. It was a time of indifference was a time of confusion and upheaval was a time of a powerful enemy from the outside and there was moral decline only inside and if you do not believe that we live in one of those times. You must be living in another planet on the outside. There are terrorists who are committed on the destruction of Western economic system.

There are terrorists who are convinced themselves of the rightness of their cause, and they love death more than we love life.

We terrorists who are constantly plotting and planning and believing that sooner or later the ring is on these that's on the outside and on the inside. We have more and more people who living in a culture that loves peace and comfort. More and more people who have opted for easy believers him more and more people who are turning away from the truth.

More and more people who have exchanged intellectual rigor and thinking for shallow emotions. We have more and more people who prefer to live by what they feel is right and what is right.

Listen to what one of our cultural analysts have said about the 21st century Western culture. He said they have graduated from Enlightenment audiology and are more peer driven feeling driven and right brained than their forebears. They are increasingly new barbarians. They electrify mental class and their lives are often out of control that they are increasingly exploring worldview options from astrology to Zen and they are often looking in the wrong places to make sense of their lives and find their souls to whole and we have a culture that is filled with desperate people and in the midst of this, the world is crying for few committed few who are courageous few who know the power of their eternal inheritance.

Few who are ready to give hope to those who are in despair. If you love God and his word more than their comfort and those few are found in this church today is all of you all of you. The book of Joshua opens with the following words very interesting. Moses is dead. Moses is dead and now it's time for Joshua to step up and I thought about it not thought about it and I said in many ways I can truthfully say you that the day in which the clergy and the evangelists and the ministers have done the work of evangelizing is gone that the day in which people would listen to evangelists and clergy and preachers have gone and that the only difference is going to be made in the world today is going to be made by you and you and you whatever you might be with a schoolteacher with a homemaker with a student with your healthcare give away a lawyer. Whether you're an engineer whether you are in the real estate business with you on the computer business while you're in office for Korea neighborhood clubs. Whatever it might be one of the police officers or firemen or whatever factory worker where ever you are the old days I dead and this is a new day. Let me stop here. Some of you survive feeling adequate. This is not for me I can do this or some of you are saying you want me to Susan man, I just come to church on my needs met. I don't want to be challenged to be administered in my office and in my work. Whatever in the workplace. I just want to be limiting something when Jesus uttered those holy, sacred words and said, seek you first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you. He was telling every one of us that when you turn your heart toward his goal in your life when you turn your heart toward what is dear to his heart of your knee.

You, yourself, and he will meet all of your needs and his riches in Christ Jesus to listen to me being a witness for Christ at work telling of how Christ saved you telling about how Christ forgave your sins and whatever environment you find yourself is the key to discovering all of your needs already met and you just haven't seen it yet. I'm convinced that Joshua's heart probably skip few beat swing got said okay Moses is dead now. Your and that is why as I said to you three times and for a few verses God had to say it three times. I am personally convinced that Joshua was very contented and very satisfied to live under the shadow of Moses. I really do many of you are contented with the fact that the minister staff will do the work of the ministry and that's not for you that the minister staff are going to do the work of the Lord. But here's the reality. My friend the work of the Lord will not be accomplished until every one of you see yourself as Joshua and you will begin by doing what stepping up payment on this one. You have been and will continue to be equipped you have been and you will continue to be encouraged.

You have been and you will continue to be minister to serve in every way, but all the equipment is that the staff members you have been and you will continue to be grounded in the word of God that's never going to change to those of you still feel inadequate. Those of you who feel like Joshua looking at the fortified city and said I haven't even told my coworkers that I'm a Christian man I got that fortified city.

I haven't even witness to Christ, you, I haven't even told you I go to church yet and you're looking at that fortified city that you're facing. Those of you who are like Joshua looking at the river on this or how am I gonna go across the waters.

I can imagine what went through his mind of the time on his back and just a message in here.

They are a young nation has been out of slavery been living in the desert and they facing this mighty ancient civilization with a great army Giants as they call them when the spot delay. I can imagine. Here, there are tent as well as in the looking up at these walls of Jericho fortified stone walls with mighty gates. I can only imagine how the heart was pounding call of God, but just as Joshua had God's provision so we always asking you to do is what I was thinking about this and I remember the story about Henry Moorhouse Henry Moorhouse had a daughter who was paralyzed from the waist down and that always weighed very heavy on him and one day he came home and he came into the house and he saw his daughter and he kissed her visit honey where is mom I have a parcel for her little girl. Single moms upstairs but daddy can I give her the possible and he thought for a minute and he said many you can even care yourself upstairs. How are you going to carry the parcel with a smile on her face said Betty. I'll carry the parcel but you carry me below but I wanted tell you something.

That's exactly what God will do when you step up you look at Joshua's situation, God promised them the land is like all the promise land because God promised to Abraham.

God is going to carry Israel across the river.

God was going to carry them across the wall, but as it turned out, the wall collapsed. But God carry them anyway. God is going to carry the end of that land but show up there if I do have to be prepared to when they had to be prepared for victory. They had to be prepared to obey God's instructions.

All they needed to do was what step up you wanted to do what step that's what God wants you to do and that is why there is a threefold courage, announcements by God and I want you to think about these very very carefully. I wanted tell you this, when ever you get into the enemy's territories.

Whenever you get into Satan's territories. He is not a very happy camper to see that in the next message. But remember this, God never, never gives the command without a provision he never gives a command without a promise. Listen to verse five Joshua chapter 1 got to say, I'll not drop you or abandon you.

I will never leave you in the lurch how the like of modern translation. In fact, God said he said it three times why three times, because I am convinced that even after the second time Dr. was still terrified his knees was still knocking it easier for me to do what his encouragement number one encouragement number one was in the promise of God because were number two was in the word of God encouragement number three was in the presence of God, look at the guys were number one in the promises of God.

Verse six. When you are serving God's purpose brother listen to me when you are sharing God's message of salvation. When you are witnessing on behalf of God you can do it with courage. Why, because God promised it and God will never fail.

He said gave my word to Abraham any of you who understand little bit of history would so wait a minute. He said that was 400 years ago before Joshua God promised Abraham to listen to me when God promises you. He's going to keep you until your hundred years old in order to fulfill his promise.

That's the way God works. He promised Abraham to go back in his words and he never forgets and when you know God's promises and trust in God's promises.

You have confidence you will not be worried about the rejection will not be worried about results. You will not be worried about perception by others. You will not be worried about critics. Why, because you are trusting in the promises of God.

Second, encouragement, number two, it was in the word of God versus seven and eight. My word has power and it you'll buy it and experience its power firsthand.

That's what God is saying here is power in my word, you will buy it and experience of power firsthand. You might get some setbacks you might get some flickering zoom I get some marketing.

You might get some joker to you might get some stiff opposition, but you hold on your ground and you will be amazed how quickly the other will crumble. God said to Joshua, the true prosperity and true success will come from you, holding tenaciously onto the word of God. Thirdly, encouragement number three. It was in the presence of God.

Verse nine have I not commanded you to be strong and courageous. Don't be terrified and that was a don't be intimidated literally but don't be discouraged. Why for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go back and imagine for Joshua. He has to hear the encouragement number one in encouragement.

Number two and is still shaking in his knees to be sure yeah got the promise of God. Yes I got the word of God, but I still look good with a new me when I'm in the heat of the battle that knew me when I'm facing these giants of big spheres and dots is okay. I am giving you my presence, and that must and should be the greatest encouragement of all that is. I'm going to go ahead of you. I'm going to go beside you and I'm going to go behind you. I'm going to be closer to you than your own skin. And Joshua said okay, step up based on these three things.

This is no secret for victory. This revealed here. You have intimacy with God on a daily basis you listen to God not to yourself and your ego listen to God not to what you want. Listen to God what he says on the daily basis and trust in the presence of God moment to moment, and you would have the victory.

Father, we are so grateful to you that whenever you call us you do not call us to failure, but you call us to fruit in the kingdom who loves you and knows you to be a minister of the gospel in whatever they may be in so father I pray that those words will not be forgotten. Father let your Holy Spirit imprint those words on the context of our brains in our hearts and father remind us that Jesus said don't be gazers but occupy till I come and father for those who still have shaking knees. Give them strength today, for those who still don't know give them courage today and for those who are hesitant to pray with you a threefold promise of encouragement be with them today, for I pray this in the mighty name that's above every name Jesus Dr. Michael you sent with encouragement to step back, knowing that God goes before stands beside and comes behind on today's leading the way.

If you'd like to speak with someone about stepping up to live a life that fate reach out to leading the way they are people who are ready to have a confidential compassionate dialogue with you, just visit sex, my name is Anna pharmacist from eating I can listen in the same family was always at the top of my class academically sound vivacious and parasitic iconic faith that professors explain things differently. Christian way of explaining things like 15. He challenged my thinking and technical kind Christian caning that they are inching down.

I watch programs initiating I began to meet tactically and I think I need to find a employment you want from God.

I like things could not understand about Jesus Christ. It is hard to change your perspective and belief system with preconceived notions that Christians when it comes to things they have indeed believed Judy sign of me like the most difficult idea eventually said to myself I'm done with Christianity because I close my Bible and went back to my spinning. I said to my friend guy to continue like he's doing and thinking I Christianity shining a light you can feed. I cannot believe how wonderful Christ delivered us and redeemed us from the dominion of sin program. I thank him for founding my Jesus Christ. I believe Christ like question five the grave.

When I contacted China team members understand and believe Christ and what kind of person and Savior came to the Lord's teaching needs to feel like I the one God and working kindly from time learn how your partnership with Michael can reach even more. With the life-changing gospel single online to and just click experience testimony from lights impacted or speak to a ministry representative at 866-626-4356 get a one-time gift become a family mission partner giving regularly and getting special communications and discounts give us a call 866-626-4356, and everyone loves getting letters said we write to leading the way at PO Box 20100, Atlanta, GA 30325. That's PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325 four that's just about it for today to keeping with this and did join Dr. Michael you sent next time. For more leading this program is provided. I ran with Dr. Michael with SBA television to Twitter social media works

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