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Jesus The Only (Part 4)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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December 27, 2019 1:00 am

Jesus The Only (Part 4)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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December 27, 2019 1:00 am

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If you're one of those people who look around our country or the world and you see turmoil, racism, terrorism, and all of it where the wrong is called riot, and the rioters go wrong and if you are one of those people who would ask the question, where is this piece that the angels sang about over 2000 years ago you not alone. If you asked the question, where is that peace that the Prince of peace supposed to bring to our planet Earth. You're not alone. Every Christmas we read the story we hear the story about the great announcement on the Judean Hills. The voices of angels singing to these shepherds.

Every Christmas we read and we hear about this Prince of peace. All the good news of peace and yet every succeeding year. We seem to have less fees than the year before. As a matter of fact, this announcement about the coming of the Prince of peace did not just start with the Angels on the survey and hills for the shepherd singing about the Prince of peace coming for thousands of years. In the beginning of the Old Testament in Genesis chapter 3 verse 15 it began there and every book of the Bible.

Every page of the Old Testament hundreds thousands of years. God is been announcing that I'm sending my son his name is the Prince of peace is the one is bringing peace as a matter fact we have been looking in the last several messages about one of those prophecies in the book of Isaiah, which was written 700 years before Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and the virgin's womb, and Isaiah 96, prophesied about the coming of Jesus when he give us descriptions and practices.

For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on their shoulders, and he will be called wonderful Counselor, mighty God, everlasting father, Prince of peace. The last three messages we saw the first three of those descriptions and today receipt of this forth in the last prescription is called the Prince of peace. And so if you're one of those people who is questioning where is that piece you come to the right place. Regret you hear.

I have asked that question many times, but please listen carefully. If you have no inner peace in your life when you're all alone under the got turmoil inside of you. If you have no peace at work. If you have no peace at home. If you have no peace in relationships. If you have no peace. If you are searching for peace you come to the right place. But there's more. When you really understand the Hebrew word which will only have one English word peace. When you understand what the word shalom means you will even belonging more for it. You see the word shalom is pregnant with meaning far more than just the word we use it in English language peace, and in case you think that I'm making this stuff up not giving the word shalom a lot more meaning than really has a money is the references from the Bible for the word shalom means complete well-being, not just Connor. Two days of tranquility a complete well-being. Genesis 4327. Shalom means good health. Genesis 4328 shalom means safety second Samuel 1828.

Shalom means prosperity. Psalm 3527. Shalom means favor song of songs 810 shalom means tranquility. Psalm 38, three shalom means being complete, being Hall, needing nothing.

Deuteronomy 27 seven and you see every time the thought goes to wholeness, fulfillment, contentment, completion, tranquility, safety, restoration, harmonic reconciliation, all of these is the word what shalom perhaps a Soviet hearsay.

Will Michael I think you just made things worse for me. I was looking just for a few days of peace and now you told me that peace is a lot more than that, I don't experience, most of that stuff you talking about, you have made my cynicism. Worse, your bed, my skepticism worse by describing what realistic shalom means you still come to the right place for I've got great news for you. God knew because he made us that shalom expresses the deepest longing of the human heart. God knew that shalom embodies the human heart's greatest desire.

God knew that shalom is our most desperate need anytime, anyplace, and that is why 700 years before Jesus was born of a virgin in Bethlehem of Judea. God said that I'm sending my son and he is the Prince of peace. Some of you might say well why Prince wisely Prince of peace, not the king of peace.

Good question. Actually, in the Hebrew language. The word king and the word Prince used interchangeably. Why because the Prince has all of the embodiment of the power of the king. The Prince has all of the authority of the king. The Prince has all of the ruling delegation of the king, the Prince in the Hebrew language has all of the royal standing of a king, and that is why Jesus alone could be called the Prince of peace. He alone could be called the king of priest because he alone is the author and the giver of the piece and because he alone is the Prince of peace.

There can be no peace anywhere without him apart from him. There can be no peace here please on this one because I know the world that traveled with many many times. The world is starving for shalom, but that will not find it without Jesus nations are desperate for shalom and they are able to find it without Jesus.

Many a home is longing for shalom, but that will not find it without Jesus. Many lives which I am yearning for that shalom.

I'm yearning to experience that. Shalom but my beloved friend. You cannot have it without Jesus, but you also must understand that this shalom is not like the temporary peace that we can experience when we hear good news is something good. It won the lottery or got some money. He did experience that kind of euphoria. Our water Hallmark movie feel good and you feel good. And then they get the next phone call makes you feel lousy.

See that's temporary peace that out of a temperature quality people and Monica give us that. But that's not the kind of peace. The Bible talks about.

That's not it, because the moment you lose any of these things are pieces gone.

That is not the shalom of Jesus, the shalom of Jesus never leaves you never goes away from you.

You never lose it regardless of your circumstances. Jesus, the Prince of peace is the author of shalom and you see in his life.

If somebody says to me I can give you something and I please lacking it in his life. How can I really believe it, but when Jesus being the Prince of peace. He demonstrated in his own life. Jesus, the Prince of peace could sleep peacefully in the middle of the raging storm in the sea of Galilee, Jesus, the Prince of peace, always at peace regardless of how much panic all around him. Jesus, the Prince of peace was peaceful in his birth that he was peaceful throughout his earthly ministry of 33 1/3 of a year. Jesus was peaceful during his own torture and crucifixion.

He was peaceful in his resurrection. Why because his peace is from everlasting to everlasting is not dependent on hearing some good news is not dependent on getting something is not temporary, is not occasional no, it is permanent is forever his peace is not affected by the circumstances.

His peace is not dependent on life's events, and that is why he alone could give you true shalom today. Did you know that he alone can do that shalom in your life. Shalom in your troubled circumstances.

Shalom in the times of difficulties, shalom, and the times in the midst of uncertainty. Shalom. Even at the time of death. In fact, the story told about the new submarine that was being tested. Part of that test is what submerged deep into the ocean.

Literally the ocean floor and then when the test was over and the finally the submarine surfaced back the captain of the submarine was asked by his superior. He said that the turbulence of that master storm affected you and the captain looked at his superiors at what store, what store we did not know there was a store beloved friend. Let me tell you, that's precisely the peace that shalom that the Prince of peace can give you when you come to him when you surrender your life to him so the oceans of life can rip and roar your face. Though the events and the circumstances change and they go up and down peace because the Prince of peace dwells in you, the peace that the Prince of peace gives you is beyond understanding.

It is beyond comprehension. It is beyond the explanation. It is beyond description. Would you come to the Prince of peace. Today and receive that peace that passes understanding is waiting for you. I was thinking about peace in life and peace in death. Canon Andrew White is known as the vicar of Baghdad. He left England and is been ministering in Baghdad for nearly 15 years. He tells of the story of an incident for Iraqi Christian kids. Kids were told by Muslim terrorists convert to Islam or you lose your life but didn't take long for the old one which barely a teenager. The site of their capture. Do what you must but we love Jesus and all immediately went from this earth to the very bosom of Jesus in heaven beloved. This is the supernatural shalom that only Jesus can give you this is a supernatural peace that only the Prince of peace can give you someone here must say will Michael I admire Jesus.

I have fondness of Jesus are like his teaching are. I even leave his the son of God.

But that's not the question is, that's not the question. The question is, is he raining and ruling is he the Lord of your life is the Savior of your soul. The Bible said that even the devil believes in Jesus as a matter fact he does something humanity does not do. He trembles at the sound of the name of Jesus. He trembles with the devil bus. If you believe in Jesus. That means you have to surrender to him. He's got to be the Lord of your life, you have to surrender and he will become your authority in life. Just saying. I admire Jesus like Jesus. I believe in GR center.

The fact that he's a son of God that is not enough. That would be like somebody inviting someone at your home and then you lock them up in one room, one tiny closet lock up the dining room.

You lock up the living room.

You lock up the kitchen.

You look up every other room. What kind of trust is that in the same way many people can get sentimental about Jesus, particularly the baby Jesus.

Around Christmas time. But that's not enough to invite the Prince of peace into your life means that you surrender all the keys of your life to him.

You surrender your business. You surrender your family. You surrender your future. You surrender your relationships you surrender, finances, and yes you surrender desires. That's what it means to invite the Prince of peace for my friend. I can tell you either.

Jesus is the Lord of all or is not loaded all through the years of ministry in every corner of the globe. I've met people who are afraid to surrender to Jesus. They really are. When I say to them, do you know that Jesus loves you far more than anyone is capable of loving you when you do that you delight to surrender to him. Who wouldn't want to surrender someone who loved her so I met people through the years from every corner of the globe who would say to me you know back younger. I invited Jesus into my life. I even walk the aisles. I signed the card I invited Jesus, the Prince of peace into my life and and and was okay for a little while but now I'm in turmoil. Even when people see me.

They think everything is all right, but when I'm alone I feel like I am living in a quiet desperation when I'm alone. Anxiety and worry are killing me.

When I'm all alone. Apprehension harasses me when I'm alone uncertainty of the future often covers me like a blanket and sometimes when I pray I feel that my prayer not going above the ceiling in the room, which I'm praying. Well if that is you. I have one of the greatest news you've ever heard is yours for the asking, the Prince of peace can give you his shalom to most people want the benefits from the Prince of peace without giving him authority over the life that many people want the blessings that come from the Prince of peace. But they don't want to daily obey his word and that's really the crux of the problem until your surrender your weapons and entrust him to be your only Savior and Lord.

Peace will elude you. Why, because surrendering to the Prince of peace is not just of one thing you do.

Many years ago know it's a moment by moment surrenders day by day intimacy and fellowship with him. I was thinking about the surrendering and the weapons and I thought about the story told about George Washington at the end of the war of independence when the British general came to surrender to Gen. Washington and he began by waxing eloquently about George Washington, courage eloquently about his valor and he began to praise him in all the George Washington would say your weapon sir, your weapon sir.

All of the goodwill. All of the price.

All of the good feeling that all men much if the weapons are not surrendered after literacy and summary of Francis and Michael were you talking about I don't have any weapons or yes you do listen carefully. Your pride as a weapon and need to be surrendered, wanting to come to God your way is a weapon that need to be surrendered, wanting to believe in God what you want to believe about God, not what he said about himself. In his book as a weapon that needs to be surrendered.

Your effort of trying to God's favor is a weapon that needs to be surrendered your living for yourself as a weapon needs to be surrendered, not trusting in the promises of God is a weapon that needs to be surrendered down is a weapon that needs to be surrendered selfish pursuits is a weapon that needs to be surrendered. I can go on forever.

Whatever weapons you have, the one who loved you so left heaven and came to earth God on the cross rose again saying surrender those weapons you will never regret it asked thousands of people who have made the decision not one of them would say. I regretted ever doing that shalom will fill you to overflowing before you can get that everlasting peace in your life. It has to be a total surrender and you can do that today.

Let me assure you that Jesus is shalom would destroy every fear in your life and I know what I'm talking about. I looked address in the eye more than once, but the peace of God engulfed me in the middle of all that fear of death is always the biggest is the big as a matter fact, if you dig deep every fear that you have a fun fear of death is there looking, I was thinking about this in our thinking about where my wife and I went to visit this saintly lady. She was only was given literally few hours to live.

But somehow she rally them, and we began to talk about heaven and began to talk about how we soon going to be seeing each other again and how she's gonna see Jesus the moment she closes her eyes and the men with pride the peace of God that filled her heart is only can happen to a person who have received the peace of Christ here on earth. No fear of death.

No fear at all. Appears to me at least, that we are living in the last days, and now God is calling his own from every corner of the globe. This ministry from this corporate is 195 countries and every single day Muslims Buddhas hinders they are coming to Christ. God is gathering his own from around the world will be a great chain. We take the gospel to the ends of the earth and somebody here yet to surrender their life to Christ. What a great day to do it today is the eternal life does not begin for the believer when he or she die. Did you know that the June eternal life begins the moment to say yes to Jesus at the beginning of eternal life.

You walk with him here and you cross over and walk with him in person. There and all the ups and downs of life you're at peace in all of the calm in the storms of life you're at peace in the midst of the trials on the tranquility of life you're at peace in the midst of death you're at peace because shalom can only come when you divide the Prince of peace.

When you do that if you say yes. I'm gonna pray with you right now and if the Lord spoke to you as he spoke to many people through the years.

Pray this prayer with me Lord Jesus Christ, the Prince of peace come into my life. Forgive my sins cleanse me by your blood be born in me today that your Holy Spirit dwelling that mine may overvalue and live in sweet fellowship with day in and day out in your name Jesus I pray, amen. Thanks for listening to this message from Dr. Michael. You sat recently featured on leading the way. If you'd like to know more about us, please visit that LTW.Ward

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