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Jesus The Only (Part 3)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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December 26, 2019 1:00 am

Jesus The Only (Part 3)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Through the years.

I don't know how many times I heard people says like I believe the Bible because is full of contradictions.

Most times I would ask this question. Have you read the Bible, not out of insight, no never let it they just heard that the Bible is full of contradictions, so they repeat this shared ignorance but in reality there is a contradiction between the secular mindset and the biblical divine eternal mindset will sink with me about these contradictions. How can the God who created the world become a baby a secular mind cannot accept this contradiction. How can the God of limitless power hung helplessly on the cross secular mind cannot accept this divine concept. How can the secular mind accept that the only way to save your life is God's servant. Or, in order to be great. You must humble yourself or the way to conquer is by yielding all the way you get is by giving all the way you lead is by serving all the way to freedom is being under the yoke now could go on forever about this. Now there are some who, because of this contradiction store secular humanistic mindset reject the true Christian faith. That said, but that's what we pray. We pray for nonbelievers through the part of his Holy Spirit open the blind eyes as he opened our blind spiritual blind eyes so they can see the eternal perspective so they understand these divine concepts and biblical concepts that will remind you throughout this Advent season we been going through one of the many prophecies about the coming of Jesus in the Old Testament.

I would been concentrating on Isaiah chapter 9 verse six what today we come to this third of four descriptions God called the coming Jesus 700 years before he came that he is wonderful, counselor, mighty God, everlasting father, and now were going to see why is he called everlasting father, because that further description, everlasting father is what gives some people heartburn and this is how they put it well.

We can accept the fact that Jesus was called wonderful Counselor, we might even strain our minds to believe that he is a mighty God, but everlasting father, no, no Nana Isaiah must've been confused. He was confused because Jesus is called son not father and he is confusing this to first members of the Trinity. We do this by asking you a question what do we call the founding of this great nation.

Founding fathers right are they your father's. What do we call city leaders city fathers. Thank you.

There are physical fathers now where did we get this terminology where we did we get this understanding founding fathers city fathers from the Bible question. Where in the Bible in Genesis chapter 4 verse 20 it says the job all was the father of all who dwell in tents and cattle. The earthly father now next verse, verse 21 Genesis 421 jumbos brother jumble was the father of all who played the harp and the flute. But that's not all in first Chronicles chapter 4 verse 14 Joab was the father of all craftsmen, the father all looks good now. Isaiah 2220 and 21 same profit that will study Isaiah referred to Ella came as the father of the inhabitants of Jerusalem are all the inhabitants of Jerusalem were his children. Now did he actually father all these people now.

So what's the idea here why does the Bible speak of so many people as fathers when they not really earthly fathers. The Bible often refers to pioneers of founders or originators as fathers of what they pioneered what they found it or what they originated and what they become responsible for become common language we use it all the time become part of our language, far from being confused. Isaiah declared this divine truth. 700 years before Jesus was born of a virgin in Bethlehem of Judea.

He proclaimed this truth. What that this prophecy. All of these hundreds of years before he came from heaven means it does assess, listen carefully please the Jesus and only Jesus is the founder of everlasting life that Jesus and only Jesus is the pioneer of the new revelation of salvation and eternal life that only Jesus is the founder of the new covenant overturn the life through his blood that Jesus and only Jesus is the originator overturn the life and him and nobody can make it to eternal life in heaven without him. What is he saying he is saying that without Jesus, there can be no eternal life in heaven so much for those who say all the ways lead to God and Isaiah is telling us that Jesus and only Jesus is the revealer overturn the life unlike that Jesus and only Jesus is the revealer overturn the love that Jesus and only Jesus is the founder of the new human race that is drawn from every tribe and every language in every nation.

Isaiah was not confused about the first two members of the Trinity, far from it. God inspired Isaiah to use common language to describe a heavenly revelation and that is what you call Jesus, everlasting father, the father of everlasting life. In fact, this kind of language is not only in the Old Testament, but even in the New Testament during first century Rome, when some Roman citizen who would've accomplished something courageous or or some heroic deeds are of great value that the soldiers would carry that person on their shoulder and their margin and then the main throwing garlands of flowers on the ground and then the whole crowd would hail that person is the father of the country. In fact, more accurate translation is the father of the age to come. Isaiah was stilling his generation who were longing for a Messiah who were longing for a Redeemer who were longing for a deliver that time. This is lift up your eyes beyond your current circumstances. Lift up your eyes beyond your current situation and look to the time which would be 700 years from now where God is gonna reveal visit on the life through the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Three things here about Jesus is the author in the revealer and the founding father overturn the life.

First of all, Jesus is the founding father of the new creation by those that he is. Secondly, the founding father of the new covenant. Thirdly, he is the founding father of a new clan of people is look at these very quickly together.

Jesus, who was described as everlasting father 700 years before he was born is the father of a new creation in the Old Testament, the people of Israel knew about God, they did not intimately all personally know God.

Now there were some exceptions. Abraham is an exception where the Bible said that he was spoke to God as one to one and he was called the friend of God. Moses is an exception. He communed with God like a friend communed with a friend of Daniel, David, Elijah and Elisha Isaiah.

Very few people who were privileged to have this intimate knowledge of God and experience the living God, but not the whole community of Israel. They did not say why will the Bible tells us why the Bible said that there was a veil on their faces.

The Bible said this veil was lifted by the everlasting father Jesus that the present month was sold by Jesus. The riddle was explained by Jesus. The ministry was revealed by Jesus. Listen to what John said no one has seen God at any time, the only begotten son who is in the bosom of the father. He has seen him.

Jesus, the everlasting father is the one who revealed the heart of God Jesus the everlasting father is the one who revealed the hope of Israel, Jesus, the everlasting father is the one who revealed the nature and the character of God Jesus the everlasting father is the only one who revealed the mind of God Jesus the everlasting father is the one who revealed the only way to eternal life is Jesus, the everlasting father who is the only one who has revealed the holiness of God. The righteousness of God. The justice of God and the mercy and the grace of God.

So much for all the ways lead to God.

But there's more good news is not good news because of his sinlessness and because of his righteousness. He is the only one who could reveal every aspect of the sinfulness of man and the wickedness of man, Jesus is the only one who could reveal the power of the mighty God to deal was the sinfulness of man and the wickedness of man, Jesus is the only one who could reveal their eternal life in the father why because he experientially empirically experience the love of the father and therefore he was able to show us the love of the father and revealer to us. He alone could reveal it.

How by paying for the wages of the sin of everyone who believes in him.

Everyone will surrender to him that he bled on the cross that blood was shed for them. God said that everyone who accepts this revelation of God through Jesus.

The only revelation of God would become a new creation.

That's why he's the author of the new creation. That's why the Bible said Jesus is the only author and finisher of our faith, and that is why it is a fallacy for people to say all the roads lead to God. All the roads lead to heaven.

Now they don't. Only the Christian faith leads to the God of power and might, Jesus was called the everlasting father 700 years before he was born of a virgin because he is the only revelation of the new creation. Secondly is called everlasting father because he's the only revealer of God's new covenant. The entire epistle to the Hebrews, compare the old covenant with the new covenant and then concludes most assuredly that the new covenant is far superior.

In fact, the Old Testament would not make sense without Jesus. The Old Testament is the shadow but in the New Testament.

You see the person behind that shadow in the Old Testament. It announces that Jesus the Messiah is coming. The New Testament declare he's here in the Old Testament is filled with expectation and with hope of his coming. The New Testament says that hope is fulfilled. That's why we celebrate Christmas is not in the shopping and all the stuff that goes with it is because we have joy in the fact that God became man. Every time you think of the everlasting father concept. Think of how we often refer to Socrates as the father of philosophy and garlands as the father of medicine. Herodotus is the father of history. Jesus is the father of the new covenant. John said the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth were in Christ and because he is the truth not searching for the truth like Buddha and he is the truth not trying to find the truth like Mohammed no no no no.

Here's the truth here's the truth, sadly throughout the Bible we see in our lives. We see how people are for worshiping the creature instead of the creator.

So what is this covenant for the word covenant is a contract most of your signed contracts and bought a house. Whatever you sign the contract.

That's what the covenant means a contract and simply put, the details of the contract and oh by the way, there are no small prints no small prints, all boldly written and let me share them with you.

The first item in the contract when anyone come to the point of acknowledging that he or she is a sinner and they are sentenced to eternal damnation in hell and judgment, and when that person acknowledges that he or she cannot placate themselves out of the judgment.

No matter what they do and furthermore acknowledge that there is only one perfect God man who prayed for the judgment by dying on the cross and furthermore with that individual received Christ as his only her only Savior and his payment in the cross to be foreground. That's a person who assigned that contract. What about the other side of the contract immediately. God presents his side of it.

He gives you forgiveness of sin and the gift of eternal life peace in this life and for eternity, renewal of heart of mine day by day as you obey his word and for each individual while God himself signed up contract on the cross and yet he signed his name when every individual come to him in person he recited again. He affirms it again.

And here's the good news. He becomes a guarantor of the contract guarantees all the requirements of the contract. All he asks in return that your walk with him in obedience to his word.

Question have you sign the contract. Have you signed the contract. This only way to eternal life because here's the everlasting father because he is the founder of God's new creation is called everlasting father because he is the founder of a new covenant. And thirdly, he is called everlasting father because he is the founder of a new clan new clan of people. What is that new clan.

It's made up of all those who have signed the contract. All of those who have signed the covenant. All of those who come to him surrendering and accepting all of the conditions of the contract and is made up of all those who have been redeemed, made up of all those who've accepted and accepted by faith, that new clan is not made up of anyone who is a member of a certain church or any church is not made up of people who belong to a certain denomination. No way this new clan is not merely of people who just claim to be Christians know now not many notes that new clan is made up of people who have signed up covenant regardless of race, regardless of background regardless of health regardless of wealth, regardless of where they come from.

That's the new clan. Only one Savior and one clan. I know and you know that so often the true Christians of falsely accused of being narrowminded prejudice of you or that intolerant and Erastus of YY, these folks who refused to come to God. God's way with falsely accuses where the people who hurt us the most loving people in the face of the earth. October the true believers. Nothing about those who claim to be believers wonder they falsely accuse us of these false accusations.

I wanted to listen very carefully because he say they want us to be like them and to be like them is to say we go to come to God our way not God's way and so when you say none or not to come to God. God's way. Not my way over all showing them up now and they don't like it they don't like it they want to reject God's new clan.

They want to reject God's new covenant thereunder reject those who say Jesus is the only way the only truth in the only life and give it return the life now beloved a true Christian. I'm a true believer in Jesus can never, never, never, never, how many universities never never never be prejudice. Let me prove it to you the new clan is made up of men and women Boys and Girls Club member language in every tribe and every nation. Every ethnic group. I'm gonna be in heaven.

And when John described heaven is exactly how he described it had Lee who belong to that new covenant into that new clan cannot love one another.

It just doesn't wash because we believe that the new clan in Jesus the everlasting father is open to whomsoever. Whoever comes on the conviction I want to receive forgiveness of sin and the gift of eternal life to come, regardless of where they come from invitations open invitation is open. John Wesley was an Anglican priest and the founder of Methodism. One night he was having a dream and the dream started by an angel carried him all the way to the gates of hell and there he looked at the Angela's guarding the gates of hell in the past, trembling. Do you have Anglicans here in hell in the engines at all. Yes, we have many you have Catholics here in hell yes do you have Presbyterians here. Yasmin do you have Baptists in hell and you said yes we have many who took a deep breath, and he has finally won about Methodist you have Methodists here in the angel to John Wesley's deep disappointment said yes we have many methods in the same dream he was ushered into the very gates of heaven. And then he asked the angel the gate of heaven, and he said you have Anglicans here is another one you have Catholics here for another one. Do you have Presbyterians here is not one. What about Baptist other Baptist. Here's another one again. It took a deep breath and said what about Methodist yelling and Methodists here is not a one in his deep and utter disappointment. He said to the angel who do you have here in heaven, and the underreported was saying to him, all those whose sins have been washed in the blood of the Lamb of God glory. Beloved, only Jesus the everlasting father, not a church or denomination pooper bishop or priest or pastor can truly get you to heaven, for heaven is all about Jesus have to check every time I cease one of those Hollywood types of diversity and will not die or go to heaven.

I can scratch my head is no women. Heaven is all about Jesus rejecting Jesus and he rejecting his church and you think when you die you going to heaven will be held for you.

Heaven is all about Jesus and the worship of Jesus. John the river later though.

He leaned on Jesus's shoulder for many years when he saw the glorified Jesus in heaven he found his face.

It is my prayer that if anyone here who is never really made that commitment made acknowledgment of sin and recognizing that Jesus is the only one the everlasting father who can take you to heaven who can give you peace here and now increase for eternity.

You do that today. Father, my comfort is that you know every heart you know every thought before we think these thoughts and upright Holy Spirit that you would speak to every individual.

Those who need conviction in order to come to the Lord Jesus and receive salvation. Those who have known Jesus for many years but they're grown familiar never get really excited a fresh that the fact that the God of the universe become a babe in the manger. God on the cross and rose again this be an awakening for some for all of us are father I pray this is a time of renewal in Jesus name.

Thanks for listening to this message from Dr. Michael. You sat recently featured on leading the way. If you'd like to know more about us, please visit

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