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The Indescribable Christmas Gift

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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December 23, 2019 1:00 am

The Indescribable Christmas Gift

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Hello my friends Michael Yousif here.

I just wanted to thank you for connecting with leading the way out entire team is wholly committed to passionately proclaiming uncompromising truth of God's word and it cannot be done without you learn more about what God has charged us to do around the world by clicking around that's Thank you and may God richly bless you as you seek to serve. I'm sure by now everyone has painstakingly selected the finest of gifts that you could ever imagine.

If given the choicest of gifts. Your most thoughtful, careful consideration. I'm sure that by now you cannot wait to see the look on your family members faces as they tear open these gifts. Your heart will leap for joy at the excitement or is in some cases, you will twist in pain when you see the disappointment on their faces every Christmas. Many people spend money they don't have thinking that this will make the loved one speechless. I read just couple of weeks ago infected 28% of the populations in America are still paying the debt that they incurred last Christmas.

I couldn't believe my eyes.

A scalawag one said is it for millions of people who have been saving for a rainy day Christmas as the monsoon season and I believe just about most of us mean well and wanting to give that perfect gift yet there are those in their anticipation of others to be bedazzled by their gifts to be British, painfully disappointed.

Like the man who always been a disappointment to his mother-in-law. Some of you know what I'm talking about. I was never a disappointment to my mother-in-law as a matter fact I was her favorite son-in-law. I was her only son-in-law wonderful godly woman.

She was, but this man really has always does it matter what he does. His mother-in-law criticizes him one year she sent them to sweaters for Christmas so soon as she arrived, he ran wearing one of those sweaters to welcome her and he thought she would really be very pleased to see that he is wearing one of her sweaters and upon which you looked at him and she said what's wrong with the other one. Regardless of the gift, no matter the cost, no matter the value no matter the thought that has entered into the selection of the gift someone can describe it at technician or a salesman or manufacturing rep can describe it, someone can operate it.

Someone can emulated the Chinese and the Japanese attack everything and they just copy it, no matter how superlative the gift, no matter how exquisite the gift, no matter how expensive the gift, no matter how unique the gift. It is not no matter what. It is indescribable. All human gifts are describable. All human gifts are explainable. All human gifts are priced why because for a gift to be indescribable for a gift to be inexplicable for gift to be unfathomable it has to be more than just human. It has to have the God factor in it. It has to be divine. It has to be supernatural and that is why when the Bible trying to describe God's first Christmas gift. Use the word indescribable. When God gave his first Christmas gift to humanity. Paul said it is in the indescribable gift infected eight words. He summarizes the whole Christmas celebration is all about in second Corinthians 915 he said thanks be to God for his indescribable gift. Can you say that with me. Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift aid words. This is the Christmas gift of all Christmas gifts.

This is the Christmas gift that is worthy of the name and this indescribable gift of Christmas can be yours today. It will make you richer than the richest person in the world. It can make you happier and healthier than any earthly potentate. It will make you safer and more secure than all of the military powers of the world. It will make you more joyful and contented, then owning the whole world, and this indescribable gift is not a play on words. It is not hyperbole.

This indescribable gift is not an exaggeration. No why because the Bible tells us something patently true about this gift when it said God's Christmas gift Jesus is indescribable. It is the truth.

The absolute truth. I can prove it to you for 2000 years. The greatest minds in various disciplines have tried to describe the indescribable gift and their failed painters have tried to express this gift in their craft, but they could not do justice to the indescribable gift musicians have tried to describe Christ's coming to earth from heaven, but that could not do justice to this in describable gift when you think of the glorious Handel's Messiah with instructors hallelujah chorus and when you think of box Christmas oratorio and all the magnificence of that particular ratio there's a composition it cannot do justice to the indescribable gift, not even the angelic choir when they sang at shepherds field announcing the birth of Jesus could not do justice to the gift or even the Bible talks about the angelic choir that's in heaven. In the book of Revelation that John saw with his own eyes. In chapter 5, verse 13, that angelic choir could not do justice to this indescribable gift when they said to him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power forever and ever. They could not describe this indescribable gift simply, it is indescribable. Many pallets have tried and attempted to describe this indescribable gift.

But they failed. John Melton put it this way, welcome all wonders in one site return her to shut in span, summer and winter, day and night. Heaven and earth and God and man. Great little one who's all embracing birth left earth to heaven stoops heaven to earth. In fact, in those few words really Melton summarizes the Christian faith, but he to fail to describe this indescribable Christmas gift that God gave humanity why is God's Christmas gift to us is indescribable only give you three things very quickly so you can remember them. First of all because it supernatural anything natural can be explained but when it is super natural that it beyond our ability to comprehend it. So it was supernatural. Secondly, it was filled with grace is pure gift. You cannot earn it. You cannot work for the gift.

And thirdly, the impact that results the things that produces in people's lives makes it indescribable. God's indescribable gift was supernatural because was unique to be able to describe God's first Christmas gift. You need to be able to explain the Trinity, father, son and Holy Spirit. Three persons, one God, how can you explain that the gift has a unique nature which means that there is no gift anywhere in the world that looks like it, or even close to it in its power and in strength and in its effect and its result and its impact its nature is indescribable because who can fathom the creator God becomes man of the sinless who have never ever not for a second ever seen the pure God carries the sin of everyone who believes in him your sin and my sin on his sinless body. How can you explain the immortal God dies. How can you explain that he and he alone and no one else can rescue us from eternal damnation into heaven, and that is why he and he alone saves from our sins, and that is why he and he alone is Immanuel well God with us here. Self existent is no beginning and no end.

He is beyond human discovery that he is the self-sufficient God.

He needs no one any dependable.

No one. He is an infinite, eternal, unchangeable God. How can a fallen nature describes the nature of this indescribable gift. It's impossible because the supernatural is nothing the natural for centuries Jesus the person of Jesus boggle the minds of so many people if you just read history, a casual reader of history, boggle them at puzzle the brightest minds in history Jesus for centuries. Frustrated, the great geniuses and that is why, in the end they are either going to fully accept him and receive him as God appearing in a man's form or reject them altogether. You cannot be indifferent toward Jesus.

You cannot be indifferent. You can try see the nature of the work of the Lord Jesus Christ is beyond comprehension and therefore beyond our power to describe it is super natural but not only the supernatural but also the Bible said this Christmas present the Christmas gift that God gave humanity is indescribable because of the grace by which is given even the most noble and generous among us when we give gifts. We also recipients of gifts from others. We give gifts to people who has claims on us right we give gifts to relatives, family members, colleagues, friends, we give gifts to people who are either have helped us in some way or have given us something even our children who do not give us anything.

No grandchildren.

When we give them gifts because we have joy just by their sheer presence with us so we have a reason for giving gifts even when we give to the poor and the needy who can do nothing. Back to us. We are doing it because their fellow human beings. But God is not a member of the human race. In fact, the human race by nature rebels against God, the human race by nature generally is at enmity with God.

Romans 58 says that while we still at enmity with God, Christ died for us. In fact God's greatest gift, which is the Christ of Christmas given, not to his friends but his enemies. Think about that God's grace is given to people who are undeserving and unworthy of the gift.

People like me now here is something you need to know about the one thing that all Christian believers have in common, though Mrs. all the Christian believers have in common is simply this. They know that there are unworthy of the gift that's one thing we all have in common is Christian believers with a root you're in the Middle East oil you are in Africa.

Whether you are in Europe or whether you are in Australia regardless of where you are the one thing we all have in common is that when we came to Jesus, we realized that we are undeserving and unworthy of the gift of Jesus. Why else do you think it's called grace can't earn it and 20,000 lifetimes.

You cannot earn it on that first Christmas with God gave us his indescribable gift is not because were good and needed to be rewarded for our goodness. No, Christ Jesus came to earth from heaven, not so that we might build a magnificent buildings like this one on for which we are indebted to God and thankful to God.

No, he did not come so that the earthly church can have power to rule unloaded over people know Jesus Christ did not come from heaven, so that we might build denominations. No, he did not come so that we may establish all sorts of social welfare programs and entitlement programs know he did not come to build the big bureaucracies enrollment in London and New York and in all the big cities in a million. The Bible said Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners.

He did not come to save good people he did not come to several wonderful people he did not come to serve great people.

He came to save sinners, Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners say that with me. Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners and listen as long as you see yourself is not a sinner, you will not have taken the first step to receive the first gift of Christmas and that's exactly what the Angels were saying to the shepherds on the first Christmas to save sinners to save people who have come to the end of themselves to save people who realize that they cannot cannot cannot save themselves to save people who do not see themselves to be good enough for God to save people who recognize that when they are all alone and their soul is naked before them, and nobody is around they know deep down that moment as we get to save to save people who recognize the matter how good they might try to be the keeper messing up my beloved friend. If this describes you. Congratulations you now qualified to receive God's indescribable gift of Christmas. That's why the Bible said thanks be to God for his indescribable gift for his mind blowing gift for this incredible gift for this inexplicable gift not only there was supernatural. Not only that it was given by grace are not as a reward, not for good people, but it is for all who have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. It is indescribable fervently because the resulted produces, it produces incredible results it would take me hours literally take me hours to tell you not only about the transforming power that came into my life the moment Jesus came into my life but the lives of millions of people, many of whom are watching around the world right now. First of all, how can you measure the forgiveness of all of our sins past, present and future that God literally wipes the slate clean when you come to him, how can you explain the how can you explain the results of this indescribable Christmas gift. The resulted produces in the life of many people, including some terrorists and don't ever forget. The apostle Paul was a terrorist who is killing Christians until Jesus appeared to him and he turned around and we are seeing that happening today. We see it every day, not just a member of the Isis batterers group leader in the eye sisters group heard the gospel of Jesus Christ to transform his life today.

He's a preacher of the gospel of the love of Jesus Christ as fellow terrorists, how can you just try the transforming power. How can you explain it is inexplicable. That is why it's indescribable but I'm sure some of you would say, but I'm not that bad.

I'm not like that. I never killed anybody on the recoding about either on their stolen and I don't do any of the big things but it doesn't matter as far as God is concerned.

If you missed the mark by 2 inches or you miss about 2 miles you missed the mark. And that is who is invited with you missed the mark by wired marginally misted by a small margin.

It doesn't matter, you've missed the mark and only Jesus can take you the full way and give you his indescribable gift beloved as far as God is concerned.

Sin is sin. I know, and I remember those days, even though I've never committed the big sins before Christ came into my life. Every time I went against God's moral standards. My conscience would burn within and burn within me and I had to calm the conscious.

I have to call my conscious about telling myself I'm going to do better.

I'm going to improve. I'm going to strive to do more. I will work harder on doing good and being good none of that is the burning of my conscience until I received God's indescribable gift. In fact, things have really gotten worse until I came to the end of myself and received this indescribable gift. Only then did he give me the strength from the power when I knew that my sins are forgiven and that he wiped away my sins and the guilt that goes with it. The Bible said that God throws our sins into the deepest of the deepest sees the Bible said that God removes our sins as far from the East to the West. The Bible said that God said, I have swept away your offenses like a cloud. Not only that, but do is replaced by indescribable peace and joy even in my darkest days always talk about this because I see the apostle Paul in the book of acts constantly sharing his testimony, and all share my testimony of Rick my biographies of local trust and obey IFA so many dark dark days, but the joy in the peace of the Lord never departed. Give me peace in the midst of trouble and give me joy in the midst of sorrow and sadness. My beloved friend listen to me this God's gift of Christmas. You cannot earn it. It's a gift it's a gift you can receive it from him and he can receive it from them today.

If you have never received it. You can receive it today. All you need to do is to be willing to humble yourself before God and receive it.

Let me illustrate this to somebody here might be saying account access. I had a too young couple sitting in my office. Not long ago, and the woman just sobbed and sobbed and saw that you said I just can't believe that God can just forgive me. All my sins, I know it's too good to be true right but it is good and is true when illustrate process Caesar Augustus one time gave a friend of his. A gift of a numerous value very expensive gift and Amanda lifted the gift and he said I cannot possibly accept this gift.

It's too much for me to receive Caesar Augustus the emperor looked at his friend.

I said yes but is not too much for me to give this is not the much forgot to give. He wants to give it to you. He wants to give it to you.

Whatever your and God's indescribable gift of Christmas produces indescribable results not only releases you from sin and guilt not only completely justifies you before the bar of justice of heaven, but it gives you full unqualified adoption paper for God to become your daddy before receiving God's indescribable gift of Christmas we were strangers from God.

We worse separated from God. We were excluded from heaven without hope, but often receive God's indescribable gift of Christmas you receive the gift of being called son, daughter, that slave that servant, son, daughter, and then you will inherit your dad's estate. How about that normally inherit the estate after the parent die in this case, you inherit the state when you die because our heavenly father never dies. And that is why you should never believe those who say to you that everybody when they die they go to heaven. It is alive from the pit of hell and it misleads people. It's sad. It makes me cry sometimes.

But that's how sad it is when I see people misled and misguided that some people that I love and dear to me. Heaven is an inheritance only for those who have received God's indescribable gift in this life and this is why all of those who have received this indescribable gift can chat with the Bible and say thanks be to God for his indescribable gift. Can you do it. Thanks be to God for his indescribable or perhaps the someone hero somebody watching and would say couldn't really say that I haven't received a gift yet it's okay, God spared you one more day so you can hear this message and that you receive that gift that God wants to give you one and to make this Christmas to be the first spiritual birthday biggest Christmas celebration as the recipient of God's indescribable gift and you can do that today. Here are some news that some of you who have not received this indescribable gift may not know, I can tell you this. I've had the privilege of circling the globe at least 64 times in the past 42 years on behalf of the gospel of Jesus Christ have breached in every continent. I have never not one time ever met somebody says I received God's indescribable gift back yonder but I wish I didn't know one not one on the contrary, so many of them who have received this indescribable gifts sometimes have regret and the people I met there would say you know I wish I had accepted this gift of God. Earlier in my life I wish that I have known this good news of the gospel that I've received this indescribable gift when I was younger.

Why did I have to wait so long. What it after waste my life for so long.

Beloved, listen to me. Please listen to me.

It does not matter how old you are. It does not matter how many years you been wandering away from God. It does not matter. What matters is that today the Bible said today when you hear his voice hardened. Not your heart, you can receive it here and there. Let me tell you this, as I conclude it was 1865 when William Chatterton Dix wrote a poem entitled the manger thrown Dix imagined that in those days when Jesus was born, and the people are passing by and then looking at this feed the animal feeding trough and there's a baby in it and then he sees the shepherds kneeling and worshiping him, and then immediately hear the angel singing about him and he couldn't imagine what puzzlement they must've had and so he wrote that poor and later it evolved into this beloved Christmas Carol.

What childlessness, what chapter 6 above in the world has been asking that question for 2000 years what childlessness my Muslim friends answered and say yes Jesus was born of a virgin. He was sinless he was perfect in the Koran. He is called the word of God, but he was not God. He's just a good profit.

My Jewish friends would say yes. He was a great teacher, but is not the Messiah, my Buddhist friends see him as perfectly enlightened being full of compassion but not the God to whom they should bend their knees and worship millions of people. Millions of people around the world just confused about Jesus and asking the question what childlessness, what childlessness, what childlessness of the world stands still. Every Christmas to celebrate his birth. What childlessness he is God's greatest gift to humanity who one day, and it may be sooner than any of us think one day this coming back as a judge, and he was sitting on the bench to judge every single human being has ever lived.

Then the people and they're going to be asking what childlessness they want, they will not for who be sitting on the throne of the universe, whose rule would have no end. Jesus is coming back with you except God's greatest Christmas gift today. Let him be a Savior and your friend so there will be no fear of the day of judgment, or would you risk it and gamble with your eternity. Take a chance and faze him as your judge is my uttermost desire that another single person at the sound of my voice would reject God's greatest gift of Christmas. Father God in the name of Jesus.

The babe of Bethlehem FSR who became the Christ of the cross and the Christ of the empty tomb. We pray we ask for your mercy and your grace Holy Spirit of God don't allow a single person at the sound of my voice shrugged her shoulders and say ho-hum just another Christmas day.

Please, Holy Spirit of God, capture everyone who would want and belong to receive that gift. Father I pray that this the greatest day in someone's calendar because he said that either crossed over from death to life, and I pray all of this in Jesus name, amen and amen amen

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