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What's in a Name?

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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December 17, 2019 1:00 am

What's in a Name?

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Hello my friends Michael use of here. I just wanted to thank you for connecting with leading the way.

Our entire team is wholly committed to passionately proclaiming uncompromising truth of God's word and it cannot be done without you learn more about what God has charged us to do around the world by clicking around that's Thank you and may God richly bless you as you see I have no doubt that Shakespeare, like many learned men of his day knew the Scripture.

But when he asked the question what's in the name he was not looking for a biblical answer. He was really more anxious to affirm that a rose by any name is arose had he consulted the Scripture, the answer would've been different dancer would come screaming at him, and saying everything about the person is in his name and I was thinking about how now these days in our culture. How young parents really think long and hard about naming their children of why student and how this almost traumatic experience in and then they keep it a secret. And they wanted. Don't tell anybody until the baby is born and I think this generation just loves drama. But this is just an old man's bias. Very few people really name their children with the thought in mind that this is the character. This is the person we want to grow to be and then I come across a massive study that was conducted by Tulane University about the importance of a name here in our culture in the West and he says that names even in the west impact a child's future. They said that a name can impact the child's performance in school that a child's name can impact future relationships that impact the future. When I read about how a name can really impact a child's academic and school progress.

I wish that I had known that when I was a school student that would've really helped me when I'm flunking school.

My parents named me Michelle, who would name their son Michelle listen France, but that's what they did but at the age of 21 I had to change it. I know if I knew about this thing about Tulane University study out of milk this thing for all it's worth. Every time I flying school is a decision is not my fault you name it.

Michelle today there are books in the market to help parents pick a name. Choose a name for their children, but they are not based on the characteristics of the parents want to see in their children. The others who even have a sense of humor in naming their children. I don't recommend it. It's bad idea. I read about this Indian chief's name was running water and so when he had two girls and one called and the other one half and then the other boy so he named them lukewarm, but thousands of years before Shakespeare asked the question what's in the name. The Bible said everything is writing on the name thousands of years before Tulane University publishing their massive's landmark study.

The Bible said that a child's future characteristics are riding on his name.

In fact, that is precisely why the Lord changed the names of many of his servants in order to give them a new name that would represent the purpose and the mission that God has for them. And that is why you see Abram become Ebrahim and Sarai become syrup and the Jacob became Israel and Simon become Peter and Saul become Paul, but when it comes to the all-important name Jesus. Everything is riding on that name and that is why they don't want to hear it in public. I think they know more than some of the believers do they really do.

And because of who Jesus is the eternal son of God, his name did not need to be changed. Halfway through, but was given to him by his father by his heavenly father. But his real father. Why because the name Jesus is so important to all of humanity, because their name, Jesus is vitally important for the future of the human race because the name Jesus is so important for his mission and here on earth, and his dying on the cross above all because the name Jesus is vitally important to God the father in heaven. Jesus coexisted with him before eternity and that is why God the father himself has to name him nobody else named him God the father did. And to be sure Jesus had many descriptive names and most of us know them very familiar to us is the Christ or the uniquely anointed one, or he is the son of God denoting his divinity is absolute divinity that he's been there, the creator of the world before all world began, and he is the Son of Man, because that very God of very God become man in human flesh, but the name of Jesus. The name Jesus is what he's all about all the descriptive names are great and they described him by Jesus is the all-important name because it means that he and he alone is the only Savior is the one who saves or God saves. It means that without Jesus, there can be no salvation without Jesus, there can be no forgiveness of sins without Jesus, there can be no peace with God without Jesus, there can be no peace among people without Jesus, there can be no eternal life in heaven. That is why his name is. Everything about him. It was Jesus's real father, who gave him his name Jesus, because Jesus did not have an earthly father like you and me because Jesus conceived supernaturally by the Holy Spirit because Jesus was born of a pure virgin and therefore only God the father could have named his son, only his father could've given him the name you sure can you say that with me. Yes, sure means God saves someone so anybody can call themselves Savior anybody can take that name on themselves. Are you sick God knew that and that is why in Matthew chapter 1 verse 21, the angel Gabriel after city name him Jesus.

He goes on to say because he shall save his people from their sins is a God new is going to be a knucklehead theologian somewhere on the 21st century.

Who's going to come around and say he's not the Savior.

He's a Savior. God knew that the Jews are going to see him as a Savior from the Roman oppression. God knew that some socialists out there somewhere going to see him as a Savior from what they consider to be economic oppression or injustice. God knew that some people are going to see him as Savior, namely to give them what they want or what they need. God knew that some would get carried away with his birth, and ignore his message and his mission.

God knew that many would celebrate Christmas without the Christ. The Jesus of the Christmas and saw he defined the meaning of Jesus.

The name Jesus. He and he alone shall save his people from their sins. Think with me for a moment.

Just think for a moment of how each succeeding year, the extreme commercialism of Christmas is getting worse and worse and worse letter to somebody on the other day on the news were complaining because inner people make it the too much religion involving Christmas everyone celebrates Christmas the way everybody has their own idea what Christmas is was about and that is why God the father said through the dark angel Gabriel. You shall call his name.

What, for he shall save his people from their sins. Not long ago I was talking to a nonbeliever who thinks of himself. I'm okay and I said you know Jesus will save you from your senses or goodness. Copyright here. I'm not a sinner of never killed anybody never rubbed the back of a stall. I am not a sinner. I don't need salvation.

I'm okay. I'm a good man. I said thank you for sharing this with me because they gave me an opportunity to explain the fight to him what the Bible said about the root of sin. A lot of people think they're good people, and running around think I'm good I'm good. They don't understand that we all born with the root system of sin inside of us. We've inherited from our first parents.

We all born with that root system will born with our backs to God. We all born want to live our lives our way.

We all born, wanting to be the captains of our ship will all born wanting to decide for ourselves, not God, what is right and what is wrong. Never mind what God said, I will decide what's right and what's wrong. And as I explained all this to him and explain how the root of sin is something the call of sin. The essence of sin is something with which we are born every one of us. We've inherited the seed from our first parents.

He said I need to think about that not one of us escaped the truth system not want to accept Jesus.

Listen to me.

The fact that some people produce more fruit from the root system makes no difference to God, whether you produce a lot fruit of sin or less fruit. Make sure the Bible said one sin or a thousand sins are all the same to God and that is why the Savior had to be born without sin.

And that is why the Savior had to live his life. All of it.

33 1/3 of it without sin. And that is why the Savior had to be sinless and that is the only way he can save us from our sin. If I'm in debt somebody in a bigger debt than me can help me know. I need somebody who has no death who can afford to help me. And because we all born with that debt of sin.

Jesus was born sinless, so he might deliver us from our sin, he monopolies in God's eyes. All of the fruit of sin, whether it's huge or small, big or small. In God's are there is no white lie in the big lie in God's eye. We all sinners. One sin or thousand sin is only the fruit of that root system.

It is that inherited gene that produces that sin which Jesus came to save us from this it is that root system inside of us.

It is that root system that can only be eradicated by a similar Savior is that root system that can only be dug up and tossed out by a similar Savior. It is that root system that can only be eliminated by Jesus.

It is that root system that can only be forgiven by Jesus. It is that root system that can only be washed clean by the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross. It is that root system that is so deep that only a perfect sinless righteous man can remove it from us and set us free, and man has with Christmas is all about is what Christmas is all about is not about jingle bells and and presence in trees and food and family find is these things might be, but they tend to cloud the real reason for why we celebrate Christmas is about God the son coming down from heaven living us in the pool as a poorest of the poor and then dying on the criminals cross in order to save us as the perfect sacrifice because any blemish sacrifice. Anyone with one sin would not have worked only as sinless sacrifice had to be placed before God. Justice, then he rose again with power of his omnipotence on the third day so that he may give everyone who repents and trust him with their life eternal life with him.

Forgiveness of sins, guilt free life, eternal life with him in heaven. But then I thought there might be someone here today who would say you are. I really when you come to think about it, if I'm honest with myself. I'm really tired of this root system of sin, controlling my life.

I'm really tired of trying to do my best and then failing again and again, really tired of trying to control my life and and I keep losing the controller tired of trying to do the right thing. I found myself taking one step forward and to step backward and I'm tired of that. That's you, you come to the right person's name is yes sure and he can save you from your sins, but then someone may say well, but how do I recognize the truth system in my life day in and day out and all the relationships and all my work. How do I recognize the truth system you asked a great question. Let me insert. Have you ever been tempted to tell a white lie and then another lie. And then another lie.

And before long he found yourself to be a habitual liar.

You see, that is the fruit of that root system you ever get tempted to cheat and then you cheat some more and then you cheat some more you become a habitual cheater, is he that is the fruit of that root system ever been tempted to be so angry and seething with anger.

They want somebody dead. That is the fruit of that root system. Do you face sexual lust and then you start giving in to these lasts and these temptations and then it becomes easier and easier and easier as the days go by default and these temptations of lasts. You see, that is the fruit of that root system and have you ever been tempted to steal from your employer might be in the beginning just small things little things and then they get bigger and bigger and bigger things. That is the fruit of the root system to get the point. Every time you say to yourself, you know, I am really going to do better.

I'm gonna try harder.

I'm gonna make a New Year's resolution this time and I'm gonna really stick with it. I'm going to do a new start restart them within weeks and maybe days you find yourself in a worse position. Why, because sin has power.

Don't ever underestimate the power of sin. The Bible said, sin is extremely sinful. There is power in sin and that power is bigger than yours, bigger than me is bigger than all of us and that power of sin need someone much bigger then sin to crush it and that person is Jesus. That is why the God the father said he will save his people in here alone, and the only one who can save us from sin. Your sin and mine. You shall call his name Jesus, for he shall save his people from their sin. Now I have a question for you which sins are very talking about the root system or the fruit the whole enchilada. You see, when he saves he saves to the uttermost. He saves you eternally dozen Savior just for today.

It doesn't say results for this year. It doesn't Savior just for this lifetime.

He Savior now for the rest of your life and for eternity. God does a complete job that doesn't do 1/2 job. Not only that, but if you don't allow him to come and save you and deliver you from the root of sin and the fruit of sin that root system with its fruit are going to keep on growing is going to keep on going until it chokes you into eternity without Christ.

A Christ list eternity of Chrysler's eternity and that is why is it you shall call his name Jesus, because he alone can deliver us from that sin and the consequences in the wages and the reward of sin or punishment of sin.

He alone can save his people not being saved by Jesus the Savior.

The only Savior is going to lead you to terrifying eternity. Listen carefully. Please because I have no other message I've got nothing to sell you only have one message and the started 40+ years ago and will continue to the day I go and be with Jesus. Only one message. Only one message only one desire is that you be delivered from your sin and the consequences of your sin without being delivered from sin, you gonna spend your eternity in a terrifying place. I make no apologies of talking about a place called hell. Jesus never apologized for and he described it with clarity. He described it in her clear, but terrifying way and I'm not going to apologize because hell is a real place and the reason I weep, is because real people going to go there.

I wish nobody would go there. Imagine spending your forever some of those ISIS people. The terrorists and those kind of evil wicked people. The Bible described that place was dark and empty. A bottomless painful full of torment moment by moment. Why risk your eternity. Why risk your eternity when you can call upon the one whose name is Jesus, so that he must save you today and forever. That is a fact. Those who refuse Jesus and the salvation that he offers cannot truly say Merry Christmas all a lot of people say Merry Christmas.

They don't even know what they say. The thing is a Merry Christmas Caligula big five bonus because of this, or because of that, but for them that's not really a Merry Christmas at all. They will not understand to have a Merry Christmas wish to know the salvation that Christ of Christmas can give you today what's in the name everything when it comes to Jesus but you notice something else.

The angel did not say he will save God's people from their sin and are set to know why is it God's people would be immediately limit salvation to the Jews, for God's people are limited to them or the Jesus said I came to my own and his own received him not to reject him but nonetheless the salvation that Jesus brought first to the Jews into the Gentiles ever since he came because his name is Jesus, for he is going to save God's people from the sin that would have limited his salvation. But God said he shall save his people who are his people. Everyone who comes to him comes his people.

Everyone who accepts his invitation for forgiveness of sins and eternal life is his people. Everyone who repent of their sins as a father I cannot save myself Jesus save me becomes his people.

Everyone who receives him as their only Savior and Lord is his people.

You are his people either his people, definitively say that today you can you can pray and receive the forgiveness of Jesus and receive him as your only Savior and Lord of your life and the master of your life and in the one who blesses your life. You can come to him today and become his people. You'll be glad you did I tell you in all the years of all my travels all over the globe and meeting of never met one who says you now I become a Christian.

10 years ago five years ago. Ellis and I been regretting it ever since you never will, and never will. Your gratitude to God grows day by day by day by day. Let me share this with you on December 21, 1988, Pan Am airline was blown by Libyan terrorists over Lockerbie, Scotland and all the passengers method. This the plane was filled with university students from Syracuse University, New York. There been studies abroad in their returning home for Christmas a few days later. As I followed that news I saw an interview with one of the students who supposed to be on that flight, but she missed it. She was late and she missed and she's being interviewed and that she was grieved in bereaved over the loss of her friends. Here's what she said to the interviewer are used to believe that I am in control of my life. I used to believe that I'm in control of my destiny that I'm in control of my future.

After this event. All that's change now. I remember sitting there literally talking to the television person. Why does it have to take a tragedy like this to realize that thinking that you're in control of your life is a mirage. Our deepest need on this Christmas season is to surrender to the Jesus of Christmas surrender to him today are pray there is anyone here who think surveilling control of the life they are in charge of living that mirage of that there would hand over control of their life to Jesus gladly surrender to him.

Not only you will be saved now. The rest of your life. But for all eternity. He will not only forgive you now, but is going to give you power over sin is not an honest believer when this a pastor or congregation that will not tell you that without the power of Jesus, we fail again and again but with his power we overcome sin as a mere become perfect that we have power over sin and to top it all the get assurance of eternal life in heaven with him

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