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Psalms Of Deliverance (Part 9)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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October 28, 2019 1:00 am

Psalms Of Deliverance (Part 9)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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October 28, 2019 1:00 am

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Under the guise of character education. Dominant school systems across the land will be teaching that you can be good without God there will be teaching that accepting things that are contrary to the word of God is a virtue will be teaching the good religion is a religion that teaches that there is no right and wrong. There will be teaching that tolerance means that if you are a Christian, shut up and if you will not speak up that political correctness means that you must study the virtues of all other religions. But if you bring the Bible to the classroom you be dismissed. There will teach you that all God daily God is good, except for the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ take it from me. The reason why we have an ethical crisis in the business world in America today is because 14 years ago, we have thrown God out of the schools and today the business leaders are the of this God allows education today in America, one in every student carry a weapon to school one into schools have metal detectors 50 to 60 students get killed every day in America in the schools today. Hundreds of teachers every day assaulted thousands of teachers are threatened with bodily harm. Every day, and the ACLU celebrate every time Judge orders the pulling down of the 10 Commandments from the walls of schools.

Last, the students read thou shall not be killed and over and I was thinking this week in Saudi Arabia. They have religious beliefs and this religious policeman dressed in a certain you know that religious policeman not traffic policeman that religious policeman in their walk with her cane in their hands in order to punish anybody who is not abiding the religion.

In fact, I give you an example, if a woman is not completely covered there administered punishment upon the person in America today. We have religious police to all the other extreme is called the ACLU not so long ago, the ACLU notified thousands of public school's and public school officials that its members would be monitoring graduation ceremonies and that legal action would be taken against those who would allow prayer not so long ago in the state of Indiana is school, withdrew their invitation to a congressman because he would not commit in writing that he would not pray and people asked where was God on September 11. I want to tell you exactly where God was God was exactly where we have placed him finished out of our public life non-Italian today that the psalmist teaches us something of outermost importance, and I pray that you would listen very carefully.

The psalmist teachers. The relationship between God's protection and treasuring of God's word in our hearts and in our lives, and it is found in Psalm 119 beginning at verse nine all the way to verse 16. In fact, in that section. The psalmist tells us that either God's word will keep us from sin on home or sin will keep us from God's word and God's protection.

This Psalm Psalm 119 is divided into 22, section 9 understand why 22 sections and they are numbered each section numbered alphabetically, but instead of ABC that are numbered in the Hebrew alphabet out of either Gavin's etc. that this is the second section and in section would be be in English. It is Beth in Hebrew. Beth is a word that is not only a lever B but is also a word that means house like Bethlehem like Beth L. Many scholars have concluded that this section of Psalm 119 tells us the following listen carefully, that any protection for a person is when the word of God finds a hole in his or her heart. You can only find safety when the word of God becomes house in your heart and in your mind that only peace that can be given that peace that passes understanding, regardless of your surroundings that you will have peace only when God's word finds a home in your heart when the word of God found the whole in your life you will be protected from the enemy of your soul that only the word of God can strengthen your character that only the word of God can strengthen your conduct. Jesus said that when you try to get rid of a demon out of your life with your own strength you might succeed for a little time temporary because within a very short period of time, then demon is going to invite seven others in the gonna come and dwell in your life. Be careful of self-improvement programs that are not founded upon the word of God. In other words character ethic and morality that are not rooted and established in the word of God are only temporary with me illustrate this. Some of you will identify with this illustration. If you have ever gone on a crash diet unless some quick weight and then once you get off the dock. What happens you know what just let weight back on again.

Then some yellow and that's exactly what happens when you try to be good without God, that's exactly what would happen when you tried to be moral without the power of the word of God in your life and that's exactly what the psalmist to say in Psalm 119 beginning at verse nine how can a young man keep his way pure by living according to your word. I seek you with all my heart.

Do not let me astray from your commands. I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. Praise be to you oh Lord, teach me your decrees with my lips.

I renounce all the laws come from your mouth. I rejoice in following your structures as one rejoices in great riches father made those words that we just uttered be the motto of our lives for. We pray this in Jesus name, amen.

The psalmist is telling us basically two things.

Number one. He said there is incredible virtue in the word of God versus not to dwell. Secondly he says there really is an incalculable value in the word of God versus 13 to 16. There is an describable virtue in the word of God. What is that virtue he gives and draws actually three) in the text in verse nine he says the word of God cleanses in verse 10 he says the word of God control in verses 11 and 12.

He said the word of God, correct it cleanses and controls and it corrects how can a young man or woman keep his or her ways.

Pure by obedience to the word of God. That's only way the psalmist is saying that when it comes to your left character when it comes to large conduct, the word of God is stronger than Clorox the word of God is more powerful than ammonia that the word of God is more cleansing than the strongest of the turgid hemorrhoid on this one because I know what the world says the world says have you fling while you are young and then become religious when the old. The world says to us, so I don't know while you're young and get it out of the system and then follow God when you oh, but you know the problem is is a problem, they never take you into the Shepherd spinal hospital to show you the tragedy of drunken-driving they never take you to the clinics to show you the fruit of illicit sex. They never take you to the psychologist and the psychiatrist to show you the broken hearts and the damaged emotions and the shattered relationship and the fear of intimacy and the rug those bodies. The psalmist is telling us something that the world will never understand, live alone, except what is it. Señorita for the younger you begin to fill your heart and your mind with the word of God, the healthier you will be the younger you begin to make your heart of home for the word of God, the more peaceful life will be lighter on.

I can't begin to tell you I can even begin to tell you how and every person that I have encountered who is struggling with addiction or struggling with very destructive behavior or are they are having inability to relate to others, or those who have a hard time letting others let me tell you something. Invariably, the seeds have been planted when there were young bad habits begin at a very early life, undisciplined life begins at a very healthy life virtue of the word of God not only cleanses, but the psalmist says. It also controls the controls you look at verse 10 with my whole heart. I thought you do not let me wander from your commandments, you know, when I was 16, 17, like most 16 €17 could not wait to get away from home now know that's not news for most young people or everybody else for that matter, man. I just couldn't wait to get away, and I had seven older siblings are all looking down at me and examining everything I do with a fine tooth comb. I got who were constantly looking over my shoulder. I wanted to get away but because I wanted to do what I want to do sweetheart for you to imagine that I want to be wild right. I know some of you having a hard time with that kind of image I just didn't want to control so before I even turned 20 found myself 9000 miles away from home. I couldn't go further than Australia and I said maybe nobody knows me here. No curfews, no family devotions, then nobody is going to hold me accountable now I can live the wildlife right. Not so you know why you know why because what kept me from seeing is the word of God that was driven into my heart and into my mind and a very healthy a those family devotions that I resented those words wrong in my ears when the word of God is obeyed at an early age that has a controlling effect. It has a cleansing effect, but also has a controlling effect. Young Daniel was captured out of Israel and taken into slavery into Babylon.

He was young, and he's away from home. His away from parental control was away from religious environment into pagan Babylon and he could've had all the fun he wanted unknowing human being and human nature. The way I do.

I can prove it to you from the Scripture, but I'm convinced in my own heart that somebody can pay Mrs. Danny boy, do in room and Romans do. Danny boy's got to do the food and drink with us. Got to do with God. Dennis is no you don't understand food or drink might not be the problem but it's the first step before I fall into idolatry of Babylon and the Bible says Daniel purposed in his heart he purposed in his heart and he said no and got on the virtue of the word of God is that it will cleanse you the virtue of the word of God is that it will control you. The virtue of the word of God is that it will correct you, situational ethics, says, and espoused by so many people in the church situational ethics said, depending on the circumstances surrounding the situation. But God's ethics said act right even when nobody is seeing you.

Even when nobody is watching you. When Joseph was sold into slavery in the land of Egypt. The Bible said there were the Bible said to Joseph do know the Bible says to him, no you don't, because the Bible was not written that I'm just trying to test how much are you listening there was not Bible was not Bible there was no word of God is aware of and how in the world that he that he Jacob grandfather, Isaac, and even great-grandfather Ebrahim who was still alive when Joseph was born taught him all about God told him all about God parents, grandparents limiting something. Don't ever minimize the impact you have in your children Bible was not written, but Joseph had the word of God as he heard it from his parents and grandparents in his heart, so when Mrs. Potiphar said to him, José here is a here is watching nobody will know I'll never tell a secret between you and me know. Joseph sent hang it on your nose.

Mrs. Potiphar known as a rough translation but really that's what he meant. He said God see all that matters. God see's all that matters. And he ran as the word of God cleanses the word of God controls the word of God corrects because the word of God is virtuous, but secondly, there is incalculable value to the word of God, look at versus 1314 1516 of Psalm 119. You know we talk a great deal about values these days. Talk about traditional family values and we talk about this value in this that value in the values, values, and every company has values and organizations have values and we talk a lot about values, but you know what I'm convinced that in my in our generation. We know the price of everything and the value of her little listen to what the psalmist said.

He said I want to give you free exercise its writing down there three exercises that will help you to live your life valuing the word of God treasuring the word of God in your heart that's good but it's not good enough somebody saying wait a minute, what is he to quiz going with this.

Treasuring the word of God. My heart is not good enough yet that's right, you heard me right. Why because you have to apply the word of God in every area of your life reading it is not enough meditating on it is not enough. You have to apply to an element of an illustration you have the best headache medicine in your medicine cabinet is not can help your headache.

You have to get up and get the medicine cabinet and take the medicine having money in your bank account will not be of value to you if you do not know how to make the withdrawal in the times of need. Some people know the word of God but they don't know how to apply the word of God to every decision in life. There are even some people who memorize the word of God, but they live their lives. Contrary to the word of God. Why they do not know how to apply the word of God in the situation I get what it is in your life and the other three exercises that the psalmist wants us to have so that we may value the word of God. First of all, in verse 13 he said, speaking, speaking.

Secondly, in verse 14 and 15. He said save Eric and then in verse 16 he said, substantiated, the psalmist said with my lips I have told of all the ordinance of your mouth reading the word of God. Great meditating upon the word of God. Wonderful spending time studying the word of God is a must. But if it is not really going to help you but you wasted your time, you must apply it. How do you do that by verbalizing anybody who's taught teaches the Bible. Preachers will tell you that they the ones who benefit more than the listeners. None of this is the case here. Don't give me that I know I benefit more than you do is you listen to me since I was with you eyes, but not with years so I learn more in November. I really should pay the church and not pay me for allowing me and giving me the privilege of learning the word of God is that women are preacher are you going to tell me that everyone of us should be a teacher of the word God ever should teach yes exactly right is to have a friend in school. He would come every morning he will come and get me tell you what God children from his work today to share with you. Would God put inside God gave me from his word to that a man I knew he was growing in the word of God, but I didn't understand why the reason he was growing is because he was verbalizing in the psalmist said, speaking, speaking is the first exercise.

This values hearing a sermon after sermon after silent Bible class after Bible class of the Bible class without verbalizing the word of God to somebody else. That's the way to grow in the word of God. The second exercise is saving the word of God. Look at verse 14. He said I have rejoiced in the way of your testimonies as much as in all riches now. I want you to just go with me for a minute into fantasyland.

Okay, I mean I really do. I just wanted take into fantasyland just for a bit and I'll bring you back I promise I'll bring you back to reality.

Suppose work up tomorrow morning and the phone rings and I tell you that you have a great uncle you never heard of who have left you a fortune. How would you react, the owner, Selena okay don't give me spiritual stuff and you so excited right you will be overwhelmed. The only jumping up and down. You will be calling him best friends. I know you want call the pastor, but at least you'll be calling her best friends you will be celebrating you rejoicing you saying that at least you're feeling to be the most fortunate human being on the face of the right is true and the psalmist said Mrs. psalmist said this is how I feel about the word of God, he is saying it is like inheriting a fortune every single day Islam saw joyful about the word of God that I cannot wait to tell somebody about the impact it had on my life see the value of the word of God is found when you speak of the value of the word of God is found when you savored the thoroughly verse 16 says the value of the word of God is found when you substantiated. Look at verse 16. He said I shall delight in your statutes shall not forget your word and another psalmist said I made a song out of your stretch. See the some people have the doctrine right and theologically correct the divorce of Saul because they have not made the word of God to be there so to be the life vision to be the life mission, the word of God has to be demonstrated in my life and yours. The word of God is to be proven in your life and mine explain David as a young man was on the run, the king of the nation.

Notice was after midnight.

The king of the nation with his arm after a young man with a small motley crew. And here is running from town to town and the king is after him from cave to cave in the Kings after him everywhere he goes to say has David been here is is been changed by the king of Israel. One day one of David's son came to him and said David, your troubles are over and ask you to raise your hand, but I guarantee you I'll be the first one to tell you every one of us would say if I show you away to make all your troubles go away you will be right up front. Here I would as a natural thing was somebody, said I show you a way to have all your problems. Build all your troubles over you will have no more suffering. That's what this Lieut. candidate Vanessa David want to do now relax because we got an opportunity for all of you suffering to be over King Saul and his men are in the cave asleep. They were in so deep asleep that this morning and we heard this more a mile away. They will not wake up. All we need to do just go bang bang bang bang and all problems will what a golden opportunity to get rid of your enemy once and for all what a golden opportunity to become the king right away what a golden opportunity for David to save himself a great deal of headache and a great deal of trouble in a great deal of running around on suffering.

Always see David did not own the treasure of the word of God and his heart but he demonstrated the word of God in his life.

See, David knew that shortcuts not worth David knew that shortcuts are full of pain and grief. David knew that shortcuts are short-lived and he said I cannot do that as much as it is beneficial and helpful to me.

I cannot do that because the word of God said Harlem not God's anointed, and as long as God wanted Saul to be on the throne is going to stay on the throne.

God is the one is going to end it. I am not going to see David knew that he had to demonstrate the word of God in his life and his action.

David also knew that he had to substantiate the word of God treasures in his heart and live it out. Precious father is in the name of the Lord Jesus that we come to you as men and women who get pulled by the world the flesh and the devil every single day and yet we know intellectually and we know by training that only treasuring the word to your word in our hearts and living it out will keep us from harm. Will keep us from tragedy and will keep us from sin, and so father we pray this very hour that you will touch our hearts, not just would be moved by emotions, by words that are spoken to be translated into life-changing decisions to treasuring your word in our hearts and then living in everyday life.

Assess thanks for listening to this message from Dr. Michael.

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