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Psalms Of Deliverance (Part 7)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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October 24, 2019 1:00 am

Psalms Of Deliverance (Part 7)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Have you ever literally seen someone get away with murder and you became so angry and he allowed Durango to discourage you in your walk with the Lord, and he was so frustrated and yelled out. It's just not fair. Life is not fair what you alone have any of you seen a situation where you look at a person who is less than honest in his or her business dealings and yet they seemingly are very successful in everything they do.

And yet you as an honest person. Honest as the day light somehow facing financial reversal and then the account of sit there soften anger and frustration.

Honesty doesn't play. Have you ever looked at someone who seemed to be carefree and living an immoral lifestyle and and yet seemingly that everything is going his way or everything is going your way and you look at your life and you look at yourself as the Lord, not the right person. I'm a moral person and yet I'm suffering and I'm suffering deeply and you thought there soften and you become angry at the unfairness of it all of you for being there.

Have you ever comparing yourself with somebody else who may be less intelligent than you are less capable than you are less hard-working than you are and you set yourself for this person is successful and I'm hard-working. I am intelligent, I got everything that he has a more and yet I'm not making I deserve this, but I wanted to listen carefully about what I'm going to tell you because in this or any of the situations that I mention are many others that I would not have Tom to give you examples of if you do not deal with these feelings. While there are still feelings you soon going to find yourself moving in the following direction you soon going to find yourself first for begins with covetousness and then covetousness if it goes unchecked it will turn into resentment and then if resentment is not dealt with quickly and immediately, it will turn into hatred. That's a process and it always works that way. If you've ever been angry at the unfairness of life. I wanted to stay tuned because Psalm 37 gives you some answers. In fact, if I summarize the Psalm will be two words. David is telling you is telling me shell out as the thought of my message.

Most indications from historians tells us that this song was written by David and it was written around the time of his old age.

Just as about seeing his days to be over and as he looks back and he reflects upon his life and the life that he lived in the problems that he faced and the difficulties that experienced and then you see is the hand of God that worked in his life. Through all these years. Inspired by the Holy Spirit pins down those great words.

David spent many years running away as a fugitive from wicked King soul and during that time, not out David have slots at least if his mother verbalized many times no doubt set the Lord will come this wicked king who is pursuing me for no reason whatsoever can live in the luxury of the king's palace. And here I am a man was hard after your own man was anointed to serve you and my teen years, a man who is running as a fugitive sweating it out in the caves and in the mountains and in the heat of the day in the heat of the night.

How come, Lord, than David probably reflected on all the struggles of his life. And then he thought of those earlier years when things were really rough and then he reflects on how God guided his hands in those days of struggles with limited those days of struggle will not forever.

But those days were numbered, and that God honored him and he placed him on the throne of Israel and God protected him and God guided him and God forgave him. His most keenly as soon and as he looks back and he sees all of this he comes and tells us chill out because things are not the way they appear. In fact, in Psalm 37. David not only tells us to chill out. Because really the reason I'm using that word count of California word is gonna bring it in the vernacular because literally the Hebrew word for correcting means don't get hot under the collar and means don't sweat the apparent success of the wicked. Don't waste your time fuming and steaming over appearances that are not accurate. That's really what it means he is in fact giving us four reasons why we must and we need to chill out in the face of the success of the wicked are given to you brought them down, chill out because of what you cannot see versus 1213 of Psalm 37. Secondly he says chill out for what you already have in verses 4 to 7 suddenly said chill out because of what is coming to you. Verses 8 to 11 and then finally says chill out because of the penalty of the wicked. Verses 12 to 20 chill out because of what you don't see and what you can't see is when you conclude that because someone has what you want or maybe even desperately need and don't have and therefore this person is happy, then you are like the person who is blind and therefore he or she concludes that the world is dark 24 hours a day. Did you hear this I will repeated when you conclude that because someone has what you don't have a new my desperately needed, therefore, that person is happy you are like the blind person who comes the conclusion that the world is dark 24 hours a day, but the truth is when you scratch below the surface. These people who you are.

MVA are not as happy as you might think when you scratch the surface. The people of whom you are jealous. They are sad they are lonely and they are miserable.

Fret not yourself and don't envy them. Why Osama said because things are not as they appear to be in fact the word Frank not is mentioned three times in the first half of Psalm 37, three times verse one verse seven verse eight that is a theme that is the thing that he wants to emphasize over and over in your mind and in my mind that looks back with hindsight and the hindsight great. It's always 20/20 is wonderful.

I am so thankful that I live beyond the year 50 in my life because I can tell you that I react differently to things now know what I did last 25 also had a long and not to be able to see things in hot side and I'm able to praise God for the things they do the things I blew in my life, but this am I going to confess to the problem sometimes is that jealousy and envy of others that are directed at their success. A real enough of God number one you get the flesh and the devil conspired together and constantly telling you how happy they are and how sad you are and you know when the devil wants to do. He wants you to come to this foolish conclusion of saying or then God could not love me because if he loves me.

Why do I have this disease if he loves me why I'm facing this financial crisis that he loves me while in this job if he loves me and why I'm suffering the way I'm suffering in the devil is laughing in his sleeve. But you know, jealousy and envy. Not only done by Christians toward the wicked, but sometimes jealousy and envy takes place among Christians is not the case, right on that. There is jealousy and envy among Christian envying one another. I think there is a jealousy and envy among pastors, but trust me on this one. In fact, I heard about a small town where on the square of that little town there were three churches all and three quarters another four corners, but the three churches in three different corners of that one square in the Bloomington and they had a terrible time envying each other at a terrible time in competition with each other in a passive eye one Sunday morning was walking by and he heard the first congregation standing up and there were singing the song will there be any stars in my crown upon which the second congregation stood up and began to sing know not to unknown not one upon which the congregation began their service by singing all that will be glory for me. Envy and jealousy will only hurt one person, one person, and that's a person who's doing the invading envy and covetousness devastates one person and that is the person doing the envying, listen to me. Please envy can destroy you emotionally.

Envy can destroy you mentally envy can destroy or psychologically envy can destroy your socially envy can destroy you physically saw chill out because of what you cannot see. Secondly, chill out, because of what you have. Look at verses four, five and six and seven.

You see when the operation of fretting and envying began to be set in motion.

When that operation gets going there's not only an intense, irrational thinking that takes place inside of you. Not only that discouragement and anger and frustration sits in but the problem is that a person who begins in that motion of fretting and envy and jealousy, something else happens you know what it is you become so blinded to what you already have what you've got.

I talked to people who are Brightwater intellectual who are brilliant but they cannot see it they only talk about how brilliant others I talked to multimillionaires who talk as if they going to the poorhouse just absolutely blinded to what they have. But that's what the irrationality of fretting does what you have in Christ.

Even before Christ thousand years before Christ. The psalmist written this song. Let me give you two blessings that you already have.

Look at verse four of Psalm 37 is a delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart not limited something about that verse probably is the most quoted verse among Christians everywhere anywhere in particular that mumble the first partly ghostwriter. It give you the desire of your heart you know that I have heard it quoted glibly noted corded and all kinds of situations and circumstances without proper understanding of what that means one is looking to delight yourself in the Lord.

What does it mean to delight yourself in another person. What is it mean to delight yourself in somebody else. When they give example when you see two people in love one of a new they are falling over each other trying to please the other right. And then they get married, strike that last comment was when you delight yourself in the Lord. It means that I want to do what he wants to do.

It means that I want to go where he wants to go. It means that I want to do what is pleasing to him that I didn't bring joy and delight to his heart is what it means to delight yourself in the Lord. So if my desire is his desire for my delight is his delight is my delight is what is pleasing to him, then he will grant me the desire of my heart, which is the desire of his heart to begin with right below it on to tell you something. This is a love relationship which the unbeliever can understand it is a love relationship with the Lord that the ungodly can never comprehend His or no until he or she falls in love with the one who is fallen in love with you. But not only there is a blessing and delighting yourself in the Lord, something that you have is yours.

Right now, that's what you got but is a second blessing blessing number two versus five and six is to commit your way to the Lord, trust in him and he will act.

He will bring forth your vindication as the light and you're right as the noonday. You might be feeling right now that you are not getting your just reward you might be feeling right now that you have been passed over.

You might be feeling right now that you been given a raw deal.

You might be feeling right now that you are suffering injustice and unfairness. You might be feeling right now that nice guys finish last. You might be feeling right now that you are carrying a burden that might be belong to a dozen people on the back of your shoulder and you walking around with that huge fridge on your back yet you have something those whom you perceive as having it easy do not have notice and auditors cited in the text that the judge of the universe is watching you that the judge of the universe is going to make sure that you are to be openly vindicated is going to make sure that you got to be publicly exonerated is going to make sure that you are clearly justified is going to make sure that you generously rewarded is going to make sure that you are lavishly blessed that admin belongs here. Chill out because of what you cannot see chill out because of what you already have said what he says chill out because what is coming to look at verses 8 to 11. You'll not only going to be vindicated and you have God's word on that you will not only going to be exonerated and you have God's word on that you will not only going to be justified, but you are going to inherit the earth, is what assess those whom you might be envying would go up in a puff of smoke, but not you have it all. I know it's hard listen. I live in in flesh and blood. So is anyone is you know about my problems. He's a big dumb preacher. I wanted to listen I know I know I understand how hard for us to take the long view of things.

You know why because everyone around us is focusing on this life.

I know how hard it is to buck the system and to swim upstream when everybody else swimming when the stream when everybody is going along to get along. I know how hard it is for us to see me on what is seen. I know because this large problems often tries to consumers lives. Care is often three occupies our own thinking lives and desires often hampers our vision of God. Why perplexity often grabs our attention. Most of the time lives demands are often threatened to even Kronos. I know that but listen to what Davidson is a man is been through far worse than you and I will ever experience in 10 lifetime.

Listen to what he said. He said, think about this everything you have, or needed or wanted is really new wars but not yet. He's saying everything that you have envied others for having is really yours but not quite yet everything that you wished for is yours but not yet. As long as you remain meek by the way, meek does not mean week explain this in the minute as long as you remain meek, which means having your strength under control. As with the means having the strength under control as long as you remain meek, so the psalmist begun inherit the earth began inherit everything that belongs to Jesus, which is universe. Now here's where I get so disgusted with some preachers always equating meekness with weakness little lonely Jesus, you know, I mean just drive me nuts because it does not me that's falsehood. Meekness does not mean weakness, meekness.

It means strength under control.

He said example I give example Moses was described in the Bible is the meekest man on the face of the earth. Yet Moses stood up to Pharaoh and he pointed his finger and said Mr. Pharaoh, you repent and turn to the Lord and let the people go. He was not week but he was meek to me right, meekness makes you vow before God.

But it makes you stand tall for men. This makes you bend your knee before God, but you stand firm before men.

Meekness makes you trust God even when you are surrounded by untrustworthy chill out because of what you can see chill out because of what you have chill out because of what's coming to you. Fourthly, David tells us chill out because of the penalty of the wicked.

You know 10 of the saddest day in the church of Jesus Christ is when so many people began to talk about the love of God and the mercy of God and the grace of God and deliberately left out the justice of God as I see this attention, you get the grouchy people talking about justice of God all the time and they ignore the love and the mercy of God, and then you get all the fundamentals talking about the love of God in the mercy of God and ignore the justice of God beloved the truth is both God to sides of his personality, love and mercy and justice and they both go together. That cannot be separated.

And here's what David focuses on that side of God's character his justice and he says that if you see what God sees you would not waste a minute of your life threatening fuming and stealing over the apparent success of the wicked. If you can see what God sees like God you would laugh.

This, by the way, is the lawful scorn you will laugh at your own silly waste of energy over the situation. You would laugh over the foolishness of the wicked.

You would laugh over the cruel joke that Satan plays both on them and you. I will illustrate that.

Have you ever overreacted at some information was given to you in only a few days later, you discover that the information you got was totally false. Let me ask you, how do you feel about that. I've been there. I've been there. In fact that's what David is saying here is saying.

That's exactly what happens when you envy the ungodly. That's exactly what happens when you are in the.

The wicked, you have the wrong information and you will have all reacted to the wrong information. How do you feel now.

In fact, instead of envying them.

You know what we should be doing. We should be weeping over so adamant Michael mean these people who have done the home when you get the right information.

You would be weeping over when you know the truth about judgment you would weep over somebody said why would you week I say because of the dreadful end because of the coming judgment because of their coming suffering someone wrote these words many years ago. He said more tears are shed in theaters overall imaginary tragedy.

Then, in our churches over real ones. It was Winston Churchill who once said men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened several years ago I saw a cartoon that depicted a frustrated father who was changing the tire in the rain and the two kids. From the window of the car obviously grumbling and complaining in response to the complaint here is out in the rain changing the tire there and saw that there were complaining is what the father says in the last caption he said don't you understand this is life. This was happening, we cannot switch to another channel.

Beloved friends as we are today we live in a time where we have totally confused reality with fiction. Some people really do not even know the difference. What do you think is real and permanent God scoffs at why because God sees and knows what is seen is not real. God knows the end of the wicked is judgment.

God knows that the end of the wicked is paying for their wickedness we see that's why he sent Jesus, so even the most wicked person can turn to him and be saved and without Jesus, there will die in their wickedness and their spend eternity in torment.

God knows the end of the wicked is eternity and regret telling me tell you this and God can laugh at the wicked. Surely at least you and I should be able to chill out a being agitated by them in being jealous of them and being envious of the lifestyle chill out, God loves you. If you have never given your life to Jesus Christ. If you have never understood what it means to be in love with God and God is in love with you and that you can delight yourself in him and he can give you the desires of your heart. Thanks for listening to this message from Dr. Michael.

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