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Psalms Of Deliverance (Part 4)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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October 21, 2019 1:00 am

Psalms Of Deliverance (Part 4)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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This has become a big business over some coal left Sonoma's business, but I've seen also as a pastor and as an individual, seeing the other side of that, I've seen how inheritance very often causes grief and heartache among family members. I've seen how inheritance separates siblings from each other.

I've seen how inheritance in a war over inheritance alienated members of families, most often there is resentment and bitterness over inheritance.

I have always believed with all my heart and my family would testify to this that I have always focused on an inheritance that is far far far greater then my parents could ever have no please don't misunderstand me. I don't want you to walk out of here and say will Michael is against inheritance. No I'm not. Please don't misunderstand me. In fact, the book of Proverbs says it is good for a father to leave an inheritance for his children, so I'm not against inheritance, but I have seen enough heart ache. I have seen enough pain over inheritance that makes me long, unfocused for my own inheritance.

The only inheritance that is worth the name, but me tell you about my real inheritance. My real inheritance will not perish my real inheritance cannot be destroyed. My real inheritance can never be taken away by somebody else. My real inheritance is going to go with me after I die physically and go from this world. My real inheritance is far superior than all of the trillions of dollars that are in the world today and I love those who have a sense of humor about these things because I really confess to you that so many Christians like the nonbelievers take money seriously and that's why Alexis of humor. Those who really can laugh at this kind of situations and truly the kids excel children excel in this area. I heard about the young girl nine years old, went up to her mother and Jason's mother did not advise that is in the living room that you told me has been transferred from generation to generation to generation. Assisted yes that's a very valuable via social Sidwell mom this generation dropped it better for me tell you something I can to do this with confidence in the word of God that there is an inheritance that you can leave your children and your grandchildren. That can never be dropped will be destroyed and it is your godliness, your walk with God in an oil-rich part of Texas.

There was a church sign that read, the meeting shall inherit the earth and all men that part of Texas, a graffiti writer came and brought under lease, and says, but not the mineral rights. A friend of mine often says that the misers and not much fun to be around, but they make wonderful ancestors, but only tell you some 16 David looks down through the eyes of prophecy and he sees and anticipates the New Testament he sees it and anticipates the son of David, and then by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, he prophesies Psalm 16 keep me safe all God floating you.

I take refuge, I said to the Lord, you are my Lord.

Apart from you.

I have no good thing. As for the saints who are in the land. There are the glorious ones who is my delight the sorrows of those trees who run after other gods, I will not pull out the motivations of blood or take up the names of my lips. Lord, you assigned me my portion and markup you have made my lot secure the boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places.

Surely I have a delightful inheritance. I will praise the Lord who counsels me even at night.

My heart instructs because he is at my right.

I will not be shaken. Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices. My body also will rest secure because you will not abandon me to the grave, nor would you address and decay. You have made known to me the path of life. You will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand Lord Jesus Christ. I thank you that you have fulfilled every word in this song and Lord Jesus.

I bless you because of your obedience to the father. We have a godly heritage with you in your name I pray, amen. A clever preacher tried to come up with a clever outline for first Peter chapter 1 verses three, four and five where Peter talks about out inheritance in Christ and his outline very cute reads something like this.

This is our inheritance is galvanized imperishable out inheritance is Jerome proof undefiled out inheritance is Grecian formulated, that's a little bit disgusting unfading out inheritance is guaranteed for it is reserved in heaven.

I think that's too clever for me, so let me share with you my simple outline there for us.

We see the condition of our inheritance.

In verses 1 to 4 of Psalm 16. Secondly, we see that content of out inheritance verses five and six. Thirdly, receipt and culmination of out inheritance versus 711 the condition of out inheritance. What other I wanted to look carefully at the first four verses of Psalm 16. David is saying that those who have that inheritance in Christ and with Christ.

They are totally under the cover of the sovereign Lord.

They are totally operated by the sovereign Lord, that they are conscious of the fact that their very breath is in his hands that there are body and soul soul. Now Jesus Christ. They are protected by him. They are preserved by him are engulfed by him, but there's something else is very important here. I don't want you to miss you would not know by reading the English text in the first four verses David uses three different names of God in Hebrew uses in the first four verses along Alpha more to get Bethel and like the house of God then uses the word Jehovah and the word Adonai three Hebrew words and those four verses arrow is the word that describe the omnipotent God L is the word that describes the all powerful God the Almighty God. L describes the God of power and mine then David uses the term Jehovah or Yahweh, the God of covenant. The God who enters into a saving contract with us unfairly uses the name Adam and I means Lord, my Lord, my sovereign Lord Mike King. And so when you put these together. David is saying this and how Jehovah I deny my makeup.

My mediator and my master and because he is always three things to me. Therefore I am living in him and I have no fear of those who try to hunt me because I am living in him. Therefore, I am not daunted by my flaws because the condition of my inheritance is guaranteed by him because the condition of my inheritance totally protected by him because the condition of my inheritance is a complete preservation in him the condition of my inheritance is a complete covering under him. The condition of my things is my complete and total security in him that I would say more than that, he is saying that Al Jehovah I deny means so much to me that besides him nothing and no one will ever mean as much to me. In fact, David really subtly here in these three verses gives us a test. It is a self administered test to know if you really going to inherit with Jesus or not the very subtle test but I will report it to your son is uploaded to you will see it right there in the text, and here's a test. Ask yourself the question, do you see the company Lord more than anybody else in the world do I see the company of those who seek him do I feel comfortable in the company of those who sin bluntly and plainly and openly know their values of godlessness troubled me. Does their lifestyle of wicked and wickedness repulsed me. I suggest that's a test is a self administered test to know whether you meet the condition of your inheritance will not hinder I please. If you are like Peter warming your hands in the fire of the godless. If you like Peter warming your hands in the fire of those who resent the Lord Jesus Christ, the enemies of Christ. Those who turn their backs on Christ, then you have gone too far from him.

Listen to me about beloved friend get back to him before you deny him, and you can get back to him now. The condition of out inheritance. Secondly, the content of out inheritance. Look at verses four, five and six the Lord is much causing portion and markup the something I don't want you to miss look at that verse again. I don't want to miss this.

You see, when David brought this Psalm Psalm 16, he was a fugitive from King Saul king Saul was chasing David all all on the countryside when David wrote the song and when David was being changed by the King's henchmen.

He was deprived of his methods see each family when they came out of the slavery of Egypt into the wilderness and then into the promised land. Each family was given an inheritance by Joshua and that inheritance has passed from generation to generation from family members to family members stayed in that particular tribe for generations that evidence portion of inheritance was in the fields on the farms of Bethlehem, but listen carefully, as long as Saul king Saul was on the throne there was no hope that David could ever enjoy his inheritance even his parents become fugitives with him in the land of Moab, but far from crying the blues far from feeling sorry for himself. Far from sending only far from being filled with bitterness and hatred. David said forget about my earthly inheritance I have a far better one. I have the Lord and are so many Christians sing.

I would rather have Jesus than silver and gold.

I would rather be his then riches untold and often wonder how many of us, in truth and honesty. When the push comes to shove, we can really do that. All we can sing that do that when the chips are down would really walk out on silver and gold and riches untold and Psalm 16 verse six that if it says the lines have fallen to me in pleasant places. Yea, I have it all allows her to looking through this passage and I'm really progress studied as carefully as I know how I feel. I want to say to David will know this is the real world here fugitive the whole you have a K for shelter. You have the rock for pillow. You have a strong forbade David being hunted like a mad dog.

You are nobody but David would say to me Michael you don't understand and understand the boundaries, the boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places Charlotte.

I have a delightful heritage.

You don't understand my friend you are thinking as those who live by sight. But I David living by faith that it also would be. You don't understand this is the language of faith and I live by faith and not by sight. You want your comfort for a few years on earth but I am looking forward to my inheritance in heaven. I wanted to him ride with you.

Listen to me carefully. Please and I can guarantee you not gonna like what I'm going to tell you so much, as will warn you now. The reason why the baby boomers are so discontented and bored in life is because they are blinded by the godly inheritance. The reason the baby boomers are restless today is because they are blinded to their eternal heritage. The reason the young generations have unrealistic expectations which make them frustrated and restless in life is because they do not focus on that inheritance and they constantly looking at each other and comparing themselves with others and they get depressed. David says that's not me buddy. That's not me why David was not not you. What makes you walk in faith. David want Lexi walk in faith in tough times and is easy to walk in faith when the sun is shining and everything is going hunky-dory. But David was not there.

He was fighting for his life, see walk in life when things are blowing in your face because I remember back hereunder when I was young man that was a man by the name of Sam well and he came to my dad's house.

The house of Jesse, and he had a hold of the oil in his hand and he anointed me with oil, and he told me that God has a plan for my life. People that I have things that is incorruptible people that I haven't had a things that cannot be stored from inheritance. One can take away inheritance and no one can deprive me off is that no one got excluded from me inheritance that can never never be lost and no one is going to change that. My friend, you might be going through your own private Gethsemane right now but I wanted to listen carefully like David, you could say back hereunder in my life I came to Jesus and surrender to him and I received them as the Savior of my life and the Lord of my life and he promised me eternal life and he promised me inheritance with him and he told me that he has a plan for my life and he promised me glory with him and he promised me to read and rule with him and therefore no matter what I'm going through right now. No matter how doggedly get no matter how difficult it might be, no matter how tough it may appear to be the boundaries have fallen for me in pleasant places.

You see we live so much by sight that I honestly can tell you that an unbeliever out there will have a very hard time distinguishing between the way a believer lives in an unbeliever lifts and wondering why we're not making an impact upon society.

The condition of our inheritance. The content of our inheritance. Finally, the culmination of our inheritance versus 7 to 11 David is saying in this life and guided by God, not by Oprah Winfrey is saying in this life I'm guarded by God, not by the home security administration in this life. I am glad and by God, not by my net worth or how much money I have with not only that David is saying that in the Trinity. I'm going to inherit the whole universe you have the prophecy in verse 10 of the Psalm 16 look at the prophecy. It is a prophecy that is been quoted in the New Testament by both Paul and Peter. And it is a prophecy that is fulfilled in the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ says you will not abandon me in the grave, nor will you let your holy one that's reference to Jesus. Only Jesus can be called the holy one of God, nor will you let your holy one see decay. All the prophets rotted in the gray all the founders of great provisions rotted in the grave. Jesus rose again the entire New Testament affirms that the reason our own resurrection is sure is because of Jesus's resurrection because of Jesus's resurrection.

I shall never die. And if you ever hear that Michael use of, and I don't believe them.

There lying to you live before because of Jesus's resurrection, I shall live with him forever because of Jesus's resurrection I should rule and reign in the universe with him because of Jesus's resurrection shall share in the inheritance of Jesus, how much is it measured in the millions Nozick measured in the billions now is it measured in the trillions. No known the million know it's measured in the billions of galaxies that my daddy owns no one to tell you something earth the whole earth is not even like a drop in all the oceans in comparison to my dad is inheritance.

Look at verse 11 in your presence there is fullness of joy.

And you're right at your right hand are pleasures for evermore.

Want to tell you this and I'm going to conclude in first century Rome, there was a custom for the father to take his son when he becomes of a legal age to the forum and then the father stands next to the sun on the platform.

There in the forum and the father would say to the citizens of the city. This is my son. He has now come of age. He inherits my name. He inherits my possessions, my proper day he inherits my social status, then he would take off the boys youthful Togo and then you would put on him Togo. But alas, the coat of a man and from the moment on, it becomes known throughout the city that all of the father is and has belongs to the sun not love, I want to tell you in the same way when you have surrendered your life to Jesus Christ. When you walk in righteousness with him.

God the father says all that is Jesus is yours, all the Jesus is is yours. All that Jesus has is yours.

All that Jesus inherits is your inheritance all the Jesus accomplishes your accomplishment.

All of Jesus's righteousness is your righteousness. All of Jesus is the thought of it as your authority belongs to Jesus belongs to you.

But more than that.

The day is coming when the Lord Jesus Christ is going to stand in the forum on the platform of the form of the universe and he will take off my human body and closely with a heavenly body and he will declare every created being that you are joined air weather, of all things, that is inheritance that is worth singing about. This is inheritance that is worth waiting for. This is inheritance that is worse than the do you have it.

Do you have that inheritance today. If you don't have it you can you can you can come to Jesus, receive him as a savior of your soul on the Lord of your life and you be assured of that inheritance because not because I said so, but because the word of God said so. Father is in the name of Jesus.

If we come to you overwhelmed, unable to even comprehend with our finite minds the incredible inheritance that we have in you father. There may be someone here who has never understood what it is to surrender to you and to be co-heir with Christ. May this day be the day in which everybody who is listening to my voice right now would make that commitment and receive that inheritance. Nothing the by-and-by, but right now, father, we thank you and I'm glad we get to spend eternity thanking you for giving us the on believable incomprehensible inheritance's name I pray. Thanks for listening to this message from Dr. Michael use that recently featured on leading the way. If you'd like to know more about us, please visit that LTW.Ward

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