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Psalms Of Deliverance (Part 3)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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October 18, 2019 1:00 am

Psalms Of Deliverance (Part 3)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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One thing about history and those of you who have studied history with testified to the fact there's one thing about history that seems to be able to repeat itself with such precision. One of the repeated events in history that you see throughout the Bible is that immediately prior to the judgment of God.

There seem to be convergent.

There seem to be corruption.

This seemed to be hostility toward God. But not only that, but that version because that's always has been, but the term immediately prior to a judgment of God that convergent corruption of hostility toward God seem to reach a fever pitch.

In fact, we find that this was the case immediately before the flood.

That was the case immediately before the judgment upon Bible.

This was a case immediately before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. This was the case immediately before the judgment of Pharaoh who despise God in the time of the Exodus and I can go on in history and I am wondering aloud could be couldn't be that we are living in a time that is immediately prior to the coming judgment. I know there are some who believe that the judgment has already begun. Certainly, if history is any indication that the stage has now been set for the coming judgment. Look around you at the perversion, corruption, hostility toward God.

Just look around. Today we have the violence and hatred toward God's son all across the globe. There is a rampant corruption and perversion, even among those who claim to be Christians.

We have homosexuals in the preprints we have abortionists on church boards.

We have sexual abusers of children among the clergy. We have greed and covetousness among the so-called prosperity preachers we have unbelief in the hearts of millions of those who fill the pews in churches across the world. Millions of people pack out churches during time of national crisis. But as soon as a crisis is over, they back to worst form of idolatry than before. Some institutional churches have become nothing but social clubs fraternity with a building with a cross on top of the gospel of Jesus Christ as the only way for salvation from the judgment that is to come has been replaced by the gospel of tolerance and by the gospel of political correctness. Even some of the elect day have all for entertainment instead of the preaching of the word of God.

Look around you and if history is an indication of what happens when perversion reaches a high crescendo than full-blown judgment is around the corner and that makes Psalm 14 to be a very relevant Psalm. Indeed, today, to us. Psalm 14 the fool says in his heart there is no God. They are corrupt the deeds are vile.

There is no one who does good the Lord looks down from heaven on the sons of men, to see if there is anyone who understand any who seek God. All have turned aside. They have together become corrupt. There is one will evildoers never mind those flower my people as men eat bread and who do not call on the Lord there overwhelmed with Brad for God is present in the company of the righteous.

You will evildoers frustrated the plan of the poor, but the Lord is the refuge all that salvation from sin would come from Zion. The Lord restores the performance of people led Jacob rejoice and Israel be glad father we pray in the name of Jesus that you would open our spiritual eyes that we will see the magnificent truths that can only be found in your Word and we pray that in the mighty name, a man David was inspired by the Holy Spirit of God to bring privilege to be able to peer into the very proceedings of the heavenly courts.

David was given this rare privilege that the honor to be able to get a glimpse into the inner sanctum of God's courts and there he tells us three things basically tells us in verses 1 to 3 of Psalm 14 about the court summons and then he tells us in verse four about the court's summation and then he tells us in verses five and six about the judge's sentence. First he tells us about the court summons knowledge. Imagine in your mind and your vivid imagination.

I wanted to imagine a court room and the judge is sitting on a high bench and there in the dark as a prisoner is humanity visual picture in your mind in order to understand what David is trying to tell us in Psalm 14 there the human race is sitting in the dock under the accusation being accused of total depravity, totally depraved. The height of the private. This is a Scripture is the denial that there is no God. I want you to listen carefully to I'm going to tell you my deepest desire is that that there is no God. And then desire in man's heart is so strong it's so powerful that it turns into a religion. The fool says in his heart there is no God. Now you cannot understand who is the fool here without understanding who is God damn it does not use the name Yahweh or Jehovah here in this verse one of Psalm 14, but he uses another name for God LPL is that what's so important about that's very important because the name Jehovah always communicates a different character of God and the name L there are people who would like to stick to one of God's character and deny the rest of the character of God. They like to concentrate on the love of God and that like to ignore the justice of God will rather focus on the mercy of God and ignore the judgment of God.

But you see all God's character they have to go together. You cannot separate them. Jehovah in the Old Testament communicates that, and I'm thanking God. The word Jehovah communicates that the God who is our provider.

Jehovah communicates of God, the giver communicates of Jehovah God our sustainer. Jehovah speaks of God's generosity. Jehovah speaks of God's graciousness, but on the other hand, represents the God who revealed himself in the Bible, the God of moral absolutes, the God of moral standards. The God who demands something out of us now put it in this light in this deliberate choice of the word L by the Holy Spirit who inspired David for God. Now you understand the description of a fool. Listen carefully. A fool therefore includes the atheists.

But not only the atheists a fool here includes the agnostics but not only diagnostics a fool here includes being different. The word here includes everyone who worships a God of their own image.

Everyone who wants a God who does not change them. Everyone who wants a God who does not challenge them. Everyone wants a God who does not demand righteousness out of them.

Everyone who wants a God who does not demand anything out of them. Everyone who wants a God who does not judge the morality everyone wants a God who does not condemn the corruption. Everyone wants a God who does not demand their exclusive allegiance and loyalty to him. They include everyone who wants a God who does not demand to be accepted as the only truth. All of this comes under the rubric of a fool enough fools come in all shapes and sizes heard about the little boy who has atheist parents and he could see the foolishness of the lifestyle and one day get frustrated when he became a teenager he looked at his parents. He said, why do we fight against God so much. When we don't believe in him. I can tell you that young man is not a fool somebody said it is better to remain silent and be thought of a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubts, I think, understand that I heard about this foolish couple who had been a few bucks and they thought they are now can join the ranks of the social climbers and they began to hang out with the upper crust. You know what I mean by the upper crust upper crust is where the crowns hang out together this couple, the social climbers who want to go to all these functions with the upper crust of governmental party and there somebody was talking about Mozart and this person was talking about how brilliant Mozart was one of Avera genius arranger and went on and on and on and then the wife jumped in the middle of this conversation and she said Mozart Mozart Elm Ozark Mozart, only the other morning us ongoing on bus number five going to Coney Island with her husband was totally embarrassed me and he just had to hide his face.

He should get the code let's get out of here in the ground.

He was absolutely furious. He kept muttering and muttering in the car and finally she said and she said, are you mad with me. He said my piece and I can show my face among these people again you embarrassed comedian, and he just subsisted.

I he said everyone in the world knows that bus number five doesn't go to Coney Island.

The fool said in his heart there is no God electric translation of this would be the following. Listen carefully. The fool is the one who denies the God of the Bible.

The fool is the one who denies the God who has revealed himself in his word.

A full is the one who refuses to accept God's injunction. A fool is the one who rejects God's Messiah. A fool is the one who refuses to submit to God's moral absolute full is the one who denies that the only God is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ of fool is the one who denies that Jesus is the only way to the father and the only way to salvation.

That's the definition of a fool. I know you tell your kids not to use the word but since the Bible used it. You need to teach them the real meaning of the word. Because really, the word fool that she was here, the Hebrew word the ball does not mean stupid really does not mean that at all. It does not denote intellectual weakness and I want to tell you in all truthfulness. Nobody has ever accused unbelievers of being dumb or stupid, but the word Mirabal in Hebrew means moral perversion as what it means. Many of those who don't believe in God and reject the authority of God rejected the Messiah of God and people that are intellectually brilliant.

They are thinking people.

But when it comes to all the all important truths.

They are foolish. Something else I wanted to notice here in this particular verse before I move on all earthly courts would pronounce judgment and deal with a person who's been accused of an action, something that person did something that person said something that person has committed only the heavenly court is able to judge a person based on his thoughts and that is why no one but no one but no one is going to make it to heaven other than by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Look at verse 24 by nature. No one seeks after God is a God looks from heaven and he can find anyone by nature seeking after him. Not a single human being on the face of the universe. If you are seeking after God right now is because God is been seeking after you and you only responding to him so he sent here by nature. No one seeks after God.

So I would come to this stage in the court case where the accusation sticks where the summons have been vindicated where the witness are impeccable where the evidences are overwhelming. Those who have depraved minds because they want to have depraved mind, and Paul answers this question both in Romans chapter 1 and chapter 3 he said that the evidence of God's presence everywhere in creation, but the man and his depravity has refused to see God, let alone obey God and worship God. And so you see the heavenly summons. Secondly, I wanted to see in verse four, the heavenly summation. I wanted to miss this because I think even when we talk about the justice of God and the judgment of God.

It is not arbitrary. It is not capricious and I don't want you to miss it. Here in verse four of Psalm 14 you cannot miss in this verse how the judge is grieving. You cannot miss how the judge is sorrowful, you cannot miss how the judge has a broken heart, all workers of iniquity.

No knowledge the word for iniquity here is the same word that is used in the Old Testament, to denote Israel's perversion. What was Israel perversion with you something. The one thing that got off about Israel is that they draw on the seventh to bow to Yahweh and for the rest of the week that were bowing to bail. That's Israel's perversion that CI developed relative to human right here on this one God summation against institutional church today is abundantly clear. God is exercised at the fact that so many churches that carry his son's name also practice new age spirituality.

God is exercised, as so many churches that have Bibles in the pews. They have Confucius philosophy tracts in those same pew so many churches that name the name of Jesus. Also name the name of other religion.

So many churchgoers believe that all religions are equally true. So many churchgoers about Jesus on Sunday and then there about the money for the rest of the week so many churchgoers say that Jesus is a way a truth and a lie in the summation of the heavenly court is now given. It is given and it sets the stage for the coming judgment there. Finally you see the judge pronouncing the sentence. Verse five what is a sentence here is what he said. Fear and dread is going to be the life's companion.

That's a sentence.

Fear and dread is going to be the life's companion.

Why, because no one can save themselves because no one will be able to have an excuse because no one can placate themselves from God's judgment because no one can stand in his or her own defense because there is no one who can stand in another person's defense. Therefore, the verdict in the sentencing is alive of restlessness alive of fear and eternal life of torment.

That's a sentence. No wonder we trying to find a pill for every sickness, no wonder where trying to find a solution to every problem.

No wonder where trying to do an escape hatch and every challenge. No wonder we are trying to create a diversion to every stress. No wonder we are trying to run away from life demand because man is under a sentence of restlessness, a sentence of fear sentence of dread and a sentence of eternity in turmoil had the Psalm finished on verse six would've been the most depressing song in the most depressing passage in the entire Bible. But thank God it does not end on verse six. If you focused with me on all that I just said and you miss what I'm going to tell you about verse seven, you missed the whole thing. In fact, to be thoroughly confused because this is like the first six verses is like a house that has no roof on it is like the first act of a play. You must understand verse seven, because verse seven has the good news. This is very dramatic moment. Here again the scene is the court and the judge already have pronounced the verdict and he made a sentence in the courts of heaven have adjourned. The verdict was in.

And after the accused have been escorted out of the court then all of a sudden the judge reconvenes.

The court again.

All of a sudden verse seven we see the court reconvenes.

All of a sudden we see new evidence coming into line all of a sudden new wonderful truths have been injected into the trial all of a sudden knew all for the sentence have been found. Listen to the verse all the salvation of God would come out of Zion.

What's going on here what's going on. The judge has suspended the sentence for. Why the judge wanted to see if anyone would avail themselves of that wonderful new opportunity. The judge will give people everywhere the opportunity to be delivered from this sentence to be delivered from this eternal sentence, the judge has now ordered a stay of execution, the judge will way until he can see if anyone would accept the part of me that is offered by him, my beloved friend I wanted to tell you on the day of judgment. Political correctness will not deliver you acceptance of other religions is equally true that caused you to compromise your faith will not help you indifference under the guise of ignorance will not defend you excuses such as what will happen to those who have never heard that will not wash denominational loyalty will not speak for you.

Bruno Krishna Mohammed on the rest of them will be in the same boat as everybody else. There is only one who can speak for you, and his name is Jesus.

There is only one who can defend you.

And his name is Jesus is only one who can pronouncing guiltless in his name is Jesus, and he has already said there is no condemnation upon those who are in Christ Jesus. Now if you never ran to him. If you have never cried to him for cover from the judgment to come. You can do that today. That's what verse seven is all about who came from Zion but the virgin born son of David, God's anointed Messiah for who and who am alone there will be salvation for the coming judgment creates a dread in your life every time the thought of the coming judgment causes you discomfort in your heart, chances are you have not submitted to the only one who can save you on the day of judgment. You can do that today. You can submit to him today. You can environment your life today you can accept his seeking off to you today, for those of us who love the Lord Jesus. Those of us of surrender to him. Those of us who adore him. His return is not a day of dread for us. It is a great day of rejoicing. The return of the Lord Jesus Christ is not a day that scares us and frightens us. That's a day of jubilation.

We can't wait till he comes back that day on the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is going to be a day of celebration for all of put their trust in Jesus, I'm finding myself lately been crying. Come, Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus.

Looking forward to the day, not dreading it because those who are in Christ Jesus have passed from judgment into life and so can you. And you can do it today if anyone would say I have sought after God for so long and I can find peace is because you have not responded to his seeking today. You can surrender and stop running and you can say to him, Lord Jesus come into my life.

I repent of my sins, I receive you as a savior of my soul and the Lord of my life fill me with the joy unspeakable. Deliver me from that fear and dread. Let me be assured from your word that indeed time of return is a time of rejoicing in your name I pray. Jesus.


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