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Winners Know How to Obey

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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May 1, 2019 3:00 am

Winners Know How to Obey

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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This is a message from leading the way with Dr. Michael. You sat we pray that it will encourage you in your walk of faith. If you would like to learn more about Dr. you Seth for leading the way, please visit LW.secular bookstores are bulging with motivational books books about winners and winning most of his books find the psychology of winning the psychology of winners. What makes winners how you can be a winner. Now most of us talk about winning of courses has to do with reaching the height of your corporate letter or reaching the height of your profession or making vast amounts of money. None of these of course are bad or wrong in themselves. As long as they use for the glory of God and helping others.

However, the Bible gives us a portrait of a winner, a different kind of winner God's type of winner he gives us a portrait in the life of Joseph.

I personally doubt whether Joseph would have made one of these motivational books I tell you why.

Probably because he was not aggressive enough probably was not forceful enough because he was not a go-getter in the terms that we understand them today.

Perhaps he was not ambitious enough and not see that he will follow his goals stepping on as many toes as he can to achieve his goals and to fulfill his dream.

Probably because things happen to him and he reacted to them instead or didn't rack them forcefully, but as far as heaven was concerned Joseph was a winner. God's type of a winner from his life. We will learn the character of God's winners from his life were going to learn what motivates God's winners from his lawful going to learn how God's winners can break the chain of ancestral and generational sin and soar like an eagle, the Joseph become a winner because he instantly found everything going in his favor.

Not really that you become a winner because so there was an instant gratification as he was running in the wind behind his back downhill without really the Joseph become a winner because life was fair to him all the time. The opposite was true. The Joseph become a winner because he immediately was rewarded for his faithfulness to God. Not one bit at the age of 17 he was tossed in a dry pit by jealous and envious brothers that he was sold into slavery, and there the slaves took him unfolding into another slavery in Egypt and they are in Egypt was not immediately honored as a servant in a Hebrew slave.

He ended up in an Egyptian dungeon not tell you something I know of an Egyptian dungeon look like and is not very pleasant dreams. One, but I know it looks like but ultimately as he winked being faithful to God because he is God's winner. He went from the pit to the prison into the Prime Minister's mansion. You see, God does not save his winners from trouble his shoulder and save his winners out of trouble as much as he saved his winners in trouble he did with Daniel. He did it was Shadrach me shack and Abednego, and he did it with all his faithful servant and therefore I want to tell you that in the times when you see your dreams of being shattered with reality when you see your dreams are being thrown into the pit of despair. In times when God's vision for you seem to be locked up in the dungeon of Egypt. It doesn't mean that God has forgotten you, it doesn't mean that God has forsaken you it doesn't mean that God has been to busy to think of you know, it doesn't mean that all I want to tell you that when your marriage vows are broken and when your children break your heart and when your business turn into a nightmare.

And then when your health turned sour when your ambitions seem to get through no fault of your own. When you are being betrayed by friends and loved ones when people lie about you and accuse you falsely when you feel that everybody is pulling on you remember Joseph and Joseph's case, during those tough times, he learned what God was doing and from his life. You and I learn what God is doing what is he doing in your life when you going through the tough times. I'll tell you what he was doing was Joseph Dalton was merely refining his dream. God was merely melting away all the human ambitions all the human intervention. All human pride is melting them away all that God was doing for Joseph.

He was redesigning his dream he was building his broken vision.

What God was doing and Joseph's life was he indeed be doing all of our lives is that he is making the dream for his purpose for you. Our dreams are always around God's purpose. Most times the square and got has to squash your dream in order defendant and his purpose and I know that's painful what God is doing his pouring his grace in the blessing of his present turn with me if you please to Genesis 37 beginning at verse one, but I want to tell you as you turning flipping your Bible to chapter 37 that the preceding chapter from 29 to 35 is what you find there is a family album you know when you get your family album and you look at the nice pictures in them, and then somehow somebody sneaked a picture that you really don't want to remember this. It knows this or not. I don't asked me about that well is this what you don't want anyone to know this. Does that family album here, and Joseph's father's family. It was like that. There were lots of skeletons, but there were not in the closets.

They were out in the open for you and me to say thank God for that.

In fact Jacobs family, in my judgment with use of one of those cheap soap operas. It really would mean when you think about it.

He has two wives to concubines children stepchildren sibling stepsiblings. I mean not far far far far far far from the Waltons, not even the Brady Bunch. In fact, between Genesis 29 and Genesis 35 you are struck.

If you have any sensitivity as you read those pages with conflict and selfishness and hatred and revenge on blast and rape and incest and deceit and even mass murder.

But I wanted to remember this. Listen carefully. Please. When Jacob and his children have lived at that time there was not a revelation, except when God personally appeared to Abraham and then dries up and then for him. Jacob change his name to Israel. Back then they did not have 2000 years of Christianity. Back then they did not have the 10 Commandments but Glenda did not have what we have today but I'm going to tell you this is a sound of warning because I believe this with all my heart that as our society gets away from the word of God gets away from the revelation of God gets away from the precepts of God gets away from what God tells us is ideal for society as is ideal for family as we got to get back to that mess of 2000 BC to the detriment of our civilization. I got to tell you upfront look at my face and you know that I'm not a sunburnt suite, but but what made the Western civilization to be the Western civilization is the gospel of Jesus Christ. You take that away and Nubia BB as barbarians, as the next guy's and I believe that with every ounce of my being what Joseph had to face was more than just his brothers jealousy. He had to face his father's favoritism.

Some of young people say what's wrong with that. It's a good view of his. His dad's favorite. He probably gives her more money. Let's affect the Carlton family got all these good thing but I want to tell you that that was not the greatest thing the Jacob ever done. We parents unwittingly show favoritism to one about more of our children, to the detriment not only of all of our children but especially the favored one, specially the favored one. Joseph was the firstborn of Rachel.

That is the favorite wife. He loved her dearly at the work, his family for 14 years did not. Rachel, I mean you can tell that this guy loved Rachel Leah and all the others were just fillers in Rachel was one and Joseph is the firstborn of Rachel and he loved him dearly. Benjamin was born.

Later on, but in his birth Rachel by so it was Joseph who given the strong aroma of the memory of Rachel after she died. He was very special and very chapter 37 of the book of Genesis opens when Jacob is about hundred and eight years old so you figure out is not 39 more years to go and he was settling in the area were his father Isaac lived in the area of him wrong. About 35 miles south of Jerusalem. At that time Joseph was 17 years of age.

Joseph developed a reputation of being that is boy verse two being loyal to his father Joseph snitched.

That's basically what he did. He snitched on his brothers that were rocking and he wanted to let his dad know that his boys a rocking and I did not endear himself to his brothers and endear him to his dad but not his brothers. Now, to add insult to injury versus three and four. Jacob made no bones about the fact that Joseph is his favorite. He loved Joseph more than he loved the others. Jacob gave Joseph his favorite son, verse three and ornamented rope.

This was not just a colored robe doesn't mean that they wanted means it means it is up broke the Prince would wear.

Not every family had one of those is a regal rope flowing robe that the wind held at the wrists and the ankle and Joseph wore it with pride. Everywhere he went just like a high school senior who puts on his slick leather jacket and 100 temperature want to show it off. You know, Joseph was wearing it all the time, but this robe was more than that, it's more than favoritism in the Middle East.

When you have so many sons but you give one this particular robe.

Here's what you're saying to your family, your saying to your family. This is the heir apparent. This is the one who's going to inherit my estate and here's the one who's going to make the decisions on who gets what and how much I understand the bitterness that was building and his brothers hearts as they saw the rope was handed to Joseph.

Jacob was not favoring Joseph only because he reminded him of Rachel, but I think Jacob was doing something that many parents mistakingly do listen carefully what we want to do is give our children what we've never had right. That's a mistake. That's a mistake. Jacob was giving Joseph what he never had for his dad and that is love and attention. You see Jacob have an older brother was only a few minutes, but he was older, his name is he so Isaac Jacobs father loved initial more than Jacob. It was clear Esau Jacob's older brother was a rugged individualist and outdoorsman type you sort drove a truck and a shotgun in the back of you know he chewed tobacco and sang country music and his dad loved that. Where was Jacob. He was in Rachel's kitchen is mama's boy and he resented it and he was repeating his father soon what Jacob was doing was Joseph was a generational sin being transmitted before all of this happened for all the green Jacob has set him up as the object of his love is the object of his favoritism, and consequently was the object of his brothers hatred please him right generational sin have the habit of repeating themselves with such preciseness.

It's almost scary. If you suffer like I have hours the rock of the family young arete and I know how Joseph felt except I've been having dreams until I left home but I want to tell you with all seriousness that I believe with all my heart that Z generational cycle of sin can and will be broken by the part of the Holy Spirit of God. I have seen and I have experienced on. I believe that with all my heart. If you come under the part of the Holy Spirit of God in us as father.

Please shop the chain he will know these brothers watched the dead is favoritism toward Joseph and there were bitter because versus five all the way to live. When Joseph was recounting his dreams. What that was, is really the straw that broke the camels back because there were seething with hate to begin with, you know what a mental hate ledger is a mental hate ledger is much stronger than journaling off notetaking or diary or anything that you record down is much more powerful is much more potent. Some of you can identify with this. I would doubt it if not all of you can identify with this your brain. There is a little computer chip. What is happening in the little computer chip is storing and building up a hate ledger toward somebody so every time your husband or your wife or your brother or sister or whoever our daughter, son, whenever they need something to irritate you stored in that hate ledger is going to know such preciseness is unbelievable. And then you blow up that laser printer moves fast and furious to be through one of those. Have you consent to such date in such a sense place you said that you did consent to such date of such a Southwest use you and you know what is such preciseness such details.

You don't even think you are capable of keeping that's what was happening with those boys so when they saw the brother had to kill the retreat of hatred built up that hate ledger got to such a degree that they had to do something they said to him on such a such day you snitched and told daddy about what we did consent to such day. Father has given you the royal robe and we had to wear this stinking clothes on such a such a day daddy gave you the best of the camels and we got the sick one on such a such day.

You are the spokesman for the family. We have to go to the barn. You know, you don't have to be a genius to be able to interpret the two dreams don't have to be a rocket scientist. You don't have to be that spiritual so much so that the sentiment verse eight is a do you intend to rule over us to reign over us, that dream basically ruffled the feathers, who does this kid think he's this miserable, arrogant, pompous fool the skin the sun and the moon. That's his parents. 11 stars that's his brother's what you mean we going about even Jacob in verse 10, when Jacob, his father heard this, he rebuked them as well. Your mother and I your brothers actually gone bow down to the ground before you portal Joseph. He was enthusiastic. He was sincere and we are so nave is got a few things to learn in life but you know what I don't care how old you are and I want to share something with you that I learned the hard way when God gives you a dream. When God gives you a vision.

It is best Between you and the Lord's people will never understand it, especially if it's God's revelation. If it is God's word. If it's God's dream. I read the story of how Abraham Lincoln when he was a boy he has to go on for three days just to save enough money to buy secondhand book and talk of the life of Washington the lady for whom you work. Mrs. Crawford asked him after he read the book. Is it what you want to be so will I don't intend to spend all my live delved Robin Chuck on what you want to be.

He said I want to be president, and she last she said yeah you make a pretty president with all your tricks and jokes, and the court, but Abraham young Abraham the age of 10, said the following. He said I will study and get ready when the chance come." And he did and after a great deal of failure. A great deal of pain. He fulfilled the dream, the most important thing that I think I can leave with you today is this, I would look at this portrait of God's winner versus 12 to 18 that all of God's winners have something in common between them.

What is that is that they all got the extra mile. They all give hundred and 10%.

They all winter. Those winners are all buyers. They know how to obey inwardly and outwardly Jacob's office to send the boys to Shechem. That is 60 miles away from Hebron, where they live. 60 60 miles probably and I'm speculating here Jacob thought well if I send them so far away some old-fashioned hard work. My help cool off the jealousy and the bitterness toward the brother maybe fasten them so far away that do have some fondness a Hartsell growth fund of the brother, but in this case. Nothing was cooling off the fire of jealousy. Nothing was cooling off the font of bitterness. Nothing was cooling off the filed of envy. After a while, when Jacob hasn't heard from the boys.

He said Joseph go over and see the boy's bring the word I want to see what happened to in those days you don't go just by yourself in your camp you had to carry some coolers with you one of Ice-T and Coca-Cola hotdogs and hamburgers and things and dates has to carry all that stuff on and then carry it to his brothers. He was not going to hand it after he got all the way 60 miles to Shechem. He couldn't find them there. But before I get to this. I wanted to notice verse seven look look look at his attitude. The attitude of absolute obedience. It is incredible. He could have said, I justifiably so figures that follow. The road is dangerous. You know that I shouldn't travel alone progressive father. You know how these brothers of mine hate me and you know they might do harm to me you would be justified another excuse and is safe. Father, the wild beasts on the road and you know that. But Joseph said nothing of the sort, because God's winners base absolute play.

Not only that he gets to Shechem. Verse 17 and he finds her. They moved well, I mean we always looking for an out all right. Always looking for an outer especially doing something that really not all that exciting. And Joseph had his out all right here. He could've turned around and gone back home as a father I went exactly that. You told me I went to Shechem and the one thing Joseph could've satisfied himself by saying look I have done what you asked me. I fulfilled my mission. I went to Shechem and the one thing he could've convince his father that although somebody speculated and said they may have gone to dolphin but I have really no evidence that you were there with the dolphin and will be justified because of said all of this accursed that I've exhausted myself going over there.

I want to keep some energy reserves some energy to get back. I don't want to keep going.

But Joseph took the risk of continuing on to look for his brothers because when he has to obey his father. He has to obey him to the end. Father said that he go just to Shechem and come back as a gone find your brothers so Joseph loves all the provision and who continues. 12 more miles of dust in the dirt and the danger of the road, the finest products.

I wonder how many of us really perform our jobs as if it is unto the Lord, and not unto your boss unto the Lord. So Paul said I wonder how many of us perform our jobs beyond the job description, have the job description, man. I'm not supposed to touch this. I wonder how many of us go beyond what is expected of us beyond the call of duty.

The 2nd mile. What about your obedience to the Lord is at complete is it holy. Is it inside as well as outside. Is it inward, as well as outward, what about it, deal by the Lord wholeheartedly or partially as a teacher kept telling the boy in the back of her classroom. Sitdown sitdown sitdown and finally she walked to the end of the classroom and she plopped down his seat and the boy with fury said to her, I may be sitting down on the outside but I'm standing up on inside. How many of us, this represents our walk with God is your obedience outward obedience or inward obedience. When nobody's looking, nobody seeing you when you're alone with God is your obedience complete was a partial.

Some Christians go around Saddam obedient him obedient in the gridding that they thought hard and locking the door, God's winners obey joyfully the Joseph obedience give him $1 million immediately.

No did it put them in the castle immediately. No government to the past. You would think that when he found his brothers, they can be so glad to see him but that was not the case, God's winners ultimately win even if they might not look like winners. But spray is examine your heart between you and the Lord in a moment we are directly talking to the Lord. Ask yourself the question on my obedient is the reason so many failures in my life is because I'm so stubborn disobedient to the Lord is the reason that I live in such emotional pain and anguish is because I am not obeying to the end. If you are a faithful person and you going through a tough time. I wanted to tell yourself God's winners will always win that when you going through the tough time. It's only God's way of redesigning your dream. So bring on the other side, according to his purpose. Father God, I thank you that we have read the last chapter of the book of the books as we win. Thank you father that the Lord Jesus Christ has won the battle for us and is only an ignorance that we see defeat because even in defeat.

He won the victory.

Father I pray that you will convict us of partial obedience that your strength in this to continue to be faithful, regardless of the circumstances

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