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The Day the Lord Sobbed

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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April 12, 2019 3:00 am

The Day the Lord Sobbed

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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This is leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent it has been said, somebody was the beginning of the week that has changed the world and absolutely it did for when Jesus entered into Jerusalem entered is the conquering King.

That is a prophecy of his raining and ruling is the King of Kings and the Lord of lords, which soon will take place.

So celebrate and rejoice that our Lord Jesus is King this weekend month Palm Sunday and the commencement of holy week. All around the world. Many churches focus on the triumphal entry into Jerusalem and often overlook that as Jesus Christ and the hell with the entire city of Jerusalem, coming into view. He sobbed over their spiritual condition. Today Dr. Michael you set takes you to that moment of weeping.

It's a message is called the day the Lord sobbed. We think this moment brings to life the reality of today as well listen with me people for a variety of reasons.

Some people Metro weep over the loss of others weep out of self-pity. The other still who we wonder, suffer the consequences of their own sin or the sin of others that impacts them some spiritually sensitive people. We not only over our own sin, but also the sin of the nation, not to be sure there are some people who cannot shed tears them out weep inwardly, but they cannot weep with tears. In fact, there's a difference between weeping and tears are not necessarily one in the same and factor in the physical realm that is a condition people get diagnosed with a rare disease called the Sjogren's syndrome, and in those folks who have this particular disease that they cannot produce tears that antibodies attack their own tear glands in the dry up there, tears now convinced that there is a spiritual condition that is very similar to that physical condition that is a spiritual condition in the spiritual realm. The tears not the issue, but grieving is tears not the issue, but weeping is and the inability to grieve over sin is a modern disease for the modern church that affect many professing Christians being filled with godly sorrow is such an alien concept to the modern day church being painted over the tragedy of sin is now un-unknown quality in today's church. The Bible says our Lord Jesus Christ.

On the day of his coronation. He looked upon the city of Jerusalem and he solved the word sobbed is the closest to going to get in the English because it is not the same way.

He quietly wept at Lazarus to he was sobbing over the city of Jerusalem.

There he solved and he said had you know the times had you understood the times his tender compassion over the horrors of their sin is going to bring such disaster upon the city's grief over their soft righteous pride caused him to sob his sorrow over the blind religious zeal caused him to sob his pain over their rejection of him as the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth caused him to sob and you would think that of all days, of all days.

A day when everybody was celebrating everybody was having a good time and but there were so blue shifts to what's around the corner to what's coming and so Lord sobbed and sobbed because when you what's around the corner. He sobbed because he knew that their blindness the spiritual blindness to the truth what's going to produce. He knew that blindness to the truth would make them handed them over to the Romans to be crucified in you that there sin of rejecting him would bring about a horrific judgment of horrific consequences in Europe that they're all sins can be forgiven by God the father except one sin and that is the rejection of Jesus Christ as the only way to heaven and you and so he solves his sobs at the spiritual blindness he solves over the disastrous future. I wonder I wonder if he's not sobbing, even now over churches that have rejected him as the only way to heaven as the only way to the father if he is not sobbing over preachers who have ceased to believe that God's word is that infallible inspired word of God over dead religions and elevating that above righteousness over professing Christians who know him, not as the Lord of all of their life over those who follow him only for what they can get out of him over those who have outlawed his name out of public life over those who use the name of Jesus as a swearword over our nation, who once honored him.

Now they revile him over churches who are embarrassed about the truth of Jesus, so he solved Jesus sobbed was a real cause for solving a residual cause for sobbing was over there stubborn ignorance over the inability to discern the times of God's visitation over their ability to discern the times in which they live over their inability and their refusal to recognize the urgency of the time in which they live over their inability to see the danger that their attitude is leading them to was over the blindness regarding what was going on. Again, I wonder if were not living in one of those times in which we to this generation in which we live, there are too many people who are living in fools paradise bedding their head in the sand think everything will be all right where America after all oblivious to the signs of the times had the people of Jerusalem understood, though not first Palm Sunday who Jesus is, what he can to bring had they received them as their only Messiah, Savior and low heart. What I have been delivered internally but they could've been delivered physically to that would have experienced peace in the midst of the coming disaster, they would've experienced true and lasting joy and not just this temporary celebration of getting caught in the spirit of the moment and I believe my beloved friends. I believe there is a word from the word of God for every one of us today for living in this generation. At this time.

Had you understood the times in which we live. Had you understood how many times when you say something, and opportunities that come your way and you did not take advantage of did not know, and then utilize it all. If I only knew if I only knew that the Lord is saying. Had you known ahead of time that you understood that he is the only one who blessed us as people had you understood that he is the one who gave us all of our victories had you understood that he is the one we would not be having for an economic meltdown. She would talk about the economy, we miss the point. He's the one who made us to be a strong economy. Now in one of the greatest debtor nation's because we pulled away from. We put our faith in the blessings, the cause of the blessing, beloved limitary or something.

If there is a desperate need today. It is for God's people to discern the urgency of the time in which we live. The crowd on that first Palm Sunday there were caught up in the spirit of the moment is so easy to get caught up in the spirit of the moment, but it takes a discerning person to realize and not get caught in the spirit of the moment. They have totally failed to see the urgency of the time in which they were living but I want to tell you something I one of those people whose very very slow in condemning them.

I really because it is happening today before our own eyes. Think of the millions of people today who are caught up in the spirit of the moment will pay no attention to the coming judgment on talk about churchgoing folks a lot of progress on the October churchgoing folks. There are some who go to church because it's a weekly tradition. Others go to church because that's a sort of a monthly fix. There are some who go for their annual checkup Christmas in East some go to church to be entertained. Others go to church is a free motivational speech. Others go to church out of guilt. Others go to church out of the social reasons and all caught up in the spirit of the moment like the crab on the first Palm Sunday again. I often wondered those few people who saw him sobbing when everybody celebrating his sobbing, I want with them through their mind whole Lord Jesus why you are doing the summit. Why is Jesus such a killjoy. Why doesn't he just get in the spirit of this happy hour is he just celebrate you know what what what what was he just enjoy the party what is enjoy the Celebrex. What is the just go with the flow. Why does he always have to be concerned about the future, why doesn't he just preach a feel-good message. Why doesn't he just liked up about eternity in sin and judgment and all that stuff all the could've had a lot following, but with cause Jesus to solve was a people miss the opportunity missed the opportunity to be eternally saved opportunity that God gave them to see God in human flesh, living among them, and you missed it. How many times even individual on an individual level. People miss the opportunity others that I want to be in the will of God.

I want to be in the will of God. I want to buy the word of God and then go see the cost of discipleship and they backtrack charges begin New Zealand vision, but soon they found it a lot easier to compromise than to stand up for the truth and they lose everything. I think there can be no doubt in any thoughtful person's mind that we stand at a crossroads, not just about America. October globally.

You cannot look at the global picture without recognizing that we are standing at a crossroads is a matter of fact, if the Lord Jesus does not come back soon, the next generation.

You look back at our time in which we live today in the gonna say that generation live in one of those moments in the cost of history live in a crossroads in every way will we wake up in time before it's too late. Over keep on being blinded in folding as we head to the slaughterhouse. We need always to remember that the public is always fickle public is always think the crowd is always wrong. Many people operate the lives based on public opinions. What do people think. What do people do have a live and all that stuff and I want to follow the crowd.

Somebody said if you live by the public opinion Paul, you will die by the public opinion poll public opinions and the public may be with you one day there gets to the next. They may applaud you one day but that will dump you tomorrow. There may love you today, but they will hate you tomorrow. They might say hosanna one day and then a few days later there was a crucify him public opinion will cry only one day and then they will crucify you the next public opinion might praise you one day and despise you the next. That's why the only one you should be concerned to please is the Lord Jesus Christ and him alone and so although Jesus knew all of that and that is why he was not affected by the crowds celebration of the moment.

He allowed them to: King for the first time, but it was not affected by instead he saw in the midst of the festivities. Jesus knew that when he does not meet their false expectations of him. They gonna turn on him. He knew that Jesus knew that when he did not accommodate the best selfish desires big in the rejected Jesus knew that when he did not give them what they wanted that hosanna is gonna turn into crucify him. Jesus knew that when he failed to fulfill the desires of the flesh, though this on and so he solved solved in 1917, while the Bolshevik revolution was raging on the streets of Moscow.

Blood was flowing in the streets during that same time the annual Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church was meeting was convening these bishops have traveled from all over Russia for the annual Senate. Now there were no praying that were not studying the Scripture. There were not looking for wisdom of how to deal with the situation.

There were debating the colors of the priestly vestments listen to me how many people today are debating the superficial and the superfluous and then missing out on the urgent. How many people today are focusing on entertainment and amusement, and they not sensing the signs of danger that surrounds us and is all around us.

I believe there's a word from Jesus for us directly to this generation to ask this day. Had you understood the time. Had you understood the times in which you live, you would never miss a prayer meeting. Had you understood the times you would've been urgent in leading people to Christ. Had you understood the time you would not have wasted your time on penny jealousies. Had you understood the times you would not have exerted all of your energy and all of your time on bitterness and anger and all that's left you understood the time you would not have wasted your breath on the rituals and then the traditions had you understood the time you would have majored on the majors and minors on the minds had you understood that the reason Jesus sobbed is because he knew the gravity of the situation in his omniscience, he saw the coming judgment and his omnipotence.

He recognize the catastrophe resulting from their rejection of him is the only way to the father is the only way to heaven as their only expected them long for my sire.

And sure enough, but 37 years later she got this patient. God is very patient but as Paul said don't misinterpret his patients and think that means he doesn't care that his patience is his way of saying I love you. I'm persevering with you.

I'm calling you I'm speaking to you through friends through neighbors, through preachers who books I'm patient with you and Jesus was patient revamp and gave them more and more opportunities as the disciples began to grow in number and the began to preach the gospel throughout Judea and throughout Samaria and then throughout the ends of the earth, but then on 70 about 70 A.D. everything Jesus prophesied here took place enough to stones were on top of each other we not talking about little bitty stones. These are huge stones in Jerusalem. The Romans came praise the city center was sorrowing.

The heart recently been studying second Thessalonians, which we saw how the apostle Paul said at the end of history.

The restraint of the Holy Spirit's power begins to move away not from the believer's life always will be in the believers but his power of protection that protected us as a nation is people's power of restraint of evil. His power of conviction begin to withdraw and when that happens, the spirit of lawlessness will come in and take its place, beloved, there is no neutral ground you either have the spirit of God in you, or you have an evil spirit in you and I pray to God, not a single person here today are watching live around the world who would not say Holy Spirit of God, come dwell in me. If he's not already in you. No neutral ground in the many discerning people who are watching today and seeing how, surely, but slowly but surely the spirit of lawlessness is on the increase in government and schools in homes and churches the spirit of lawlessness is gripping our nation the spirit of lawlessness is gripping the world.

Had you understood the time. Father do not permit a single person to harden behind at this gracious invitation of Jesus. For I pray this in his name Jesus. The matchless name the name that is above every name was at the name of Jesus. Soon, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, for the glory of God the father and the Holy Spirit to them pointed words from Dr. Michael UNICEF on today's leading did you know that you can connect with Dr. you sent in leading the way with your mobile devices just by getting them leading the way art is a great way to watch or to listen to experience what's happening all around the world and a deeper level. So get yours today. Here's the link many people all around the world have connected to Jesus through the ministry of leading the way she one of those stories with you because it's through your prayers and your support that these connections are possible and then in Sudan came to know Christ and began facing persecution due to quitting Muslim prayers and attempting to share Jesus with his family. He experience loneliness due to not having local church access, but deleting the way and other meeting ministries.

He is getting taught more about living his fate and our follow-up team is also working with him personally is encouraging report. God is using the media and follow-up staff are leading the way to encourage and grow people in their faith journey and we encourage you to learn more about what's happening in all areas of the world and to partner with Dr. you sent in prayer and financially. Here's how. Give us a call. We at 866-626-4356 that 866-626-4356 and online where it that unless we close out today take a quick listen to what you'll hear next time right here on leading the way this for statement from the cross is the very core of our redemption.

This is probably the most important message in this series of messages I've been preaching on the seven statements from the crotch because it is a very poor it's a very essence of the Christian faith. To miss this, you miss everything on SSI Casper today doing effort to join us again.

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But Jesus Christ rose from the this timely message is available on DVD for your gift of any amount explore Dr. Yousef's teachings were so or shared with friends and family.

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