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The Third Jihad (Part B)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 29, 2019 2:00 am

The Third Jihad (Part B)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Welcome to leading the way with Dr. Michael just sent you a guess toaster taxes continues his discussion with Dr. UNICEF about the brand-new book by Dr. Yousef. It's called the third G hung last on the dog into the background of radical Islam and the shocking that it's having on the world today would discussion that will encourage you to stand up against the currents in our culture, consider taking us further away from the biblically-based government of the Constitution to one that welcomes Islam into daily life was in your this is the thing just walked out of my seat at the same week that the Supreme Court of Pakistan had exonerated a woman who for eight years being a death row accused of insulting Islam. They said every that same week the European Supreme Court has ruled that it is a crime to insult Islam or the prophet of Islam. The European Supreme Court the same week as if this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my 70 year lifestyle, but that see this is why this is my passion and it's why I want to talk to you about this today because my passion is to communicate to everyone I can. The values of the Scripture and the values of the founders of the United States of America.

All those values come out of the Scripture and even those founders.

Not all of those founders were theologically Orthodox historical Christian subject, but even Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson understood that with out these fundamental biblical values.

You can never have American-style self-government and freedom. It's not possible absolutely, and at the core of that is a number of ideas. One of them being freedom of expression, freedom of speech.

So the idea that in Europe they would say it is illegal to express hostility toward Islam, or the founder of Islam.

In other words, in Europe they have thrown free free speech under the bus exactly and this is what is the canary in the coal mine is safest. If a government first free speech of the bus effectively, you are racing toward the end of freedom in Great Britain. I mean this is chilling to hear.

This will then swallow several of my British friend that they were saying in a world where glad we going to exit the European Union because that would've been the law of the land in England. So if I write an article in the paper and I would say something that happened to be the truth. Yeah about the foundation right founding of it doesn't matter if it is a truth will not do them. If it's an insult. If somebody comes in us. It is insulting to me that person go six months is just so everyone in the European Union is under this law, that's your design is being as a as a proud Greek. You know my father cerise we go every year. Now Greece is traditionally a very Christian Greek Orthodox country it and you're telling me that because there in the EU. There's a law now in Greece. The cannot say something negative against the prophet of Islam, and it is by the Supreme Court of Europe so that there be no other recourse you have, becomes the law of the European Union.

This is the end of everything we have believed in another words if you have laws like this already. Now me like I really almost can't believe it.

In Europe imposed by unelected officials in Brussels over every citizen within the European Union.

This is that the it's like they pulled the pin on the grenade is over, and when I hear this I think to myself, who will stand up for who will stand up in Europe and will Americans understand that we are on the verge of this here this is chilling to me and you. You know that I'm being very serious here. This is the reason chilling this Brussels itself is 25% of the population of Muslims and their very vocal therefore, any decision that is made is made with that in mind if we don't do this with a rise and start killing embalming would be terrorism so all the decisions are made out of fear in the European Union and in many ways it could have happened. In England, but so many of my British friends are so glad that this is not the case. Or, hopefully, will not be the case once or exit the European Union but nonetheless the sharia courts proliferation in England is alarming. I used to say over 80 courts and one lady was very prominent nose. She said no Michael it is hundred and 80 sharia courts in England today and so in either one alone.

People took for the sake of alarming. I just want God's people to stop praying and get this thing seriously I just heard an agnostic woman from England came here of lecture series on Fox news that you want to give a major lecture and she said I am here to warn you Americans do not follow our footsteps, because in England we have no way back and I'm hoping that you do not emulate us, but it may be too late for them as well.

But first of all we know as brothers in Christ. It's only by the grace of God that we can prevail, and it has only been by the grace of God in the past that freedom has prevailed and let us face it, 1776 never should have succeeded the Civil War never should've succeeded. I mean, when we think how we have had existential crises in the past and God's grace. Even with the 600,000 deaths in the Civil War.

We've had these battles before and by God's grace we prevailed, but it's a battle. It is about and I think the question is do we have the will to fight when you talk about the third Jihad this is a fight whether we wanted or not Jihad is war and I guess my question is will Americans be willing to tear themselves away from their comfort to see that there's a rifle pointed at your children's head and if you're unwilling to see it. It's still there. I mean, this is what you have talked about this is real. When you have the end of free speech.

When yet you just spoke about in Brussels and other countries in Europe and also in England, there is fear motivating the leaders.

They don't take in is her name is he a BB from Pakistan just mentioned are why is because they're afraid or of violence is as if they don't have police as if they don't have rules there. It's already over. They knew the evening England on I also the politicians, why can't you bring her in here is Michael you don't understand the Pakistani Islamist community is gonna be up in arms and we don't have demonstrations like we've never seen before. But the woman was exonerated by the Pakistani almost judges, Supreme Court fear is now dominating nugget all the denial in the world is not going to change that fear has worked really well for me. Let let's put it more provocatively. Fear has worked and it is cowardice that is the issue. In other words, it's not just a lack of courage we call it cowardice. Others you have leaders unwilling to lead or unwilling to sacrifice now you expect riots in Pakistan. Pakistan is a mess. The rule of law.

All those things that we've had in the West. They don't have them. It's a horror, anything can happen, but in England to think that these values have so infiltrated that the English are afraid of doing the right thing because of riots and I think to myself. There is no leadership. The question is, will someone arise in each of those countries and in this country who will say were not gonna stand for my wife and a colleague three of us meeting with a very prominent businessman Harley prominent businessman, a Christian and I was pouring my heart out a note explaining to them what was happening and he knows what's happening and then he looked at Ms. Michael because you the most fearless person I've ever met. Don't think that we are all like that and so is not a lot of him fearless.

It's so matter of you know, are you going to sell out the truth even keep quiet about the truth because if you do, it will be very long and will be decades. It will be just years before that, because fear is contagious. We know that in his fears of the enemy is not from God in the plus a man, but they're both contagious Cowardice is contagious, fears contagious, but also courage is contagious. So if someone will speak up and stand up other people around them see it happen with Bonnie Hoffert happen with the one someone has courage.

Others respond right I lay this at the feet, not just of the elected leaders who have an unfortunate history of cowardice, but at the pastors of America home organization are meant to be the prophets of God speaking to the people of God. They don't talk about the snow they are more concerned about their own popularity and I say that with grief and heart ache inside of me not not in any joy at all but I say that with deep sorrow that you're exactly right. And the pastors Noah said well you know we need to love everybody.

Of course we love everybody loving doesn't stop the truth from being proclaimed the truth is the truth is the truth that we proclaim it lovingly.

We don't go out and kill people and so you gotta believe now? But don't be quiet about the truth speak it and speak it in love but speak boldly. So I agree with you 100%. I mean, I have to say that it it breaks my heart when I think of how many pastors will never touch this issue for fear of many things and it seems to me the only solution to everything and you brought this up earlier as we were talking is revival in America.

Revival in Jesus, so that the people of God will be on fire for him, and will live for him. Otherwise, you really have a dead church will will God send the survivor. I don't know. I have prayed for revival for years and years and I may might not see it in my lifetime, but nonetheless I think you're right that is the only hope that is the only answer, but God will respond with a revival to faithfulness on the part of his children if his children become faithful in prayer and faithful in giving and faithful and interceding and faithful in standing up and and and be counted. God will respond but God looks and said well you know you enjoy your entertainment and your sports in the most people. And I found that out.

That is common thing upon Christians in the West, particularly in a come to church late and leave early and they think they've done the thing that kind of attitude Jesus calls Luke warm is it always you are hot or cold. Because operatives are spit you out and so it is my plea with the believers I'm speaking to the choir. I'm speaking to the believers. Somebody said to me you're preaching to the choir.

Yes, I want the site of the choir stop practicing and get out of sitting with. We've been sitting in the back room practicing, practicing, practicing, now at a stop to get the stop for. It's funny, I remember my hero became my friend and you know Chuck Colson used to speak about certain things and I remember thinking I'm glad he's speaking about this because I don't want to speak about this.

He's he's got he's got enough to and that even before he passed away when I wrote my book on bond offer. I realize God is saying no you must speak out if every Christian understands that it's our duty to speak out becomes infinitely easier for our fellow Christians speak out and elicit if everybody understands if you really believe in Jesus you have to stand for the truth and you have to be unafraid of the cost. Because God commands us to trust him and I really do think that this is what happened in the church in Germany. You have a lot of people that went to church this at all. I'm I'm a Lutheran Luther invented Protestant Christianity. I'm a German I'm a Lutheran and he taught grace which means I really have to do anything. It's all great will that's actually not true to get saved as there is grace.

But God says once you're saying right.

I want everything from you soon and the Germans refused to be politically incorrect in their day. Speak up against Nazi-ism, even when it was easy in the beginning years and it got tougher and tougher and tougher and Chuck Colson talk about the spiral of silence that the less people speak up, the tougher it is to speak up.

I fear that this is what you're talking about that in this country people as they hang back. They are the silent church. They make it more and more difficult for other believers to speak up and God is holding us accountable because people are going to suffer as a result of this absolutely screws we don't have to go back to him, and history before own eyes. Today in Europe were all the churches that once packed with people in our tourists are coming and it's at the museum and so that's what's going to happen unless we in America believe this was done many times before, and the by God's grace and by God's power by God's strength we can stand up and say we're not here to condemn your European for failing but we are here. We want to help you. We want you to spend with her so we can stand together and I am telling you I had a the joy of speaking with a country, president of the literally he took me aside because were the small group and in the centimeters it is why these European leaders not seeing what we are seeing another member. He's a Muslim and this is this is the thing I try to communicate to people. This man is a devout Muslim and he said why can't they see the danger of political Islam that you risks being dominated by the Muslim brotherhood and right now we having a detention in the Islamic world about who is going to lead the next jihad who's going to be that the judge who's got to be the next caliphate. Of course the man in Turkey wants to be the one everyone wants to be the one he actually wants to bring back the Ottoman Empire away and I just want to say to my fellow Americans that the idea that we can sleep and everything's okay and I can play golf and watch and you know well things are great but but but if we don't rise to this battle.

I just want to say in the boldest terms God will hold us responsible. This is the battle to which the Lord is calling us today.

That's what I said to a group of British leaders and I said you know I do not want my grandchildren long after I'm gone to say why didn't you say something you knew about this. Why did grandfather who understood these things what'd he say something's wrong speak.

Not only that, but I'm going to have the audience of one God's government, why didn't you do something I give you the resources I give you the opportunities and I think he going to say that to all of us, not just Misty of because a lot of people are so yeah go Michael are we behind you now.

You need to be the one everyone of us need to be the one who would take a stand and absolutely uncompromised. The gospel truth. Okay that the key issue here is you just at the beginning of this program you painted the picture of America 30 years from now. Another words we will definitely look the way Europe looks now and worse site if we don't do something about this, we will become the Islamic states of America that is not folks, this is not nonsense. This is not fear mongering. Unfortunately, I hate to say it.

This is true, we are at a point now where if we don't do something about this. The third jihad is real if we don't do something about this.

We are going to lose everything our churches will become mosques in the United States America chose me to say it but it's why I'm here.

Dr. UNICEF II just I want to say that in 2050, which is a few years from now we will have that United States for real. Most Americans have no idea what and I just saw again when I was in your back in November.

The man who was the most dangerous man in England very articulate woman electric door, who is well known was in prison for little bit because he influence some of the terrorists.

He was released when I was there and I was talking to the leaders of possible once it hits it scares us half to death because he vowed that he will not rest until Buckingham palace becomes a mosque and the Isys flag is going to fly over was missed amid this meant makes no apologies and he comes on Fox News a lot here, very well known lawyer articulate man and he is leading the third jihad, and he writes about it he talks about it is very open about it and absolutely no one seemed to be able to stand up and said no, wait a minute, what's going on here. Why is he free to say what he said but if you get a Christian evangelist standing on Hyde Park corner.

He gets arrested speak about Jesus and so it is time for us to vote the right way and make sure that the candidates understand the score and then that's just the part of our stewardship of citizens above all, stewardship as believers is to not only pride but to go out and actively evangelized where freedom to tell us so until now anyway to tell Muslims come to Christ. Jesus loves you who is doing this that I think this is the thing were in a war now or in a war for the souls of people whom God died for, and we go well that somebody else's job or well or well well I really think that this is the curse of prosperity that in America.

Our eyes have been taken off of the ball.

God says the time is short. God says if you don't do these things. These things will happen. The Lord is been using you as a prophet, especially on this issue so I hope you don't mind if I transition sure we have some good news folks. How terrific is it that Dr. UNICEF has taken everything we talked about and much more and put it in a book form in this book.

The third jihad talks about everything in much greater detail. Obviously then we were able to cover right now and you can get a copy of the book Dr. Yusuf tell us about the book, everything is document the term third your heart. The term by 2050 the Islamist states of America. All of these are documented from the imams who have said these things of written these things, not from evangelical pastors or Christian believers is from their mouths that I am bringing this truth to the public so they know what's going on. Don't close your eyes, don't close your eyes.just say well you and I'm glad Michael is doing it. No, you need to get involved.

I think sometimes people think like I can't do that I can't do that you have to do anything except what the Lord calls you to do the Lord knows you better than you know yourself. He calls you to do something and whatever he calls each of us to do. He's prepared us and equip us and will equip us to do to speak to your neighbor. I to write a letter to the editor whatever it is to vote to read this book, which I'm glad exists.

I'm thrilled you written this book because honestly we need to be educated on this. The time is so short, Dr. Yusuf, I don't know anybody but you. Who has the background to give us the facts on this.

Otherwise it just sounds like fear mongering. This is real. This is true at my ultimate thing is, Christians have to get radical apps. There is a joy in being radical for Jesus in being radical for the truth. In fact, the Lord created us to live that way of Savannah for not living that way were not living as he made us to live.

That's the joy of serving him well let me congratulate you, since now I know you wrote a book on the subject. Congratulations on the third jihad and any final words I show hope and pray that every single person, not the percentage of those who are listening with call and get this book we trying to make this book available to as many people as possible so we are saying for a gift of any amount so that we not putting a price on this in the bookstores. It's on Amazon, they can get it anywhere but if you would call or write torso get online we want to get that book in your hand and again when you read this book just like my friend who's a prominent Christian leader in England. He said what persuaded me to know this is the truth is the documentation. This is not just an emotional book fear mongering book perimeter summary I fear not anybody I don't fear Islam I don't fear all this homophobic homophobe and all those terminologies don't affect me. I promise you that because I love Jesus and therefore he is the one who gives us courage, not courage that comes from ginning courage from within ourselves if that was the case I would be the greatest coward on the face of the earth, but only Jesus can give you the courage and who give it to you if you ask for it.

In this book is going to help you is going to motivate you is not in a depressed years not going to discourage you. It's actually going to motivate you to be an active believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The days of pew warming Christians are over.

Now it's time to act. Call or write. Get online get the book and to and on the best note there is any time were talking about Jesus. There is hope.

This is good news. I just want to say to folks that hear all the stuff at the end of the day. This is an opportunity, a glorious opportunity to participate in God's plan for America and for the world and this is what he calls us to. It's his plan that he has the victory through his church and by participating in this. This is the greatest hope. Our hope is in Jesus. He is our only hope we treasure that we praise him for that and that we thank you for listening and knowing that God has a plan for you in this Dr. Yusuf, thank you so much that was your listening to leading the way with Dr. Michael used to in a conversation he had recently with New York Times best-selling author Eric the taxes we discussed Dr. Yusuf's newest book.

The third jihad you can order this book right now. When you give a gift of any amount to leading the way it can be ordered through online retailers and it can be bought at your local bookstore and here's the difference know that when you order from leading the way. All proceeds go to support the gospel ministries of leading the way. Writing in your neighborhood and leading the way around the world. Here's how you can learn more give us a call. We are at 866-6264 356.866 626-4356 or you can order online with your computer or your mobile device and LTW.that LTW.this program is provided. I leading the way with Dr. Michael is passionately proclaiming compromise truth around the world

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