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Do You Have An Emergency Plan?

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 22, 2019 3:00 am

Do You Have An Emergency Plan?

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Hello my friends Michael use of here.

I just wanted to thank you for connecting with leading the way. Our entire team is wholly committed to passionately proclaiming uncompromising truth of God's word and it cannot be done without you learn more about what God has charged us to do around the world by clicking around that's Thank you and may God richly bless you as you seek to serve the last several years I have been watching folks, including some prominent broadcasters on secular television who are urging people to be prepared for times of emergency. I saw one particular who was actually telling you what to have in terms of gold and silver and food for the tough times ahead, and many people really asking the question, what is this you know the incredible speed of natural disaster. What's this economic uncertainty we living in why is the markets are gyrating you know you get 500 up 500 down the people feeling so uncertain what about the global uprising, and where is it going to lead. In fact, some people are predicting that we probably don't have a war in the Middle East. What about this false gospel is being preached in churches.

It used to be, Bible believing church is what is happening all around us.

What today I want to show you what to do whenever you feel your world is caving in on you, whether it is your personal life your circumstances or globally or nationally, whatever it may be I want to show you a shelter to show you an emergency kit that you can have all the time but specifically in times of trouble. While you might have another wherefores in the wise and all that stuff but there in his shelter you can receive confidence in times of uncertainty world politicians are trying to give us cheap panacea, but in the emergency center you will have true comfort and true joy and to peace there. You're gonna find all that you need solitude to turn with me please to Proverbs 18 versus 10, 11, 12. It's a contrast between those who know where to go for peace and contentment and those who don't. Those who place themselves in the power of the name of God and those who hide behind a flimsy wall of wealth wanted to merge into people. One is safe and secure behind a fortified tower tower that no one can touch no one can destroy.

No one can scale.

No one can penetrate and then the other one behind one of those flimsy Hollywood drop. It looks like a wall that looks like a a tower, but it really is flimsy. You push it and will fall. First let me tell you about the strong and powerful impenetrable shelter. Many of you know the reason God revealed to us in his word.

So many names of God is because he wants us to know him completely to know his character because everyone of those words revealed a certain part of God's character and they receive them in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. First you find Elohim and that's the name of the creator God and occurs 2700 times in the Old Testament and 32 times in the New Testament. He is a strong tower in creation. Secondly, his name is L which means he is the Lord of power and might forget the word L. Shaddai, the God of complete power, the God of complete strength that no one can overcome him and that means that he is the God of power and might and is mentioned 250 times. In fact, in the book of numbers 2322 says is that L that powerful God with his hand brought Israel out of Egypt by his might and then ill her, which means he is the living God, who is to be worshiped alone to be obeyed unconditionally to be followed and to be adored.

He is ill her and then there is Jehovah owed Yahweh which reads the English word Jehovah, which means he is the covenant making God. God loves to make covenant God keeps covenants God honors covenant.

He is a covenant making God and is mentioned 11,600 times in the Bible the 10 compound titles of the name of Jehovah Jehovah Gyro who is our provider Jehovah rough. The God who leads or heals. Either way Jehovah Nessie God our banner Jehovah my cottage. The one is is our sanctifier. The God shalom because he is the Lord of peace. The Lord Jehovah shalom.

He is the Lord of hosts, Jehovah, what does Dick know he is the Lord our righteousness. Jehovah shown up. He is the God is always there. Jehovah early on, he is the most high God Jehovah Raleigh who is the shepherd of the sheep is our shepherd and there is nothing that you need in life that is not provided in these names of God. For good measure. In Exodus 15 to his job which describes him as a God who inhibits eternity his forever and ever before and after and then he is at the nine which is means the Lord who is in control of all things, that it means his Lordship is absolute and that occurs in the Scriptures, 300 times a no wonder Solomon said the name of the Lord is what think about this the strongest building that ever built by man can be taken down by a bomb biases even of these cluster bombs another matter of penetrate deep does matter how thick the wall might be that it can be destroyed by powerful hurricane can be destroyed one way or the other but the name of the Lord is so strong is indestructible tower. It's a impenetrable tower. It's unscalable tower them illustrate what I'm trying to tell you and just show you through the years how people thought about this at the Welsh English border.

There are many ruins of great castles and also there are strong towers that were built by men and one of them actually was thought to be absolutely indestructible. Nonetheless is in ruins. Now in North Somerset, England is a rocky gorge known as some Burlington cone Burlington cone is around that area and with that gorge is the roller sheep and cattle who are grazing but also there are number of villages of counterclaim to the valley. There one of the name of that village is a Dragon and then like Linda was a man by the name of Augustine strip lady and he was a curate ministering that village Puritanism old English word from the cure of the soul.

And that's, what the British will system Anglican system is that you become a curate first and you become a director. So I graduated from seminary was ordained in Australia became a curate and I was there the left become a become erector. I tell people I left pastoral work because of health reasons people got sick of me. Augustus one day while he was walking down toward the cone of violent storm that that part of the world's renowned foreman. This one was the worst is ever seen. Suddenly it hit and he was scurrying toward the shelter. Then he saw a great gorge cut between two towering cliffs and it looked like to be good enough for him to hide in. And so he looked in desperation and he saw that cliff in the Rocky limestone near the gorge and as he scurried into the net play toward it. He found that he could barely stand straight and he was not a very tall man but he could barely stand in that shelter, and as soon as you took refuge there. He was witnessing outside how the rain was coming in down in buckets, amended torrents of rain and the thundering was pelting and he stood barely straight in that spot in his soul weld within him as he looked at that storm that could've taken his life and there he uttered these words rock of ages. Cliff for me. Let me hide myself in the let the water and the blood from thy written side which flow PO for sin the double cure, cleanse me from its guilt and power. The church has been blessed by those words that came out of a storm in life and beloved, I want to tell you that sometimes lives severe storm can bring a song in your heart if you know where to go if you run into that Hightower if you run into the name of the Lord, the severest strong the Lord in the midst of it can give your song know he becomes your song. In fact, this song was so impressed the former prime minister of England, Gladstone, that he translated into very eloquent, lacking, and for many many years.

Every July. Thousands of people would come from near and far. Understand their outside of that cliff of the rocket in the same tuple days words rock of ages.

Cliff for me. But here's the good news. The apostle Paul tells us in first Corinthians chapter 10 verse four that that rock is not other than the Lord Jesus Christ himself. He is the only safe hideaway place. Here's the only secure protector is he only assured Guardian his name is the only impenetrable tower.

His name is the only guarded defense. His name is the only insured placed his name is the only defendant shelter. His name is the only wall of fire and hedge of protection.

The name of the Lord is what the righteous run into in the safe.

Not a member. Those words before you start panicking as you face uncertainty in life. Remember those words of the Scripture when you're facing your darkest hour. Remember those words when you are experiencing crushing circumstances when you see things that don't make sense. Remember the name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous run into it and there safe notice one thing here. He did not say everyone runs into it. But is it the righteous to that is a promise here is that if he said the name of the Lord is a strong tower. Everybody who runs into would be safe. That is the gospel of today universalism. Everybody is going to make it to heaven there is no hell was going to make it. That's a false gospel of today that's not the gospel of the Bible that is not even in the Old Testament. Only those who know the name on the those who love the name. Only those who trust in the name only those who are Christ's only day will have that place of triple protection, father, son and Holy Spirit. Look at verse 11. Those who take protection in all material possessions. They like the people who stand in front of this flimsy wall or a prop like Hollywood prop and in their foolishness. They think all it's imperative is excellent.

That's an unscalable wall. That's what he said all how they will be sorely disappointed. On the day of trouble in the New Testament actually in the Gospels we have three examples of three men who put their whole trust in their possessions they put their whole trust in their money and their wealth. The put the whole trust in the net worth, not in the Lord and there were all devastated and disappointed. One of them came to Jesus and he wanted to follow him. He really wanted to follow Jesus, you talk about a seeker he was a seeker of all seekers, but because he could not place his total trust in Jesus and not in his wealth he was devastated the Bible, causing the rich young ruler when it come to him in a minute but then there is a rich man. He was totally focused on his business. I mean he was a businessman of a businessman and all he can think about a day or night was his business then is 1/3 man that Jesus referred to him as a rich man who lived for self and self value himself at night himself in the morning self in the evening. Self worship self self self. You know the Bible well enough to know that the Bible never condemns wealth for wealth's sake. The Bible condemns those who place all of their hope on their work. Those who have all the confidence those who have all of their security and the material possession in the case of this agreement is exactly what they did, they could not shake the confidence and shifted to Jesus. But, beloved, I was thinking about this and I just couldn't help but think that even though it happens. This is true for individual is also true formations to God bless this nation like no other nation in history and the reason God has blessed this nation like no other nation in history is because of the faithfulness of the founder and the covenant, they met with God. Read the Constitution and God is a covenant making God. We just saw one of his is a covenant made his covenant people and because today we have leaders who are so arrogantly think that the reason were been blasted because of how smart we are and we placed our security in the blessing another bless the walls of the securities are falling apart.

They are easily destroyed this generation. In many ways. I hate to see bad things happen, but I'm glad that this generation was not seen tough times at least three years ago to the day they saw how mighty companies collapsed impenetrable financial institution folded overnight and on September 11, 2001. God showed us how our trust in our economic might and in our military might was marked by a bunch of boys terrorist.

The newly broadest on these the name of the Lord is worth the righteous runs into it and there safe but those who place our trust in their wealth they can fantasize that their wealth is unscalable wall impenetrable wall and let me show you those three examples from the bottom want to give modern-day examples you can think of those. Let me give you Bible stick with the Bible. The first rich man came to Jesus wanting to really, I mean really really follow him.

This man was genuine. If you want to follow me Mark chapter 10 verse 17 there you gonna find that this man was full of enthusiasm. He was sincere he really was.

This man was eager to give himself to Christ. I mean in this and it you know Jesus really loved his enthusiasm. He signaled that Jesus really loved his eagerness. He, Jesus loved his optimism and his positive attitude.

Jesus love his willingness to serve him, but then all of a sudden came this enthusiasm came to a deflating disappointing and discouraging end and when face the reality he could not place his complete trust in the Lord and not in his wealth.

I wanted to him erotically's. Although this man's search have proven that he is empty. In spite of his money that he was neatly in spite of his wealth that he was restless in spite of his resources that he was lost. In spite of his trust fund. He just could not make the transition from trusting in his wealth to trusting in Jesus this young ruler had a desperate need to be assured of eternal life. He wanted it on the life he wanted to be eternally saved and so when he learned that Jesus was in the vicinity. Verse 17 of John chapter 10 it says that he).

He didn't just walk up on the side that awaited see what's going on he run up and knelt before Jesus, he could not wait to have an answer to his deepest question that plagued him, especially when he's all alone.

He was not embarrassed by the fact that although he was famous and he was prominent that he came in back out to Jesus. He did not mind losing face with his peers.

He was crying for help. He was highly motivated and anxious. He came seeking the right thing. Eternal life and he came to the only one who could have given him eternal life beloved that is the crux of the gospel preaching that really is.

This is the crux of the church's message this the crux of it all for people to come to Jesus and receive forgiveness and eternal life and become disciples. Now you know and I know and all of you who are walking with the Lord for long time. You know, there are certain added blessing to salvation, and that there is a real peace in the midst of turmoil and I've seen it in your lives in an NFC live in my life there is identity in the times of confusion. There is joy in the midst of trouble, but listen, these things are just the icing on the cake. A lot of people out there selling the icing. I'm concerned about the cake icing without the cake makes you sick.

It really does make you nauseous and too much sugar and Solomon is saying that the name of the Lord is a strong tower.

No doubt many people run into it in times of trouble. People pray in time of desperation are hard to find an atheist.

Why fear and anxiety.

But listen to me only the righteous when they run into the name of the Lord will become strong and fortified unprotected.

Only those who are close with the righteousness of Jesus Christ will be strengthened. Only those who have been adopted by God through Jesus will be strengthened. Only those whom the Lord Jesus is the rock upon whom they built their total firm trust and will be strengthened only those to whom Jesus is the only strong tower will find protection strength in the times of fear and anxiety's amazing when you go back read that encounter with Jesus retreated slowly. There were Jesus is doing is just laying that's man's soul bear on the table, something I try to do every morning when you choose my other master will you choose well. Other giver of wealth we choose to put his faith in his net worth on the cross. Tragically, in his case money one. His strong tower was his wealth, not the name of the Lord and is another man that Jesus tells us about in group 12 verse 16. This man was all business and he was businessman listen to me.

This man was a business success of a business success. I'm in his business model was written up in Wall Street Journal.

Some of you may have seen.

I mean authors were coming in and interviewing them in their writing books about this man's business success is business model was incredible. This man was shot plunged into his business venture that he blotted out any thought or in his mind to the name of the Lord.

He was so successful he was doubling his business every 12 months. Mean who would like better doubling his company's profits. He said all build new and bigger plants. Nothing wrong with that, by the way nothing over. I will expand my business. Nothing wrong with that either.

And then here's a key verse 19 affect us a key verse here. He said to himself. Then he said that with me.

He said to himself.

Be very careful what you say to yourself, please. You know we self talk.

In fact we self talk faster than we can speak the general is a scientific fact. What you say to yourself, matters what you say to yourself or nobody else can hear you what you sent yourself or nobody else is watching you is of vital importance. He said to himself that we give generously and sacrificially to the work of the Lord. Now that's what the righteousness is with the righteousness, let me help others. Your need and that's what the righteousness he said our say to myself, you have plenty of good things build up for many years.

Take it easy, eat and drink and be merry, play golf all day long. Go fishing all day long. Verse 20 but God said to him because he see God will say something to you, depending on what you said yourself if you say to yourself, Lord, I want to my success. I want my blessings. I want everything you place in my heart my hands that I will use it for your glory. God says that a boy I will bless you more. Lord, I have one desire in my life and that is in the last day when I have an audience of one with you.

I hear those magnificent words from your lips.

Well done good and faithful servant of God said, that's my boy. That's my girl. I bless you, because God is looking for conduits, but when this man said to himself is what I'm going to do. God also said you fool, this very night your life will be demanded from you and who will gather what you have prepared for yourself, then there's 1/3 man this man's total focus was self total worship yourself from morning to night focusing on self, how do I get myself better. How do I do this and how that all self self self self self disorder need right before his own eyes, but he too focused on self deceit. Anything else. His eyes were blocked and Jesus said this man ended up in turmoil for eternity. The name of the Lord is what the righteous run into it and are safe recessional notice session. They are what and whether the market is up or down.

There are what whether the real estate is in the Bluewater bus. They are what whether the world is in turmoil or not they are what live on the L1, are you safe then ask yourself the question, where dry place. My total trust father in the name of Jesus, we come to you knowing that your Holy Spirit has already spoken to us in whatever the Holy Spirit has placed upon our hearts if is a conviction if is a commitment if is a decision that needed to be made in you putting it all. Whatever the Holy Spirit has laid upon father, help us to respond to the conviction of the host. In Jesus name

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