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There is Freedom in Submission

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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February 13, 2019 3:00 am

There is Freedom in Submission

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Several of the men began to get antsy and said what are you going to talk to wives will naturally want to talk to about his it's a lot safer to exhort men have said this before, you are likely to have heard a rumor that seemed to be circulating to do with me and that rumor is that I am a male chauvinist.

I don't want to be disturbed about this rumor. I wanted to hear the truth from my own lips and that this rumor is absolutely 100% true. But the good thing about this is that my critics put me with good company. People like apostle Paul and the apostle Peter coming on the file for calling women are the weaker sex and am reminded of this cartoon of the railway station where a lot of crowds, mostly women, carrying placards and signs saying down with Paul.

Paul is a hatred of women, and so on and so on, and that jeering and cheering in a train pulls into the station and got Paul coming out of the door. As the train stops in many looks to the crowd and he says I can see you got my letter the sermon today must be understood in the context of the previous two, while the two Senate stands alone anytime. It must be taken in the context of the series of sermons and that is not surprising because confusion always happen whenever you throw away the blueprint under tried to go on. Depending on your feelings. Imagine a group of engineers throw away the architectural plan and all of a sudden decide to build the building, according to the women and that is what is happening in our society today. One of the fine modern thinkers in my estimation is William F. Buckley and William F. Buckley said the most important intellectual enterprise is a distinction between right and wrong, and today we live at a time when right and wrong have been progressively blurred. We no longer want the designers plan we want to follow our feelings on what we think is right and wrong, but the problem is, my friends, is that feelings are not curiously unreliable, undependable, and if we rely on our feelings. We will float like a miserable man in the space capsule without the local vertical in the midst of this confusion are not people. The blueprint the word of God was given to us in order that we might not be left at the mercy of feelings he has given us directions specific directions as to the husband's role in asking the wife's role in the home just in case some of you think that I am relying on one passage in the Scripture and building a whole doctrine out of it. I want you to listen very carefully at the list of things that the New Testament alone speak about the duties of the husband. Here's the list. A man is the head of the woman he represents the very person on the glory of God the husband is the head of the wife in the same way that Christ is the head of the church and the Savior of the body. The husband must give his wife the same sort of love that Christ gave to the church when he sacrificed himself for her man ought to give their wives the love that they naturally have for the robotics. A man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife, let every one of you who is a husband love his wife as he loves himself. You husband should try to understand the wives you live with loving them as a physically weaker, it equally errors with you in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Eight references in the New Testament alone now want you to compare this with the last that is given to the wife's. The wife has no longer for right over her own person, but shares them with her husband.

The woman affects the person in the glory of man, you wives must be ready to adopt yourselves to your husbands as you submit yourselves to the Lord, the willing subjection of the church to Christ should be reproduced and the submission of the wife to the hospital. Let the wife reference her own husband. The role of the wife is to be respected of her husband, holy women of ancient times trusted in God and were submissive to the house and here you haven't two long lists the contrast between what God is expecting from the husband was expecting from the wife is clear. The last six different what is right for the man is wrong for the woman and what is right for the woman is wrong for the man. The roles are complementary and not equally human carefully because are not getting into trouble today. These roles were planned by the maker to enable the husband and the wife to function together rather than pumping at each other to function complementary with each other rather than stipulate other stones. The roles were designed to contribute rather than deprive the roles were designed by all maker so they might make us free, not shackles. I know women have been sold a bill of goods special in the use of this word equality, which I think a misleading word.

God did not give to equal lists with different God made women different from men not just biologically but emotionally, psychologically and psychologically. But today the moment you use the word inequality immediately labeled as a sexist, specially word the equality has come to mean, judgment of a person's works, which is not supposed to be, saw brothers to be on the safe side, I want to use the word distinctive husbands and wives have to distinctive role and that is the way God created everything he separated things. He separated like some doctors and he called them, they night he separated from Annette from Walters and he certainly met men and women to be different in every way different than the needs different than the position different than the roles it now. It is trendy in the average university campus for women to school on anyone who would call the women the ladies I got into the trouble myself once or twice, and that quick to remind her that there are person's house that part of the misleading business that when women are integral for that matter.

Seek their rights and put their rights ahead of the will of God. Whenever we put our feelings ahead of the blueprints that were given to us by the design of the universe, we will find that our peace is chartered as it is today.

She went Eve saw the fruit and she disobeyed God and she disobeyed what you knew was the command of God. She was claiming her rights and some of you think that women liberation movement is moderate started back in the garden of Eden and what is show up as her right had nothing to do with the will of God had nothing to do with the command of God had nothing to do with the word of God and you see me tell you something. Happiness does not come when you get all your rights.

I know people have all the rights and the most miserable people that are happiness comes when you open the word of God.

When you obey the will of God in your life and the word of God says to wives must submit the husband's and that means wives that you don't try to compete with your husband, but rather that you would encourage him and that you would help them along to occupy his proper place as the head of the wife, and that means that you don't like to put down all the time but to lift them up. It means that you will be anxious to rub his wounds, but rather tend to them and help with the healing process means that you don't belittle him either publicly or privately, but rather lift him up and encourage him as the head of the home and your family that on the surface very happy ideal family and successful businessman, beautiful wife for lovely children.

One day they told me to my shock and horror and surprise. The marriage is having trouble so I began to talk to the husband first and Arlene very hard on him, and finally he said looks at the bottom line is this is Saddam tired of being married. The prophet I asked her not said what is this problem to surround all the voice of God, that you must listen to what really happened as the man began to get the business difficult and he will come home insurance on Logan, his wife, looking for some sympathy and fulsome support and encouragement and what happened night after night, she would listen to him and then she would cite thus says the Lord, because you did this and he did this and in the best God is punishing you Saddam tired of being married to a prophet. Wives, you love your husband's you pray for your husband's you give them the respect and honoring him as you are honoring the Lord in the Lord is going to reward you for this.

Let God change the Gothic of the department's you don't have a word of encouragement from Santa Fe utilized in the New Testament is a look at this again and again, only one time. This essay for the wives left the house one time every time.

Submission submission submission 1000 says love your husband to the book of Titus and you know why I believe God knew that the women it's harder to submit than to love its opposite from an ongoing 30 minute God knew that love which wives naturally have for the husband's is not sufficient in wear and tear of live everyday life and therefore action is required. The action of submission when it comes to the men. They are left in the Scripture, without a doubt that the role then number one Judy is to love their wives as Christ loved the church. God knew that a man's love for his wife as himself is the hardest thing for a man that his virile dry with his drive for domination that his God-given masculinity will make it difficult for him to lay down his life. Usually men by nature are self-centered and aggressive and that's why I believe that if I was going to comment on nation will not count on nation until men will humble themselves before God, because God knows he made as he knows us knows our self-centeredness is our desire to conquer and be self-centered. Scripture imposes the heaviest burden when he commands the man to love their wives as Christ loved the church is asking him to give up the most precious thing that he would have. I've often said it's a lot easier to abide without loving but the love without her. For submission of regions can be carried out without love your chore. Judy `I truly love someone from lookout for the prospectus you can truly love someone without submerging subjecting your desire to her file from being a male chauvinist. The apostle Paul has put the incredible on the men. Some people still think that the submit is to be atonement to submit is to be without initials works. To submit means that you be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen all the time from far from this is an old political tactic and on the surface it seems to strengthen the case for one side against the other, but ultimately it is self-destructive thing can be more liberating and more freeing and more fulfilling for the woman that the submit to her loving house.

When I give my life the Lord Jesus Christ you know of my worldly friend said my worldly friend said that Christianity will stifle me my worldly friend said that Christianity is not fun following Jesus will make you miserable. The misguided outsized turned out to be far from the I found my true fulfillment of the Lord Jesus Christ. I found my true liberation in the Lord Jesus Christ upon my true joy in submitting my will is will I get into trouble when I don't see marriage is a union that is not competition in the union that is not playing golf one against the other in a union that is not building or aggravating union that is not keeping score, no making of comparisons or insistence on the 50-50 principal union 50-50 principal does work because when you we have flaws not tensions in every matter. The way I think about it is like this is like the strength of a great cathedral in a cathedral building, you find that the string slides in the thrust and the compass rush over to buttress over talk to each has its own function and each has its own particular string and this is the dynamic of a good marriage marriage. By the way is dynamic, it gets better and better all the time because matters can't stand still even get worse gets better. It either draws or deteriorates you either grow together, grow apart, and that's why it can never be a strength against weakness does not appear essay. It is still kinds of strength, each meant to fortify the other.

Each meant to strengthen the other in a special way and I was not weakness for the boat. The submit itself to the laws of sailing the submission of the boat to the laws of setting it's very strength and it the role of sailing that enables the boat to utilize her full strength to harness the wind and thus it takes on the strength of the wind is not a weakness for the son of God made him obey the will of the father was power. The power of his own will.

Will the will of the father wives. I hope you don't get misled by those who till you got submission is weakness, strength, don't let those who want to tell the Scripture part use of scare tactics to deprive you of the freedom of the joy of submission. Christian marriage is not 50-50. Reject the proposition sooner. This thought of being 50-50 becomes a power struggle and the reason becomes power struggle is because of our fallen lecture. We cannot handle it. Somebody has to be the ultimate authority. Somebody has to be the final decision-maker now problems begin when we start telling each other. If I do this you do this if you do this. I do this that is not scriptural audit of a marriage contract come out of California. You'll see in a minute. What was actually designed to take care of all the details of life and actually in the civil matters of the husband and wife have to goings on this contract.

Give an example.

The wife makes breakfast sees that the children are dressed, fed and given books, lunch money, bus passes, Jim close and so on, and she does this on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the husband does all of this on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The wife cooks dinner on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and the husband on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Weekends are worked out. According of how much outside work needs to be done and who does have done extra during the week.

Can you sitting there on a Sunday morning just keeping up the score. Call that marriage can you imagine such existence be called a marriage it. Some people call this freedom. The coldest majority, believe it or not you master Caiaphas not 50-50 than what is a person we see the question is the wrong question.

There is no percentage if you got inherited great uncles estate, then you can talk about percentages, but it is the grace of God that the verse talking about the first Peter three. Your equality is hereby delineated your equal centers. Your equally responsible before God.

You are equally in need of grace.

You are equally recipients of grace and thus far. The 50-50 ends, husband and wife must be willing to live the lives for each other not. That's exactly what the Lord wants us to do or tell you for things as I conclude about wives submission the first thing is that the bottom line is that when the husband loves his wife as himself when he loves his wife as Christ loved the church he sacrifices more. Secondly, submission means that wives can express themselves express their feelings can express their opinions freely, openly wives. If you have a godly husband. You will not make a decision until you both agree further submission should never involve sin softly. It should never, never, never, never involve physical or psychological abuse Dawson Druckman found over great discipleship ministry of self reprogramming all over the world never knew him but the people who knew him tell me that he is a man is after God's own heart. Love them also dearly remodeled his life started all his life on the Lord Jesus Christ. Druckman died screen like New York. He died of all things in the midst of the area of which he was an expert to the drought was an excellent swimmer Santo in the last few moments of his life he was in the water and he lifted one girl out of the water and then he went back and he brought another one and he lifted her up on her back ashore on the boat and then he submerged it wasn't to be found until the Dragon found him a few hours later. The following week. Time magazine ran an article on Druckman's life and the protection under his name in the caption read, always holding someone up always holding someone in one sentence was Druckman's life holding someone wives are you doing this to husband, you always holding him for. That's exactly what the Scripture same wives to feel a sense of helplessness and disqualification to speak on the subject. Another minute, godly women who could teach me on the subject, far more than I can teach you. But as I expound the word of God is open that word for us to see the point. The Holy Spirit also doing his work in the lives of families in our church wives husband's from addressing the wives today. We ask you your resentful of your husband you competing with him. You have some bitterness in your life toward him. I believe the Holy Spirit wants you to deal with that wanted to confess that, in order that you may have peace that you will have joy.

The something that you need to forgive and do it now. Do it today say Lord Jesus, help me to forgive my husband help me to love my husband help me to submit to my husband only the Lord will know not only the Lord would reward you for this, because that is obedience to his word. Father God, I lift up to you.

Every person was bowing before you at this time. I hold up to you. Every family represent my own family and every other family father. Pray for the wives. I thank you for the faithful.

Thank you for that medication. I thank you for the father I pray that you will strengthen the marriage in our society. Father I pray that you will strengthen the marriages in our homes and ask you to heal the wounds behind the broken father teacher store by your word. Even if we don't feel like less wives today. Lord Jesus, that may be a blessing. Thanks for listening to this message from Dr. Michael you Seth recently featured on leading the way. If you'd like to know more about us, please visit that

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