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Leadership is the Husbands Role

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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February 12, 2019 3:00 am

Leadership is the Husbands Role

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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February 12, 2019 3:00 am

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There are hundreds of battles right out there in the world that are being waged right now in the field of conflicting ideas regarding husbands and wives and holds the variance of views and philosophies that are bombarding us in the media and all are struggling to capture our attention. They all are struggling to gain our allegiance.

I believe that in a time like this that we are to grow the most assuring place we ought to go to the source of comfort for Lance's. That is the infallible inspired in the errant word of God. Now I'm fully aware that there are some, perhaps many in my line. Churches today who would see the biblical view of marriage. The biblical view of the role of a husband or wife and a wife to her husband to be outmoded to be obsolete to be old-fashioned to be offensive to be in opposition to progress and cultural consensus.

Every word I mentioned come from somewhere.

I did not make it up yet, in my estimation, our biggest problems begin when we depart from the revealed mind of God in the words of the Scripture. Our troubles begin when we depart from the revealed mind of God, as we have it in his work, and the sooner we understand and obey what God has to say to us, even in this conflicting society if we understand and obey the role of the husband and wife in the word of God the grade. I believe our peace will be the greater harmony will be. So I begin where the Scripture begins but before I do this I want to say two things by way of explanation. I'm going to single out the men today.

I'm going to speak about the role of the husband. Women go to seminars, read books, did you know that 85% of all the Christian books are bought by women. This is absolute. Statistics men don't read books, the Bible 50%. Very few people speak the husband's first few people speak the men let alone husbands always reminding the wives of Ephesians 5 that they have to be submissive to their husbands. The second thing I want to say that it is inevitable. When I single out the husband's wives will be enjoying a guess the change of pace, but some will say what about the singles are you not leaving them out, but I like to leave anybody out. My advice publicly and privately to single people, men or women is regardless of their age that they always must help and I believe that unless a person has the gift of remaining single healer, she ought to pray specifically, definitively and embarrassingly for God to provide her with a spouse.

Not having covered all this I want to get back to the Scripture and the word of God said that God created humanity. But when it created humanity as you read all in Genesis and expound. In addition, in the next two chapters, you'll find that God created the man first Adam, he met Adam out of the dust of the earth, and his breathing upon him, and he created him in his own image that is to say that he created him with an ability to relate to Almighty God against that is not been given to any of the species of God. But then there's more, God gave Adam certain commands and certain responsibilities given certain instructions. All this before he created the woman, and it is clear that Adam was able to communicate to his wife what God told him for you notice if you read on that when the evil one tries to persuade these this obey God and ignore his command recites the evil one verbatim exactly what God told her husband, not even one went to the woman first in order to create dissatisfaction in the role. In order to create confusion as regard to the role for Adam was given the responsibility of leadership. He was given leadership responsibility in the garden. He was asked to name all the animals. He was in charge of the garden God created a helpmate for him.

A woman, a woman over whom he is to spread his wings of love and protection a woman over whom he is to support and to nourish and to take care of and to cherish a woman over whom Adam is to express a loving relationship.

Where was Adam when his wife fill you asked yourself the question. Where was he when he was tempted. Why did not exercise its God-given responsibility of leadership. What responsibility did he take one finally got confronted him with her soon. None.

It would appear instead of leaving Adam was following.

But even more devastating than this. He wouldn't admit that the buck stops with him. Adam indicated his leadership responsibility God for giving them the wife is the only time that God said it is not good. When Adam was alone. Everything in creation was great and God said it was good.

It was good. It was good with Adam when he was alone. He said that is not good and therefore he gave him a gift. A gift of a woman, but Adam abdicated his responsibility.

He blamed God for giving instead of correcting his wife instead of leaving his wife and to repentance. He found a sorry excuse instead of saying, honey. Remember what I told you God said he said let's try and see what it's like and from creation. All there is an unhappy marriage anywhere where the husband dictates his role of headship leadership. I am yet to see one happy marriage where the husband is not exercising his headship in the home.

I am yet to see a happy marriage. When the husband finds or shrinks from his responsibility as a priest of his house. Now I know some of you menacing listen. We work hard all day long. We want to come home. We don't want to get bothered with responsibility and others probably saying look I grew up with a domineering mother she run the show. My father put up with it under the put up with Mark or some of you probably saying look, I'm bringing home the bacon and you can get maternal excuses.

None of them will hold water for God created man to give you all will decision-maker the home to be the head of the home to be the priest of the home and when the chips were down. God held accountable.

The New Testament writers held Adam accountable. Romans 512, Paul said. Therefore, as sin came into the world through one man, and best solution and so desperate. All because all sin. This is not based upon the supposition that we should absolve you from her soon. She through the sip and therefore sheet to receive the judgment of God but God made Adam to be the head of the Adam family. God made Adam to lead his family not to follow God does not ask men to leave their homes.

The households to exercise spiritual responsibility. Exercise moral decision-making without giving them the wisdom to do it.

I believe that with all my heart. You see, when sin entered into the world. The roles were reversed when sin entered into the world, man of his responsibility.

In fact, the best thing that Adam could do it under the circumstances is it to try to hid from God. God, whose eyes see beyond the fašade of wavering trees God's eyes see beyond our public masks the God whose eyes such as the depths of our hearts. He called out that God didn't say what are you what what he called and is what are you, you don't think God didn't know what Adam wants you what he wants but God is a gentleman.

He doesn't push his way. He doesn't invade your life. He seeks you out. He seeks me out this exterior speaks to me it puts our country's will call you again and again acute responsibility of leadership in your home.

When we persist in fighting Weatherby in the bottle or in the office or in the social activity when we persist in ignoring our late God have given us as a gift sooner or later we will pay the products, some men who think that the problem is going to be sold by walking out on their wives and marrying another one to think that the next wife is going to solve the problem and the problem is internal is not outside of them. Listen, I care what cultural consensus and said I wanted to mold the world started to squeeze a sin I don't care what the philosophers in the secular psychologist essay God sent the husband you are to be the head of your household. You ought to be the priest of your home, and that is not negotiable when he abdicates God-given responsibility. Your men are going to pay the price. Sooner or later. While some of you are saying okay.

What kind of leadership are you talking about I have to tell you honestly that this particular subject has been misunderstood for you. Generations for too long.

I believe in society.

Like all societies always swing from one extreme to the next slipway societies react in the past may have mistreated their wants. They have treated of a second-class citizen and many have interpreted leadership to me dictatorship. I now have swung to the other extreme and modern-day men abdicated their God given responsibility's tell you something here me right headship in the home is innocent of both those extremes godly headship of the husband and the home results from the working of God in a man's life, a godly husband leave his wife, not by giving a thought that the princes but by leading by what is he is about two years. You see authority for the sake of authority may disclose an unreasonable insecure husband who has to dominate the mobile to bolster his own but godly leadership is a man who speaks with spiritual authority. Don't confuse spiritual authority with being authority on spiritual thing doing at the same spiritual authority reveals something about the life of the government. Spiritual authority reveals the character of God as it is reflected and worked out and perfected in the life of the first. That is why Genesis 224 makes a statement that was repeated both by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the apostle Paul is therefore a man leaves his father and mother and pleased his wife, and they become one flesh. It is the man you noticed who leaves and please he is the one who shoulders double responsible, and that's why the Scripture said that in some mysterious way that in some way that is beyond backup husband's relationship to his wife, a husband's headship of his wife in the whole, depicts Christ's relationship to the believers to the church asked me to explain.

If it's a mystery man listening. God bless you for putting up with me. This is a solemn business. This is an incredible responsibility and God knows I do not speak as a perfect possible but I can tell you what the word of God sent. If you turn with me to Ephesians 525 is very famous passage in the following verses you will see exactly responsibility that God put upon the husband's in the home. The Scripture said a husband is to love his wife. He is the love his wife as Christ loved the church. One of your Alaska said wait a minute is the same quality of love. Yes, that's a scary assignment.

It is nothing for too long with the marriage very likely, but somehow God equip men to live up to this calling the calling of the headship in the home had this Christ loved the church. Look at the following verses he gives himself up for her.

God's love is all sacrificing the tinge of selfishness, not thought of me first. Not a word about being fulfilled first. Not a word about being tired of giving. Not a word about finding another woman and freezing off the word about if it doesn't work out we can get a divorce. His love for the church is constant. It is well for love is determined love is love is not dependent upon her feeling is not dependent upon her mood is a constant flow. His love for her is nourishing is cherishing is sustaining.

No, I promise you man is not a woman in her right mind would want to submit my life. I sent her right mind because a friend told me about a young doctor in Virginia. His wife got caught up with the sect began to undermine the marriage and finally she left and took her kids and left him, and for two years he filled out. This is no such thing as divorce where America in the sight of God and I'll wait for you in the letter. He said her heart is turned toward me and home by his constant love for her and seeking her being faithful to her said knock and continue to pray that her heart would turn toward the Lord and his word. But there's another thing about this Ephesians passage instructing husbands and wife, you will find in this passage. None of the fees it doesn't say that he loves you. This way you submit.

It doesn't say if you submit then love her as Christ loved the church was unaware that this is a full notice.

Husband live up to this is only one way in which this order can be fulfilled is through brilliance to God and his word and once here I want to hear them examine thank you for I believe it is obedience that undergirds the very structure of the merit you see the lines of authority all worked out from the date of creation from the benefit pages of the Scripture and the run stretch of the Scripture understand how we can spill over the husband is responsible to God, not his wife and the wife is responsible for husband. This is God's standards. Atlantis this is God's design society and we will. We find fulfillment when we obey. The result is oneness is peace its prominent it is serenity. But when we get it out of kilter here begins our trouble. One final instruction in the word of God at all to share with you the husband's is found in first Peter chapter 3, along with some good wisdom for wives as well. First Peter chapter Street verse seven it says live concentrically with your wives, bestowing on them as the weaker sex.

Since you are joint heirs of the grace of life in order that your prayers might not be hundred out of the verse. I don't know how many times and that one verse. There is enough practical wisdom to fill a counseling manual understanding and obeying this verse alone make all the difference in the marriage.

It gives a definition of what love is, is what the dictionary said the dictionary defines the word considerate as being a servant of the feeling of others showing thoughtfulness and kindness being considered doesn't mean that you will do all your wife's work. I'm not saying that all is going to say luck. Modern society said reversal roles. I'm not saying that I'm not saying become her helpmate no, but it means that you husband will be sensitive to her needs of being appreciated of being sensitive to her need to be understood. Being sensitive to her need for affection. It means that you will have a high degree of earthly about what life is like. It means that you will not belittle her annual not taken for granted that you will not abuse it means that you will act toward her toward her well-being as a person. The gift of God that God has given rise Peter saying that men ought to do this because husbands and wives together. He said are heirs of grace together because of Christ's death, both together have received joint in her attempts not like BC are one piece that joint. You should together because you both are one. This leaves no room for selfishly grabbing one's share of life's products because God's kind of things to the husband and wife are bound together in one oneness package of the grace of what you imagine life without grace, without that special godlike touch to grace is bound in the character of God, the God who wants and does what did Richards God who does not deal with us according to our deserving, and Peter saying joint lives of the grace of life is that grace that comes to us because Jesus chooses to grace our homes with his present because he is pleased to dwell with family because he is willing to change homes because he is willing to heal marriages because it is prepare transform broken relationships because he is able to change attitudes is full of grace and truth. When he is made, truly the head of the home structure and fixes his life giving spirit produces of joy, peace, husband must be considered to their wives. Why listen to what he said and adversely said, rest your prayers be hundred.

God doesn't promise to answer the prayer of the disobedient God doesn't promise to answer the prayer of the unjust. God doesn't promise to answer the prayer of the thoughtless God doesn't promise to answer the prayer of the unfaithful, for it is only when the husband praised God. The home goes right way and both husband and wife together, have an opportunity to experience the happiness, but contentment. The harmony never experience perfection. The misunderstanding we are living in sin with retina/problems will always arrive, but the overall picture is secure.

Because of this one obedience of men of the priests of the home of the heads of the whole, the word of God and loving their wives and cherishing their wives know the Holy Spirit is dealing with us in the Holy Spirit wants to hear you once to men never risked or divine skull. The spirit of unity. The spirit of God wants to unite the Holy Spirit probably is doing work in your life right now. When you let him maybe convicting you of maybe convicting you of unfaithfulness. Maybe convicting you of just taking your spouse for grant Lord Jesus, thank you for your grace. Thank you for your mercy. Thank you that you don't give up on us so easily help us not to give up on each other. Lord Jesus Christ heal the wound's buying the broken heart strengthened the fainthearted give courage to men to stand up and take the responsibility of being the priests of the home nourishes and cherishes of their wives give us courage give us wish to for someone like this couple that I talked about a wife who's living in disobedience to her house.

Lord help me Lord, you change my husband help me to loving and obey him and to submit to him as you would have said a single person, not sure what God has for use of Lord Jesus Christ give me a man of the home and left you on it with a spouse that you have chosen to give them learn what the word of God said thanks for listening to this message from Dr. Michael you Seth recently featured on leading the way. If you'd like to know more about us, please visit that's

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