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Crisis in the Family

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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February 11, 2019 3:00 am

Crisis in the Family

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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This is a message from leading the way with Dr. Michael. You sat we pray that it will encourage you in your walk of faith. If you would like to learn more about Dr. you Seth for leading the way, please visit LTW.more. We know this is not more existence of society.

The Christian family dog God dealt with families. God gave instructions for family life God almost this promises family was Martin Luther. This great German reformer was called by some as the founder of modern Christian family this Augustinian monk who made some sort of a revolution by rejecting the clerical celibacy is not of God, married Catherine VanBuren who, thus liberating, or from another.

He in that act, put the family in the center of the universe. Martin Luther said God established three essential institution, marriage, the ministry of the word and the state and get this founder of what might be called the modern Christian family stated that both in chronological order and insignificant. The home proceeds both the ministry of the word and the state marriage established by God himself and it proceeded the other two. The man leaves his father and mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh. This one single verse by virtue of its content on by virtue of its repetition in the Scripture teaches us more about family and about marriage in the home than any other single verse the necessity of this cleaving the necessity of this clean implies that this is to be worked out in daily living. In daily life in such a way that the outcome will be. Oneness, not the government's oneness. Noel Solomon is right. In many ways saying that nothing new under the sun. Statistics are showing us. We are facing to distinct dry suits and that both threaten the extinction of the family. These two prices are the continuing rise in the divorce rate and the influence of television upon children that are at the center of our problem before the church before the state before anything else that impinged on the glory of Eden. God created the family the national family strengths project found that having a father in the home is essential to the family strength George ruckus is a professor at University of South Carolina school of medicine said major child adjustments problem are associated with the father's absence of failure.

Father just what the Lord Jesus Christ himself address this crisis in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 19, some Pharisees came to Jesus on the set for him. Give us the ground of the and instead of giving the background for the forest. The Lord Jesus give them the grounds for marriage. He said, haven't you heard that from the beginning made them male and female, and he said for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united with his wife and the two will become one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no man put us on what is the responsible Bible believing church. The response I believe is for us to treatment, allow without fear, without hesitation. What Jesus said in Matthew 19 what God the father said in Genesis 2 that is first of all to say that marriage belongs to God's created order. It is not up to me to mess around with it from the beginning the Creator made them male and female before the Bible before the law of Moses before before the church before the state marriage was part of God's created order under twice in this passage of Matthew 19 the Lord Jesus emphasized this, the Pharisees, okay? Look at the trip, but what he said in verse four is from the beginning. Look at verse eight. It was this white from the beginning and what the Lord is saying here is this just as surely as he created the tide and flow every 12 hours in 24 minutes and every one of the 66 oceans in the world he has created marriage and he instituted murder for generations that have been pulled that they have been descendent of monkeys can only expect to cohabit like monkeys and unless we have a word from God. No amount of federal legislation can change that only a word from God only by the power of God only by obedience to the laws of God and onto all of us. Those of us in the program and those of us in the pews are willing to fund with a compassionate fund that marriage belongs to God's created order, and that you and I can know or change its ground rules, then changing the moon in your print first in the statement of Lord Jesus tells us that marriage is an exclusive union in the Greek literally says God made 1 mile for one female.

It belongs to God's exclusive union. God engraved this exclusive union into the created order was his long finger together one whiny make Adam and Eve and Susie didn't like Adam. Even Steve and Eve augment this point very clearly that God created this fresh family. We only had one choice. The Hebrew word man show woman and God looked at this union between the man and the woman, and he said this is an Adam looked at Eve some sort of rough translation. He said that's real good. Nothing else in the garden came even close second. God made her out of Adam's own flesh. That's why Martin Luther used nickname. His wife Catherine VanBuren with an affectionate name of my rib ready to go home and call you was my rib good job in the rib and Paul stated in first grade is chapter 7 verse four. He said that the body of the spouse is exclusively the others body, and that's why Martin Luther said in our court adulterer is worse than any theft foreknown institution can be made to an injured spouse since it deals with life and with honor.

It takes away what can never be given back is an exclusive union but it is also an effective union. Thus far the Lord Jesus Christ said that there are no longer to but 1/CS Lewis in translating this.

He said they become a single organism but the Lord Jesus Christ said it is exclusive union. He said it is effective union and he also said it is a permanent union.

The Lord said, let no man, let no human being but a Sangha no longer decide the minister John people together often chuckled people, couple, so would you join us to govern marriage is not my responsibility. The church doesn't join the people together as a state God join people together and we must reassert again and again that this is the will of God, and anything less than that is not the will of God. Now many of us in the pulpits have been so fearful to offend somebody that we say nothing and silence has so Lord God standards that it is no longer raised in the land of the now. Right, it doesn't mean that God does not redeem it doesn't mean that God does not forgive. It does not mean that all but it does mean that you cannot take God's redemptive for granted that you cannot make light of God's redemptive love are you content God is a pastor uncompassionate. All those who have no description of Murray is a prophet of God who holds up standard of God. I must say this is the will of God as a pastor I moved to tears off with those of experience the pain of divorce was a prophet of God.

I must say is the Lord Jesus said that no human being put us on a few years ago I did some research on the effect of television and I put together the manuscript. All the publishers often call me about you and are you working in something you would like to I send it to all of them.

Not one of them wanted to publish his numbers goodbye wants to tell them that the television has a negative impact on the children. Therefore, they are going to buy the book. When I got a problem. So what I did. I just turn it into a novel and now they all clamoring for since it's fiction, it was familiar for preachers to thunder against the evils of television obscene summons and title television, or television, then what happened is the preachers themselves got hooked onto so somehow settled in a kind of easy tolerance.

Everything tells me deep in my bones that it is time again to wake up, the average child watches 30 hours a week.

That means in a span of 18 years. A child would've watched a team also hours of television while the spent 12,000 hours in school started at was conducted at San Francisco State University showed that beyond a shadow of doubt that watching television highly alters the brain wave state even when people have watched as little as 20 minutes. The state called the alpha state and the study explains that the offer occurs when you don't orient yourself when you just sit back and have the pictures role in your hair, but you're totally pass the right word for this alpha state is spaced out and this means that while we are watching and we are not reacting just orienting not focusing just spacecraft information goes right into our memory pool and when you watch television you are training yourself not react not to interact. So later on you do things in life later on. You say things in life light on the things in life and they come straight out of the memory pool were all that information is been stored. We better ask ourselves what has been important brain memory pool. If what we are tuned into is what returning to the rest of your problems. I wonder we have generations of children who are disrespectful of a thought or disrespectful of the parent. No wonder if they modeling the life and the role of the parents of what they're watching television, not just condemning the medial television. I believe Christians ought to invade that media taken over and turned around. Always believe it's better to light the candle that… But what we need today is absolute discipline in the family, or else the crisis is going to be of such magnitude that will not be able to solve the reason children are inclined to learn from television is that it is never too busy to talk to them on the day, something those words stung me the truth always does, was long ago. I was going down to my basement office and home, sit down and put the sermon together with a young son asked me to do something Raymond natural instinct. I said no I'm too busy thought about my response for a minute to prepare a sermon, I'm busy. I'm gonna tell people about the impact of time with the family. My thought was, how dare he interrupt me back for 2000 tomorrow in preparation, but it often help my son first, and others. A recent study has been conducted to find what makes family strong and they found the following principles. Strong families spend time together. This is not just quality time is how I used to use you know and I discovers a couple really that was some excuse for not spending time at all. It's always been quality time factor. Frankly, this whole sermon is a hard word for me from like many of you men who are overachievers.

I set my goals and I want to achieve them. I wanted to accomplish things a lot so I traveled the world and degrees in our books all simultaneously to me. There were very important. All yes I justified it as it is the ministry, but often come ahead of my family now may be the I'm not as productive on a global level. As I once walks but I know that the quantity of time with my family has been put in its proper place. Secondly, the study showed that strong families discuss their concerns together this spring time talking and this doesn't mean that they're perfect is no such thing as a perfect Christian thing it submits I'm yet to find one. I love it when somebody comes to me and said you know we have been married for 30 years and have never had a fight. Just look so in that study found that strong families always have a sense of being a team have a sense of a family identity that can form a sharing time from the rituals, family members, and fourthly appreciation appreciation for each other, spending time to help each other to bolster each other's sophistry. People who know that they have a family home because they have a heavenly home in the Star magazine is right where it says that one day the sun will become exploding supernova and it will be fried. And then when the sun goes out this little planet of ours will be nothing but a frozen pew in the solar system with Time magazine's right of the scientists are right, then those of us who have committed our family homes to the heavenly home know that this is not our air we prepare for this heavenly home being in a church want to tell you in this concluding remark something very significant that I have not thought about until this past couple of weeks is about the Lord Jesus Christ. I never thought about it in the stones before the Lord Jesus Christ conquered all these problem. The Lord was a single adult level was merit, but he learned for 33 years to live a chaste life. He came from an unusual family family what we call today a merged family most unusual merged family. There was the firstborn was a son of Marion of the Holy Spirit and, therefore, brothers, and two sisters were children of Mary and Joseph. It was a troubled family there was a troubled family when there was a whisper of a scandal in the back streets of Nasser the Jesus was illegitimate and unusual birth family with tension in these tensions erupted when you read in the Scripture that neither were his brothers believed him, but out of the strangeness of the unusualness of this merged family and out of the tension that was in the particular home of Joseph, the Lord brought it all along in the redemptive way to broaden redemptive way until Mary knelt at the cross and waited in the upper room for the coming of the Holy Spirit brought another way, until his half brother James believed in him and was named the bishop of the church of Jerusalem and was beheaded for the name of Jesus. The material together. My brothers and my sisters and my friends and said God can take off families with their brokenness. He can take off families with their failures. He can take off families with their unusualness, and he patched up in the redemptive way.

The great thing about the Lord Jesus Christ, the great thing about our face is that there is a place of beginning again a place of beginning, to those who say Jesus Christ as Lord not only of heart and mind, but also home and this could be a time of new beginning of redemptive time for you, for your family. Send against your family to print the Lord Jesus is ready to forgive you is ready to restore you. His ready to use you like me sometimes you get so overwhelmed and so the Lord I think I'm a lousy father, the Lord is saying.

I can send you my Holy Spirit to make you a good five give the opportunity to the Holy Spirit to work in your life. Father God, I pray for every individual who is bowing before you this very moment father off. Families are being attacked and the pressures too great for us but we know that in the power of the Holy Spirit, we are over comers, pretzel, broken families are pray for hurting families are pray for bleeding families that with the power of the Holy Spirit. Lord bring out, redeem and strengthen out of it will come good families that will stand up for the truth for the gospel for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lauder's father some I'm ahead of the pack.

We confess to the heavens on the best job that we could do we ask you to forgive us. We ask you to help us to redeem the years that are eaten by the loan. We know it's never too late. We thank you father

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