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Live! From Mount Pisgah Methodist Church with Special Guest Host Andy Bowersox

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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August 18, 2018 3:53 pm

Live! From Mount Pisgah Methodist Church with Special Guest Host Andy Bowersox

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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August 18, 2018 3:53 pm

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Pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore good morning everyone, this is not Robbie Gilmore, the Bowersox guys ministries on going in Robbie this morning. Robbie is actually out one of his boot camps are nothing but good reports about that, so far, but we are actually live on location at Mount Pisco Methodist Church in Greensboro 2600 Pisco Church Road. That's important because there's a lot of cool stuff going on out here were broadcasting live from there we can only imagine weekend pastor Jeff Johnson is here with us today.

There's a whole lineup you gush and see what I see a lot of red T-shirts of volunteer for Mount Pisco Methodist here, but we can only imagine is a community outreach event there is a lot of people here that are given away backpacks and food and bounce places, houses about slides and things like that. There's cars on display. There's free haircuts. There's freeze sport screenings all kind of stuff because if you live in the Greensboro Avon Triad area. Make sure the hustle over here to two 2600 Pisco Church Road. It's at Mount Pisco Methodist Church. A section on the corner of lot of battleground Avenue and Pisco Church Road right across from Lowe's is a great coffee shop on the corner over there to sell coffee, grab that stop by but anyway we got several guests here today first guest is Mark Bumgarner Marks or the overseer of this thing.

Your lease going to give us a little more detail about some of his work was happening so mark welcome to the program tells us what's going on today. Thank you very much for having me on this is been a awesome weekend so far and it's not not the end of it is actually just the beginning.

This we can only imagine really start off with a vision of our senior pastor Jeff Johnson and really it was for us to give back to the community and always trying to give away 1000 backpacks to school-age children thousand backpacks out there and I left.

Right now there there are still left. So when very nice backpacks is very nice.

Backpacks would get broken out between people that need kindergarten to fifth grade and then another backpacks size from six great 12th grade so please come out and try to get you sizes I got you covered no strings attached to it, then no strings attached at all. In addition to that they can come out and get facepainting in bouncy houses and food and things of that nature. What I didn't even see the facepainting but I so you got a big tent over here all kinds of people. I do see the backpacks being given away in this Epicurus went to school start here in Guilford County anyway.

It starts the last week of August about 26 August nine cents perfect timing you got school-age kids or grandkids.

Make sure they know were on location Mount Pisco Methodist 2600 Pisco Church Road.

We got the get the tent set up right. I got a awesome weather to like no rain here. It's been it's been kinda cool nice breeze going but in addition to that, yes, you have the facepainting set inside or outside that's outside what what we have is we've had a lot of good response to an additional backpacks is given away free haircuts so your child is I needed it to get a haircut before school starts in another week or so we've got that covered for you.

We also got free sports I check so that if your child in seventh grade to 12th grade is going to go out for sports needs to have that sports waiver were given away free sports checks and I think that's actually a really big deal.

I think Dr. Rigsby is going to join us later on from Conte health and he was explained as part of expense involved with that exact and us if you got kids and in soccer, football or sports. Got myself a finger thinking that Carson the pro basketball player come around here. Later on he tells more about that day were that something important. So what what else is in the parking lot area we see. So, in addition that we one of the things we want to do is have an opportunity for people to have prayer and so anybody that wants to come out and pray with some of our volunteers.

We got that and even though your kids may be with you for the backpacks. That's where they can go and have activities in the facepainting and so forth. And they'll be well tended to.

While you can go in and have a moment of prayer. We actually have a place for you to put prayer requests answer that people are our church can pray for even after today's death to come out and enjoy that so that's what's going on during the day here. What about this evening. What got lined up for this evening so this evening we actually have a movie that were going to be showing under a big tent and it's the where I can only imagine song.

Is it where the history that came from and so were showing that movie this evening and then of course tomorrow morning. We got a joint service one big huge worship service at 10 o'clock that's both our traditional type as well as our will be color Mount services your praise and worship were doing it all together one, 10 o'clock tomorrow morning, so come out and join us. What time is a movie this evening. The the time tonight is 639 Street, Hertha 630 tonight and is a surcharge for the movie. No charge at all. So come on out.

No charge.

Full-size screen out the sound of the water causing a member, probably about 12 bucks so if you knew her for a very like a B 25, $50 are going to save my coming out tonight and I get no strings attached is a great opportunity. The weather is fantastic.

If will be fairly cool this evening. You can be a tent. Anyway, I got some big fans in there.

So really don't want to miss his work were 2600 Pisco Church Road. It's it's not Pisco Methodist Church right across from Lowe's hardware and all this free stuff going on this morning right now will be followed up with a movie and then and then the offer should be invited back to to come to the service tomorrow but all we also have our next Sunday or tomorrow night. We actually also have another worship service can be at 7 o'clock where you get have the food trucks out there will have a featuring a Christian comedian that's going to be tomorrow night to say is always knowing that we can only imagine. I can only imagine having more people going to show up the rear in his room really been a great site to see and also also with us here.

The thing we got Kristi Johnson here.

Christie is pastor Jeff's wife.

She is going to share a little history like to see how this all come about. It was the major production. You guys are put on today what happening just partnering very similar. We were in Denver nor Carolina church there for 14 years group of about 12 churches that partnering together. There come out every year and called my timber which is very similar to what were doing today that we partner with me in the last few years we were there and saw just the community. Just last beyond belief and just helping the kids and the parents take off some of that financial burden get the kids ready for school and got back with some fresh clean haircuts and licking my fancy, just a wonderful year blessed them anyway. We can and are subject to be the church community and that when we made tier to map we had such a great group of volunteers. Here you can see there's Army redshirts around here. I mean there were right to search everyone's been very helpful.

I had a chance to walk around a little bit to see some of the activities and has a very welcoming atmosphere.

So if you're if you're listening right now I just want to remind where 2600 Pisco Church Road in Greensboro is the phenomenal community outreach event is not as dryly have seen advisement jargon for anything. So far, so I bring your kids or grandkids get the backpacks get some school supplies. Some snacks you get your facepainting for the little ones there and then these these these physicals I'd like to see we can find Dr. Rigsby.

I like to hear what he has to say about this physical thing, but also I think there's some vision screenings going on in their talks on my last night that was just talking about how if you if you have some younger ones that be able to catch them when you can afford to get to the doctor, get the ice checked but it's important to get that check drawn on these people here to help you do that today so so anyway Kristi so you you made a comment about it's easy to catch the vision what you see the vision right there like I write that down to use her for future events, and how much how long is the planet been going on for this for this weekend. Right now I would say well with the vision to be somewhere else. When we came here to Greensboro.

One of the things is just a great patient we have right here churches right now and there's so many people that come by just our church facilities all the time.

One of the things we did was get a name. Actually named Matt where and when I come by on right yeah words were 2600 Church Road grade average of the Methodist. We will catch up with Dr. right after the break. Welcome back to kingdom pursuit any Bowersox ministries recognize my voice. Robbie is actually one of their dirty boot camps today so I am here filling in at Mount Scott Methodist Church in the corner of Pisco Church Road and Battleground Avenue. This is the beginning of going towards the middle of the we can only imagine weekend and there's all kinds of free stuff happening here.

We've got free haircuts, Gottfried backpacks for kids got free sports screenings and snacks and food and get ready for big weekend if you been listening. We had Mark Bumgarner on a few minutes ago talking about all the details of how this is happened.

Kristi share the vision of how this got started. But if you're the trailer we certainly should come join us and be part of this thing today. There's no strings attached to it. It's an absolutely free community event vision screenings in and all kinds of this facepainting for the little kids going on but we mentioned earlier about the sports physicals and this is kind of a big deal so well we've got Dr. Michael Rigby here from my from Conte health. So I talked welcome to the program taught tells exactly what you're offering here today. Thanks for coming out and help and support this event as well. Part of what the vision was try to provide as many services using the gifts that we have an Jeff approached me and said hey can we do something from a medical side of things and go to church I go to church as good and pastor Jeff came said they were the resources that are in our congregation, arguing that we can offer you sure stepped up to the plate and I said let me think about that one for a minute is because it's a little bit hard to provide medical care, but one thing that North Carolina high school sports associations. Any kid that is participating in any athletics in middle and in high school, they have to have a sports screening. A lot of times is completed while they see their regular physician but a lot of times two timing wise it may be Mr. they may forget to do it. Incidental have to go get this filled out before the schools year starts specially this time, the year tends to be very busy for this and usually there's a fairly substantial cost to that and it's relatively easy screen to do it's not a full wellness exam were not due on Wednesday.

So yeah it's it's really making sure the kids are safe to be able to play sports and so that is something I'm on the sports medicine physician and family medicine train initially so this is definitely kind of right up our alley and something that I knew I could I could support with how how grand of the vision.

This was only to make sure we had plenty of support around me as well/start float the idea with some of my partners at work, which is what our lower healthcare, which is part of Conte health and very much all my partners that I spoke with said you will be there took little at times. I kept asking before I get confirmation on everybody in everybody confirms. We had we had six docs out here earlier today at one of our PAs.

That was out here helping as well.

We had one of our CMA's medical assistance, and help, and everybody's been thrilled to help out so that it is super encouraging and we see in the news is all kinds and negative things are going on around us right but it is super encouraging to me for for those who don't know me, I actually lead a ministry national ministry that provides care for pastors and other ministry leaders and so we get to see and hear not just visually. Kristi was talking about, but real, tangible, practical ways that people that are truly following the Lord are working together and building community unity that's afraid he's come to my look around and I see all this interaction just like what you're talking about right now there's there's no there's nothing in it for you other than your here to serve you got a smile on your face. You're joyful about that serving people is, it is a true joy right there and so it's been great to get to know Pastor Jeff from this church and his wife in their heart for missions were a talk more about that in the in the next segment but anyway docs so here it is. You got people yet full support. What what it what are the visit you get all the official paperwork that you give out so they don't need anything else like I was the same as is make an appointment at the clinic you have when you walk out the door, you're going to be set your can be set so that it essentially the most kids are absolutely safe and able to participate in sports know even if they have some minor medical conditions were not managing those issues by any means, and if there are issues that come up there.

There's a lot of screening questions and that's a big part of what were going over if there's anything that we are able to say hey we think your your good or we need more information on this. We absolutely say hey you need to go and follow up with your physician. This is something that we can't say for sure that's not the majority of the time. The majority time is a you're perfectly healthy. Please go play in really what we know exercise obviously is a is a great thing from body, mind and spirit inside of things and so trying to encourage these kids get out and really be active and continue to go is important to do.

I think you such a fantastic idea.

I mentioned earlier I was walking around in and I saw the six or eight haircuts chairs in there and I'm looking across at the big tent. Now there's a line of people waiting to get haircuts over there. I saw a lot of people trying to some of his physicals earlier. So again, if you listen to you live in the in the Greensboro Triad area. We are broadcasting live from Mount Mount Haskin Methodist Church here at 2600 Pisco Church Road on the corner of Pisco church and Battleground Avenue right across Lowe's hardware. There is all kinds of free actually beneficial services out here. Okay, you got the backpack food with school supplies for the kids snacks and facepainting for the little ones but if if you're listening, you still got time document to be here for a while that there come on out your kids bring your grandkids if you know they're going to play in sports and it's just a great opportunity stood not to save up money to get a real thorough physical exam right here to get that paperwork filled out so that you can play anything else you want to comment about that dog while you're here just come see us come see you were here and I say Spencer Brinker to have you as a preacher to stop by and I keep up the good work in this in the service over there so you move on to Stacy. Hello, this is just another one of the all these tents are thing I think Pastor Jeff told there's like 20 to 10 signed out two different things are being offered here today, but Stacy is with his with the pregnancy care center on the trees, a guy named by Satan to raise her parents care center. I will tell it's also good about that and what are you doing here today. I've been a member at Phnom Penh for 21 years and this congregation is just a very generous a lot of people don't know about the Greensboro pregnancy care center that many churches in our area donate materials and money to the Greensboro pregnancy care center.

This church has donated money through baby bottles.

The change in advance that we deal with haddock to tell me about the baby while I've seen that work well at Chick-fil-A as well. I believe in marriage that basically once a year we pass out baby bottles that are handed out from the pregnancy care center and we have located inside the church and people can just pick one up and over the course of the methods you just collect chains and bring it back and we donate all of that to the pregnancy care center and it goes toward helping men and women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy and it's just a really great read. Having those bottles here today not today. We did that event this year, but we did earlier in the rain. When we come back on actually done that myself and this is pretty substantial fundraiser for you guys. It is a really really easy thing to do. You be surprised how much change you can actually cream and a little baby bottle right there. This year we combined events with our fundraising for the walk for life which occurs in downtown Green every April and many many churches join together to support life and to come together in a prior life advocate so your your here exhibiting today, gesturing to read the resource and the services you offer. What is been the highlight today of it so far for your any stories in your in your your experiences stand out this evening to see volunteer position while I've worked with children for a number of years spent as a parent and public school teacher and know this is thanks and have that I am pro-life and I love kids of all ages and it was great to watch them going down the sides and justly connect with them and see how much joy they bring to the day whether there is a lot of kids out here today.

So again, if you got young kids or grandkids and you're out. I don't know maybe getting milkshakes or burgers or something down the street and want to stop by. It said 2600 Pisco Church Road, and all kinds of great stuff we we talk to Dr. Rigby a few minutes ago about the sports arena doing but also here at the table with us. We got this big start of a basketball player parts and long-running in from time to time around town. He's always smiling and I got a neat story which were not touched on two things, guys, I just heard from Pastor Jeff or somebody so your first visit to this church. I think you went on a mission trip the day after the same week the same the same week or let's let's come back that but your picture here. Also representing the hell are you doing here today with CP three basketball Academy today so we are 12 month training facility locations and Greensboro and we were just here, given couple lessons of the kids information to kids about our what what what all we do what what is CP through Chris Paul says it all, and he's number through a recognizable name is Chris Paul. Foundation that is so. He owns a facility in Winston and kids can go there all year and then also in Greensboro at prolific Park on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I can look at parks right at the resurrection surcharge for that. There is a charge of the first sessions free so you can go to first session for free and then it's a monthly charge. After that, but what we're doing today is just common given couple lessons to kids that just love basketball's right when I when I first pulled up for us all of us will be in bounced over there look like there are some who feel shot out so you said you train with them as I write. I didn't mean for them.

I did the internship this summer with them and once in the office and ran their support other social media accounts so I got to go to the training sessions and make sure what was going on live Instagram or Facebook.

That's what that's what I did for them. The summer okay you're going to be here for little while to just give them more information about that you got kids or grandkids there in the basketball you want to check this out. It's acoustic Chris Paul. Foundation CP three courses going to be here. You can find a better share the personally came argument big hobbies like rock solid. So the opposite of me. He's a total stud. Bring your kids out to meet him and will catch up with a few more these things after the next break. Welcome back to kingdom pursuits radio Bowersox here from energized ministries filling in for Robbie away at one of their masculine dirty boot camp today. We are broadcasting live on location at Mount Pisco Methodist Church 2600 Pisco Church Road in Greensboro on the corner of Battleground and Pisco Church Road right across from Lowe's hardware. We are here at the we can only imagine weekend is a massive community outreach event having a big tent in the parking lot. We got Hansen blowup bounce houses and cars for sale on popcorn and facepainting and free backpacks and sport screens for your kids if you been listening some guest on talking about specifically what's been happening but we'll we accept Pastor Jeff here with us right now were going to go to directly to to him next and just here a little bit more Jeff what how you feel about what's happening here today. It's really been incredible. If you if you were here and you were looking around. We have over 200 volunteers wearing red searches to absolutely see or read our volunteer base is been huge and it's just been a like a great time for our congregation come together we got a chance to know people and our people could not have been more generous in giving their time and all these backpacks, haircuts, and just just loving people Greensboro when we were looking is the man we had caught in the GSL of Vienna Greensboro band. But when we were little, really look at this. We said you know it's as big can't we need to command so we came up this tagline. We can only remember when here. We can only remember what about I can only remember the hit song that came out in 1999. They forget that year had a young guy came to my church when I was serving valleys first met church in Burke County. He sang that song but you know what we have smacked unravel that right now.

Her name is Jesse Ames work. She is singing that song tonight were having a movie tonight that we will be actually starting right at 715 underneath her big tent but Jesse is here and I just want Jesse she's can be singing a song tonight will have one service tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock in the morning that Jesse will be singing about preaching and preaching a message this really close to me.

How do you dance all not long with the Lord.

That's what I preach: but before that you will be more blessed by Jesse this thing actually made you Jesse. I want to hear you decide you are so gifted, I love to see you and you saying you take off your shoes and you just feel like you hold in you saying in you are going be bringing goosebumps people want to hear that song just a little while else that you feel you sing that song bring a little bit goosebumps but is not me.

I thought God and I'm really excited to see just get to BMS and ambassador for the message and that song it's really just about redemption and that sheet that we really can't even imagine how they think they got even this weekend we have all these wonderful plans and not just let him out of the water. I'm really excited to 19, said the movie and then get to to be in at least. That message and I can only imagine again and again tomorrow using tonight and tomorrow. Okay racing tonight tomorrow and tomorrow night. She sing the same song three times but will sing some of the songs she's so down we can hear never what you need you need to make sure you get out here again we're at Mount Pisco Methodist at the corner of Battleground Avenue and Pisco Church Road for the we can only imagine weekend talk with Pastor Jeff talking with Jesse singing. I can only imagine after the movie tonight tomorrow morning with a 10 AM service and then tomorrow I die keep much to talk about the thing tomorrow night, but is not over until they were when the weekends over when this is over. Right, Jeff.

Absolutely. So tell little more. What else is having to my see some food trucks can write a pool and hear what else is happening tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock in the morning will be having one service under 10 and we have one of our groups or United Methodist men have grace legal hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken right after were hoping to have lunch right around 1130 don't show up at 1130 we want you to be there 10 o'clock for the service you will be blessed that next Sunday night tomorrow night at 530 will have our food trucks. Here we have a couple food trucks, you will be blessed and then at 7 o'clock will have one. Another service in the content and will have tuber music groups. One is our young little praise band that Jesse is one of his Wimberly singers.

Also, we have another group disc will be here in there you will be singing called the soldiers again trio with Terry.

Our associate pastor Donald Thomas. People love to hear him saying we have a Christian comedian Kevin team Troutdale. I had a chance to meet him for the first time of the Truth Network tribe are he is unbelievable. Funny, I just want people to come back and just relax and just have a great time tomorrow night in the Lord.

I think having Tim there tomorrow it's going to be a great thing to come see you guys are not familiar terms for he actually is Lowe's local talent right here. He lives in Pleasant Garden but he is an upcoming sensation.

He literally has, I think, 30 or 40 million views on his things and went to so he is rapidly rising. You get to come here will cost anything tomorrow night's come on out for the third trucks early come out for for Jesse singing. I can only imagine she can have her shoes often anxious on the beer tomorrow just to hear some of that, sir about dancing all night with the Lord. I'm nervous that I'm nervous.

Well I like.

I'm looking forward to see if you got your shoes off up there dancing tomorrow morning. This whole being and he has been bathed in prayer.

We have been talking about this thing for months and months and bonds. We want God to move. We wanted this event to be an answer to prayer to people in one part of this event that we had here this morning is we wanted a chance for people for prayer concerns for spiritual support and we have one of our great volunteers hear her name is Kim long super. She oversees our prayer ministry and every Sunday morning as we gather from 830 1130 every single time the were here people in our prayer in their praying.

I just want to turn Kim. Several people came by just had some unbelievable prayer request and we had a chance to pray in just level the people in Greensboro tell us Kim well I'm so pleased to be here and God is certainly showing up today. That's for sure.

Leave we've probably prayed over 30 families in our inner sanctuary. I had one mother I met her outside to me and hugged me and would not let go when she was just sobbing because she's had a child that suffers from just doesn't ever know from day to day what what will be held for that child in so those are the types of people that we get to live fine and pray with and not only had six-year-old children come up to me and want to go into the sanctuary and pray and of course I want to know where their parents are children that want to come in and pray S and is just is just a fantastic thing to see Carolyn stoppages for a minute so I mentioned earlier I am the director of energized ministry so you guys know our ministry and we focus heavily on prayer are our measure provides what we say is preventive care and prayer support pastors picture how we met Jeff.

His family, what would we do that locally in the tribe here but also deliver the country and right over my shoulder UCR big prayer bus out there. When we do what's called a pray for your pastor tour every year and I absolutely know that feeling like like, and I almost like I should apologize for not referencing prayer is really the powerhouse in the engine that drives events like this lately, so I I am a huge fan of your ministry right there. We spend a lot of time trying to just expose stories and share testimonies first like that when you truly can't attribute circumstances and having to write anything but the power of prayer aptly so I think it's fair that you said you do it every week you're not just today but sure you have an area in your in your in your church.

We do work during the services people are plans that last last fall we had a couple members that that just was laid on their hearts that we needed a prayer room dedicated prayer room in our in our church so we went about that and it turned into be a beautiful place you you truly feel God when you walk in there and so we schedule we have scheduled people.

If we have something going on in this church there someone in that prayer room praying for that event.

Anybody involved in it, or the many prayer requests that we have on the cross in their you can go in there and pray for our missionaries and anyone in the Armed Forces that's with our church that is stationed outside, so there's lots of things to pray over during those times you have your listening to this broadcast. I really do see want to challenge you right now we been talking about all of the physical things here. The facepainting in the backpacks and I look.

I think there still some backpacks of several backpacks still available or secure. If your child or grandchild needs one were out here 2600 Pisco Church Road in Greensboro. All this stuff is free, but also there. There are spiritual needs. There are deeper needs represented at this table in this parking lot of the student throughout this community.

And so is Kim and her team are here to pray and I would just ask you Kim. You mentioned that there some kids that come up there I I know that the Lord speaks to children. I have an eight-year-old daughter and I know I seen in her life that God speaks to her and she listens as I just curious what you said there some kids that came out today. Is there anything you can share about one of those kids that came up her story just what what kind of things do they ask you to pray for what drives that what we think makes them come find you and you know it's it's funny that you say that because one of the children wanted to come in, come in and pray for her mother. So you see these children that are ministering to their parents and those around them.

You know we we think of children being so innocent and they're the ones that need to be taking care of that may in turn see that need in their parents and those around them. So it's a beautiful thing to see God at work in the children.

Are you always get encouragement.

I mentioned my eight-year-old daughter. You know what we asked her to pray for something it's amazing to me what the words that come out of her mouth. Pray for God's word. Yeah, right. And so is just evidence. You know that the survival tell us that Jesus suffer the little children to come unto me in the mouth of babes so so I think it's just great ends and so to get your listing, there still there still plenty of book packs. There's there's the haircuts are still going on in there. There's been a lot of haircuts given out today.

How many we have several on the sport screens but a lot of stuff going on and we want to come out but also if there's if their spiritual needs and deeper needs to be here for the day.

Come on see her. She loved to play with you because just a few more guests were to hit and will come back after the break and see if we can put a bow on this thing. Welcome back to the kingdom pursuit of the standard Bowersox drives ministries filling in for my good friend Robbie Gilmore today was out at their masculine journey boot camp he pray for him and those guys out there, but today we are broadcasting live on location from Mount Pisco Methodist Church at the corner of Pisco Church Road and lawn. I'm sorry battleground and I got Mrs. a big huge road out here but they were right on the corner. Pisco is hosting the we can only imagine weekend if you've been listening. We've got backpacks to giveaway for your kids and grandkids.

We got food out here. We've got facepainting with the really cool thing that we learned about in the last segment was these sports physicals.

If you've got kids playing sports this year. You don't want to drop of 50 or 60 or 70 bucks or whatever it cost to get sports physical done you can come out right now. Dr. Rigby is here from cone health and they will get you certified get the paperwork filled out for you also.

We got a movie being shown your letter on the I can only imagine they would talk to Jesse about that got tomorrow morning just going to be preaching on dancing with Jesus all night long won't want to miss that. And then now this whole thing to be wrapped up with food trucks and and Tim structure of the comedian. So really this is a tremendous outreach event. Everything is going to be offered free and and just gonna be great. So Jeff your back with us. He got a few more guess you want to sit to talk to who we got with us right now we do. We have a couple more guess this but I just want to say that we look at an event like this, size, or doing it his amazing because we had different people that have stepped up to help the sponsor.

We could not do this without battleground tyrant Alex Garner. Litmus uses facilities with our parking lot with him. Great place to business about a vampire. We've also had flow motors had been very generous. I'm coming in with the similar vehicles and also one of our one of her laypeople here Frank roof garden came in here with nothing but cake started Mrs. hereunder friendly centering on the guess I have missed Frank Franks one of our leaders. When I came in here he was actually in charge of our staff parish relations committee and is been a really great friend and one of the spiritual leaders in place the guitar in our Mount service will welcome Frank so so just write Frank if you can have ministry operates without ministry dollars being able to make it all happen. You can give all this away for free without somebody helping out so far. What you do business here. Nothing like takes tell us about well really excited about that. Types of partners and it we had come across this concept of nothing but cakes. We opened one in Raleigh last year and it was really well received there and we thought that it would go well in Greensboro and it really has were at the shops at friendly center and the community has really really been supportive of the business.

I think it's amazing the other. There's one is in Winston-Salem. That's where I live there couple times. Nothing like this BUN DT is sort of a play on words right there but cakes, but I could not believe that such a market for cakes out there. People love really highly specialized, but folks really really do like what what is the predominate.

Laypeople command there. Is there a standout reason that, for birthdays or just for special dinners.

I wanted what was the main clientele, therefore there are people to come in for all manner of reason some people come in because we've got these small bomblets that are good for one or two people and they just want to have a have something sweet there other people to come in to get graduation cake or back-to-school cake birthday cake and we got a variety of sizes and they decorate the cakes for what ever event or occasion to celebrate. You have some over here today are not so yeah, okay, I'll be sure to visit that we get done come check it out, but anyway, we do appreciate you Frank and and nothing but cakes help not to make this happen there at friendly center between PF Chang's and Flemings at rest, exactly, and so go check them out support them there. So I'm doing a great job to help this and Jeff you got another friend to what one of my heroes in the church at Darrell sales we Mount Pisco started the prison ministry over 20 years ago and it is a national while is unbelievable. Teaching a disciple Bible study in the prisons and I just want Darrell to give a little testimony of all the men and women. This ministry has reached last 20 years like you to start by saying 25 years ago about this golfer disciple Bible study is a nine month course I took it that first year and facilitated the second year, second year I was riding back from Salem and listening to Christian radio and I heard somebody talking about Bible study in a prison and disciple classes you bond to get tight and that night I just made an offhand comment about it. Be sorta neat if we could do that.

That's all I said and Dylan to the name of Darrell Hayden if he could picture a bad sleeping on the fly. That's what he was like he leapt up and he says let's do it and he wouldn't turn loose of it. I tried to throw the hook a couple times, but he was adamant that we wound up going to what I consider to be one of the most dynamic prison ministries North Carolina that's for size sale prison ministry. We started there and so should ministry here at the time Mark Hicks got excited about it as well and formed a group called the Obama's disciple Bible outreach ministries offers disciple to inmates prisons in North Carolina and since taken it of the states, Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee and North Carolina were north of 50 prisons with youth facilities. We offer disciple Bible study do not study well there. I agree with you. Where were very familiar with the first like to own prison ministry and also the graves were one here to so II think there's tremendous testimony that comes out there's a there's a there's not many places you can see maybe what we call Salter Paul conversions as much as you see through the jail and prison is where where people are at the end of the rope in the line.

Finally willing to surrender, reach out and I have similar to tremendous things for ministries like yours certainly appreciate keeping our prayers and thank you for being under today in recruiting others also and Jeff you can tell me all morning.

We need to hear this testimony. We have a few minutes left, but Andy comber is where the seer and just give us a good. This gives a quick paragraph over here for your born racist churches being herein and you so many times we go through our college years, drop by the church and for many people.

He was a prayer. They were praying for him that he would want to come back some situations in his life happened in the last year he will men's retreat or walk to Emmaus. He won a mission trip to the South Dakota with the with the Native American Sue and he is almost a different type person.

Mom says that his dad said that this guy is on fire for the Lord. And this is Sandy, so many people even Darrell sales. A lot of these airport into the sky through the years and right now he's he's coming on the next leadership map is so heavy you would say you're a result of people's prayers. There was absolutely I would like to start off testimony just simply bad.

I single what God is done for me is been amazing.

Especially this past year March of last year actually was an alcohol involved accident. I have I fell over a ledge and break my neck and pastor Jeff Johnson and Katie came to the hospital and invisibly while is in the hospital bed and told me about the young adult ministries and that got me into the church and without business prayers I was. I had a speedy recovery and I was able to cover and I was back at work in three months.

Well after that three months I was in the alcohol vehicle involved accident and roar learner. There absolutely, and I walked away pretty much unscathed from that but I was in legal trouble from it. And honestly, that was it.

I said to God, I said got I believe you are ready to start living for you to limit all and end like you said, it probably back to the church for my first accident, but after this one really I felt that I felt Christ call me and reintroduced back to my life and that I may delete the step step of faith with my new Sunday school class. I was involved in an active fast to them and after I made that that step is things like pastor Jeff was saying is that step after step after that going closer.

My relationship with Christ and it like a settlement involving church now and I wanted to wanted to say how much I appreciated how much the trip went meant to me in South Dakota. I went from drinking to live in selfish life to having the opportunity to to bring a young young child to cry. She's never heard about before and how amazing that was what inspiration it is to me and it actually gave me another purpose for God in my life mission work and is just amazing that community that we were in here about the crime and the violence that's there in our focus was to show God's love their and it was just amazing that a that to receive love from these people aside of what you hear from you hear from the negative aspects of it and then I have that part of their community with whatever everything they deal with the come back to this pleasant community in Greensboro and be able to share God's faith with the people here local right now for the upcoming school year is just amazing and I want to thank God.

Think about his gift for you in the back to a solid foundation and how does one encourage you keep at it.

You know your encouragement to me seen a lot of people struggle with very similar stories to yours and Jessica brings us full circle back to know we hadn't had Dr. review here earlier just talking about how when you when you put yourself listless.

Take some that selfishness out of our lives is back on the focus of where's God given this opportunity, ability and opportunity to serve and embrace and is this what brings joy. We were talking off their minute ago about seeing the kids that have come through here that will trap in are not sure what to expect to see him smile because of all these venture to say I hear people serving to join us. Jeff got a great job half 2650 Church Road. Come join us for the we can only imagine we can actually probably back to take a seat here just a little while joy your weekend

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