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Susan Stevens, Kristin O'Leary, and Tara Williams-Tucker with Special Guest Host Bill Mixon

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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August 25, 2018 12:34 pm

Susan Stevens, Kristin O'Leary, and Tara Williams-Tucker with Special Guest Host Bill Mixon

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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August 25, 2018 12:34 pm

Kingdom Pursuits

Kingdom Pursuits
Robby Dilmore
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Kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore think after that this would be Robbie Gilmore wrong Bill got the wonderful opportunity to fill in for Robbie kingdom pursuits.

Topics include addiction, homelessness, mentally ill, ministries prayer prison ministry special needs.

The talkshow that shares how God imparts in each of us unique part of his glory to reflect in the world.

How does God take your passion and use it to help build God's kingdom from our community to communities around the world. God has trusted his followers to help others. These are the things that we like to highlight on kingdom pursuits.

I have some wonderful guests this morning. Kristin O'Leary with Phoenix rising and Susan Stevens with teal drops Tara Tucker with Forsyth EMS and we are a call-in show. We would love for you to call in and share how you overcome your addiction and I've got 30 years where bins clean and sober call in and share your success stories call and ensure a better recovery program that you are aware of or part of the great success. Our call-in number is 336-8960 330486634878848663487884 Kristin we've known each other for over 10 years and I know you have a great heart for helping ladies in dire near need in desperation and that you have done a phenomenal job helping many hundreds if not thousands of ladies get a grip on their situations and improve it dramatically and I left for you to share with us about the new program that you working with. Thank you Bill good morning I have a new program I'm working with them on the Board of Directors of Phoenix rising. We have a powerhouse leader Carrie Stigler who is an attorney who is successful in bringing back the drug court with judge fine this past year 2017 and what they're seeing is how hard it is for their drug court clients to remain clean in an environment that isn't safe so they have tasked me with putting together a business plan in doing something similar. I did before with the Y and Avina, a house that safe for them to go and recover and that the program itself is working really well. They just need a little bit assistance as far as getting success with the link to the program and that the clients having somewhere.

Thank you for all you do is a wonderful show.

We've got a call or rent is just called in with what did you like what would you like to share with us this morning.

Good morning little story about my recovery. A few years sober yeah hallelujah I actually live in Chicago and nearly drank myself not a brother to quite a believer with the want to just wouldn't give up on.

We made arrangements for me to attend Fellowship Hall in Greensboro and that I flew from Chicago out of Midway.

I collapsed in line trucking under Southwest Airlines water all long story short, I went the ice you got out, went through Fellowship Hall really got no card absolutely changed everything about my life was worth something. I'm now I'm a father now drop of alcohol in a few years couldn't be happier or more blocks anybody out there struggling.

Jesus Christ is the only way I see somebody look on other routes fail, but all I just a little encouragement for anybody whom I cannot struggle struggling with addiction. Britt, do you do any volunteer work or do you do help out in any way in any of the programs around you know I like to start Sunday night as much as I can. I mentor other people help other people who are struggling out all give talks from time to time tell my story about them, but that's a big help the people realize that they're not alone. No so many have gone through it makes TV the jury that we have in Christ you thinking. Hope I've heard I've seen people who have never gone through any struggle at all like myself. I didn't ever relax. I didn't ever want. I want to tell people about the possibility also possibility that it could be difficult but you can get through it. So yeah, I do like to explore with. Thank you letter my prayers this week. You absolutely Kristin is a bit you were running about a 50% success rate in the last program you will working with the same guy was 8585 yeah cornerstone is part of our Samaritan ministry. It's a Bible-based recovery program for me and it's about a 50 success right and yet there's help out there.

I think part of the help is to be able to not look at your past wish I and if we can do that if we can share what we go through them we could talk about Christ that we can help others.

Yet people go through really difficult times in their life, and that this difficult time. Things can crushes where they can build us up and Susan Stevens from teal drops has just an unbelievable story and I'd like to share a little bit now and a little bit in our next segment. Hey this is Susan Stevens and I lost my daughter Tori a Stevens this past January 22 as she had been rape victim and had PTSD South three and half years. She struggled and have it was traumatic thing she used at prescriptions and eventually led to street drugs and eventually heroin ever diced 22 days in a row and the first day they saved her and a second I kissed her goodbye and I told her I would not let her die in vain. So here I am, I started to jumpstart a work which is a nonprofit and you can look a sap on your website sales that we are a Christian organization that I've had many God moments in this where when she was struggling actively in addiction. I went to my friends and she was reading the Bible and the story for the day in the daily bread. Why is the story of Jesus at mother touching Jesus shelter and Jesus turned to her and she said my daughter we please heal my daughter and he said your daughter save because of your faith, and the day I read that I knew. Even if she is an active addiction that Jesus had her and so he has led this journey for me. He confirmed my journey just two months after she died when I was struggling with the name for the company and I thought about sales because tears of pain turning them to tales of July and the teal is the color fresh new life in spring and and Jesus giving you new life. When you are coming out of addiction and you change your life. That is a new life and it's the color spring so he confirmed that when I walked into a consignment shop that I shouldn't have been in with no money and someone bought me a necklace and I got it home and I turned it over to look at it and it said Israel and I started crying and shaking and I felt the Holy Spirit and he confirmed that the Teal job wise when I was supposed to do and so II just want to share those God moments, Susan.

We've got a question from Reggie. Reggie would look will will hold Reggie until after the break with got a break. We want to make sure that we give him plenty of time you we can take difficult things that happen to us and we can wrap ourselves up in shame and we can feel bad for things that come we can grab hold and we can find a way to help others and we can look back on our situation and understand that God loves us sepsis even through the mistakes we make. We got a lot more in the show.

We hope state plated others and if you got a story give us a call 866-9868 with love.

Call Leon at 863487884 were talking about opioid addiction were talking about every programs were talking about how you can take a pain in you can turn it into a blessing and we've got a question from Reggie.

Reggie, thank you so much for colony on which your question or you end up opioid weekly drug, thank you for calling in Reggie, would you Reggie good morning and thank you for calling and I am sorry I was a sexual assault victim and she turned to ask. She originally had Ambien prescribed to her for the PTSD and she also had been set as and I don't know what which ones but that the benzo classification of jogs that she was prescribed and she started to become addicted. Is she took more and more to stop the night terrors and to be able to sleep and the panic attacks from the rape.

It was a traumatic and violent sexual assault and her genitals were scratched up and it was just that a traumatic thing for her that she couldn't get over and she eventually started to gain weight and that led to depression, and she had anxiety and she slowly slide the self-medicating marijuana other things.

Just anything to numb the pain and not have to relive it because she had flashbacks all throughout the day and slowly she turned to heroin and other things. She had prescriptions first, but eventually she tried heroin and other forms. I believe smoking and eventually to the needle set. She was found dad naked with needles and and white powder around her and that's the little bit I now about that day was so glad you were able to take that unbelievably difficult and painful situation and turn it into something so wonderful and positive. The rest of the world with good Tara Tucker who's here from the Forsyth County opioid trick task force, and it is just amazing to me that there are over 200 people that meet monthly, and try to figure out how to work with this product problem. Tara, please tell us a little bit about this sugar bail smartass were started back in March 2017 really sold that there were a lot of people doing things towards a opioid problem. We all didn't know who was doing what obviously EMS we were being impacted every day by this issue. I came from a mental health and substance use background as a clinician, so felt it would be helpful to pull together our community partners and all of us try to figure out who's working on what where the gaps were that we needed to address and I think the. The partnerships have really made the work that we do a lot lot easier. We still have things to do, but for able to work together to get people connected in the treatment were able to things like work on prevention programs and then working now to build a recovery support system because we have to help people to once they get the treatment that they need to stay clean. The parents need help and the people going through the problems.

And then there a lot of spouses and children that you there's a stigma attached to somebody having a a drug problem and I don't know how we get a handle on that.

Other than Christianity is built on the concept that God loves us he doesn't love us anymore. If we make all the right decisions. Love the city list for what they can. The bad decisions that the one important decision is whether or not we accept God's offer to become a child of his through Jesus Christ and all the other problems. God promises to not only forgive but forget if we can just go to them and say I need help was wrong.

I made a mistake and in my case I was able to get down on my knees and say I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. And for 30 years.

God's taken the problem that I dealt with for a long time off me.

We've got to have a place to go to find help though and I know that there there. Lots of folks that if they just knew where to turn.

They would try to find some help. How does somebody find help in in Forsyth County. If they've got with a got a loved one that is dealing with a drug problem, so we we try to actually do something to simplify that we actually have a mobile crisis team in the County that is staffed with behavioral health clinicians that can come out and through the 911 system.

We actually have community paramedics now so those community paramedics are trained to help people get connected to the treatment resources that they need so we try to make it easy everybody remembers 911 we do. You know like us that we have mobile crisis and they they actually work together so that again we give people the best help. We also have some support groups for family members through several of our churches here in in the county.

The support group pals as parents of addicted, loved ones. We have two of those and then we also have a solstice support group that will start. It was on the task force members for those families that have suffered overdose death make sure I understand this correctly.

I don't actually have to be breathing not breathing or bleeding to be able to call 911.

I could just call up and say that my wits and I don't know what to do with my child my my spouse is just going through all kinds of problems and I need to find help them. So even in situations like that they can call 911 and find assistant that is correct. You think that's the way it is in a lot of communities. I know that I would've thought that I would have to be in really serious care and need somebody to come with a light over the vehicle to the call 911 so I would say that something unique in Forsyth County and part of that because of this task force you know and all of us working together we actually have family members on that task force. We have people that are in recovery and that is been one of things that we have heard that it's difficult to know the resources and how to navigate him so to me.

We try to really simplify that and bring together the first responder world working with our behavioral health providers in the community are law enforcement are partners in this also. If they get on a scene and that's what help is needed and no call and asked for assistance with that to get people connected so we really are all trying to work together which is amazing.

I think they were trying to educate our first responders.

More tell you about this issue and how to how to help how to have the empathy and compassion that we know is needed. Forsyth County's been a leader and putting Narcan and the cars in the police cars but in also in the hands of addicts and Terrace team also goes into the community and we have Narcan cats we've had Narcan build Days that we've gone out there is Forsyth County opioid task force and they will take them out to the community and anyone that using that will give them a cat to keep with them and if someone overdose is that they have it. There's a lot of campaigns were one of the leaders, Forsyth County as a leader in the country to put this knowledge. The police cars and antilock granite try to get this in the hands of anyone. So if you're in attic are you knowing attic. There you live in attic or someone is struggling get Narcan you can get it free. You can get the call.

Get your company your county to put that in their police cars because Narcan is what's gonna save the life until we can get them and help them get through it and then work to the issues that they need that we are trying to to lie straight straight and teal is the color that were trying to promote to make people aware and embrace that is that we've lost and live and and really come together 72,000+ people died in 2017 alone and that is that not just an unbelievable number and that number just came out last week.

August 2018 that that's people that have overdosed that does or does not include suicides.

That is why I don't know that let clarification on suicide. Whether it's intentional or not, because you can't ever tell whether a suet.

Whether it's suicide, intentional or not. If it's an overdose. And it was it had to do with opioids, so also have lots and lots and lots of accidents that happen when somebody's own. These opioids and those don't fall into the statistics either, so we're talking about the size of the medium-size city disappearing every gander from opioid overdoses, one of our problem is our words paint really improper pictures in our mind attic paints a picture that isn't really the picture that we should be thinking about Krista.

Do not go out twice a year. We talked to the homeless in our community and we survey them and try to get them hooked up with resources in the community it it's amazing to me how you can bump into somebody is technically homeless, but you never would believe it. You could take them in the mall and walk through the ball and not get any share little bit about what we should think of when we hear the word at will bill the hard part is that first so many years. It's just been such a stigma about there just in attic I am in recovery. January be 15 years clean and the one thing that I don't like is how people that are trying their hardest to get help are treated and so I'm so glad that they're finally being treated like human beings and are trying to get help instead of them.

The wall hit the wall hit the wall hit the wall because at that adds to that death rate we may have gone as many places they have gone to try to get help. I have gone. I'm also a veteran, I have gone out there and met so many of my fellow veterans that are homeless. It is very sad to know that they feel that they cannot be comfortable or safe anywhere that they have offered for them is that we don't have a veteran community where with eggs whether we build those little houses just so they can call that home and that you do it. They want their whatever the case may be, but for those of us that have fought for our freedom and that for them to be downtown walking around homeless and is just it's sad for me them online. It's almost impossible for anybody to believe that their loved any more than they love themselves. It's almost impossible for somebody to believe that somebody else respects them any more than they respect themselves that part of the problem is to take people that had this awful voice going on inside them in the love them said that they they can grow in acceptance and believe they have an all loving and caring God, and we want to challenge all of the find a way to get plugged in and make a difference in the lives around you wouldn't be back in a little bit.

Hope you'll call Lynn at 866487884. Thank you, will have a wonderful show her off the air talking about hell when you dealt with the drug addiction when you dealt with the problem you going to God you're working through in the good, the people that you love and care about turn their back on you that that's painful and it's hurtful. I know there are a lot of people that get out of jail that get out of treatment and I tell him the worst scariest thing the world's going to happen is you to be walking or you get a phone call or some was going to knock on the door.

The good ask a very dangerous question they going to save what you do when and then you gonna say something this the worst thing you can set you can say nothing and you can end up in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong friends doing the wrong thing we in this audience need to look for hurting people.

And we need to give them a hug and we need to invite them to church and we need to take him to lunch and we need to love on those people that are going through this problem need to find a time of refreshing and elided the hill from Christians and we have a caller: in Alicia. Alicia, thank you so much for calling and what would you like to share one sorry we got disconnected. Susan you want to share a little bit about what you think would've made a difference that would've major, your daughters choices a little bit different story.

And when she was getting claim she had a tough time being re-accepted back into into society and sometimes we don't recognize when people are really trying hard to change their life and walk the right road that they need us more than ever. They need someone that is going to to hug them and forgive them. And Jesus says were supposed to forgive 770 and sometimes we forget we forget that. I forgot that there is that I have regrets that I do know that I watched her struggle to be reaccepted back into society and swing when someone's trying their best and I have made mistakes but you know if your child went in the pool when you told him don't blame without supervision. You don't hang them if they dare what they think about you or if your child was told not to talk to strangers and he talked to a stranger and something tragic Happened because an offender hurt them or kill them. We we don't hate them for that and they didn't listen date they disobeyed you told him not to talk to stranger.

We take teacher children not to talk to her not to use drugs that when they make a mistake. Sometimes once is all it takes in their drowning and we have to throw out that life raft. So what what I'm trying to do my to lysing is kind of like the pink ribbons make in the detail. Drop the the MNC icon. The you think about when you think about opioids.

I am trying to materialize the town and to lyse the world the globe to make people come back in and welcome these these people if we don't open arms and bring them back into society. There's no hope for them to want to recover or try or if they did try though relapse because they don't have to say the live and the support that they need. So pray for them, help them and kind of like race for the care were to lysing the town and we want to be the pink ribbon of opioids by making everyone feel welcome back into society.

One of the things I love most about Kristin was all the hundreds and hundreds of people that have gotten through a trial program and had failed success, but still needed somebody to talk to that still needed somebody to do hug them that still needed to help them find new friends as she just was is also helping people with that support network Kristin talk to folks about how they can help someone it's gone through a difficult time trying to met their way back to the successful life. I think the most important thing is giving somebody the love I I I myself firmly believe that the large best of our people that suffer with the disease of addiction have untreated trauma and so we as Christians who are supposed to accept everybody like Jesus did. As with if we would just reach out to these hurting people and and show them the love and teach them to love themselves. It was these women that allowed me to love them until they could love themselves. They were they would start getting better that they could turn around and share that same Leavitt said network. It's a recovery network and so if we could just bring people in that are broken and make them feel a part of something they they they won't grasp onto that and they will see that there is something else out there it will get. Yes, I believe were little that we hear these awful things that are said to us and said the people around us. You you worthless. I don't need you. You will never amount to anything hates you that you did not necessarily to the child but to the people. The child loves and that get stuck in this tape recorder, and when difficult times come that tape recorder comes and they think that that's truth that I'm a firm believer that if you hear a voice it's not loving that's not kind of voice that makes you feel challenged about your future makes you feel ashamed about your favorite past. That's not God that's not the Holy Spirit and that Paul talks to us that we need to think about what's right, no bullet admirer bullet praiseworthy and excellent that we can take that thought you in my life I've used. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and that unchosen and holy and dearly loved by God and I can think that thought until I get to the point where I can start talking to God that I could remember that my daddy in heaven loves million that my big brother Jesus is going to take my concern and sit down. But you know there are a lot of people that have no idea what I'm talking about half of the adults in the United States go to church. Listen three times a year 25% of the adults that you come in contact with in the Bible Belt have never ever been in a house of worship 50% of the adults in our county do not have a church or denomination that they call their own. My point is that when we walk around every day we were walking around a bunch of people that are hurting and are in pain and you can't tell who's in a debt addict. You can't tell who is almost an addict. If we did a better job of asking people how are you doing today and just listening. If we were willing to do talk to people and say unit. I have a friend that's got a problem like that or I know a place you can call or have you thought about calling 911 and unit I want to pray about this this week. Can I call you Saturday. I'd like to call you Saturday and see how your wiki's and then call them Saturday it and ask him how's your week.

You've been on my mind and in my heart and my prayers and listen to on and when they finish. So yet tomorrow I plan to meet with my very best friends cannot take you with me or call on the night before your your small group dates and say tomorrow night on the with my best friends. I'd love for you to go with me we could fill our churches. We could change the numbers, but people are hungry hungry for feel and accepted hungry for feel in love. People are beaten themselves up and feeling that there there worthless and that needs to be fixed.

That's why we became children of God.

We are supposed to be ambassadors for Christ, and it's just wonderful to know about the Forsyth County opioid task force. Can you share some of your successes are and I think one of things that our next meeting is October 17 we meet 1230 to 230 a public health. One of the things were to talk about is how the faith community can get involved in this and really help provide some of those support services because it sometimes something as simple as babysitting so somebody can go do their treatment group or transportation to get to treatment. Those are two huge barriers.

Sometimes it's just all friend a meal or support listening ear. So there's a lot of simple things that can be done and I know that beginning September 26 were going to have a four week series at peace Avon Baptist Church to just talk about some the issues around the opioid addiction so as as task force members were willing to come do those types of presentations to really provide the education because I think education to the us and breaking that stigma is is really important. We've seen that there are some of the panel discussions that we've had at at some of the faith communities with all the partners there.

You know Sharon some pieces of is how it impacts the kids a mean, you know, one of the. The big success stories. I would say we just we just did a camp for kids impacted by the opioid epidemic we see the numbers rising in the SS care right and so we know who would like to mention these things really do have an impact on those kids.

We set this was our first one. So we set it a limit to 30 kids. We actually had kids on the waiting list and then we partnered with city lights ministries and some are task force members really help the planning so impact on these kids was huge. That last day we had kids tell us they didn't want to leave that it was the best experience I ever had. You know when I sit back and think look at all the stuff we do on vacation are our camp is nothing compared to that kind of stuff but it was huge because those kids had attention they had somebody to listen to them you know and really try to teach him some new skills or there's other ways and drugs to cope with difficult things that that you deal with in life. I don't get added to vacation like some of us stamp. It's really sad that some they shall have never been on vacation. I don't know what it's like.

I was sad I had the lot luxury an opportunity to work with them and go to the camp and be a part of the planning. From from day one with tail drops and tail drops went with vision boards and we gave them the opportunity.

It's teardrop shaped that foam boards we have we given the opportunity either to make a memory board in memory of someone they lost two opioids are either dies or to make a vision board of their own life and what they'd like to see in their future and I believe every single one of them chose to do a memory board and I was just astounding. Would love to hear from you got a story know this is an extremely good job. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Please keep the station involving your prayers and we hope you will be you come back from the mess learned early things we've got a new program to the behavioral health center and urgent care.

Weird folks that instead of going to the emergency room were looking after my wife's stepfather.

We brought him down from Virginia and he's got dementia.

We had to take him to the emergency room, which was a really bizarre experience for that very very naughty on the Forsyth emergency room. The staff was just absolutely spectacular. But we couldn't take it them and got them ice cream cone and accomplished about as much as we did so I would love to know more about this, but behavioral health emergency care terror helping understand this, sure.

So what what we've learned is taken people to the emergency room, they they are focused on medical emergencies right so you will have mental health and substance use issues don't necessarily get their needs met there and and their stuck point in there for hours because of course that cardiac patient goes in front of them right based on priority so with the behavior health urgent care. It is a place you can walk into 24 seven and they can actually do an assessment and determine what services you need and linking with those services.

In addition, they actually have. We called 23 hour observation shares so they can keep you there for 23 hours and you just need to be removed from the situation and calm down and have somebody listen right that that can be there for you and monitor you make sure that you're okay and that's reassuring to people and then get the help. So the behavior health or is a lot harder to navigate than the medical world. I feel like, so we are one of two counties in the state actually have a behavioral health urgent care. So I definitely would encourage people to use that service that they mark as as provided they mark also does her mobile crisis and then they actually have facility-based crisis centers. From there they can transfer people where they can stay for seven days and may be its withdrawal.

And maybe it's a mental health issue.

They need a little longer inpatient but helping people get connected to the right care at the right time is very important. We know that mom and I one world. There's actually a physician oversee unit on the side. It's not just PAs or so. There are some mid-levels.

They are to help manage that there is a medical record overseas it, and is available to him 24 77 bill they have peer support specialist there.

They have clinicians there that I think there's a nurse there and they do have something that is M and can sign off on anything that that's medical or if they need to send them to somewhere they have done an amazing job they got a vehicle so that the case is this person's ready and I need to go somewhere I can call taken and physically will drive them to the treatment facility.

If accept them.

It's it's just amazing and so anybody can go. They don't have to have an analyst take a make a walk and we all want to get back to that. I've got a couple questions but Harry is kind enough to call in and was to share with us. It says success story.

I love the sound of that.

Welcome Harry Carey maybe okay Carrie, we will carry with Terry IK better paramedic for 23 years been in EMS for 28 and I think were terror and you ladies are doing is wonderful most of the time you know we pick up an overdose of somebody to talk stated within the hospital, drop walk, we forget about and made that is not what were you up. Not good patient. I'm glad somebody's always doing something and you actually bought some better commission back my thanks what you're doing. The other reason I'm calling is certified among EMS has been a big big note to depression, anxiety, auto ideation, I have attempted twice the last time was the worst and I don't shower. Good work. The next thing I remember I wake up in a Catholic Church at an altar with the gun and do not walk out all the cops are there no thank you I have been to church. I was 18 and 47 and I think God had a plan for me got like you bought me there and up stop doing what I was going to do think is we appreciate you calling and sharing. Evidently it worked out very well as well. God what people might have helped me to write a word of all coworkers were actually started work on plans for community outreach program will we hope there was a reason I didn't pull that trigger that church will part of the whole purpose of this show is to encourage people in our listening audience to pray the wonderful changes happen our community and that we find ways to make a difference in the lives of others and it's wonderful to know that things are going in Forsyth County that we don't know about and that will where you located Dr. Lockhart, so there there are opportunities for all of us to to find a way to make a difference in our life. Assuming that most of the people listening to this network have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It's important that we share that with folks that we are a life preserver that were not some leaky rescue will raft popping up and down that we are Coast Guard cutter that were said that sent out by Jesus to make a difference in the lives of others and this is simple is looking over and seeing somebody that needs a hug. It's as simple as asking someone if they'd like to have lunch. It is finding an opportunity to plug somebody we know that's going to a difficult time into resources that we are aware of and we should find out what resources are available. One of the things I like to do is I've got a a flyer that's got the resources available in our area that I get to add some new ones that I didn't know about to that instead a hand in somebody money and of a coupon for a restaurant a Bible and a resource list of what's available in the area. What do you do to make a difference in the lives of those that God puts in your path.

It's amazing the things that we can do and it's amazing that one person can take an awful difficult situation and they can just allow crush them as somebody else can find teardrops.

Is there anything else Susan that you'd like to share, you've got some events that would love to highlight yes where Televising Trade St. in Winston-Salem on September 7 come out where your TL to support people that you now in active addiction and recovery. And for that is the evil that we have lost to the opioid epidemic and we can also use your help and donations sky details to donate to help save lives and we also have an event in Washington DC at the national Mall on September 12, 2018 has a Wednesday afternoon will be there from 11 to 3 and we have a wonderful lineup so please show your support and if you can't be there. Please wear TL on September 12 and September 7 and asked support of all that is in recovery in active addiction. They need our support they need to know that we love them, and where accepting them back into our communities and remember we go to webpage kingdom and there's a lot of information on that with got a Facebook page that you can do a search for kingdom pursuits and would love for you to friend us and would love for you to share your stories on the page and you can access them information they are Kristin, your work in with the new project. Would you like to share a little bit more information on it.

Well I am. I worked with Phoenix rising, which is a nonprofit as well.

That is trying to conquer and help anybody that's facing this opioid crisis and with addiction.

I am also the cochair of the Forsyth County reentry Council.

I don't want to forget my people that are coming out of incarceration. They find themselves having the same problems as the homeless to as the people that have an addiction.

And as they have they have a problem getting services and so the reentry Council is doing everything that we can to help them with housing help them with clothing help them with getting services that they need when they get out so that they don't have to be walking around on the streets homeless or having an addiction after they've gone through their whatever they've gone through in their incarceration. So I'm I'm pumped about that as well as really, we had our first kickoff a few months ago and we just well on our way to heaven put together some services that were hoping to make up the biggest impact for people coming out of incarceration unit there. Lots of folks locked up in there. Lots of folks locked up for a variety of reasons, but whatever reason they were locked up the good to get out and I don't know about you, but if they get out. I don't want to go back in this inexpensive hotel for me to have to pay to keep them in will if they get out and they've got the stigma attached to them if they get out and they don't have a way to earn some money to get a meal if they get out they don't have any resources or friends than they going to go back and that really expensive hotel that were all having to pay for. So what I'm saying to you is look in your communities and see if there's a faith-based program in your county that helps people with got something called project reentry that helps people find jobs. We've got all kinds of different networks set up in our county that are absolutely spectacular. One of them is at the goodwill hooked up with our community college at people can go there and there about 12 different careers they can study one of them is welding in nursing and truck driving plumbing and heating and air conditioning and they walk out with the same paper they would if they went to the community college.

We need to work together as a community as a faith unity is levers of Jesus Christ and to help less fortunate back community. Please pray for this station. Please pray for these wonderful ladies organizations. There are a part of, and we hope you have a wonderful week. See Christ and the experience God in a deeper and richer way than ever before. Thank you for tuning

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