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Dr. Michael Brown, Sally Bet Sam, and Trinity Bursey

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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October 20, 2018 1:28 pm

Dr. Michael Brown, Sally Bet Sam, and Trinity Bursey

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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October 20, 2018 1:28 pm

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Kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore we are loaded for bear, so my soul was provided us with the passion and they are building the kingdom, and also many ways today all of the authors and to start off with an author that y'all are probably pretty much familiar with Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Brown.

You have a book coming out like Monday Tuesday that's wonderful. I understand, is titled Donald Trump is not my Savior, with the subtitle and evangelical leader mind about the man who support Pres. there you go. And I bet that. I know it's true because I know you so that's fun and I'm interested how you felt led to that you needed to write that book yet to really Robbie obviously written many articles well over 100 about Donald Trump Republican candidate and then the winning the primaries and then Billy Clinton, then as president talk about it in my radio show on the network all the time but it was the middle of August. Literally middle of August, when suddenly I felt this tremendous burden need to get out a book on Donald Trump and evangelical before the midterm bullet. That's a nice idea, but how you can get excellent written and published in a matter of a few weeks, so I talked to couple publishing principal interested in that. It was really interested but said no, we get it done. I just put it aside. I woke up the next morning and I was gripped in prayer. I don't want to make a chunky spiritual, but I was just grip with this with this burden, and suddenly I saw the plan of attack. Get this book out to write some brand-new material about evangelicals and Donald Trump is a match made in heaven rooted a marriage with help in any chronological order to take 90 of the most relevant articles I'd written for my open letter to Donald Trump in August 2015 right up to honest questions were evangelicals about Trump in August 2018 and into right of final word where we go from here. How do we handle the election and felt really like to contact one editor at one publishing house within a day completely on board within two days we had the amazing cover artwork and II got the pre-copies in my hand six weeks a little under six weeks from that date then of course will be out on Tuesday so I just most interesting thing normally we do talk radio show and you go onto the next day you go onto the next week write an article that may be your best article may be hundreds of thousands of millions of people read it, but now you go on another article another day and you cannot forget the past will putting these articles in an chronological order was a real eye-opener. And it's kind of like going back to the last three years with a running commentary and on and why I oppose Donald Trump in the primaries, but that I hope I'm wrong.

In the few timbers of Hillary then out a reevaluate and why I came to root for him and vote for him and then the other good days and the bad days as president So much at such a rapid society. So I think people are really going to enjoy the journey you'll be able to relate your point yet that's how I felt you articulated thing so hopefully the book will be a really good read real eye-opener and will give evangelicals clarity that Donald Trump didn't die person on all our lives, our testimony is not dependent on him. However, he's doing a lot of things once he done his presidency gets my vote. Jesus gives my life.

The president gets my vote.

So we got you can tell, we loaded for bear just with Dr. Brown, much more. Today we have Sally that Sam and we have Trinity bursae Trinity wrote a book that comes about Trinity actually officially be out November 10.

Okay, so it's another one is just coming out November 10 and is called the little different than Dr. Brown's little piano, but it's meant for different generation. Yes, little piano and it's a great story for young children. But it's a great read aloud probably benefit grade level.

It really teaches them that their loud and their value just because of who they are, which assists it so critical to me and and critical to our audience here on Christian radio that we realize that note, we got a lot of people that we got reach of these of the next ones are going to come up there and be that voting in but more importantly, leading people to Christ later. So I'm excited to find out about the piano and for those of us are actually in the studio. We have a little piano we have lyric right here with us. I wish I could show you that on the video, but I'm not hooked up right this minute. But meanwhile, we also have a poet with this we have Sally, but Sam and she wrote a book inspired thoughts of selling that Sam coincidently and Sally keep so you two felt inspired to do poetry, many, many years ago that came to life and ENT being about 2015 is when it actually dead. I started riding in the 90s, but I had a dream of and I had the title of the book in the mid-90s to be glad to know that like really like Robin Williams.

We don't measure poetry here with you, James William Prichard to be reading some poetry here in a little bit but as you might imagine, it is kingdom bursae to have a ripple and so speaking of poets right when the bad poet, was arrested, the judge thought the punishment fit the crime.

You are seeing is following when a vampire decided to become a poet.

Everyone said he went from that verse you think that's bad when the poetry is die, she went to meet her maker that's now that that that that boom boom and a flat rate. Poetry tracks would be a perverse form of greed right Sally. And so with all that said, we do have a riddle at the end of that.

Dr. Brown don't answer had a because I know you know the answer and if you do that, then the people came calling, and land of 866-34-TRUTH 78 four. But here's the here's the witch poetry book in the Bible was written by the man whose name stands out for peace, which poetry book in the Bible was written by the man whose name stands for peace 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and if they can guess that Jasper Toma Pilgrim no one he sees Christ all right and we have loaded for bear with me don't have Dr. Brown's yet but we have plenty of inspired thoughts of Sally Beth family have also piano so you can request either book and we would love to send those out your way. All you have to do is tell us which poetry book in the Bible was written by the man whose name stands for peace and I can see that Trinity is actually thinking about and come to you little bit you know what you think about the cookery books in the Bible but meanwhile, we heard about her inspiration was yours so my inspiration came from actually a great friend of mine who's now in heaven, I did actually like poetry poetry and I showed her one day and she said you know this is good I think to do something for children.

I was like, really. I'm a schoolteacher that never really done entirely to start praying about it and thinking about what would be a great story idea something great to encourage children and their parents as well and so it's been over three years and from start to finish and is just been amazing amazing journey just with my other strata, Mr. John Shaw with my aunt making the little piano class is a great journey so amazing. Dr. Brown I am. I am fascinated like I got into a heated debate during the election. Originally Donald Trump with we had a guest to came on.

He was like Trump all the way and I was like, well, worried about this man, because I anybody I see who wants to be worshiped. This got a little bit scared and I just really came up against it. So I'm anxious to hear your thoughts on that, but I'm forced to go to break here so much more about Donald Trump is not your save.

But it's written another part along with lost sound okay back but you got a call is 866-34-TRUTH 7884.

His name stands for peace is we are loaded for bear. Today we have Sally, but Sam, who has inspired thoughts of sandwiches, thought provoking soul-searching, words of poetry and Trinity bursae, author of face-to-face intimately seem intimately pursued which is children's book which is awesome and Dr. Michael Brown in his new book, which is Donald Trump is not my Savior but you gotta give us the other title. Dr. Brown title and evangelical leader speaks his mind about the Manny support Pres. so back then and I really given it a lot of thought and like you I voted for Pres. Trump. I pray for president Trump I support a lot of what he does, but there's been something in the back of my mind that is terrified me since day one about a man that appears to be want to be worshiped yet look weak. We are in a really interesting now as followers of Jesus in our society. On the one hand, the radical left is fastest for you and I I'm not going to play the media's game when they say look, you've lost credibility by voting for Donald Trump by supporting Donald Trump need to renounce him and then listen to know I don't buy that could listen to us before they didn't sell, please tell us what you don't agree with same-sex quote manager. Please tell us what you believe abortion is killing the baby in the womb. We really respect the Bible we look here.

This is just on the one had a ploy of the secular media of the left say if you vote for Donald Trump and you have destroyed your credibility.

On the flipside, if we get so much in his camp and feel we have to defend everything he says what we do then lose credibility in the eyes of others. For example, there's all this call always calls for violence and attack represented Maxine Waters and other regional get in the face of these people you don't like Eric Holder when they go low you kick them in stuff.

It's really dangerous and bad from the left from Democrats.

Ted Cruz can't go out with his wife. The third restaurant without a crowd coming are you harassing him and Sarah Huckabee said same thing with her family. It's outrageous. It's terrible dangerous president Trump gets up in the speech.

Okay said jokingly, but is talking about a Republican candidate or representative of anybody I can body slam report that is a good guy is laughing about the crowd. Loving it will. You don't joke about those things when you're the most powerful elected official in the world.

So it's kind of thing we have to say look were so glad Donald Trump is appointing nominating conservative justices to the Supreme Court to the federal court were so glad he's fighting for religious liberty were so glad the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem were so glad he's pushing back against radical LGBT activists we don't like certain things he said he does have to call former employees dog. She doesn't have to joke about body slamming reporters and things like that it's it's a violent, dangerous enough world right now we don't need more than rhetoric just as strong, just as effective can appeal to a space just as much without some of the rough edges are the rough edges going away anytime soon. Not that I can tell, but when he says something offensive because I'm a loyal supporter of say I wish you didn't say because of an evangelical leader. I want my testimony tied in with him at the same time if he was running against Hillary today. I'd vote for him with even more enthusiasm and I hope that there's a red wave in in a couple of weeks that will support what I think by Lloyd is a good agenda so yet God raised up an unlikely vessel, but his character flaws bring some damage but to be honest about this interesting collection of people that God has for me today because you go from that situation is very current and very right there where obviously God put it on your heart to get this out and get it out before the midterms. The good news is, God gave this other person whose name was peace to write one of the poetic books of the Bible that I gave this wonderful riddle to that; and when the book mounted 866-34-TRUTH 78840 we can all use some of that shalom right Dr. Brown. We could use some of that peace and and and poetry that helps to do that so I wondering you have a Pall Mall lined up for extension so pirate will day. We could use it. This Powell lamb is the power that pilings in this book are about peace and joy, love, encouragement, and they make you think, and I have the first one I use this a lot and I do service work with our parents and I use this a lot and it came from seeing a cedar tree being blown by the blandness, the way and life is like into the land transcendent guys not telling a story from plants that came our how it wishes to blow life can be this way at times. As trouble blown in with the land.

It could be a message from a stranger even one of your TN life can be as gentle as a breeze blowing through the trees. This gentle softness whispers your man. He's whether you're dealing with howling winds are the crisper of the length contrasting the Almighty never wavering from your belief.

Yes life may sway you to and fro, howling with demands that nothing can ever take you from the palm of God's right hand.

Are you resting in him today because it means that's just one of her many if you could watch her read that really cool. She was reading from her heart not from the book and that's where a lot of these stories start out in your children's story is like that. Something got put in your heart right there. Yes, it's definitely something you want a great many things that this storage is so special to me and that schoolteacher I teach actually an elementary school and middle school inside to see how needed is for children to know that their value that their significant next. Because what they can do you think maybe play sports or academically, but just understanding. They have value and significance.

They are there to create God's creation in there so valuable and have so much to offer and sometimes they don't realize that I really want. That's really hit home with this, but so the original premise behind kingdom pursuits. It's got your passion and use it and he takes us on adventures that we never what a dream when you hear Dr. Brown's liking August whenever an increase. Dr. Brown's written lots of books I want to get a book out by far the midterms venture but I can imagine that if God put it on my heart to write up a book for children and like how I get that all done and and but yet you are obviously an established author, but God coming to see this book is just gorgeous and beautiful and how did what would you say about that adventure at this point, having been leading into what he put on your all I can say is that God put something in your heart. Don't ask how I can do this.

Was it look like just do it like I had no clue that I think I weighed almost a year before actually finding the right illustrator you know it just I was just patient is in God, you know, I know this is going to be a book. I can see it and I'm just testing use every day.

We just like cranes. I got believing this is to happen and so that my illustrator and he just amazing super talented words always everything nothing as far as I never really understood like how detailed it could be just to make one page like to color one page. Get all the colors right and you know we didn't even with my flesh lyric piano that was amazing to my, God gave me this picture of having the little stuffed animal to come to go with it and I put on Facebook. I think anyone like you know make a stuffed animal and my aunt Nancy Dixon. She was like I do that but is not really an animal at the piano you make this you like Excel and so she's an amazing job.

She's super talented and just to see everyone coming together, knowing it wasn't just me. It was just a whole team of people making this a reality.

He does always see always the set up for we have I believe it's Mother's Day is going to answer for us about this poetic book in the Bible that was written by a Maine man whose name stands a piece with me is that most always mount all probably thankful you're the all about anyway. People know it all: all along you are you you you are exactly right. And since I have Dr. Brown and I can ask Dr. Brando. That's one of the things he does ask Dr. you know I noticed it. The book song of songs. According to his great Hebrew Rabbi Rossi that he called it the holy of holies of the books of the Bible.

If you heard that underground Rabbi Kiva created by about 800 years and there had been accorded tradition.

There was a debate about whether the book should be included in the canon of Scripture because it was alleged that prostitutes review some of the verses and things like that that was used in a profane way and Rabbi Kiva replied. Although all of Scripture is holy, the song of songs song of Solomon is the holiest of all holy of holies. So that's the next woman Jewish tradition. I just think that's really cool and that those words themselves because holy of holies really signifies something to all of this right consuming.

That's ends up being where the ark of the covenant is which clearly is where God resides in the manner in branch that better than all that in the law, it's on our heart right Dr. Brown yet so it would be.

Speaking of the holiest place of all.

And because the rabbis read the love song God in Israel and the church later rated love from the church expanded this being the place in the holiest place of all four missions were wondering about the connection between Solomon and the name Solomon, Shlomo shalom, peace, well-being, and his name Shlomo Franklin hereunder will like this Dr. family-run that we are loaded for bear. That's aspect today we have Dr. Mark Brown in his new book Donald Trump is not my Savior. And you got that I don't have it written down the subtitle for that Dr. Brown sent one more time and evangelical leaders speak blind about the Mandy support that says so that you can put that in their whole Trinity procedures not only through face-to-face intimately seen, but she wrote the book the little she's coming out early in November, predating that is so cool because she is a friend. I should mention of an all in and all is it Sally. That's the friend of Shannon and I would like to be a friend of friend of and all I can assure you she's listening right now I and plays in Christian cargo theater with Jesus played with voice of Tammy tensioner and Megan Don are evil.

You know she's all about children stuff and and have been reaching children from adventures not since I love the program and wrote her own book happily ever after.

From member but anyway you get the more that in a minute and Sally that Sam, who wrote inspired thoughts Sally that Sam thought provoking soul-searching word support reseller that the question that just it's just all over my mind is who is selling that Sam because this person in front of me is not celibate Sam, but that's the name of the author of the book so out of Sam was a child. Pretend I went on the answer to that.

When mother count me that when I got the title in the mid-90s I just skidded and it was like it was inspired as well as the poetry and never changed it and don't my name associated with the bit because I do not want to meet any room for it again.

This book is to date lands in Africa. T feed hungry here in a way helpful maintain close how less just has a lot today and it's my heart it's my cell and it's my passion and I was called last year to write the book so I got my poems out and I started entering them and then became a book Dr. Brown as I listen to what she just said I think about something I read recently that on the childhood, childlike heart and I was wondering because I get a chance to ask Dr. Brown is with me right now that one of the reasons it's written in Deuteronomy members of teacher children. Note is for them to keep a childlike heart as well.

But that was even there. In the Old Testament.

If you forgot it will certainly the whole book of Proverbs is filled with expectations about teaching and training children and Deuteronomy 6 which is a foundational passage in the beginning verse four hero Israel, the Lord our God is one and it goes on about diligently teaching your children and impressing things on the speaking of change things repetitively teaching over and over, or really impressing really etching on the hearts and minds of children. That's that's why in the traditional Jewish home you can have large families so one of my friends and ultra-Orthodox rabbis, 14 kids and Angel see over the years that the great great great majority of them will continue in their parents face because they're instructed so intensely so immersed from childhood on the New Testament that Jesus deftly takes an interest in children and even likens them in terms of the innocence of the humility or the willingness to believe that you find among children so you know in the church world, we often don't put a lot of emphasis on that senior pastor, executive pastor and the up-and-coming guy you may be the youth pastor the assistant pastor but children's leaders at the sky like a strolling thing with their doing some of the most important work in the body and any tool that can be produced that can help children learn about God and learn to love Jesus or learn good moral principles.

It's so important especially when the educational system is going in the wrong direction well and I think about how cool is the Passover Seder if you go to one which I highly highly recommend on but look what they do with the children in the Passover, not the they have certain things and I let Dr. Brown asked describe it much better than I could see things as they hide the Africa home and and and then the kids. It's like a game. Almost like an Easter egg hunt, which I guess is where we got that. I don't know but they even give them money and stuff.

Dr. Brown, could you describe that yes so if you remember when you have certain of the laws and customs in the Bible there put there so when your children ask you, what is this, then you can use it so actively that the children will ask questions and use it will be do this because of this we do this because of that. So during the Passover. You asked different questions about what makes this night different from all other nights over the other night sleep. This night we test and and then you have these. The unleavened bread, the monsoon is a piece of it that's taken a broken piece it hidden and you have to search the house and look forward to things that are better believed in the ceremony that are meant to be entertaining, but that also meant to be educational so the goal is that you really look forward to these times as child and that now you are you are rewarded. You are different.

One youngest will get to answering questions things like that so it got up and has real cycle of life that when done rightly, has real keeping power and is really educational and when I fast-forward to know I was a kid Easter egg cut was a big deal. I mean this is this is pitching time against my brother and sister and and things that you look forward to that make the holiday the holiday and and to some extent, you know, I think that that's that's one of the really cool things that God puts it on someone like Earhart Trinity.

You wrote this other book but now God says now I watch the turn to what you really give your passion for otherwise would be a schoolteacher right as you saw this in your students and what a cool story just so excited to be able to encourage Chino children I love them so much other students. I have a middle school elementary school and even though it's a very wide range of students is just amazing how you can encourage them in different ways. You know the older children. You can encourage them in their careers and younger children. You can just encourage them with different just by being friendly with them every day smiled as so much Chino to a young child just encourage them to let them know they can achieve what they set out to achieve in be friendly with them and so I think it's extremely your class or and you know that they can't help it be introduced to the Savior through through that. But I'm also intrigued Dr. Brown just to go back clear another direction. I am really intrigued and you put the timeframe together with Donald Trump. You said your eyes are really opened what were they open to hear what was really striking.

We tend to remember the past through the lens of the moment.

You have some guy tell his life in getting a divorce. I've never loved you for 30 years so he doesn't love her now, but he's forgotten how he felt Pat well what I'm going back and reading these articles and putting them in place for the book and now finishing the audio version of the book so actually reading out loud what I wrote three years ago and how I felt 1/2 years ago.

First, I'm remembering I really had big problems with Donald Trump and his one would endorse Ted Cruz and thought okay go against the establishment hold his ground pro-life, profamily, pro-Israel, committed Christian, strong leader.

He's a man I've so that probably filter things for me as well so I just remembering how I struggled with who he was and have all my reasons to question whether he would be trustworthy. That was one thing wrestling with some of my friends all words that they said Mike. Something is happening here we see trumpets like Osiris kind of guy in the Bible doesn't know God.

God is raising up support for kingdom purposes and to bless Israel to bless America and I get down on my knees as a God I don't see being I'm looking at this too much in the natural that I don't see it and then went with my dear friend James Robison while story that I tell the book that James does not endorse candidates, but most of the candidates came to the Republican candidates for counsel for prayer and he urged Dr. Ben Carson do not endorse Donald Trump and as Carson was about to go out and give his endorsement. Trump James was on the phone with literally talking with them on the phone with the public to know is that Ben Carson gave his endorsement to Trump on the condition he would spend at least an hour alone with James Robison, James text me him on my way to meet the Donald Trump pray and afterwards he said I was with him for an hour and 1/2.

I preach the gospel to clearly I met with Sean John and he said 55 years of ministry. No one ever receiving more warmly or openly silly district something is going on here.

Let's let's look at it, maybe there's more to the story and then he said to me this famous line we may not get our champion.

But we can get the people's champion so this is whole journey of can I support them. Can I read from and going back and looking at it.

It's eye-opening to me in many major things happen.

News events and and ups and downs it at such a rapid society now and in the news cycle is so quick that you just forget a lot of what happened, how you felt how you reacted and like I said I know that I speak for many of my daily radio show on your voice of moral cultural and spiritual evolution. So I really believe we Donald comp is not my favorite building nodding will be agreeing to get mad at me and then later agreeing with me, but it's a fascinating journey. All right, you can find all these got one more segment, not deep in some states is a lot more since. Welcome back to where we take your trash and uses it to build the kingdom, and I hope you here in our guest today. God's given them some and then he took him on an adventure that they really did leave and expected to Dr. Brown's written notice to you and say 500 books you would say that I got around to get them, but I'm at 33 now, but on this one. It was a new adventure Trinity perceive she had written a book for the devotional poetry type book it now he's got her with a little and then Sally that Sam was her childhood come along which that Mr. Sweet she was inspired to do this soul-searching, words of poetry.

So we got one, go get one morning there so that you know the next one on the hit parade of poems from Sally that Sam and I love what you say you want to feed the hungry and dig wells, and how does that work exactly James Robinson sent famous bacon and ham. I watched it for years and I went that we support the I just got to watch the Gaston Y and last year I could not get out of the rain and I watched again and I think God how can I did a whale in Africa on a 16 can deepen my cell poetry and I have worked for this purpose. Not my goal is to get enough from this book, and a couple others that are becoming to use 10% for my sales and give 90% away. So one more poem earlier. Okay wintertime in the forest. It's wintertime in the forest with snowcapped evergreen trees as I look around in this wonderland.

I feel a chilling breeze assayed the barren tree lands with little touches of snow, the beauty I see all around me is God's painting here below.

The sunlight shines some patches of snow right down and how they glistened. I hear that deafening silence of the forest. As I listen there's no little birds flying around singing their sweet, sweet file going south for the winter. There's not one little 20 layers that blades cover the forest floor.

Each turn I make is like opening a door to door to a room with all in wonder as slowly walking and I don't want to blender, not wanting to disturb the forest house in store. It makes my heart pound I want to say nor more of this beauty that last just ahead giving wonderful thoughts. There's nothing to dread all of the creatures are quiet somewhere resting in his left without any tears. Thanks to their fee for a long winter's recast. They have no way of knowing they are wonderfully blessed like as they are blessed by our father about his supplies all our needs from a heart full of love.

He gives us grace for each new day house courage and honor in the streets to be bound boldness to share Jesus to add their sweet Nate to family and friends to strangers on the street strength to how down when things don't go our way. The promise he will not leave this for the rest of our days. The little creatures are content with what they have in store wanting and not for today not yearning for more.

Let's learn from God's creatures and be content for today to rest interest. He will always make a way. Are you content today Sally, but Sam inspired thoughts of soul-searching, words of poetry there as well as the little piano and, of course, Dr. Brown's book which we have to get up there because I didn't know that this book which is coming out on Tuesday but before we get to that. We haven't talked about lyric this one right here it's the stuff piano, but it's a little bit about what happens to lyric that you feel like how that helps the kids so lyric she lives in a music shop in the book and she's ready to see the world experience the world but the wise official in the story says you should wait for the master musician.

He's the one is really getting to play you in making beautiful music and really going fill your deepest need and she's like, you know, like, you know what to do things on my own so she goes out explores the world and kind of no-show basics it's turning you notes after she's been playing for a while.

She's left you notes to herself and long story short, she's kinda hasn't I'm chips and scratches easily broken and she feels and what me now you know all broken up. I can't play anymore and that's when the mass physician comes around.

He says I love you not because of what you can do, but because of you.

Are you and Sally completely restores her colleges her up and he plays her and he fulfills her and letting children know that it is a matter what you may be going through me for like year at your wits and your you know completely.

Maybe for like your last cause, but it's never too late.

As always, hope that's piano. I mean how cool is that it's a lyrical wonderland. That's all there as well and how encouraging it would be the Trinity and you know maybe some presents for kids that you know after that need to know about lyric and the things Dr. Brown I once again I get a chance to ask Dr. Brown.

So here I am and I got all these questions I know don't have to do about your book, but I still would love the answers last couple minutes. We've got Miriam the prophetess Miriam spoke about on the Christian cargo ship today.

There is written in the in the town, but in the midrash understand that she had this well that followed her everywhere and she would sing to it an outcast water. Could you speak to, yet there are a lot of traditions in the Talmud called midrash literature and so this is homiletical is passed on by tradition and it's meant to filling gaps in the biblical literature, etc. so, first, let me mention that all prescriptions can references the rock that followed the Israelites in the wilderness, and that rock was Christ that rocked the Messiah. He was referring to one of these ancient Jewish homiletical traditions with literally a rock that would follow Israel and that when the water they hit this walking water would come out. So if someone just type sin. Miriam well Talmud right so Miriam, well, TAL and UD will have articles beginning with this one.

Miriam's well unraveling the mystery and it talks about it. It's called in Hebrew Belorussia Mayor Jan so the name of the spring that miraculously provided water and accompanied the Israelites throughout the four years they travel in the wilderness, so we know an extra 15 Miriam things all along the prophetess, and she sings after the children of Israel all survive and in the Red Sea destroys the Egyptians and they pass through on dry land.

So that's the tie these things together. She sings they had this well that accompanies them to get this to tradition, but one of these fascinating stories absolutely beautiful thing and so much there that name becomes Mary and C got this rock that rolls and obviously there was another Mary if the true two Monday were rolled over a stone rock 'n' roll right background and you little rabbi believes these things together. What happened this thought Association.

You have a lot of that in rabbinic literature that this remind you of this was connected to this next flight. Well this amazing that's the way the kingdom kind is it that's what discipleship like Ike I get these little tidbits that makes this come alive. And then all of a sudden I see this in God is more than amazing in always different.

Just how we bought these three guests to together for me today.

Dr. Brown are hoping for the other listeners, but is really cool to have you guys have you on but I might give you the last word.

Dr. Brown, because I know you got something that I listeners need to hear. Yeah, the title of this book came from an interview I was supposed to do on critical emotional and I was supposed to be debating kind of a moderate Republican about evangelicals and trump one of the points I was going to make don't count did not die for my sin.

Jesus did, but when it comes to the battle for abortion when it comes to religious liberties when it comes to genocide of Christians in the Middle East. I thought Donald Trump would be a better job than Hillary Clinton. I think is important for all of us as followers of Jesus put things in the right perspective. Politics is not the gospel. Donald Trump is not the Savior. Politics will not save America. Only Jesus can save America. The church must rise up. We need awakening in our lives.

And then one by one touch children touch individualized share pole with a hurting veteran.

One by one. We touch lives we break people and we also both because that does play an important part of the culture put things in the right perspective to the church to do what it's supposed to do support the government to do what it's supposed to do in this way we won't get confused and let us be more loyal to Jesus than a political party or political leader spoke with principal Dr. personality you just inspiring me to pray more for Donald Trump and obviously those connect.

As you know, obviously loaded with landmines and the only way were to get through this is so honored you would do my showing me that was really fun.

I never got to do that before the some other shows that even thank you Dr. Brown. It was awesome. Thank you Trinity thank you Sally met Sam, who I don't know your actual name.

It was fun I think is how you guys. The ones that make the show possible, and so on. Today and I'm so grateful that you listen to the truth. Radio network you so much truth, the master journey starts here now at 12 o'clock followed by psychometrics. Thank you for listening

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