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Shirley Weaver A Clear Trumpet and Diana Bailey

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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November 24, 2018 2:28 pm

Shirley Weaver A Clear Trumpet and Diana Bailey

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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November 24, 2018 2:28 pm

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Kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth.

Your host Robbie Gilmore well come to a very special edition of kingdom pursuits. I am calling this the able able Thanksgiving able edition commenced on the Christian card. I bet you're wondering what that may mean well I have thought about this. I thought well if the day before Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving Eve.

After Eve you might know Kane came in able. So were two days after Thanksgiving we think Shirley is Thanksgiving able. So you know, and it kinda rhymes with table which you know a lot of us enjoyed over the so were excited that were more excited because we have these wonderful For You Today Starting off.

We Have Shirley Weaver and That's a Name If You're in Charlotte Were Helping Juergen. It Really Begin to Glean from Because Shirley Has a New Minute That's Coming to Our Network There in Charlotte. The Clear Trumpet Minute and It's Coming Very Quickly. December 1 Next Week, so Surely Welcome It so Good to Have You in This Great and Actually Clear Trumpet Is Your Ministry. Try Try and Work Coming up on January 30 Years of Ministry and so We Are so Pleased to Bring You the Clear Trumpet Minute You Find Us Much More about That Today, but Also with Us Today We Have Bob and Diana Bailey and There Was a House of Hope and Davie County and I Love the Name of That When I Think about It Bob It's the House of Hope in You Guys Been Hoping for the House of Hope for 10 Years, We've Actually Been Involved with House of Hope Piedmont since 2010 and Yes We Are Waiting on the Lord and Trusting in the Lord to Bring This Vision We Have for a Home for Troubled Teenage Girls in Davie County That Will Minister to the Piedmont Triad Area Soon and That's Why We're Here to Let People Know Where We Are and Where Were Where We Tend to Go from Here. This Is Really Really Cool and and It Has so Much to Do with Hope and I Have To Share This Story I Know of a Missionary Lady Actually Years Ago I Produced a Show Called Place Missionaries Call Home of Larry George A Lot Of You May Have Heard, It Was a Great Show and They Talked about Stories of Missionaries. Well, His Mother-In-Law Was a Missionary in Brazil and She of Course Practices Back in the 40s.

You Know That When You Went on Mission They Made You Give up Your Kids and Put Them in and out and out and That You Can Bring Your Kids with You on That. So They Went to a Special School for Missionary Kids There in Brazil While You Went off to This Tribe so She Set Her Kids Aside and Went and Ministered to This Tribe That Nobody Never Heard from You Know They Didn't Speak Any English You Know It Was Somewhat Violent Tried and They Minister to These People for 10 Years and They Finally Made One Convert in Two Days after He Was Converted to Christ. One of the Other People Killed Him the Truck Because He Wanted His Wife. Now If You Given up That Just Think with Me for Minute You've Given up 10 Years of Your Life for Mission Work and Your One Convert Die Is Killed by These Even or Whatever If You Could Hear the Rest of the Story. See If Your Stairs If You Stand There at the 10 Year Mark You like What the World Am I Doing I Need to Go Back and Take Care My Family My Kids. Clearly, God Is an Open This Door, but No That Wasn't Her Story All She She Stuck with It and She Would Tell You That Those 10 Years, Taught Her More about Mission Work in Anything. I Mean, Those Were the Those Were the Hard Places That Was That Was Training Her Faith Muscle and Training Are in Hope and so I'm so Excited about Hope I Couldn't Help but Not Sure That Story Is I Was As I Was Just Thinking about You Guys This Morning but in Shirley's Case She's Been Doing It for 30 Years and Her Ministry Is Clear Trumpet so Speaking of Clear Rachel Working to Speak of Clear Now. Speaking of Clear Avenue Producer and It Takes A While before the Understand That That's When Exposed to Play the Music and It's Coming so There We Go.

Speaking of Clear Prisoner Was Camping out in the Woods and of You Heard about This, but It Was a Clear Case of Criminal Intent, Now That Was a Little Funny. There's a Criminal in the 10 I Got It You Got Okay Got All Right. I Understand How Gems Were Made. I Think It's If You Ever Understood How Gems Are Made. It's Crystal Clear. I Don't Think, but That You Might've Heard of This, They When They Use Bleach to Clear a Dark Wet Corner. It Breaks the Mold.

It Really Does. Yeah, Clear, Dark Corner You Get All These Fish Are Your Clear Trumpet Would Give Me All This Inspiration, It Did. Now the Athlete Claims He Long Jumped over 25 Feet Will Actually His Best Jump Was Only 23 Feet, so This Was a Clear Case. Don't Think of Leapfrog That That's Yeah I Got That When I Actually Dig a Little Bit Folks I Saw Smile on Bob's Face It Happen so I Know You like This Little Bit More Punishment. I Haven't Mindfully Bob so I Understand They've Developed Polyurethane Sales Did You Hear about This.

Rachel They Did. David Think about Polyurethane and It's One Thing Is You Might Remember about Polyurethane for Sailboats Because from Here on. It's Clear Sailing Shirley Laughed out, Now Laughing inside. I Know Clear Sailing.

All Right, so with That Whole Thought in Mind. Jesus Was Insistent If You Think about It It Comes Actual Riddle so You Can Win Today by Calling Him Jesus Was Insistent That God's House Be a House of Prayer When He Blank All Jesus Was Insistent That His House Be a House of Prayer When He Blank. In Fact, for Some They Would've Thought He Made It Less Visible. That's Just My Humor. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Is a Member Call in and Tell Us Jesus Was Insistent That God's House Be a House of Prayer When He Blank and Some Would Think That He Made It Less Visible If They Get That Answer, Rachel Talbot, Though in Well Today.

Building a Either a T-Shirt or a Book from the Team Proceeds Prize, Not Just Any T-Shirt, but the House of Hope T-Shirt Davie County.

This Is a Limited Edition.

From What I Understand Is Only Been 40 of These Made so Far and Both You Ever Listen to so Don't Be Shy You Know the Answer, Jesus Was Insistent That His House Be a House of Prayer When He Blank and for Some They Would Say He Made It 866-348-7884 Is a Member Call in and Win so Getting Back Clear Trumpet You Know Actually What Gave Me Inspired Me Shirley for These Ponds This Morning When My Producer Saw Your Minute I Met My Producer, My Program Director. He Saw These Minutes Because Robbie, I Gotta Be Honest, As Soon As I Heard Clear Trumpet. I Know It Mean Something Else That I Picture This Clear Trumpet so Yeah so Going Back to the Beginning of Clear Trumpet. Where Did God Give You That Idea for Clear Trumpet Word Number in the Old Testament Where the Reference Is Made to the Sounding of the Horned Founding of the Trumpet and Coarse and Anxious Israel.

Did He Know Everything the Indication One. One Thing One Black and Other Black Clear No, We're Having a Blast. Hunting Pursuits Were to Be Back in Just a Minute You Call in with Your Guess Is an Kingdom. Today We Are so Blessed to Have with the Shirley Weaver with Clear Topic Ministries. She's Got a Minute That's Coming to Charlotte Starting Next Week, December 1 Were Excited to Hear Those and Bob and Diana Bailey the House of Hope in Davie County That Where We Got Some Things That We Still Gotta Get Done before We Can Open the House of Hope and so We Had a My on Last Year We Want to Give You an Update on Where the House of Hope Is and Were Hoping the Next Time That There on That That Actually You Know You Have an Open, but When We Left.

Oh, I Should Remind You That Nobody's Called Then I'm Shocked I Really Am. I Know You Know the Answer to This and You Get the Limited Edition Very Limited Edition House of Hope T-Shirt so Jesus Was Insistent That God's House Be a House of Prayer When He Blank. I'm Not Saying He Blank Saying He Did Something That You Supposed to Fill in the Blank and What Was That, and Just As a Little Bit of a Hint. This Act for Some Would Mean to Make the Temple Less Visible. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Is a Number to Call in and Share.

When We Left Her Here Shirley. She Was Describing How God Had Kindly. She Was Having a Blast and All the Sudden God Come on Diane You Smile. You Know You She Was Having a Blast on This Idea. Clear Trumpet and I Have To Tell You As You Are Describing That Shofar That They Used Back in the Day. One Day It Occurred to Me and I'll Know Bob, Want Your Eyes If You've Ever Thought about This but Have You Ever Thought That a Horn Meant That It Was Actually a Horn like Other Day.

The Light Came on for Me like Oh That's Why They Call It up Horn Because of the Gaze of the Shofar or in an and so You Know, God Made the Original Horns Understand and You Know They They May Have Called Him a Trumpet but I Don't Know If You If You Thought about That Heavy Shirley Lately like Ketchup and Coriander Learn Likely Would Think That Meant It to the Shofar. The Ramp in a Cool, Which Is Clean Animal. By the Way, Which We Talked A Lot about Unchristian Card.

I Am Seeing in All Those Kind of Things and Chewing the Cud and so That Is so Cool and so You Had This Vision and Then Where Did God Take You with That Download Really after Rolling up in the Church and I like Training Will Encounter with the Lord and Their Transmission and Everything for Me and Wanted Things That Happened Immediately like Other Ability Will Call Me to Teach and to Mobilize for Next Big Thing in My Heart, Which Is What We Did Get a Clear Trumpet, Believing That the Message with a Clear Did You Ever Dream. Back in Those Days As You Are Getting This Trumpet Yourself Right That Someday You Would Be on the Radio. Well, Part of the Original Link They Brought It While Answer. Interestingly, You've Been Hoping like My Missionary Mother-In-Law. I Described a Bit like the House of Hope and Then You Know It's Kinda Cool to See God. His Is Brought Just the Whole Team Because As It Turns out Right Shirley, It Wasn't Just for You.

It Was for Whole Lot of People Trying to Cry While That Would Not Be Original the Original Look Large.

But Delay God Small Bright People Being Discipled.

The Clear Message God Here and There Are Many Men, Women, Children, Wherever God and Thank the Radio Broadcast the Radio Thing That We Are Now. We're Excited Here at the Truth Network to Because You Know One of the Neat Things That We Can Have A Lot Of Male Voices out There in Christian Radio That People That People Can Hear but You Know It's Kind of Refreshing to Hear a Female Voice and like I Can Think of Several Biblical Examples, and My Daughter Actually in College Was Just Doing a Paper on Women Leaders in the Bible and and She Showed Me so Many Things I'd Never Really Thought about It and I Did Not Know What She She Discovered That the Early Church. Martha Was Very Very Involved in in Christian Leadership. Having Sat at Jesus Feet In Spite Of the Fact That She Kinda Got Reviewed for Doing Too Much Serving, and so It's Kind of Neat That You Had a Chance to Sit at His Feet All These Years and Now the Trumpet Blasts like Great. It Is Fun. It Is Final Have To Tell You That I Have Some Revelers. Oh My Goodness. The Lines Are like Map.

We Have Marie, Which I've Seen Marie Has Kept My Producer on the Phone for Quite A While so I'm Excited Marie Must Have A Lot This Marie and We Don't Know Marie.

Marie Here on Lost Marie Oh so We Get to Go to Orlando Orlando You Are on Know We Lost Orlando.

They Were Have a Little Phone Issue This Morning.

It's All Right. We Got Angela.

Still, She Is on the Phone with Her so We Can Hopefully Get That so That We Can Take Angela but You Got Put on Hold so I Can Take the Call.

She's Working to Get There.

She Is Angela Your Wanting to Pursue Tremendous All Right We We Tried and We We Got Eventually If You Got an Answer for Us.

What Was Jesus up to Be Called a Heart Overturned Year Exactly, You're Right. He Cleared It. That's What I Heard and in Some Some People. Some People Might Think That the Temple Was Actually No Clear, but No, It Was Being Clear Angela so Great to Hear from You Again. I Had to Eat. We Called in Last Week. How Was How Was Your Week on with Your New Adventure Well on All Apartment and I Tried to Call My Mom, Carl. Every Morning, and I Don't Know Why but She Quick.

I Wanted My Phone. Are You with That Old Apartment and I Think They're God I'll Let Go, but Kardashian Will Get Placed Me in the Collective, the Law She Would Do That but I Didn't Get It.)

This and How Many Times We Face in Angela Where We Have a Choice between Making People Happier Making God Happy and You Know That Was Kind of Market Situation and As She Chose to Make the Loratadine and in It and It Works out That It Is Me and It Will Make Your Mother Happy. I Probably Know, It Really Is.

You Know It Won't Be Long and She Will See This from a Blot Different Point of View and When She Sees It See What a Beautiful Daughter God Gifted Her with an and All Those Years of Service. So I Am Grateful Locally. God Will Come to Understand. She Will She and Were Painful and Don't Get Paid Is Painful. So Thank You Angela God Bless You Every Morning. Thank You Robbie to Provide All Right, so We Had Marie's Lovely Call Back As I'm Really Guy I Know That Many Many Times My Listeners Have Way Better Answers and I Have an Marie I Just I Know You Have A Lot to Say and I Am Wanting to Hear from You. I Want to Hear from Orlando Call Us Back 8663 for 87884 Ends I Have To Baileys Right in Front of Me.

So Here This Time a Year Bob Are There A Lot Of People That Think of You As George. I'm Not Sure. Okay Christmas Time, George Bailey, I Guess You've Never Know.

I Got It. Now You Got It. I'm Just Saying It's a Wonderful Life toward It. I Mean, It Is Wonderful.

I Will Have It so Is You Guys Are Preparing Tells about Some of the Some of the Projects That You're Waiting for God to Help You Will Some of the Projects We Have To Update and Renovate Our Building. According to the Code so We Have To Do the Laundry Room Is One of Them Which Were Were Working on Now with the Contractor. We Have To Change All the Doorknobs in the Building from Standard Doorknobs to Lever Type Doorknobs We Have To Update Electrical the Electrical System and so These Projects Are What Is before Us Right Now but Philippians 419 Says That God Will Supply All Our Needs through Our Riches in Christ Jesus, so We Are Confident That God Is Going to Come through for Us and Exposure on Your Program like This Will Help People Know When Our Vision Is All about How We Can to Help Teenage As This Is a Great Time to Point out That If You Go to Kingdom You Can Find out All about the House. I Hope You Can Find out about Clear Trumpet Ministry Effectiveness Previews of Their Minutes and Their Minor Long Teaching. That's All There Kingdom Clear Trumpet and House of Hope. We Got so Much More Hope and I'm Hoping That Marie Will Call Back 866-34-TRUTH Back Here Have Your Hoping for a House in Bailey County. We've Got Both with Us Today on This Thanksgiving Able. If You Don't Know That Was Back with the Podcasting Where I Describe in Detail How We Came up with Thanksgiving Able, but in the Meantime, We Still Have Marie out There Who Would Love to Hear What She Was Gonna Say 866-34-TRUTH 87884's Number: If You Want to Talk to Bob or Diane or Shirley. We Would Love to Hear from You Maybe Encourage Them, but You Were Involved in Ministry Are Involved in Ministry Because It's All about. How Does God Take Your Passion and Use It to Build the Kingdom and so Shirley, It's an Interesting Thing That A Lot Of Times It Seems That We We Going to Ministry Thinking That Networking Be Able to Share Stuff with Other People, We Find That God Has His Kind Where He Wants Us Because He's Working on Us Initiating Us As Sons and Daughters of the Kingdom and and and so It's Been a 30 Year Journey.

I'm I'm Curious, What Were Some of the Gifting's That He Revealed to You, You Know, Because I I've I Guess I've Had a Chance to Do This and I've Been Shocked at Some of the Things I Learned That He Gave Me to Be Able to Do That.

I Really Had No Idea That I Could Do.

Are There Some along Those Lines over Those 30 Years, He's Revealed to You Will Whole Kind of Being Able to Indicate That People Have Different Favorite Channel. Make It Different That All Robbie Angered Me and That You Know That That of the Way and Therefore the Way I Communicate with Other Was Shocking to Me Because I Have No Knowledge at Work, Matt Clocked a Real Passion for Leader and Government and Hold Knee Area at the Nap in the Last Year under Ending to Reach out to Governmental Place.

People in Government Are Really Shocking Because I Would Not Anything I Would Never Even Entered, You Know, It's Clearly the Scriptures Loaded That Opportunities for Us to Pray for Those That God Is Put in Leadership but Boy Oh Boy Do They Need a Trumpet All Involved Really Become Very Real to Me Recently and I and and That Is That Is Really Amazing Is That Is That Is Definitely an Area That I Could See Were You. You Wouldn't See That You're Going to Be Involved, but Now Interestingly God Has Brought That to Where Other People Joined You in Your Vision and and You Know What I Work with You All.

You Have Several Members of Your Team Have Contacted Me in and and Interacted and I Can Just See Their Passion for What It Is That They Feel You Know You're Going to Share with Our Listeners and with Those Folks, Listening and Shouting Him Clear Trumpet Starts 1 December so You Know We Need a Little Trumpeting Shirley What What What Were Some of Your Favorite Ones That People Can Hear in December. Well, Called Everything to Do with Where We Come from the Rock from Which Were in Where God Bottom Line. In the Beginning.

Another Favorite Family Altar .8. The Value of Gathering the Family Together for Everything That Where Where You Recalibrate the Heart of the Family Children of Mother and Father on That Coming Together at a Family Altar for a Family Altar, While Just Think It's the Opportunity. This Is As People Get a Glimpse of What God Has for Our Families and I Think about What My Own Family Know How Precious Those Times Are Where I Get a Chance to See God Come Alive in My Kids and My Grandkids. Oh My Gosh, My Grandkids Taught Me along the Way and I'm Just like, Oh, Man, and so You Know There's Never a Time in Fact Working to Go Get a Christmas Tree This Evening after I Get off the Air and I'm in Have My Daughter and My Granddaughter and All His Company Just I Am so Excited to Learn and and I'm Sort of a Captive Audience When You're in the Car Is a Great Time to Have an Alternate Shirley Try It Really Is. Unfortunately, All Families and and It Was That When the Bible and It Still Is, Their Struggles, and so Bob and Diana Don. I Have Had a Chance to Make Reference to Donna Diana's Real Name, but You Might Think She's Mary Hatch from This Wonderful Life Because She's Married to George Bailey like She Is and You Don't Know This but Donna Reed Played Mary Hatch. If You Go Back and Watch It's a Wonderful Life. You Might Remember Bob and She Looked Just like My Mother She Really Did and so I Was like That Was One of the Things about You Know Mary Hatch Was One of Those Characters That like Wow She Looked Just Just like My Mother and so Here We Have George Bailey's Wife Right with Us Here in the so but Really You Have a Heart for Those Families and Interestingly Teenagers Which Are Not That Easy to Deal with Got Gave Your Passion for That Thought to Find That Fascinating Diana and and Can You Take Us Back to How You Got There. Well, I'm a Parent and Every Every Parent Has Struggles As a Parent and I Children Struggle As Well and When Our Children Are Struggling with Struggling and There's so Many Teens out There and so Many Families That Are Struggling with.

All the Way Our World Is Now. There's Just A Lot of Work to Do and so Our Vision and Our Helpless to Be Able to Bring Those Temple Teenagers and Has Traveled Families to Restoration. I Know, but I Want to Go a Little Deeper and That I You're Laying There One Day and All Of A Sudden Maybe It Came to Your Husband Change in Said Honey or Maybe It Was You but Somebody Decided Wow I Really Want a House Hoping David Can I and There Was Some Event or There Was Something That I Went to a Extraordinary Women's Conference in Johnson City, Tennessee, and It Was at That Conference 2009 2009 I Heard Sarah Challenger Who Is the Founder of House. Hope Amanda.

She Was Speaking and Then after She Spoke She Brought on a Couple of Young Ladies Who Would Then at That Time Adults and Mothers Who Had Been in Her Program Who Were Residents Who Were Troubled Teens Would Come through Her Program and Then Graduated the Program and Lifeless. Their Lives Were Changed and It Was Then I Brought Home the Pamphlets You Know All the Info so You're Sitting There and You're Watching These Testimonies Right and I'm Assuming That You Saw What Was the Destroyed Life Right God Leading People Out Of Destruction and and What Came Alive. Hope That's What Comes Alive. I Write You That Wow There's Hope And so You Recognize the Central North Carolina We Have of You That and in Oh by the Way I Work with A Lot Of Teenage Boys through North Carolina Boys Academy Myself and I've Had a Chance to Watch the Light Come on and and See the Hope Come Alive and and Bob so She Came Home and She Share This Vision with You What'd You Say Are You Out Of Your Mind on That. Actually We Had Always Had a Vision for Subtype of Ministry Together after We Got Married but It Was Then When She Came Home and Told Me about House of Hope That We Plan to Visit to the House of Hope in Orlando. The Following January, and after We Had Gone in and Listened and Met the People Who Were Running That Organization.

We Made a Commitment to Open a House of Hope and in the Piedmont Area of North Carolina and That Is Our Vision and Still Is Her Vision and We Believe That God Is Going to Bring It to Fruition, and It's Getting Closer and Closer, Because You Actually Have Mouse Working on My Own Personal Testimony Is That I Struggled with Alcohol and Drugs for 23 Years and My Dad Was a Baptist Minister for 48 Years so I Know How Easily You Can Get Led Astray Even When You Brought up in the Right Environment. The Satan Has a Way of Leading You Astray and Many of the Teenagers in Our Culture Today Don't Have Any Family Structure so There There Really Struggling. If You Remember I Am a Custodian at Davie High School and I Finish up 10 Years Next February and so I Am around 1800 Teenagers Five Days a Week and I See the Kids There There There and I Can See the Pain That They're in. And He Is Owned by the Way, for Those Listening Bob Bailey Not George Is a Legend at Davie-Those of Us Who Have Lived in Davie County, You Would Know about Mom Because of the Students to Realize That This Is a Man Who Has Compassion. This Is a Man Whose Coming out Hearts and so He's Had This Hope in This Vision and They Have It Getting Closer and Closer and Closer You Can You Proceed to Find out More about That. More about Claire Trumpet That One More Segment Signing Your House on the Kingdom. Today We Have Been Enjoying Our Time Was Shirley.

We Would Clear Trumpet Minute Coming to Charlotte December 1 and Bob and Diana Bailey Not George and Mary, but Bob and I Am I Can Help.

It Is so Wonderful Life Time of Year. Know Where Thousands Okay in Davie County so Shirley, Are You a Big It's Wonderful Life and Read to Him and When I Think about It Right. If, in Order for Clarence to Give Jenna's Wings Denies out a Trumpet Nondescript but Getting Back to Clear Trumpet and I Was Curious, so God Gave You the Vision and Then EE, Tugged on the about the Political Thing and Ease and Is Put This Team around You Is As You Guys Have Come Together on This Hot What Do You Feel Goddess Is Looking for Is an Outcome for Clear Trumpet to Take People Deeper into the Word or Deeper in Their Relationship, or All the above in Chair.

There Are Their Leadership, and Every Person That Got like the Daily Dozen Quality Go Undeveloped Are Unnoted Are Unharmed Clearly and It Happened That Way. One of the Passion and Talent, or Merely Get on Nearly Spiritual Guy and Calling in the Direction in Their Life and It Probably Went Great by Drowning toward Government Right Now. That Gap like I Pretty Some of the Leader That He Getting to This Country Are at Their Miraculous, Probably Many People Don't Even Know That Treasure, and the List Done and Diligent That Are Part of the Lot. Many a Family with a Black Hat That We Want to Encourage Them and We Want More and More That I Ministry Minute Is a Way for Us to Have Us Pay for It Back. My Children Were Young I Would Listen to Christian Radio and in Line. One Particular Program That a Longer Production and so It Worked for Me. I Believe the Way for Us to Try Our Broadcasting Only Now and Let I Know Is a Broadcaster Is It Takes Longer to Prepare a Minute and It Does 27 Minutes Think That's True but It's Absolutely True That in Order to Clearly Communicate Something in a Minute Takes a Phenomenal Amount of Work. 27 Minutes.

Like a Message. You Have a Chance to Put Some Fluff around the Minute You Gotta Get to It and Then You Gotta Bring out Try a Great Answer Really Where Where It Will, and We Are to We Are to so Grateful Shirley Weaver Was Clear Trumpet Minute. It's Coming.

As I Said the Charlatan Next Week. In the Course of the Running Mirror Several Times A Day, so Work Will Be Excited for What What God's Going to Bring As He Always Does When His Word Goes out and It Never Returns Void. Once We're Talking on the Break with Bob and Diana about the House of Hope. There Was There's There's an Aspect of the House Hope That People He Not Be Aware of Is That the Parents Are Big Part of What Is Not Just a Ministry to the Kids, It's a Ministry to the Parents Try Bob, That's Correct.

The Parents Have To Agree to Be Involved in the Program As Well and They Agreed to Come to Parenting and Counseling Classes At Least Twice a Month Which the Child and the Parent Actually Go through This Program Together so at the End, It Changes the Whole Family Dynamic. And so the Child When They Graduated a Go Back into the Same Environment That They Came Out Of and so It's a Family Restoration Type Ministry, Which If There's Anything We Need in Our Culture. Now It's Stronger Families Right and so If You're Just Tuning in the House. I Hope Does Not Exist in Davie County That Were Hoping That It and on Again Hoping the Keyword It Does Exist in Different Parts of the Country and God Gave Them This Vision over Eight Years Ago He Provided a House Right You Got the Yes at the Spot.

Now You Just Got A Few More Items That You Need Help with Actually Funding Help in Order to Get the Doors Fixed in Order to Get A Few Things so That You Can Pass Inspection to Be Ready to Open.

That's Correct.

In One of the Biggest Projects We Have Coming up Now, Which I Did Mention Earlier, Is Putting a New Floor down We Were Blessed Last Year on the Davie Community Foundation Gave Us a Grant for New Flooring.

But When a Roof Began to Leak. We Had to Put All the Interior Renovations on Hold until We Repaired the Roof Which Took Quite A While but God Blessed Us and We Have a New Roof That We Have a Dry Building and so Now Were Pushing Real Hard to Get the inside Completed Will Actually Have Been Counseling with the Lady in Charlotte Who Has a 16-year-old Daughter Who Is Struggling and She's Interested in Our Program. But We Need Your Help to Move Forward and Get These Projects Completed and Start Ministering to These Teens and Parents. Some Interested. Shirley Is from You Now As You Teach on Leadership, What Would Your Word Be for the Bailey's Is Is They Need.

Obviously They Have Hoped, but They Need Some More Resources Well Impression They Are Tracking with below White Pressure Really Big Legal Bring Presentation and I to Think That That Daddy upon You Know I at That Listening with Dave Thinking You Can Tell Contact from the Lord and That Is Click on It, Bringing It Unconscionably Thinking Will Bring That Bringing Provisioning Right Now Right on Excited for the Daily John and II Can't Help but See Them That the Qualities That You Describes Earlier Leadership Qualities of Somebody Who Would Take Another Janitor Position in That Being up a Position of Huge Influence in High School Lady That Would Go to You Know This Extraordinary Women Conference in Get an Extraordinary Vision Just with the Help of the Play into You Know Where Where Where Her Families Headed and I Happened Also Know Because I Know Some of the People That Are on Their Board Mike Drayton and in His Wonderful Wife That You Know That There Are Part of This in the Vision That God Has Given Them and so It Is It's Exactly As You Say, Surely There's No Better Place to Be Then Right Where God Wants You, Which Sometimes You Know It May Not Be Moving As Fast As We Want in His Timing but He's Got Other Structures That He's Laying in Place for Such a Time As This. And so It's It's Really Cool It's Really Cool to Get the Update and Have Bob and and Diana Back Again Get a Chance to Sample about What Was about This Time Last Year That We Had You about a Year Ago. I Do Believe That We Were on Yes and We Are Very Thankful That You Invited Us Back in and Just Are Able to Get the Word out about What Our Vision Is and and How We Plan to Help These Teens and Parents Actually Similar to You the Title of My Shell Being Kingdom Pursuits. How Does God Take Your Passion and Uses It to Build the Kingdom You Know That That's Just a Clear Thing That It's Really Amazing to Get to See All the People That Have Come through Every Week and in the Adventures That God Is Given Them, and Then to Watch Them Walk in Faith, and the Provision along the Lines That Attested It Get Amazes Me the Best Christian Authors, Children's Books and Then up an Amazing Illustrator Comes along and You Never Thought of in a Million Years.

It Comes in and Helps Them Illustrate the Book or Somebody Writes a Screenplay and All Of A Sudden God Puts Them in the You Know, in the Path of I Can Only Imagine You Know Those Postings Were Also These Vision That at Some Point in Time and in God's Providing Form Shirley, It's Really Really a Cool Thing to to Walk with Him and That and Then Also Watch the Other People That Are in Your Organization Right and so to Say One Last Time. Kingdom You Can Find out More about Clear Trumpet Ministry Shirley Weaver. You Can Find out More about the House of Hope for Davie County and All about the Bailey's Is All There Kingdom and We Are so Grateful Really Miss Being the Thanksgiving Season Very Very Thankful for Our Guest for Thankful for You, Listening and Remiss If I Didn't Point out That Were so Grateful That Working Somewhat More Truth on the Treatment Masculine Journey Starts Here Now at 12 O'clock Followed by Disciple Magazine How Much Fun Thank You for Listening to the Truth

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