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Lou Enoff, Ann Ault, Danny Spainhour

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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June 29, 2019 2:30 pm

Lou Enoff, Ann Ault, Danny Spainhour

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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Versus where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore day on kingdom pursuits.

I think you're going to be blown away by our gift, but before we get to that. You know the show is all about.

How does God take your passion and use it to build the kingdom and so she does list of the Christian card as show, you know, we are talking about miles and miles and miles of heart and we didn't get one collar and so I asked her to stay put and we would put a ranking of pursuits because obviously God's given your passion and now is your chance to share what you're gonna say on Christian card. I just wanted to tell anybody leave list and you need encouragement and your dream in your heart you follow your heart. Listen to this podcast had not visited is not a paid commercial announcement. I just wanted tell you because I was so inspired by this shadow and a clickable theme if you got a have hard to get out and I don't know and used to play on Broadway, but I bet you actually saw that what was the name of it. Some about.

I think during Yankee but anyway it was an inspiring show Robbie and it is that people should listen to the guy because the Podcast if you need encouragement in your heart that you dream, but I just want to say will quickly let God truly got it impossible possibility possibilities and and does anything to specialize and waiting till your older to fulfill certain dream you know when I moved here to North Carolina from California in December 2010 unit I had been doing adventures in Odyssey and a lot of stuff there initiative type stuff and and then I got in acquainted with the Truth Network and Robbie Gilmore and we started basically you started and I was on the second show. There were the two of Christian card as theater which has been such an answer to be for me just be able to continue to pursue doing acting in and in such a in a way that buyers and also glorifies Jesus Christ but I will and I love our Christian card I theater shows that where we just finished a wet 45th that that that that is the point is, I have had it the whole idea of the that of heart, miles and miles of so many your stories and David from Washington state who talked about how God kept getting in the dream, and he was saying, hold, and this to do to fulfill his dream and he said I was pushing 72 on abortion 70, all right. And so it it he kept holding on till inspiring. You know and to still keep going with the dream, you know, keep, and I feel like what I'm realizing myself.

I read Christian book called heart desire in 2001, and I felt God have to be a movie and and I you know it and I pursued it and pursued it and still pursuing it, but I'm doing other things. But I'm realizing that God hears for the fulfillment of a dream just like Abraham and Sarah. He waits to carry you to the measure.

You seem like you're too old. But the point is that the preparation time in almost a boot camp for the warrior bride of Christ. You know and yeah and so at bat. I know that you you you project being heart's desire. I got that one right on the God so stick with it so great in friends like you suggested, you know, get this, call him since we didn't get in the Christian card. I went out to get in pursuits. God bless Blanche I like to Robbie by saloon. Thank you for being so patient are actual just thinking of pursuits today is Lou off with Christian farmers outreach and and little gods kind of fulfilled some your dreams as you got a little bit older to production the Lord I was before I didn't know what it was actually two years ago that I got him game leader of Christian farmers.

The that was my desire was to do something in the field of evangelism and God have been preparing me over 30 years for that.

Oh my goodness to use you what all Christian farmers know when you hear the word I got admit that not being a farmer, it doesn't, well, what I now understand Christian farmer outreach is a mean oh my goodness ministry. What a phenomenal ministry here so much about that today on Christian card I we have some non-Christian went on kingdom pursuits and myself confused, but you have to give away some stuff and some of this is our Christian farmer outreach stuff so speaking of farm right may know this move up a hardluck old farmer was so poor got arrested for disturbing the peace.

Melanie couldn't make bail and then he had to lay off his poultry old lawyer. Next he waited too long to pick his palms and he ended up having to bring the whole tractor steering got struck.and so he made circles in the field, like a protractor and he ended up writing a John Deere letter yet a wardrobe malfunction, which was an overall problem because none of this impress the old farmer. After all, he was just a commentator. That's all you do all that I would actually have a riddle. And so, though today's riddle along the farming lines which parable in the Bible relates to farmers power planning which parable in the Bible refers to farmers power planting and if they can guess that Keith don't want to win. Well, like you said earlier today we have sailing days versus the Fayetteville woodpeckers to take that on July 5 and on top of that we have Christian farmers outreach back scratchers. We have a magazine from the Christian farmers outreach and we get armbands and pamphlets is so much stuff we get to giveaway today all you do is tell us which parable in the Bible relates to farmers power planting 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and I gotta tell you these Christian farmer outreach back scratchers are really something to behold.

And when you're beholding one of these back scratchers. There's a lot more than meets the eye in their Lou. We giveaway for people who come into our food. They want with five being on that have the color till the gospel story and what we do. So these are normal.

Back scratchers, these are literally right evangelistic scratchers so you know, as you share the back scratchers you get to share the story of the of the different colors of the beads so you got bracelet you got back scratchers and share a little bit of the story of how this all started, it's amazing. It's absolutely amazing and what you guys are doing today blows me away while the being farmers when they were meeting farmers are only way to stop the music means that we got a go to someone we get back to get on the soybean field and find out more about how Christian farmer and call in which parable in the Bible relates to farmers power planting 866-34-TRUTH 70 pursuits where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and we are so lucky to have all these callers calling in today on our riddle and so we got Carol in North Carolina got Don in Burlington you guys please stay on the line. Even if the other person gets it because we got so much to give way we want to make sure that you get some of the goodies is I'm guessing that you never have anybody call not have some kind of right answer that we really really need so that said, I get more in the Christian farmers outreach with Lou enough here in a minute but which parable in the Bible relates to farmers power planning. We got Carol is in North Carolina. Carol you're on pursuits good morning all, thanks to know which parable do you think in the Bible relates to farmers power plant on the parable of the way it is absolutely power planning and it really is when you think about and which think about you know what the Christian farmers outreach is planting seeds of those kind of means for the outstanding unit so it really really working to send you one of those tower scratchers.

The writer through the day. God bless you Carol thank you for calling by way of dawn is in Burlington, North Carolina.

Don your kingdom pursuits. Good morning, so hello yeah I know my DA right is not Don my deal with it.

It is Don. My deal that say now. I learned some so which parable in the Bible. Hello oh this. This must be the other Don, it's all right, Don, which parable in the Bible relates to farmers power planning our parable of the soul without you are exactly right you are. You're exactly right. And so we get you the power back scratcher and okay dashing through the tickets and all that stuff. So hang on and keep get your information. Thank you for calling you. Thank you very much God bless. All right we got to the right Don. Eventually Lou all kinds of power planners out there and you guys have been power planning for a long time, so getting back to our heroes. They were out in the soybean fields and they didn't want to go to the bar.

So what happened in: Fellowship of Christian all over all of the US but in Maryland by the name of will be very farmer love the Lord and he was fellowship.

But he decided fellowship with doing so many things: him specialized in evangelism and so he took the wrong with the five color thought of the track and started to open the boot for local players that showed and present the gospel in a very short message to anyone who would take a free gift of a walking rawhide attached to what the call walking and then from that it grew from the local area spread. People started to use those material till now 32 years later people are using our materials that we supply at no charge to anyone who will present the gospel all 50 states and 101 and the simple little tract that goes with it to explain what the colors mean is now in 24 languages that were working on 25 is an amazing thing and get blown away people. While I can't share the gospel and I don't how to do it well. Anyone knows the Lord can't do it do it and were happy to have anybody join us. Were all volunteer.

We don't we have one person or time to help us with the office talking but we we are all volunteer force.

We supply that material to missionary churches who agreed to use it as we say to make a personal presentation of the gospel. What we find Robbie is that so many people have never really heard of personal presentation. You know people say what my pastor doesn't preach the gospel and sometimes that may be true but other times not. Because it did not engage in the direct conversation that we gave one-on-one in the booth. We have people who use our materials they use them in street evangelism in the bazaars and all kinds of activity. Amazing how the Lord has blessed so the focus is no longer on farm family. Although we do a lot of farm shows that we have a number farmers to work with. We ask that you know we we farm for souls now that that's what the Lord called to go wherever North Carolina wanted to write you guys have this right here and other forms showed during the winter and last year over 500 people prayed to receive the Lord shows.

We spoke to well over about and the it just deleting all the one called the Lord and left there drawn by the Holy Spirit. But we have to be in the right place so that it and anyone who does pray with the we try to get have them join the local church we give them material that the Billy Graham gladly provided that allows them to go on the Graham website. They can do Bible studies they could find the local church. Anything 24 seven on the Internet and we give him a little card that one of our members came up with on how to put the pieces if you have a cell phone. You have a Bible, you can get the wonderful absolutely true and we have a lot of listeners in Richmond, Virginia to WW something in Richmond. I'm sure you guys are. The Virginia state fair or not at the state fair, but work were about to get there. We have fellow exploring that right now and were over, and Eric Berg at the Buckingham County fair and we have a couple of other shows that are done by folks down in the Southwest quarter but November I will be recruiting students from liberty to help us to do more shows the Virginia area. You know their volunteers better.

Liberty is in store for us to get down there and in one of the things were finding Robbie is that most of our members are getting older, we want to get more young folks involved going to liberty is our first effort at doing that. We're going to go there to some other colleges but just so happens I would point out the Samford University of Alabama which is wonderful Christian and I got a wonderful wonderful person I bet he would be very interested in connecting you with his resources but also you know we got the Dixie classic fair that I will that somebody needs to step up right move right. We need somebody down there and got a number of volunteers down there and a number of people who contribute to your door material in their church nodded and went in particular but number North Carolina people who have met us in Raleigh and oh by the way, if you wondering how I met Lucas sounds amazing to me how God puts people in my life that I get the chance to see what they're doing this, my goodness, James Banks, who you may know, does encouraging prayer right after kingdom pursuits is one of my best friends and Lou, how did you be James.

Oh I read I read what I called them up. I've got to get to know you because prayer is what caused the old not only provide, but prosper and I met him immediately. We have fond of fellowship. James a guy put together some other pastors up that area so that we can get more help, but my goal would be to have local people doing all this that we have people that come from our Maryland office to at least start the thing. Sometimes we carry a truckload of chairs that material to the local venues that I'd rather that be done by the local folks if we could do it. So I love what you said it begin with the Christian farmers organization started from prayer and obviously what God says is so clearly, apart from me you can do nothing. You know prayer in such a critical aspect of of what I hear in your ministry and wow how God's open doors consider you have huge amount of people that come through those fairs and they're looking at those boots and they're looking for something to fill their heart and they can find it camp. I prayer what we do is we buy rawhide by that and we buy the be and we have volunteer all over the area.

You know, wow, that's awesome.

Well we got to go to another. We come back we got a really cool thing and announce to you from our Pinedale Christian church so you don't hear about that and so much more from the Christian farmers outreach state that with the flu enough Christian farmers, outreach, and now we gotta special guest.

We got Danny explain our who is with Tyndale Christian church with a fantastic unbelievably wonderful announcement you guys have a huge blessing coming to the community. August 10 don't Robbie we have an annual service weekend with our church we call leave it better. October 10 11. We are going to have as a part of our leave it better weekend free military veteran dental clinic dental clinic military veterans on Saturday August Sunday, August 11.

Veterans are to be able to make an appointment and once they have their appointment, their appointment will include a dental x-ray with exam diagnoses and then treatment as long as time allows. Try to do have 2025 Dennis tear and hygienist your church and they're going to have lunch as they can possibly do on that day for military veterans. Also, this is really really cool kingdom I've got it there and there's a link where you can go set up your appointment. Maybe you know a veteran you can send that direction, which essentially is leave it veterans dinner at dental clinic. But there's another part of this that it just blows me away Danny that I would be remiss if I didn't get you to share the story of what God is doing through dentistry at Pinedale in the amazing gift that you guys received recently yeah Robbie, we have been given a gift that while basically we been given the gift of 40 dental chairs and units and everything that goes with that all instruments in the light of everything that was given to nation organization called footbridge and then be able to take that differently help our first clinic be at Pinedale in August were very excited about this ability to give with a lot of people in Winston hygienist that are interested in serving people doing what they do.

You know, we found all over the world.

Robbie Heath and I are the last thing the people take care of.

We will try to help as best we can and that's where military veteran of several numbers but one that I pretty much landowners is around 800,000 military veterans in North Carolina and only 30% of qualify for any kind of dental care and we want to reach out to help those we want to start these men and women gave gave it all and they went after for our country that we want turnaround for them and help them other funds and dumped on the dentist but when you're hurting you want to get something taken care of. We won't be able to take care of some amazing provision that God has made available in our community. Again, it's August 10 so you're listening to and be praying that God will bring some maybe veterans. It never heard about Jesus, and knows that this might be just a moment that would be there.

Not only get new teeth get the new heart you know what they like you Danny, that is so awesome God bless you appreciate what you guys are doing well. Thank you. All right, getting back to our buddy Lou was with the farmers outreach. I know that has to warm your heart to hear what God provides 40 dental chairs.

Let me my really weird. We'd love for God. I know I know the great folks we know Christmas, but all made where people would we get home improvement shows we can't tell you in the Lord just keeps opening doors and opening doors and follow up with you afterwards about that printed pamphlet because there is a huge international dear Expo in Birmingham are folks you do and the two people did it now disabled and told me they couldn't do it anymore. I need to get them Alabama volunteer well Tyndale I know a guy to my Christian body shop time.

Jerry Mathis is the one actually set up for Danny to be on the show today and he I know he would love to hear about what your your your resources there for this program that they have going on, but I know what the listeners would love to hear and I know what I would love to hear because you had a chance to man. Some of these booths, but it do you have a particular story where you saw something that one of these booths where you're just like oh my goodness.

God, I can't yeah that's it. So many I can tell you one mother and I got mom with a six-year-old baby eight-year-old late payment that it was down in Virginia and wondered if there I hope gave the boy wanted the bracelet and then we started to talk and I went through the presentation we don't regularly start with gold colored be damned forever that everybody will go to heaven we went to the presentation and when we, the presentation should like jumped up in the air. I've never heard this before. Why have I never before. We both we want to pray and she was so excited that she went down to an hour later back to give you another hug. I never that I've been in church all my life, but she had been injured. I don't know I don't know what happened but the right time when you arrive with the Holy Spirit. We have stories of people I I have people come into the booth to speak another language that we have the track that we do in 24 languages. Often we have barely and I can't tell you how many pretty people, I've been able to talk with. We all have everyone in the ministry can tell you story people who come back I'll be in Raleigh and somebody will come up to me and they'll put five dollars in my pocket 10 years ago I came in here and I found the Lord and I can't thank you enough for coming down this work to think of all last year, probably we will use that are material I can count it by the number abroad that everything goes with the broad we sent out about 150,000 of those were gave out sports that somewhere you one of the missionaries are ministries that as a result of that getting report back. We we came to the conclusion that somewhere near 18,000 people prayed to receive the first time Mandy people come into our food in the crate before but they don't have the be it for what they've done. Why they've done it, and what they need to do the follow-up with but you prove it.

I Belly what had people from their 8084 I think is the oldest person with you if the boot and we don't pray with children under 13 without the parent week we asked them to go get the care that a lot of parents bring their children and/or the people that will get a teenager commented and pray that they'll come back at our later with a couple friends they need to hear this nothing we can do except show up and be ready about those ladies and the beads on rawhide and praying as each bead would touch her heart, you know we have some church groups that'll do it.

We like to get anybody plant the seeds here with the Christian farmers outreach. We got one more segment, laughs and state definitely want to hear more from Louise. Often the question farmers outreach where she can find out connect with them kingdom you can see from Louise off that a lot of farmers had a passion for sowing seeds and God has given them a way to plant real seeds hopefully fall on good soil with talk about but if you would listen today in your thinking how I could use these materials and what I'm doing. I I've I know I need these for an event I've got planned well. They would love love to hook you up.

All you have to do is go to Christian farmer average about obviously but you can go to kingdom pursuits.

You can see the post I got there. He got links to their website. Find out more about. Christian car got him excuse me kingdom got confused again but also will make a short pitch for some.

I see God doing was going to disclose me away but I'm so excited that your for years and years and years I have done a devotion at assisted living in Marksville and years ago. Some he told me Robbie if you would give them something that that they just love to have something that you leave him with and so I you know me, I love my jokes and so I started taking my jokes that I would open up the devotions with and putting on a piece of paper and I would leave those and all my goodness the next thing I know I became known as the man with the papers and people were lining up for these papers. In fact, today I have to print lots of extras give people the place asked me for my papers.

But what I did really about 10 years ago was start post admit my website it kingdom so you have devotional humor and inspiring stories and all the archives of all the jokes of talk all these years. For example, you may wonder what is kung fu panda cook with everyone about the teeth. What does kung fu panda cook with a panda, so all is got a big bear right there.

I did absolutely free in the idea being, guess what you could just there set up so you can just print them and go do a devotion at any place you just read the stuff.

Believe me, they will laugh this stuff funny and it's all pretty screen so that you and I could offend anybody and away you go. And while you're there course. Check out Christian farmers outreach Lily that waited a few minutes. Tell us how the people listening. They obviously could be praying for your ministry but how else can they connect with you guys. I wanted to talk about volunteers who would like to come in the boot and got black.

By doing so we are on your website if they get in touch with will talk to them in public. Simple training if you're a believer. Trust me you can do it. We would like to recruit churches that would like to purchase any Bible believing church.

We cross all denominations preach the word and that's what that's what we like. Pray for that company be a volunteer because I want local folks to be doing this wherever they wherever they are so in addition to the Dixie classic what I've been told about the affair over Nashville and with volunteers from that area so suggesting, you may love. Just think how much fun it would be for you to be the one that was sitting in the booth when the lady came in and prayed with you. I mean those the kind of things. If he got another story you can share real quick that I like the website story of that combines a couple of things that I got a call one day from a lady you don't know me but I've been stringing beads for you for number of years. My son-in-law worked with Wycliff and he thought he would be like to use those beads in the ceremony.

They do they have a ceremony Wednesday. Translate the Bible into a new language and they've done that with the new tribal language over and pop at the beginning and he thought it like to use the ceremony to present the gospel to the young. Would that be all right.

Not sure, just tell us what happened about three months later she called me so excited cannot come down and talk to you to take some pictures when she came down they went to Papua New Guinea and they presented the gospel using the bead to the children and I didn't know this but when they translate the Bible into a new language. All the local tribes are invited to invite people from other country, big the children.

They love that that once the lady there that we want to do that in our ministry when they had the women's meeting that you tell the gospel and had such a response past. Thursday we want to the pastors and Papa New Guinea are all using RB to evangelize around Papua New Guinea in the story is magazine nothing high. We did the Lord we think about the lady that was under all that that had been praying for those beads and she's been stringing them and thinking you know how my husband works for which I invited her. She got to go there and they want a story well I gotta tell you, God is doing some amazing things. We are so grateful for you sharing with us today. You can find out more about that again on Christian farmers outreach them. Maybe you got a heart thank you so much for being with us today little later. Now state that so much coming at you doing things himself with encouraging prayer followed by masculine journey.

They start here now at 12 o'clock so much more

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