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Made to Change the World

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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July 13, 2019 2:39 pm

Made to Change the World

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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July 13, 2019 2:39 pm

We have a big time episode this week as we talk to three men of faith and how God is moving in their lives to help others. We have Derek Evans discussing his book Made to Change the World, as well as what Project 615 is about. Robert David, former Powerlift Champion for the Air Force, is a life coach that works with youth and gang violence in the community. Matt Trewhella is a pastor and founder of Missionaries to the Preborn, talks about his book The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates.

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This is the Truth Network kingdom versus where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now your host Robbie Gilmore. Oh boy, are we loaded again. I know it amazes me know and how God brings such amazing amazing examples of how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and you know first up, today we got you know they're all poster children for that, but we got Derek Evans and Derek is the author of made to change the world how ordinary people are called to do extraordinary work, sounds like my intro to the story just 615 and so for those of us that are not international today and then heard a project 615. Although I know I have been a natural number times, but Derek share what you got is done yeah will and last night the book talk about nine years in the history of our company project.

6155 Nashville area code here and here in Nashville nine years ago I was a kid really fresh at college, trying to figure out what I want to do for a living. Found myself unemployed could keep unemployed again and just like you know it was what else is out there had my local church. They were going Los Angeles to feed and then help and hang out with the homeless and so I signed up not knowing what exactly what was going to happen, but you know I goaded that cliché story you know some I think they're going to go on a mission trip to help somebody else and in fact are the one that actually gets help.

Yes, the compassion really inserted my heart for the first time even though growing up as Christian, you know, I wasn't really broken, truly, up until this point to really see God's grace and mercy three-dimensional. He and and being able to hang out people that were struggling homelessness change, so someone messed up.

This is the fascinating team.

I have to say I have Robert David and Robert David is no small guy in front of me and all my goodness use a power live champion you not listed in the Air Force and the evil if you go to the website kingdom

Not only would be able to order Derek's new book written or maybe one of Robert's reports that he is a coach and specifically kind aimed at youth and gang violence.

This and and really got a new book coming out called cat gangs versus kingdom where you get in and kinda explain right what's going on in those gangs that a lot of this really what it's like the big Bohemians after up because I think the stigma behind days a week when we think they're just a group of kids coming together and wreaking havoc and and is really not as really organized structure in the bases of the book is to empower the faith-based community and those of others who don't understand about what is the structure of a gang you can't defeat an enemy that you don't know you just swinging in the wind and so what I've done is abrupt. Also principles that the gangs how they operate.

When you swing in the wind. You really like the way it is surprisingly enough structure just like how church MS the basis of the book is that gangs are similar to the Trinity while you find out more about that. And then last up today we have Matt Carella my say that right Matt well yeah you did good, so and his mission is for the unborn and Europe in Wisconsin and my right that correct Milwaukee and man you got a hold passion for this and leaving out the whole group of people, a lot of risk extraordinary things in their Sprint to sanctuary cities recently bit tells about that growing thinking that you know the status quote for a long time. You know what wait for the president to be elected and try to get our judicial justice. The Supreme Court elected and that is what our founders established in five written this book called the doctrine of Gloucester magistrate and it's really taken off for me to fold about 30,000 copies now. I've been invited to speak to 11 different state legislator bleachers and I'm really been good because the other branch of the government are beginning to realize the federal judiciary is the dispenser of immorality and injustice often in this nation and they're supposed to be checks and balances are not supposed to be the final arbiter.

Our founders never wanted and so I going to this Christian doctrine called the doctor. Gloucester magistrate and that simply is that when a high-ranking civil authority makes unjust or immoral law, policy, or court opinion, the lower left ranking civil authority as both a God-given right and duty not to obey a higher authority, and if necessary to actively resist, so this thinking is been growing and now Christians of human talking to their city Council to see the city the outstanding interposition between the tyranny of the Supreme Court in row and the pre-born children who have been butchered for last 40 some years. So it's exciting to see and you can see are applying. Like all my goodness do I have a lineup today. I pursuits or what. So speaking of change policy change. Well, speaking of change. I like this when new words are: included in the dictionary course that bring about change and climate change is causing sea level rise is does that mean the oceans are getting too big for their feet. That's a little funny, I wasn't originally going to get a brain transplant, but then I change my mind literally and you may have heard this one, but I still think it's funny enough to repeat a small boy swallowed some coins and was taken to the hospital and his grandmother telephoned as Callie was. The nurse said no change yet so you do at the end of all the shenanigans I actually would have a riddle today and I do. And if you want to call in at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 answer this, you can win.

Here's the riddle. When Jesus was trying to get the Jews to change their minds about lost souls. He told the parable of the lost.

What 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Jesus told the parable of the lost. What 866-34-TRUTH and if they can guess that parable to you.

Tell him that we try by their so there you go, you can win the book made to change the world. All you gotta do is call at 866487884 and tell us that Jesus told the parable of the lost. What you may know, we've never had anybody lose in the history of kingdom pursuits. I'm guessing you can win. I gotta do is call Internet if we got more college.

We got lots of different books to give way. Not to mention that everybody on the show today is an author as I can now hear and oh my goodness, the doctrine of the lesser magistrate is a gigantic thing and they got a website and all that stuff. So Matt is in the middle of this and is just amazing to me.

Derek how God takes three such individuals and and gives you a passion for something so unique in the world. Wellborn ordinary you know the Bible you God takes ordinary people and extraordinary things, even sinners. You know, and I think that that's counted beauty behind Lee Art.

You know, as Christ followers were certainly not a story. So I'm no course trying to figure out what project 615 and so I start thinking for sure that the Bible first yeah Bible verse.

None of these for now I find out.

I am always already you might know the answer the riddle versus where we and uses it to build the kingdom and I'm sure you would agree. When our list of characters that we have got is with the day. Oh my goodness is a given impression. Derek Evans is the author of made to change the world but but underneath that is this project. 615 which I was an area code date there there sending the hundreds of thousands of dollars to homeless people as a result of selling T-shirts around find out about more about that now that exactly happen.

Oh my goodness.

We have Metro Ella with his mission for the unborn's book the doctrine of the lesser magistrate, which found festering find out more about that in Robert David, who is coach life coach before he was. He told me was life coach before they renew your life.

That's why, but he has written a few books but the one that's coming out as gangs versus kingdom find out about that in just a minute, but first we got Jeff is in Gastonia.

Jeff you're on kingdom pursuits good morning so well awesome Jeff what terrible did Jesus tell about when you try to get the Jews to change their minds know yes absolutely.

I parable of the lost point you're exactly right. You nail it and so you get you get a chance to change the world by reading the book made to change the world.

So thank you Jeff, you have a blessed day you two got blessed so wow that was fast versus fast amounts over but if you got some other thing that you want to share you by all means you call us at 866-348-7884 so Robert, I'm really interested.

I mean about this gangs versus kingdom okay so I gotta know first of gotta be a story how did you find out about gangs.

I mean, it sounds like there might be a little background I think.

Of course, is God ordained got would take whatever you issues on the tournament to your successes and so grown up as a kid. Not that I was deviant or anything like that but I found myself coming in and out in college doing something to someone when I graduate in college I went over I joined the Air Force and I ended up in California and I had this passion. I go to Desert Storm and I got was doing with me there because at the time that I went up my dogtags. Even today, they still have no preference because I didn't believe in this Christian thing. I do believe in it might my dear, this is my theory about Christians. Christian people only go to church because they filled everything else in life and I want to import.

So I went there and I was almost converted to Islam. Wow.

And in my prayer was and this is known lot right before I sign. I was on the side of my prayer was God. God, I don't know if it's a Mohammed, and I don't know if it's a Jesus. What I know is a God. And so I stayed over them. Only the one doing over there with me when I came back there was just this yearning for me to help people who I felt may have been through similar situations, such as myself and so I was working 60. I was weak as a security guard drive an hour and 1/2 Sacramento, but then I decided to volunteer at an alternative school and when I volunteered to be a country boy from North Carolina. We would have gangs back in the 90s is rotting really know gangs were so when I sit down in the classroom. I begin to help these guys are good. Got all hung out because I was young was 20 something and then when I found out how the gangs are using their potential and their purpose and perverting that their lifestyle that passion for me to help people to say you know what that you better than the situation you just need someone to direct you in the right direction and that's how I got involved over 20 some years ago, so you started to see you what it was that was attracting these boys into this and exact within this kind of thing about is your speaking, ousting a good friend of mine upstream I Christian junkyard guy. He gave me a piece of wisdom that stuck in my mind forever and you might use this since I know your public speaker, but what he said is just perfectly said what I thought made me disqualified, made me uniquely qualified and so Derek I'm wondering is there something in your life that you find along those lines as well, ground a bit like I mentioned, I was slowly fire got and I myself relying on the government to help me out and now you know trying to figure out if I need food stamps or if I need to go. You know, wherever you got that to really spark compassion against the delete delete and so on.

During that same time. When I did have a job out you looking for for help. You know that was and I got invited to actually go help the homeless. Locally there have been friends and invited me to have never done it before.

I and at the very first night we were here. We said hundreds of people and and you'll pray with people at the end and I'll pray with this man in the nine I will make eye contact and I'm thinking then there is no different between me and my brother right here, right in front of and so at that moment in time, and I realized like anybody else do this type of trial and tribulation.

No matter what medical you are all one decision away from that. So thankfully I was able to be broken.

I was able to not have to you know you're my God really is that time again our compassion the field. It eventually lot that would go on to help people recover from, well, you, in your case, your past to my right, that's correct. How did you get a hold of Matt along the lines of worries, giving it his passion. Sure look great. You know they have Robert talking about gangs. I was actually break on the side of Detroit and where I grew up minority and I was in a gang for years. I feel cars burned on people's houses ride people deal go all that and I finally ended up in program put there by the court.

By the way, I was tried for arson and part of my sentence was I had to spend a year in the living, drug rehab program in a book and teen challenge which is Christian and that's what I came to know Christ and radical transformation. If you know anything about teen challenge.

Like when they do these drug rehab programs that are like secular about a 4 to 6% cure rate and teen challenge at that time with posting and 84% cure rate and cured meant two years later you're still drug-free and the federal government actually did an investigation 19 challenge because they want to get them for fraud and they said that the ludicrous claim of 84% and the federal government came to the conclusion after a year-long investigation that they were lying. They didn't have an 84% cure rate they actually had an 87% cure, and the woman who is heading up government actually wrote a book called the Jesus factor and she said the different in the all the young man's life is Jesus Christ radically transform and she actually came to know the Lord came Christian so that's how I became a Christian and then several years into following Christ. By the way have a wife we got married 30 years now we have 11 children, 20 grandchildren so far.

God truly blessed. Talk about a success rate in you know it's really a phenomenal coincidence is that a week from Sunday I go to Jamaica with teen challenge to meet well with the group of adults.

I guess what I did I normally work with teen challenge at the North Carolina boys Academy we have these guys in your boot camps and a couple times a year and or if it's a phenomenal ministry. I'm really excited. I've never ended on a mission trip like this and a chance to speak to people from a different culture like this but it's kind of just good timing. I got a chance to talk to you Matt. I got Robert here and that is just really amazing how God orchestrates all the so I am actually just kind of blown away.

Derek you guys have some another God gave you an idea for T-shirts or some and you've raised over $300,000 for homeless people in my right leg nearly lined out locally that big impact locally and globally.

Get a good, but Geordie is that my boxes have gone on to help people and so that kind of wanted to part of our mission. The second part of mission is we actually hire some of the letter going going through this process in the life back together so we believe will start a company.

We said hey we want to honestly get some of our profits the way but we also want to give people the opportunity to have thick life good for us. You guys given a second chance another secretary so the company leave the T-shirt company correct yes or so we we we partner with different programs here in Nashville and guys that are wanting a job and are able to work and but you may have a record or a haven't had a job.

We are like regular people and bring them on and actually work in our production warehouse counting sorting all kind of different stuff like that. That's awesome Robert about what attracts these young guys in the gangs are what attracts them into drugs and all that is and a lot of people unit strange history.

I came out of the Church of Scientology. A lot of people like what world member Los Angeles and the Church of Scientology what my worldly attracted you will let me tell you what, I'll tell anybody what attracted me. There were people that really appeared to me to care about me at an end and they were offering to try to help me become a better person in what their idea. What better what the exact same thing when I want to speak to Bruce and I speak to people in staff development things like that. I currently am thinking about the physical city of Danville and wanted things I tried to explain to them is one of the joint. We have always tried to will want to join the church that I decided to hear what Robert David Metro. Ella and Derek have and uses it to build the kingdom and oh my goodness is… With Derek Evans is the author of made to change the world and the founder project. 615 in Nashville and find out a lot about that Matt trailing his mission for the unborn. His book the doctrine of the lower magistrate and Robert David, who is also an author of gangs versus kingdom that's coming out is up is a coach actually in our area.

Not terribly far from here in Europe and Virginia. Indent Danville, Virginia right so well if you got somebody up there but I mean how cool is it that we get to go on this adventure together. When we left our hero Juergen Tellis. You know wow how what what's attracted to these guys lie. Why would they want to join it is the same thing with anything the same reason that we played football. Join the Boy Scouts to Masons or anything because it gives us is a sense of belonging is something to strive for.

We connected is just in a different arena. The principles of saying the principal hasn't changed since the beginning of time.

No, if you want to be in something you want something give you a sense of self-worth.

When you feel worthless. Unfortunately, these guys join a destructive organization and that's what he do it is no real mystery is a lot of variables. People say money people say family, but I try to put it in a way that the average person can understand why would you join the church because they make you feel good as you like the best quality join the gang because in the neighborhood of friends and they like that. The leader of the OG is a column like how they make money. This is not a mystery but I think we can't identify gang members some strange entity from outer space when they're just kids looking for somewhere to belong and to use a God-given purpose. I have a dear friend that was actually fairly high up in the Mafia, New York. It was borne down and very Italian. And when you listen effectively calling the Godfather prison guard three was the Godfather but anyway things minimum email okay Sicilian and but when you lift he makes it very clear that they really make you feel proud to be part of an like you're somebody exactly instead of a nobody. You don't publish the key to been told they are dumb they been placed in classes because they they act out in school when their parents or whatever may not give them the attention that they need. Society shuns them. They want a place to be to feel special and so one was created esoteric. Clearly you're in that same place where you got some people that have lost heart, and they want to feel special and so given them an opportunity to come and do it.

Not a destructive, constructive organizations awesome yeah court allowed the campus of Percy L. Got to work for a while, you know that you know the streetlight. No street life and live in a pretty pretty similar course, but you want them to cut a priest to them that when they get here. Not only are you learning the skill in the trade, but now you're part of something that makes a difference. It's not really just something that you know that over to help you. You know where this place that helps you person that needs help. In fact, your you're actually now our team were all teammate in this together and figure you're able to help us do our part and change the world of the company. So yeah that would encourage them that way doing to say hey you're working that now help other people not not just yourself that it's one of the challenges is getting your mind off of yourself and getting it you know on exactly God or something more constructive than map. I am just fascinated by your story. I mean, obviously, there was a large turn and then now you find yourself with such an understanding of the processes of government. I mean, how did God take you there yet. It is amazing and takes these people and then use of the incredible whole humbling but you know several years and for following Christ God to do great work in my heart regarding the pre-born like I defeat abortion if I'm in a little political you know situation and yeah so nice you know that people do nice things about that and I never saw it for what it really was the actual murder of an innocent, helpless person that woke me up to that was massive time of repentance for me for my indifference. Prior to that, and I began to take action, and I was first involved back in the late 80s and early 90s with interposing at the doors of abortion clinics where we would nonviolently get in front of the doors and then the police would come and arrest you, and I'm I headed up to an organization here called rescue operation Milwaukee at the time to start from scratch and guided fire in my heart that this murder needed to stop that gonfalon word is being impugned and a voice need to be right now would be impugned by the people of our nation but also by the government of our nation and his long mortise inside you know started a group called missionaries to the pre-born because I realized we weren't getting the large numbers. I did not want everybody thought the pictures of the murder pre-born they would want to intervene, but instead, many ministers stepped out of the goal of their word processors wrote theological treatises why they were right not to look and I II couldn't do it. I was like I have to do some so we got a small group of people together. About 17 people but everything aside in their life. I was commissioned major in college and we targeted the pre-born child of their people group you want to the highest volume killing center in the state of Wisconsin with the commitment that we would interpose every day. They kill babies is three days of a week till either they were out of business or we were all that that was our commitment and thanks be to God. One year later they were out of business. We were all still live and there were eight death camps in Milwaukee when we started. There's only two left now and abortions dropped over 64% in our state since we began. So you seen God do to stop tremendous work and in the midst of all that to get to the left of the straight thing here. You know I was always astounded that everybody just stood by while the Supreme Court that all you can murder people. I went along with it. I thought that was crazy that there wasn't one state while one governor, not one legislature, not 130 now one may know you're not going to murder people here in our our place and someone who I respected had mentioned this doctrine of the lesser magistrate and I was enthralled, just like you're talking about. What is that you know and explain the doctrine that when the higher ranking civil authority makes unjust or moral law, policy, court opinion, the lower left right about the book God-given right and duty not to obey but actively resist necessary and so I was wondering about that and found out there hasn't been anything written about it, nearly 400 years is the Christian doctrine that impacted the founders of American Christian men, John Mack, you know, the Scottish reformer broke the foremost treatise on the doctrine 1558 to the noble Scotland and the nobles were the lesser magistrate of their day and he cites over 70 passages of Scripture to show the doctrine down in the word of God and it is night. I think that the goodness of the doctrine people see that it found in the word of God combated has been proven successful rain and the gurney of the higher civil authority to do so often, blood likely in a peaceful way without upgrading your body revolution or something so you know, society, and so anyways I got I nontarget do I go and all the all kinds of great history and going to Scripture in the book and write this, we got Clay is in Durham sky, and forcefully want to play your hunting versus good morning Robbie, let me tell you it's just amazing. You know you know you got three wonderful brothers brother Derek and brother Madden Brenda Robert Robert for the Air Force, whether we a lot of people don't understand that but you know we know why we know how to get going, but you don't find it very interesting, generally known here because I like we got a break for the rest of play Matt and Robert when we come back to build the kingdom today is been so outstanding with Derek Evans with his group projects 615 Metro Ella with his doctrine of the my Senate right the lesser magistrate. I know Mike is my ride. That's right, the doctrine lesser metric and Robert David with his book coming out gangs versus kingdoms and when we left our hero Clay in Durham, Clay, this is your opportunity to go quick.

You know the one thing that I want to hear what you're talking about, you know people don't have the parenting or don't have the other stuff and brokenness.

There and when you had that brokenness is like they're trying to belong were trying to cling to something that is going on so you know you have the people that are in the home of share your good men, to gangs, I've seen a couple movies that have really gotten my heartfelt attention because you know there you know if you looked at the movies about you know where the guy was, do you know the police department and most people you know they dealt with were gang members, but if you think about it.

Those guys that were gangs were also Christian that were brought in to portray the part of the movie trying to get you know were each called to help people into different areas where people are leading us to helping all men come along to them and mentor them and I command each one of y'all for doing what you're doing because you know what it's it's just a story that really needs to be shared and told them anymore different direction, and in an Clay thank you for calling in. But along your lines. That's the reason for the show is to see that these are all ordinary guys. You can hear the that they've all had their moments in the belly of the fish. So yes but yet God gave them a passion and he put it on their heart, and then they walked with God and God took him on serious adventures and places that they never wrote a dream to go on and Robert yelled for you. You know, can you share a story of the life that you saw changed will I was a teenage alcoholic from 14 to 21 stop drinking and after I gave my life to Christ.

I got into bodybuilding and with that I went to Australia and the world championships and went to Greece for the natural man. Professional not natural and prepping the magazines also to things as fours professionally. I've gotten jobs because the way I carry myself. God is really just change my life. I haven't had a drink. 49. I have added drinks. I was 21 years old been able influencing people in the community of Revlon much like Derek of work with homeless people going and the bridge ministries are reaching all those things I would've never been able to do if God hasn't taken to those every journey because every journey taught me something about myself and humbled me to let me see that only by the grace of God I could be in the situation and Derek how about you Sarah story you want to share in this last segment of the life that you sell really changed yeah were fortunate you know from our story, God get out again breaking man being able to see Haley very tremendously but you know we we just celebrated a guy on our team production that is three years. The gentleman that now in his late 50s that all throughout the 90s he was in and out of prison. He was almost addicted all kinds of drugs and alcohol.

And now he's a leader in his church youth health and other homeless people. He is just a phenomenal worker, barley, like our chaplain here at the office and you know, just being able to see his life restored because of you know people that want to give him second chances knowledge is through this company but no different churches as well. Saw some men in Matt. I mean that story about the abortion clinics. Closing this and lots of lies changing but is there one that stands out in your mind that your like man.this is amazing yellow one.

To go on but you know what you're talking about regarding you know, at 1st.We want to where we were interposing every day they were killing babies. There was a young guy would catch a box on the corner where the abortion clinic was and he would see you now run it and arrested interposing at the door and he started asking questions and talking in. He was an atheist and after a little while, you know from talking with them about abortion and cry Christianity and whatnot he came to the position where he even he he was totally against abortion but he still had and still held on till this one on for probably close to three months, and he'd be there every time we were there until finally one day when I was arrested and taken to jail for interposing I'm there and from the other people come in there I thought Interpol later life right now. Those are the still life change they got nowhere am so grateful for all you guys being with us today.

Ashley grateful for everyone that you guys will show that you listed today and the purging prayer followed by now 12 o'clock thank you for listening

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