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Real Men Teach Men

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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January 25, 2020 1:17 pm

Real Men Teach Men

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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January 25, 2020 1:17 pm

We are Live from the 2020 Mens Summit at 1st Christian Church in Kernersville. Robby and his guests are telling us how important it is to teach men and boys the ways Godly men should live their lives according to Gods teachings.

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This is the Truth Network pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from where I live. But this is not the truth.

We are live from the 2020 man summit here in Kernersville or Carolina at the First Christian Church you got time to get over here.

Lunch is not even happen. We got the old man Gen. Boykin speaking and in the cuticle. Often, though, you know that time the truck on over here got plenty of time, but here with us now on campus and family fun to get to go through so many different neat people, but we have Craig Siebert who is with Christian civics training so and we all could use some Christian civics training like right now we need impeachment 10. Actually, it's Christian civics Also with this we have Craig Ament Ament Emmons Ammons the right way is Wayne Wayne Craig told me. Anyway, we have these with good Samaritans for the Jewish people and very excited about what these guys have to speak of but you know we got a riddle and what we like to do when were actually here at these conferences is give out prizes to people actually would come up and answered my riddle, which this is a tough one today might be my toughest riddle six or seven months so you can actually ponder thinking So it's you know we talk about Iron Man here at the biblical manhood. So speaking environment is immaculate close. I mean everything out my coffee is a press conference on design. The golfers love them. Of course, of course you know, therefore, iron my personal favorite is if you knew this but Iron Man was the one who originated the phrase use melted all the way means that you know I can't say no in your mind anyway, here's the actual biblical right is what I'm telling you it is who taught ironing in the book of Genesis, who taught ironing in the book of Genesis and I'll give you his sister was not, as you should know this way your good Samaritan Naomi Maruyama, Naomi yeah that's that's true in the book of Genesis, the sky taught ironing and it was a guy, but his sister's name was Maruyama and it's in the book of Genesis and try to make it as easy as possible for you. You can you can call in and went today to come by the booth. We have people to give you all you have to do is tell us who taught ironing board for you. Your life go back to civics This is really actually it's on God's heart right that we absolutely would like to talk about history being his story and we think of providences in the Old Testament and New Testament and then we can leave the biblical narrative and it's like we think that God's promises that stop and if you look at American history from pilgrims coming those interactions into the Revolutionary war. The founding of our country. Just continue to seek God's promises in George Washington, even in his inaugural address said there's no people on on the face of the earth that are more compelled to acknowledge the providential hand of God. The numeric people spent some of his first remarks and so we've lost that dimension of American history and you know the beautiful things really was the whole American experiment. I mean, of an faith that was so much I firmly believe the blessing that we are experiencing in this country has to do with our father say you and in and in the way that they worshiped and in the way that they allow for freedom, which is such a critical part of what you know God wants us to note for freedom. You were set free right and so one of those freedoms we have here is is really to be a good Samaritan to the Jewish people. In some countries and down so you understand it. Jesus Christ's heritage. He was dead. You discriminate back now there there still and test them in the world, but we Christians need family Genesis. Genesis 12 three says from God himself. I will bless those less the and curse him cursing in all of nature.

This is everlasting covenant and we as Christians are branches from that all so we need to understand that we need less and in turn God's Plan for all and so you got some events like the UK is rescheduling the nights coming up right yes we have nights at night. If you have Carol on working with Lester. Let's go back to Rock Hill alright so Craig, are you familiar Rock Hill. I it's just south of Charlotte Stone Charles you're right Rock Hill what might assist. This is March 3 is only Friday night Friday night so therefore should not yeah very special occasion. Also celebrate where they were cement people candlelight service and March 12, probably Thursday night and so is Friday the 13th, Friday the 13th and do the things you but Thursday the 12th you to be in Somerville which is outside of Charleston correct so we were working with the Christie for Israel.

You take his and also the international sense and in Craig we don't have much more time to get you on get that out. What would you have our listeners respond you want to go to civics training what what what would you like so the Lord really led us to put Christian civics training online and there's hours and hours of free video. The video format is that the training elements are just 2 to 3 minutes long and so this has allowed us to serve up 10,000 video trainings a month because their digestible homeschool mom's people on the go. People that watch videos on their phone can get there civics training, not 45 minute lectures, but into a five minute long little video element so Christian civics you can go to either one. People reject your organization as GS JP is live today from the men's summit here for 2020, which is always always fun. There's like 650 men right now getting biblical, getting restored biblical manhood right field and get filled up and so we went. Meanwhile, we get the overflow out here all the different wonderful people that are taking part in this event, and right now I have with me Rick Maggie McGee obtain funny McGee on the say is really great to have you and what you know somebody near and dear to my heart. Rick has kids outdoor zone so far listeners.

I have a pretty good idea what it is been explained to them what what is kids outdoor zone. Well thank you guys.

It's great to be with you. You kids outdoor zone is an outdoor ministry that we we help a group of man in the local church and any local church, start a club and outdoor club for boys and so we just believe that the broken home, and the lack of biblical masculinity. The outdoor adventure. All those things are missing in contributing to the loss of manhood in our churches and in our culture and when you get a group of man helping a bunch of boys find Jesus and in bringing them the word of Scripture that morning going out and doing even hard thing sometimes. But outdoor activity and teaching them outdoor skills like hiking and camping and shooting and fishing and hunting hike. Just all the things that we, backed away from. As a society that amazing things happen and and and that's not just as thinking it might happen. It happens were seen over and over again we see man stepped in the lives of these boys around the country and in literally lead them to relationship with Jesus Christ, baptizing them in the creek there at that week are the pond and and just becoming a mentor. These boys, the rescue it's really a rescue and || sent in the interesting thing is I'm imagining that it would be a rescue quite often because the men themselves that take the boys are getting to go on, you know God's Aaron, so to speak, and actually begin to see God pump in the them so that they can pump into those boys and were probably I would say were. I don't know how many generations, but where multiple generations of a move indoors and in and I don't think it's been healthy for society. Every benchmark society that we we judge or gauge is deteriorating as we move indoors, as we see the broken home just here some examples 85% of all children exhibit behavior disorders come from a fatherless home 85%, 90% of all homeless and runaway children come from her father's home, 71% of high school dropouts 75% of adolescent patients and chemical dissenters. 63% of youth suicides, so this is a this is an epidemic and pandemic problem and then when you face that with 640% of the boys and are in our all in our culture are fatherless, I mean we are setting these boys up for failure. We just believe in, we see that mentoring matters mentoring makes a difference. And so when a group of men at a local church. Step into that role is being mentor and teacher in God, it changes the boy and like you said. The men found their sword and were were in multiple generations. Now so a lot of our man that are leading to the groups are learning outdoor skills with the boys is amazing is that a training group at church up in Pennsylvania and you know it's an outdoor ministry and so they had signed up and said we want to do this, I went out to meet with them and I said to how many you guys are outdoorsmen you have a favorite memory from the outdoors as a kid in our eight or nine men there.

Not one of them razor hands and I said you guys know this is an outdoor ministry, and they just laughed and said you were to learn right there with the boys so manner getting their skills their their learning and growing, but there are also learning how to be Christ to these boys so we provide a curriculum form so they do those bobble devotions for the boys and they're getting, sometimes as much as a Boy Scout.

We were talking earlier written about in it we do boot camps with messenger and radio and wait these men out there all the time. It nobody ever showed them how to use this rifle. He patted the grandfather gave it to him and they don't know how to load it.

They don't want to clean up.

They don't and and there's this that you and I both know, men need to feel like we have what it takes to do something so to have something like that is actually emasculated, absolutely and and and that makes them feel like you're not a real man and stuff like that where there is here sees opportunity for men to come in the community right and and then pour into these young men and adventures that really will show those young men in a lot of different ways not mean there's so much more that God has in initiating men, then you just getting them baptized. Not that those things are critical to their freedom and all that but you know there's a lot that's going on you Robert Lewis my favorites. Men's Bible studies produce the men's fraternity and and after that came to 33 series which is expanding credibly popular but Robert Lewis says it this he says that one of what a man doesn't know generates a tremendous amount of anger and any goes in the basement for a while it gets pushed back pushback, but it generates it's this uncertainty and we just experience over and over again when we give these boys tools when we show them how to sharpen a knife we show them how to shoot above their step is different there countenance is different than three of the men in my group. Back at my church never scanned the deer out before and and when I have shown those men we've been participating in closing now for six years.

They now skin around here a processor on their internal homes and in its become this journey of learning and growing in an one of their wives even said the specific words. My husband is leaving our family like you never let us before K is he he now prays with boys on Saturday morning, so it it is translated to psycho AAA with my own son. That's how crazy would it be for me to do that not do this and so they have had three wives come back to me in Mount church and that's not counting what we hear from all the wives around the country that have said this is change my husband so I know a lot of people listed on the Rick for my church so you don't get you well.

Probably most efficient ways is just go to our website Debbie Debbie outdoor K IDS outdoor Visio any outdoor and improves the website, but if it really start to skin subtraction run up to the top right, there's a red button called start a group and there's it's all broken into clean step step one is literally just some videos tell you what it's about and that's the number one place to go and learn more about the ministry. It happens at your local church kids outdoor zone provides a training and what you get your group of men together.

We provide the training on the Internet website and not all that which is likely you can email Rob which all my stuff to my website probably hooked me up with Rick and I will be.

I have his card and I will make sure you do that, because I would love love love is. I know Rick would deceive more churches to take advantage of you know the masculinity that's of all involved with these outdoor activities is just like you so much.

Thank you Rick. We also have with us Tom and I'm I haven't met Tom's arm like to try your last name. It looks like it's Dallas that's it and how fun he is with the FRC action which is you tell us what is FRC well family research Council is here and in Kernersville. I work on both sides.

FRC's in education information, engaging organization that allows allows engaged citizens to be informed and for those that aren't informed to get informed and so but the FRC action side is how we engage and get people motivated to get involved in the election and the voter side being citizen engagement side of what's going on, and so you're one of the sponsors of the of the men's event here today you how wonderful in the family research Council. Obviously is in the middle of so many things but what would be something you'd want our listeners to be and I think first of all, many people familiar with Focus on the Family and James Dobson through the years and he was in the early 80s. He was constantly going into DC from California where his office was a five that we needed a presence in Washington 1983 established family research Council, and out of that folks have different leaders have come on board over the last 15 years are present in Tony Perkins. Tony is an ongoing obviously a blog radio program. Some of the things, but what we've done is specifically in the last five years have gone deeper in our effort to connect pastors. And that's where family research Council is not only try to engage men in this effort to stay courageous conferences around the country, but also to put men like me on the ground. I've been a pastor for two years. I get to visit with pastors and meet with pastors and none of them say to me you don't know what I'm talking about know I know exactly what they're talking faster than for states. I know exactly have started a church I've been involved so now helping them to get connected, especially in the broader sense our community because for a long time a lot many pastors. One of the biggest complaints they have about ministry is the isolation that comes along, not just would be a pastor but and so our goal is to help them get connected with pastors find ways to engage their carnations get exercise their opportunity they have the privilege. If you be a citizen so awesome and I imagine that FRC action is your website well we have a number website get all the rest of the websites. The big one that we're working on, and brother Mark FRC FRC action Robbie Gilmore here in the truth network podcast of help my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO of my pillow wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all my pillow products.

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It is the 2020 men's Summit. We've done this a number of years at its earliest exactly as building is a summit where we see Christian leaders from across North Carolina come and and really today's topic is been restoring Biblical manhood which I can't even imagine a cooler thing is I was sorry about earlier on the Christian card I shelled out originally that if I was given name a conference for men. I restoring Biblical manhood just doesn't feel like a go-go United States were being completely honest here. You know is just like a man I can hardly wait.

But when you really consider what's in that light goddess got stuff in the Bible that would just make all the difference in the world in my adventures make all of my life and my family make all the difference in my life and my relationships and and and especially with him so you know these people are hearing a lot more than me and that's a good thing right so we have pastor Tom who is with the family research Council and NED products on the break that I think everybody in North Carolina needs to know I had no clue. You know it's kinda cool that they study these things about elections and and pastor share share with what's coming up.

Yeah what's coming up is we have North Carolina primary on March 3 Monday called Tuesday but basically what it amounts to is the boat North Carolina many races that are unopposed in the general election are actually decided in the primary, so if you don't vote in the primary, you won't have a say in his elected because there's no opposition in the general primary decides the winner and so you cannot register to vote by February 7, Friday, February 7. You can't vote in the primary that this is really important because being registered to vote means you're registered to vote at the address you now live so it's critical that you're aware of that second thing is 42% of Christians are not registered to vote.

I think about that number just for second because you realize that if were responsible and we have an opportunity and believe me at every Thanksgiving table Christmas dinner table this year there was a discussion about what is going on the world. If you want to speak to that issue. The best way to do it is to vote and to get as many people as you can to go vote as well because this is an opportunity and again so you heard that you have till February 7. If you want to vote in this primary and you might think. Why do the present problem, but there's a lot of elections a lot of different races that really are critical and I'm I know some really really gifted Christians that are in some of those races it would appreciate you get out there and get you in any early voting starts at February 13, which is just a week after that is at a Friday that is a day this year anyway.

March is Valentine's Day and guys I forget that when you and what you wait until election day to vote they should vote on early first time they can and then take somebody to the polls with so that's what were doing is going to get guys out in the boat and get exercise gifted programs that feature be anomalous.

Next up, I actually have the old gold old dear old friend that Roy has accosted to make a volunteer out of them but he's actually with the organization, talking, walking, Christian men's ministry here. That puts on this event welcome my dear friend John Berkey who also I can just tell you is John is a Christian card.

Yes, he actually was a Christian card.

I like from the moment I knew immediately.

Somebody that restores cars and like a real card I not like me on the back lot, but so how long have you been with them talking and walking ministry will actually asked me to join and be part of his operations for this year, so not quite a full year, yet only about three years now and I met him just as often chance looking for local men's ministry stuff in the trial church. The remember of now had a men's ministry had been plugged in the church that you not to interview you and just want to see what was available to us and see if you like more information about talking.

Please give us your name and contact info and submit all this gentleman is big fall ball hit the gas is one of the lunch radios talk about talk and it was Roy Jones and so we talked about where I was at with men's ministry when I was interested in seeing me for our church and arm in their and Lisa will summit you should try and come to and we did except Roy didn't expose himself or had lunch and bring child to try to pull this together.

God gave me this insight in winning this introduced on the stage and then I like. That's how I was about actually redirect hourly rate Baptist Church were John and I attended for years, but the first time I met pastor courts was out in the parking lot like I did know in the list. This guy walks out across the parking lot 5000 member church. Whatever it was, the time and he just introduced Marquart Cinelli really nice guy walking as device amendments. These are nice people here at Calvary and then all of a sudden menisci gets up on this and I'm like oh he's the know will all and what was even more impressive than that John and you know pastor courts well insured is well is it about three months later he's coming back across the parking and this time he comes up and need only met me. The one time but he's like hi Robbie and my wife Tammy and Mrs. Robin test might mother my older kids were small then and he was like, you know, and Robbie, how are things going at it by mail like he not only knew my name. He knew where I worked. He remembered every little detail in spite of the fact that he had 5000 members now. What I would say about that at this point, after all these years of ministry and whatever that is that if you look up the word grace like you when you were in pastor courts. His presence you felt like you were his favorite yes like and that's apparently what Roy did with you like Roy was like this guy's my favorite genres. My favorite and so now you know you're sitting at a booth working for and he has that same ability do that with people he meets. He's like your best friend from the first right and then hit and he remembered in different that's a gift it is inhaling that your name right but some Robbie never I'm assuming give me their name and 20 seconds later. I don't know where it went. Somewhere in there, and so since you're on the board and I'm interested in like John of money a lot of years and you wouldn't be where you didn't feel like God was right and so where do you see God working here with the walking, talking Christian men's ministry.

Well it's it's a really basic to our mission statement is our ministries devoted to breaking down walls of race, so the man can worship one God so with the with the current political environment in our country's racial tensions is developed out of the if anything changes back to be with you here often repeated that most divided the segregated day in America is on Sunday. We tend to gravitate to where were comfortable but what we started going through talking is reaching out to African-American churches there. They have a radio show.

This just that's the deal. So I got a black eye, talking real.

Every single week, right, Roy, and will hardly serve.

From there it's give us opportunity to see things from a brothers view. On the other side right different drum good is mimetic faith Christian Fellowship in Greensboro. Mark Troutman invited us to come walk with okay will see it from there is a different perspective and know yet is really really use for the community to see black and white Christian men worshiping things in the community with counter our own mini community impact is so and if were doing something Wiltshire railyard storm and see black market as you go to break John but will be back more live from the men. Some pursuits where we're how God takes to build the kingdom out fun we've had such a day here my producer Rodney, this is been fun. The 2020 men summit restoring Biblical manhood you say got time to come out here there to have lunch and then have some more sessions are to be here till 3 o'clock and it's it's it's awesome story here little bit about that in a minute.

But before we get to that part. Well I don't know Rodney, we have with us. Besides, we have Patty, who's with sports mission outreach. But I also have my good friend Ron Rodney is the house of messenger any radios or perfect person to have was he's attended all events and so you know all the toxins, whatever. So really get a little insight from him but before we get to that. We'll talk about what a wonderful I mean so many men sports is like a huge thing I and so it seems like sports mission outreach should be part of that right absolutely you so much you wrote a book.

We did this through my journey of trouncing tragedies and run into brick walls. A man discovered every every time you know, even a blind squirrel funded not everyone is allowed got Craig's Holy Spirit revealed to me. Seven major plays I need to run on a daily basis and that be in the sports that I see I just see it in action be able to understand it and I find that a lot in men as they got to see it to be more visual and so when I would see it work on the field is a like out of it and work here as a going work out there and so I saw where the seven different plays like the first one. For example, direction if I don't follow direction head coach.

I do not play a better pay attention to what he says when I checked that fact okay check Rodney played football in college so Rodney if you didn't listen to the what the coach said what are your chances of playing in the game, probably very little effect that facts absolutely correct. I assure you I was guided by played junior high level every level with the coach said. Not only were you not going to play in the game. Does the word fourth string mean anything to you, I mean like to be located. Practice water boy together so all right. Number two so you know, so if that same light is if you don't follow direction of the heavenly father is your head coach of life. You think you really play in his life at the level that he has you playing any show to set it what it looks like the son, Jesus Christ, was a game. The game plan get a whole book to us and so how to win and so that's where our theme cornerstone Scriptures first print is 924 run in such a way that you may win so minute to win it all meant to lose some startup lysing will one day I want to be addicted to drugs and be my wife.

That is not the game plan. You know so far. Follow the coaches getting there's this play number one seconds direction. You know when it gets hard. There's going to be adversity. Someone is going to do you wrong or you just going to get the rail someway somehow you gotta stay determined to stay focused on that major direction that Christ is giving right factor. Rodney played football. I'm assuming that that was critical to the outcome. It seemed to be. Seems like every time you will often get your own thing you're off the bench where you got it yet of an opponent is trying to block you or tackle you so what are you going to do this later. I can't. I can't run the plane more coach done you know the wrong man gets tackled behind line for loss was my fault. I will direction and following its right so we did get that huddle and say I'm sorry my ghetto next done to get to be determined and I'm pretty sure I've tackled a long time reviewing my playbook.

Knowing how I think I've learned that lesson I think that that's an extremely valuable one. So how how do people get connected.

What you have a whole ministry is again sports you can see how men are going just go oh yeah that will wait were thinking this all the way that there's a lot of coaches always people that mentor men how can they how you engagement. I guess 1 is through relationships and trying to help them and where they are. And this is where your coach appearance trying to get to your athletic son or daughter try to get those major principles in your life to one day walk away and be able to to to live their life fully free and and fulfill their destiny on their life so you know so it's it's semantic coach or player's army standpoint of if somebody listening wants to engage in sports mission outreach and sports missions is everything is there. So you on the website and get a hold of everything your resources and so that is your first place in first out and could you look towards missions outreach is that was easy and you can also look up the book is one place for life on

If he buys her Amazon right now absolutely so now Rodney Rodney share with people right now to come out here for three hours just to build your own character understand what you say you are much thank you so much that you doing, again, it is sports mission outreach. Again, if you missed any of the stuff you can get the podcast our listeners and make all the difference. If you were wondering who it was. It was ironing out in the hay

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