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Kingdom Pursuits - An Easter Eve Seder

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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April 11, 2020 2:46 pm

Kingdom Pursuits - An Easter Eve Seder

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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April 11, 2020 2:46 pm

What a WONDERFUL show!   Guests Jeffrey J Miller and Lydia Kyser make it very special with their pursuits.   Be Blessed.

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This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore. Well, we have a superduper Easter addition of sleep today and we are featuring all we are really lucky to have Jeffrey Miller witness and Jeffrey is my friend from the national religious broadcasters convention is also messianic Jewish evangelism evangelist, but one of the gifts that he brings to the kingdom of God is he is the Passover teacher extraordinaire and Jeffrey you now here we are at one of the most interesting Passover is in the history of the world. When you say I would say play like I like they really really really do.

So we've got, you know, one of the joys of my life really has been to celebrate Passover for a number of years the wave it.

Jeffrey is been teaching me and and several others that are in my life and so working to get a chance to see some really really cool things about Passover and how it relates to Easter and in you just like you get to go to a Seder. Sometimes we can't get to do that virtually today on kingdom pursuits, but also we have with this Lydia Kaiser, who is with Child evangelism Fellowship, and they are right now offering free resources which can be used with children during the covert, 19 pandemic and so that's a kingdom pursuits.

If you want to find out about those resources but Lydia Child evangelism Fellowship is it hard at work right. I have normally here, here, and online. Rolling online. Well, you knew that I would get my little which today is you might guess. Speaking of Easter, you may have wanted this Jeffrey where the Easter Bunny study about covert, 19 a lot of people wonder about this if you wanted a bath. I will bid you. Lydia think about where does the Easter Bunny study about covert, 19 we might shock to find out that it's it it's a John Hopkins. You know that's you that's that. Yeah and so why did the Easter Bunny have on a hat because he was of course having a bad hair day. I don't even thought about this but what you call a bunny with fleets. Hanna-Barbera apparently made a big deal out of this because I called them bugs bunny arrest and of course you know based on my earlier jerk you probably know how the Easter Bunny drives off right. He drives off with a hairdryer and one of my favorite ones. I've always tell it was have to what you call a line of Easter bunnies jumping backwards. Think about it, that would be a receding hairline and here's a question for Lydia for your kids. What does the Easter Bunny get for making a basket. What is a get what is the Easter Bunny get for making a basket well two points just like anybody else.

And one thing you can you can use this Easter hunt, Easter egg hunts, Dragon can't prove that your child can find something when they want to and and Jeffrey might know this weather they call an Easter egg from outer space that would be an extra terrestrial and last but certainly not least, I also use this every year because it tickles me so what does the Easter Bunny where where does the Easter Bunny go when he needs a new backside.

Of course he goes to the retail store yeah retail store. So at the end of all the shenanigans which we do every Easter of we do actually have a little that you can call in and win today and so here is the actual rental.

What was the biggest rock 'n' roll moment?

Are you probably are and what was the biggest rock 'n' roll moment in history so I'm guessing you can figure that one out. What was the rock 'n' roll history, 866487884 866-34-TRUTH and if they can guess that Johnny/Bethann tell them what going on right now they will win on the kingdom. What 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH to Jeffrey before we get started, we gotta get rid of all or how mats or something right. We got to get the leaven out of her house will Passover a 11 red leavening.

Though God is the Passover with technically right on the date of the I did get all the leavening area. How, the things are not biweekly leavening represent get all that bulletin at your house here will be held on leaven and that beautiful, especially right this moment to think that we really need a Passover right and followed up quickly that the bread of Passover with people, is the most important feature of it is that it is on leaven red symbol which obviously you know is is re-created is we take the Lord's supper and and and and that picture of those kind of things in Lydia, I just what do you guys have any Easter resources. Along those lines that you guys are doing right now through the resources you're providing their currently have any online and print the children.

Our new lending Easter resurrection between 35 now the Bible (family breakdown action. And that's a cool thing that I love about actually going to Seder. Jeffrey is there's a lot of music involved traditionally in the Seder, you know, it really whole people at the top of each one more orthodox Seder. The longer the Seder never short short but and likely to more music. One of the key issues that a messianic Jewish state, believing world about his show that some of the thing that 2000 years ago that left upper which was clearly Passover Seder think that he did 2000 years ago.

Even the Orthodox rabbi today was at the end of the Seder. The Scripture says and when they had come to him though they had music even in the him saying is Psalms all and the other so much and so much we have all these rivers we got David High Point appears to be the little capital David and Orlando are called in yesterday was back then.

We have Lydia Kaiser child event with Child evangelism Fellowship, which there featuring free resources right now for to be used with children during the covert, 19 pandemic and I discovered during the break that we have more prizes in our prize felt that I was aware of Bethann. Oh my goodness. We have, according to Lydia, we have some also write a counseling book and devotional books and they somehow or another they go together with your story Lydia. So let us hear coming with before we get with David and Orlando and let them women at least need to know what the winds went on to gain perspective about what how I turn not working. I wrote it on a whiteboard for different that we began getting in and we're hoping even now when we hear anywhere from three remember that finding going through Neil tell Jack that your family that you Memorizing clanking and I think it might be flipping 4489 10 I think I want to think about children with learning that that might include cognitive hearing about your family together planning rate resource, home devotional physically accounted for and 88 and carefully selected devotional help, practical help him down three night giveaway happened devotional but when people come younger children aged eight. The older children wonderful, wonderful, all right, let's get to it.

We got David is in High Point Orlando is also in the hot Orlando called first to go with him to David. Please stay on the line doesn't want to talk to you even if you have the same answers Orlando you're on the kingdom pursuit good morning. I'm excited to know who you feel like what was the biggest rock 'n' roll moment in history when you rolled the rock in that clause is very, very, very good answer. And so Orlando I'm curious on your Easter tomorrow. You can celebrate where we go more like a ghetto in great I'll utilize now. How old are your children 14, 17 and 20, when you have them all at home with you and that wonderful was his 22-year-old in college like my daughter is home with me will know who you know what okay yeah that's beautiful Orlando. As always it's great to hear from you and great to hear how your celebrate Easter, and I know you enjoy those gifts.

So thank you so much for calling today. God bless my neurotic and we have David eyes with us also in High Point, North Carolina today, which they know about rock 'n' roll High Point obviously David you're on kingdom pursuit good morning good morning I am wonderful and wonderful well I answer the Scripture to go back out that's that's awesome that is often David how are you celebrating well. All of the church are you Baptist and will watch a speak and so will get to hear the sermon and will also my wife will be joined together in much prior over our nation and the safety of her family. That's a great word for all of us. What a day to be able to pray for our country is that they were real freedom came and is just beautiful.

Thank you for calling women today. God bless you thank you thank you Jeffrey when I think about freedom that is kind of the whole idea of Passover right you know the Passover story like right right will point directly to the story of salvation. Salvation in a nutshell Jewish slave were embodied in court when they applied the blood of the lamb without blemish I got instructed 11 to 12 when they applied the blood Lake passed over the plague of death, the Passover, the then they were set free from bondage and slavery. And so it is today, we apply the blood by faith. The blood of Jesus, the Lamb of God by faith believing in our heart about the Jesus is Lord we apply that blood, we are free from the bondage of debt the same plan is much more difficult course out of the book that the plan is the thing salvation in the book of Exodus pointed like salvation by the blood in those cups of wine speak to that as well. I love love love the imagery could you speak to those miniature will ever pass over Seder and again we need to prep the Passover Seder is a direct response to God commanded the Passover, shall be memorialized throughout all our generations.

They get that back.

Chapter 12 but he didn't say much else about it except that there had to be Lamb unleavened bread and bitter herb, but he didn't explain what has become has over Seder detail so the rest of the custom and tradition by the ancient Jewish rabbi, Jesus used that at the left upper. One of the staples of the Passover Seder to get the tradition required by Scripture to drink from the cup for different time to time before the meal of two-time after the bill in each of those comfortable for the promise God made chapter 67 while the children of Israel were still in bondage and slavery in Egypt and he build the promises that we remember each of those from the cup after supper.

The third based on the Scripture promise I will redeem you with an outstretched arm is often called couple of gumption. Jesus used that cup. The cup of redemption. The bank statement. Blood is the new cup is the new covenant in my blood shed for you. The blood of the new covenant will help redemption come, but by the blood because the 1711 blood shall make all had all those animal sacrifices of ancient Israel. God had to be bloodshed, make atonement, Jesus now with the couple of redemption new covenant in my blood.

The new covenant promise, salvation, and remembered no more.

How can that happen only by his own blood without using the cup of redemption. The Passover state with with outstretched arms. I love to show that is promised that I expected. I will you with an outstretched arm.

What did Jesus do on the coffee stretched out his arm shed his blood for the atonement of our soul and brought about the redemption only could bring one or all just like oh my goodness Jewish course you know there's so much there that you know we get this just see God was painting a picture that we would be able to enjoy the Last Supper. It you know throughout the generations as being a picture of what he was doing clear back in Egypt to make so clear. So we got all their so much richness in the Seder so much richness and what child evangelism worship is doing what were doing and by the way Seder is very important that you teach the children like to hear some of things I do for kids and Saul right there at pursuit. Jeffrey's ministry right back was so much more along those lines, we have Jeffrey Miller's messianic Jewish evangelism amazing, wonderful man of God we get an RB actually lives in Pennsylvania and he had so many Passover Passover as it didn't happen this year.

So were so blessed to have be able to get them actually on Shabbat, which is really unusual for somebody to teach on that day right Jeffrey, Bobby, scriptural question Saturday worshiping God on Sunday perfectly expectable. Not a bad idea either Wednesday or it's interesting whenever I tried to book a guest on Saturday. That's actually Jewish they always claim to proclaim the glory of God. Shabbat, I would think that it's not actually but that that's how they feel like we need to honor you know that I'm like okay you know it's good so we also have with us Lydia Kaiser and she's with child evangelism Fellowship been working on these resources for children during this time gets my children home.

What an opportunity to find out about those we post them a Christian car but Lydia tell our listeners where they can find them on your own online term and/popular booklet for counseling children during how do you wonder why develop right after 9/11 terror attack and booklet are still in the booklet and translating it will after natural disaster, crying, tragedy, now we have it as an online resource downloadable for your and that even if you're a grandparent thinking, we're talking here grant that you can't find that you are now and look at it on their own. The night when you click on the painting that got me knowing that your own pain but grant alive really hard question right now and care about why bad things happen in the world have happened and down after answering a question think a Skype account and how to get here. I've got family. Now it really a great and is also an ADL that can latch Kirsten. We cannot figure what one thing and really excited about people giving their ordering bulk booklet by phone and meeting with their churches paper pickup or whatever their character cannot bear packet 20 when he was married to Connie 93 People that children that I don't like great things. So Jeffrey from God's perspective that he did command that the children be very involved in the Passover right and and I'd love some of the neat traditions that you guys have developed or I guess we had to that include children in the storytelling Scripture in chapter 12 God when your children ask you, what ceremony need held her think about their ceremony in order for them to ask what ceremony me and that's because God wanted Seder Memorial to be perpetuated throughout all our generation. And I believe the reason for that. Jesus is right in the middle of the Passover Seder I like that this would like giant arrows pointing right to Jesus what Rabbi does in his own home at the Passover Seder in the tradition to fulfill the Scripture that says when your children ask you to tell the four question and we ask those for the children at those four question typically English and it basis for helping to fill the Passover story through the rest of and then there's the we've done this in our tradition and sure you're familiar with it. After Coleman part of it is hidden like and there's a whole deal with that with the children, hunted like an Easter yell at Limerick. A critical part of it that people can picture unleavened bread or a piece about the most people like glad because there's no leavening in every member leavening represent the on leavened bread and it got helpful because they bake it at high heat. 18 minutes start to finish. The time to mix the flour the water to be kosher Passover because God said to the children of Israel when they left Egypt either to pay for the ideas they can hate. Bake at high heat unleavened and it appears he got hold of it because of the high heat otherwise won't break properly when he held up the model of Passover looks similar with peers.

This is my body, symbolizing, without sin and it was about to be. The Orthodox rabbi will fail the judge for yourself, but then it's a tradition to take a piece of pot rapid in all side to be brought back later.

The symbol of similar peers wrapped in a cloth that aside and it comes back at the come back later. Again a complete symbol of the resurrection holiday and that the optical we set aside typically one of the kids will feel it, or that the problem might hide it gets divided they bring it back at the end of the meal would dive for the optical and it gets ransomed back for up right and Jesus came to say I have given my I will be giving my life as a ransom for many. The symbolism of Jesus here just told me always blows me away.

We've done that several seders Jeffrey where we got the comb and then we tell the kids were paying five dollars. You know they take off and it's it's better than these drag on I ever watched and then you get a chance to share you know the fact that he was it nobody knows what happened on Saturday right we have all sorts of ideas on what I have about Saturday, but he was in the way and then all my goodness.

And so you know that that after Coleman is such a picture and and said something the particular get to see the Greek word Dr. Coleman completely not support modern-day but it means something like that coming that which even that which is yet to come.

But if you have to. Rabbi, the rabbi will for the optical minute dirt last month after the meal Dr. Coleman does not mean dessert it means something like that which is coming at the end of course, there's that symbol of Jesus again at the kids get all excited about doing it infinitely when I was a kid. The ransom amount of the quarter.

J Jewish out folded stock option that it would be the day that Scott is amazing. Thank you Jeffrey for for that again where we got so much on this bit.

Jeffrey teaches the stuff and Jeffrey will share in the next segment how you can get up with him and maybe even your event next year. I'm absolutely Jeffrey has such a wonderful ministry. Lydia course with Child evangelism Fellowship all their pursuits and we got one more segment, will great work that takes your passion, especially Easter even when you have really wonderful Jeffrey Miller messianic Jewish evangelist Passover and dear friend. I mean, I never ever go. The RB were not looking for a hug from Jeffrey. He gives out amazing cystic gift. I really want to enjoy God gives me always amazing people to get to meet and Lydia Kaiser was also the NRB I met her there and they've got framework resources there with Child evangelism Fellowship on the Cove at 19 pandemic and Lydia were sharing the hundred and third Psalm. We don't have a lot of time in this last segment, but I did want to share this because I looked at it as she mentioned it and reading it from the tree live version which you're familiar with that version of the chart. Jeffrey O day of David. Bless, Adam O my soul and all that is in with minute in the bless his holy name. Bless Atilano my soul and forget not all his benefits he forgives all your iniquity heals all your diseases that he forgives all your iniquity heals all your diseases.

He redeems your life from the pit he crowns you with loving kindness and compassion. I mean how perfect Lydia Psalm for such a time as this right.

Love how either children.

Children act out that children and inspire them to social media that you think every Apra community children active.

I like that they need right now is a need to handle County night you where you found it really important for children because they need a burden for perspective about other people and for people in the world and be thinking about getting their life to Christ that I don't think that's something that nothing that's awesome Jeffrey, you know, we can't save the best for last. There's that 4th cup Jesus mentioned it at the end of his Seder did me in on you final promise that God made it. I will take you with my own people and I will be your God.

That's worthy of praise.

We call that lift up the hall. Well, which prayed every time you say hallelujah you speak hallelujah literally the Hebrew word that means praise the Lord so beautiful. Then he said what will not drink again of this cup until his kingdom comes right and many people believe you didn't even drink. The 4th cup will what we do it a Passover Seder and it took traditional as well as the messianic we will drink the fourth support file cup but it a picture without question. Probably the whole thing. I know you don't but the whole Seder so much of the point right there whether it the unleavened bread symbol of body incidentally furthermore we didn't mention communion that 3rd cup. The cup after supper and the unleavened bread of Passover, when he said this is my body. That's where he started communion left which should be called the left Seder following into the truth that is on right direction. Jeffrey I know there's people out there on how I get this guy mean I need them for my church service. I knew meant to tell tell us about your ministry will look for 30+ years I've been flipping around the country on Jewish court for 24 years till I got that by the one touch from God.

It went from blaspheming God the praise in Jesus but echo directly on the air at a radio station at the time of Bobby and that I've been in 40 states, but hundreds of churches, Jeffrey D. really remember Jeffrey develop Jeffrey D. and I've done seders all across the United States that the hundred 200 pages on that trip preacher man.

I mean I, and I opened the Scriptures to talk about the Jewish Jesus, but we do we get to the bitter herbs and all that stuff that there's so much so rich and so rich people you come to messianic Jewish over Seder you'll never take communion same way again. That is absolutely the case in so many different ways. Lydia give you last word.

We got about 30 seconds now here I am going to add a couple of our celebration tomorrow and let me talk about my personal health and back in our own time.

Psalm 103. I'll never look at it in the same cancer survivor. I see that ally, thank you. Jeffrey is always what it dear friends, I look forward to next February. I guess the imbalance will see you Emily.

I hope thank you well. Stay tuned.

Got so much purging prayer followed by a journey starts here now at 12 o'clock and then know that your lineup this is the Truth Network

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