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9.7.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sport Brief / JR
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September 8, 2023 1:51 am

9.7.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sport Brief / JR

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September 8, 2023 1:51 am

JR explains why he feels bad for Patrick Mahomes


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It's the J.R. Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you to everybody tuned in and locked in all over North America.

The free Odyssey app, your local affiliate, Sirius XM Channel 158, smart speakers, CBS Sports Radio dot com, every and anywhere. I'm going to be rolling here with you for the next three hours. It's a four hour show.

I get started every single night at 10 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Pacific. Super producer and host Dave Shepherd is holding it down in New York City. Tonight might as well be a holiday. It's the start of the NFL regular season. Kansas City Chiefs. They are hosting the Detroit Lions to start the season off. And as of a minute ago, as of seconds ago, the Detroit Lions have taken a 21 to 20 lead here in the fourth quarter is about seven minutes left in the game. David Montgomery punches it in.

For an eight yard rushing touchdown, they get the extra point to break the tie and the Lions now lead 21 to 20, seven minutes left. Now, we all know and understand Travis Kelce is not, I repeat, Travis Kelce is not playing tonight. He's dealing with a bone bruise with his knee.

And this guy, he's an Ironman. Last time he didn't play in a game was was due to Covid. Dude is 33 years old and he just he balls out. Ian Rappaport was on the NFL Network earlier today and he talked about Travis Kelce.

Listen to this. Travis Kelce officially going to be out for tonight's game for the Kansas City Chiefs for the first time since 2014. Travis Kelce is not going to play a game, one of the most durable players in the NFL, obviously one of the best players in the NFL. Still dealing with that bone bruise that he suffered just a couple of days ago. Really unfortunate incident in the last day of practice for the Chiefs, injured his knee, suffered a bone bruise, had significant swelling, I would say, for the last couple of days. So looked pretty grim two days ago and then a little more optimism today. There was not a lot of swelling.

He was not dealing with a lot of pain. The plan for the Chiefs was to work him out around 11 a.m. That is exactly what they did. And at that point, Travis Kelce was really, really pushing to play, believing that he would not put himself at risk, believing he could go out there. But instead, head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder stepped in and said, you know what, it is a long season.

We are going to make the smart move. So Travis Kelce is out and Noah Gray, one of the reserve tight ends, steps into his place, although, of course, no one can replace Travis Kelce. Look, the leading receiver tonight for the Kansas City Chiefs is their running back, Isaiah Pacheco. He has four receptions for 31 yards. Rashee Rice has a touchdown on three receptions. Blake Bell, the other tight end, he has a touchdown on two receptions.

With no Travis Kelce, I tweeted this before the game. They might as well expect Patrick Mahomes to go out there and work a miracle. Detroit being ridiculously aggressive is what got them into this game. They converted on a fourth down. They faked the punt and rushed and picked up the first down and then scored. They scored on a pick six because Kadarius Toney couldn't hold on to a football, bounced off of his hands into the hands of the Lions and ended up in the end zone. And they were able to just punch this ball in from David Montgomery. And so you can never count out Patrick Mahomes. Let's see what he can do here with about now less than seven minutes left in this game.

Also, big news that came down the pipe this evening. Tonight, we learned that Joe Burrow was now the highest paid player in NFL history. He got his contract.

He doesn't have to wait until Sunday. Five years, two hundred seventy five million dollar extension, two hundred and nineteen million dollars guaranteed. His contract now calls for him to make, on average, fifty five million dollars a year. Joe Burrow is making more money than anybody else. Fifty five a season. Justin Herbert is number two at fifty two and a half. Lamar Jackson, 52, Jalen Hurts, 51 mil. And then we start looking at Patrick Mahomes playing tonight.

Probably the most accomplished and the best out of them all. Only making forty five mil. And so we'll keep you up to date on this game tonight. Let's see if the Kansas City Chiefs can rebound.

I don't think anyone would be shocked if they did so. But the Detroit Lions certainly playing hard and continuing the trend that they started at the end of last season to just actually be respected. As Kansas City is now here on a fourth down and they look like they're going to what are they going to do? Walk off the field. Let's see what happens.

Five and a half minutes left in this game. Joe Burrow getting his contract. Not the only news. The start of the NFL season. Not the only news.

Last hour, we talked about Coco Gauff advancing to the U.S. Open final. But in more NFL news. How about this? There's somebody else who wants to get paid. There's another player who wants a check. He doesn't throw a football. And I would think he is probably going to jump the 30 million dollars per year. That wide receiver Tyree Kill makes. And that's Justin Jefferson. He's coming to the league.

Straight out of LSU. And he has been lighting it up every season that he's played. Fourteen hundred yards.

Then sixteen hundred yards. Last season, eighteen hundred yards. Offensive player of the year. There were people saying that that Justin Jefferson was deserving of MVP votes. Did he play like the best wide receiver in the game?

Oh, hell yeah, he did. But MVP votes? I don't know if you want to give that to a wide receiver unless you're just beating everybody straight into hell. And so Justin Jefferson, this upcoming season, if he can tack on another 200 yards receiving, he's going to be the first wide receiver in NFL history to haul in 2K. He's already a three time Pro Bowler. And the Minnesota Vikings, they're going to have to pay this dude.

It's kind of crazy. Twenty second overall pick in 2020. And he should be looking at a contract that pays him in excess of the 30 mil per year that Tariq Hill is going to get. And Justin Jefferson, he was asked about this prior to the I guess the last practice for the Vikings before they go ahead and start their season Sunday against the Buccaneers. And Justin Jefferson was asked, man, like, what's the deal with your contract? Are you thinking about it?

What's up? This is what he said. Of course, I will want a contract to be done, but at the end of the day, it's all up to them and what the ownership want to do with that. Would it matter to you if they keep talking during the season?

Again, that's up to them. My focus is on playing football and doing something that I'm good at. So I'm good at being on that field and catching the football.

And that's what I continue to do. He ain't lying. That man knows how to catch a football. Kirk Cousins knows how to get it to him, may not be in a winning manner, but he knows how to throw a football. He knows how to be a receiver.

And so what do I expect? Maybe not the same record that they had last year is a lot of fool's gold for the life of me. I couldn't understand why people were excited about the Minnesota Vikings because the defense gave up everything in the world and it was just just a shootout. Now that's beneficial for Justin Jefferson is going to get him paid. I don't know how much longer Kirk Cousins is going to be throwing in the ball.

I mean, past this season. They just gave TJ Hockinson. He just got paid and got a contract as well. And so what happens with Kirk Cousins?

I mean, how long before they give this guy the boot? Justin Jefferson. He's going to get his cash. His money, unlike Joe Burrows, who came today. Who knows, maybe Justin Jefferson has an agreement before the game on Sunday.

That could be the next big contract to come down the pipe before the games get underway. And speaking of wide receivers. This is a little upsetting because last night I gave you my top six list. Told you about the teams that I think are in the best state and standing heading into the season.

And I had the Baltimore Ravens on that list. Why, oh why, is Odell Beckham Jr. already added to the injury report? If there is a bright side, it's his ankle and not his knee.

But already? I mean, Shep, am I overreacting like this is already? Like it's not his knee, I get it, but what's next, his hamstring? I feel bad for him, man.

I hope it's obviously nothing too serious. I mean, he's a year and a half removed with the ACL injury. And a lot of people felt like his career was over.

He seems to have a new life with Lamar. But JR, this is not getting off to a good start, man. I think you got to have him out of your top six in your next list.

They ain't going to be no, they ain't going to be no next list. Fair enough. But the fact is, man, I hope this is just a minor tweak of the ankle. I hope he wakes up and whatever swelling that is in there is gone. I hope he can wrap it and get ready to play on Sunday against the Texans.

It's just sad. And as Shep mentioned, as I mentioned, I had the Ravens on my top six teams last night. And I said it was all dependent on injuries. Well, Mark Andrews is dealing with a quad. We know he's the safety blanket for Lamar Jackson. Ronnie Stanley, offensive lineman, also dealing with an ankle. For the past several weeks, it feels like a month now, Marlon Humphrey dealing with a busted up foot. Odell.

What the hell? How your ankle hurt already? And it was just yesterday when he spoke to the media and he told everybody how excited he was to finally be healthy and to be out there and play ball.

Listen to this. I can tell you this, I'm excited. I'm excited to be back on the field. It's truly a blessing. God really gave me another opportunity to play. The Ravens gave me another opportunity to play and I don't take it for granted. You can't make this stuff up.

You really can't. If I got to start thinking about the most injury prone players in the NFL, and sure, yes, easy for me to say, I'm sitting down watching. But there's some dudes who you might as well wheel out there and let them play in a bubble. Like Odell has reached that point, right? You got Jimmy Garoppolo, who's always hurt somehow, some way.

Mr. Bionic, he must have just a million scars all over his body. They've cut this guy open since like every three months. Lamar Jackson can't end the season to save his life.

I hope that's a change for this season. I guess those would be the, if I had to identify MVPs for injuries, which is a terrible thing to say, but Jimmy Garoppolo would be there. You throw Odell in there, Lamar Jackson, and so we'll see what happens. Shep, how many games Odell playing this year? 13? 12.

Man, I'll tell you what, JR, well, first of all, the answer, I want to say less than 12. Even injured right now, he can make better plays than what the Chiefs are doing. This is ridiculous. You want to play wide receiver? This is, JR, I mean, right through Tony's hands again. And what a decision by the Lions, I'm so sorry to do this, JR, but the Lions to go for it on fourth and two midfield with 2.30 left and they give it away and then it's set up from a Holmes and company to take advantage and they can't catch a passive that saves their life. Well, we know why the New York Giants got rid of Kadarius, Tony, and he's going to be on social media tomorrow making a rap song about it.

This is the game and this is the day, and yes, it's only one game. This is where you miss Travis Kelce. It's one thing to take a look at the roster last year and see, and oh my God, we don't have Tyreke Hill.

This might be the year that you get kicked in the ass. You know, when, when Marquis Valdes-Scantling is your number one receiving option, he's good, but he ain't no number one. And with no Travis Kelce out there, everybody else gets bumped up and Kadarius, Tony is currently being eviscerated online for, for these drops and for these passes.

I said it last night and it's real simple. We can say this for a lot of teams because we know the quarterback is the best dude on the team or should be. He should be the driver. He's the most important player if Patrick Mahomes was not the QB for the Kansas City Chiefs, they would plummet into the abyss. They would be staring at, I don't know, a top five pick if he wasn't there. And by the way, it's not just Travis Kelce who's not playing tonight. Chris Jones, the defensive tackle who watched Nick Bosa pick up a new deal. Chris Jones is sitting in the stands. He's sitting in a suite.

It appears that he's surrounded by what looks like his agent or two agents. And he showed up because he wanted to be around for the Super Bowl unveiling for the banner. And I'm like, what?

I'm like, stay home. I mean, what a way to rub it in. If I'm a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, I mean, you understand it.

Everybody wants to get paid, you know, whatever means that you have to go by to get it done, so be it. But it's almost, it's almost like rubbing it in. Like I'm here, I'm available, the team won't play me, yeah, but I'm just going to sit in the stands anyway so everyone can imagine that I'm out there on the field. And you know what, tonight, Kansas City Chiefs could have certainly used both of them. Both Chris Jones and Kelsey as the Kansas City Chiefs are just going backwards here as they're trying to put up points. Two minutes and nine seconds left in the game. They're going backwards on a penalty. And Shep, I'm preparing myself, Shep, because if Kansas City loses this game, there's some legitimate concerns.

Of course, we know this. Always comes down to injury. We're going to have line fans calling us up. They're going to be losing their minds, and then we're going to have a whole bunch of other fans who think that the Kansas City Chiefs are just, they're just going to be crap this year.

Far be it. We didn't realize Kelsey's importance before this game. And I know, like you said, Chris Jones is not there, but my God, what a difference that one individual would have made offensively, Jared. I can't recall in my lifetime seeing a Super Bowl winning team defend that honor and miss so many gimmies and have it go right through their fingertips with uncontested defense.

It's honestly abysmal and embarrassing to watch. Well, damn, you don't got to hit on the Chiefs so much. Yeah, like Kadarius Toney is him.

Yeah. I mean- It's him. You can't crap on the Chiefs like this is, like they've just plummeted into hell.

It's Kadarius Toney, man. And like you said, I love that line about just absolutely falling into the abyss because you talk about Patrick Mahomes being the ultimate miracle worker out there. I mean, just to keep them in this game is a miracle. Yeah.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. They'd be looking at a top five pick if he wasn't there. They would suck if he was not the quarterback. They would.

This game wouldn't even be competitive right now. Let's see if the Detroit Lions can hold on and keep them at bay and start the season 1-0. And let's see if the Kansas City Chiefs, let's see if they can bounce back on the other side and pick up a victory.

As long as Mahomes gets his hand on the ball, I will not count them out. It's the JR Sport Reshow on CBS Sports Radio 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. I told you about Coco Goff and her victory. We'll hear from her on the other side. And then, unfortunately, the NFL continue to have some bad news. In the AFC West, the same division where the Chiefs play, there's more news about Chandler Jones and it's not good news.

I'll share it with you on the other side. It's the JR Sport Reshow on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

It's the JR Sport Reshow on CBS Sports Radio. Looks like the Kansas City Chiefs, it looks like they're receivers, it looks like they are Uber drivers because they suck tonight. It's a final score, folks. The first game of the NFL season is over. The Detroit Lions just ended it with a few knees.

The final score, 21-20. The Lions go into Kansas City to open up the season and the Lions walk away with a victory. Unfortunately, a multitude of drops and missed passes by the Kansas City Chiefs. More specifically, Kadarius Toney at one point in time just letting the ball bounce directly off of his hands, allowing the ball to go the other way for a pick six. Brian Branch taking it all the way.

Kansas City ultimately losing tonight, 21-20. No Travis Kelce as he dealt with a knee bruise. He stood on the sidelines behind Patrick Mahomes at the end of the game looking pretty miserable. And Chris Jones, we know he was, or not was, he still is holding out hoping for a paycheck. He was actually sitting in a suite tonight and he told NBC, he's like, yeah, I'm sitting here in the suite because I want to support my teammates and I want to be a part of the banner raising, at least be here in person to see it because I participated, because I helped us win last year.

Man, you could have watched that home. A couple of things just to understand. This is only one game. We're going to hear that a lot. It's one game. It's one game. We're going to hear that a lot.

Yes, it is. Because they're going to be some folks who overreact. The Detroit Lions should be happy with the victory tonight because it's a victory. Like why wouldn't you be happy? And they should still be happy even though there was no Kelce and even though there was no Chris Jones.

Why? Because the Lions, they could have, I don't want to say given up, but Lions teams in the past would have choked. They wouldn't have cared.

They would have been disinterested. Patrick Mahomes would have still lit them up. I mean, by the time we got to halftime, it was 14 to 7. And then Detroit ended up tying the game up on that pick six from Mahomes that Kadarius Toney handed the ball over to.

And the Kansas City Chiefs couldn't get a damn thing going. We're going to hear from the players. We're going to get to some of the plays. But right now, let's get to the phone lines. 855-212-4CBS Lucas, he is calling for Maryland. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. Go ahead, Lucas. Hey, how you doing?

I've really enjoyed listening to you every night on my way home from work. You did like the top six picks of your teams last night and you were right on. But what I wanted to talk about was these salaries that these quarterbacks are getting. It just seems like it's an ego thing. One wants to get a little bit more than the next. If they take a player or a team-friendly salary, they can get the other players around them. I know it's generational money, but I, as a normal person, I can't fathom or even understand a difference between making $50 million or making $40 million. But if you give back that $10 million to the team, then you might be able to get the line or the guard that you need or even the special teams player that you need to make you have more depth. Yeah. But $10 million is a lot of money, man. It is.

I mean, I don't even understand it. Yeah. Absolutely.

Yeah. But you got to pay taxes on that. Look, it's real simple. Would I rather have $50 or would I rather have $40?

Would I rather have myself $50,000 or would I rather have $40,000? And so, you know, why for an NFL player or anybody else, you know, if we got to look at it at a sliding scale, I can chop off 10 and go, okay, well, part of that can just go to the government and I'm left with 40 as opposed to being left with 30, you know? And I do agree with you. I don't understand. But if you're trying to win championships, if that's your priority, then I just have a, I just, as a normal fan, I just have a hard time with it.

I really, really do. The first, the first, yeah, but the first priority is to get paid. And if one guy makes money, the next guy after him makes money.

You got to remember this as, as much as they are all opponents and they're going against each other, like there's still, there's still players there together. They're in a union. They want to make as much money as they can. And so it's imperative, especially from a union perspective, that the next dude who comes up makes more money. Make more.

We'll make more. Otherwise we end up with a major league baseball situation where they're just putting their foot down on everybody. And that's, that's just ugly, man. And I do understand in football, I mean, your career can be over in one play. So you need to make your money when you can make your money. I understand all that. I just think it's getting so, I don't know, it's just the numbers are so big that, and it's been proven by a team like the Patriots or even the Holmes took like a friendly contract too.

He's not getting paid as much. Yeah, yeah. But with, we're talking about two of the best quarterbacks the game has seen ever though, you know, a little bit different.

Correct. And if I am Lamar Jackson, you know what, I want to make as much money as possible and still compete. If I'm Justin Herbert, I want to make as much money as possible and compete. If I'm Joe Burrow, it's the same. You know, everybody who's making these big bucks, let's be real, they're for the most part competing for championships, everybody, except for Kyler Murray. Like these dudes are the best of the best of the best. And so I don't, I don't think this is like to the detriment of a team or to a squad. Look, Joe Burrow. And you just think like the Sean Watson was like an outlier, like his contract was like a mistake.

The team that added him, they were desperate for W and they said, we have no problem bringing this guy in. Yeah, sure. Right. Right. Right. Okay. Yeah.

We'll see, man. It's big money. We know.

Well, Lucas, get your arm together and you can get one of them big deals too. Okay. It's always good talking to you. Thanks. I appreciate it. No doubt.

Thank you. Lucas for calling from Maryland. Get his arm together. It'd be okay.

855-212-4CBS. Robbie's calling from Jacksonville. What's up, Robbie? Hey, Jared. What's going on tonight, man?

How you guys doing? Hey, just real quick, you know, I can't complain about the game, you know, as a football fan, you know, it's a good game. I loved at the end when Jared Goff is hyping up the crowd, hyping up the Lions fans. So real quick from you, you know, honestly, I was thinking about the whole Travis Kelce situation, right? So I tore my ACL in college. There was a deep bone bruise associated with it too.

Man, bone bruises, I had to sit out four or five weeks before I could even put a brace on it just from the bone bruise itself, not even the tear. So part of me thinks he ain't playing next week because he's coming to Jacksonville. Chiefs are coming to Jacksonville week two, excuse me.

So our second game there's as well. Tom is going to tell I'm not his doctor. You're not his doctor. We don't, we don't know the extent of it. It's possible.

It's not possible. This man is getting world-class treatment. I don't want to necessarily jump the gun. Do you? He might have met LeBron's doctor too. We don't know. Is that, are you telling me LeBron is on steroids or are we getting into that? No, no, no, no, no.

I've had it all. LeBron's foot doctor. The foot doctor? Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I'm not, I'm not implicating that anybody's on anything.

Okay. You trying to the LeBron James of feet. Travis Kelce is finding the Travis Kelce's of knees. Is that what it is? Dr. James Andrews is I'm sure who he's seeing or somebody.

Nobody wants to see that man. You see that man, you getting cut open. Ooh. Yeah, that's, that's true. He is the best in the biz, but anyways, last thing JR, awesome agents of inclusion episode yesterday, man. And I'll leave it at that. Thank you. Appreciate you listening, man. I'll talk to you later. Okay.

Yeah, man. Okay. Thank you, Robbie. Hey, agents of inclusion. People checking out the podcast.

Thank you very much. Yeah. New episode. Yeah.

That dropped yesterday. 8 5 5 2 1 2 4. CBS. John is here from Cali. What's up, John? Hey, what's up, brother?

What's up? Hey, uh, I gotta say as line and lifelong, that wing was huge. I know it's early, but to win against a phenomenal Casey, uh, team defending champ and a quarterback like my home, that was huge.

A lot of mistakes on both sides early on those who get corrected. But man, that was just such an awesome game. Is it fair tonight of all nights to say that the Kansas city chiefs, you know, fielded some excellent roster? Is that, is that fair to say, I mean, well, I get it with the increase in, in the holdout and stuff.

I totally understand what you mean, but here's the thing. How difficult is it to get onto an NFL roster? You know, these guys have to be phenomenal.

How many people don't get to live that dream? So come on now there's levels. It is.

It is awesome. You don't have to button it up and go, Oh, well the guys on the chiefs are still great NFL players. Here's another question. Who was the best receiver for the chiefs tonight? Name it.

Who was it? Honestly, I can't say that's my, that's my point. I mean, we can run around and talk about how somebody's in the NFL and the guys on a practice squad. But for the most part outside of maybe Marquez, Valdez, scantling like Patrick, my homes is throwing footballs through a tire tonight. Like who are these guys there?

They're anonymous to anonymous. We went from all pros and a hall of fame caliber dudes still in the football of me and you. And so yes, you should absolutely be proud of the lines and then picking up the victory. They played hard. They were aggressive. That's what kept them in the game to even come out on top and the Kansas City Chiefs.

They made a bunch of mistakes, man. It's and a lot of that tonight. I feel it had to do with talent, but no lions are still in a good way.

This was a very good win for the Lions coming out on top 21 to 20 going to keep things rolling. A matter of fact, we're going to hear from some of the players. We're going to get to some of the plays on the other side of the break. You're listening to the J.R. Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the J.R. Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio.

I would rather have Penn State, Michigan, USC, UCLA win the national championship besides Alabama. But I'm glad Georgia beat the breaks off of them and using their intestines as jump ropes for celebration. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. OK, that's unique.

That is very unique and violent and troubling. It is the J.R. Sportbrief show here on CBS Sports Radio. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. When we get to the top of the hour, we're going to hear some of the play calls. We're going to hear from some of the players because tonight in game one that starts off the NFL season for the year 2023, the Detroit Lions come out on top 21 to 20 over the Kansas City Chiefs. Kansas City, sloppy, Detroit, aggressive. I mean, this wasn't the best played game by either team. But the Detroit Lions, even from the get go, their first touchdown came as a result of a fourth down, a converted punt, a fake punt, that they decided to run the ball, pick up the first, and they ended up moving the chains.

Ultimately, it touched down to Ahman Raah St. Brown, and that's what got them on the board. We pick six. Unfortunately, Patrick Mahomes, Kadarius Toney can't hold on to the football. And so it was ugly tonight for a Kansas City Chiefs team that did not have Travis Kelsey. I'm going to get to your calls here to go through this break, and then as I mentioned, at the top of the hour, we're going to hear parts of the game, 855-2124 CBS, Andy Reid stepping to the podium as well. We'll hear what he has to say next hour about this loss tonight. Let's go to San Diego and talk to Lee Lee.

You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. I feel sorry for the Chiefs because I think the Lions dominating them tonight, and they couldn't do anything about it. I mean, poor Travis Kelsey.

That's what I got to say. And I want to, this is going to open up something for the San Diego Chargers. I'm sorry. Los Angeles Chargers. Yeah, sure. Yeah, the Los Angeles Chargers, but I'm still a San Diego Charger fan. I understand you should.

Let's open this thing up right for them, and I think they're going to dominate this game against the Dolphins on Sunday, and they're going to cause some problems for people this year. All right. Let's go to Lee Lee. We'll see what happens. What you've been doing tonight, Lee?

Oh, yeah. I got my answer. 855-212-4CBS. Dave is calling from Alabama.

You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up, Dave? Hey, I think Patrick Mahomes got exposed tonight. You know, he is supposed to be the next Tom Brady, right? He's supposed to be the next great one. But what is he without the greatest tight end of all time? You know, Tom Brady had Gronk, and then he didn't have Gronk. You know, I think that he got exposed by a terrible Detroit Lions team.

When I watched Jared Goff in the pocket, he looked scared as hell. Okay. All right. I don't know if that person was... I don't know what the hell he was doing. Yeah, yeah. This is a terrible Detroit Lions team. Oh my God. Patrick Mahomes got exposed tonight.

I'm not even going to justify any of that with a response or an answer. 855-212-4CBS. Lucius is calling from California. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Lucius? Hi, JR. How are you doing tonight? Oh, it's good to hear from you. I'm well, man.

Thank you. Yeah, I mean, overall, I think the game was... It was pretty good. I was a little disappointed that Mahomes and the Chiefs didn't convert that last drive and make it interesting, but I mean, I think you can't really blame Mahomes because of all those drop passes. Like Aiden Hutchinson played really well tonight, put a lot of pressure on Mahomes and made him get out of the pocket, which usually helps him make plays, but without Kelsey, without some of his bigger guys, I think they just came up short. But overall, I think it was a good game and a good player for the Chiefs.

I think that they can hold on to a positive moment for the night would be Nick Bolton. I think he played really well, a lot of aggression. Oh, yeah.

Well, he's always playing hard, man. Lucius, how was your summer, man? You have a good summer? Yeah, it was good. It's how it was yours.

It was good. Hey, listen. When's your birthday? April 4th.

April 4th or right after April Fool's Day. Well, listen, I'll tell you this. You might feel happy about this.

Lucius, you sound like you got older, man, over the summer. Yeah, thank you. Am I the first person to tell you that? Probably, yeah. Okay.

Yeah, no, it sounds like you should be paying bills and taxes and stuff. Yeah. Okay. Well, listen, you call me back anytime.

It's always good to chat with you. Yeah, thank you. Have a good night. All right. Have a good night, Lucius.

Appreciate you. Hey, Shep, it sounds like he got older, didn't it? That's true. Well, he's always- Yeah, his voice is different. His voice is different. Well, JR, technically, we all get older with each summer passing.

Come on now. All right, fair enough. He's a kid. No, he's a great young man. He's got... JR, he's got a future in this if he wants to go down this route. Yeah, he does.

Absolutely does. He can come sit here when I'm not here on Fridays or something, right? Well, the problem is you're not a lazy guy. You don't take those Fridays off.

I know other people on radio that take Thursday and Friday off every week. I wonder who I'm talking about. I don't know who you're talking about. Of course not. Of course not. I don't pay attention.

Yeah, of course not. He doesn't have long, dark hair or anything like that. Long, dark hair.

Used to be more curly. Howard Stern? Yes. Is that who you're referring to?

Yeah. Howard Stern, huh? Oh, I mean, well, he helped turn a whole company public.

What do we want from him? Well, I think there's a lot of people that could do what he does, but that's just me. What did Howard Stern... Did he spit on you one day?

What happened? I think he's one of the all-time greats. I think people hold him in a little too high regard, if I'm being honest with you. I think he made his bones by being brilliant. I also thought he took a lot of cheap shots at people, and now he's done a 180.

So who's the real Howard Stern? People get older every summer now, right? Yeah, but they don't get older and change that much, they are. You don't change that much.

You know I'm right on this. No, people change, man. I don't know. You get old, you get comfortable, people change. I mean, is he supposed to be the same sophomoric, evil, you-know-what that he was 30, 35 years ago? He used to say some of the things that he said, talking about and denigrating races and women and religious groups, and then all of a sudden you're this mature, woke, sensitive human being. That doesn't happen like that unless you're trying to completely rebrand your image, which is what he did in my opinion.

People get older. Yeah? Fallon's the next guy that's going to reinvent this image. You hear what happened to him?

Jimmy Fallon? I heard the employees weren't happy. Speaking of happy, Patrick Mahomes is at the podium. He looks miserable, and I'm sure you lost a football game.

He looks beyond miserable. We're going to hear from Patrick Mahomes next hour. We'll hear from Andy Reid. We'll hear from the winners, the losers. We'll hear some of the key plays. We're going to do that on the other side of the break. It's the JR Sportbree show, CBS Sports Radio.

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