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9.7.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR
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September 8, 2023 2:00 am

9.7.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR

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September 8, 2023 2:00 am

JR discusses why Joe Burrow is worth every penny of his new contract extension!!

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For important information, visit slash disclosures. You're listening to the J.R. Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the J.R. Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

The J.R. Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. I am coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Super producer and host Dave Sheppard. He's joining us holding it down live from New York City.

And thank you to every person listening all over North America. You could be here in the south with me. You could be in the north with Shep. You could be out west in California. You can be in Portland, Seattle, Vancouver.

You could be in Hawaii. Thank you to everybody tuning in in Canada. What's up, Toronto, Montreal. You could be listening right now in Kansas City.

You could be locked in right now in Detroit. Shout out to everybody tuned in on the tickets, on the scores, on the fans, on the zones, whatever your station is called. Thank you for being here. We got a night of winners. I guess in the sports world tonight, everybody's a winner. NFL is back. The Detroit Lions come out on top of the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. The final score, 21 to 20.

The Lions, they are one set of winners, right? Joe Burrow walks away. He ends his Thursday as a winner. Joe Burrow gets his huge contract. He is the highest paid player in the NFL right now. A five year deal. Two hundred and seventy five million dollars. Two hundred and nineteen million dollars guaranteed. He is making more money per season than anybody in the league right now. Fifty five million dollars a year.

That jumps Justin Herbert. He got 52 and a half a couple of weeks ago. That's ahead of Lamar Jackson. Months ago, the day of the NFL draft, we know Lamar Jackson got fifty two million.

Joe Burrow is making more money than any of them. Speaking of winners, all my fans following the U.S. Open, Coco Goff at 19 years old. She makes her first U.S. Open tennis final. She's going to play Sabalenka, who just came back from an I don't want to call it an upset. Madison Keys just choked minutes ago in Queens, New York. Coco Goff looking to win her first major. That's going to be fun if she gets the job done.

That'll be on Saturday morning. For right now, Coco Goff is a winner. And I mean, at 19 years old, that's a big deal. Unfortunately, I got to mention a loser for tonight. It's the guys that Patrick Mahomes had to throw the football to. In losing 21 to 20, Kadarius Toney had four drops. One pass went off of his hands and ended up as a pick six. A matter of fact, courtesy of the Lions Radio Network, let's listen to that attempted pass from Patrick Mahomes that bounced off the hands of Kadarius Toney. And then, not magically, it ended up in the end zone.

Listen to this. Mahomes out of the gun. He's got it. Wants to throw. Mahomes back, throws. It is incomplete pick off. Pick off by the Lions. Brian Branch with the left side. He's gone, baby.

He's going to the house. Touchdown Detroit Lions. Deflected in the air. Branch ran under it and he took it all the way back. The Lions are an extra point away from tying this game. Not a bad way for Branch as a rookie to make his debut.

Not at all. For the Kansas City Chiefs, there was no Travis Kelce. Bone bruise.

It's been reported that the Chiefs are confident that he's going to bounce back and be available for the next game on the 17th against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Lions fought. This wasn't a pretty game.

It was ugly. They tricked everybody on a fake punt early in the game to extend the drive. They ultimately scored on that to open up the game. They were down 14 to 7. But that pick six, that helped change everything. The drops, the turnovers. This was just ugly. Ugly for the Kansas City Chiefs tonight. And all year, Chris Jones, who still hasn't signed his contract or has a new contract. He showed up to the game.

He sat in a suite and watched. Why? Because he wanted to be a part of the banner raising ceremony because he was a part of them winning that banner. They could have used him on the field tonight.

Maybe one hit to golf would have changed things up. After the game, Andy Reid, he was asked about Kadarius Toney and his four drops. Listen to this. It's unusual for us to drop that many passes anywhere, anytime. So we'll go back and work on that. But you know, you got to take care of business and these guys know that.

And so we've got to fix that. It's unusual to drop that many passes. Well, it's unusual for Travis Kelce to miss a game.

This guy's an Ironman. Basically, he's a 33 years old. That's what's unusual for him not to play. 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS. It's 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS. Robert is calling from Annapolis. You're on the J.R. sport brief show.

Thanks for putting me on the air. Two points, if I may, on tonight's game. The the significant point is it gives Lions fans belief in their team. We can all hope our team is going to do well. But that that fan base has suffered for decades.

And so that that's the high point on tonight's game. My other point is in light of Burroughs signing. Teams can pay teams that are fortunate enough to have an elite, talented quarterback.

There's probably eight, nine, however many you want to name that have that. And they can pay that that player all they want. But if they don't have the supporting cast in the long run, they won't be a winner. Oh, sure. Absolutely. Absolutely.

I think that goes that goes without saying. That guy is Travis Kelce. And having Marquez Valdez-Scantlin being your number two. Or or having, hopefully, Kadarius Toney step up or have a big play here or there.

It's it's not the worst thing. Everybody got upped in the depth chart. If you want to be concerned about anything, it's not even the fact that Travis Kelce was out tonight. It's his age.

That's it. He's 33 years old. OK. Patrick Mahomes is not going anywhere. He's going to be around in the NFL when Travis Kelce is gone. We don't know when that's going to be. It may be sooner than later. He might be past his prime sooner than later. There's there's going to come a point in time where for the rest of his career, he's going to have to find one or two other dudes to air it out with.

That's that's just the facts. Travis Kelce is not going to be there forever. 855-212-4CBS. It's 855-212-4CBS. Michael is calling from Cleveland.

You're on the JR Sportbreeze show. What's up, Michael? Hey there.

Good morning to you. You know, since the Heisman-Kelce's been out, there's only 10 people that won the Heisman. And there were only 10 that got into the Hall of Fame that won the Heisman. And five of them are running backs. OK. Montgomery won that game for them today. Because when they got third and two, he best tried to sit me in the mouth.

And when they ran that ball down on the 17th, he best tried to sit me in the mouth and kept that clock going. And they tried to say football don't need a running back. We need running backs. And it was seen today.

We need it. They beat a big team with a running back. That's 74 yards he put on them. He bust their ass with it. And after that was at least 25 percent of winning that game.

What do you think? Well, thank you, Michael, for calling from from Cleveland. And when you talk about Montgomery and what he contributed tonight, he was the steady quote unquote hand in his first game here as a Lions. 74 yards for one touchdown. A matter of fact, let's take a listen to the game winning touchdown that that put things away here for the Detroit Lions. This was in the fourth quarter, courtesy, obviously, of the Lions radio network. Montgomery, the lone back behind Goff. Lions scrimmage from the Kansas City Eight. Goff gives to Montgomery again. He's got room inside to find money to the end zone. Touchdown Detroit Lions.

David Montgomery to the house and the Lions are an extra point away from taking the lead. That is just big time running, big time blocking and big time production. Now, to be clear, I don't think anyone is saying running backs don't matter. No one needs a running back.

It's just very simple. Running backs are replaceable. Why pay them a crap ton of money? That's what it boils down to. I don't think anybody is saying who needs a running back. The fact is, hey, let's run out David Montgomery. Let's run out Montgomery X, Montgomery Y, David Z, David X, David A, David B. Who cares what his name is?

Who cares who he is? Can he play? OK, let's play him. Let's run him into the ground and let's get another guy. It's simple as that. I mean, if you take a look at the Kansas City Chiefs and what they did last year, why the hell am I going to pay somebody big time money when I can say I got Pacheco and I got, I don't know, Clyde Edwards Hilaire that I can run out there? McKinnon.

I mean, why? I got a question for you, J.R. Please. So I'm not trying to parse words here, but you're telling me there's another running back in the NFL that could put Ryan Tannehill on his back and get him to an AFC title game two, three years ago the way Henry did? No, that's an outlier.

OK. There are very few dudes who you would consider to be bell cows, but the value of that running back still isn't high because you can run somebody to an AFC championship game. It would have been a miracle if they would have ultimately just won the Super Bowl. I mean, what running back in the modern era is running around and winning you a championship? The answer is nobody.

Nobody. And so if I want to think about the investment, the highest paid running back in the game right now is Chris Christian McCaffrey. He's making 16 million dollars a year. He might win a Super Bowl and he might win a Super Bowl for a team that didn't hand him over that contract. They traded for it in a team that's one of the most stacked in the entire NFL for 16 million dollars a year for Christian McCaffrey to be basically a nuclear weapon on the football field. What the hell was he going to give the Carolina Panthers?

I know they paid him and he got hurt. If for instance he was healthy, what was he giving them? But in regards to the teams and the win loss record, nothing. Nothing.

A whole lot of nothing. And so I can't blame. I understand the running backs. I think they deserve cash. They deserve money. But I get it from a team's perspective. Why do I need to break the bank for you when I could just spread out the wealth? I don't need to pay you.

I can use you, abuse you, kick you to the curb and get your replacement. Jim Irsay is a complete just, I don't want to say a jackass. He was very clear. He's not the only NFL owner who feels that way about the running backs. He's the only one who wanted to be a mean spirited jackass and kind of saying it and rubbing it in publicly and just ruffling the feathers not only of just Jonathan Taylor, but of players all across the league. So the value of running backs, yeah, we can look at what Montgomery did tonight.

Yeah, running backs matter, but the name, if you can just go out there and play, they don't care who you are. They're going to play you, run you, and then tell you to take a hike. 855-212-4CBS. It's 855-212-4CBS. Steve is calling from Pittsburgh. You're on the JR Sport Reef Show.

Hey, good morning. Thanks for taking my call. I hope I can do a little better than that last guy called from Pittsburgh.

He doesn't represent the people of Pittsburgh. We're not really worried about how you address us. We just love your show. You're doing an excellent job, and I respect the fact that you're always keeping it real and you're not just trying, my friend. You're succeeding. So a couple points.

Number one, I think one of the biggest winners, obviously, you would have to say Burroughs, the biggest winner of the night, but Chris Jones. Bosa signed that huge contract today. That's something he can now reference in his negotiations and them losing the game. I mean, obviously, I'm sure he probably doesn't want them to lose the game, but it shows his value. Like you had said, if he'd have been in the game a couple plays here and there against Goff could have made a difference. And what people got to understand is the NFL is a billion, multi-billion dollar, and for the players, millions of dollars a year of business.

Chris Jones, I'm sure the people in Kansas City are really upset he didn't play tonight because he'll never have more leverage. He'll never be in a position in his career where he has more value. And what you sort of what you just referenced a little while ago about running backs and whatnot, your disposable asset in the NFL, it's a business.

As soon as you're no longer viable or you're expendable, these owners, they will put you out with the trash. Let's just be honest. And that's just the way it is. So I can't blame him for doing what he's doing.

And that both the contract is going to give him a ton more leverage. And to the Detroit fans, nice win tonight. Let's keep it real. Let's keep it in perspective. Like you had said earlier, it's one game.

It's a long season. Never put the cart ahead of the horse. Thanks for taking my call. Have a wonderful morning. Well, you too, Steve.

Thank you for calling from Pittsburgh. Yeah, but if you're a Lions fan, man, you're not used to having nothing. You're not used to having nice things. It's like going to a fancy restaurant and you ain't never been. You got eight forks on the table. You got to figure out what to do with one.

You just, you're just happy that you made it to dessert. Okay. The Lions, let, let them enjoy what they've achieved, what they got. It's one game. I get it. I understand it, but it's a culture change.

That's what it boils down to. And now you want to see that culture change really apply to the win-loss column. Mo is calling from San Diego. You're on the JR Sportbreeze show. Go ahead, Mo. Man, so many good topics. I could have talked about a running back position and so forth, but I'm going to stay on topic with the game. A couple of quick points, and then you can go take it from there.

Thanks for taking my call. Number one, somebody said that the giants would be happy that the Caderius Tony had a bad game, but if you really think about it, you should be upset because the Detroit Lions are going to be a threat here down the stretch for a playoff spot that could be yours. So you might've wanted the Kansas City Chiefs to win this game if you're an NFC.

That's number one. If I looked at the Chiefs, they, they kind of held their own on defense. I think if you went into the game and said the defense will hold Detroit to 21 points, had a high scoring offense, that you probably should have won the game, but we know what happened on offense with Kansas City. And that really shows, you know, the importance of Kelsey. I don't even think these guys would drop those balls if Kelsey was playing because the pressure wouldn't have been on them as much.

You know, Kelsey turns out a lot of yards. They wouldn't have gotten the targets like that in the first place. No, they wouldn't. Correct.

They wouldn't have, they wouldn't have gotten the targets. You're absolutely right. And then on that note, because we've been kind of hitting around this. So we talked about borough now. Okay.

Let me get this right. Holmes took a team friendly deal. Kelsey is noted as probably the best tight end in football and he's got a team friendly deal. He's taking less money. They're not paying Chris Jones. Where's the money at?

Like people keep talking about these folks taking pay cuts. Where is the money if your big-time quarterback not taking the big money? He's taking big money. You know what I'm saying? He's taking a team friendly game. There is going to come a point in time where Patrick Mahomes is going to get a raise.

Of course. That's going to happen. I think you have to factor that in. And so whether or not Chris Jones is looking for, and we don't know, it's been reported what he's looking for. Bosa went ahead and got himself $34 million a season average. Aaron Donald is sitting at 31. And so if you're Chris Jones, where the hell do you think you slot yourself in at?

What, 30, 30 plus at that? We don't know, but even if it's one year or two years or three years, I'm going to presume that Patrick Mahomes is going to get his raise at some point in that time period. And so I think it's prudent not to just think about this year and what money is available or what's not available because Mahomes is underpaid or that Kelsey is overpaid. I think it's also looking towards the future. You're probably right on that, Jeremy.

I would say so. I just, you know, I concern myself when I look at these receivers. They don't have any, you know, top end. They're really young on defense, so they're not spending a ton of money on like, you know, big-time defensive free agents.

I'm just trying to see what it is. Well, they've been throughout, throughout the tenure here for the most part, they have been pretty, pretty average. And yeah, they have, they have some game changes.

If you want to look at Bolton and Chris Jones and, and, and Snead, they have game changes on defense, but typically they're, they're, they're in the middle of the pack and the offense is what carries them and lights them up. If we want to look at anything that occurred or did not occur in the off season, Hey, they, they had a chance as far as I know, to go ahead and add Hopkins, something else that has taken place. That's what it's not going on right now. We hear, we hear a little bit of it is there's no Eric B enemy. Now is that going to, and thank you more for calling from San Diego is, is that going to, to show or prove anything as the year goes on? Maybe not as big a deal as people would think. We going to find out soon enough. I still think the chiefs are going to be okay.

I mean, it is just one game. It's the JR sport reef show here with you on CBS sports radio 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. And mentioning Joe burrow, he got paid tonight $55 million a season. He is the highest paid player in NFL history.

I'm going to take your calls. We'll talk more about Joe burrow. We'll hear what from him, what he had to say yesterday about his contract before he got paid.

And we got so much more to do before we roll out. It's the JR sport reef show CBS sports radio. You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio.

You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio. Listen, you do a great job, man. Before I ask my question, I just want to say I've heard you a couple of times on here. You always have great content and you've got a great sense of humor and I enjoy listening to you.

So I want to start out by saying that. Call in now at 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. JR sport brief show on CBS sports radio. I told you about all the winners, Joe burrow winner today, getting that huge contract highest paid player in NFL history. We know the Detroit lions are winners tonight. Coco golf is a winner tonight. She advances to her first US open tennis final. That match will take place on Saturday morning against Sabalenka and we will see whether or not this 19 year old can walk away with the championship.

Good on her. Patrick Mahomes career wise he's a winner. We know that absolutely not coming out on the positive side tonight. The Lions beat the Chiefs 21 to 20. Too many issues with the wide outs and turnovers and it just wasn't pretty.

And so after the game, this is new. Patrick Mahomes was asked about Kadarius Tony who had four drops who also helped lead to a pick six. This is what Mahomes had to say about his wide receiver.

I have trust in KT. He missed a lot of training camp. Obviously he wanted to play and fought for rehab hard so he could play and stuff's not always going to go your way. Obviously, he wouldn't want to catch a few of those in the game, but I've trusted he's going to be that guy that I go to in those crucial moments and he's gonna make the catch and win us some seasons like he did last year. So we're going to continue to work him in getting more and more reps and I'm sure that those drops will kind of disappear. Okay, he blamed the drops on training camp.

Okay, I thought you got hands or you don't got hands like which one is it? Anyway, that was, what else is he supposed to say? Patrick Mahomes supposed to say, I don't trust the guy.

He got butterfingers. He can't say that. That's what the internet is for.

If Kadarius Tony wants to know how people feel about him, he can just scroll through Twitter or X or whatever it's called now. Just go there. 855-212-4CBS. Let's go to Alaska. Jack is calling from Alaska. You're on the JR Sportbreeze show. What's up, Jack?

No, not too much. I enjoyed the game tonight. The NFL was looking good.

You know, just off the point, but my favorite movie about the NFL is North Dallas 40. And at that point we made, I think Travis Kelce might be smoking a little bit too much weed. When I smoke too much, I bump into things and injure myself and maybe some of that weed wafted down to Kadarius. But also, I wonder if Kadarius might have took a dive. You know, the gambling is out of hand in the NFL right now. I wonder how much was wagered on the game tonight. You think you think Kadarius Tony just decided to suck tonight on purpose, win some money? Well, no, what if he got paid off? He took, he got paid off, you know, and took big money.

I mean, him and a couple of receivers, Kelce out, they could sink the game, six out of his hands. I don't know any of that, just pure speculation. Yeah, of course. I mean, yeah, it's, I can speculate about anything.

I mean, I can say that for anybody who's ever lost, you know, I can say that. Yeah, in boxing, it's easy to fix it. In baseball, you know, the Black Sox, they had to pitch a couple of pitchers in on it.

Look, I can make the case that everything I watch is scripted if I want to, so I don't bother. I just wonder how much money it's been. The NFL has gotten into a billions, billions with a B, billions. They're in a, they've made a, what kind of bet is it with the devil? A deal. Anyway, what part of Alaska are you in? I'm in a little north of Anchorage at Big Lake. Oh, Big, I'm not familiar. How far are you from Willow? From Willow?

Not far at all, just about 30 miles. Oh, okay. And the snow is on the mountains, they call it a termination dust, and the early snow's on top of the mountains right now, you know, winter is creeping towards us.

Okay, nice. I like it. I like it up there. I need to go back sooner than later, okay? Thank you, Jack. Yeah, come see me.

All right. Hey, what you doing up there? What do I need to come see you? You cooking? What you doing? I'm kind of retired. I live on the lake, and the winters are brutal, but the summers are nice, you know? It's just a nice climate up here in the summer, but the winters are... Yeah, I don't know.

Well, the winter's not that bad. I've been. What do you do? You go fishing? No, I'm not much of a fisherman.

I used to ski a lot and snowmobile and stuff, but I'm kind of older now. I'm in my 50s, and just kind of philosopher. I got a bunch of books, and I sit around and try and find out the truth. Look at the stars. Okay, how many hours is the sun out right now? It's out about maybe eight hours.

Oh, so you getting... Not bad. What time is the year where the sun is out all day? When is that? Oh, that's in the summer, during the summer solstice. Yeah, that would be June 21st is the longest day of the year. So how thick are your drapes in your house? Oh, man, pretty thick, yeah. In the winter, I turn into... In the summer, the sun hits me and it zonks me, you know? And it's the way with the winter tour.

What do they call it? The Ides of March are especially brutal up here in Alaska because, you know, people are the hard winters, and then when the sun hit them, things kind of go crazy up here. Oh, yeah, I can imagine. Well, you be well, Jack. I'll see you sooner than later one day, okay? Right on. All right, thank you, Jack, for calling.

Jack loves the NFL up in Alaska. I don't know if I could live somewhere. I could. I could live anywhere if I needed to. Just living somewhere the sun is out all day long? Oh, my God, I'd feel trippy.

I was tripped out when I was up there. The sun didn't come up until like 10 30 and it disappeared at four. I said, whoa, Shep, could you live somewhere where the sun is out just all day long? Wait, you're asking if I could live somewhere where the sun is out all day? Like in other words, like it's light.

It does not set. It's sunlight all day long. I'd be in heaven. You'd be in heaven. Yeah, that would be utopia. Are you kidding me?

Daylight and vitamin D? That's beautiful. Your internal clock would screw you up, bro. You say that. Oh, yeah. Because the hours that we work in radio, J.R., it has nothing to do with our internal clock. No, I'm not talking about no hours in radio.

I'm talking about being a human being, bro. Right. Your body, you see darkness, you're set to go to bed. And all you see is daylight all day long?

That's why I asked him about his drapes. When it's time to go to sleep, man, you better go in the house. You better make it dark as hell and lay down.

Now, see, I would I would I would disagree with that because and I know you have like five different jobs that you do. We work so much. We don't need darkness to make us feel tired.

When we hit that pillow, we're out. Yeah, you know, you know, you move to Alaska and you look at sunlight all day for seven days straight and then you tell me how you feel. I'd love to go to Alaska. You know what I'd love to do?

J.R., everyone always asks, you know, what would you what would you do if you weren't doing what you're doing now? And I say, I'd love to travel. Antarctica. I'd love to go to Antarctica. To see what?

A snuffle up against? Well, I mean, to be at the most southern point on the planet, that would be like, I would love to go to Alaska. I hear they have great cruises there.

Get a Chilean passport and go. Okay. Well, I don't get obviously we don't we know we don't need a passport because it's technically United States. So. Right. No, I think I think part of it is is Chile. You might be right about that. Although that doesn't make sense because it is. You know why you'd write?

Because it is Chile in Alaska. All right. Anyway. Hey, Marco Balletti, how would you feel looking at sunlight for like seven days straight?

Yeah, man, I'm trying to rebound from Snuffleupagus. You got me cracking up in here. No, I mean, I would have serious problems with with the sun all day. It's not to be able to sleep, but not 24 hours a day. That would mess me up.

Yeah. Could you imagine living somewhere seven days? Let's just say seven days.

And you never saw it. It was just sun all day every day. You know, and that would be because a lot of people would have the problem with like no sun and that would be all. Well, you know, I can live like that.

I can do that. Maybe I've been in the darkness long enough. Like I can handle that. The vampire in me wouldn't be OK.

But sunlight 24 hours. Now, at some point, I'd be messed up. Yeah, I feel like I was tripped out on drugs, man. What is this like?

When is the when is the when is the sun going to disappear? Hey, shout outs to all our listeners in Alaska. We got we got tons and tons of them.

Don't don't feel insulted by what we're saying. Maybe one day I need to experience it instead of going to Alaska. I went in February. OK, it was nice.

It was beautiful. I need to go at a period of time where it's just sunlight all day and I need to go up there and I need to just, I don't know, vibe out and see how I feel. I'll be tripping myself out.

Maybe I'll find a snuffle up again. I don't know. It's the JR Sport Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. We're going to get some more your calls before we roll out. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, JR, thanks for taking my call. Your show is badass and you always have a good quality bunch of callers. First of all, I tell you, man, I'm a big fan of yours, man. You kill it. You do great shows at night, man. Hey, JR, how's it going? I appreciate you. You're my late night therapist, so I appreciate you. Thank you.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. We talked about the Lions going over the Chiefs 21 to 20 to open up the season. Tomorrow is going to be a whole lot of fun as we have an opportunity and a chance to look at the rest of the games that are going to take place over the weekend. We have some good college football games that are going to go on as well.

Can't wait to see the Buffaloes of Colorado take on the Cornhuskers of Nebraska. And so we got a great weekend in front of us and that's a preview, as you should probably already know, of what we're going to go ahead and discuss tomorrow. To kind of wrap up tonight, I am going to get back to your calls momentarily. I do want to show love to Coco Gauff one more time. 19 years old going on to her first U.S. Open tennis final. We learned that she's going to take on Savalanka on Saturday morning in the women's final and kudos to her for winning tonight.

She spoke to ESPN after her victory and she pretty much said, I got to show love to this crowd. Listen to this. Thank you guys so much.

I mean some of those points it was so loud and like I don't know if my ears are going to be okay but no be even louder. Thank you guys so much. This is crazy. I grew up watching this tournament so much so it means a lot to be the final. A lot to celebrate but you know the job is not done so hopefully you guys can back me on Saturday.

And she beat Machova tonight in two sets to advance to the final. Let's hear from another winner. Let's go back to Jared Gauff after he won or after he helped the Lions win tonight. He spoke to NBC and this is what Jared Gauff had to say about picking up his first victory of the season for the Lions in game numero uno. I played hard the whole game. It was a long hard game. We probably didn't play our best but we're built for this. We really are playing a four quarter game like this.

We're built for it. The third down completion to Josh Reynolds on that go-ahead touchdown drive. Walk us through that play. Yeah you know I think I had Sam Brown wide open on kind of a busted coverage at the middle but yeah I knew I had to make a play there. Josh made a hell of a catch on the other end. It worked out pretty good. You guys give Patrick Mahomes the ball back with two and a half minutes to go. Chiefs down by one. We've seen this script before.

What's going through your mind? Yeah not today with our crew out there. You know he's a hell of a player and uh has been for a long time and uh you can't do that from time to time but our defense stepped up today and held us in this game. Nice good for him. Another winner.

He didn't speak today because the news broke late. It's Joe Burrow. 55 million dollars a year. A five-year 275 million dollar contract extension.

219 million dollars guaranteed. He is a winner. He's going to take on the Browns this upcoming Sunday.

That's going to be a fun one to watch. Somebody else he's trying to win too. Justin Jefferson. We know that they've been talking about his contract. They being the Minnesota Vikings and him for quite some time now. He continues to add 200 yards uh receiving to his season. Each subsequent season he's trying to go for 2,000 yards in a season.

Be the first guy to do that. He was asked about his contract and is it going to be on the way? This is what he had to say earlier today. Of course I will want a contract to be done but uh at the end of the day it's all up to them and uh what the ownership want to do uh with that. Would it matter to you if they keep talking during the season?

Uh again that's that's up to them. Uh my focus is on playing football uh and doing something that I'm good at so uh I'm good at being on that field and uh catching the football and that's what I continue to do. Yeah catching the football. Something that the Chiefs did not do tonight. The Minnesota Vikings are going to take on the Buccaneers in their season opener. That will be Sunday in the early game.

The early game period I should say. 855-212-4 CBS. Let's go to Illinois and talk the mic. You're on the JR Sportbrief show. Hey JR. How you doing man?

I love your show man. First time calling. Long time listener. Long time listener.

I won't hold you. I just want to say the Lions are back. The Lions are back.

The Lions are back. Long time listener. First time calling. I love you JR. All right thank you so much Mike for calling from Illinois.

He he waited on hold quite some time to say that. I appreciate him. Isaac is here from Houston, Texas.

You're on the JR Sportbrief. Show us up Isaac. Hey sir thanks for taking my call. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

I thought I caught with some measure tonight since everybody seems to be drinking the Kool-Aid. I'm not buying it. I'm not buying it. I'm not buying it.

I'm not having my Denny Green flashback right now. The Lions. Maybe maybe you was talking about the Bears then but the Lions are who I think they are so I'm not I'm not worried about them. This is uh the multiple things. And who are they?

Average? They're a good team right? We're not gonna come over here. We're not gonna do this. We're not doing this week one because the main thing is A, NFL doesn't get to be team makers.

You know that you have to earn it. I believe as fans we have that right to watch it play out. It could be Jacksonville. It could be the Steelers.

It could be the Raiders. I'm not I'm not I'm not just I'm not looking at week one and and crowning them anything. I'm looking at how they concluded last season. How they competed at the end of last season and I'm seeing the same and similar traits in how they played tonight and I'm drawing the conclusion that they are a good team. They are at minimum they're right there in the middle. They ain't bad. They're not great. They're good. They're okay. They're looking good.

We'll find out how good they are or are not but for right now they're good. Very good and I concur with you but although I live in Houston I am a spy. I actually am a Chicago Bears fan so that's what I let you know. Don't forget about my Justin Fields guy.

I know that people call you the regional biases. That's not me. I believe a good team is a good team and you're exactly like the the Lions are showing something but let's watch this thing play out because all I'm saying is thank you for taking my call. Excellent show as usual sir.

Certainly. Thank you Isaac for calling from Houston. Gray is calling from Colorado. You're on the JR Sport B. Show us up Gray.

Hi Jay. Thanks for taking my call. I was wondering what you think about what I consider to be three pretty irrational coaching calls tonight. The first one was early on in the game when Detroit went forward on fourth down and when they were in I think they were in Kansas City's red zone weren't they? Well it's difficult well Gray it's difficult for me to give you in-depth analysis on particular plays when either a I'm already on the radio and I'm watching the game and talking to the country at the same time or I'm in the process of jumping on the radio so I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I can give you a clear answer on what I thought on each individual play when I'm doing a million things in addition to the show. Okay can I mention a couple of other things?

Sure go ahead. One was I thought it was a really poor coaching decision not to go for this 58-yard field goal. This is at the end of the game you're talking about what when they were on fourth down? No the fourth down was when they were at midfield and they elected to go for it and again that didn't seem like a good decision when you're up by one and you kick the ball all the way down to the you know the far end of the field.

Okay. So it just it just seemed to me like you know those three those three calls could well change the change the game. Okay well that very well might be true I think overall what changed the game was the lack of Kelce being out there and having a bunch of Butterfinger-ass wide receivers in this place. Yeah that certainly helped as well for sure.

So Detroit Detroit's a bit fortunate I think but um but still like you say a good team. Yeah. Thank you for taking the call.

No problem Gray thank you for calling from Colorado. Yeah it's tough for me to say hey they should have did this on this play or that play or that play. Man I'm watching the game in the studio and talking at the same time it's not the easiest thing to do. I try.

I try my best. Kent from Chicago you got to go quick. I'm a little bit shocked that Patrick Mahomes didn't win that game because usually when the game's on the line he comes through but he's human but also too also the receivers like if those receivers were playing I was just thinking about Belichick if they were playing for him I think that he would have took them out of the game and I want to get your opinion what do you think about just the field and the Bears and polls the general manager. I think polls did a good job to get him some help I think Justin Fields is going to continue to grow I think he's a good quarterback and when it comes down to Patrick Mahomes I don't think there's a damn thing he could have done tonight besides go out there and catch the ball as well. Thank you Ken for calling from Chicago. Listen folks I'm going to be back with you tomorrow 10 p.m eastern time 7 p.m pacific if you miss me in the interim it's real simple you can find me everywhere at JR sport brief we're going to look into the college football weekend we're going to look into the first full sunday of NFL football the JR sport brief show here on CBS sports radio it is a wrap but don't go anywhere you want to know why Amy Lawrence is coming up next thank you so much chef y'all be well be safe be cool. Guys it's no secret that classic dress shirts suck that's why our friends at and collar created something different no more tight collars loose fabric or stubborn stains just outrageously comfortable shirts that are breathable stain resistant and perfect for all occasions blending the comfort of athletic wear with the style of dress shirts you'll never feel better being dressed up discover their versatile collection at hand and save 20% with code radio shop shirts and more at and discount code available for a limited time terms and conditions apply I'm Eli Roth in the upcoming second season of my podcast a ghost ruined my life from travel you'll hear real horrifying accounts from actual victims who came face to face with a paranormal and survived it was the shape of a small human and it was pure blackness like nothing I've ever seen before in my life a ghost you saw a ghost yeah I did listen to a ghost ruined my life with Eli Roth from travel wherever you get your podcasts and prepare to be terrified proven winners color choice shrubs are the landscaping plants that have been trialed and tested by expert horticulturists to ensure your success whether you're looking for the hottest hydrangea a reblooming rose or an elegant rose a red color or a green color or a green color or an elegant evergreen you can count on the shrubs in the white containers for easy care curb appeal for years to come there's still plenty of time to improve your landscape this season so head to your favorite local garden center and ask for proven winners color choice flowering shrubs discover credit cards automatically double all the cashback you earn at the end of your first year which means wait wait wait hold up question for the audio engineer go ahead did I read that discover automatically doubles all your cashback yeah that's what the script says so if I get a discover card right now I can earn twice the cashback apparently wait unlimited first year cashback match only from discover see terms and learn more at match
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