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8.9.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sport Brief / JR
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August 10, 2023 1:48 am

8.9.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sport Brief / JR

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August 10, 2023 1:48 am

JR explains why just because the Commanders got rid of Daniel Snyder doesn't mean they have gotten rid of all their dysfunction as a franchise 


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Odyssey. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. And I am coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Shout-outs to everybody listening all over North America, people tuned in and locked in all over the world.

You can listen on the free Odyssey app. You could be tuning in on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate. We got hundreds all over the country. Big cities, huge cities, small cities. Shout-outs to Houston, Texas. What's up to San Diego? Hello here to everybody in Atlanta.

Portland, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Boston, Sacramento, San Francisco, Vancouver. What's up Toronto? Hello to my friends in Hawaii.

Dallas. What's up Las Vegas? Shout-outs to everybody getting ready to spend some money out on the strip. Shout-outs to my workers, people in hospitals, people at bars, people in the factories, people in the trucks, people protecting people, saving lives. Thank you very much. Shout-outs to people just hanging out at home. I appreciate you. I'll be hanging out with you for the next three hours. This is a four-hour show.

I get started 10 p.m. Eastern Time at 7 p.m. Pacific. Super producer and host Dave Sheppard, he's holding it down for us in New York City. If you listen to the show every single Wednesday night, I bring you a new top six list.

This is something I've been doing for, I don't know, the past 13, 14 years. Not here on CBS Sports Radio, but dating back to when I got started on YouTube. Millions and millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of viewers.

Top six list. Great to have it here on CBS Sports Radio. And tonight, knowing that we're going to have the, I don't want to call it the official start, because we had an NFL preseason game last week between the Jets and the Browns for the Hall of Fame game. But everybody else gets into action tomorrow and heading into the weekend. We got 14 NFL preseason games. Everybody is getting busy. So tonight's top six list, knowing that we are on the heels of the NFL season.

Yeah, we got preseason games to go through, but I'm going to give you a top six list of NFL players with the most to prove. And so I'll share that list with you an hour from now. We opened up last hour of the show.

If you missed it, you can hit rewind on the free Odyssey app. We know tonight in major league baseball, there was another no hitter, Michael Lorenzen, who just joined the Philadelphia Phillies last week after being traded away from the tigers. He goes out there and he throws a no hitter for the Phillies. This is only his second start for the Phillies and he goes out with 124 pitches. Oh yeah, it took him every pitch in his damn arm. Five strikeouts, four walks, 14th no hitter in Phillies history as they beat the Nationals in Philadelphia. The final score, seven to nothing.

Let's listen to the final call from NBC sports out in Philly. The 3-2 pitch swung on, popped up shallow center field. Rojas sprinting it. He's under it.

He has space. Makes the catch and Michael Lorenzen has thrown the 14th no hitter in Philadelphia Phillies history. He is being mobbed by his teammates as the Phillies shut out the Nationals seven nothing.

As he should be mobbed. 14th no hitter in Phillies history. 322 no hitters that major league baseball has seen.

It's an entire history in its entire history. We can look at perfect games. There have only been 24 of these, the most recent of which you can thank Domingo Hermon back in June and Domingo Hermon now in rehab because of alcohol. This was the fourth no hitter of this season. Two seasons ago we saw a record nine no hitters and no hitters are ridiculous. They are special and I made this comment.

I made this point last hour. I think it was misconstrued by some. It's not the lesson, the importance of a no hitter or the accomplishment of a pitcher to go out and give you nine innings and not allow a single batter to get on base via hit. But the frequency unfortunately really highlights how the game has changed. Of how the batters are less skilled. That they are less situational hitters. That guys can't pepper the field.

That dudes can't lay down a bunt. That the frequency of no hitters has gone from oh man that's amazing. Yes it's an amazing accomplishment but the frequency is just like oh well it's it's not the same. The game has changed and you can look you can look at the numbers throughout the years.

If I go back 15 and 20 years the increased frequency of no hitters whether they are combined or by single pitchers it's gone up. Still amazing. Still infrequent. Yes. Yes. Yes to both. But the frequency is almost like well damn am I gonna watch a play once a week? Once a month?

A little bit of the luster is gone from my perspective and it has more to do with the change of the game. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. I'm gonna I'm gonna get to your calls. We have some some callers who were patient enough to wait through the break so I'll get them on the air and then knowing the Nationals took an L tonight something that they're used to we're also going to talk about the commanders because Ron Rivera did he put his foot in his mouth?

Did he not? I'm gonna explain. We all heard the words of Eric Bienemy and heard about how intense he is and Ron Rivera might have regretted those words. We'll talk about that. Let's get to the callers who've been waiting patiently.

855-212-4CBS. Let's go to Baltimore and talk to Kevin. You're on the JR sport brief show.

Go ahead Kevin. How you doing JR? Good man. What's up? Not too much man. I guess I was listening in while I was kind of rolling some coal down the asphalt here. I guess what I wanted to get your thoughts on was how often does major league baseball change the ball if at all and then you know I'm certainly not naive being a Baltimore person.

You know they so-called check the guys I guess for like the spider tech and the stuff like that and you know we know the rosin with the sweat gig. Do you think that makes it harder or easier or has no impact? Because you know we just saw Valdez, Framber, yes last week and then we lit them up for five and then lost the game. I mean Mountcastle hit a 480-foot bomb on them you know what I mean but just curious to what you thought as far as exercising further into what you've been speaking about tonight. Well we know the baseballs have definitely been changed and thank you Kevin for calling from Baltimore. We went through this a few years ago. Major league baseball has tried to go through correcting the either the lack of offense or too much offense. It was a few years ago right after the pandemic that baseball admitted to changing the baseballs.

We had guys like Garrett Cole who were complaining about how the ball is different and it doesn't travel as much. Well now it travels further and and then we went into what you can or can't put on the baseballs. Major league baseball actually right now this minute and if you're not familiar with this this is the first time you're hearing about it they are trying to develop new baseballs that aren't so much dead end but they're trying to develop baseballs that have a natural grip to it. Baseballs that don't have to be scuffed up, that don't have to be abused, that don't have to go through tarring, etc. But baseballs that come out of the box and naturally have grip. And so yes baseball has gone through many changes.

I am not smart enough to tell you that well it was the dead end baseballs or it was the live baseballs or it was the scuffed up ones or the ones that went into the humidor. We can go through 100 years of baseball history and think about the changes. More recently to the actual bases on the field. We can look at the mound. Let's lower the mound. Let's raise the mound. We can go through it all. Baseball always changes.

It does. But at this point in time we got we got computers involved. I might as well ask Robocop, hey Robocop should I swing or should I stand here?

I mean we got a bunch of nerds who sit upstairs and say well man you shouldn't try for a single. That's a waste of time. Just try to hit the ball out the ballpark. Like what is this?

Like just go out and play the game like you in the street. Utilize the numbers. Utilize the information. But just let's slow down a little bit.

I guess like anything else an over reliance on technology just makes you go do we really need all this? 855-2124 CBS. Antonio is here from Maryland. You're on the JR Sport Reef show. Thanks for taking my call down.

No doubt. What's up? Look I did want to talk about two things. The baseball thing. That's cool. You know.

No hitter. That's what's up. But I want to talk about your man yesterday.

I believe that called man trying to tell you about Clarence and all that man. I just want to tell dude man y'all got to understand man. Y'all doing this thing on the highest level man. Like on a P level man and we tuning in to him man. So put some respect on JR's name man. Don't call the show trying to tell JR this and that and the third. Shut up. Like he said and you're lucky that we ain't on you know what I'm saying.

You know different type of airwaves you know what I'm saying. You probably could have gained something a little more raw because he was a little soft. You know what I'm talking about. So just want to let you know man JR is all over the nation with this thing. Doing it on a P level. Don't question his greatness.

Just get with it or get rolled over. I appreciate you. Thank you Antonio for calling from Maryland.

I like that. A guy called the other day. He was mad. He said JR you're so mean. You're so mean.

So mean. He said if you weren't mean maybe you'd be on at five o'clock. And I'm like five o'clock. I'm like five p.m. and a half. I don't want that. Hey shut up by the way I will be on five o'clock next weekend.

I'll be hanging in for Maggie and Perloff. That's great man. Yeah I like I like sitting here just doing a favor. What what what what what I'm sorry. No what day is this? It's Wednesday.

That's great man. Yeah you know what's funny to me though. You know that's that's random. What was that like two days ago the guy called. He's like oh well JR. He's like oh well if you weren't so mean and rude JR maybe you'd be on in the daytime. I'm like bruh. It's prime time here.

He didn't understand. So this isn't meant to like pat you on the back JR. Like honestly honestly I lose track of who calls what day because I feel like there's too many calls to keep track of. Like when people call up it always cracks me up and say hey JR remember I called in three weeks ago. JR remember I called in a couple months ago. I'm thinking to myself if JR can remember out of the thousands and thousands of calls your particular call three weeks ago he should be running for president. No it's 50 50 maybe higher than that. I do after talking to someone for a minute and I may not remember their exact point right but I oh it's it's probably a little bit higher than 50 50. If you said something noteworthy the guy who tried to call me and tell me about how the radio business works you know that was I'm not gonna forget that you know it's like uh see how about this maybe I can if he's listening maybe he is maybe isn't it's like thinking like the NFL is coming up right we're getting ready for NFL games we got about a month it's like Sunday. Sunday is the premier day for NFL football we got day games we got one night game throughout the course of the day we can look at one o'clock games and we can look at 4 p.m games and you know east coast west coast you understand what I'm saying as well they're the early games that are splintered and everybody kind of listens and watches in their own local region and then there's Sunday night football and you know what happens when Sunday night football comes on America watches Sunday night football there's a reason that the NFL puts games on at Sunday night and flips the switch for the whole country me being on earlier in the day yeah I could think I could think of maybe a spot but for the bigger portion for the big picture the JR sport brief show is Sunday night football America is flipped on to it thinking that I would be on hey you'd be on earlier in the day uh if you weren't rude is laughable it's comical this is Sunday night football folks the JR sport brief show the JR sport brief show is here for America eight five five two one two four CBS that's eight five five two one two four CBS trust me I know what the hell I'm talking about I'm sitting here for a reason I'm gonna get some more of your calls on the other side of the break yeah I know what I'm saying I know what I'm talking about on the other side of the break I'll get some more of your calls we'll talk about a head coach in the NFL he might not know what he's talking about because today he had to apologize it's Ron Rivera we'll do more on the other side the JR sport brief show CBS sports radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio you gotta understand man JR doing this thing on the highest level man like on a p level man JR is all over the nation with this thing doing it on a p level don't question his greatness just get with it or get rolled over call in now at eight five five two one two four CBS it's the JR sport brief show here on CBS sports radio eight five five two one two four CBS that's eight five five two one two four CBS for whatever reason Washington is in the news at least Baltimore's not in the news maybe that uh Kevin Brown guy will be back tomorrow night we still haven't gotten official word from the Baltimore Orioles about what happened with him but the report is that he'll return tomorrow night but if we go further south and we go to DC okay yeah sure the Nationals they were no hit tonight that took place in Philadelphia but the Washington commanders they've they've been in the news over the past few days and I guess Ron Rivera put his foot in his mouth I don't think so I just think a lot of people are soft let me let me remind you we know the Washington commanders finally have new ownership Josh Harris is the principal owner ironically speaking of Philadelphia he also owns the Sixers he owns the Devils and now here he has the commanders we know that Magic Johnson is a minority minority owner of the team now having said that this is good for Ron Rivera because the minute that he joined the commanders in 2020 in that damn COVID year I feel like he's had to be the mop-up man he's had to be the spokesperson for the entire organization because Daniel Snyder was one of the most trash owners that you will have ever seen in professional sports and so after dealing with the death of I think his mom and having to deal with cancer and deal with a jackass and Dan Snyder Ron Rivera can finally finally just focus in on football and so one of the things that he does he hires someone who hasn't been hired as a head coach is Eric Bienemie he brings him in as an assistant as an associate head coach to help things out right sure good Eric Bienemie what else is there for him to do in Kansas City besides actually be the one calling plays and we know that belongs to Andy Reid and so out of the blue just pretty much unprompted this wasn't a necessary comment but I also don't find it to be the worst Ron Rivera was talking about Eric Bienemie his style and communicating to the team and Ron Rivera had this to say yesterday yeah I mean they have and I had a number of guys come to me and I said just go talk to them I said understand what he's trying to get across to you you know and I think as they go and they talk and they listen to him it's been enlightening for a lot of these guys again you get a different kind of player from from the players back in the past especially in light of how things are coming out of college football so a lot of these young guys you know they do struggle with certain certain things yeah basically Ron Rivera was saying that the players are complaining about the intensity of Eric Bienemie is Eric Bienemie also hurting people's feelings is is he making grown men cry can you not take the criticism has mommy and daddy and and and grandma and grandpa did they hold your hand through football they patted you on the back and told you oh you're the greatest well eric bienemie maybe he's telling you the truth maybe you can do better eric bienemie he had no issue explaining himself yesterday with his first training camp here with the commanders listen hey you got to understand we're in a grown man's business we're in a grown man's world my job is to make sure that i'm doing the best possible job of over communicating clarity i take a tremendous amount of pride in that they also know when i'm getting on them ain't nothing personal what's personal is that i want us to win i expect that particular player to be great at all times i expect the effort to be a standard that's uh accepted by all of us so when you're not reaching that it's my job to address it so sometimes they may like the highlights and the praise but sometimes they may not like it and i'm perfectly fine with that because that's my job because if i ain't doing my job my ass gets fired he's not lying those were the comments yesterday from both ron revere and eric bienemie now in following up today ron revere spoke to the media and he understood and he saw some of the articles that were written that ron revere is throwing his own assistant under the bus eric bienemie eric bienemie is being too hard on the guys he saw the articles ron revere is calling his own players soft ron revere had to talk to eric bienemie and then ron revere had to apologize because his words he felt were being misconstrued this is what ron revere said today you know i realized my comments yesterday took on a different life than i intended yesterday nest on me for not being as clear as i needed to be i'll own that at the end of the day we know that we're trying to build here and we're all aligned as i've said many times since i've hired eric i love the overall message that he gave to the team his first day and that was basically we all learn to be comfortable when we're uncomfortable okay okay too many soft just too many soft people running around too many soft just too many soft people running around like it is this is football this is the nfl if i'm ron revere i ain't apologizing for nothing unless eric bienemie his feelings are hurt and why would eric bienemie care like this is football like what are we doing here first we can go back to the players sure did ron revere was it necessary for him to out any of his players no it wasn't he didn't have to say anything and it's not like he he called anybody out by name not like he walked around and said hey well sam howell was telling me that uh he didn't like eric bienemie yelling at him he didn't say that he just talked in general he said guys and then at the same time ron revere and i guess he was better off not saying anything yeah you you do make the team sound like a bunch you do make the team sound like a bunch of whining complaining you know what's like this it wasn't necessary but it wasn't the worst thing i mean if this is what you got to worry about as a football team y'all suck there's no other way for me to say it i have no idea what sam howell is going to do i know there are a lot of people who are uh very very high on what he can do i i can't tell you based on a game last season well that ain't fair is anybody expecting the washington commanders to run towards the super bowl i'm not i mean i look at the the defensive line and i go oh yeah i'm not trying to see those dudes do i think there'll be a good football team yeah i think they'll be average to slightly above average but i mean if this is what y'all gotta think about in the in the preseason and training camp oh my god do better eric the enemy having to have conversations about you know why i'm yelling at you and from everything that i've heard read and seen he is equally as effusive when you perform uh on a high level as he is when you suck he's gonna tell you either way just get over it people aren't used to criticism nobody wants to be told hey you can do this you can do that you can't do that it's human nature nobody wants that crap that's what you get in the nfl and so washington commanders man get y'all act together good question for you jr go ahead please how much of this so i don't think anyone would define ron rivera's tenure so far as successful in washington now i know like you said he's had to do mop duty he's had to play more roles than just being the head coach so i i get all that how much of this is ron rivera setting up a fall guy in case the season doesn't go well understanding there is a huge push now maybe not necessarily among nfl owners but in terms of general public in terms of the other coaches in this field that eric b enemy should and it's overdue in terms of him being an nfl head coach and that's just revere's way of saying if we don't have success this season don't just look at me look at the offensive coordinator that's not really pushing the right buttons and not understanding it's a player's league more than ever no i don't think so at all it's it's august and any failure associated with ron rivera or any failure associated with eric b enemy is going to fall on ron rivera i don't think he's sitting or plotting hey i need to set up a fall guy and it's it's august the biggest thing that the washington commanders need to worry about is their quarterback not the offensive coordinator and whether or not he's going to sink or swim this season and if we sink then then i can just point or blame him he just hired him like ron rivera is is going to be accountable regardless of of what happens to eric b enemy so the idea of i'm going to set this up and i'm going to point the finger at him now so i could point a bigger finger at him later uh no that means you failed ron rivera and one thing nobody is going to do is put their own ass up on the line because they get hung up and unfortunately for ron rivera and this is someone who a few years ago was was in the super bowl with cam newton in the squad look who's he had to play with at the quarterback position he has whatever is left of alex smith in his leg god bless him for returning and winning comeback player of the year almost had to lose his leg he had heinike who came in who was basically getting ready to work in an office before he got called into the nfl and then he had carson wince who was as good as you me or your next door neighbor at the quarterback position and so yes ron rivera as we know all head coaches what have you done for me lately i mean their one postseason appearance with heinike we know they didn't stand no damn chance against the buccaneers and it was admirable for them to even be halfway uh competitive against them so i don't think ron rivera is is trying to set up anybody to be a fall guy unless he just wants to wake up and quit tomorrow himself eight five five two one two four cbs john is here from tucson you're on cbs sports radio go ahead john jr first of all i've listened to you for quite a while and you're very realistic and and and cerebral about how you approach things and i do appreciate about that that about you when i listen to you talk you're not just taking one side or the other you actually listen like you see side different sides and what frustrates me man is there's no accountability anymore across the board everybody's point i'm thinking of somebody else and you know the buck stops i played this kind of a tangent i played college golf and the greatest thing about my sport was that the buck stopped at me failure succeed there was nobody else to look in the mirror if i didn't cut the mustard it was on me couldn't make an excuse i couldn't blame somebody and this world that we live in everybody has to be so sensitive to each other's feelings about things and it's frustrating because sometimes the best when you learn the best as an athlete it's when you get beat at something when you get called out at something for getting your butt kicked by somebody that did it better and you got to look something here go to work instead of being coddled like all these five stars in tucson where it's university of arizona liver diaphragm and these five-star athletes that we recruited needed to be coddled along the way and their fundamentals were weak and their their work ethic and their heart was weak and and you see these three-star kids that have heart like coming out their pores you know what i'm saying but it's like people blaming each other instead of coming like well you got to be accountable of things as much as the way i look at things i am with you 100 and it extends and thank you john for calling from tucson it extends past sports any level of athletics we got so many damn people everywhere just just period in life like just look in the mirror like stop looking at somebody else about why something didn't work or or why this didn't happen look in the mirror what did you do like worry about what you can do and less about the external factors what the hell can you do not what your boss didn't do or not what your spouse didn't do not what your kids didn't do not what your co-workers couldn't do like worry about what you can do i think life can be a whole lot better for everybody if you just look in the mirror and say i have control over this i have control over this i can do this i can do this i can do this and less about what you can't do less about what you don't have control over if you gotta sweat about what somebody else is gonna do man you're gonna be doing a whole lot of sweating through life and it's natural it's human nature it happens but the more you can worry about your damn self and less about what else somebody thinks about you or what someone didn't do for you you're gonna be better off man that's just the facts yeah listen to this this is a pun that's just the facts of life that's just jr wisdom eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs i'm gonna get some more of your calls on the other side of the break at the top of the hour i'm gonna deliver to you a new top six list we're gonna look at some nfl players the top nfl players who have something to prove in 2023 you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio jr how are you you are amazing you should be called a sports professor anybody ever call you that call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs it's the jr sport reshow on cbs sports radio at the top of the hour i'm going to deliver to you a new top six list that's what i do every single wednesday night knowing that we're getting ready to move into really the the start of the start of the nfl preseason games jets and browns got us started last week but we have 14 games uh that will be going on over the weekend starting tomorrow tonight's top six list is going to take a look at nfl players the top six nfl players who have the most to prove in 2023 so i'll be sharing that list with you at the top of the hour i'm going to get to the phone lines momentarily that's eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs uh we know about michael lorenz and his no hitter tonight right before we went to break we talked about the washington commanders ron Rivera having to clean up his comments about how intense eric b enemy is eric b enemy having to defend himself and ron Rivera realizing you know what i shouldn't have said any of this in the first place and that's not the only news that that came down uh the pipe today uh separately and unrelated yesterday we had a whole conversation about alcoholism and sports and we we've seen and heard about the issues with the georgia bulldogs and and their players it's it's terrible and it doesn't matter whether you're a professional athlete this alcohol unfortunately has ruined and affected many lives it's it is and can be a drug it's something that you can be addicted to and it has had a major effect on folks and we or you you're probably familiar with henry rugs out of alabama gets drafted in 2020 becomes a member of the raiders and almost a year later he's well damn it he's he's going away okay this man is going to state prison for a minimum of three years because his blood alcohol content level was twice the legal limit uh he was zooming on the road i'm sure you maybe you've seen the video the photos etc 156 miles per hour in vegas driving his corvette slammed into a woman's suv killed her and her dog and today today he was he was uh sentenced and it's it's it's not good he was apologetic about everything but he is going to be spending some time behind bars it's uh it's an unfortunate situation for everyone involved and just take a listen to this it's from fox five in vegas rugs is somewhat is very apologetic for his actions and he is fully accepting his jail sentence what we know right now is that you know he's going to be spending at least three years in prison he could spend up to 120 120 months in prison he's also going to be serving six months for account two at the same time and he won't get credit for a year and a half of house arrest that he's been on but he will get three days of credit for the for the original arrest when he was arrested when this first happened he's 24 years old best case scenario he's out in three years and can still see the rest of his life in front of him but what happens after that is the nfl going to be a part of that i have no idea i i think that is the the least of of his worries or something that he should be thinking about right now devante smith devante smith's buddy he actually took a day off today from eagle's practice to go out to vegas and support him during his sentencing he was allowed leave to go ahead and do so eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs john is calling from dc you're on the jr sport reef show jr top of the morning to you it ain't morning tom but go ahead not it really ain't but jr was just calling about the uh it's a sad situation with rubs um i was calling about the wrong reverse situation i really don't think that should have came out the locker room first of all at all um like you say a lot of these players they're real sensitive and soft like some of the colors you've been getting lately and i think a lot of this stems from them participation trophies man like you got to be able to take that that that that coaching that tough coaching i remember playing in high school and coaches always say they might beat us but they ain't gonna beat us because we tired we ain't they ain't gonna beat us because you out of shape and i think that's all and i think that's all the enemy trying to do to them you know because i've been watching the skins i'm not a skins fan but i've been watching them and they they need to change you know they need change and i think he's the right change that they need um but as far as revere leaking that that information out that should have stayed in house at the end of the season depending on how the season turned out i could understand it coming out then but as far as now it shouldn't have been because you just let the whole league know that y'all are soft yeah and that's the way if i was to play against you that's the way i'm gonna look at you some of y'all from let me they are soft you know so like i say like like and and another thing i want to i want to uh piggyback off of what my man from merlin said i don't know if his name was antoine antonio whatever but hats off to you jr he was right on point you either get down or lay down either way you're doing a great job man i listen to you every night as i drive i'm headed to raleigh now um but i appreciate you that's all i need to say no doubt john you be safe out there okay yes sir appreciate it no doubt about it much love and shout out to all the drivers out there moving the economy around and moving their pockets as well eight five five two one two four cbs david is calling from buffalo hey david you're on the radio hey what's up man how are you i'm live so are you go ahead yeah good good to be back on with you uh jr a couple things i want to jump in here on uh first off man you know the balls and strikes thing uh you know with the no hitters and everything nowadays to me i think that's where you got to implement the technology um you know into into baseball you know it's the game moves at a fast pace these guys throw 99 hundred mile an hour pitches it's different than it used to be the naked eye can't pick all that stuff up and the other thing i was going to weigh in on was uh i know at the top of the hour you got your uh top six of the players who've got hey david david david yeah i don't want you to i don't want you to even mention a player who has anything to prove david don't do it all right man all right well good on you call me back after the list okay all right i'll call you back after midnight then okay david if you can get through thank you he's like hey jr hey you're not gonna jump me on my own top six list you're not doing that not doing that no sorry i appreciate the love though hey shep is he gonna be able to get back on here david's a smart caller he'll know exactly what time to call yes i i have faith in david i have faith in david from buffalo all right good for him brian is calling from oregon you're on cbs sports radio yeah i hope this is the right time to call hey uh you're on so it's good what's up okay now i had a question for you man about caleb williams and the next year's draft he's likely to go number one right now it's likely that he's going to be drafted by the cardinals now can he pull what eli manning did and say i'm not going there well what happens if he does brian i gotta tell you man i ain't thinking that far ahead you know how you you're asking me about next april well yeah i mean i i'm thinking about next year's draft and the new set of quarterbacks coming into the league i'm not thinking about that you've already you've already established that the cardinals are going to be the absolute worst team and that you don't think yeah they certainly can be but that's not to say that they are i don't i don't want to there's like five four four four and five different things i have to predict to answer your question and none of them are just like relevant to now you you gotta you got a question that that kind of hits now well i think the seahawks are getting uh undervalued i think they're going to be a top team in the nfc i really do well they fell apart at the end of last season uh you think genome because they had a bunch of rupees i i understand i understand who they are do you think geno smith is going to come back down to earth absolutely not okay all right you you know you you know he's got a lot to prove you know he's learned his lesson he was young when he came in the league okay and he showed it last year he finally got his chance and he balled out and the guy's got a fastball he's accurate what's wrong with geno all right i'm just saying maybe it was an aberration maybe he reverts back down to the mean i think there's a reason why he only got a three-year contract i think seattle is just like hey you know what let's squeeze whatever we can out of him and keep it moving i think he'll be just as good as he was last year but you know there ain't no guarantees and nothing no but i think he'll be good i think he'll hold up at the end of the bargain i think so too i don't know about the seahawks though hey how's jamel adams doing how's his leg i don't know oh you don't okay no he ain't i don't play i really don't know i really don't no i just gave you walker and and uh sharpen a are both hurt but i think they're just saving them for the regular season i really do all right well well good luck i who's coming out on top in that division oh uh the seahawks are gonna give the 49ers all they can handle trust me all right i was i was thinking well i was hoping you wouldn't say that but i think i expected it hey brian good luck this season okay all right yeah all right yeah he's he's lying to himself it's okay 49 has got this purdy darnold trait lance the trifecta got this hopefully you don't have to see all three of them it's the jr sport reshow on cbs sports radio a top six list of nfl players with the most approved on the other side of the break don't move the official winning time podcast from hbo is back i'm rodney barnes executive producer on the show magic and the lakers are back to defend their title join me as i break down each new episode with sports writer jeff purlman and the actors directors and key collaborators who brought the 1980s showtime lakers to life it's not about basketball it's about winning listen to hbo's official winning time podcast on sundays after the show airs on max this is it it's what you've been waiting for millions returns to bring us the most epic showdown yet to a brand new streaming home on paramount plus we're back baby we've got 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