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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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June 16, 2023 1:52 am

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sport Brief / JR

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June 16, 2023 1:52 am

JR loses respect for Rob Manfred by the day. He has not been respectful to the Athletics franchise and fanbase


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Visit for details. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

It's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. I am coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you to everybody tuned in and locked into the show. This is where I'll be for the next three hours. Four hour show though.

I get started 10 p.m eastern time at 7 p.m Pacific. I'm being joined by super producer and host Dave Sheppard. He's coming to you live from New York City. Now listen here. We've already had a hell of a first hour. We have talked about, well, unfortunately the Oakland Athletics just getting further and further moving to Vegas. Rob Manfred actually spoke today.

What a dumbass he is. On the bright side we talked about the Denver Nuggets. We'll talk about them again momentarily. I updated you on the PGA and Live Golf merger. The U.S. Justice Department is looking into this deal. Trying to figure out where this money coming from. Weren't y'all just beefing? How's this gonna work?

And oh yeah, PGA, y'all were kind of dirty and suing them and just being anti-competitive. So there's a lot going on there and as we continue on with the show we're going to hear from just, we're going to hear how wild Mike Malone was. Denver Nuggets head coach. We'll hear from him momentarily. We'll talk about Bradley Beal and so many conversations about him going to the Heat. Unfortunately Conor McGregor and Antonio Brown are in the news.

You guessed it if you didn't know. None of the news is good news. We got DeAndre Hopkins. It might be good news for Patriot fans. He reportedly had a good visit up in New England.

Speaking of the NFL, NFL still hasn't announced what team is going to be highlighted this year on HBO's Hard Knocks. And so we got a lot to do, a lot to discuss. If you want to holler at me it is very simple. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Hey Shep, how you doing man? You hanging in there? You good? No, no complaints.

I appreciate you asking man. How you feeling? Better than Manfred, I hope. I don't think he, does he, does he have feelings?

He doesn't have feelings, right? Let me ask you something. Who's worse, the guy in the hospital or Rob? So Jay Monahan from the PGA and Manfred.

Do you ask me if I want to get shot or stabbed? Basically. Mike, there's nothing. Yeah, Rob Manfred is an asshat.

So if you're not aware, folks, if you missed the last hour of the show, hit rewind on the free Odyssey app. Today the governor in Nevada basically signed a funding bill into law which will put up about $380 million, almost $400 million, to build a stadium in Vegas off the strip, basically on the strip, across the street from the MGM for the Oakland Athletics and so pretty much the A's have put in their relocation papers, whatever the hell that is, all the fancy paperwork and lawyers to ultimately move the team. Next year could be the A's last year in Oakland.

At that point, they would move to Vegas, they would play in a AAA facility for a couple of seasons and they would move into their 30,000 right now seat arena, which would be the smallest in baseball, they might be able to move in there by 2027. And it's pretty disastrous, some of the comments made by Rob Manfred today. The one in particular, he was asked, hey, what would you say to Oakland fans who are going to be asked out of a team?

Listen, this is what he said. I hear from them. I feel sorry for the fans in Oakland. I do not like this outcome.

I understand why they feel the way they do. I think that the real question is, what is it that Oakland was prepared to do? There is no Oakland offer.

Okay. I mean, they never got to the point where they had a plan to build a stadium at any site. And it's not just John Fisher. You don't build a stadium based on the club activity alone. The community has to provide support. And you know, at some point you come to the realization it's just not going to happen. Well, the city of Oakland said, yes, we offered hundreds of millions of dollars.

We just didn't also feel like building apartment buildings and a mall and an entertainment complex. And this is the cherry on top here. Rob Manfred was asked about A's fans and their future fandom. And this was pretty much the big slap in the face. I hope that they stay baseball fans, whatever team they decide to affiliate with.

Again, you know, I'll say it again. The piece of this particular series of events that's the most disturbing to me is the idea of fans that have supported the team. You know, losing a team, but we hate that idea. You don't hate it that much. You just don't care.

It's really that simple. Hey, by the way, this is nuts. I just watched this game here in the studio while I do the show. Yeah, because I'm like Rosie from the Jetsons.

I can do 20 things at one time. The Angels, they just beat the Texas Rangers five to three. And Shohei Ohtani, and I guess this is good for baseball.

Yeah, I found something. Shohei Ohtani today hit his 22nd home run. He now leads Major League Baseball, both leads in the home runs.

He's tied, I think, with Pete Alonso, who's hurt right now at 22. The Angels win five to three. And so not only does Shohei Ohtani now have 22 home runs, he drove in two of those runs tonight. Shohei Ohtani was also on the mound. He pitched six innings. He gave up two runs and all.

This is so bad. What a poor pitching performance by Shohei. He struck out three. And so he's putting in the work on the mound and then he's giving himself run support. And I can't wait until later this year to figure out what he does.

And maybe it may bleed into January. What is Shohei going to do in the off season? Because we have seen nothing like this. Baseball has seen nothing like this. Babe Ruth did not do this. Babe Ruth either did one or the other for the most part.

He wasn't out there saying, yeah, well, I'll pitch six or seven and then I'll hit two run bombs. Ohtani is amazing. And I know Verlander and Scherzer and Aaron Judge, these guys have set the market highest paid 40, 44. Ohtani is going to get 50 to 60 and it's going to be nuts. And for right now, right now, just for right now, you think about the Angels, they're not complete trash like we're used to seeing.

Right now, the Angels, if you think about the AL West, they're in third place. Okay, they're 38 and 32. You can expect them to probably fall into the toilet some point later on this year. But for right now, they're alive. They're alive. Good for them and good for Ohtani.

He's going to be around anyway. And good on the Denver Nuggets. This season is over. They ain't worried about paying anybody 50 mil. They got Nikola Jokic locked up. They got Aaron Gordon. They got Jamal Murray.

These guys are going to be together at minimum for the next two or three seasons. And people are worried about Bruce Brown, who came off the bench and was lighting things up. And so I had an opportunity to watch the parade earlier today in the background with the Nuggets.

I saw a lot of the clips on social media and they had a good old time. Even Nikola Jokic, who was just saying how much he he didn't want a parade. And then Christian Brown is running around without a shirt on.

And Jeff Green is showing love. And Michael Malone. Yeah, Michael Malone, the head coach of the Denver Nuggets. You would think that he was just he looked like he was selling watches. This man had on big, gigantic black sunglasses. He had on a big, gigantic ball cap. He had on a T-shirt that said, you know, put that in your pipe and smoke it. He had on a big chain, Mike. Well, not a big chain.

He had a rope chain. Mike Malone is he living life and he had beers in his hand. And so when it was his time to talk to the media, he made it very clear, not even the media talk to the assembled crowd, about half a million.

I think it was more than that. Mike Malone said, listen, folks, we're not just here for one title. We're trying to come back next year.

I've dreamed about this day since I got here eight years ago. So I want to say Nuggets Nation, I love you. Nuggets Nation, let's do it again. We're not satisfied. We don't want one. We want two. We don't want one. We want two. We don't want one.

We want two. Something else that he wants. He wants Bruce Brown back with the Nuggets next year. He doesn't want him going anywhere in free agency. He called him Brucie B.

And then he proceeded to drop profanities, which we had to edit out. Listen. Hey, y'all tell me, is Brucie B going anywhere? Hell no. Hell no. Hell no. Hey, we're running this s*** back. We're running this s*** back.

Hell yeah. Get loud. Get loud. Yeah, get loud.

Somebody who screams get loud a bunch of times consecutive you like that has been been drinking a lot. Good for him. It's not easy being an NBA head coach. And he was basically an advocate for everybody on that podium earlier today, especially Nikola Jokic.

He made it very clear. He's like, listen, people been hating on Nikola Jokic. That's the only reason why he didn't win a third MVP. But he's our guy. Listen to Mike Malone. You guys know he stopped pass, right? And you guys know he didn't win a third in a row MVP because the voters didn't want to vote for him. This guy right here.

This guy right here is an amazing player. But I hope you all know him, Natya, their daughter, their brothers, their family. They are a huge part of Denver.

So let's give it up for Nikola Jokic and his family. I love you. Yeah. Every time he said a word, I tried to count how many beers it took him to get there. I'm trying to think. Six, five, five, five to six beers. Yeah, about five, five to six beers for Mike Malone.

That's just, that's just me thinking, thinking out loud. And so Nikola Jokic was actually called to speak. And of course we know how much Nikola Jokic loves to speak.

We know how much he loves parades. He was ready to not go to this one. And so listen to his entire statement. You hear me? Thank you.

Thank you though. You know that I told that I don't want to stay on parade, but I want to stay on parade. This is amazing. We all going to remember this our whole lives. And when we see you guys that came out on the streets and actually this one is for you. We love you Denver. This one is for you.

Thank you guys. And that was it. There was no long speech about being disrespected. There was no mention of MVP. There was no, Oh my God, I can't believe I did it.

It was just, thank you. And I'm sure at the end of that statement, he basically, well, Jeff Green spoke after him. I'm sure that he got the hell up on out of Denver. And I believe he's on a plane back to Serbia right now. And I don't know when we'll see him again. Is he going to participate?

I think the, the feeble world's cup is this year. Is he going to suit up for Serbia? Is he going to come back to the United States of America in September and October for the start of next season? I have no idea, but he's gone. It's been a long season.

Good for him. Sit back, relax and, and ride your horses. And we have a long, long, well, not a long time, but we are a long ways away from next NBA season. We'll blink and October will be here.

My apologies. I'm not trying to rush your summer, but the NBA off season is already underway. Mike Malone is already thinking about having Bruce Brown back. Mike Malone is ready to run it back.

He wants to repeat. Victor, when Benyama is going to be drafted next Thursday into the NBA, his team lost in the French finals, by the way today. So now he doesn't have to play any ball.

So he's in the league. And you think about all the, the player movement that's going to take place in the off season. Can the Denver Nuggets repeat? Oh, come on now.

Absolutely. And it's difficult to even think about, let's be real. We got to wait almost, I'd say two months before we can really sit around and go, who's realistically going to challenge them. Phoenix Suns aren't going to be a two man team, right? It's not just going to be Kevin Durant and Devin Booker. We have no idea where Chris Paul is going to end up.

It's been reported. He still wants to return to Phoenix on a reduced salary. Why not? Sacramento Kings are going to get better, right? They're going to play some defense.

They're going to have more experience, I assume. Memphis Grizzlies, oh no. Memphis Grizzlies, they going to suck next year.

I think we know that already. John Durant news coming, I don't know, maybe tomorrow. I expect them to be going half a season. Can we rely on the Los Angeles Clippers?

I don't think so. Golden State Warriors, they can't be as bad as they were this past season, right? Is Draymond going to opt in and punch somebody else in the face? Who's he going to punch?

He only punched Jordan Poole, but so many times he ain't going to punch Steph Curry. Minnesota Timberwolves, man, come on, let's be real. Karl Anthony Towns is running around telling everybody whenever he retires, people are going to look at him as a game changer. What? You're going to be changing teams soon?

That much I know. The New Orleans Pelicans, what's going on with them? What's Zion doing right now?

I can think about a website that he's on right now. You got the Oklahoma City Thunder, young and emerging. They ain't winning no championship. Give them a couple of years. Dallas, where's Kyrie going? Utah will be better, but are they going to be good enough to compete for a title?

The answer's no. We got to go through the entire NBA off-season before we legitimately look at contenders for the Nuggets. The usual suspects should be around. The Lakers may or may not be competitive. I assume Milwaukee will bounce back regardless of what happens with with Middleton and then also Brook Lopez, Boston, how they tweak their roster to be competitive.

It'd be nice to see their roster to be competitive. It'd be nice if we saw the 76ers. It would have been cool to see Embiid versus Jokic in the finals. Can Joel Embiid last a season? Can he last a series? We've seen him last long enough to win an MVP, but how about actually, I don't know, going to a conference finals?

We haven't seen that. We got to go through the rest of the off-season to see who legitimately is going to contend for a championship outside of the usual suspects. Like what are the actual teams going to look like? But the Denver Nuggets, Mike Malone is not lying. They're going to run back pretty much the same team. They didn't even go deep really into their bench. They were relying on a Christian Brown. Reggie Jackson is on the team.

He didn't even play at the end of the year. So the Denver Nuggets, Mike Malone is right. They just had a parade. Would anybody now be surprised if they had another one next year?

Not me. They're looking good. They're looking good for the long run. Nuggets should be good until Jokic says, I just don't want to come back to America.

That may be four or five years from now. So I think the Nuggets are good. 8-5-5, 2-1-2, 4 CBS. That's 8-5-5, 2-1-2, 4 CBS. Denver Nuggets repeating. Not a difficult thing to ascertain, but I'll tell you this. Can the Miami Heat get back here?

I don't know about that. And one of the guys that they're reportedly interested in right now? I don't know if he's helping either. I'm going to tell you who it is on the other side of the break. The phone lines are open if you want to give me a holler. 8-5-5, 2-1-2, 4 CBS. Let me tell you about the Heat here on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Hey JR, man, it's going to be cliche as a mug, but long time listener. First time calling, man, and I appreciate your show big time. You have so much insight.

I just want to give you props on that. Call in now at 8-5-5, 2-1-2, 4 CBS. It's the JR Sport Brief show here on CBS Sports Radio. You heard from Mike Malone at the Nuggets parade earlier today. He's like, hey, we coming back to repeat. We don't just want one parade. We want two. Let's do it again next year. And it's officially, you know, now the NBA off season.

Ja Morant is going to get his punishment any day now. We're going to have the NBA draft next Thursday. We're going to move into summer league and then we'll move into some time in August where you'll have a lot of GMs and coaches just like, man, now I could finally get a little bit of a vacation before they all reconvene in September. So we got a lot to do, but that doesn't mean that we can't accurately look at what the Nuggets have and go, well, damn, they legitimately can come back next season.

They can actually get better if they add some depth. Now, the team that just went to the finals with them and lost the Miami Heat, it's been reported by Mark Stein that Bradley Beal is pretty much, oh, he's, he's likely, or let's, let's call it, let's put it this way. A union of Bradley Beal and the Miami Heat is, is most likely. We know when we talked about this last night, the Washington Wizards basically have a new front office and they're not with the, the crap, uh, for better lack of a better term. Like they gave this man, Bradley Beal, a five year, $251 million contract last season. And the general manager who was running the squad, Tommy Shepard, he's no longer here.

He got the boot, he got fired. And so it's been facts like John Wall goes down. You ain't building around Bradley Beal. What are Bradley Beal and Porzingis going to do?

Check in on each other in the hospital? Like what, what, what, what are they supposed to do? And so now Porzingis has a player option. He's probably going to opt in and maybe become a free agent.

Kyle Kuzma is in the same space. He's probably going to take, uh, whatever team gives him the most money. And so, yeah, the Washington Wizards need to push the button and start over. And so Mark Stein says, you know, would Bradley Beal having his no trade clause, which he's the only NBA player who has one that it's likely that he goes down to Miami in exchange for Talihero and God knows what else. I don't know if that's moving the needle for Miami. Uh, Bradley Beal an upgrade over Talihero. Yeah, probably if Bradley Beal actually plays, you know, God knows maybe the Miami Heat wouldn't have even, you know, gone all the way to the NBA finals if Talihero was available because we know Talihero hasn't met a shot that he doesn't like to take. Bradley Beal is always hurt. And so it sounds exciting.

It sounds sexy. Bradley Beal and Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, they'll be competitive, but I don't, I'm not going to say he's going to knock my socks off because Bradley Beal just, he hasn't played. He played 50 games this past season. The year before that he played 40 games.

So what am I supposed to be excited about? And then Bradley Beal, I mean, it feels like he's young as hell, but he turns 30. He turns 30 next week, two weeks from now. Miami Heat will be fine with or without Bradley Beal, but with a trade clause or no trade clause. Yeah, he ain't getting shipped to no garbage team.

We know that. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Manny calling from Toronto. You're on the JR Sportbrief show. Hey JR, how are you doing?

I'm very well, man. What's up? You know, I just wanted to know what your thoughts are on the Toronto Raptors hiring a Euro coach, Darko from Serbia.

Ryan Kovach? Yeah. Nothing.

Nah, I'm dead serious. Nothing. Like I, I think, especially for a team with the Raptors right now and all the young talent, I'm more interested to see what happens with the actual players on the court as opposed to what the coach is going to do. We just went to an NBA, well, not the post season, but we did, we saw it happen in the post season. We saw coaches who have track records in championships get fired. And if I go back a year, I know Frank Vogel just got the job with Phoenix. He got fired from the Lakers.

And then we moved to this season and Doc Rivers doesn't have a job. And Monty Williams goes from Phoenix to Detroit. So Nick Nurse is now in Philly. He's leaving Toronto. He left Toronto.

So what can I say? It's about the players. Is Scotty Barnes going to become a star? Pascal Siakam is who he is. Fred Van Vliet might be out the door.

So like, I could care less who the coach is because he ain't coaching nobody to a championship, you know. What, what do you think about Pascal to Portland for the number three pick, possibly Scoot and Simmons? Bruh. Simmons what? Simmons who? Anthony Simons. Oh, Simons?

Man, that ain't worth no number three pick, bro. You don't think so? Pascal Siakam? No, no, no, no.

That's a dream world, man. No. What do you think Pascal is? Lebron? Young Lebron? Like, no. Pascal Siakam for a number three pick and a player?

A guy who can get 20 plus a game? No. Hey Manny, what you been doing tonight? I'm coming back from work. Were you working or were you smoking? No, I've been working, man.

I've been working. It's nice to see the difference in U.S. media versus Canadian media because, uh, yeah. I'm not gonna say nothing bad about Canadian.

I love Canada. Okay, Manny? Okay, thank you. All right, thank you, Manny, for calling from Toronto. This man, this man just asked me about Pascal Siakam.

Oh my God. Number three pick? No, bro. No, sorry.

No. What do you think Pascal Siakam is? Eight five five two one two four CBS. Quas calling from Charlotte.

You're on the JR Sportbreeze show. What's up, Quas? Hey, JR. How you doing today? Amazing. Good, good, good.

Uh, two questions. Um, going back to the Miami thing, um, with, uh, Tyler Herro and then going after Badly Bill. Why are they, why do they want to be so guard heavy and not go after power forwards and stuff like that?

And then the second part of the question, I'm a Houston Rockets fan, Alpi, Alpi, Sangoon, Jabari Smith, Jalen Green, KPJ. What is it going to take for us to get over this, this rebuild? Your thought?

Experience in veteran players. I think that's, that's what it boils down to. And I know we've heard for, for, for a month, maybe two months now about James Harden returning. Oh no. Yeah.

I'm in the same boat so we can throw that out the window. But that's the answer to the question about your Houston Rockets. And you asked me about the Miami Heat.

Why are they so guard heavy? If they were to bring in Bradley Beal, it would be almost 100% likely in exchange of Tyler Herro. So Victor Oladipo? Victor Oladipo who, what? You, you have so many guards there. Victor, have you, when's the last time you've seen Victor Oladipo?

Do you remember? I get it. I get it. But they're just, they're going after so many guards that played the same position and doing the same thing. Why?

No, not, well, I don't think that's, that's necessarily fair. It was only a few seasons ago that Bam Adebayo was playing a smaller position and they had, hey Shuff, what was the big deal? Hassan, Hassan, Hassan Whiteside. Hassan Whiteside.

That was a long time ago. Yeah, I get it. They had Hassan, they had Hassan Whiteside out there and they were trying to force him and bam and then they gave him the boot. Oh, so now you just throw that away because it's not the right five spot and four spot?

You throw that away and abandon that? Jokic killed them. Well, tell me, tell me who Jokic did not kill. Jokic killed everybody. That's true.

That, that is true. So who, who, who do you want to put in front of Nicola Jokic? Who is the Jokic stopper? Who is it?

Nobody's a stopper, but pair him with a really solid four that's really defensive heavy because they got scores, they got guards. Who? Where? Where? Off the top of my head, oh my God. Exactly. Nobody.

These dudes, they come out of premium. Who? Name me, name me the, name me the, the, name me the best centers in the league. Mobley.

Um, well, if you were- Oh, he got cooked, he got cooked by the Knicks. Keep going. Right. I get it. I get it. Capella.

Clint Capella. Oh my God. Keep going.

Terrible. I said the best. I'm a Houston guy. That's where you came from.

I really think Capella's really solid. Yeah, I've watched him a million times here in Atlanta, up into my face a million times. Yeah, you're right. You're right. He's right there with you, with Trey. Ay, so Quar, my point is, it's easy to say, hey, we need a big. They had, they had Zeller out there. What's he doing?

Nothing. Look, the NBA is full of gigantic human beings, but to actually find skilled ones who are at the top, top, top, that you just want to throw at Jokic, that ain't easy. It really is. Hey, Quar, I appreciate you, man. Good luck to your Rockets. I hope they stay away from James Harden. That would be, that'd be a smart move.

A genius one. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Speaking of staying away, New England Patriots hope DeAndre Hopkins doesn't stay away from them. I know they hope he doesn't leave New England.

I think he did. I'm going to take more of your calls. I'm going to update you on that. I want to tell you about the unfortunate news surrounding Conor McGregor and Antonio Brown.

We got a lot to do. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. I found you about two months ago on the radio and you're just very easy to listen to. I find myself looking for reasons to go out and make little runs to the store and stuff at night just so I can listen to the show for a couple minutes on my ride.

So just keep doing what you're doing, bro. I really appreciate it and it's a great show. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. You know, we'll talk about DeAndre Hopkins. I want to talk to you about hard knocks in the NFL.

It doesn't appear that anybody wants to be on hard knocks on HBO. Rob Manfred, not only did he make stupid comments today about the Oakland Athletics and their future move to Vegas, he also gave an update on robotic umpires. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. If you're on social media and it won't get you fired, if you're at work, you can find me at JR Sport Brief.

And if you're at home, maybe going on social media will get you fired. A lot of distractions there. Now, before we went to break, we talked about Mike Malone's comments about the Nuggets repeating and we have an understanding of what their roster is going to look like. There are a lot of other contenders, not so clear. For instance, the Phoenix Suns. And then I talked about the Miami Heat.

And what is their adjustment going to be? Well, Bradley Beal has been tied in to the Miami Heat as a future trade partner. And Bradley Beal is the only NBA player who has a no trade clause.

And so he would have to approve where he goes. Now, I got to get this news in here speaking of the Miami Heat. And whether it's believable or not believable, the news surrounding this man is not a surprise. And this happens to be Conor McGregor. I know last Friday night down in Miami, we saw Conor McGregor during a promotional portion, during like a halftime segment, timeout, whatever it was. He knocked out the mascot, Bernie. And it was all in good fun that he knocked him out, even though the mascot had to go to the emergency room. And they all laughed it off.

Oh, good fun and no charges pressed, et cetera, whatever. How the hell could things get worse for Conor McGregor? Well, he's been accused of raping a woman at an NBA Finals game, at that game on Friday. And Conor McGregor says, I ain't do it.

That's just basically what it is. I mean, here's the here's the short of it. He's well, the accuser says that she was separated from a friend by NBA and Heat security and kind of led to a bathroom. Conor McGregor emerges. The action takes place. And he was forced upon, he forced himself upon her. And she got away by elbowing him and, and she left her purse in a process. And that's reportedly, allegedly what has taken place. It sounds like a wild ass story. Now, am I going to sit here and go, it happened? Didn't happen? No, I don't know.

Sounds wild to me. Now, having said that, I do know this. Outside of this incident, this alleged incident, Conor McGregor is nuts.

Okay. He, he is, he's an interesting fellow. It's not the first time he's been accused of, of sexual assault. It's not the first time that he is, you know, been violent outside of the Octagon. He smacked the old man at a bar, at a pub overseas for not wanting to take a drink of his whiskey.

I think we all remember him throwing a dolly at a cart at the Barclay Center, both certainly not accusations of rape, but he, he's been known to fly off the handle. I've had a conversation with him before about some of the things that he said, especially during one promotional appearance about black women at the Barclay Center. And he looked at me and kind of just, oh, I was, I was joking. I just, you know, I'm just having a conversation with him. I was, I was joking. I just, you know, I'm just having some fun.

Yeah. He has a lot of fun. Like when Dustin Poirier basically broke his leg and Conor McGregor is laying on the Octagon floor. He's on the mat with a broken leg, just got his ass whooped.

And he's still talking trash to this man about his wife. Listen to this guy. Give us your thoughts on how it was going. I was boxing the blade and head off. I'm kicking the blade leg arm.

You will show you through it to close the distance. This is not over. If we had to take this, I'm sorry for him. It's all I'm sorry.

We don't give up. He said that he believes that one of the kicks that he checked is what broke your leg. There was no check. It was not one of them. I checked. Yeah. That's that's him. Yeah. That's him. Yep. That's him. What a broken leg on a floor on a mat with a broken leg. Just got his ass whooped.

That's him. I'm not surprised by anything. Accusation? Wild story?

Yeah, sure. I'm not going to believe it or not believe it. I just know this is true.

Conor McGregor is a wild dude and that's that's putting it lightly. Let's see how this bears out. 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. Arthur is calling from Mississippi. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's going on, brother? How are you? What's on your mind? Oh, man.

I'm good, man. I just heard just heard why actually earlier I heard Kendrick Perkins talking about Ja Morant maybe going to the Heat or it will be a good thing if they push to get him. I just want to know what you thought about that. I think that's one of the dumbest things I've heard. Yeah. Well, yeah. Well, he also said that the the MVP race, Nikola Jokic, something about him being white and getting too much credit. So when Kendrick Perkins speaks, I wouldn't put too much thought into it. Okay.

Yeah. Hey, you know about that about that MVP. I do think Joker should have got it again this year, man, because if you get the MVP and then not show up after you get the MVP, it kind of makes no sense. Well, it's a regular season award.

So maybe maybe Joel Embiid will do better next year, but I think he needs to get in better shape first, even though he got in better shape. Thank you, Arthur. All right.

No problem. Yeah. Stay away from Kendrick Perkins, man.

I'm sorry. He's he's just he's entertaining. He just says he just says stuff.

Okay. Like, why, why would any team help me out here? Unless you are a team that thinks that you got magic dust in the locker room. Why would any team say, you know what I want to do today? I want to wake up and trade for John Moran. Like who does that?

Somebody strung out on something who does that? This man's going to be gone probably, I don't know, 30 games, 40 games, 50 games. I have no idea how much time John Moran is going to miss. Why would you trade for him? Why would Pat Riley, who's trying to win a championship today say, Oh yeah, well, I'll sacrifice and just bring them in at the end of the year.

No, I want somebody who's going to play ball now. John Moran don't know how to act in Memphis. He's going to know how to act down in Miami. What are they going to do? Run him up and down ocean? Well, what's he going to do there? Lose his mind? Bad idea. Turn off Kendrick Perkins, man. That's, that's a good idea.

It's a real good idea. Justin calling from Sacramento. Justin got to be quick. Yes. Yes.

Got to be quick. I'm just saying that I'm a local from Sacramento. I just think that just back to when the Kings were about to leave Sacramento, I just think that's a bad idea. I'm glad the owner of eBay kept the Kings in Sacramento and look what they are now. Kings just happened to be a great team, but you know, next year it might be better, but you know, like I said, it's just a, fortunately our team was really bad for so many years, you know, and like it just shows a team that has really a great fan base. So back to the A's. The A's should stay in Oakland because back to like everyone said, the drive is easier, the, you got Bart, you have, like I said, I just don't understand that the A's would leave because it's, it's called, it's called money, man.

Yeah, I know, but like I said, no, you don't have to, you don't have to convince me, Justin. I'm just telling you, look at the Malouse. They sold the team and look at them. Now they're, I know what the Malouse did. They sold it to Vivek Ranadive, but I'm just telling you the facts. They chose Vegas. That's it.

It's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio. Get some more of your calls. We'll talk about hard knocks. Don't move.

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