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6.9.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR
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June 10, 2023 1:59 am

6.9.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR

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June 10, 2023 1:59 am

The Nuggets are the ANTI Super Team and that is refreshing 


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Visit You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. It's the JR Sport Brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. I'm gonna be rolling with you for the, well damn it, the next hour. What happened? I'm only here for one more hour then Ryan Hickey comes through. I get started 10 p.m Eastern, 7 Pacific, every single weeknight.

Yeah, I won't be here until Monday again. Sorry, my bad. Anyway, the big news for tonight. Denver Nuggets go up on the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals 3 to 1. They beat the Heat in Miami.

The Finals score 108 to 95. Aaron Gordon has a playoff career high 27 points. Jokic has 23, 12 rebounds and 4 assists. Jamal Murray, 15 points, 12 assists. Bruce Brown had 21 points off of the bench. Jimmy Butler, 25, Ben Adebayo, 20. And some of the other starters, Gabe Vincent and Max Struce, they combined for two points. It's like Miami ran out of gas. I'm supposed to believe that Max Struce and Gabe Vincent are going to go up to Colorado on Monday in an elimination game and all of a sudden drop 20 apiece?

I don't think so. Denver Nuggets, looks like they're on their way to their first NBA championship. 855-2124 CBS. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Shout outs to everybody listening on this Friday night on the free Odyssey app. People tuned in on their local CBS Sports radio affiliates. We got people locked in right now on Sirius XM channel 158.

What's up to all the truck drivers out there? And then much love to people listening on a smart speaker. You know, every now and then I'm walking around my house, I call a speaker and just tell them to play CBS Sports radio. I do that too. I use all four methods.

I'm a man of many methods. Shout outs to super producer and host Dave Shepherd holding it down in New York City. We've had a busy night. The Nuggets win and we've had a busy week. Yeah, we've had it all, man. Chris Paul might be going elsewhere. Dalvin Cook has been released. Aaron Rodgers actually said he's having the most fun that he's had in a long time. Well, I mean, it's June. Let me know how New York is treating you. I don't know.

And let's say November, December. Got the whole PGA and Liv thing, by the way. It's been reported that Liv might actually disappear. Jay Monahan may shut it down.

Made no money. Why do we think it'll change? And then we got Zion. Zion has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. It's not about basketball.

It's not about him eating. Well, nevermind. Zion is out here allegedly just hanging out with ladies.

Just, yeah, they're ladies. I'll just stop there. Anyway, congratulations to the Denver Nuggets. 108 to 95, they beat the Heat. Aaron Gordon, I told you he had a career night. 27 points, 27 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 steals. He was 3 of 4 from downtown.

He was 11 of 15 from the field. He was knocking down threes. He was catching alley-oops. He was bullying the smaller Heat defenders. And Aaron Gordon, after the game, he actually gave credit to Nikola Jokic for making his life easy. Jokers is such an incredible passer, such a floor general out there. He has such a high IQ and such a basketball knowledge for the game. He sees plays steps ahead.

So he's reading the defense before he even catches the ball, or he's reading the defense before the play is even initiated. So I'm just playing in that dunker. And it's putting that low man in a difficult position. Do you step up? He has such a lethal floater in the middle of the lane. Do you try and take away the floater, or do you try and take away the lob? And if you take away the lob, you've got shooters in the corner. You've got KP.

You've got MPJ. So it's putting the defense in a pickle. And I mean, Joe, he just makes the right play every time.

And that's how it's been from the start. He just looks like a perfect basketball player. And he has a seven foot, 12 point guard.

Mike Malone, he talks about Nikola Jokic all the damn time. Well tonight, he showed a lot of love to Aaron Gordon. 27.6 rebounds, six assists, making threes, getting to the foul line, guarding at a high level. Aaron did it all for us tonight.

He really did. And we've seen that now in four games in the finals where Aaron has had moments where he has carried us offensively. He made threes tonight, obviously, which is always a good thing, but I couldn't be more proud of Aaron Gordon and his impact across the board tonight. Mike Malone is typically, I would say angry guy, but he's not the most effusive.

He spends a lot of time saying that we're being discounted. We being the nuggets, you know, but not tonight. He also showed love to Bruce Brown who had 21 points and scored 11 of them in the fourth quarter.

Listen to his coach, big him up. Bruce Brown in the fourth quarter was amazing. You know, he had, I think 21 points. 11 of those were in the fourth quarter. They were giving Jamal so much attention that let's get Jamal off the ball.

Let Bruce make some plays. He was aggressive, got to the basket, made shots, and tonight was an impressive performance. Yeah, it was very impressive. This entire Denver Nuggets season has been impressive. And no, they haven't won the championship yet. No, they're not NBA champions yet, but they're a step away. Because we've only seen one team come back from a 3-1 deficit and it was the Cleveland Cavaliers. And it was against a Warriors team that was, I don't know, 73 wins.

Draymond Green got a little too dirty and got suspended and they went to the toilet from there. Unless there's an injury, that ain't happening this go-round. It's just a matter of time before the Denver Nuggets win their first NBA championship. And it's, we're only a couple of days away from Nikola Jokic, you know, going into that category. And he's already there now. He just needs to check the box of being one of the best ever because he's there. With the numbers that he's put up, I mean, tonight you would say he had, he was rather pedestrian. Only 23 points, 12 rebounds, and 4 assists. And then he had to sit down for a few minutes and a fifth due to foul trouble. Like this, that would be an amazing game.

That would be an all-star game for a lot of dudes. But Nikola Jokic has just now given you, hey, here's 30 points, 20 rebounds, and 15 assists. Who does that? He does. He does. He's the only dude to do it in the NBA playoffs, or excuse me, the finals. He's done it three times.

He's a freak, man. Mike Malone said it perfectly at the beginning of the playoffs. He's like, man, we don't get the respect and we won't until we win a championship. And he's right.

You got to get over the hump to actually get there and do something. It's the same for Jokic and good for him. That first MVP, people are like, oh, what the hell is Jokic winning MVP for? And then he won it again. And people are like, whoa, he won the MVP a second year. And then we get here to the third one and it's like, well, we can't give him MVP three times in a row.

What does he want? MVP MVP finals MVP championship. That ain't bad. By the time we pull up to the next NBA a hundred year anniversary, Jokic is going to be out there. Go ahead, throw him in on the next 25. He just missed the cut. He's a bad dude.

And he, he deserves it. 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS. It's 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS.

What's this guy doing here? Sean is calling from Oregon. I called him, I think I called him a loser last night.

I don't think I had good reason. You're on CBS sports radio. What's up, Sean?

Hey, Jr. I just wanted to apologize for, you know, disrespecting Orr Boykins last night. You know what I mean?

I understand, you know, he's, you know, he's top notch in his game and everything like that, you know, but, and, well, hold on. Were you drinking last night? I'm drinking most every night. Okay. Well, maybe that's the problem. Hey, I got, I got to say this. Well, first of all, you, you don't got to apologize to me.

I think I told you what, what I felt about what you said. I apologize to Orr Boykins. Well, that's fine.

I'm sure Orr doesn't care, but hold on a second. Do me a favor. You ready? What's that? Just call me back in a month from now. Okay. Thanks a lot, brother. Have a good night. All right. Thank you. That was simple, right?

Just put them on timeout. Don't call back in a month. The man called and I said, Hey, Orr Boykins, Nuggets legend.

He's like, Orr Boykins isn't a legend because he's 5'5". Like, Hey, were you drinking? Like, yeah, yeah. I'm drinking every night. You know, it's not my liver. It's your liver. Have some water instead.

I'm sure your liver will thank you. Detox. 855-212-4CBS. Brian is calling from Houston. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Brian?

Day by day, it's more impossible to cope. I feel like I'm the one that's doing dope. Props to Shep for bringing in Houston legends, ghetto boys on that. Wait, wait, wait. Let's slow down here for a minute. Where do you think you're going? I'm going to the Where do you think you're going? I'm going to the Where do you think you're going? I'm going to the Where do you think you're going? I'm going to the Where do you think that introductory music came from? Oh, was that you?

I'm sorry, my bad. That Shep was mixing it up nicely all night. Mixing it up?

That music predates Shep. You know whose idea that was? Well, now I know.

I hope it was yours. Yeah, well, yeah, yeah. Yeah, man, I grew up Willie D, Bushwick Bill. Bushwick Bill, yeah.

God bless him. Yeah, it's all I got. Man, I remember the album cover, Eyeball hanging out, getting rolled down to hospital hall. Yeah, Face is one of my favorite artists, yes. I'm just switching it up from the NBA just a little bit, JR. You know, I know the youngster, you know, kind of pulled his calf, calf muscle or injured himself on one of his forehands. Yeah, I mean, he looks like he's really, you know, going to be something. But, you know, I remember when Sampras and Agassi and Sampras went on all these Wimbledon titles and then here comes Federer. And I'm like, oh, this guy's putting it way out there.

No one's ever going to touch it. Yeah. And then, you know, you used to just check the box every time the French Open played and putting the doll in. But I mean, I mean, the doll's not in his best shape and got the same thing Jordana Alvarez has.

I forgot what oblique or something like that. I mean, it's a Djokovic rural and this guy is going to set the bar. So he may have 30 grand slam titles when it's all said and done. Yeah, he's tied. Well, he's tied, he's tied right now. What, 22, 23, something like that?

It should be 22 right now. I know Federer is behind him at 20. And he's still playing, man. And if he didn't have to miss time because he didn't want to get the COVID shot, he may have already surpassed Nadal. We know Federer is done.

He's hung it up. Nadal, I think he's also cooked. He said he's going to play for one more year. And in Djokovic, we know as competitive as he is, he is going to walk away with the most grand slam titles.

I wouldn't be surprised. The guy takes phenomenal, I mean, he takes care of himself. I mean, regardless of his stance on the COVID vaccination and all that, the guy's in phenomenal shape. And I mean, he's just doing amazing things every year. Well, I just wanted to give him some props. And one more thing. Hold on, hold on. I expect him to beat Casper Ruud on Sunday. It's a young dude.

I think Casper Ruud ain't older than 22, 23. And so it'd be a massive upset if Djokovic fell to him. And so I think he is going to break that tie with Nadal and it'll be off to the races from there. No doubt. It's kind of a vacuum they're living in right now, too, because that was the big three four stretch there. But now he's kind of living the Larry Holmes life.

So but anyway, one more thing. Just again, watching Coming to America, Soul Glow, Daryl. You know, there's been some great all time athletes that rock the Jerry curl.

Ricky Henderson, Eric Dickerson, Deion Sanders. Do you see it ever coming back, J.R.? I'm gonna hang up. Hey, have a great weekend. Thank you. Thank you, Brian.

Appreciate you. Well, do I. Who the hell is thinking about a well, a Friday night, somebody somewhere listening to me is working on a Jerry curl. But no, man.

That that takes too much work. Wants to do that, man. I got a whole afro, man. I wouldn't. I could Jerry curl my hair right now. Why would I want to do that? It's dripping all over the play and I want to do that. That's too much work.

That's for one hour. Let's let's leave the Jerry curl alone. Eight five five two one two four CBS. Let's go to Cleveland and talk to Jimmy.

You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Jimmy? Not much. How are you tonight, Shep? What?

How are you doing tonight? Shep? Oh, I thought my fault. Shep is here. He's right. Shep, say hello.

Do you know the chairs for free for my man? Man, my fault, man. Like I'm so out of the working third shift, but real quick.

OK, I want to speak about Nicole. Yoke is being robbed at the MVP like right at the end of the race. It was a debate about it on undisputed on ESPN. You know, Kendrick Perkins kind of made it a race issue. And after that, Yoke is winning to like a two week slump and let him be and Giannis was bald. Like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I wouldn't say he went into a two week slump. If you look at the stats, like he went from average in the triple double.

Bro, bro, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. They shut him down. Who shut Yoke is down? Oh, my God. Hey, Jimmy, what shift you say you coming down from?

Third. They, as in the Denver Nuggets, Mike Malone, the team shut him down. They slowed him down when things started to, quote unquote, get heated. They started to concede because guess what?

Jokic doesn't care. What they wanted is what they're getting right now. And that's an NBA championship. Of course, that was the end result. But like, come on, man, like they know they were the first the whole the whole. Yes, they was pretty much right.

What point are you making? Like he was going to go for the league MVP, the finals MVP, but like, no, bro, no, no, no, no, no. I don't think Jokic is running around trying to go for anything but a W. No, no. He knows the fundamentals. He's like Tim Duncan, perhaps. But like, but with a better dribble. But I know these awards don't make them.

You know, I mean, I know they don't write. And I would have been I heard of the three times MVP and then yes, the finals MVP would have been awesome. I thought it was more towards that the topic from the show ESPN. I need a green cigarette. I'm sorry, Jimmy. Say again.

I say, you know, I thought it was more because of the conversation that was on ESPN. Yeah. Well, I think save yourself some brain cells. Don't watch that. OK, I won't man. You have a good night, bro. OK, I'll try.

Thank you, Jimmy. Appreciate you. Go go get some rest, man. I will. OK, thank you. I need a rest after that. Goodness. Jokic don't care about no no awards.

I'm a play this for you on the other side of the break. Nicola Jokic, he spoke to the media and Nicola Jokic, some of the names that he mentioned, their names were evoked. They asked Nicola Jokic about, you know, Duncan and LeBron and Kevin Duran and in comparisons to the greats. And Jokic just sat there just like.

How do I care for? I'm going to let you hear that on the other side. Tarell is calling from D.C. You're on the J.R. sport re-show sub team. Yo, what's good, J.R.? How you doing, man? Very well, man.

Hey, I just got to say I completely agree with you, man. That that joke is stone cold. He don't got an objective other than winning. That's it. You don't care about no no little achievement. MVP, nothing. And I'm not don't even get me started about the current MVP because I'm not with it. I'm not with it. You know what?

He had a great season and I can't knock Joel Embiid for for having it and having won it. But look, who's here at the end? That's what I'm saying, man.

That's what I'm saying. But honestly, in all honesty. And beat us off and beat us off. He don't got that killer attitude. Like I'm a go do it.

I'm a go run through somebody chest. You know what I mean? I don't think he can physically do it on a consistent basis.

I think that might be standing in the way. I'm not disagreeing with you. I think if he were in better shape and able to play more consistently, I think we might see that. But I think due to his own physical health, I think that slows him down. I think it's something worth noting that if you go ahead and look at Nikola Jokic and how many games he has played since he's come into the league. Nikola Jokic is out here playing.

There's no huge blocks. There's no giant swaths of time where he's out with an injury. Nikola Jokic has come into the NBA and played 80 games, 73 games, 75, 80, 73, 72, 74.

He played 69 games this season. This dude is running around at seven feet tall. He's doing everything.

And he came into the league as a fat kid. He's legit. He is hands down legit. I agree.

I agree with everything you're saying, man. He's a whole step above. And it comes to the point where if game gets tight, his game tightens up. And he starts making those shots you gotta make. And he shoots the shots you gotta take and all that stuff. He goes the extra mile to win that game.

Yeah, he's not fair. Thank you, Terrell, for calling for D.C. I appreciate you, man. Shout out to the entertainment group going in on my shift tonight. Mail stripping. We going hard tonight. We going hard.

Go get the money. Hey, Shep, shout out to the mail strippers. Did you hear them? Yes, I did. Yeah, shout out to the mail strippers.

All of them. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. You know, we'll hear from Nikola Jokic on the other side of the break. He sounds very enthusiastic about his place in history. It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. I'll get some more of your calls on the other side as well.

Don't move. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Of course, I'd like to say thank you so much, man. I'm going through a lot of life-threatening health issues the last two years, and I always close out my night listening to you a couple times, so I just want to say thank you again for being on the radio and keeping me entertained.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Oh, Baker Mayfield was at the Rays game. Good for him. He had a Rays cap on.

Was he trying to ingratiate himself into the community? I wonder how long he's going to be in Tampa. Anyway, good for Baker Mayfield.

The Tampa Bay Rays doing a whole lot more winning than he will do later on this year for Tampa Bay. I'm almost sure of that. Anyway, 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS before we went to break. I told you all about Nikola Jokic and one step away from a championship on Monday night, and he was asked by the media about his stat line tonight. Nikola Jokic filled it up. He had 23 points, he had 12 rebounds, and only 4 assists. Now having said that, he also had 3 steals and 2 blocks. So yeah, he filled up the stat sheet, and if you want to think about a negative, he had 5 personal fouls, but let's forget that part. And so after the game, Nikola Jokic was in front of the media, and he was asked about his stat line, and let's just say he wasn't impressed. Listen to this. You're the fourth player in NBA Finals history to record the line that you had today, joining LeBron, KD, and Tim Duncan.

What do you think about when you hear that? It's not a big 23-12-4. Fourth ever, the 23-10-4. Oh. I mean, I don't know. Nice.

It's good. I mean, I don't really know what to say. He gave the guy a thumbs up, by the way. Why he said that, he gave a thumbs up, like, yeah, okay.

Like, who cares? I want to see Jokic at the parade. And then he had his brothers, those two other giant dudes. And parades in the world of professional sports, these parades have gotten out of hand, okay? We got drunk Klay Thompson last year. We had drunk Tom Brady.

Jamal Murray, I could see him with goggles on the side of his head. And Jokic is just going to be there. I don't know what he's going to be doing, but he'll just be there. 855-212-4CBS. It's 855-212-4CBS. Melanie, calling from Detroit. You're on CBS Sports Radio.

Hey, thanks for letting me on. I just wanted to say that Jokic kind of reminds me of Lambeer. I'm a, I'm a Pittman fan from way back. I lived through the bad boy era and it was like the most exciting time of my life.

And this kid kind of reminds me a little bit of Lambeer. And I'm not, I'm not saying... Without the, yeah, without the violence and the elbows and the dirty play and the ass bumping and all that stuff, right? Well, I'm, I mean, Jokic gets away with a lot of dirty play. He did a flop two nights ago that I couldn't even believe. Can we, a flop?

I mean, it blew my mind. I mean, he was flopping, yeah. When did a flop, everybody, when did a flop become dirty? That's dirty to me. I mean...

I was going to ask you what else is dirty to you, but I realized I can't ask out on the radio. Sorry, my bad. Anyway, thank you for letting me on, but I'm not, I don't like his style of play, but whatever. You don't like Jokic's style of play?

Not really, no. He is one of the cleanest, most efficient basketball players I have ever seen in my life. No, he's not.

If he's flopping in the paint, he is not clean. Sorry, he's not. Melanie, this call ended off on a, well, it started great and it ended on a thud. Speechless. Thank you. Melanie, damn.

I think I hurt her feelings for real. Damn. I know I put that guy on punishment for a month a few calls ago. I put myself... Hey, Shep, is it possible? I can't put myself on timeout, right? For a month? I can't do that.

There's a lot of higher ups that would not like JR on timeout. Yeah, I can't do that. You can't do that, no. Where's that guy who said, when I'm not here, we lose customers? Oh, that's great, man. When you're not here, this station loses customers. Yeah.

Damn, I think I really hurt her feelings. Anyway, 855-212-4CBS, that's 855-212-4CBS and Jokic is just flopping all over the place. And he is, what am I saying?

I don't need to argue the point. He's one of the best, most efficient basketball players that's ever played. I'm not ashamed to say that because it's accurate. Lee is calling from San Diego. You're on the JR Sportbree show. What's up, Lee?

Hey, JR. I wonder if you know of another player that's gone from being like the best shortstop to being like the best right fielder in the league. And I'm talking about Fernando Tatis Jr. And he's 22 games down. And he's leading the team in home runs. And I think he has the most assists from right field throwing people out. Has there been who else can you think of that has done that? Is that a rhetorical question?

Well, I just wondered what you think. I mean, if you can think of another player that is the answer is that the answer is no. Well, I'm just saying he's like I think he's the most talented player in the league. And I'm sorry, he went through that stuff last time he was out of the league for like a year and a half. He went through the stuff. It was self-inflicted. He did it. He was the one. He was the one riding the motorcycle. He's the one who said he got ringworm and took steroids for its ringworm. He did that stuff.

That was him. Yeah, but look what he's doing right now. And yeah, I know I know what he's doing. Yes, he's absolutely amazing. I know that between him and Ronald Acuna.

They're both amazing. Yes, I know. I didn't hang up on him. He hung up on himself. Fernando Tutsis Jr. is great.

He's just just been a punch line a little bit for the the off the field decisions. Just I got ringworm. Let me let me take a steroid for it.

OK. Hey, I got a lot of money. Let me ride a bike. Just ride my bike. Hey, when when did you break your wrist? I don't know.

Just ride my bike all the time. You're listening to the J.R. Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Out of all the talk show hoes that this station be putting on, you're the best, man.

You're the best. When you're not on, they lose customers. Call in now at eight five five two one two four CBS.

Well, there goes my my 30 day time out. Don't worry about it. I'll be back here with you Monday, 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. And on Monday night. There's either going to be one or two things that go on.

One is more likely than the other. I think I'm more likely to be sitting here with you on Monday night. Talking about the Denver Nuggets as the newest NBA champions and talking about how great their their year was. What I hope I'm not doing on Monday night is talking about how a Miami Heat team is just staying alive. Because then at that point, I may get a million calls.

People call me from Miami. They'll be like, hey, listen, it's three two. Our guys don't quit.

I told you, JR. So let's just save everybody the time. Let's get the Denver Nuggets back out in Denver.

And go win a championship and get this over with. 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. Try to get in as many calls before we got to roll out. Donald is calling from Atlanta. You're on the JR sport brief show. Good man. Shoot.

Go ahead quickly. Yes, I think if if no, Nicole, I think if you play a few more years free, I think I think all around. He might not have a one championship. I think he'll be in the top five in all centers when his career is done are the best centers of all time. And I have to add one thing about the caller before me. It's saying that she's junior being the best, right?

Still, he can't show me that in normal. Nowhere where he's over a clean and not well, you know, the point. And thank you. I appreciate you, Donald, for calling from Atlanta. Well, Fernando Tatis Jr. certainly missed some time earlier on in the season. And then we know Acuna.

Thank God he's finally healthy. I think between one and two, you don't lose. You really don't. Fred is calling from Maryland. You're on the JR sport brief show.

JR, man. How you doing, man? Good. What's crack like?

And just make one real, real quick on you. Two quick points here. I think that dude that called earlier from D.C. and talking trash about Embiid, completely wrong, man. That dude is harder than a rock. Solid in the paint. And you know what? Maybe his body can't keep up with him, but he's an MVP. It don't matter.

Talk to him. Can't even say nothing. You know what I mean?

OK. Yeah, no, I'm not disputing anyone. Last point. I heard some guy call earlier about a Jerry curl. I got mine coming in nice and plump, nice and fresh and thick all the way on my chest.

Used down to my ball for our brother. OK, got it coming in nice, man. I appreciate you taking my call. Hey, corral. It's real. You know, twenty dollars. OK, Fred. Thank you.

Appreciate that. Eight five five two one two four. CBS. Chris is here from Colorado Springs. Go ahead, Chris. Hey, J.R. the first time long time you were talking about, you know, flopping in the in the NBA is just a thing. But why do you give it?

Why do you care about flopping in the NBA, but not about in soccer? Hold on a second, Chris, I'll put you on hold. What the hell is Chris talking about? I know I'm having a side conversation with everybody listening to me right now, but what is Chris talking about? Hold on. What is he talking about?

Let me bring him back and ask. Hey, Chris, what are you talking about, man? I'm just talking about, you know, people want to say that, you know, when fouls happen in the NBA, when flopping happens, why do anybody care?

But, you know, when it happens in soccer, it's the biggest deal in the world. Well, this is this I'm trying to understand here. Let me let me add some context and maybe I'll help myself out. We had a caller. I think it was Melanie from from Michigan. She said she's not a fan of Jokic. And she says she's not a fan because, you know, flopping is dirty and Jokic flops.

And I said, come on now. It's like everybody in the NBA flops. And I said, despite that, people trying to draw a call, some guys more than others. Hi, James Harden, even though he's older now. And I said, Jokic is the most he's the cleanest, most efficient player that I've ever seen.

And I think my definition of clean is his efficiency. And so now you're asking me about flopping in soccer. Yeah, because people always try to say that flopping in the basketball and flopping in the soccer are two unrelated things. But I mean, I don't I haven't I haven't heard. Well, I haven't heard a comparison, so I don't know what you're talking about there.

And then B, I think the end. Well, I don't think I know the NBA is trying to curl tail flopping. They actually might start assessing technical fouls to slow down on it and then C to think about flopping in soccer. They are some of the most exaggerated acting jobs that go beyond anything that we see in the NBA. And then D, a lot of times just the physicality of soccer, the collisions can be potentially worse.

Like you can physically tackle people in soccer. And so I haven't necessarily heard the comparisons, Chris. But yeah. Yeah. Well, enjoy your Nuggets fan. Yes, I am. Well, enjoy the championship coming.

Don't think about flopping, OK? I will. Thank you.

Yeah. Thank you, Chris. Appreciate you. OK, I don't look. Never mind.

Never mind. Tommy's calling from San Antonio. You're on the J.R. sport reef show. Hey, good stuff, as always. Got a few musicians listening to you here. Nick, Nick, Paddy, what? John Mayer, J.R., let me ask you something.

And I and we had a great previous conversation. Is that chef answering the phone, J.R.? Yeah, he's chef. Is that you? He's on the phone, right? Yes. Yes, Tommy. That's good.

He's as good as they come. But I feel like we had a quick bond real quick. And it's about superteams. And I think it's a nugget, no pun intended, that is coming across that has not been talked about. Superteams. We saw how many superteams put together in the 90s in the 2000. We've seen it.

But in L.A., we saw it with Miami. And now you kind of have an organic team, an organic team. Oh, come on now. Don't fight with me because you're contrarian. I'm being honest with you here. Who the hell is he talking to? You ain't talking to me. It's not about being a contrarian. If you would shut up and listen for a minute, you'd actually learn something, Tommy.

I'm glad that you can listen and I can't hear you. Here's the thing. To to say that all of these teams that were put together in the 90s and 2000s and superteams. Have you looked at the teams and how they were constructed?

Outside of the addition of Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors and what they did, where's where's the super team there? Help me out. Help me. Help me.

Help me. Where's the super team? OK, if I want to go back a little while further and look at some some of the other squads and I want to look at teams that that were drafted. Let's see, San Antonio Spurs or super team. Oh, they drafted those guys. OK, Shaquille O'Neal goes and gets the check. OK, Chicago Bulls, the Michael Jordan guy, Scottie Pippen guy. They brought in the Grant guy.

Oh yeah, they got Grant and then they got in that Dennis Rodman dude. It's super team. So Miami Heat definitely a super team. I think it's a misnomer to look at every team in the 90s and then and go, oh man, it's super teams. It's not all true, man.

It's not all true. Not at all. Guess what? Running out of time. Listen, folks, it's been a fun week hanging out with you.

We've had a busy week. To go from the Kansas City Chiefs at the White House. Knowing that the Denver Nuggets, they might be there next. Dalvin Cook released Chris Paul, not wanted.

PGA and Liv Shep, did I miss anything? No, right? You got everything, including Zion. Is Zion?

Oh, whoa, whoa. I hope Zion is fast asleep at home by himself with the mother of his kid, I hope. I hope he's had a busy, seems like he's had a busy time away from the NBA. Anyway, I'm going to be back with you. Monday, 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. As a matter of fact, if you need more of me, I'll be on the radio tomorrow in New York City on WFAN Sports Radio.

You can listen on the free Odyssey app. And Shep, you're going to be here on CBS when? Yes, sir. 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, JR. JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio is done. Don't move. Don't go anywhere.

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