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JR SportBrief Hour 4

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May 24, 2023 1:58 am

JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR

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May 24, 2023 1:58 am

JR Discusses What The Lakers Must Do To Make It Work With LeBron Next Season

JR Sport Brief
JR Sport Brief
JR Sport Brief
JR Sport Brief
JR Sport Brief

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45% off selected products right now at Rules and restrictions may apply. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Thank you to everybody locked in, tuned in all over North America. I am JR. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia.

And I'm thrilled to be here with you tonight. Thank you to everybody listening on your local affiliate. I don't know what your station is called. I don't know what you're listening at. The score, the zone, the fan, the game.

I don't know. I'm just happy that you're listening. Thank you to everybody tuned in on the free Audacy app.

That's A-U-D-A-C-Y. I know there's people listening in their bedrooms, on their phone, at work, they're in the kitchen. They got it on the phone, man. I appreciate you. You could be locked in on Sirius XM channel 158. That's how I get down when I'm in my vehicle and or maybe not both. If you got a smart speaker, you could be listening as well.

All you have to do is say, hey, play CBS Sports Radio. We're being joined by super producer and host Dave Shepherd. He's holding it down on the boards in New York City. Me, I am holding it down in the studio in Atlanta, Georgia. Speaking of holding it down, the Boston Celtics, they held it down tonight.

I don't want to say one night only, but they stayed alive for an additional night. The Celtics go down to Miami, stay in Miami, and they beat the Heat 116 to 99. The Boston Celtics entered tonight in a 0-3 hole, and now Miami leads the series 3-1 after the Celtics picked up this W. Jason Tatum went out there. He had 33 points tonight. Ridiculously efficient. 14 of 22 from the field. He was 4 of 9 from downtown. Also contributed 11 rebounds and 7 assists.

Also had some nice defense as well. Two blocks to go along with a steal. So I guess this means Jason Tatum is going to wake up on Thursday up in Boston, and he'll have 15 points.

I don't know. Jalen Brown had 17. Every starter for the Boston Celtics scored in double figures. Grant Williams had 14 points off the bench. And for the Miami Heat? Oh, they sucked.

They did. Jimmy Butler, 29 points. 9 of 21 from the field.

8 of 32. The Miami Heat shot 8 of 32 from 3. They got so much work, so many points from some of their bench dudes. Duncan Robinson had 22 points the other night. Tonight, Duncan Robinson could only muster 2 points in 11 minutes. Caleb Martin contributed 16 points. Vincent, who had 20 plus, I think 29, 27 points.

Tonight, he only had 17. And so the Miami Heat, they gave, they have given the Boston Celtics a little bit of life. And so as we go forward over the next two hours, we'll talk about the Celtics and the Heat. We'll spend some time on LeBron James. All over the NFL, there's been a lot of updates as teams have opened up OTAs. Aaron Rodgers dealing with a little bit of a calf. And Lamar Jackson in Baltimore, happy to be back, but I guess that's a start.

And so we got more to do. And if you don't like Roger Goodell, it sucks for you. Roger Goodell is going to be around for quite a few more years. But let's get to this Jimmy Butler guy. Because tonight, after the loss, after missing out on an opportunity to close out the Boston Celtics at home, Jimmy Butler, by the way, he was fined $25,000 for not speaking to the media after Sunday night's win. Tonight, Jimmy Butler did speak, and he was asked, hey, did y'all give the Celtics too much life here? Only one loss, obviously, but is there any concern on your part that this could start to build momentum on the Boston side of things?

No. If anything, it'll build momentum for us, knowing that we have to play with a lot more energy. And, you know, we got to play like our backs are against the wall. But I think all year long we've been better in the red to do things the hard way. Jimmy, sometimes in the playoffs there can be kind of these big swings within a series.

There can be big emotional swings. After a game like this, how do you personally kind of avoid from getting too low yourself? Stay consistent. Do the same thing that I do that we do after every game. We're going to listen to some music. We're going to drink some beers back there.

We're going to go have some wine. I don't think that you could just focus on basketball all the time. You have to be able to, you know, get away from the game a little bit.

Think about it. But at the end of the day, you fall back on, you know, your habits, how consistent you're going to be. And myself and my teammates, we're going to do the same thing. We're going to smile. We're going to be in this thing together like we always are. We're going to go get one on the road. I lost all track of everything he said after having some beer and having some wine.

I want to know how much beer and how much wine are they going to have. He says they're going to take game five, JR. Say again, what? He says they're going to take game five on the road. Well, they can. Why not?

I mean, the Boston Celtics, they've been up and down. I want some beer. I want some wine. But you don't drink, right? You don't drink, right? No.

Not after I got my ass kicked in a game four that I should have won. No, I wouldn't drink. Oh.

Well, in the general sense, even if you, well, you don't play in the NBA, but you don't drink anyway. Well, I'll drink if the party is right and the mood strikes. Oh.

Yes. What you drinking? Pinot Noir. Oh. Pinot Grigio. How about you, JR?

What type of parties you going to? Well, you know, I mean, I fancy myself with certain people and I like to get busy every now and then, so. Get busy? What's that mean?

It means connect with individuals. Playboy. Playboy shop. No, I have a girlfriend. Oh. Yes, sir. Oh, oh, oh. Excuse me. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. This is, I don't, I don't, do we want to talk about this on air? JR, listen to me. You're a good friend of mine.

I got no, I know people want to talk Celtics and Heat, but if you ever want to question anything in terms of my relationship, I'm an open book, my friend. This is new. This is new.

No, no. It's, I haven't seen her for a little bit. A couple months?

A little less, a little less, yeah. Oh, so it's still new. Still new. Still new, man, but you know what? It's what makes life exciting.

Connecting with people that you, you know, have fun with. Let's put it that way. Oh, congratulations. I hope it works out amazing for you. JR, you and me both, and you're going to get an invitation to my wedding, so just be ready. Oh, nice. I mean, if it's her or whoever it's going to be, you're getting an invitation to my wedding. You know that. I'll come to the wedding.

I appreciate that, man. I'll come to the wedding. Where's it going? I got to travel? Where's it going to be? You might have to travel, but you've been here before. It's probably going to be... Oh, New York. It's going to be in New York. Yeah, probably, yeah.

Yeah, I was there last week. Go ahead. Well, I mean, you travel on planes like people travel here on subways, so that's no problem for you. Yeah, I take day trips. Exactly. I'll come up to your wedding.

Is it going to be in Manhattan, or I got to go to an island or something? Oh, I don't know. I mean, listen, anyone listening knows this. Male or female, you know this, JR. I've never been married. Well, there's two words to a really healthy relationship, whether it's in the beginning stages or the marriage, it's yes, dear.

And so with that being said, wherever she wants the wedding, that's where I'm going to go. Maybe that's why I'm not married, shut up. I didn't learn that. Well, your time is coming. You think? I know. I might be too late. Yeah, because you're so old. You're in your 30s. God, I mean, you're ancient. Yeah, well, I mean, I got things to do.

It doesn't include marriage right now. You say that for now. Well, what happened what? No, I'm just saying, you seem like, I mean, you had a call the last segment, and this happens all the time. People call and seek your wisdom.

I believe that part of you wants to be a father, and I believe you were born to be a father. And so I see that coming sooner than later for you. Oh, well, thank you. Yeah, I think I already am, shut, but that might be already done. I didn't know that.

We'll see what happens. I didn't know that. This is Brandon. I don't think people realized you were a dad. Yeah, I told you, I'm Father Abraham out of here. I got many sons. Oh, I didn't know that.

Yeah, many sons had Father Abraham. Got it. That's so cool, man. Congratulations. Well, thank you.

Thank you. Maybe I'll bring him, and I don't know, I'll bring a date to the wedding. You just let me know when you're married. I never knew you had a son.

You really do have a son. I never knew that. Yeah, I got, yeah, man, yeah.

I never knew that, man. I'm sorry. I never inquired. I didn't want to poke the bear. Sorry, Grant Williams.

That's none of my business, but congratulations, man. Who's the guy that the bear got poked? Who's that guy? Jimmy Butler, right? Jimmy Butler, yes, sir. Yeah, well, Jimmy Butler, he's like me. He ain't worried about nothing.

Well, let's see if this guy's worried about anything. Hey, Lee from San Diego, you want to go to Shep's wedding? No, I can't make it, man. I'm just able.

Whoa. Hey, I want to talk about the Padres and this schedule they have the next eight games. They need to sweep the Nationals and take two out of three for the Yankees and two out of three for the Marlins. Lee really cares about my life, geez. What was that?

No, go ahead. If they can win five or six of these next games, I still have some hope, but hey, this team has underachieved the whole season. I'm really worried about them, but I'm not too worried because I think they can turn it around. Well, it's not even Memorial Day, Lee. Yeah, I know, man. So, I mean, when does the season end? September, October? I think you've got some time here.

Yeah, they have some time, but they're just pushing it a little bit, I think. Yeah, well, tell Soto to get some more hits and stop walking all the time. Hey, let me ask you this. Maybe you need to take advice from Jimmy Butler. Why don't you have some beer, have some wine, and just forget about it for a little while? Well, I've already done that, bro.

Oh, well, damn. Well, just keep track of your liver, okay, Lee? Hey, man.

Yeah, keep pace between now and September, okay? Call me back. All right.

All right, Jared. Thanks for taking my call. All right, thank you, Lee, for calling.

Have a good night. Thank you, Lee, for calling. Listen, I'm not- We're going to listen to some music. We're going to drink some beers back there. I'm going to go have some wine.

Yeah, take advice from Jimmy Butler. When life- Instead of having- Is it supposed to be a Kit Kat bar or- I don't know what that stupid commercial is. What's the commercial, Shep, where they say you're angry and- Snickers. Snickers, yeah. Have some beer, have some wine.

I think people have been doing that for generations. Hey, John is calling from Virginia. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, John, what part of Virginia are you calling from? I'm from Alexandria, Virginia, JR. Oh, you're from Alexandria? What, you are for like 495? I'm right near 495 off Telegraph Road in Alexandria, Virginia.

Born and raised in Alexandria. Hey, don't give us your social over the phone, okay? I'm not going to do that, JR.

I'm not going to do that. I call you Mr. Glass. Mr. Glass? You are so smooth on the radio. Glass is smooth?

Glass is smooth, JR. When I think about glass- Hey, JR, I'm calling because I'm a little bitter. I'm a little bitter about the NBA playoff games because I got to listen to them on my radio in my little tool room I got in my home that I built. I'm sitting here trying to listen to broadcasts about the games and stuff. It's just kind of depressing that you can't watch it on TV and see them big guys running up and down that court, man.

Something about it just puts a chill up my back. Anyway, I hear you were in DC for two weeks. No, I wasn't into DC for two weeks. I pop up in DC all the time, but not for two weeks, like a day, two days, three days. I pop up and I leave. What did I miss?

Well, you really didn't miss much. I grew up here, but I flew a rock and hit DC from here eight miles away. I know. I know. You got to drive by all the police officers first.

They'd be trying to pull everybody over. Well, look, I tried to call you last night and I drank a whole bottle of wine sitting here in my tool room. Wait, what type of wine were you drinking? Well, it was a red wine, and I'm really not a wine drinker. A friend of mine gave me a whole bottle of it, so I drank the whole damn bottle. Why?

Why? What's that? Why did your friend give you an entire... What was the occasion?

Oh, he doesn't drink it, and one of the girls across the street from where he lives gave it to him just as a gift, and he asked me if I wanted it. My wife and I, I've been married 38 years. Oh, congrats. What's the key to 38 years of marriage?

Give us some tips here. Yes, mother. Yes, mother. Mother? You call your wife mama? What? Sometimes. Sometimes.

Call her. Hey, listen, don't give me no more details about that stuff, man. I don't want to know that. Nothing bad, JR. Nothing bad at all, brother. I'm a happily married man.

Got three grown kids and seven grandkids. Oh, congratulations. Well, thank you, sir. Yeah, I may call a lady mama every now and then.

I don't know about mother, but anyway. I'm just kidding, JR. But anyway, it's been a real pleasure listening to you and following you on the radio, and I wanted to ask you one question before I go. When you go to sleep at night, because you're so knowledgeable about sports, do you dream about sports? You don't want to know what I dream about, John.

It's none of your business. Oh, my God, JR. Get down. Yeah, get down.

I heard that in the 70s. Hey, John, thank you for calling from VA, okay? Good night. Well, thank you. Calls his wife mama.

Why? Well, not mama. Calls her mother.

I don't know, they got whips and chains in their basement, none of my business. 855-212-4CBS. Ed is calling from Pittsburgh. What's up, Ed? Hey, JR. Nobody has ever come back from an 0-3 deficit to win the playoffs series in NBA history, right? Yeah, 149 and nothing.

You're going to be the first? Hey, I'm thinking if the Heat don't win one of these last two games, I really don't like their chances at Boston for such a game. Wait, wait.

Help me out here. Why don't I respect them? You think the Boston Celtics, they got, well, now it's 150 now after last night, huh? You are correct, sir. So, Ed, you're saying that the Celtics, thank you, Shep. You're saying the Celtics, they got a chance? What are you saying? Yeah, I'm saying that. Why don't I respect the Heat?

They won three games, they won two games in Boston, but I still don't like their chances in the seventh game in Boston. I don't know. That's a you problem, not me.

I don't know. I thought the Celtics were going to win this series, and I've changed my mind. I don't want to change my mind again.

I was right with you all the way. Yeah, well, I think the Boston Celtics have shown to be too inconsistent to my taste, so I think they had a game tonight, and they're going to go home. Look, I would not be shocked if they made the series 3-2, but to think that they're going to sweep them four? But let's be real, and I've said this.

I said this last night. Anybody who wants to run around like the Miami Heat woke up, and that all of a sudden they've been, you know, world beaters throughout all year, they're fooling themselves. This is a team that basically finished the season sitting at.500. This is a team that had to go into the playing. This is a squad that lost to the Atlanta Hawks. They almost lost to the Chicago Bulls, and then they went and took on the Milwaukee Bucks, and they got a battery put in their back.

And so let's not wake up and be fooled and go, oh my God, this is the greatest team since sliced bread. The Miami Heat have been able to turn things on. They deserve what they've been able to do and accomplish, but the Celtics still have more talent. Are they the better team? I wouldn't say so.

Miami's been a better team here, and the Celtics got to prove that they can win out. It's unlikely. We'll see, though. I don't believe it. Now, listening to Jimmy Butler tonight, it sounds like he doesn't really fear the Celtics, you know, really?

Well, there's nothing wrong with some beer and some water. It doesn't sound like he's concerned either. Hey, Ed, thank you for calling from Pittsburgh. See you, JR. All right, peace out. Look, Draymond Green said the other day on his own podcast, Draymond Green was just like, they quit. They quit. They quit. They quit. They quit. They quit. Hey, listen to what Draymond said from the other night, just about that whole Grant Williams situation where he challenged Jimmy Butler.

Listen to this. You know when you know it's not going well for something? After the game, Grant started talking about, man, my mama and my daddy taught me. My man started talking about the morals and values that he grew up on. Like, bro, you just got dropped off by Jimmy Butler.

Like, we didn't question how you was raised, my dog. They were losing the league. Energy was gone. Like, he hit the train and started talking crazy. As much as we all want to blame Grant Williams, that ain't Grant Williams' fault.

Grant Williams supposed to do that. When you do that, yeah, you do got to stand on that. And of course, you're going to hear it. Like, ain't no passes. But you then need JT and JB to like, come on now.

Turn it into gear and cover your man. After the game, they asked JB about Grant and poking the bear or whatnot. And he said, next question. To me, I'm like, oh, they done.

You can't next question it, JB. The Celtics quit. Did they quit tonight? I think this is what makes the Celtics so, so maddening. Is that they can look like they quit one game, which they did. And they can come out tonight and seemingly not miss a shot.

It's the JR Sport Reef Show on CBS Sports Radio. On the other side of the break, we're going to hear from Jason Tatum. And that 16-0 run that the Celtics went on in the third quarter. We'll hear from Marcus Smart. You know, he previously said, heading into tonight's game, that if you give us one game, we might bounce back. We have a good chance of bouncing back.

And then we certainly know. You want to talk about quitting, calling it a wrap? Last night, LeBron James kind of teased that it might be curtains for him.

I don't believe it. We got some news in the NFL as well revolving or involving the kickoff. Roger Goodell is not going anywhere. Aaron Rodgers is participating in OTAs for the New York Jets.

We got a lot to do. Plus you, here on CBS Sports Radio, the JR Sport Reef Show. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. I do want to say, I've never called in. I love listening to you. I've been listening for years.

And, man, your show and what you say is just beautiful. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Man, the hell is going on down in Florida? Well, I mean, there's a lot going on in Florida, but I'm not going anywhere.

I mean, there's a lot going on in Florida, but I'm not going anywhere. The Blue Jays just smacked the living hell out of the Rays tonight 20-1. Vladimir Guerrero's child, I'm sorry, as far as I'm concerned, forget Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. I remember Vladimir Guerrero.

Vladimir Guerrero's kid had six RBIs tonight. 20-1 the Blue Jays beat up on the Tampa Bay Rays. And 10 of those runs came against position players. So at one point they were ahead, 10-1. And then the Tampa Bay Rays pretty much said, we quit, we give up. And then they had position players out there and then they tacked on another 10. And in that process the Blue Jays have ended a five-game losing streak.

That's a beat down. And I know Jimmy Butler was talking about sitting around having some beer and having some wine. Well, I mean, sheesh, if we know baseball players, they like to drink. Better go have some wine. Yeah, I think if you're the Rays tonight, you're having a good combination of the beer and the, well, please don't do it together. But after 20-1 you might be drinking in the dugout.

I've seen that before, not recently though. 855-2124 CBS, that's 855-2124 CBS. Somebody who's probably not drinking, celebratory drinks, Jason Tatum. He woke up tonight, 33 points, helped the Celtics go over the heat. They're going back to Boston. And this is what Tatum had to say about his third quarter with the Celtics as a team. Man, they went on a 16-0 run. The start of the third quarter could have went the other way. You know, we gave up some threes. They got, we turned the ball over. But I think we just had to settle down a little bit. We saw a couple go in and, you know, we started to play free. We were getting stops, getting out in transition. The ball was popping and it was just finding guys.

Jalen Brown. He's been shooting the ball terribly this series. Not all that much better tonight, one of five from downtown, but he did add 17 points. But he talked about what he saw as an improvement tonight. Listen to this. Just stayed with it. Didn't turn the ball over and made the right reach, I think.

And defensively, we were pretty, a lot better today too. Oh, nice. Okay.

All right. Shep, I think they're going to win in Boston. They're going to win one more game in Boston, man.

Don't you think? Jared, considering they're under.500 at home and they're so inconsistent from game to game, I got to go with the heat. Oh, okay. Yeah. I know you want to see, you want to see a game six, no? I mean, the more basketball, I want to see competitive basketball. Right. So make them, make them play seven.

What do I care? I ain't got no money on this series. Just make them play seven. Oh, oh, by the way, that ass-swooping that just took place, well, it took place a couple hours ago. Twenty to one, the Blue Jays beat the Rays. Hey, the Blue Jays announcers, they were pretty excited, I think, about this. Let's hear them from the Blue Jays radio network.

O-two. Bounding ball, left side, charging in. Backhanded by Clement. Throws to first in time to finish the game. The Blue Jays absolutely scrubbed the Tampa Bay Rays tonight. George Springer has a massive night at the plate with Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. and Danny Jansen. Cannot forget about the effort that Jose Barrios turned in on the bump for the Blue Jays tonight. Oh, he wasn't excited. He was just ready to go home. Oh, Cedric Maxwell was nowhere to be found. Yeah, what did Cedric Maxwell say? Pancakes with no syrup in the face?

He would be correct. Oh, they sandwiched him. There was a pancake in his face with no syrup.

Take that with you, Pat Riley. Pancakes in the face with no syrup. I think we've all been there. I mean, I've had some pancakes.

They've been okay. It doesn't always need syrup if it, you know, if it has the right amount of milk in it and the texture is good. You know, all pancakes don't have to be, don't got to be dry.

Hey, Marco, can you relate or am I wrong here? No, as a matter of fact, my son actually usually has pancakes every morning with no syrup. Yeah, but who makes them? You make them perfect?

Who makes them perfect? Yeah, the microwave makes them perfect from the freezer. Are you kidding me? You think I got time to make pancakes in the morning? Oh, well, damn. I don't know.

You whip up the batter? I don't know. I don't know. Damn, JR, I get home like an hour before he wakes up, man. I'm working on the overnight. You think I got time to be, you know, whipping up pancakes before he goes to school?

I don't know. Maybe you want to get home and you get home an hour. You got time to whip up the batter.

You can make the batter the night before. Nah, man, that's my 45-minute net. Dad of the year, I am not. I'm just there for breakfast, you know. I'll put it together. I'll get the apples or the fruit or whatever it is. I get as milk, as vitamin. I take care of that, but we're not whipping up pancakes.

That's not happening. Oh, I can dig it. Well, at least you get a little fruit in there so you don't need syrup if you got the fruit. Yeah, no, like I said, every morning, that's usually his thing. I'll ask him every once in a while, it's a waffle. But again, no syrup. He's not a cereal guy.

Pancakes are a waffle. No syrup with some whatever fruit I got in the house. No fruit compote. No, that's too much. Nah, man.

I'm sorry. I don't know. I thought maybe you whip up the batter, you get a little fruit compote there and, you know, just serve it up.

I don't know, Marco. I'm not whipping up anything. Minute 15 in the microwave. When the beep goes off, breakfast is ready, man. That's about as long as it takes me to cut an apple. Yeah, it sounds like Major League Baseball right now. Just blink and it's done unless you're getting your ass whooped 20 to 1.

It takes a little bit more work. It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. We got a lot of callers here. If you're on the line, we will get you on. 855-2124, CBS.

That's 855-2124, CBS. I see the callers here. Want to talk about the Celtics, want to talk about the Heat, want to talk about LeBron, want to talk about the Nuggets. We're going to talk about the Jets. We'll get into some of this other stuff going on with the NFL and the kickoff rules. I guess the NFL is trying to wake up and be safe.

I didn't know football can be safe, but the NFL is going to try. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

Hey, JR. Such a fan of yours, man. Thanks for taking my call. You don't always get the most sane of callers, but you always handle it with such professionalism.

I really appreciate your content you put out, man. Call in now at 855-2124, CBS. So the Phoenix Suns, they are down to a head coaching search with five finalists. Nick Nurse, Doc Rivers, Frank Vogel, and then you got a couple of dudes who I'm not familiar with. Jordy Fernandez, who's the Kings assistant under, oh man, Shep, who just won Coach of the Year? Mike Brown. Mike Brown. And then you got an assistant coach, Kevin Young, who's already in the Suns organization. Like big deal.

So what? Who cares who coached the Phoenix Suns? Just who the hell is going to be on the team?

That's it. Like who is going to be on the team besides Kevin Durant, Booker? I mean, you could throw, I guess, Chris Paul in there. We've heard about the rumors, but you could throw him in there.

And then Cameron Payne. Who cares who coached the squad? It's nothing but a revolving door.

They played musical chairs. Your turn, my turn. I moved from this team to that team. Who cares?

Let me know what the roster looks like in a few months. 855-2124, CBS. That's 855-2124, CBS.

AP is calling from North Carolina. You're on the chair of Sport Brief Show. What up, JR? How you doing today? I'm pretty good. What's on your mind?

Sounds good. Nothing much, man. Shep, how you doing, bro? Doing well, AP. Always good to hear from you, my friend. Good. Hey, man. I just want to say one thing, man.

I love your show, number one. Number two, I really don't think LeBron is going to retire. I think he said that out of frustration, like JR said, he's just frustrated. He just got a sweet. But I really want to say, man, because I'm so funny about it. Because when Marco said, according to the Boston coach, was that wrong? That made my day. I'm not the only black guy that watches Seinfeld. But when he said that, I was about to pull over when he said that.

Was I wrong for doing that? I don't know what the hell you're talking about. I don't watch Seinfeld. I don't know what you're talking about. I think Shep knows exactly what I'm talking about. Shep, what did I miss? I missed something on my own show?

What happened? So, no. So what AP's referring to is basically George slept with a cleaning lady.

Maria. Yes, that worked at his company. And then he tried to plead the fifth. Like, I didn't know that was wrong. And he's like, I'm going to plead ignorance on this one.

So help me out here. What the hell does that have to do with anything that took place tonight? Oh, because Marco was making a joke about not knowing if it was wrong to write to sleep with. He was making a joke, yeah.

Yeah, with Imeo Doka sleeping with, you know, someone who was a subordinate. Did I say that tonight or yesterday? This was tonight. Tonight.

I said that tonight. I don't know. What do I know? Hey, maybe I wasn't making a joke, but anyway. No, I mean, it wasn't you making a joke. It was like, Marco was referring to the coach from Boston sleeping with a subordinate.

And he was like, you know, acting like George Costanza making a point to. Oh, I get it. With the lady, like, was I wrong for that? So.

Oh, my head. I said that she did. Was that wrong?

Should I not have done that? I tell you, I got to plead ignorance on this thing, because if anyone had said anything to me at all when I first started here that that sort of thing was frowned upon. Oh, see, I don't I don't know. I don't watch Seinfeld. Yeah, I missed out on the joke on my own show.

Look at that. Yeah, that was just so funny because I was driving home and when he said that, I was right. Oh, man, I was in tears going home from work. So I'm I'm glad that I love you. Well, thank you. I'm glad we could put together some some good audio for you. But what else is up, AP?

Not much, man. I just appreciate it. I love you, man. And I will continue to listen to you. And Marco, thank you for that reference, because that really made my day. So that's all I really wanted. Well, thank you, AP.

Thank you so much. I need to get up on on Seinfeld. I was just really talking about a guy sleeping with his co-workers. I didn't know it was a Seinfeld joke there.

Are there any other cultural or pop cultural references that I'm missing? Hey, Shep, is there another case where a guy sleep? Well, no, never mind. Never mind. In Friends.

OK, don't go there. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You've seen Friends, right? Have I seen Friends? Yeah. Lisa Kudrow's in Friends, right?

That would be correct. Now, there's five other big time feature players in that show. Besides Lisa Kudrow, yes. The one who was married to Brad Pitt? Yeah, Jennifer Aniston. So she actually, in that show... Luke Perry? So it's not Luke Perry, it's Matthew Perry. Is this a brother? No, they're not brothers.

Does it matter close enough? Yes. Luke Perry, I believe, actually passed away recently. Oh, drugs? I don't think it was drug-related. OK, all right. Rest in peace. He died young, yeah. All right, well, no, I don't know no other friends.

That's true. Sorry. There was a very similar episode where somebody did sleep with someone when they shouldn't have, involving a work-related...

I can think of a million real-life instances where someone slept with a subordinate, but that's why I said, let's not get into that. You can just open up the paper, that's it. I guess I'm old, open up the paper.

Just Google it, OK? 855-212-4CBS, that's 855-212-4CBS. Hey, Ime Udonka, Houston is a nice place. He's not going to have to stay in a building.

He can go outside. Carson is calling from Hawaii. You're on the JR Sportbree show. What's up, Carson? Hello. How's it going, JR?

Longtime listener, first-time caller. Thanks. Are those kids in the back? Yeah, yeah, they're actually my wife. How many are back there?

How many? There's just two, four-year-old and eight-year-old. Oh, congrats. Those are your kids? Yeah.

Beautiful. What's on your mind, Carson? No, I'm just saying I'm a Lakers fan. I've been a Lakers fan for a while, but I just can't understand how LeBron's gotten worse at shooting after playing basketball for 20 years.

Oh, my God. You think he got worse? He just takes a higher volume. I think on the three-point line, he can't shoot threes.

It's like Wes Brick was his shooting coach this year. He takes a higher volume of him, man. He's never been a shooter, so I'm not going to kill him over his shooting.

Yeah, yeah. I'm not trying to kill him or anything. It's just like I figure he shouldn't take acting classes. He could have been working on a three-point shot. He's slowing down.

He's getting older. Well, LeBron's career has been predicated on going to the basket and commanding an offense. I think anybody who's played ball gets this. Like, when you get tired, and I am going to equate this to being tired and getting older, you don't want to go to the basket. If I'm out there playing basketball for, I don't know, hours upon end, there's going to come a point in time where I'm just like, screw this crap. I ain't going to the basket.

I'm just going to pull up for a J. And the way the NBA has gone, he's going up for a whole lot of Js. He's taken a lot of threes, man. Yeah, he did take a lot of threes. I just can't believe how his shooting, it just had some real poor performances in the fourth quarter during this last series and everything. He had some open shots. I feel like he had some game-changing moments.

He's 38 years old, and he's had to drag this team more recently on his back. Yeah, yeah. You know, Jimmy Butler is a good example of somebody who came in the league and wasn't the best shooter, wasn't the most clutch. And he still ain't the best of shooters. Let's not paint Jimmy Butler like he woke up and became Ray Allen, okay? Yeah, yeah. I mean, I just watched his career. He became much more efficient in scoring and jump shots.

Well, there's a difference between becoming more efficient as an offensive player and then just hugely increasing your percentages, okay? Yeah, yeah. I understand.

Just give him a break, Carson. Come on. You got two kids. What's your jump shot look like? Hey, it used to be pretty good. I used to play quite a bit of basketball. Oh, used to. Okay, used to be. Okay. All right, Carson.

Thank you. What time is it out in Hawaii right now? Are you at Honolulu? No, no.

I'm on the Big Island, Big Island of Hawaii, Hilo side. It's 657, 650. 650. What, y'all get ready to have dinner? Yeah, no, actually, we just went out to dinner.

My youngest had gymnastics, so we just did the gymnastics thing, went out to dinner. And now, yeah, I usually listen to you on the way home from work, so. Oh, well, thanks. What's life like out there? Hey, Carson, I've been all over this damn country. I've been to Alaska. I have not been to Hawaii.

Why do I need to come visit? Well, you know, we got pretty much every climate zone on Earth right here on this island. We got, I think, every single temple zone but one glacial. So if you want to be snowboarding, snowboarding in the morning and surfing in the afternoon, there's just one island you can do that. All right.

Well, thank you, Carson. I've been everywhere in this country except for Hawaii, but I'll make my way out there sooner than later, okay? Yeah, the eruption. The eruption scene, too, is pretty epic. If you've never seen a live volcanic eruption, then Kilauea puts on the show. Do I want to see that? I would.

I think everybody's bucket list should be to see the power of that because it's a pretty amazing site. Oh, okay. Hey, I've lived through some pretty traumatic events here. I don't know if I want to add that to the list, but thank you, Carson. Right on, right on. Thanks, JR. Thanks for taking my call. All the best, man. Be safe out there. Yeah, man, I've lived through my share of events.

I don't know if I want to tackle a volcanic eruption. I think I'm okay. I'm good on YouTube, man. I can watch all that on YouTube.

It's the JR Sport Reef Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Listen, we're going to take a break in a second. And on the other side, we've got all this talk about LeBron and needs to improve as a shooter. He's 38. Okay, not everybody's going to beat Jason Kidd. And typically, most players, they do improve. They improve shooting as they're in the league longer. Well, I'm not going to complain about a guy who at 38 years old can still almost put up 30 points, eight rebounds, and eight assists a game.

Like, sign me up for that. What am I complaining about? Nothing. I won't.

It's the JR Sport Reef Show on CBS Sports Radio. I told you we will hear from Marcus Smart. We're going to hear from Aaron Rodgers. And I guess he's injured already?

What did he do? He ain't been around long enough to be hurt. OTAs are underway.

The NFL, they're out here changing rules for the kickoff. Roger Goodell is not going anywhere. No matter, he's speaking to LeBron in his retirement.

I want to cue up some audio from months ago. What's going to make LeBron James stick around? There's a lot to do before we go. It's the JR Sport Reef Show on CBS Sports Radio. If you're on the phone line, if you're on hold, if you're trying to call, I'm going to get you on on CBS Sports Radio. The HealthONE Healthcare System is proud to have been named one of the top places to work for women in the nation by Newsweek. HealthONE is the only healthcare provider in Colorado and one of only six organizations in the state to be recognized with this award. Thank you to all our colleagues, physicians, and volunteers for making HealthONE a great place to give and receive care. Learn more about our services, physicians, and locations by visiting That's

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