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May 19, 2023 1:38 am

JR SportBroef Hour 1

JR Sport Brief / JR

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May 19, 2023 1:38 am

JR looks at how the Miami Heat have caught everybody off guard in the NBA Playoffs

JR Sport Brief
JR Sport Brief

Listen up team, we've got a game to win.

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Be like me, bet for free. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

It is the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm happy to be here with you on a Thursday night. Thank you to everybody locked in all over North America.

I'm going to be here with you for the next four hours. This is the beginning. This is the genesis.

This is the impetus. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you so much to super producer and host Dave Sheppard. He's coming to you live from New York City. Like every night that I'm here on the radio. It doesn't matter if we're in a damn pandemic. It doesn't matter if I'm outside at an NFL draft. It doesn't matter if I'm in Atlanta, New York, your city. It doesn't matter what the hell I'm at or where I'm at or what I'm doing. We're going to have a busy four hours.

Thank you so much. If you follow me on social media at JR Sport Brief, that is Twitter, that is Facebook, you will already know everything that we will discuss tonight. The Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets going at it again in game two. Denver leads the series heading into tonight, 53 to 48.

Right now at halftime, the Los Angeles Lakers lead 53 to 48. LeBron with 10, Anthony Davis with a poor seven points, one of six from the field. Rui Hachimura stepped up defensively last game to try to stop Nikolay Jokic, but tonight he contributes offensively. He is a perfect seven of seven from the field with 17 points.

And so we'll continue to talk about this game as it gets ready to move into the second half. Nikolay Jokic, just a normal night, 16 points, eight rebounds, five assists at the half. Jamal Murray has 10 points. Aaron Gordon, six.

Michael Porter Jr. with five. We will keep you up to date as the night rolls on. Unfortunately, there's some bad news in the world of sports. Brett Favre is in the news again, Sports Illustrated, really doing some investigative journalism as it relates to the Mississippi welfare scandal. The Oakland Athletics. We know they want to move from Oakland to Las Vegas, and it seems that they're asking for Nevada.

They're asking them for too much damn money. Tiger Woods not only dealing with ankle surgery, seems like he is dealing with an ex relationship, suing him for money. Tiger Woods is always into something. For all my tennis fans out there, I'm a huge tennis fan, Rafael Nadal, you will not be seeing this man participating on the clay at the French Open. He says, my hip hurts.

Don't look for me. So we got a lot to discuss. Mitch Trubisky has a new contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Matt Ryan tells everybody again, he's on a whole tour. Not that he's joined CBS, but that he's not retiring. And then Antonio Brown, Antonio Brown is returning to the football field?

Trust me, I will explain. You can always listen to this show on the free Odyssey app. You can tune in on Sirius XM Channel 158. You can always lock you can always lock in on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate.

And if you have a smart speaker, all you have to do is ask it to play CBS Sports Radio. Super producer and host Dave Shepherd, how are you this evening? You doing okay? I'm doing well, JR. It is always a pleasure to be with you, my friend.

And we are getting a fascinating Western Conference Finals, my friend. Yeah, well, we'll talk about that later. So how are you, man? I'm okay, man. I'm good. Good. I'm living and breathing. I got nothing to complain about.

Never do. Yeah, you're damn right. I got plenty to complain about, but why do it? That's a good point, too. Who cares? Nobody cares.

Sticking and moving out here. That's the story of life. Listen, if you are a fan of the Denver Nuggets, you don't have a reason to complain as they just get underway here in the third quarter. You know, last night we saw another damn good matchup between the Miami Heat and the Celtics. If you're a Celtics fan, you might have a reason to complain as they pretty much choked away the game in the third quarter, allowing the Miami Heat to score 46 points. And the Heat walked away with that W 123 to 116. And all last night, and this has bled even into today, we really have to hear about just how scrappy the Miami Heat are, how disrespected the Miami Heat are, you know, how much they've had to endure throughout the course of the season that that makes them just prime for the spot that they're in right now having to go into the play in. There was no better example last night than when Jimmy Butler was asked point blank by a reporter, man, did you expect to be here in this spot right now?

And Jimmy Butler, he had an easy answer. Listen to it. Damn right. I did.

Damn right. We did. And the best part about it is we still don't care what none of y'all think. Honestly speaking, we don't care if you pick us to win. We never have.

We never will. We know the group of guys we have in this locker room. We know that Coach Bo puts so much confidence and belief in each and every one of us.

Coach Pat as well. And so our circle is small, but the circle got so much love for one another. We pump constant confidence into everybody. And we go out there and we hoop. We play basketball the right way, knowing that we always got a chance. Knowing that we always got a chance. And that's the right attitude to have.

If you know who you are, then why the hell would you care what anybody else thinks? I appreciate that from Jimmy Butler. I appreciate that from the Miami Heat. A team in the NBA playoffs that only has nine, or let me correct myself. I'm giving them too much credit. A team that has nine undrafted players.

Count them nine. And here they are. Just trying to get closer and closer to another NBA Finals.

It's amazing, right? This is the same Miami Heat team that went 44 and 38 in the regular season. This is the same Miami Heat team that a lot of people looked at and said, why are they still playing?

Why don't they just quit? Why we don't look for draft picks? And a matter of fact, this is the same Miami Heat team that throughout the course of these playoffs, due to a broken hand against the Milwaukee Bucks, they don't have Tyler Hero out there. This is the same Miami Heat team that lost in the play-in to the Atlanta Hawks. This is the same Miami Heat team that shrugged off that L and then beat the Bulls to clinch the eighth seed when they were technically the seventh seed.

I mean, even after that victory, securing a spot in the post-season against the Bucks and knocking them out and then knocking out the Knicks. And now here taking on the Celtics, even to get in the play-in, Eric Spolstra said he knew who was in his own locker room. He knew about the heart of his team when the real playoffs got underway. I do know one thing about the men in that locker room the last 48 hours. I know how categorically, unequivocally, how badly and desperately our group wanted to get into this damn thing and get into the playoffs to have an opportunity to compete for a title.

And that's the part that I love about this group. Even when there's some frustrating times during the season, I know how badly the guys want to win and how much they put into it. And it was just great to see, you know, that competitive spirit. Well, we saw that competitive spirit last night.

We saw that they didn't quit down at halftime against the Celtics in Boston, that they bounced back, that they dropped 46 points, that Joe Mazzola looked clueless on the side of the bench, and they walked away with a victory. And then even speaking to the media today, Eric Spolstra, he went back to the play-in tournament. Eric Spolstra went right back to adversity and talked about how it has helped build this team up.

He said, I do know the play-in helped. They are far less teams tanking. Everyone was fighting for it those last two months. Every game was must-see TV. I think for the league, that's probably the best thing that's happened in a decade. For the own crap that his team went through, he said. It was a blessing to be able to go through all of that. I've not been part of a regular season like that, and I think we all grew and got better from it. To not let it collapse our spirit, but really to harden us and steal us and bring us closer together and develop that kind of grit and perseverance that's needed in the postseason. It's the fun part about sports.

It can mirror life. That when you're beat up, you're beat down, you're punched around, you're smacked around, you're kicked, you're shoved. What are you going to do about it? You're going to roll up like a ball. You're going to explode.

You're going to drift away. You're going to stand there and endure through the beat down. Think about pressure.

It's either going to burst and pop some pipes or it's going to make a diamond. There's no way to avoid adversity. It's what the hell you do when you actually face it. And so the Miami Heat here, yeah, I've said it.

I got no problem. I still like the Celtics to win this series, but it's real easy to root for a team like the Heat, who've been counted out, who are not supposed to be here, supposed to be eliminated, who don't have a, you know, real, real stars throughout the course of the roster outside of Jimmy Butler and the corpse of Kyle Lowry whenever he decides to awaken. You got to appreciate that. You got to appreciate the scrappy dudes that are on the team right now, giving it their all because top to bottom, roster to roster, they shouldn't beat the Celtics in the series. You look at the roster, you look at the talent, they shouldn't walk away and go to the NBA finals, but they have a chance to do so because they don't give up and they don't quit. Now, Eric Spoelstra about to play in, I don't know about this being the greatest thing the NBA has seen in 10 years.

I don't know about that. I also am not all that confident that teams ain't tanking out here. Go ahead and ask Mark Cuban in the Dallas Mavericks or go ask Jason Kidd.

You know, don't ask Jason Kidd anything because Jason Kidd is going to tell you, I'm just going to do and say what my bosses want me to. But there's still plenty of teams tanking. Did you see the San Antonio Spurs for the past, I don't know, three years? Have you seen the Oklahoma City Thunder even though that they have tanked themselves into some, some all star level players? Plenty of teams still tanking. For me, the plan is still delaying the inevitable. It's giving people great games to watch.

And for me, it's given a lot of folks false hope. Sorry, Eric Spoelstra. Not everybody is the Miami Heat. Not everybody has Pat Riley. Not everybody has the video coordinator turned future hall of fame coach. Not everybody has a dude who at one point of his life was based basically homeless looking for a place to live like Jimmy Butler.

Not everybody has the wherewithal to, you know, deal with adversity and still keep going. And so yeah, the plan is nice. Let's the people watch an extra OKC game. It lets Patrick Beverley lose his mind up in Minnesota like he's won an NBA championship. It lets my friends here in Atlanta feel, feel more positive about the Hawks. But hey, you, you the Miami Heat. You're the first play-in team to actually go forward and win a series. Yeah, the play-in is only as old as the pandemic.

That's when all of this got started. Not everybody's the Heat. Not everybody's Pat Riley.

And how about this? And not everybody is Jimmy Butler with the ability to turn it on like the oven in the postseason. And so good on y'all. I like the Heat.

I ain't all that big of a fan of the plan. And kudos to y'all. Let's see what they can do. Will they be able to snatch up a second game in Boston against the Celtics?

If they do that, then God bless them. They very well might be on their way to another NBA finals, except for this one. It won't be in no stinking bubble in Disneyland. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. We are just getting started. If you want to talk to me, this is the phone number. It's 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. I will pick up the phone lines on the other side of this break. We'll get into something going on with the commanders. Plenty of things going on with the Oakland Athletics.

Even the Phoenix Coyotes or the ArizonaOX's or the yeas or the Tacoma chants, they are nine multiplex of the game. we'll get into that something going on with the commanders plenty of things going on with the Oakland Athletics even the Phoenix Coyotes or the Arizona Coyotes then you may be calling them something else pretty soon Brett Favre is in the news, Rafael Nadal is in the news, Tiger Woods is in the news, Mitch Trubisky has a new contract and the Los Angeles Lakers and the Nuggets are going at it right now I'll give you a score, I'll pick up the phones, we'll get into everything I just discussed my name is JR, it's the JR Sportbrief show CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio JR wants to hear from you, call him now at 855 212 4 CBS that's 855 212 4227 it's the JR Sportbrief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio just showed some love to the Miami Heat to get things started especially after the victory last night up in Boston against the Celtics they're gonna try to take a 2-0 series lead starting tomorrow right now in Denver Colorado the Denver Nuggets are trying to take a 2-0 series lead against the Los Angeles Lakers but the Lakers have pretty much held control here throughout the course of the game Los Angeles currently leads 70 to 64, it's about four minutes left here in the third quarter and Rui Hachimura got things started for the Los Angeles Lakers with 17 points in the first half Anthony Davis trying to show some signs of life here with 11 points still 2 of 9 from the field 855 212 4 CBS that's 855 212 4 CBS let's go ahead and talk to Clarence he's calling up from Mississippi we're going to talk about Mississippi later in the show especially with that Brett Favre guy hey Clarence you're on the JR Sportbrief show what's going on? Clarence you're live on the radio oh my god Clarence try your best to come back okay I don't know what the hell is going on with Clarence 855 212 4 CBS 855 212 4 CBS and then the top hey Shep did Clarence break the phone or what happened with this guy Clarence? Clarence at the moment I'm trying to make sure he's there Tom was not there when I went to him just to make sure he's ready yeah I was going to say Clarence was here and just broke everything right there was this guy what was the other guy's name?

yeah what was the other guy's name? Tom in Wichita and we even had Chris in California but Chris lost service so Clarence is out here he just broke everything congratulations to Clarence for breaking the phones thank you Clarence for Mississippi maybe it has something do you think it's related to Brett Favre? I will assume it is get ready to talk about the Brett Favre guy and all of a sudden I mention Brett Favre in Mississippi and the phones go out it's pretty ridiculous Tom is here I think this is Tom unless he got snatched up or fell into the toilet Tom is here from Wichita you're on CBS Sports Radio what's up Tom? yes sir we had some screw up there but I'm back listen I just wanted your opinion because this has been buzzing since they did it why did the NBA go to tenths of a second toward the end of a game because this is not track and field it's not swimming I just don't get it does it really make a difference in the game? why does the NBA go to tenths of a second at the end of a game? why? I think to help it actually makes sense is to help determine position it's to help determine if somebody can get a shot off the NBA has established that it can take you three tenths of a second on an inbounds pass to get a shot off and so I think it's legitimate that you do it because it's real time does that make sense?

that makes sense and explain it to me that way it just being a fact that I've always used tenths of a second like I said for track and field and swimming but you know that kind of competition but I didn't know why it is but that cleared up a little there's really not too much of a difference if you're running a race and you have a finish line you want to cross that line if you wanna hit a gun or trigger you have a set time if you are trying to get off a shot you want to at least have something established that the shot got off in time and so I think that's it's reasonable to go to tenths of a second by the time we get to the end of quarters or halves makes sense okay well thank you for explaining to me that way it didn't click with me like that how long have you been thinking about that? a little while obviously okay alright do you have anything else that's been bugging you? I may be able to help you about area 51 there we go I love that I guess because last time I talked to you we were talking about this whole thing with the new golf company that's out there live golf and you were explaining to me in a beautiful way if it really is going to help or not because that's all still up in the air you know yeah it still exists but I don't know who the hell is watching it exactly that's where I'm at so pardon me for being old school nah it ain't old school man old, young, new ain't nobody watching live golf unless you're from Saudi Arabia and you're actually paying for it hey Tom I appreciate you man thanks bye bye no doubt about it yeah who's watching? who's watching live golf not me? I saw the XFL had its its championship game a couple of days ago I didn't watch that crap either sorry oh my god this guy's here Clarence from Mississippi hey Clarence you there? JR what's going on man you see the favorite?

I did what? how you doing? I'm good what happened to you? you broke the phones my phone dropped oh your phone dropped oh ok oh it happens no one wants your questions yes what are you thinking ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Lakers are they gonna do it or not? thanks for taking my call oh no doubt Clarence I'll answer you mate just don't drop the phone again look the Los Angeles Lakers how do I feel about them I think the Lakers can win a championship they gotta get past Denver to do it right now Denver just went on like a 10 nothing run and the Lakers are barely holding on to a lead the score is currently 76 to 74 who knows this series might go seven games I I have no idea this is the good part about this season there is no clear-cut winner there is no team that's head and shoulders above everybody else and we gotta wait to see how things progress Jokic is having another ridiculous game not a 30-20 well he might get there 21 points 14 rebounds and 9 assists so Nicola Jokic here in the playoffs is an assist away from basically having another triple double and it's not like he's getting a whole lot of help out here we have more of a lower scoring game this go around in game two next highest scorer is Jamal Murray with 14 points Bruce Brown has nine Anthony Davis for the Lakers only 11 LeBron 16 D'Angelo Russell he remembered how to play basketball today he has 10 points and Austin Reeves just every day China earn more and more cash he has 14 points so we'll keep you up to date with the Los Angeles Lakers and in Denver as they get ready to pull into the fourth quarter a little about a minute left here in the third something that is in its its final stages I wanna mention this as well for my friends in Washington DC in the DMV and Maryland and Virginia this can't come soon enough and it's the the finalized sale of the Washington commanders from Daniel Snyder to Josh Harris the NFL has its its spring meetings next week amongst its owners I imagine all these old crotchety dudes go into a room bitching and complaining with each other about how much money the players are making but one thing that will not be on their agenda is the sale of the commanders we know last week that there was a full sale agreement that was finalized and announced by both Joshua Harris and Daniel Snyder for the commanders to sell for six or a little over six billion dollars this is gonna be the the highest a sale price for a franchise not just in North American sports but for planet earth so the Washington commanders ridiculously valuable but the NFL is is still looking through the numbers the owners are still having meetings to to check out the final details so whenever they decide to sell they know that they are not out there being screwed and I know commanders fans they just want this to be official and when the day comes I don't know where the hell you would hold a parade but they should have one in the DMV they should hold the parade to walk Daniel Snyder right into the Potomac because that's where he belongs he doesn't belong as the owner of an NFL franchise and they can't get him outta here soon enough it's gonna take 24 of the 32 owners to approve this sale and I venture to say there's going to be a vast majority if not all of them or outside of their own may not voting that are gonna say yeah we we need Daniel Snyder outta here Jim Irsay from the Indianapolis Colts has been very clear about Dan Snyder how he's publicly making the league look bad and he needs to get outta here sooner then later so commanders fans just relax a little bit longer commanders are gonna be sold 855-2124 CBS Lou is calling from North Carolina you're on the JR sport b-show go ahead Lou Hey there how you doing buddy very well I'm going to give you my prediction for the winner of the NBA championship okay go ahead you want to guess who I'm going to pick? nope take a stab no thank you Lou I put Lou on hold he's like hey take a guess what am I miss Cleo? like you're here on the radio you have a chance to just tell me and talk to me about it you want me to play a guessing game? I don't wanna play who am I just tell me next time it's the JR sport b-show on CBS sports radio 855-2124 CBS that's 855-2124 CBS you won't have to guess what I'm gonna talk about when we come back from break the commanders aren't the only team potentially on a move the Oakland A's we know they want to go to Vegas and there's a hockey team in Arizona that might move to Kansas City that's what Patrick Mahomes wants we're gonna talk about all of it you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio a longtime listener but first time caller I just wanted to say I love your show because you keep it real you're all about the people from what I can tell I mean you're as real as it gets call in now at 855-212-4CBS I can tell you what else is real before we went to break I told you about the commanders there won't be an official vote by the NFL owners next week for their sale from Daniel Snyder to Josh Harris I'm gonna tell you what's real about the Oakland Athletics and the Phoenix Coyotes I'll do that momentarily 855-212-4CBS it's 855-212-4CBS Anthony he's calling from Ontario you're on CBS sports radio what's on your mind Hi JR first of all thank you for taking my call I'm happy to be on the air sure thank you yes and second of all if I had to describe your show in one word that word would be cool it is a pleasure to sit back and hear you do your thing and just hear you do and hear you speak your mind so so you know keep up the great work and you know I'm gonna keep listening so yeah here's my question to you I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan I've always trusted the draft process you know this year was no exception it was a little boring but no exception the last few years McCartney has been on the hot seat my question to you is I believe this is Dak's third or fourth year going into a huge contract my question to you is in your opinion do you believe this could be a make or break year for Dak Prescott we know Aaron Rodgers has left the NFC Tom Brady retired so you know it's as usual win now mode in Dallas so I'd like to you know get your opinion on that I'll hang up and thank you again bye. Thank you Anthony for calling from Ontario no I don't think this is a make or break for Dak Prescott you just said it every year the Dallas Cowboys are sitting on these expectations and unfortunately it also seems that every year Jerry Jones still has a decent amount of patience for a team that is is good but they haven't been good enough to go out there and win a championship and we know Mike McCarthy I think if anything happens he'll be the first man to get fired to get the boot we know that it's it hasn't been difficult for Jerry Jones to come out and talk about how I got I got Dan Quinn on staff and Mike McCarthy knows that he won't be the head coach of the Cowboys forever it's like man just just slow down a little bit it seemed like Jason Garrett was gonna be the head coach forever and so yes Dak is still here I believe he's moving into year three of that that four-year deal that he signed I don't believe he's going to be on the hot seat and when you think about the average cost of his deal per year at 40 mil he's still pretty much on a on a discount given his production I know there was a whole lot of yelling and people upset oh my god how could you give Dak 40 and the Dallas Cowboys did have to end up paying more money than they wanted to having to drag this out after his broken ankle but now he's on a discount he's no longer slotted behind Patrick Mahomes at approximately 45 per you look at some of the top quarterbacks in the game you would think that he's he's he's on the deal he's he's getting paid appropriate to what the market would say 50 and 51 and 52 and God knows what Joe Burrow is gonna get his hands on and so to think Dak is slotted in per average on average basis at 40 mil is not too shabby and then for the Dallas Cowboys this upcoming season you would think bringing in Brandon Cooks will maybe ease some of the pressure on CD Lamb Michael Gallup will be another year removed from his knee surgery and injury and so I would think the Dallas Cowboys will will be okay we know that there won't be an Ezekiel Elliott Tony Pollard is coming off of an injury they went into the draft to get some help at the running back position but I don't think Dak is gonna be on the hot seat like what what's the what's the worst case scenario the Dallas Cowboys get to the end of the season and go we don't want that like where do they start where they go trust Cooper Russ Jr. that is that's not a serious question is it no that that's that's the point that's that that's the point is he is by far your best option I got a question for you Jr. the best option for what no that's that that's what I'm saying it's like you you don't have a viable option to replace Dak Prescott oh well that's the Cooper Rush is you he's he's not even worth mentioning right if they go if they go through this season it's it's obviously not gonna be Cooper Rush there is no that's why there's there's no discussion about is Dak on borrowed time we know there's a there's a lot that takes place in an NFL season the Dallas Cowboys might completely crap out due to injury they might be screwed for the entire season they might be forced into a place where they can select the franchise quarterback but that's that's a whole lot to take place to to be here in in May and to think that Dak is on borrowed time only if there's a catastrophe and we got a long way to go before we get there where they would even think about a quarterback for next season what were you saying Shep? Well no Jr. the question I have for you is the benefit that Dak has and you have mentioned this many times previously is that the NFC is completely wide open now outside of you know Mr. runner-up MVP Jalen Hurts himself Dak Prescott you can make a legitimate argument is the second best quarterback in the conference I don't know where you were you fair on that but I think that's a legitimate argument to say Dak Prescott is not only a franchise quarterback for years to come but given the nature of the NFC and how competitive the AFC is in comparison to the NFC Dak could play for another 5-10 years easily as the franchise quarterback for the Cowboys Dak is, Dak is, Dak is good like I I understand if you're a Cowboys fan as our caller is to have frustrations about Dak and to have frustrations about what the Cowboys don't do Dak Prescott is okay you can talk about what he does or does not do in the playoffs he is he is above average when it comes to his ability to go out there and win games he's not at the the lower end of the spectrum where you just want to go out there and dump the guy and so the Cowboys will be in competition with Dak you know I feel like every year that the Dallas Cowboys are in the space of well we'll win approximately I don't know 10 plus games give or take and it will just be okay and it will go to the playoffs and we'll play a team like the 49ers or formerly and I don't think this will be the case anymore like the Packers and it will just lose in the first round or if we don't have to play a wild card round will lose in the divisional round and it will just go home and we'll pack it up and the problem for the Dallas Cowboys is more recently they've just been good and just being good ain't good enough but I'm not gonna just throw all of that on Dak Prescott where now I go oh my god if Dak doesn't drive us to an NFC Championship game then we will seriously have to entertain getting rid of him for what your next-door neighbor like who are you bringing out of cobwebs to throw the football for the Dallas Cowboys next year unless you were so bad that you're in a position to draft Williams outta USC like that's it there's nothing else that makes me oh my god we gotta dump Dak we gotta get rid of him it's it's it's not even a thought I mean look at this way and Mitch Trubisky it was reported even today that he's going to be signing a two-year extension to be the backup to Kenny Pickett with the Steelers he had one year left on his deal this one coming up you might recall last season right before they drafted Kenny Pickett Mitch Trubisky signed a two-year 14 million dollar deal we know things did not work out with the Chicago Bears he went to Buffalo and he backed up Josh Allen and then he got this deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers and he has been a solid backup so much so that before they relegated him to the bench he was named one of the team's captains so he started a bunch of games to to begin the year and then they ultimately threw Kenny Pickett out there and due to Kenny Pickett having a concussion here injuries there Mitch Trubisky saw some spot starts not all that that that amazing but even Mitch Trubisky he got a job he got a gig he's a backup that's that's just the reality and so Dak give him a break there are a lot of teams in the NFL I know that Dak gets a lot of attention for what he does not do what he hasn't been able to do sign me up for a quarterback who for the most part is going to deliver me a touchdown to turnover ratio of about three to one sign me up for a quarterback that can get me approximately 10 plus wins every season like what what else are we asking for and for for what Shep just mentioned if you think about the NFC East the Dallas Cowboys outside of the Eagles and all the new defenders that they continue to import in up from Georgia are the New York Giants making you shake are the Washington commanders making you shake like the Dallas Cowboys will have an opportunity to compete in the NFC East and as as normal as per usual they'll have a chance to go into the playoffs and as they typically do they will probably go there and just choke give give Dak a break speaking of a break Los Angeles Lakers they are they are not catching one here Denver Nuggets storming back here in the fourth quarter still plenty of time about halfway through the fourth the Denver Nuggets lead the Lakers 90 to 84 Anthony Davis here at the free throw line he has had a crap game 13 points 11 rebounds he is two of 11 from the field things not just not just ugly for the Cowboys things could get dangerous here for the Lakers I guess that's the trifecta what's what's the teams shop that the front runner to I guess the teams might be changing it's the Cowboys the Lakers are the Yankees Yankees and then I would say in hockey the Rangers even though they're 29 years removed I still think they get the most headlines that they aren't too many ain't too many folks run around claiming that you you do that you do the three sports that people really care about in this country gotcha you do the Yankees do the Cowboys and you do the Lakers we Igor might have something to say about that but yes Igor other there may he might be the best or can see that's pretty good most people can even make that pronunciation right on the fifth time he's really good JR like I I I listen I know hockey you know pales in comparison to those other sports but wait a minute yeah why why are we talking about him well because no I'm just I'm just saying why they're not even playing no III realize that but the truth the matter is I think hockey is on the come up I really believe that the come up to what to being one of to being a rival to at least baseball like we know bass we know football's king we know basketball is a close second in terms of off the off the court issue sure but I do think people are getting a greater appreciation for hockey more than ever am I off base on that why because II just think you had an eight seed pull off the greatest upset in history all professional sports with the Panthers upsetting the Bruins and I think that got a lot of people paying attention finally the Stanley Cup playoffs that's the sense I've gotten no no more than usual got it no I don't think so I don't and I also don't think that that falls into kind of what a front run would be here gotcha in the United States of America Lakers are going anywhere Yankees been good forever in a Dallas Cowboys America's team that that seems to be the three squads that people kinda gravitate towards I I wouldn't put the New York Rangers anywhere close to that maybe if you're in New York City possibly but I don't think anybody in Dallas gives a damn about those Rangers is the JR sport free show on CBS Sports Radio will update you on the Lakers and Nuggets on the other side and then I gotta tell you about some folks in trouble surgeons keep our hearts beating they do the amazing help save lives and so can you your CSL plasma donation can help create 24 critical life-saving medicines that can give grandpa the chance for his heart to swell when he meets his new grandson or give a bride the chance for her heart to skip a beat on her wedding day every plasma donation helps more than you know do the amazing help save lives donate today at your local CSL plasma center and be rewarded for your generosity
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