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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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May 18, 2023 1:12 am

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sport Brief / JR

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May 18, 2023 1:12 am

With Victor Wembanyama soon going #1 to the Spurs, JR comes out with a new Top List - Best NBA Prospects EVER!

6- Wilt

5- Shaq

4- Zion

3- Kareem

2- Victor Wembanyama

1- LeBron


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$10 minimum per order. Additional terms apply. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. It is the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. Happy to be here with you for two hours. It's a four hour show.

I get started. 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. Coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Much love to super producer and host Dave Shepherd. Coming to you live from New York City.

It's been a busy night so far. Congratulations to the Miami Heat. They knock off the Celtics.

The final score 123 to 116 in Boston. And the Miami Heat take a one to nothing series lead led by who else? Jimmy Butler. Thirty five points, seven assists, five rebounds and six steals.

Jimmy Butler, Jimmy buckets, whatever you call him, he got busy. The Miami Heat outscored the Celtics in the third quarter. Forty six points.

Yes, that's I didn't say that incorrectly. Miami had forty six points to the Celtics. Twenty five. The Celtics led at halftime and then they just pretty much blew it. Boston led 66 to 57. And whether it was defense and turnovers, Miami took this. Miami also shot 51 percent from downtown. And so not surprising, the heater ridiculously competitive, but the Celtics really expected to go out and win this series. Let's see if Miami can pull off yet another unlikely victory here in a series. It seems like Miami's been counted out all playoffs long. And here they are taking away game one right before we went to break. I updated you on a few other things.

It appears that Nike has removed Ja Morant shoes from its online shop. It's been reported that the general manager and president of basketball operations for the Golden State Warriors, Bob Myers, Shams Sharani has reported that Bob Myers and the Golden State Warriors have not found middle ground yet in regards to his contract negotiations. And they both are prepared to go their separate ways.

Let's see if that's accurate or whether or not it's a negotiating ploy. Manny Machado has a broken left hand for the San Diego Padres. And so Manny Machado, he is avoiding the injured list as of right now. But for a team that is currently 20 and 24, they can certainly use a little bit of offensive help. Surprisingly, with Machado and Soto and Bogarts, the offense for the San Diego Padres has not been clicking. And then.

Well, not even then. Just how about now? It's time for a new top six list.

That's what I do every single Wednesday night into Thursday morning. But before I do that and before I give you a top six list of the the best NBA prospects ever, Jason Tatum just spoke to the media. And Jason Tatum, he was asked what happened in the third quarter where you all got smacked by 46 points.

We just gave up 46 points in the third. So, you know, that's defense and transition and offensive rebounds and, you know, not closing out the shooters. So, you know, some things that we really got to focus on and go over them on, you know, practice. OK, in practice. OK. Joe Missoula have the answer to that one. You'll have to go over close out the closing out somebody on a three point line.

You got to go over that in practice. The Boston Celtics are good, man. They are very good. Tatum is damn good.

But sometimes what they do out there is maddening. Tatum had some big turnovers here at the end of the game. Both him and Brown only had seven shot attempts at the end at a Brown had a cut on his hand. Tatum was turning the ball over.

It's just it's either upwards down. It doesn't appear that there's a any type of middle or consistency when it comes to these Celtics. Jimmy Butler, he spoke after the game to TNT and he said, you know what, when it comes to the Miami Heat, it's not just me or one other guy. It's all of us. It just shows a group of guys that we have so many different guys step up in so many different ways.

Night in and night out. We've been doing it all year. Everybody's poised. Everybody's confident.

Everybody's comfortable. Play some good basketball. Gabe Vincent, Max Struce, Caleb Martin, Kyle Lowry. They each individually have 15 points. Bam Adebayo had 20 points. And Kevin Love in 16 minutes said, here's eight points, six rebounds.

Everybody got involved. Congratulations to the Heat for snatching one away. It's now going to be time for a new top six list. Right before we went to break, I shared with you some some audio, some comments made by Draymond Green, who basically said people are forgetting how great LeBron James was as a prospect. And ensure Victor when Benyama might be the next big thing. He might be the second biggest prospect. But don't forget about LeBron. Don't forget about the attention that he garnered in high school. And so for tonight, after the San Antonio Spurs secured the first overall pick in this year's draft, pretty much ensuring that they will take Victor when Benyama wanted to give you a top six list for tonight. As I do every Wednesday night into Thursday morning, except for we're going to take a look at the top six biggest prospects that the NBA has ever seen. And I'm not looking at what they concluded their careers with or what they did.

I'm talking about what they did and the hype before they entered into the league. Where's the fancy music? Six, five, four, three, two, one. It's time to get J.R.'s latest top six list only on the J.R. Sport Brief.

That's right. It's the J.R. Sport Brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Time for a top six list. Some of the biggest, most hyped NBA prospects ever. And we got to go back to the early days of the association.

We got to go back to the 50s. We got to look at someone who came out of Philadelphia, somebody who went to college at Kansas, someone who was six foot 11 in high school, won two city championships, had a record of 56 and three. He was offered everything to go to school.

And when I say school, I mean college. You want some jewelry? You want a movie contract? I'm talking about someone who's also famous for allegedly the amount of women that he slept with. I'm talking about Wilt Chamberlain. This dude was out here playing in athletics. He's running. He's jumping.

He's doing a triple jump. He was a champion at the high jump at basically seven feet tall. Wilt Chamberlain, a huge prospect, not just in stature, but everything that came with him. FUBAR Sports on YouTube carved out a little documentary. And you'll hear Wilt and even Bill Russell talk about how this dude just going into the NBA was just better than everybody.

Here comes this phenomenon showing everybody what the future is. He was just a teenager, but he was already a huge star. He was the dominant athlete in the United States at 17 years of age.

By senior year, he was very full of himself because the world was full of him. Oh, yeah. Here comes this guy, Wilt Chamberlain, ready to destroy the game of basketball. Well, he certainly changed it. They made a rule where you had to be behind the foul line. Because Wilt Chamberlain could start a few steps before it or behind it, and it just dunked the ball.

They changed the rule. No inbounds passes over the backboard. Because Wilt Chamberlain would just say, OK, here you go. And then by the time he got into the NBA, we know about them widening the lane because Wilt Chamberlain was just a beast.

We don't need to get into his 100 point game, his 30-20 season is we don't need to get into all of that. We know he was a big time prospect that got Wilt Chamberlain number six. What's the next number?

Number five. Special thing when you are 13 years old and you're six foot six. Special thing when you are 16 years old and you are six foot 10. Must be pretty amazing to travel the world playing basketball.

Go to from New Jersey to Germany, end up back in Texas, and then win a state title while you annihilate kids while you are a kid. 31 points, 22 rebounds, six assists, nine blocks in a high school season. Oh yeah, it's Shaquille O'Neal, folks. Ends up going to LSU. His coach basically helped snatch him out of Germany, convinced him, helped build that relationship from there, and we know Shaquille O'Neal going to the Orlando Magic.

Huge deal. Stepped into the NBA. Dominated. We know about the championships, the MVP, and on NBA TV you'll hear right now Isaiah Thomas and Shaq just talk about what was expected from Shaquille O'Neal from early on. Watching Shaq, you know, in college and then hearing about him coming into the NBA, you know, it was it was really like for us the the second coming of Wilt Chamberlain. People would always say I'm the next Wilt Chamberlain. I think it was a great comparison because the day Phillip Arthur Harrison taught me how to play basketball he would always three scream three names. He's like, oh you're going to be dominant like Wilt Chamberlain.

Everybody's going to fear you. You need an unstoppable move like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Never let a little man score on you. Make sure you're a shot blocker like Bill Russell.

So from 9 to 18, 17 I heard these names and I heard them every day. Man it's it's cool what what Shaq did. Just destroying everybody and his numbers even at the college level made no sense. Like he came into college and he's just like I got you 15 points like it's nothing and then in his last two years at LSU he's putting up NBA numbers. 26 points, 14 rebounds, five blocks a game.

That's abuse. Shaquille O'Neal dominant from day one. I got him number five here when we talk about some of the biggest NBA prospects ever. Shaq five. Who's this number? Number four.

What's the number four? Who is it? Zion Williamson. Yes. Has he lived up to the hype?

The answer is no. Selected first overall in 2019. Already has been a multiple time all-star. When he is on the court he has an opportunity to be absolutely dynamic especially going to the paint where he's going to convert you would say about 60 to 65 percent of his shots and sometimes even higher. He has guard skills for a man who is 6'6 and hopefully less than 300 pounds. He's a giant and in the social media age and era I would say Zion Williamson is probably the first athlete to get hyped up real big time. As social media has reached maturity Zion was on every single digital platform that highlighted high school athletes from hoops hype to overtime which was nascent at the time even to everybody's favorite physical magazine turned digital magazine slam slam magazine went to South Carolina when Zion was 16 years ago this was six years ago Zion was already hyped from his dunks and his skills and he explained to slam magazine what makes him or what made him so special well yeah this athleticism people keep telling me I have it just it just came out of nowhere 10th grade summer picked up 20 scholarships off one tournament just dominating every circuit session we had and just kept rising from there Zion is special I have him at number four just because of the attention and maybe if you're not online you don't understand it he was basketball highlights on the internet this is before Duke he was everywhere you couldn't miss him annihilating kids we just now wish that Zion was was healthy in the NBA to annihilate other kids and grown men and even looking at his body from from six years ago it'd be nice if he was still in that one he's too damn heavy I hope Zion can live up to the hype and the hype is the reason I have him here at number four top six NBA prospects we've ever seen Zion for what's the next number number three number three straight out of Harlem New York six foot eight in middle school 79 and two during his high school career catholic league titles out of new york city power memorial it's Kareem Abdul-Jabbar formerly luau cindor this dude was on talk shows as a kid because he was a giant this is someone who by the time he even got to ucla in his varsity debut said hey guys I'm here here's 56 points he averaged 29 points they went undefeated they being ucla 30 and 0 to a title they banned the slam dunk because of Kareem he has a million records at ucla we know he had a million records in the nba Lebron James just took that scoring one Kareem was that dude even before he was Kareem when he was luau cindor espn university they ran a piece on how amazing luau was and how amazing he was going to be the luau cindor buzz was extraordinary he was a 17 year old kid who could touch the top of the backbone you could see right away no one had seen a guy who could shoot dribble the floor and move the way luau cindor moved when he'd block a shot his head would be up by the rim i mean i've never seen a guy block shots with so much ease and grace and athletic ability we had luau cindor and you know as long as he was healthy he was like the ultimate weapon Alcindor who would later change his name to Kareem Abdul Jabbar was so effective a weapon for ucla that the ncaa tried to limit his scoring potential by banning the dunk in 1967 he was the ultimate weapon reminds me of them converse shoes you can't take away the hype and the attention that he garnered especially coming out of new york city and he was that that next step following wilt chamberlain i got kareem i got luau cindor at number three what's the next number number two oh at number two it's it's the guy who's gonna go number one this year this is a multi-year hype machine this is a global hype machine this is someone with nba relationships helped cultivated by uh tony parker a baris diaz someone who is on his way now to the san antonio spurs he is an alien he is seven foot five he has grown online the nba has already streamed every single one of his professional games over the past year they brought him to the united states of america to play against professional prospects it's victor when ben yama i hope he lives up to the hype sports illustrated a few months ago they did an entire feature surrounding victor when ben yama and you will hear some some real familiar celebrity superstar voices talk about this young man and he's just like i just show up and play basketball listen to this you don't know his name learn it it is victor when ben yama best prospect since lebron james came into the draft of 2003 seven four eight foot wingspan he runs like a guard he shoots like a guard game changer he's kd with five extra inches i never seen nothing like the generational talent it depends on him if he wants to be the best big man ever he's really in trouble when he comes in we've got to get ready for this kid when manama could be the best european player ever i don't let myself be carried away but yeah it's cool yeah yeah it's it's just cool yeah yeah shakil o'neill kevin duran lebron james yana cetera kunpo damian lillard yeah they they telling me how good i can be it's cool i hope he maintains that attitude because it'll certainly help him actually reach the heights that have been laid in front of him with a global presence and online presence the nba by itself has not hyped up a prospect like this lebron james and maybe it's due to social media lebron james didn't get the same nba hype internally as victor when benyama has he's been promoted more than some of their existing players and superstars this past year victor when benyama i got him number two here on my list some of the biggest prospects the nba has ever seen this shouldn't be a difficult one to figure out but we're gonna take a break it might be a surprise it might not be when we come back i'm gonna share with you the biggest prospect that we've had it's the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio don't move number one on the other side so you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio so you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio hey how you doing man i'll listen to you every night on the way home from work i appreciate what you're doing man you're a bad mamma jamma call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs the miami heat scored the most points ever in a single quarter in their playoff history how you let somebody score 46 points in a quarter miami wins 123 to 116 snatching game one from the celtics that's i hope you know i'm not gonna say i hope he doesn't sleep tonight but i hope he doesn't sleep joe missoula no no no don't play that don't do that no struce juice good on the miami heat though yeah max struce came alive knocking down some threes but joe missoula i hope he figures things out anyway i'm giving you a top six list talking about some of the best prospects that the nba has ever seen who has been ridiculously hyped on the way into the nba and i'm about to share with you number one shouldn't be a surprise at number six i gave you will chamberlain and number five i gave you shakil o'neill and number four i gave you zion williamson at number three i gave you kareem abdul jabbar formerly lou alsindor and number two i gave you victor when benyama the nba itself is broadcasting has been broadcasting his games from the french league he's not even in the nba when benyama has been getting more promo and press from the nba than i would say more than i don't know 95 of its own players and so that leads me here who's the the top most hyped prospect ever just some guy who's still playing trying to win another championship nba's all-time leading scorer man is already a billionaire i mean damn it it's it's lebron james the guy who came out of ackron ohio had his games broadcast on television while he was in high school this dude was on the cover of every magazine he was expected to be the next big thing and he lived up to it came into the nba and said yep no problem i'm just gonna drop 25 and 5 like it's nothing it's wild to think that lebron james has surpassed expectations and and you can argue if you feel like it that he is the greatest basketball player of all time and if you're like me and you wouldn't say that he is the fact that he is even in the conversation is wild enough before he even put on a jersey for the cleveland cavaliers he sat down on on real sports with bob costas that's what everybody does right maybe not now but bob costas asked him about 20 years ago this is crazy even think about it feels like yesterday to me and he's just like hey lebron how the hell are you going to live with yourself your kid if you're not the greatest basketball player of all time this is what lebron said listen to this conversation lebron james how does it feel to know that if you're not eventually a hall of fame caliber player it's not good enough to be good or an all-star if you're not eventually a first rank hall of famer a lot of people will say you were a bust or overhyped how does that make me feel yeah well i don't i don't look at it as looking into the future i always go by i'll take every moment at a time because you you're not promised tomorrow and that's what my mom brought me up on and i always say that i just try to get better every day and what i do man the same same cadence uh same attitude same demeanor nothing has changed there i am more impressed by how lebron james has navigated life in fame i'm more impressed by that than anything that he's done on a basketball court and that is just always phenomenal to me you don't got to agree with everything that he said or everything that he's done it's not basketball how he has navigated life avoiding pitfalls avoiding massive controversy is is admirable absolutely and so lebron james yes he is the biggest prospect that the nba has ever seen and and he's one of the greatest ever and it's a story that you can't make up and this is the crazy part the story is not done yet is he gonna play with his kid will he win another championship will he win two more champions god knows what will happen but on his way into the league biggest dude hyped up most hyped guy ever my top six nba prospects number six i gave you wilt number five i gave you shaq and number four i gave you zion and number three i gave you kareem and number two i gave you win benyama at number one i gave you lebron you can tell one thing here folks everybody goes by one name there's no double no first name no last name everybody goes by one name let's see what zion and when benyama can do in their careers it's the jr sport reshow on cbs sports radio the phone lines are open that's eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs this is my list not yo list there are a million other players i could have put on this list we could have gone through i don't know in alan iverson the supreme athlete overall we could have gone to uh hakima la juan we could have gone to a pat trick ewing tons of names tons of prospects the nba has seen many of them i'm gonna put greg oden here on this list if you want to talk about the most hyped guys we ain't talking about what they did when they got into the league talking about what took place before they even suited up eight five five two one two four cbs it's the jr sport reshow i'll get to your calls on the other side we're also going to hear from some losers tonight tatum spoke brown spoke jimmy butler a winner decided to speak some more we'll get to that on the other side of the break you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio hey jr such a fan of yours man thanks for taking my call and you know you don't always get the most sane of callers but you always handle it with such professionalism and i really appreciate your content you put out man call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs it's the jr sport reshow on cbs sports radio i just gave you a top six list of the biggest prospects that the nba has ever seen at number six i gave you will chamberlain and number five i gave you shakil o'neill at number four i gave you zion williamson and number three i gave you kareem abdul jabbar formerly lou alsindor at number two i gave you victor when ben yama and at number one i gave you labron james you know when i think about the the putting together this list of course there are more prospects big prospects than the six that i named i threw in a few other names before we went to break i wanted to look at the amount of attention notoriety accomplishments and the reason why here at the top of the list someone like zion at four above shack and and kareem here three when ben yama even so much at number two i'm looking at impact and if you think about the current era that we live in and the amount of information that spread via social media and online is is ridiculous the hype machine and the expectations the ability to be known or seen and in france and heavier games broadcasted by the nba here and all over the world is something that did not exist for shakil o'neill it didn't even exist for a zion williamson and so there's there's a lot to be said uh for for the names that i shared with you here labron james having the benefit of i can't even say his career has certainly straddled the era he's been around for the better part of of two decades now or even longer in the the public eye but he was he was right there before the world started to digitize i mean there's a famous image of labron james at a monday night raw uh a wrestling event for wwe wwf whatever it was at the time labron james is looking at stone cold steve austin with a flip phone in his hands and that should tell you just how much things have changed i remember reading about labron james in the physical newspaper i would read the new york daily news and and he would have full articles about his games day to day this is in the daily news like he was stephon marbury playing back in brooklyn just this guy in ohio who's lightning and lighting it up and the next thing you know his games are being televised nationally on espn eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs i'm going to get to your calls and then we're also going to hear from some of the participants in tonight's matchup between the boston celtics in the miami heat a game that the celtics lost at home a game that the celtics gave up 100 excuse me they gave up 123 points to miami they lost 123 to 116 they gave up 46 points in the third quarter it's unforgivable eight five five two one two four cbs it's eight five five two one two four cbs michael is calling from new jersey you're on the jr sport brief show what's up mike hi michael uh hi jay how you doing i'm good man what's on your mind i um i got two guys who i thought might be on like a list um one uh kevin garnett um he was really nice coming in um he went straight from high school to uh to the nba yeah and and and then um the other guy greg oden he didn't do so he was his injuries shortened his career but like i remember like these uh these fans from portland they made like this song about like how they got greg greg oden and now like kevin durnick sucked and then they just bit them back in the end but yeah yeah it's it stinks you know what it's funny i was at uh i was at ohio state i was at the campus in columbus uh last year and i remember greg oden was was going to class i i walked by this dude and he's a normal sight on campus i think he got a job now on staff hey mike how old are you man i'm 14 hey good on you what what you're trying to do as you get older you have any idea yet i don't know maybe like finance i don't know hey listen that's that's not a bad thing to do go get that money okay what part of jersey you from edison edison hey go get all the money mike appreciate you i have a great night thanks you too shout outs to mike for calling up for medicine new jersey eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs mark is calling from milwaukee you're on the jr sport brief show hey jr how you doing man i'm excellent can you turn down your radio mark i just turned it off i turned it off appreciate you go ahead i have you know everybody's got their own opinion and two of your people on your list them being sack and zion williamson i would replace with magic and larry bird um but as far as exposure and i'm telling you right now i'm biased living in milwaukee me korean i'm not taking anything away from lebron um but kareem when he came out of ucla and the press conference and the coin flip to get him he came here and he adapted into milwaukee for a while uh he took a team that was two years old an expansion the second year team he got in the eastern conference finals third year he won a championship with him thanks to help from oscar and that's never been equaled so to me kareem and lebron would be one and two and i'd probably have uh bird and magic uh three and four and then wilt and the young man coming out of france now but if i could for a second i'd like your opinion i'd like to just touch a little bit on a couple nba playoff games i've felt before games well not well let's we got a million callers here if you can make the point now i'll give you a response go ahead um i felt before the sixth game in the philadelphia boston series it was going to be probably one of the more impactful games in the playoffs i thought that where a job might be on the line which it was and boston was in the same situation a year ago coming to milwaukee down three two they won here and went back and won uh the next game uh in game seven in boston and the same thing i also feel the same way about tomorrow night's game between denver and the lakers if denver doesn't win that game i really think the series is over i don't think they can win in la i feel is i run out as crazy as it sounds that boston could lose again tomorrow and still wind up winning that series yeah and i just want to tell you how proud of you i think your show's great well thank you mark i appreciate you from a war i wouldn't be shocked either the celtics are so up and down i still have them winning the series as well thank you so much for calling from milwaukee he mentioned uh what took place between the sixers and uh the boston celtics and we know the miami heat had the dispatch of the the new york nicks it's it's it's pretty wild just what has happened here in the series to see what the miami heat is currently doing uh jimmy butler he actually just spoke to the media and he was asked whether or not he thought that they would be here in this position knowing how they started off the playoffs the play-in etc this is what butler had to say damn right i did damn right we did um and the best part about it is we still don't care what none of y'all think honestly speaking um we don't care if you pick us to win we never have we never will we know the group of guys we have in this locker room um we know that coach bow um puts so much confidence and belief in each and every one of us coach pat as well and so our circle is small but this circle got so much love for one another um we pump constant confidence into everybody and guard then we hoop we play basketball the right way knowing that we always got a chance okay all right you gotta you gotta appreciate what they've done because there is uh nobody out here waving pom-poms for the miami heat harder than miami heat fans and it's it's justified eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs let's go to virginia let's talk to amad you're on the jr sport brief show hey what's going on jr thank you for taking my call sure so basically i think this is a very interesting list uh i don't think you know it's not about bust or anything in that sense but for me this this list more constitutes about height and the amount of hot i'll play a hat coming into the league yeah that is that is that is the list that's that's what i called it the most hyped dudes the biggest prospects the nba has seen yes you're correct and you know it's different with the social media age i mean everyone's basically hyped right everybody has a highlight tape everybody's on youtube but back in the day i mean danny manning first pick played for the clippers for a good six years i mean it came to them also not necessarily a bus played in the league for a while but the amount of hype you know all times a leading scorer for kansas the man could ball but uh you know obviously didn't live up to those expectations right but yeah with that being said i mean it's interesting because even sebastian telfer even you can even say jimmer for debt even uh well yeah i'm out i'm out i'm out i'm out yeah that's a that's a different as you mentioned that's a different list i mean we could we if you want to throw greg oden on that list too you could put them in both categories but but as you mentioned yeah we ain't we ain't talking about busts we ain't talking about guys who did not live up to the hype it's it's real simple who got the hype before they even got into the league like ricky rubio in the olympics when he played against kobe i mean he was hyped i mean everybody was hyping up ricky rubio they're saying he was gonna be the next pistol pete and all of that and uh yeah i mean hype is such a subjective term especially in this day and age i don't i don't think so it's real it's it's real simple who's getting a hell of a lot of attention you know ricky rubio got a uh a flash of hype and it's mostly because of his passes i don't think anybody looked at at ricky rubio and put him in the category of the the other gentleman that i mentioned so i i don't believe hype is subjective uh you look at victor when benyama there's one guy on planet earth who has gotten the amount of attention that he has gotten over the past few years even with social media and that's just victor when benyama this is nobody else you can look at zion williamson who i mentioned because of social media but no there are always outliers the gentleman that i put here on this list have been outliers whether you were playing basketball in the 50s whether you're playing basketball right now in 2023 it's the jr sport ratio here with you on cbs sports radio more of your calls on the other side and we'll hear from members of the heat and the celtics as well don't move cbs sports radio so t 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