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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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May 17, 2023 1:46 am

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sport Brief / JR

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May 17, 2023 1:46 am

JR recaps a very entertaining Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals between the Lakers and Nuggets and brilliance of Nikola Jokic


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Additional terms apply. You're listening to the J.R. Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. You can hit rewind on the Free Odyssey app. It'll take you back to Tuesday.

I get started every single weeknight, 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. Denver Nuggets just won game one of the Western Conference Finals over the Lakers 132 to 126. Victor when Benyama is on his way to the San Antonio Spurs, the Spurs win the NBA draft lottery for 2023 and when Benyama he will be the next French player to go to San Antonio. John Marrant released a statement.

Trust me, it's a whole lot of nothing. Doc Rivers got fired. There's a former NBA player who wants Doc Rivers to join him along with a bunch of other dudes who have been eliminated from the postseason.

We'll get to that. Joe Burrow keeping coy, everything close to the vest as it relates to his contract extension. And Davante Adams on the ringer told everybody, Look man, I'm a made man.

I don't need Aaron Rodgers. I does this. He ain't make me. I made myself. And so we got so much more to get into over the next two hours. I'm being joined here by super producer and host Dave Shepherd. More importantly, I'm being joined by you all of the listeners. There is no show without you.

Let me give you an update. I told you the Nuggets won game one in Denver against the Lakers. They are 7-0 undefeated at home this postseason.

No shock. People go up to Denver and they run out of gas. In the Los Angeles Lakers, it took them some time to find their wind because in the first half, the Nuggets led 72-54. And then the Lakers, they went on a run late in the game and they ultimately pulled the score down to three.

As a matter of fact, I want you to hear how bad of an ass whooping this was. By the way, in this victory, Nikola Jokic had 34 points, 21 rebounds and 14 assists. Twelve career playoff triple doubles. Six of them have come this postseason for Nikola Jokic. Murray had 31 points. LeBron James went out there and had 26. Anthony Davis, a giant game, 40 points and 10 rebounds.

I want you to listen to just the ass whooping that this was. Jokic got his triple double in the third quarter. This is courtesy of the Nuggets radio network. Jokic has it inside the arc. Hands it off over to Casey.

Turns the corner. Shoots over to Davis. Jumper's good. That's a triple double for Nikola Jokic.

That'll be his sixth triple double in this year's playoffs. They can't stop the dude. They slowed him down with Rui Hachimura a little bit.

They couldn't stop the guy. Bruce Brown. He had 16 points off the bench tonight for the Denver Nuggets. He had 14 of those points in the first half. And when he put up his two points in the second half, it was an exclamation point.

Listen to this. Bruce Brown has it across the timeline. Guarded by Jared Vanderbilt.

Stutter step and a drive! Right handed Tomahawk! All up in your face Jared Vanderbilt!

Bruce Brown! Oh, his voice cracked. You know he was serious about it.

In the face, in the face. Nikola Jokic already having a triple double. He continued pouring it on in the third.

And here we go. Inbound goes to Jamal. Back over to Jokic. Four seconds left for Denver. Jokic has it at the point. You gotta shoot it.

Does for three. Got it at the horn! Right over Anthony Davis! Right over Anthony Davis. Anthony Davis had to look at him and shake his head and they shared a cute little moment.

And they laughed and they shook their heads. Yeah, Jokic is a nut. The Nuggets led at the end of three.

106 to 92. At that point, the Nuggets led in the rebounding column. Let me say this correctly. This is not a mistake.

This is not an oversight. They out rebounded the Lakers 40 to 20 for the entire night. The Denver Nuggets out rebounded the Lakers 47 to 30.

It's a massive discrepancy. And so you would think that the Nuggets were in control going into the fourth quarter because they were. And then the Lakers went on a 9 to nothing run including this shot here by Austin Reeves courtesy of the Lakers Radio Network. Here's Lebron at half court.

Crowd chaining defense. Lebron dribbling right. Lebron to Austin Reeves for three.

Good! And it's a three point game. 124-121. Timeout Denver. Yeah, people started to, you know, well, I can't say that on the radio. They started to, you know, wet their pants. And then the Nuggets held on.

Take a listen to this. Aaron Gordon over here flying in the air like the giant that he is. And Davis falls on. That should be a foul. Casey takes it away. Leaking out his very alley-oop and a dunk. Two hands.

Aaron Gordon. Here, take a listen to one more call from the Nuggets Radio Network. This is the final call. Three seconds left to go in Denver.

There's the horn! Ball arena crowd to its feet. The Denver Nuggets take game number one of the Western Conference Finals. Yeah, it took game one. The Lakers almost came back though in that second half. The Lakers actually outscored the Nuggets in the third quarter. 38-34. And they really outscored them in the fourth quarter. 34-26. Nikola Jokic missed the triple-double. 34 points, 21 rebounds, 14 assists. In the first quarter alone, Jokic had 8 points, 12 rebounds, and 5 assists. He was out there destroying them.

He spoke to Lisa Salters on ESPN after the victory. And this is what Jokic had to say. We control the pace. We control the defense. We control the rebounds. In the second half, we lost it.

They're a really good, talented team. We lost the composure that we were having in the first half. Like you said, you guys were up 21 points in this game. What was going through your mind when you looked up at the scoreboard and it's a 3-point game in the fourth quarter? I mean, we know that they're going to come.

They're coming. That's a tough team. But win by one or win by 20, it doesn't matter. Win is a win. It was an historic night for you. We were all looking forward to the matchup between you and Anthony Davis.

You had a triple-double in the third quarter. What was the key to your success tonight? I mean, just to win the game. I didn't have any going into the game. I was just going to win the game and hopefully we did it. Yeah, you did do it.

You don't have to worry about hopefully. Nuggets scoring 132 points, the most they've scored this entire postseason. Mike Malone, you just heard Jokic. They ain't finished strong.

They were able to hold on. Keep the Los Angeles Lakers at bay. Mike Malone spoke to the media. He's like, yeah, we sucked at the end of the game. We had 19 fast break points tonight, but 17 were in the first half. That's because we were getting stops and turning them over and running out. Second half, we didn't get stops. So it became a half court game, which is to their favor.

They have the number one defense in the playoffs. So for us, we have to continue to find ways to get pace into the game and not play against that set defense. They have tremendous size, length, and athleticism out there.

But we did enough things. I thought, by the way, one of the biggest players at night, Michael Porter, getting on the floor for that loose ball, that 50-50 ball he came up with led to the only two transition points we scored in the second half on the Aaron Gordon dunk. And the ball arena went nuts at that point. So Michael shot the ball well, rebounded the ball well, but that 50-50 ball was a game-winning type of a play. Thanks, Mike Malone. That was a lot of detail. Thank you. Appreciate you. Darvin Ham, the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

He spoke as well after his team lost. Darvin Ham, real simple. Man, what the hell do y'all have to do better? A lot, a lot of long rebounds. We gave him way too many second chance points, offensive rebounding opportunities, and 50-50 balls for that matter. We got to be better in transition, and we can't foul him. We got to be more disciplined showing our hands when we're guarding the ball and guarding those guys around the rim, in the post, and whatnot. Show your hands.

Put them up. Anyway, LeBron James and Anthony Davis are currently speaking to the media. Anthony Davis wearing his purple jacket in gigantic black shades, I guess inside the bowels of the arena, or maybe the camera lights are too bright. But Anthony Davis did have a great game.

40 points, 10 rebounds. This is also a great opportunity before I pick up the phone lines. It's 855-2124 CVS. That's 855-2124 CVS. I can let you know about the Navy Federal Credit Union Defensive Player of the Week. How about it's Nikola Jokic, underrated defender. The man grabbed 15 defensive rebounds tonight to go along with two blocked shots, including a block on Anthony Davis on the baseline.

Yeah, you didn't think Jokic would be the defensive player, but he is. It's sponsored by the Navy Federal Credit Union, who proudly serves the Armed Forces DOD, veterans, and their families. Their members are the mission.

You can learn more at 855-2124 CVS. That's 855-2124 CVS. Ramon is calling from Indianapolis. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. All right, good evening.

Good night to you, JR, and thanks for taking my call. Yeah, I watched some of that. I think the Lakers got a lot to build on because of that second half. That's why I think Coach Malone was very angry about that because they gave some cracks in there. And, you know, Davis is going to average 40.

Eventually, you know, it's going to be maybe a 50-point game. So, it's going to be interesting to see the Joker. I'm happy for him because I think I see something in him I never saw. I saw some fire in him.

And that's what you do. And I'd like to see Denver maybe have a chance to win. I think they've never won.

I'm about 60. And so I don't think they've ever won. Yeah, they've never won. So, it'd be nice to see a new team. This is right. It'd be nice to see a new team for a change.

The Lakers won a couple years ago. So, I mean, they're spoiled. So, let's get some new blood. As far as the John Moran situation, I'm a scientist by trade. I come from a family of lawyers, mother, two sisters. If I was John Moran, I'd probably be in federal court tomorrow because I'm trying to figure out what law did he break. I mean, my mother discussed this all day today.

You have Marjorie Taylor Greene. You've got a number of conservative people with guns in their hands all day long. And the very people Adam Silver talked about are being taught by those people. Matter of fact, you just had a case in Virginia decided by a federal judge that decided that 18- and 20-year-olds should be able to purchase weapons.

So, this is a country issue. But I'm trying to figure out what did he do to deserve a year? What did he do? Tell me what did he do first because maybe I'm trying to get my logical scientific mind. What did he do first to deserve a year? Wait, wait, wait.

Slow down. What do you mean what did he do to deserve a year? Yeah, what did he do? What did he do? Straight out, what did he do? What do you mean to deserve a year? He didn't get a year. Everybody's saying a year or something.

I'm trying to figure out my logical mind. Let's slow down. John Moran, and we had this conversation last night, so I'll try to keep it brief. John Moran, unfortunately, is guilty of being a dumbass.

That's rule number one. Number two, I, I can only speak for myself, I said, based on his entire history over the past year, whether it is beating up a teenager on his property and claiming self-defense, allegedly threatening a mall security guard, whether it's brandishing a gun after a game in Denver, Colorado with a gun on Instagram Live, whether it's being punished for it and coming out with another gun again, I said, at minimum, he deserves to go away for a year. Because he is, A, wasting his potential, he is, B, wasting the money that's in front of him, and he's going down a slippery slope. And so whether he needs a shot of common sense or whether he needs a shot of medication, basketball should be the last thing on his mind because he's making reckless and stupid decisions. But, okay, I, I, I, I respect that, but from a legal point of view, what did he do to the leader?

Well, Ramon, let's save time. This is, I'm not, this is not a matter of a legal point of view. He could have, and I do not know, he could have broken a law with what, what he did over the weekend, but I have no idea, and I actually think that that's irrelevant. In the court of the NBA, in the court of reality, in the court of working for a business or an entity that is on its way to generating in a few years 20 plus billion dollars, he's an idiot, okay? And so the NBA is not a court of law. He has employers... That's where he should go.

I'm sorry? No, that's where he should go. He should go to court because the bottom line is this, we know there's been a double standard. I remember writing a paper about the... Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Ramon, we know that there are double standards in the world. We know that there are double standards in the country as it relates specifically to Ja Morant. Marjorie Taylor Greene, she doesn't pick up a basketball for the Atlanta Hawks.

She, she don't play here, okay? Ja Morant does play for the Memphis Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association. The man signed a contract.

One of the things in his contract, similar that I have in my contract, is that if I'm a complete jackass, if I embarrass my employer, if I don't show that I could be a decent citizen in society or at least follow the rules that my company would want me to do, then they can get me the hell up on out of here. And so Ja Morant, and I ran you through the list, threatening a security guard allegedly, pointing a gun or a group of someone with a group with Ja Morant, threatening members with the Indiana Pacers allegedly, running around and waving a gun, that's not allegedly, that's something that he did, and waving a gun again after you were punished for it. Nike is dumping hundreds of millions of dollars into you. The team in the NBA is dumping hundreds of millions of dollars into you. It's simply called, and for you, you said a family of lawyers and scientists, etc. No, I'm a scientist. They're lawyers. God bless you.

You have everybody in your family. It's called a morality clause. And if you don't understand morality clause, if you have a job, and you sign your name on the dotted line, and you don't know how to behave like a decent person and want to act like a jackass, you're risking it all. And you can be suspended, which he was. He can have his contract voided. He can be suspended. And there are things called unions, and the NBA Players Association will fight for him as they should, but that doesn't absolve him for being either A, a jackass, and most certainly B, someone in need of help. This is not a legal issue. This is not a matter of going to court. This is a matter of this young man having a job, not being a professional, and not living up to what he signed for on the dotted line.

All right. I think he ought to go to federal court and see what will happen. That's what I believe. I think he should try it.

Everybody else does, and we have a very, very nice favorable SCOTUS right now. Ramon, forget the legal stuff. I think a young man who has a baby girl and a daughter, I think he should stop waving around guns on Instagram live and get his life together. I agree. That's not right. You're right. I agree with that. I agree. He was not right.

It's not. And so the federal court, he should challenge this. He should look in the mirror, and he should challenge himself to be a better human being. That's what the hell he should do. Federal court, my ass. Yeah, tell John Moran go to federal court.

The idiot would roll in there without emptying the guns out of his suitcase. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. We're going to hear from a different idiot on the other side. His name is Dwight Howard. Don't move. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Music You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, great show.

I listen to you every night. One of the best broadcasters around. Really are in tune to what's happening in professional sports.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio. We're going to hear from LeBron James in a second. Tonight, the Denver Nuggets win Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, 132 to 126. Jokic has a monster, monster night.

12th career playoff, triple-double, 34 points, 21 rebounds, and 14 assists. Right before we went to break, we were having a conversation about John Moran. He's out here making poor decisions that he deserves to be punished for. It's not about breaking the law, which he might have done. But the fact is, for his profession, he's not breaking the law, but he's being a complete idiot. He's costing himself his future. He's harming the team. He's potentially harming himself. And I told you, I wanted to bring your attention to, I don't want to call this guy an idiot.

I'll take that back. He's just a clown. Maybe that's one of the reasons that he is no longer in the NBA. He's most certainly going into the Basketball Hall of Fame, and that happens to be Dwight Howard. A former teammate of LeBron James helped him win a title in the bubble a couple of seasons ago. And so Dwight Howard, we know he is in Taiwan, and I guess being on the other side of the globe, he's feeling just bold. He's feeling the ability to just publicly slap around some of the NBA players who have been eliminated here in the postseason. Dwight Howard was seemingly on a bus on Instagram, and he was just saying, hey, if you suck or just got fired, come on over to Taiwan.

Listen to this guy, Dwight Howard. Ooh, ain't nobody beating us, bud. Clay, you can slide down here, too, my boy. DeAndre Ayton, UNCP3, come on. K.D.? Come on, K.D.

Oh, you know who? Hey, something about him going back to Houston, but I think this might be a better look. James Hardy, come on down here, too, boy. Yeah, well, I can start to understand why there might be some players who did not like Dwight Howard. And then he also tweeted afterwards, he's like, oh, yeah, sure. He's like, we need a coach, too. Doc Rivers, come on down. Dwight Howard just trying to get everybody out to Taiwan.

Good on him. His former teammate, LeBron James. I'm sure if LeBron liked Anthony, or excuse me, he likes Anthony Davis, he's trying to win the championship.

If he liked Dwight Howard, Dwight would still be there. LeBron James, after this loss tonight in the Western Conference Finals, Game 1, LeBron is like, listen, a loss is a loss is a loss. Don't matter how it came down or what the discrepancy was, we lost. If you lose, you lose. They're a 1-0 and we have to come back with desperation going in the game, too. We have to play better. We have to rebound better. I thought we did a good job of not turning the ball over. And that's one thing we've been very conscious about in the postseason. But we've been better in transition tonight. We wasn't that great in the first half. We cleaned it up in the second half.

So we need to be better at all facets of the game. 8-5-5, 2-1-2 for CVS. It's 8-5-5, 2-1-2 for CVS. Tim is here from Kansas.

You're on the JR Sport Reshore. Go ahead, Tim. Hey, how are we doing today, JR? Thank you for taking my call. I just had a quick take and wanted to get your opinion on it. I was thinking, what if San Antonio is to take a game next season so that they can get Bronny James, team him up with Winbunyana.

We know LeBron wants to play with his son, so let me bring him there as well so that Greg Popovich can go out with the ring. What do you think? Hey, Tim. Are you a writer?

No, sir. You gotta write novels, man. You gotta write books.

That's a hell of a story. If that happens, then you gotta call me back next year. We gotta have a different conversation, okay? Absolutely will do. I gotta ask you for lottery numbers if that happens, okay? I will do. Thank you, Tim.

That was quite creative. San Antonio Spurs should tank again. I don't know. Bronny James, you don't have to tank to get him unless he goes to college and kind of ups his game up another level. We know he's going to be a lottery selection, but it's going to take a whole lot for Bronny to be 1, 2, or 3.

I don't think the Spurs need to go back into 14% chance of winning it. Road is calling from Virginia. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Road? Hey, how's it going, JR? How are you? Very well, man. What's up? Okay, I'm the chess man, as usual. Yeah, I remember you.

What's going on? Right. I believe Oc Rivers is guilty of coaching mediocre players at a 55 wins and all that. When you've had Ben Simmons, JJ Reddick, Chris Paul, Yandere Jordan, Harden who's hurt and who's up and down, what's the guy supposed to do when he's coaching bums? I used to work with a guy and he used to always say, you can't make chicken salad out of chicken dung.

Yeah, I've heard that before. Yeah, no, I agree with you, but that doesn't absolve Doc Rivers from some of his own failings. It seems that unfortunately, and I'm not going to put this because I agree with what you just said, you can't force James Harden to show up. You can't force Joel Embiid to now all of a sudden be a Tiger. Those two dudes quit on Sunday and based on James Harden and his comments after the game, hey, are you and Doc good? He's like, oh, we okay.

Like we see this. We've seen James Harden quit on multiple occasions on multiple teams. Now having said that, you cannot change Doc Rivers final record when it comes down to close games or if it comes down to game sevens. Unfortunately for him, he is the worst of the worst of the worst and the writing was on the wall for him the minute that they pretty much down more. He said, oh, we want to bring in Harden and if it didn't work, Doc was going to be the next dude to go and now he's gone. And to be honest, I don't know and if it doesn't happen quickly, I don't know.

I don't know what other team is just going to give him a head coaching shot right out of the gate that that's to be seen. But I agree with you. Doc Rivers, is he 100% at fault for the disaster here with the Sixers? No.

At the same time, I don't think you could just wash your hands or he can wash his hands from his responsibility there. 855-212-4CBS, that's 855-212-4CBS. I'm going to take more of your calls on the other side of the break. We will hear from Anthony Davis as well. We're going to get into Win Benyama. We have so much more to do.

You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. The only things I call, you make me laugh my ass off. I nearly collapsed on the floor with laughter. When I turn you on, the first thing you said, and I think you should start writing some of this down and compile it into a book. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Good idea.

Maybe I should. Man, there's hours upon hours and hours and thousands and thousands of hours. Radio content. Digital content on YouTube from the JR Sport Brief. We're going back to 2009. Hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of content.

Who needs a book? Just go look up JR Sport Brief and you can listen and find stuff forever. 855-212-4CBS, that's 855-212-4CBS. Nuggets knock off the Lakers tonight 132-126. Anthony Davis in the loss comes through and says, here's 40 points, here's 10 rebounds, 3 steals, 2 blocks, 3 assists. It just really sucks that it was him, LeBron, Austin Reeves who had 23 points, and Ruhi Hachimura off the bench with 17.

Everybody else was sleepwalking. And although they got close to within 3 at the end of the game, Lakers didn't have enough firepower. Anthony Davis spoke to the media afterwards and he said, yeah, we got to switch a couple things up.

Different adjustment just throughout the course of the game. We did end up liking it, stayed with it for a while. Maybe something we go to game two. Obviously we got to go back and look at the film. But I'm just thinking about it right now.

Something that we like. Just to also have me roaming and things like that. Good adjustment, but like I said, we'll go back here and figure out a way we can be better. Yeah, they threw Ruhi Hachimura more towards Jokic as the primary defender later on in the game. And all things considered, yeah, Jokic, he slowed down.

Darvin Am, he talked about this tonight, about how difficult it is to just slow down. Nikola Jokic, listen to this. Well, just, you know, pivoting within the game, you know, making a slight adjustment.

Wanted to take A off as being the initial line of defense. And hopefully, you know, Ruhi could turn him, make him go east-west a little bit more. And once he went up to shoot, you know, he shoots 70% on those floaters, those little short range chip shots and floaters and hooks and little one-leg fadeaways.

He shoots them at an amazing rate. Scores them, I should say. So just the idea was just to get A behind him a little bit and have A as that big long arm, just ready to contest over the top of Ruhi. And so it was good for us in some segments. And, you know, we were able to, after a tough first half, given up 72 points, claw our way back into it.

I think the closest we got was within three. But, you know, hats off to them. They came out, they defended their home floor.

That's what they were supposed to do, right? Denver Nuggets came out a-blazing and then they kind of slowed down at the end. 8-5-5, 2-1-2-4 CBS. Get some more of your calls. Get some more Lakers and Nuggets. There is the Eastern Conference Finals that get started tomorrow. Obviously, a lot of conversations surrounding Doc Rivers and his firing. Well, I highly doubt he watches the Eastern Conference Finals. But, yeah, we got the Heat and we got the Celtics coming up.

And we'll talk about that, Victor Wimbunyama. Let's get to the phones. 8-5-5, 2-1-2-4 CBS. Jim is calling from Illinois. You're on the chair of our sport brief.

Show us up, Jim. Yeah, you know, I'm from Illinois and this guy's an Illinois boy, but how does Jason Brunson, that makes all NBA teams an all-star team? Oh, Jalen Brunson. Yeah, Jalen Brunson.

I agree with you. He played like an all-star throughout the course of the season. I think the fact that he went through having his first major full breakout season, that went towards it. And Julius Randle up until that point was having a good year. And I think the voters wouldn't want to put on two New York Knicks. But, without a shadow of a doubt, he played like an all-star this year.

Yes. Yeah, he almost willed them into the championship. I think he had 83 points the last two games or something like that.

And I mean, he had 30 points three games in a row for his neck to do that. I mean, he was a floor general. I thought he was phenomenal.

I'm from Illinois. I saw the kid play in high school where he was phenomenal, too. Yeah, yeah, because his dad at that point in time was with the Bulls.

Right. Yeah, he was with the Bulls earlier than when he was in high school. Yes, everybody knows that Jalen played like an all-star.

And if he just even plays how he started this past season, I think he'll be in the all-star game. Thank you, Jim, for calling from Illinois. 855-2124, CBS. Kevin is calling from here in Atlanta. You're on the JR Sport Reef show. Hey, John, man.

What's up, man? So, you know, I'm calling from here from Atlanta. Also, it's Howard's, Dwight Howard's hometown. I want to share a little story about Howard because, you know, you just brought up he was playing in Taiwan right now and I am Taiwanese. I was born and raised in Taiwan.

And then I moved and stayed here in ATL for about 10 years. And JR, man, when you played that clip earlier, when Howard said, you know, tell everybody to come here, I'm telling you, that video really cracked me up. It was very funny, but I want to share some of the good things about Howard did in Taiwan. Howard playing in Taiwan is kind of like Savannah Bananas in basketball, if you want to compare that. A lot of former NBA players, they go to Asia. They probably go to CBA. It's more competitive.

I get it. But when people go to Taiwan, they probably just go there before retirement having a little fun. So I would just kind of compare Savannah Banana baseball, I don't know if you're familiar with that, to the basketball thing in Taiwan. But something I want to share is that Howard came to Taiwan. It was actually a big deal over there. And most of the parties did good things. He was actually commuted with a team and then actually playing basketball.

Not bad basketball, but very good basketball actually. And then he's more involved with the community where he went on the street and talked to people, hanging out with fans. I've seen all of this and I'm aware. I actually know people from here in Atlanta who have known him since he was a kid. And so I'm very familiar with him. I've actually met him. I have spoken to him. I'm familiar with him, his background, his story, his family. I'm familiar with what he's doing now, what he's currently doing. And so yeah, good on him and good for the people of Taiwan. I think it's a very good thing. And then just let the old man have a little fun before retirement.

Well, maybe one of the reasons he's not in the NBA, he's had too much fun. Hey, Kevin, I appreciate you for calling from here in Atlanta. Oh my God, it's a lot of things, Kevin. Go ahead. Five seconds, just five seconds.

No, it's not. Go ahead. He hasn't met any girl pregnant in Taiwan, so that's it. Oh my God. Hey, Kevin, you got kids? You got kids?

Uh, no, but I won on the way though. Oh, God bless you, man. Congratulations. I appreciate it, my man. Thank you. No problem.

Make sure it's not Dwight Howard's kid, okay? Oh, no, no, no. All right, man. Thank you. Thank you, Kevin.

I'm glad I kept them on just so I could say that. That's the best thing he said was at the end. He's like, oh, Dwight Howard went to Taiwan and didn't have any more kids. He could have just went to that and we could have ended the call.

That was pretty funny. Rod is calling from DC. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Go ahead, Rod. Yo, what's up, bro?

Thanks for taking the call. What's on your mind? Did Dwight Howard, did he impregnate someone close to you? Man, nah, nah.

Nothing I know of. Anybody close to me with Dwight Howard, just get away from me. Leave me alone.

Okay, go ahead. But nah, bro, Lakers win this game if they had just a little, like, competent point guard play tonight. Like, D'Angelo Russell's way too streaky. I don't know what's up with the guy. Oh, he checked out. Yes, crap tonight. Yo, he wasn't playing defense. He didn't do nothing. Yeah, he didn't do nothing. Like, and he got Darman Ham big good, like, keeping him out the second half. I mean, I felt like he probably should have put him in, you know, maybe for a couple of minutes just to see what was going on with it.

But, I don't know, bro. Like, Dennis Schroeder, like, he got caught up in the screen a little too much. Jamal Murray's just too much for him, I think. But, I feel like Rui should start, right? Rui should start, annoy Jokic a little more in the beginning, in the early part of the game. What's my matter, AD? Like, let AD roam around a little bit. Let him get his fill. Okay, coach.

I got it going at six or seven. And I got the Lakers winning that. Yeah, no, I do too. I think the Lakers will ultimately still win this series. And I'm glad that you mentioned D'Angelo Russell. I mentioned this and talked about it last night.

It's everybody else surrounding the Stars. I've said dating back to last week, Anthony Davis, all things considered, I think he will be fine. He did. He's more than fine tonight. 40 points and 10 rebounds.

LeBron James, fine. 26 points, 9 assists, 12 rebounds. What else are you getting throughout the roster? Reeves gave you 23 points. Hunter Moore gave you 17 and everybody else was a ghost. Meanwhile, the Denver Nuggets, their entire roster for the most part, everybody contributed at home. Michael Porter Jr. had 15. Jamal Murray had 31. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope had E at 21. Are they going to go into and have the same type of game?

Probably not. At that point, maybe D'Angelo Russell will have a game to go off. I'll tell you somebody who is lighting it up right now. Austin Reeves. 23 points. The Lakers are worried that another team is going to come and swoop him up in free agency. Austin Reeves is about to get paid.

Big time. He ain't settling for no 50 mil and Austin Reeves, by the way, is still only 24 years old. Matter of fact, in a couple of weeks, he's going to turn 25. I think Austin Reeves is a guy in the league who can give you 20 a game. Maybe not on the greatest of teams, but he can give it to you as a hot guy off the bench.

He's pretty damn good. Formerly Hillbilly Kobe. It's the JR Sportbreeze Show here on CBS Sports Radio. Austin Reeves actually spoke. We'll hear from him. We'll talk about Win Bit Yama.

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