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5.8.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sport Brief / JR
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May 9, 2023 1:38 am

5.8.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sport Brief / JR

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May 9, 2023 1:38 am

JR makes it very clear based on recent comments why Bob Huggins absolutely has to go!


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That's S-E-E-W-H-Y. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. It's the JR Sport Brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia, and I'm happy to be here with you.

I'll be here for the next two hours. You might as well consider this to be halftime of the show. It's two hours down and there's two more to go. So if you've been locked in since 10 a.m. Eastern, 7 Pacific, thank you.

If you missed any of the show and you want to hit rewind, if you want to start from the beginning, if you want to hang out and hit pause and all that other stuff, it's the free Odyssey app. Thank you to everybody listening live on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliates. We are all over the damn place. So if you're here in Atlanta with me on 92.9 The Game, congratulations. If you are listening on a station called The Ticket or The Score or The Zone or anything else, thank you.

That's all I can say. Hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of stations locked in right now all over North America. If you're on Sirius XM Channel 158 because you're moving across state lines from city to city, thank you so much. I appreciate everybody making the country run. So whether you are delivering food, you are delivering packages, just drop something off for me in in Midtown Atlanta. Just conveniently leave it on Peachtree Street and I don't know around 15th Street and I'll find it.

So please just drop off something nice for me. A big shout outs to everybody as well who's listening on a smart speaker. Just ask it to play CBS Sports Radio. Super producer and host Dave Shepherd. He is holding it down live from New York City and we have had a busy night and it will continue to be a busy night. Right now about 10 and a half minutes left in the fourth quarter. The Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers, they are locked in at 84 points apiece.

All tied up. The Lakers lead the series two to one right now. Lakers going on a bit of a run. Anthony Davis having a good game.

This is the good Anthony Davis. 23 points to go along with 12 rebounds. LeBron James with 23 points of his own. Steph Curry not having the greatest of nights from downtown. He is two of 10 but he does have 21 points.

Gary Payton Jr. and Andrew Wiggins both have 15. Klay Thompson asleep at the wheel tonight. Klay Thompson only with six points.

And so we'll update you on that game as we continue on. I did share with you the minute that I got online or on air I should say the Miami Heat beat the New York Knicks tonight 109 to 101. Miami now leads the series three to one. Miami will have an opportunity to close things out against the New York Knicks in game five which will take place in Madison Square Garden.

Josh Hart for the New York Knicks. He spoke after the game and he basically said yes we are down three one but we're not on vacation yet. Get one and then you know if we get that one just get one get that one just get one you can't look at it down three one we can't look at it we need three wins we gotta look at it as we need we need one win.

Yeah that's that's how you do things right in life you just gotta take one step at a time. Unfortunately for the New York Knicks the Miami Heat are just stepping on them. The New York Knicks barely led in this game when they did they led by like two points they were chasing the Miami Heat the entire game and they were just they were out hustled. Julius Randle spoke as well and he's like listen the Miami Heat they were they were just goonin us out there. Just uh maybe they wanted more I don't know um you know um that's been who we are all year and uh we gotta find a way to you know step up and make those plays if we want to keep the season alive.

Too late. Julius Randle had 20 points to go along with a sterling. Six fouls which means he fouled out. He had six turnovers. Brunson had 32 points. R.J. Barrett had 24. Bam Adebayo showed up he said I got 22 points 23 points for you. Jimmy Butler had 27 and matter of fact New York Knicks were out rebounded 44 to 35 and it seems like the Miami Heat ended up with like five six seven offensive rebounds just in the fourth quarter and Bam Adebayo said yeah it's it's all about rebounding for us listen to this. You know supposed to be making it a big emphasis of first to the basketball and I feel like these last couple of games we've been doing that.

Well that's that's typically how basketball operates right if you get your hands on the ball you have a better chance of scoring and keeping the other team at bay and so the Miami Heat go up 3-1 against the Knicks and I'd say in the next uh maybe 30 minutes or less we will see if the Los Angeles Lakers go up 3-1 against the Golden State Warriors. We have time to go ahead and figure that out. Right before we went to break and we've talked about a lot so far in the show we got into Jim Irsay and his comments on Andrew Luck. He's made it very clear after the rumor came out that the Washington commanders tried to put a feeler out on Andrew Luck last season. Jim Irsay put out a tweet on Sunday night saying hey guys he's our property he belongs to us at least his rights do and so step off and that means anybody who's inquiring about Andrew Luck so we talked about that. Shep brought up Andrew Luck in his hall of fame viability. Shep believes that he is a hall of famer I said no hell no he he ain't play enough and then we also talked about Nikolay Jokic and Matt Ishbia the new owner of the Phoenix Suns. Jokic only fined $25,000 for kind of reaching into the stands to snatch the ball from Ishbia and then nudging him whether you want to call it a push a shove or nudge he extended his elbow to move his ass up on out the way and Ishbia was gonna fall whether he threw his hands up in the air or not. Jokic not behaving all that damn badly Jokic only fined $25,000 I'm cool with it I don't think he did anything ridiculously overboard except for what he did which was reach into the stands aggressively and then knock or shove the owner over whatever words that you want to use. Now I'm going to tell you about something that did take place today that that was just disgusting which was pretty egregious pretty outrageous and I don't know if a suspension is enough and this goes beyond cancel culture right here and I have to go to a college coach that most people are probably familiar with and that's Bob Huggins yes the current state excuse me the current coach of West Virginia he's been here since 2007 I think most of America knows him coming into prominence more so with Cincinnati where he spent 16 years now he spent the better part of going into 17 years with West Virginia he took both squads to the final four unfortunately for him he's never won one he's one of only six coaches in division one history with more than 900 wins he went into the basketball hall of fame last year and so Bob Huggins is he's a basketball lifer he's a legend he's in the hall of fame well I think Bob Huggins has also joined into the hall of fame of of Jack Assery and we could have conversations light-hearted or not about Andrew Luck and where he belongs and where he does not belong I think Bob Huggins I think he belongs on his couch I think Bob Huggins deserves to you know sit at home and you know just disappear from you know what society is and that's at least being normal and this has nothing to do with cancel culture and I think that that that is a little too prevalent Bob Huggins he was on Bill Cunningham show not a show that that I would listen to and I'll explain the reasons to you momentarily but he was on air earlier today and they were having a conversation and kind of joking around about the transfer portal and whether or not Bob wanted to grab any guys from Xavier to come and play for West Virginia and then Bob Huggins made a reference to when he coached for the Bearcats and he made a reference about you know the fans throwing you know rubber phalluses onto the floor but then he decided to to take it a step further like he started throwing around a homosexual slurs and decided to go a little bit further this was on the radio this morning a matter of fact unfortunately just for context I want you to hear this from WLW with Bill Cunningham Steve also tells me that you have the best portal transfers have you have you poached any Xavier guys to come to play for West Virginia Catholics don't do that no we're above the fracas aren't we absolutely I mean you I tell you what any any school that can throw rubber on the floor and then say they didn't do it thank god they can get away with anything was this I think that was at the crosstown shootout it was transgender night wasn't it was that it was a crosstown shootout yeah no what it was was all those okay yeah and so I'll let you figure out what what word he used to uh describe what I guess he wanted to uh call uh gay folks it's just it's just nasty all around and then to listen to to Bill Cunningham who I had to go and say okay who the hell is this idiot here who uh I don't know if it was nervous laughter or uh oh wow he actually said that live on the radio well let me just laugh and continue on and so how many how many and I have to watch my own words I have no problem calling anybody a jackass so I'll probably stick with that how many idiots can you have on the air at one time like how many folks can you have on the airwaves that that just peddle in just nastiness and I'm sure and this is the way the world should or should not be like I don't expect anybody to listen to me and agree with every word that I say what I would at least expect is respect that you can understand a position and and something that I at least me personally I pedal and every now and then I have a jackass who reaches out to me who I find to be pretty ignorant is is actually open-mindedness and inclusiveness and when I hear things like this in any any space it makes me want to vomit and to hear and let's think about this to hear Bob Huggins on the radio this morning and I tweeted this out say something like that was he drunk was he coming off of a hangover this morning did he have too much to drink last night did he forget that he was on the radio is he too old like what the hell is his problem to let something like that come out of his mouth and if you are that freely saying something like that freely saying something like that on the radio then what the hell are you saying in private and then the Bill Cunningham guy you're a jackass too and I know there's there's plenty of things that he has said over the years that that that and this is this is why I stay away from garbage this is why I started a podcast like Agents of Inclusion to talk about inclusiveness because we have idiots like this who have a platform and use it to push hate like that's it there's no ands ifs buts or ways about it and if you're going to sit around and and push hate or put other people in a negative light or put other people in harm then you just need to sit your ass at home lock yourself at home and just rot away that's that's it and so of course of course Bob Huggins put out a note he put out an apology he said I used a completely insensitive and abhorrent phrase that there is simply no excuse for and I won't try to make one here I am ashamed and embarrassed and heartbroken for those I have hurt I must do better and I will he basically said he is prepared for whatever punishment that comes his way good the punishment should be just just walk away now man that's it like I don't think things like this these are these are not accidents and sure and people say all types of things and the privacy of your home and you say jokes and you joke with your friends and you joke with your families but when you're saying things like this that's not an accident man you come across as an ass and so West Virginia has extended things as well West Virginia University does not condone the use of such language and takes such actions very seriously the school says the situation is under review wrong is wrong and for a dude who's already sitting at 69 years old just give him the boot get him out of here what do you think he he's said over the past I don't know 30 35 36 years 37 38 years that he's been out here coaching he got his first job back in 84 with Akron before moving on to the Bearcats and had a short stand at Kansas State is that West Virginia now since 2007 I hang it up if you can't be in public or be trusted enough to even be a decent human being in an interview to just get the hell up on out of here man and so Bob Huggins not the first not the last person to put his foot in his mouth and I'm not and I'm someone who wholeheartedly believes in in second chances and second opportunities and giving people another op a chance I should say after a mistake but when you are as bold to say what he said in the format in the form that he said it I'm sorry that's not a mistake and in that regard I think he should go and I give him I give him a little bit more hey brah don't wait for the school to tell you bye be man enough to leave yourself and work on you to even say these things I was gonna put more there just go away the world doesn't need Bob Huggins or anybody spouting off at the mouth with garbage like this and so I say goodbye to Bob Huggins and and the guy Bill Cunningham he can go kick rocks too because we don't need ass clowns and you can figure out what word I want to replace with clowns we don't need that type of mess on the radio spoken by a guy on the radio I'll be the first to tell you you call up here and if you want to share hate and garbage I don't even give you the time of day before it comes out of your mouth Bob Huggins give them the boot it's the JR sport re-show here with you on CBS Sports Radio eight five five two one two four CBS that's eight five five two one two four CBS the Los Angeles Lakers they are trying their best to get closer and closer to giving the Warriors the boot we got a close one currently currently tied up at 94 all we'll keep you updated the JR Sportbrief show CBS Sports Radio you are listening to the JR Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio you are listening to the JR Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio hi JR pleasure to speak to you you know just recently discovered your show a few weeks ago and just got to tell you that you've got a very easy listening style call in now at eight five five two one two four CBS it is the JR Sportbrief show here on CBS Sports Radio right now the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors yeah they are keeping it close down to the wire two and a half minutes left in the game Golden State leads 99 to 96 trying to avoid that three one series hole or that one three series hole whatever the hell you want to call it trying to tie things up at two all which would certainly change the complexion of this series we know the New York Knicks Miami Heat Knicks are in that hole right now Miami Heat up three one right before we went to break we talked about something unfortunately a little bit more serious Bob Huggins was on the Bill Cunningham show yeah Bob Huggins head coach of West Virginia and they were having an interview that's what happens when people join someone live on the on the radio conversation took place earlier this morning and Bob Huggins decided to to throw out unfortunately a slur he went a little bit too far and he decided to use a slur that would be denigrating to someone who would be potentially gay or homosexual and he went too far and he kind of said it like he was talking at home like he forgot that he was on the radio and it was a little disgusting the hosts and Bill Cunningham is not shy to just let trash out over onto the airwaves at times and they just just kind of laughed and kept on with it which I find to be terrible and so Bob Huggins decided to put out his apology about how ashamed and embarrassed he is he said he's ready for any ramifications from his words the university West Virginia University says that they don't condone the use of the language they take the actions very seriously and that it's being reviewed the situation is being reviewed so I assume they're trying to figure out whether or not they want to suspend him find him or maybe give him the boot what he said was not a mistake I think he gots to go and that's just as simple as that really really simple to me 855-212-4CVS that's 855-212-4CVS let's go to Canada and talk to Darryl you're on the JR sport reshow go ahead down thanks for having me on absolutely we're on the same time we're on the same time by the way a minute and 20 left we got a one-point game I love sports I hope you're enjoying it and what I wanted to say about oh thanks for catching me up about Bob Huggins I didn't know what he did or what he said but you can't cross the line I mean that's that's be completely honest everybody knows right from wrong and if you can't keep your mouth shut and say right from wrong you shouldn't be speaking yeah and I think and and thank you Darryl for calling from Vancouver there's so many so many times that that college coaches talk about building up young men and being an example and being a leader and this is why we're here you know Bob Huggins ain't just some dude you know that that just got the job he ain't no young hot shot he's been coaching since 1984 he's he's basically almost 70 years old like you you you know better right you've been hiding for this long that you you gotta be on the radio with a homophobic slur like we don't know what went through his mind what went through do I even want to be in his brain like in what world do you go oh I could slip this joke in here real fast oh it's a joke haha nah man what are you doing eight five five two one two four CBS Charles is calling from Jacksonville you're on the JR sport brief show what's up Charles oh hey JR uh thanks uh for letting me on uh it's my first time um you know Tony Morrison said a while back uh you know when somebody shows you who they are believe them believe them you know this dude needs to get the boo definitely I mean like tomorrow you know but I'm just uh recently gotten into sports talk radio and I'm kind of a NBA neophyte you know so I needed to ask you uh you know back in the day in the mid-70s I first saw the NBA on cable tv out west and it was the Lakers you know they were doing a fast break down the court and it was the most beautiful thing in sports I had ever seen in my life you know it was it was like a you know a herd of uh of antelopes all movement and synchronicity so what happened to the fast break I mean I I eventually kind of like the you know Bill Lanber's pistons but uh did MJ uh kill the fast break or where to go no I don't think the fast break went anywhere over the course of time but some of the rules that have been enacted when it comes down to fouls might have slowed down the fast break individuals putting hands on guys and kind of fouling them to to go ahead and and stop them in the process uh but we we see fast breaks I think if you happen to be watching the games right now man a lot of the the playoff action becomes half court I mean when you when you got so many teams playing every night from October until about April there's fast breaks all over the place and and right now the pace of the game is is pretty quick man so I think you you got to watch more often there's plenty of fast breaks thanks JR no problem Charles thank you for calling from Jacksonville yeah it's just uh you get into the playoffs it's half court man that's what it is and right now Los Angeles Lakers trying to put this one to bed trying to go up 3-1 15 seconds left in the game in the game 104 to 101 Lakers have knocked down their free throws and then golden state and a timeout right now looking to tie this one up eight five five two one two four CBS Chris is calling from Louisiana you're on the JR sport brief show yeah what's going on my brother good Chris I disagree with you I gotta disagree with you on this one I just feel like he may be wrong he may not should have said what he said but people should not be banished for the way they feel everybody has an opinion whoa whoa whoa wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait it is it's not an opinion to say hurtful words to to say hurtful words to everybody else that's not opinion that's just wrong Chris I disagree again I it's his opinion how he feels well well you know but I'll put it here Chris everyone is entitled to an opinion but if your opinion involves hating or hurting other people that person can take their opinion and they can go to hell with it that's it I said it Celeste is calling from San Diego you're on CBS sports radio hi gi how are you I'm excellent Celeste how are you I'm doing well thanks um two things uh the coach should definitely be fired uh what he said was ridiculous disgusting and yeah he needs to have the door uh hit him on the way out you know for sure um number two I wanted to get your opinion on how you feel about Tatis' return to the Padres how do you think he's doing so far well I did see Tatis what do you have two home runs the other day to kind of get things going who was he playing against the Dodgers uh yeah it was against Clayton Kershaw both of them yeah so I think it's I think it's still early we know Tatis is one of the most talented dudes in the game we just have to see him healthy out there on the field and I think the I think the Padres are going to be able to turn things around if their pitching holds up I'm actually kind of more perplexed with what's going on with Soto I know that he still has that on base percentage at around 400 which is crazy or 40 but he's not getting the hits that he used to so I'm waiting on him to settle in I'm not so much worried about Tatis yeah for sure he walks so Soto walks a lot he just seems a little bit nervous at the plate I don't know what's going on with him but we're all hoping that he gets back to his Washington Nationals form you know so uh thanks for taking my call and have a great night thank you Celeste appreciate you for calling from San Diego yeah look when it comes to Soto his form in Washington was like baby future hall of fame without a shadow of a doubt and so yes he still has the ability to get on base but outside of that it's like hey man are you gonna you gonna be able to to add some hits on there as well I think that's what the world is all waiting for eight five five two one two four CBS Charles is calling from Baltimore hey Jay how you doing good very well I thank God I think we need to disrespect what people do I mean we may not have to agree with it but at the same time I think as adults we need to just keep negative opinions to ourselves and just respect others and whatever uh way they go in life and I think um it's just disappointing to see how some people think that it's okay to voice ignorance so yeah I think he's laying my fire but suspended but if he is fired I wouldn't be surprised and I wouldn't uh think that's wrong so that's it all right thank you Charles for calling from from Baltimore yeah ignorance hate whatever whatever you want to call it or package it up as it's uh it shouldn't be tolerated in any capacity Matt is calling from Jacksonville you're on CBS Sports Radio good evening how you doing I'm very well Matt how are you I'm doing well thank you um I don't think he should be fired for the pure fact that you have professional athletes that do things worse like get DUIs and take a chance on killing people and that is much more dangerous than they get second chances so someone that makes a mistake and I'm not saying it's right but if a if a professional athlete gets a second chance after possibly killing somebody someone taking a mistake on the radio doesn't do nearly the harm that the athlete did getting a DUI so I think that is a a major apples to oranges comparison we understand so death is death well well can may I I let you speak uninterrupted can I can you allow me to say oh yes sir I apologize no it's okay I think it's it's major apples to oranges I'm not looking at it as death is death I don't think they're levels to death my point to you is we understand in the world here in this country I don't care what the hell you're looking at that there are double standards that certainly exist what I'm talking about is to to put people in harm okay yes it is such a terrible thing to go behind the wheel and to be under the influence and potentially kill someone it doesn't guarantee death but it can certainly line you up to do so I think a misnomer is especially when someone who has influence like Bob Huggins opens up his mouth about how you you continue to to help cultivate potential death and harm to others and that's what it boils down to it's not so much about death that is certainly an extreme but you certainly put people in harm's way and I think that's what we as a society should should probably stop doing it's real simple you you treat people how you want to be treated but in an ideal world which which we don't live in it's real simple try not to harm other people nobody is perfect we all make may I may I finish Matt you said you would I'm sorry I'm sorry you are sorry we don't live in a perfect world people make mistakes you make mistakes I make mistakes our producer Shep here makes mistakes everybody makes mistakes what we should probably stop doing in a lot of cases is when it comes down to people just being wrong we need to stop going well what about this or what about that or what about this I have no issue and I've made this very clear what Bob Huggins said was not a mistake with his words we can talk about actions that we could talk about words he had no issue with saying what he said and as an overall when you start kind of harvesting you know words and hate like that you do put people in harm's way and so if you don't agree that he should not be fired that's fine that's your opinion but there should definitely be a swift kick to the ass there should definitely be a punishment without a shadow of a doubt because what that man said was not a mistake and if you're saying all of that in public what are you saying in private and you're supposed to be the leader it's not about what professional athletes do and and what his students do and what this you're supposed to be the boss man here you're supposed to be held accountable to a different standard you can't even mind your own self out in public pretty disgusting eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs somebody might feel a little disgusted right now for another reason and these are some basketball reasons the Lakers and the Warriors just finished up you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio hey how you doing man i listen to you every night on the way home from work i appreciate what you're doing man you're a bad mamma jamma call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs it's the jr sport brief show here with you on cbs sports radio it's official right before we went to break it looked like the golden state warrior going to avoid the hole but they're in it right now the warriors are down three one in their series against the los angeles lakers the lakers win tonight in la the final score 104 to 101 some costly turnovers here some missed shots by the golden state warriors here in this matchup in this game let me go ahead and give you some final numbers if you're wondering about anthony davis yes he did show up tonight the lakers got help from him 23 points and 15 rebounds lebron james finishing the night with 27 points and nine rebounds to go along with six assists lonnie walker coming off of the bench knocking down and putting in 15 points and for the golden state warriors steph curry had 31 clay thompson a poor game only nine points draymond green eight points ten rebounds seven assists and when it really boiled down at the end of the game just missed shots and turnovers that helped seal this one for the golden state warriors a matter of fact let's listen to some of the action that took place to close this game out uh good news for the warriors though to start off steph curry he knocked down a floater giving the warriors a late lead 96 94 this is courtesy of the warriors radio network curry now guarded by walker dribbles in one-hander off glass and it's kiss home by steph curry who now has a total of 29 points in this game 96 94 warriors i told you as we continued on lakers got back in it and that includes lonnie walker knocking down a huge jump shot that put the lakers up 199 this is in the fourth two minutes to go in the game walker driving two-pointer by lonnie good again lonnie walker has taken over for the lakers he's got 13 points all in the fourth quarter lakers by one at one point in time the los angeles lakers with seconds left on the clock they had a jump ball situation steph curry ended up with the ball on his back lebron james trying to get the ball away from him steph curry trying to figure out somebody to get the ball to in the process of it the ball is turned over and moved around this took place here on the lakers radio network ad controls it curry's got it he's on the floor throws it away laker ball 1.5 to go and with some additional free throws the game was pretty much sealed take a listen to the final call on the lakers radio network they hand it to lebron throws it into austin reeves reeves troubles it out and that's it the lakers win it 104 101 on the shoulders of lonnie walker and his teammates gather around him at half court lebron and ad are hugging walker like he just found their dog lonnie walker coming off the bench i told you to provide 15 points in addition to those big free throws in the shot that ultimately gave them the lead right after the game lebron james was on tnt he talked to chris haynes and he showed lonnie walker a lot of love we're just a resilient bunch they hit us with haymakers at the haymaker at the haymaker trying to get us to fall we just stayed in the fight we just stayed in the fight you know uh it's a 48 minute game or if it's a 12 round boxing match and we stayed in there for 12 rounds man and was able to pull it through i'm gonna give you two names and you tell me about how you felt what did you say to him and what did you think about his performance not even about tonight i've been telling him i said lonnie stay ready we're gonna need you at some point and for him to be as young as he is for him to have that that professionalism come out stay ready when his number is called we don't win this game without lonnie walker tonight that's for sure without a shadow of a doubt game five it's going to take place on wednesday night the lakers will be returning to san francisco against the warriors obviously at home warriors are down 3-1 warriors don't look big enough and you know if anthony davis decides to show up again this is going to be a difficult one from them to bounce back from the los angeles lakers a team that started this season with a two and ten record has a completely different roster and the lakers realistically they're looking right at the western conference finals right now this moment lebron james knowing that they have to go to san francisco take on the warriors eliminate them at home lebron said this is what we will need to get the job done i mean as hard as this game was it's gonna be even harder we understand that we know that and if we don't come in with a desperate mindset like they're gonna come in then they're gonna blow us out they're gonna blow us out that arena so we've been in the 3-1 situation in round one versus memphis so we gotta we gotta learn from that we're not saying that memphis is going to stay both teams are well coached both teams are great but we also know we're dealing with the defending champion so i mean it's time to get rest now tired as hell man get on my face eight five five two one two four cbs chris is calling from california go ahead chris quickly hey jr how you doing man good man quickly go ahead yeah i just want to tell you man i was on my way to rito and earlier it was real close at halftime stopped off in the watering hole for the second half and you know lebron something all up that kid lonnie walker and breathe don't forget about weeds man lakers are moving on the finals man once you come you're gonna win it all okay thank you chris for calling from california chris is ready for the los angeles lakers to go out there and win it all lonnie walker he dropped all 15 of his points in the fourth quarter all 15 of lonnie walker's points came down in that fourth quarter six of nine in the fourth he hit that go ahead jumper i told you about with a little less than two minutes left in the game and that's all she wrote los angeles lakers three one series lead here against the golden state warriors the lakers win tonight in la 104 to 101 he mentioned austin reeves he's about to get paid this off season austin reeves contributing 21 points as well here in this game it's the jr sport reshow on cbs sports radio steve cur just spoke to the media i know there are a few other players who are are basically getting ready to chat as well we'll share that with you on the next hour when we come back on the other side of the break the phone lines are still open that's eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs lakers three one the heat three one against the nicks everybody's pushing everybody off the ledge or to it we'll talk about it more on the other side the jr sport reshow here cbs sports radio walk the dogs school drop-off meetings from 10 to 3 take kids to soccer then no time left for a jog when everyone else is relying on you it's easy to put your needs last betterhelp connects you with a licensed therapist online so you can show up for yourself the way you do for others visit slash positive to get 10 off your first month that's slash positive get some damn sleep go get asserta people america's most recognized brand of mattress american-made michigan-made and always the highest quality check out the entire lineup of mattresses at over 150 retailers in the metro area close outs the eye comfort series in the closeout event go to to find a retailer near you buy today get delivery within a week no waiting around or sold out nonsense get some rest get asserta arevo sheila e and patti smith please listen and follow this little light a presentation of cadence 13 on the odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts
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