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5.4.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR
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May 5, 2023 1:57 am

5.4.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR

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May 5, 2023 1:57 am

JR weighs in on the high expectations that Lamar Jackson has for himself with his new deal now finally behind him


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That's You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. It is the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Super producer and host Dave Shepherd. He's coming to you live from New York City, and we're going to be hanging out here with you for one more hour. For our show, we get started every weeknight, 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. And so thank you very much if you're locked in. If you missed any of the show, you can always hit rewind on the free Odyssey app.

A-U-D-A-C-Y. Go ahead and find it. You don't have it by now.

Where the hell you been? OK. You can also listen on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate. It's a national show. Just pick a state. All of them. Pick a city. All of them. We are there, and I'm here with you.

Look. Tonight, Lakers lose to the Warriors 127 to 100. LeBron James, 23 points. Only two points in the second half. Anthony Davis coming off of a 30-20 game.

He's like, hey, I got you tonight. 11 points and seven rebounds. Four turnovers. Klay Thompson loses his mind. Klay Thompson says, here's 30 points.

Here's eight of them via three. It's a very Klay Thompson-esque game. Draymond Green almost has a triple-double.

This is just, this was easy. Steph Curry's like, I didn't have to do work tonight. Hey, I'll only score 20 points, and then I'll dish out 12 assists. This was a beat down. The series is tied one-all. They'll go back to Los Angeles, or they will go to Los Angeles for the first time in this series on Saturday night, and Anthony Davis is getting a lot of the blame. And so in my final hour here on the show, in a few seconds, we will hear from Anthony Davis and LeBron on why they sucked.

Darvin Hamm basically gave credit to Draymond Green. Let's hear what Anthony Davis and LeBron had to say. And in one of our callers last break, he asked about Lamar Jackson and his new contract.

Was he deserving? Lamar Jackson spoke to the media on Thursday after his new deal that he signed last Thursday, right before the start of the NFL draft. And then another caller asked about Nikola Jokic. And so we've already had a busy night talking about Coach Budenholzer. We talked about workplace discrimination in the NFL. You have attorney generals from New York and California investigating the league. We talked about the baseball coach from Alabama, fired.

Looked like he was trying to intentionally throw some games to make some big money in the market. We talked about Giannis and the failure stuff. But let's listen to someone who lost the game tonight. I don't know if you consider him an overall failure.

They failed at winning. It's Anthony Davis. Hey Anthony Davis, man. What the hell happened tonight?

Why'd you suck? I took all the same shots I took in game one. You know, just missed them. Elbow jumpers, pocket passes to the floater.

Same exact looks. I didn't shoot no shot that I didn't shoot in game one. I just missed them. That's all. Like Bon said, they made adjustments. Shocked the ball extremely well from three. So we'll be better. I'll be better you know, making those shots.

Get back home on the home floor and try to take care of business. Okay. He took all the same shots. He just he just missed them.

Okay. He said Lebron James. Lebron James says that they they made some adjustments.

Lebron James, is that true? They made the adjustments and you know, we knew they were going to do that. That's what the championship team does and you know, they they held serve on their home court tonight and we gotta obviously see the adjustments they made. We gotta make our adjustments coming into game three.

All right. What are they gonna say? They got the answers. What? Anthony Davis was 0 for 5 on contested field goals in the first half and then by the time we got into the second half, it was just it was just bombs away.

They were just pouring it on. I told you about Klay Thompson. He knocked down eight three-point shots tonight. In the second quarter, Golden State outscored the Lakers 41 to 23. In the third quarter, the Warriors outscored the Lakers 43 to 24.

They abused them and they made this a blowout early. Even even Klay Thompson. I mean, he played what like 30 minutes and he's just casually knocking down threes. It's like the Lakers didn't even give a damn.

This is Klay Thompson after the game on ESPN. Well, we realized we let one go in game one and we've been having to bounce back all year from adversity and not a better group to do it with than these guys so came out our offense was flowing turnovers are low hitting open man we keep it simple the floodgates can open. As for you and your game just what felt good to you tonight?

This one felt great. I didn't shoot the ball particularly well last few games so to come out here and get hot in the early beginning I mean I watched film in the first game and I feel like I rushed a lot of great looks and I utilized my pump fake I was patient and I'm gonna try to take the same flow to LA tomorrow. But what does a win like this what kind of message does that send to them to you guys? I don't think it says much of a message because we know Lebron has seen it all AD seen it all and uh it's uh it's 1-1 at the end of the day so we gotta go to LA and get one and uh go from there. Yeah, I'm not prepared to say that this series is just now over.

855-2124 CBS that's 855-2124 CBS Travis is calling from Fairfax and VA you're on CBS Sports Radio go ahead Travis. How you doing man? Wow. You doing good? Yeah I said well yes.

Hey God is good man. I want to let you know man this game started off for me I coached basketball in the early 80s about under basket making sure guys knew how to defend. If you watch the game early on and you see what Draymond was and you see who Green was they were double teaming. You can watch the game tomorrow on NBA TV and see what I'm talking about.

When they started to take him out the game watch Green and watch Draymond when he got close to the free throw line he tried to go in on a shot they pushed him out with their left hand so he knew that he could not get under the basket. That started all off really really well after that the cavalcade happened in the second in the second third quarter so that's why the game was so old because the defense the offense was fantastic. This was a great game two for them to win game two and now it is 1-1 and it makes sense and this is going to be a fantastic series. I agree with you I see it going to six or seven games without a shadow of a doubt it's a beautiful part when you have all of these uh these talents out on the court at the same time Steph Curry a game changer LeBron James can go off Anthony Davis hot and cold and so even though Anthony Davis crapped the bet tonight gave him a tough time I think the whole team stunk. I expect the Lakers to bounce back at home especially with the lesser known less talented players probably getting a boost. Because Darvin Ham now and this is what my opinion is and I have no dog in the face I'm a Spurs fan I hope Booboo holds a gun for San Antonio again. What I'm saying is I think Darvin Ham now needs to understand that he needs to bring in Gabriel just to be another body and be bigger than the Warriors at certain times to push Draymond and if Looney gets healthy or whatever to get the under under the basket and so Davis can dominate but that's my opinion I'm an old dude that watched basketball since 74.

I'm sorry brother God bless you man. Well thank you Travis for calling from Fairfax I mean well one thing we know about the Golden State Warriors it is their size and Kavon Looney he only played 12 minutes tonight they made a whole big thing about him entering into the game and being sick that's why Jermichael Green went out there and started and so I think if Kavon Looney can pull up to Saturday if he's gonna feel better he'll be right back out there. 855-212-4 CBS that's 855-212-4 CBS hey Shep I'm gonna pick up a call from Nova Scotia is this guy gonna be dirty like the other guy?

No I have faith in Frank. All right let's check hey Frank you're on CBS Sports Radio what's going on with you Frank? Hey JR hey how you doing everything's good here and I did hear that last call from Nova Scotia and we're not cursors we're pretty gentle people up here man. Oh that's nice what happens up in Halifax what y'all do up there? Ah there's lots of things man we got beautiful weather up here in the summertime we've got beautiful people up here we love visitors we love everything that happens here and we we love everybody and we just love sports and we love getting out and having a good time. If I go to Halifax what what do I eat like what do I have to eat? You would eat the best seafood that you'd ever have in your life up here between lobster and salmon and haddock and mussels and that's our specialty up here we're right on the water and fresh food fresh seafood all the time here.

Okay I may have to may have to make a trip well what's going on with you Frank what's on your mind? Well I'm a big Jets fan here JR and I've been there forever with them and I just man I love the Aaron Rodgers signing I think I want to be over the moon and I want to say this is it whatever we had Brett Favre 15 years ago we thought that was it and you never lasted the season and the sort of draft last week was an afterthought it was like yeah who cares who we're picking there in the draft we got somewhere we checked a couple of picks down from 13 and we didn't get the old linemen that we thought and we got a few guys but hey we got Aaron Rodgers we got Aaron Rodgers man am I gonna be I don't know am I gonna be disappointed this year is it gonna be a downer or can I? You like the Jets of course. I know I don't want to think the same old Jets yeah I don't want it I don't want that. This is the fun part of this is the fun part about sports I like you also like the New York Jets I can't wait to see what they do I don't expect anything from them year after year after year I don't give a damn I just I'm just along to see if they suck if the New York Jets ever win anything I'll just go yeah great and just it's just how can you expect it's like being disappointed by somebody that you love all the time you're just like whatever you know it's it's that it's that feeling that never gets out of you and you want to think there's going to be somewhere before too long that we can celebrate man but I'm hoping this is the year I'm hoping Aaron Rodgers has got the help he's got the he still has the passion he has the weapons there I think he's got better weapons this year than he actually made the last few years I just don't have look whatever happens with them happens I don't have no expectations I'm just along for the ride hey Frank have you seen Aaron Rodgers hanging out in New York have you seen that I've seen that I've seen the uh the media yeah I've seen them at the games I've seen him at the Knicks I've seen him I think the Mets wanted him to throw the ball there he's you know that's a positive thing he's coming to the voluntary workouts he's he's getting right in with the guys on the team uh he hasn't done that in a lot of years in Green Bay man he just showed up in August well I don't think you can there ain't no Madison Square Garden in Green Bay that much I know right yeah that's right all right hey Frank hey call me anytime good talking to you man you too thanks JR man have a good night you too you too yeah Aaron Rodgers he's the man about town all right hanging out with Sauce Gardner he's almost half his age he's taking him out to New York Nick games and before the Rangers were eliminated embarrassingly by the way Aaron Rodgers is going to the garden he's like one night I'm at the Rangers the next day I'm at the Knicks and I'm going to dinner and Aaron Rodgers he's a he's a New York chef he's not a New Yorker he's not he's a California guy he'll never be a New Yorker right correct he probably lives in New Jersey right he's renting a hotel out there yeah he's going to every single New York event there is known to man and women kind right now could you imagine and he did not I don't think he did could you imagine if Aaron Rodgers went to that Met Gala on on Monday yeah I could because right now Aaron Rodgers is all about pumping up New York sports fans and the New York media as much as he can he understands that right now he's trying to win every single headline and I can guarantee you if he goes one and one or one and two people are going to soon forget all the events he attended in the spring how long I was going to say how long does it take before Aaron Rodgers is the bad guy in New York you know what it's again it's over it's all about expectation it's all about expectation so if this were the Giants he'd be a bad guy pretty immediately because it is the playoffs and the Jets are not synonymous with that when what I mean by that is they don't understand what the playoffs has meant in 13 years they have the longest drought active in North American professional sports and so even with the even him making the playoffs is a godsend and so he's not going to be the bad guy because he's going into a situation where there is no pressure nah there there's pressure for who there is pressure for Joe Douglas and Salah and the New York Jets and Rodgers to do something like there's an expectation for them to go to the playoffs and at least be competitive anything less than that is a disappointment New York Jets have been looking for a quarterback forever I'm talking about forever as in 80 plus year old Joe Namath forever and the last six years they've had an opportunity to pick at least third in the NFL draft and they've squandered that and so by making the playoffs JR I believe they would have already exceeded expectations you don't you don't see it that way no you don't bring in who someone who is arguably already the most talented most accomplished quarterback that the franchise has ever seen in their existence was no no no is Aaron Rodgers I'm not talking about whatever you think his level of talent is he is the most accomplished best quarterback that this team has ever seen in its existence and that also goes for Joe Namath so you don't bring this dude in and trade for him and go through the hoops and go through the jumps and all of that to go well my expectations are so low because we're the Jets uh we'll just be happy to you know go to the playoffs like nobody cares like that their expectations here me I I shrug my shoulders whatever the Jets do the Jets do and whatever I could care less they're gonna sink or swim but the reality is when you have all the talent in the NFL and you have all of these teams all over the league they are not well or best positioned to go ahead and be favorites to win are they going to be one of the teams expected to compete and go to the playoffs at minimum pick up a wild card spot yeah that you didn't add Aaron Rodgers just to say oh now we're good and I agree with you he's all over the place he's all over the town and as he should why not it's New York go out there and enjoy yourself and I think it's also pretty cool he's ingratiating himself with his younger teammates so Sauce Gardner was courting him publicly all over social media and now they're hanging out at the Knicks game a matter of fact they sat down next to Jessica Alba and Sauce Gardner he had no idea who the hell she was and he's just like oh well Aaron Rodgers is just he's making fun of me I don't know anybody this is what Sauce Gardner had to say I got to meet a few a few movie stars I got to meet Chris Rock um who else Dave Chappelle Tracy Morgan what does that mean I met quite a few people but when we were getting seated he was he was just picking on me a little bit for being young you know like we was getting seated and he was like oh we're about to sit by um so then we're about to sit by Jessica Alba and I'm just like oh you know what I mean I'm like yeah I don't know who that is and he just looked at me he looked at me like I'm crazy you know what I mean so it was just great just being able to sit sit over there and I got to I got to meet her and um one of her friends who was from Detroit actually you know it was great vibes but that whole night he'll just keep asking me out of nowhere he's like do you know who that person is and I'm like oh that's Amari Stoudemire I know who that is like now you're just picking on me at this point yeah well I'm sauce gardner is 22 years old Aaron Rogers is is about to be 40 at the end of the year and I mean I'm not mad at why would he he's 22 years old like I'm I know who Jessica Alba is I could only tell you two movies off the top of my head that that are fantastic for that was almost 20 years ago and then she was a kid in that other movie honey that I've never seen in my life I know Jessica Alba for selling I think she sells uh natural feminine hygiene products I could be wrong but it's like whatever and so congratulations to uh you know Aaron Rogers who happens to now be just the most cultured man on earth knows everybody I guess eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs speaking of qbs I told you Lamar Jackson spoke and he has some high expectations himself I'll share that with you on the other side a matter of fact you'll hear it from Lamar's own mouth phone lines are still open as well eight five five two one two four cbs it's the JR sport brief show don't move you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio I just want to tell you dude I'm a late night guy I've listened to your show for a long time this is awesome calling and talking to you um I just want to I want to be a ray of sunshine for you tonight call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs in most places a ray of sun a ray of sunshine at night is it doesn't happen man it doesn't happen it doesn't happen it doesn't happen it doesn't happen a ray of sun a ray of sunshine at night is it doesn't happen man most places most places almost everywhere depending on how far north or south you are but anyway hey congratulations to the buffalo bills they're going to be moving into a new stadium in 2026 it has no roof I think most people in buffalo are thrilled with that I think there are some others who say man if we had a roof and maybe maybe we'd be better no the cold is an advantage is it a disadvantage to the bills I don't know let's see if they can get over the hump has to happen sooner than later right speaking of getting over the hump right before we went to break one of our callers talked about Aaron Rodgers now being with the New York Jets I told you about Lamar Jackson another quarterback he got over the hump he got his money five years 260 mil he's going to average 52 mil highest paid quarterback and player in the NFL right now at this point pretty much at all time at the same time at the same point I should say and so Lamar Jackson finally spoke to the media in person today at a press conference and he had a few things to say first of all he showed love to his mom who wouldn't listen her just raising four of us you know my younger brother my two sisters I'm the oldest me being the oldest and just see how she grind and work without complaining um not wanting me to get a job you know telling me to focus on football and she's gonna take care of everything else um just seeing that and was like you know if she can do that I can do anything you know she's raising four kids on her own not asking for a handout not reaching out to people like she oh I need this right here to pay my bills I never heard her complain about anything like that I just you know go go to work wake up early in the morning go to work come back late at night from working or I'm dropping off the work stuff like that it was like man this woman's a superhero like to me you know that was part of the influence right there yeah shout outs to all the moms anyway back to what's going on right now Lamar Jackson looks at the roster that the Ravens have adding Odell Beckham Jr. we'll see how healthy he is if he can't stay healthy drafting Zay Flowers and he he has some high goals here uh for what he's gonna do in the passing game but take a listen to this I'm very eager I'm very eager to be honest with you know uh I told I think I told someone like man I want to throw for like 6,000 yards with the weapons we have you know and I'm not an individual award type of guy stat watcher you know I just want to do that you know because no one ever done and I feel like we have the weapons to do it you know we got explosive guys um and like coach said Nelson you know the new addition um Zay OBJ and we got Bateman gonna be 100 healthy dude we're gonna be healthy you know so it's gonna can't forget about Mark I can't forget about my boy Mark and you know likely so it's just can't wait to get rolling okay the most passing yards that Lamar has ever thrown for 3,100 that was in his MVP season 2019 where he threw 36 touchdowns to go along with uh you know 1,000 plus rushing yards as well about 1,200 in there so is he gonna get to six uh nice goal is it gonna happen probably not you know even with the 17 game schedule right now in the NFL Peyton Manning still is the king for single season passing yards in 2013 he went for 5,477 that was one more yard than Drew Brees in 2011 he went for 5,476 now with everybody playing 17 Tom Brady 5,316 and just this past season Patrick Mahomes 5,250 I don't know Lamar it's nice to have goals I don't know if he's gonna go out there and reach him we'll see Ali is calling from Sacramento you're on CBS Sports Radio what's up Ali hey JR how you doing sir good man what's going on a long time listener first time ever caller i've been listening to you you know um you know late at night either organizing the garage or tonight um you know cleaning the shrimp as my wife asked me to do so i'm clearly cleaning the shrimp looking to all callers yeah take that crap out that shrimp yeah clean it yeah thanks uh yeah no yeah no worries um yeah i've been uh i'm in Folsom Sacramento um and uh wanted to call and just chime in about uh you know i've been a long time king fan and i know i i hate to see the you know kings uh get bounced uh the playoffs you know game seven who knows us if uh scott foster had anything to play with that game seven call but no worries um you know i'm just glad that we're we're back in that you know playoff uh contending uh contending um mode and uh hopefully you know throughout the years we'll you know we'll we'll continue this uh trend uh with this new nucleus but uh overall though uh you know i've been a long go ahead sir no i said it's it's a start i mean if i was a king's fan i'd be happy with what we have right now well definitely hands down where we were and where we are and going from you know from 9 10th and you know you know out of the uh playoff picture to number three seeds of course i'll take it any day uh just to be in that you know in that you know playoff caliber team uh category um but you know i've been a long time king's fan you know i moved here and ended states in the states in 1990 and uh been a long time bills fan i i feared the the jets caller earlier so i've been through a lot um you know being all kind came coming here in 1990 you know uh washing football learning football and the buckler bills uh four straight super bowl losses yeah king playoff losses i've suffered well yeah you you've gone through a lot of suffering but i'll put it to you this way right now the buffalo bills got one job and that's to get over the hump before they fall into the toilet and i would at least be happy with the sacramental kings they certainly look like that they're on the up and up ali i appreciate you for calling from sacramental are you done cleaning the shrimp no no no i've been actually back in the garage because of my my wife and daughter and sleeping so i i'm almost done with the shrimp but no i just wanted to come out in the garage and and talk to you i was honestly you know but i understand escape in the house ali i understand hey good luck to you okay all right you guys take care thank you no doubt ali i understand bro find anything it's like hey i'm i'm going to walmart real quick you need anything like i'll be in the garage i'll be in the backyard i'll be in the basement i i overstand it's like my wife got me cleaning the shrimp i never thought i'd hear that one before hey jr i'm listening to you while i'm i'm i'm cleaning the shrimp this man is plucking crap out of shrimp and he's he's listening to me i wonder what else people do while they oh no that's terrible anyway let me get out of this quickly it's the jr sport brief show here with you on cbs sports radio i'm going to take a break when we come back i'll get the more your calls no need to tell me what you do while you listen to the show we're going to hear from steph curry we're also going to hear from kevin durant we got a lot to do before we get out of here you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio so you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio you're always on point man i could be having a rough day i throw on your show and it just breaks the whole day up man call in now at eight five five two one two for cbs i like this song i like a lot of i like a lot of memphis hip-hop i love it i love it popping my collar they're too bad the memphis grizzlies they popping too many damn bottles and popping off at the mouth you got dylan brooks this guy doesn't even have a job right now what an idiot that guy is anyway we've had a busy night we talked about mike budenholzer we talked about the uh nfl being investigated right now in new york in california for workplace hiring practices and behaviors hey we talked about the former manager of alabama baseball brad bohannon who basically thought it was a good idea to try to maybe influence his team losing a game against lsu so he could make some money off of it i don't see this guy ever having a job again we talked about yanis and failure and budenholzer and verlander's new york met's debut he lost gave up back-to-back home runs in the first and then of course the warriors beat the lakers tonight 127 to 100 we talked about lamar jackson and his goal to pass for six thousand yards and now aaron rogers man of the town in new york i'm going to get to your calls as well here in this last segment of the show eight five five two one two four cbs but before we do that let's take a listen to steph curry he talked about the game tonight clay thompson had 30 he had 20 and 12 assists this is what steph curry had to say went right being aggressive being in the right spots uh obviously clay got going early we we found him in transition and in the half court draymond was amazing in the pocket um you know the sacramento series we we found some success there and they tried to you know respond to that and we figured that out so i assume that'll happen with la same kind of vibe but we'll have an answer for for all of it all right let's see what happens on saturday night tied up one all if you got to look forward to tomorrow night friday night cinco de mayo celtics will be in philadelphia we see that that series is currently tied at one all jolan bead gonna get his mvp award and then we got the nuggets and sons nuggets been destroying the sons denver leads the series 2-0 nikola jokic has been lighting it up that last game 39.16 rebounds and kevin durant he was even asked before game two hey are you surprised the nuggets and jokic are are doing this and kevin durant was like the hell is wrong with you for asking me this question the nuggets surprised am i surprised about the nuggets hell no they're number one seed for a reason they got a two-time mvp they got a deep team yeah no i'm not surprised they can go off and win games so uh we got our work cut out for us we're looking forward to game two though yeah jokic gave him 39 points and chris paul walked out with a groin injury and then they got four points off the damn bench four four points off of the bench what is durant and book what do they what do they got to do score 50 apiece i still can't believe that how do you score four points off the bench bismack biambo is sixth man of the year right two points campaign two points that's crazy eight five five two one two four cbs a gentleman by the name of cleveland is calling from atlanta maybe it's cleveland from family yeah i don't know go ahead cleveland yeah greetings to everyone i just got a quick question for you jr uh i've noticed the past two years nba players have uh transitioned from high tops to low top shoes i was wondering if you had any information as to why no i think it's it's style and feel man that's it fires hairs no shotgun okay hey that's all i had man uh enjoyed it what you watching what you watching on tv oh wow i think the channel's on discovery id that's all okay what are you looking at i was waiting man it was a long wait but it was well worth it i appreciate you taking my call oh certainly cleveland thank you thank you so much he's watching discovery i don't know what comes on that crime i don't know no idea sorry owen is calling from atlanta all my 92-9 the game people are here owen you're on cbs sports radio what's up hey j how are you doing tonight bro excellent go ahead hey man i just want to talk about i want to talk about boot once again fire okay i want i don't think it was was right you'd be the man when his family member dies and you beat the man when his superstars hurt okay and i mean it's just one like but i guess they had been complaining about him and bill walker they say even when he was winning it was okay though he would come back here to atlanta and help um coach snyder because he was he was the head coach and coach snyder was on his self we welcome him back here okay i don't know about it i don't know about it i don't know about as the the head guy in in charge or even on the side i'll put it to you this way owen yanis at that akumpo didn't have the most uh glowing words for coach bud and i think this pretty much sealed his fate let's take a listen to what uh yanis had to say about their lack of adjustments and the entire time all you can think about is just is coach but take a listen to this do you guys feel you you think you made enough adjustments over jimmy uh over the stretch this series we didn't we didn't we didn't um i think drew did his best man but at the end of the day like he gets tired you know he gotta he gotta rebound the ball he gotta pass the ball he gotta score the ball he gotta guard jimmy like get tired you know um maybe we could have done some um i don't know maybe double teaming more try to make it pass the ball um maybe um i don't know switch the match up for a little bit give uh drew a break two three minutes um but i don't think as a team we we made uh the right or we didn't make as many as adjustment as we as we could against him yeah coach budenholzer he he went out there and said it too yeah i could have done better yanis went further than that he said that this was the worst post season he's ever been a part of i know he had that whole thing about failure but stamp it coach bud is cooked there eight five five two one two four cbs shout out to my main man owen for calling from atlanta hey we got mark from boston you're on cbs sports radio hey jr thanks for having me sure first time long time listener started out the uh the call with uh some discussion about the lakers and their results and somebody throwing a game which i think is just it's ridiculous like all of a sudden we're starting to throw that stuff out there it's concerning given the climate right now but i do have to say that there's i mean there's got to be something to be said about i i know this happens during the regular season guys taking games off but in the playoffs like how how does how does that happen you know how does it happen that the celtics play against indeed without indeed we take a loss the next day and beans in the lineup and tatum doesn't show up well you know this is the funny thing mark about and i know what i'm gonna say is gonna sound very very simple the nba as it currently is constructed is a jump shooting league it's not the same type of variety of i need to take care of the basketball in the mid range i'm gonna go to the basket and so unfortunately a lot of these games and a lot of these players it's either you got it tonight or you don't it used to be a very simple strategy if you don't have it quote-unquote from the outside and the outside did not always extend past the three-point line you go to the basket and so nowadays the players have been conditioned to shoot shoot shoot and shoot so much when you don't have it you don't have an alternative and so i think that's one of the reasons that we see just so many players at times that either are hot or cold and one night have an amazing game and another night they don't you know i was not a professional basketball player i ain't playing college i wasn't on the high school team i just played to play any place any place i could if my body would let me there were some days on the court where i'm like well damn i did that and there were some other days where i sucked and i think most people can understand that and in the way the league just currently operates man some guys when they don't have it they don't have another go-to and i think that's what separates the league from a lot of times what it used to be thank you mark for calling up from boston madis here from new hampshire you're on cbs sports radio hey jr thanks for taking my call um seeing the the celtics last night when they're ahead they're just like shot threes both teams dead and none of them are making any threes um seeing the bruins switching sports right now seeing the bruins lose they both have new coaches and i think the home team advantage has like been deaded because all these players they like get in the head with the crowds and they start playing for themselves and then they go on the road and everyone starts winning and there's just been such a change in basketball and that's kind of been like driving me away from it and and seeing the playoffs like seeing them play like it's a regular season game it's annoying because like the celtics did such a good job against philly and then you see teams like the bucks like just this bullet i don't know it just it's frustrating when they people call a home court advantage and it never works in the last like five years i feel like it doesn't work it it's still it still exists matt and you have you have stars and then you have guys who are sub stars you can take a look at what the los angeles lakers did tonight uh look at some of their guys who are not stars and what they did and i think that still holds true in pretty much all sports i appreciate you for calling from new hampshire it's the cheryl sport reshow here with you on cbs sports radio thank you so much to everybody who locked into the show tonight uh yeah i told you we got more basketball tomorrow and i will be with you tomorrow and there's plenty going on if you missed a minute of the show tonight it's real simple just hit rewind on the free odyssey app hey chef thank you for another great show pleasure jr thank you sir no doubt about it maybe uh the suns will win a game tomorrow maybe and bead will have an mvp like performance i just know this for sure i'll be back with you tomorrow 10 p.m eastern 7 pacific the jr sport reshow on cbs sports radio is done but don't go anywhere amy lawrence she's coming up next thank you shot 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