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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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April 19, 2023 1:49 am

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sport Brief / JR

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April 19, 2023 1:49 am

JR is inspired by the latest news regarding Damar Hamlin. He's coming back to play in the NFL!


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Get a Serta. from new york city and tonight the nba playoffs continued and we just got some news breaking news that came down the pipe about 10 minutes ago we were having this whole conversation and we found out draymond green will be suspended for game three of the series between sacramento and golden state we know the kings lead two to nothing and draymond green will not be participating in that game suspended for that stomp to the chest of damantis subonis i'm going to share some of the details about that momentarily i didn't think the nba would do it i literally sat here and said i believe draymond should be suspended i said i don't think the nba will and i i ran through his history and then it's one of the nba's reasons we're going to talk about that momentarily let me give you an update here right now at this moment at home in phoenix the suns currently have a lead against the clippers 98 to 87 there's about 10 minutes left in this game the phoenix sons are looking to even up their series one all against the clippers earlier on this evening the boston celtics they go up 2-0 against the atlanta hawks the celtics wiped them out 119 to 106 don't be confused by the score at one point in time this was looking it's looking pretty bad the celtics were up 61 to 49 at the half the hawks really towards the end of the game were only able to pull it to nine points the celtics just had too much tatum had 29 derek white got busy he had 26 points and the atlanta hawks man they took 48 threes and only made 16 of them running around at the same time the cleveland cavaliers they tied up their series against the new york nix beating them 107 to 90 the cavaliers they led by as many as 29 points in the fourth quarter and so our two east coast games eastern conference games they weren't too hot earlier on this evening but right now the clippers and sons for the most part they've been able to play it close at one point it looked like the clippers were in command of this game and the sons have taken control and will try to do so as this series gets ready to head to los angeles and then this also leads us to the news that we just shared we know that last night around this time not too long after that the sacramento kings beat the golden state warriors 114 to 106 the kings now have a 2-0 series lead as they get ready to play game three on thursday but it's official draymond green will not participate why won't he participate because of this what took place last night about seven minutes left in the game take a listen to the warriors radio network here is monk with a shovel shot that doesn't go on the white side rebound draymond gets away it's a technical foul on draymond green for stopping sabonis as he tried to get out of the way up the floor and draymond might get a flagrant foul and get ejected here sabona still down yeah and we heard draymond's explanation last night uh let's take a listen to that can you just walk us through what happened there my leg got grabbed second time in two nights referees just watch it i gotta land my foot somewhere and i'm not the most flexible person so it's not stretching that far so you didn't really see where you were stepping you just i i can only step so far and pulling my leg away so what is what it is what was the explanation they gave i know they gave him a technical then obviously you the explanation was i stumped too hard how hard was that impact were you surprised that he was on the ground for that long no i wasn't surprised that he stayed down that long that's enough and so what took place tonight the nba handing down a suspension sham sharaniya says that draymond green has been suspended for game three the nba ultimately decided on suspending green for game three of warriors kings due to his history of unsportsmanlike plays the league says most around the warriors and the situation tuesday believed a fine was coming but draymond will serve his suspension in a pivotal game yeah i thought he'd got would have got slapped on the wrist that's what i thought and like they gave him the boot he's been fined i didn't think the nba would suspend him but they did and i give him credit because after all the the groin shots and low blows and the kicks and i'm talking about years of it this is this is 2023 i mean the first famous hit was the one to lebron james that got him ejected and booted from game four and then he wasn't available for game five and then the warriors blew a 3-1 series lead that's the most famous kick or hit that doesn't have anything to do with steven adams or kyrie or james harden these are all people that have been just knocked out by this dude and that by the way that's not the only time lebron james has been hit by draymond you can probably create a highlight reel it's amazing that off the court as far as i know they're actually friends you should you shock me and i don't remember last year i didn't forget last year against the the warriors golden state taking on another young upstart they were able to take care of the grizzlies good luck if they can do this against these kings now but draymond green took brandon clark went up for a shot then block his shot but kind of threw him down to the ground and he was ejected for flagrant i remember that game because it was a sunday and i just walked into my hotel room in denver colorado and i said what the hell is draymond green doing and then afterwards draymond green made it very clear i will not change how i play the game remember this from last year listen play basketball for a living have an incredible family incredible life i'm not picked on there's other people that's picked on i'm no victim i'm good money i told you all my podcast i that's my reputation is a badge of honor not everybody can earn that reputation so life goes on i'm never going to change the way i play basketball it's got me this far it's got me three championships four all-stars defensive player of the year not going to change now well post what he said we know that they won another championship so he's now a four-time champ he is a four-time all-star he is a defensive player of the year won that in 2017 he is a second round pick he is going into the hall of fame he does have a gold medal and god bless him for all of those accomplishments he's also been dirty in the process and when you think about his legacy and i don't think we're too far off draymond green ain't lasting in the nba forever he is at his he's on his way out of his peak right now especially knowing that he's likely out of the door with the golden state warriors draymond green is 33 years old draymond green can make jokes about how uh his his flexibility you know isn't where it used to be you know isn't where it used to be he can still play but this man ain't at his peak and i think because of a lot of the bluster and the talk and the intimidation and the fouls and the funny business that who and what he is as a basketball player can be overlooked it's also to what he said is it's brought him and the team's success because the warriors have needed his edge they've needed his defense they've needed his passing and you might kind of go leadership but to a certain degree they've they've needed that and they've had to sacrifice a lot because he's a wild card and you know what every team a lot of good teams will have one one dude who you won in the foxhole with you that you know is just a little crazy and you know shep you you made a point about the the warrior's culture i don't want to put words in your mouth but you said that the warrior's culture was was was fraudulent is that what you said it's fraudulent in the sense that they want to stand for being um have having great morale they want to stand for being a franchise that does things the right way on and off the court and they want to stand there and make it seem like they're going to leave the game better than they found it and what they have become is a beacon and an umbrella for one of the dirtiest players in nba history and had they at the beginning of this year actually disciplined draymond green he wouldn't be out of game three come come late april yeah and i don't think so it's it's basketball basketball game basketball team i don't think any of these these squads or teams kind of present themselves as holier than now or or upstanding or upright you know the fact that this team is led by a transcendent player and and steph curry and then you would you do have somebody else in clay thompson he can he can get to his chirping here and there but for the most part he's a quiet dude and so when you have these two these two men as the the leaders offensively on your team yeah you you kind of look and go oh well steph curry is the the clean-cut dude like steph curry doesn't get in trouble on or off the court he doesn't say anything crazy and some people might not like the celebrations but steph curry ain't out there bothering anybody and to the contrary you have draymond green who is stepping on chests is getting suspended was just suspended for another pivotal game and so when you look at the warriors here they're like everybody else trying to win basketball games they're trying to walk the line and toe the line ain't nobody pretty out here nobody uh you know sitting on a a moral throne of here we are the warriors have tried to toe the line to success and they've done it and if it means turning a blind eye to draymond here or there to get results out of him on the court they do it and heading into this season knowing that draymond could be out the door knowing that jordan pool getting his contract and draymond not getting his money wasn't the case it's like hey don't don't rock the boat this would probably be the last and to i hate to borrow from michael jordan but this is probably the last dance for this group and so they shot their shot and they took a risk like every team does at every point of the season draymond pop pool and they thought it better to still have him on the team than suspended and to be honest i don't know if that would have sent too much of a of a different story here at the end of the year i mean the name of the game for every team every organization is to go out and win and the warriors are no different and so they've gotten a lot of success out of draymond if we look back at this team 10 years from now 15 years 20 years people are gonna look at their success and then they're just gonna go oh yeah maybe they could have won two others but that just shows you how great they were and it'll be water under the bridge draymond green he's paying for it now and he i don't know how happy he's gonna be moving on into the future especially when that future does not include the golden state warriors but for now or after the season the choice is going to be his draymond has a player option on his contract he can choose to kind of join the warriors for one more year or he can just walk in june at the end of june in july and look for a new team and so i made the point last hour yeah draymond might have stomped on subonis last night and now he's suspended for game three draymond green might also be stomping his way out of the door 855-212 for cbs that's 855-212 for cbs robert's here from new hampshire you're on cbs sports radio hey jr thanks for taking my call so yeah obviously i'm a celtics fan so like you know they broke my heart last year but i've always respected and you know draymond's game like i always tell my friends i feel like mark is smart it's like the draymond green is a celtic so i respect what he does but when i first watched the play i really didn't know what to think and then i heard shack saying i'm like you know we're big dudes so like when he's grabbing my leg if i keep going forward i'm gonna fall on my face but then after that i started thinking i'm like well this guy he like kicked someone in the jewels he'll poke you in the eye he punched his own teammate in the face and then afterwards he's doing like you know the hulk hogan thing to the crowd and i'm like you're down in the series the game ain't going good like i figured that was definitely uh get detrimental to the team and to the league so i figured he would have got suspended yeah i'm i'm surprised that the nba went ahead and suspended him i thought that he should have been uh but because you think about his history right like all the things he's done and then when he's out there you know doing the hulk hogan like mocking the crowd acting like he's like the tough guy and it's like dude you know the type of guy the type of reputation you have so it's almost like you can't believe him you know we did it on purpose oh absolutely i mean you don't come down with that force in the way stomping on him was not the the only resort that he had to to releasing himself at all but it's the measures that that he went through and thank you rob for calling from new hampshire for what you just said thinking about draymond's history that's why he's been suspended the word that we have here is that due to his history of unsportsmanlike plays that's why he's been suspended rob is calling from north carolina you're on cbs sports radio what's up jr man how you doing man excellent go ahead rob hey man i mean draymond he's done it to himself man i mean he calls the warriors championship you're getting punching people like he like it's a step for like it's a step child you know i mean it's just sad man he needs to just he just go ahead and do the arrow for devil and disappear man he's a side he's a thorn in the side man he's just a i mean a nuisance i don't understand it all right well thank you rob for calling from north carolina we gonna have plenty of time to discuss like what's next for him we gotta get through the series first the sacramental kings have been running the warriors up and down the court is the temperature and tenor and of the game gonna change down in san francisco not necessarily should it be easier with no draymond green it should the sacramental kings are they gonna take that for granted and relax maybe not consciously but maybe subconsciously and so i'm not prepared to completely close the door on the golden state warriors in their season it's already not looking positive when you're down 2-0 and now you're missing a key piece in cog that helped you win four championships we got a long way to get to to june we got a long way to get to july and those conversations surrounding draymond whether he opts in or opts out or where he goes or if he's a free agent and that's going to set things up to a whole nother level but for right now draymond is out suspended for game three it's the jr sport brief show here with you on cbs sports radio eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs one of our callers i wouldn't have necessarily made the correlation but he did he said imagine if something terribly worse or worse happened to the montes subonis getting stepped on in the chest we all saw what took place with damar hamlin earlier this year well how about this damar hamlin actually spoke tuesday and he had some positive words about his future and his career we're going to take a break from the show and we're going to take a break i'm going to share with you damar hamlin's words about his nfl future i'm going to give you an update on what's going on between the clippers and the suns i'm going to get back to more of your calls it's the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio man first of all you know i just want to start off by saying i respect you a lot and i love your show and everything that you do so just want to say mad love and love everything that you do call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs it's the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio yeah draymond green suspended for game three stepping on another dude's chest that being subonis and we'll have plenty of time to talk about that meanwhile phoenix and los angeles they are still playing it close here in the fourth quarter with about three minutes remaining phoenix ahead 115 to 108 russell westbrook at the free throw line looking to put some more points on the board we'll keep you update there or updated there it's now 115 to 109 we did get some good news that came down the pipe on tuesday and it involves damar hamlin one of our callers actually brought up the point of could you imagine if draymond green stepped on the chest of the montes subonis and something more tragic took place and he referenced damara hamlin and yeah the odds might be very very slim but we know one of the reasons that you don't you don't step on anybody is that you can hurt them seriously no matter if it's a punctured lung a broken rib you can harm another internal organ outside of your damn lungs you don't do that and so obviously damar hamlin is an extreme case but ahead of buffalo bill's off-season activities damar hamlin spoke to the media today and he had an important announcement and i'm not even going to put words in his mouth take a listen to what he had to say over these last few months um i've been on a journey and i've seen you know some of the top professionals across the country and their answers to me were pretty much all the same they were the same and this event was life-changing but it's not the end of my story so i'm here to announce that i plan on making a comeback to the nfl wow let me remind you we're about uh three quarters of the way through april right now depending on where you live it's april 18th maybe it's the 19th damar hamlin collapsed monday night football january 2nd january february march april we haven't even gone through four full months and damar hamlin the story feels like it has been basically a year long and when you collapse and basically die and have to be resuscitated on a football field even watching it in the studio watching it at home just thinking about it just going man what's going to happen and then let's keep this in mind damar hamlin and i say this with all due respect he was only only in the hospital for nine days before he was discharged every single one of those every single one of those days felt like for ever we know about his charity at one point in time over that week they were able to to raise about eight million dollars he was able to go home he was able to recover he was able to get to that playoff game and it's amazing how fast time flies and so damar didn't just stop there at announcing his his return to football his return to training he gave everyone more of an update on what his issue was and what took place that caused him to collapse take a listen so the diagnosis of pretty much what happened to me was basically commodio cordis it's a direct blow at a specific point in your heartbeat that causes cardiac arrest and five to seven seconds later you fall out and that's pretty much what everyone's seen january 2nd of this year yeah we saw t higgins get the ball we saw damar come through to tackle him he caught a shoulder right to his chest he took a couple steps and then he dropped and we know that he had to be resuscitated there on the field and damar took it a step further and said this isn't something that just happens to me or happened to me in an nfl game this happens all across the country to young men and young women who participate in sports and they don't have the they don't have the benefit of medical help they don't have the benefit of medical equipment that they would potentially need in their high school and so damar hamlin is looking to continue to raise awareness so other young men and women that they can see their lives full take a listen commodio cordis is the leading cause of death in youth and youth athletes across all sports so that's something that i personally will be taking a step in to make a change and also with that being said you know the all the awareness around cpr and the access to aeds have been lower in that number as well damar hamlin he was also asked man you you done been through a lot over these past four months is there an instance where you just look at everything that's taken place and just go wow listen to damar hamlin's response not to sound cliche man but the wild moment is every day just being able to wake up and just take deep breaths and and live a peaceful life to have a family to to have people around me that love me and that care about me and for those people to still have me in their lives you know they they almost lost me like i died on national tv in front of the whole world you know what i mean that right there is just the the the biggest blessing of it all is for for me to still have my people and my people still to have me he the man died on tv he did the guy died on tv the guy died on tv and came back you know what i'm hoping for damar hamlin was no he was no scrub he was out there because the the buffalo bills had a lot of injuries in the secondary to begin with and so he finally got more of a full-time shot and an opportunity and i think for the majority of the season he lived up to it he established himself he can be a starter here in the nfl this dude this this sixth round pick in 2021 out of pittsburgh he ain't no long-time veteran damara hamlin and god bless him he just turned 25 years old a few weeks ago we know his life could have ended permanently on january 2nd and so to look at damara hamlin and know that he's here i want to see him being all pro man i don't want to just see him run around on the field and it's going to be an adjustment alex smith came back from that that that multiple time surgically repaired leg i think they had to operate on his leg about 20 times and i'm just like oh i don't know if i want to see alex smith but he was able to go out there and put up a decent showing and be comeback player of the year before he stepped away on his own terms i want to see damara hamlin i want to see him grow it's going to take some adjusting and getting used to seeing him out there on the field but the more that we see him i want to see him continue to be awesome so much where it becomes normal and so damar wasn't the only person that spoke and put in his two cents he couldn't play football he can't get back out onto the field unless the team says we want him to brandon being from the buffalo bells he said damar he's good to go he's seen three additional specialists most recently on friday and you know they're all in agreement it's not two to one or three to one or anything like that they're all in lockstep of what this was and that he is cleared resumed full activities just like anyone else who was coming back from an injury or whatever so he's he's fully cleared he's here and he is of the mindset he's in a great headspace to uh come back and and uh make his return man that's beautiful because for a while here i i didn't give a damn about no football especially while this man was sitting up in the hospital it was tough to sit down and do which did not care about no stinking football when you watch somebody go out there and literally as as he said die on the field and he's back and i wish him nothing but but success as he he comes back and it's just a cool thing that he's even been given that opportunity and so yeah it's a hell of a transition draymond green is stomping on a chest and we have damar hamlin who is on his way back into the nfl returning and he was knocked out in january 2nd all the best to him and everything that he's getting ready to do it's the jr sport reshow here with you on cbs sports radio phone lines are open eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four c b s damar hamlin is on his way back and it looks like so are the phoenix sons we'll talk about the sons on the other side of the break i do want to mention to you something going on with d'andre hopkins you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio so you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio i love hearing you every day i get off work and on the way home i love hearing it i'm glad you live in the great state that we live in call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs it is the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio you just heard it from marco balletti tonight the phoenix sons they're able to tie up this series against the clippers one all the final score 123 to 109 devin booker lighting it up 38 points total nine assists he could not miss tonight he missed a few shots not too bad 14 of 22 from the field durant had 25 points chris paul had 16 18 had 14 every single one of the starters scoring in double figures and the sons go back to los angeles and hopefully the clippers don't just wear kawaii leonard into the ground he had 31 and russell westbrook had 28 points eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs when we get to the top of the hour we'll hear more we'll talk more about the sons and and beating the clippers i just don't think clippers have enough i mean just from from day one knowing that paul george is sitting on the sidelines in a t-shirt a lil wayne t-shirt by the way no limit soldier i think that shirt was like that ain't no good sitting around watching paul george watch basketball is as good as me sitting around watching basketball i ain't no help and how about this we just had some news as well damantis subonis a sternum contusion questionable for game three they kill me with these fancy uh phrases a contusion ain't nothing but a bruise how are you getting this so fast how am i getting what this information i mean there's a million screens in here in the studio damn jr why can't they call a contusion a bruise why we gotta be so fancy now right what are we doing you see shams in the fancy jacket i mean just living up to his uh his attire no is he is he on the screen somewhere well he's wearing a leather jacket now so he's upgrading his uh he's upgrading his wardrobe so all right it's it's it's almost may i ain't wearing no leather jacket yeah i know there's a lot of part i saw the detroit tigers played uh bat or baseball basketball how about mickey mckelker bro see that walk off i did hey look he's out here collecting checks good for him nobody wants to see him when it's 35 degrees outside or at like 12 o'clock on a tuesday like who the hell is setting up the schedule for this crap nobody wants to see this it was like i don't know like 20 people went to go see this baseball game anyway congratulations to miguel cabrera just still uh still taking money out here 855-2124 cbs ralph is here from miami i'm terrific ralph you don't have to ask me how i'm doing what's on your mind now i wasn't gonna add here i learned my lesson last time but anyway i listen to your show a lot of time jr and there's a lot of time i love to listen to your shows because of people's opinion i listen to a lot of people's opinion every night sometimes it's mind-boggling to the things that people say but when you when you come to draymond green i understand you may be a fan of draymond green and you love him but there is a difference between doing something wrong so it's the same thing i hear the i hear every one of his teammates it's like everybody was trying to hide the fact that to say yes he messed up yes he did something wrong everybody was trying to dodge the situation even if even if they didn't see it but they actually wanted to say it but because they're a teammate they love him they have to respect him they don't want to throw him under the bus so he could feel some type of way later they have to basically take his side but to be honest i do think they don't agree with what he did uh yeah i don't think they're happy i don't think for a lot of times that they they've been happy with draymond's behavior but you you look at the results of of what comes out on the basketball court and it's hard to say hey let's let's go away he and and this has been a comparison and it's it's not an apt one people have called up over the past couple of years and they have said well he's comparable to dennis rodman and yeah they they might both be eccentric personalities and and dennis rodman was known to kick people and be wild and show up when he wants to and kick cameramen but people tolerated it because of of his talent and and what he was able to to bring to the court but thank you ralph that's that's why he was there and so i don't care who you are you could be draymond green you could be in school right now you could be at work if you're good at what you do and you actually bring something to the team to the organization you're gonna get a little bit more rope let's be honest here that's just how it is i mean i could think of some more examples but i i'm not trying to get uh hey sha what they call it is it me too they still say that me too right i believe so yes me too if i brought up like uh you know some woman getting stopped at a traffic ticket that that's not something that'll get if i if i use that example that's not me too uh i can't get me too right no i don't believe so well here's the example then let's see if somebody if a pretty person gets pulled over at a traffic stop there's a good chance the pretty person will get away just because the officer whoever it is wants to say oh this is this is something i like good looks get you get you somewhere in life right just by doing work they don't do nothing but look good but when you can actually go out there and do work you get a pass people get passes in life what can you do for me can you do something for me you're gonna look good in front of me you're gonna give me some money you're gonna help me earn money you're gonna make me look good at work people will shut up quick it's not right it shouldn't be how the way things are but it is and so for everything that draymond green is done and now they're here this season could be done in a week it could be done in less than a week steve curr all this time steve curr and and clay thompson and steff curry they're gonna say something now they're gonna say something now it's too late for that ain't gonna say nothing steve curr like i see nothing i'm getting ready to coach the game yeah you need a reminder this is what steve curr said last night he said i see nothing i'm doing my job i didn't see uh the play um live and uh then i didn't see the replay i remember that and then i didn't see the replay um i asked zack zarba what happened he told me and um i was busy with um you know getting the team ready a couple one of the coaches told me uh he might get ejected and so i was trying to you know prepare for for what was next yeah i don't i didn't see anything steff curry took the same approach steff curry is just like i don't i didn't see nothing and clay thompson he took the approach of oh well what's the bonus did was dirty even damion lillard is putting in his two cents damion lillard here on twitter he said a suspension is crazy that's from damion lillard who's not in the playoffs you know what's crazy what is that he was uh done playing in march that that's what's crazy dame how about you're right about that yeah well that of you know defending your friend come on dame you're better than that i mean i was gonna say it's uh it wasn't his fault but it is his fault he's still in portland so i guess it is it's a fair point yeah yeah it's it's gonna be interesting to see where damion lillard goes as well jr this is the problem these are these are these are the faces of the league and they are somehow still not finding fault with draymond green and not helping him help himself this is the problem nobody well to a certain degree nobody cares what damion lillard has to say he's one of the 75 greatest players to ever play you can make an argument he's one of the five or six greatest point guards in the history of the sport he's beloved in this league by players by media by coaches by general managers he has nobody nobody cares you just said it he stopped playing in march well that's true you know nobody's thinking about damion lillard to to you know what does damion lillard think about the law you know it'd be more pointed as as much as he is controversial just for opening up his mouth or breathing this would this would have more to it if if lebron said something but he won't because this is buddy like we need somebody and maybe it's yannis yannis is dealing with a back here's the deal nobody cares none of the players care enough like there is no there is no moral compass for the nba who's the leader of the nba chef is there one guy you would have you would have i mean in in in theory it's adam silver but in actuality it's it's still and it has been for the past five six years it's been lebron james oh my god i'm sorry i'm distracted tnt is the worst we'll make sure we got good audio in the fourth hour then good no no they found a clip of uh charles barkley just kicking vlad a devox down to the ground while vlad was just trying to get up and i i can't even imagine what is is coming out of charles barkley's mouth right now it's like oh they found a clip he's stepping on vlad devox maybe that's why vlad is smokes all these uh cigarettes on his way to the hall of fame what on his way to the hall of fame with cigarettes well it worked out did i tell you that i would tell you i saw vlad a devox in rio di genero really just randomly no chef i didn't no you didn't and he wasn't fired by that point by the kings was he uh i think he just got the job okay and i think they were stressing him and this man was outside the the restaurant in rio just smoking cigarettes and nobody bothered him we got more on the other side cbs sports radio this podcast 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