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4.7.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sport Brief / JR
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April 8, 2023 12:03 am

4.7.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sport Brief / JR

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April 8, 2023 12:03 am

JR recaps day 2 at the Masters and explains how Rory Mcllroy continues to choke at the Masters


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45% off selected products at Rules and restrictions may apply. You're listening to the J.R. Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the J.R. Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. It is the J.R.

Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. I hope you're having a tremendous Friday night. Get ready for a pun.

Get ready for a pun. I hope you're having a good Friday. I'm having a good Friday. I get started.

10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. That means I've already been hanging out here with you for one hour and we got three more to go. Super producer and host Dave Sheppard. He's coming to you live from New York City.

Thank you. You could be listening here in Atlanta with me. You could be in New York City. You could be in San Francisco. You can be in Houston, Texas. Shout out to my folks in San Diego, Portland, Oregon, Hawaii, Alaska, Miami. Boston, Rhode Island, Chicago, Detroit, Montana. What's up, Montana? Yeah, wherever you're listening, just be happy that we're here.

OK, you can find me online everywhere. J.R. Sport Brief here. Let's see if I can spell J.R. S.P. O.R.T. B.R.

I.E.F. We also have a phone number that works here connected to a lot of lines. The phone number is as follows. It's 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Tonight is a special night in the NBA with Sunday being the last day of the regular season. This is like quitting time for a lot of teams.

If you ain't out here just winning a championship or if you're trying to stay healthy. You just quitting like the Dallas Mavericks, the Dallas Mavericks quit and they wanted to quit. They wanted to lose. And the Dallas Mavericks did. The Chicago Bulls beat them 115 to 112. Luka Doncic only played 13 minutes and had 13 points. He only played because it was Slovenian night in Dallas where he's from. And the Mavs wanted to lose. Because what are they going to the playing for, to get their asses kicked? And then also if they lose, they have a better chance of keeping their own draft pick. The Mavs chose their draft pick over going to the, or maybe going to the playoffs. A matter of fact that game just ended.

Take a listen. This is from the Mavs TV, Bally Sports. Airplane Moe Jones. That is his nickname. A former slam dunk champion.

Here's A.J. Lawson. Lawson a deep three.

And it's way off target. Milikina trying to save it in. McKinley right in the corner.

Off the top of the backboard. And the game is over. That loss eliminates Dallas from play-in tournament contention.

Which certainly seemed like it was already trending in that direction. Given the events of this most unusual day. This most unusual game comes to a conclusion. Very unusual. So unusual that Jason Kidd had a press conference before the game to basically tell everybody, Yeah, things changed.

We not going to try to win this game. Listen to Jason Kidd pregame. We were fighting for our lives and understanding this is the situation we're in. But the organization has made a decision to change. And so, you know, we have to go by that. And that's, you know, just something that happens. And so the guys that are playing, we got to go out there and put our best foot forward. And we talked about that this this afternoon.

And the guys that are playing are going to go out to try to play to win. Oh, Jason, could you elaborate? What's the change, Jason?

What's the change? He should have just said, yeah, we've decided we changed our minds and we just trying to lose. He should have finished the sentence.

And oh, yeah. Jason, are you OK with like losing on purpose, Jason? Are you fine with this?

Listen to what Jason said. Do you agree with the decision? Yes, those are my bosses. So, yes.

As long as that that money rolls in. Jason Kidd is also the guy who spilled the drink intentionally to get a time out. He also. Well, never mind. I won't get into off the court things. But anyway, I remember that. Excuse me, Sean Taylor with the Nets.

I remember that call. I was not. Well, I'm glad you stayed away from everything I didn't reference about off the court. But congratulations to Jason Kidd. Upstanding individual.

Anyway, continuing on. We had another team that didn't play nobody tonight. We have quite a few teams that ain't playing nobody. I just left this game. The Philadelphia, I don't even know if I can call them the 76ers.

They just I don't know what the hell you call them. They might as well be the Delaware Blue, whatever they call their G League team, because they sent a bunch of guys out onto the court. And the Hawks fans literally yelled at them.

Who are you? It was a great chant. Very entertaining. But they beat the Hawks 136 to 131. Congratulations to Trey Young. He had a career high 20 assists and a loss. Twenty seven points, 20 assists and a loss. But the Hawks don't play no damn defense. And it got beat by a bunch of G leaguers. And so now in the 76ers didn't even put Joel Embiid on the plane.

He didn't even come down to Atlanta, Georgia. And so we got some first round matchups that are set in the east. OK, Sixers are going to now take on the Brooklyn Nets. The Cleveland Cavaliers have just been set for a few days. They're going to take on the New York Knicks.

And then for the play in tournament. The Heat will take on the Hawks were in the eighth seed. The Raptors will take on the Bulls.

Yeah, those same bulls that just. There's a bunch of nobodies, the nobody bulls with no Levine and and no DeRozan. They beat the Dallas Mavericks nobodies with the Luca Doncic only playing 13 minutes and welcome to the NBA. And oh, yeah, by the way, they're a bunch of nobodies right now for the Phoenix Suns. They are taking on the Los Angeles Lakers in winning thirty four to thirty. The Lakers players.

Yeah. LeBron is playing. Anthony Davis is playing. DeAngelo Russell is playing. And they're getting beat by Torrey Craig.

Joshua Koge Bismack, Biambo campaign and Landry Shammet. That's what happens when you don't play defense. I'll keep you updated on the Los Angeles Lakers. I guess they they have a choice or a chance at things. What a wild night. And this is that the part that stinks is it feels like it's all happening at one time because it's the end of the season.

But then the larger point is these this happens in smaller doses throughout the rest of the year. And so we'll keep you updated as we continue on with the night. Bunch of loser ass teams. And you know what? If I was a Mavs fan right now, I'd be embarrassed. Maybe this is Mark Cuban's wed getting back at the NBA.

I don't know. Anyway, there was somebody today who actually he lost. Well, he's a loser.

He didn't try to lose on purpose. And it took place in Augusta, Georgia. This is Rory McElroy. And so look that the Masters is going on right now. It's taking place out in Augusta. It's raining here in Atlanta. It's not raining yet, but it got ridiculously windy. I'm expecting it to rain horses and cows and cats and whatever else rains in a few hours. And so the weather's got a little, little, little trick crazy.

I saw a tree came down and there's rain stoppages and suspensions, all of this stuff. But somebody who's basically cooked is Rory McElroy. The man who came in second last year has now missed the cut for the second time in three years. He was the runner up. He's five shots over 77 in the second round.

And it was only a few days wasn't even a few days ago. Yeah, maybe it was Tiger Woods. Before we even got started yesterday, Tiger Woods was sitting down at his press conference and he's just like, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I think Rory McElroy is eventually going to win another one. Well, he might win another one. It ain't coming this year.

Listen to Tiger. He will. It's just a matter of time. Rory has the talent. He has the game. He has all the tools to to win here. Just a matter of time. It takes a lot of things have to happen to win at this golf course. A lot of things have to go right. And I think Rory has has shown over the years that he's he's learned how to play this golf course.

And you just you just have to understand how to play it. Man. He played himself out of it. He declined interviews afterwards. Is he going to win another one, another championship, another major? I guess one day it'll just all click for him. He got close last year, came in second. Scotty Scheffler beat him.

2014. 2014 is the last time Rory McElroy just won a major. He's supposed to be the next wonder kid. He's 33 years old right now.

He finished second last year. Hey, Shep, you you mentioned this before the break. He has elderly people in front of him. That's not hyperbole, JR.

I mean, you alluded to this. I mean, Fred Couples. And he's the oldest. There's another there was another 63 year old that did this very recently.

The name is I have it on the tip of my tongue. But Fred Couples at 63 years old, 30 years, Rory Senior made the cut at the Masters. Rory did not. Who's supposed to be a man on a mission, a solo act against live golf and was going to win this year's Masters. And he did anything but it's all in between his ears. That's it, JR. He he had four majors.

And this is you know, listen, you tell me if this makes you almost the other at 22. Right. Well, he it was I want to say 2012. He led. He led going into the back nine and I think he was up four shots and he just completely crumbled on the back nine. And he won four majors.

Like you said, by the age of 25. It makes you appreciate Tiger because we thought Rory was going to be the next guy. He wasn't. And then who would you think the next guy was going to be?

Jordan Spieth. He wasn't. And then we thought Koepcke was going to be the next guy. He was Koepcke. At least Koepcke, by the way, he's he's leading right now.

Five shots under. He's minus 12, I believe. I think he's four ahead of Rahm and then five ahead of the amateur kid out of Texas A&M. But JR Koepcke hasn't won in five years or four years. He hasn't won in four. He has not won a major in four years. It just makes you appreciate how consistently great and superior Tiger was compared to everybody else. He's not going to be duplicated in our lifetime. Yeah. Tiger Woods right now.

He's he's pretty much on the cut line. And as they get well, they hope to resume tomorrow. They don't want to drag this tournament out into into Monday, which would absolutely suck. You don't know who's going to come out on top. I put it to you this way. It's all in between his ears.

That's it. Like when you get your ass kicked this much and get this close this many times, it's all in between your ears. And I agree with Tiger Woods. He's he's young enough. The math says enough. Like if you have to look at the averages and like he's going to be out there swinging for another. What at minimum, unless he gets tired of losing, unless he gets that's how many more years you think? Well, even in this peak and prom, he's going to be around another 10 years. He's going to win another one, don't you think? I guess not.

Screening a close set one more time there. I said he's 33 years old. Yes.

No, I got that part. He's going to be around in his peak for at least another, I'd say, seven to 10 years physically. The averages, if you do the math, he's he's he's bound to win another one unless his brain just stays freaked out.

I can't. So the guy I think of in terms of the gap between winning majors, 2008 U.S. Open Tiger. That was the last major he won up until the 2019 Masters. And he had that great moment with his kid, obviously, and it kind of was, you know, very reminiscent of what he had with his father, Earl, back in 97. Outside of that, J.R., can you think of a golfer that was so dominant and then went a decade and then won another major?

I can't. No, unless, I mean, Tiger's the only one. Tiger's the only one I can think of where they went a gap and then won another major. And they had to I mean, he got his body beaten by his wife and then he got a car accident. So, I mean, no. But he's young. He's young. Well, he's younger, though. That's the thing.

Yeah. But J.R., you said it, though. And it just seemed I don't I don't know if he has the same length. I don't know if he hits the same kind of irons in terms of the greens, the way that Koepcke does, the way that Collin does, even Rahm. I mean, they just overpower Rory.

I just think the competition has drastically caught up. And he's I mean, I know he's ranked in the top three, but that's only because J.R., remember this. If you play in Liv Golf, you don't get those points in world rankings. So guys like, you know, Rahm and DeChambeau and you know what I mean?

Even if we plug those guys from Liv back in. Right. He has been competitive at or near the top.

I mean, top 10 finishes. It's not like he has completely fallen off the face of the earth. It's it's not like he has like he got the yips, like he's missing every free throw now or he can't find the strike zone.

He's not washed. And so I think it takes it only takes one day to show up where everything clicks and you win. He almost had it last year. But you know what? Almost doesn't count.

Be nice if it did. Better luck next year to Rory McIlroy when he comes back next year, he'll be thirty four years old. Meanwhile, Tiger Woods is here on the cut line and Shep is correct. Brooks Koepka is number one tops on the leaderboard at twelve under and Tiger Woods. He should continue on.

I think he's made a twenty two twenty two consecutive cuts moving on. Let's see what happens over the weekend. I'm going to be staying tuned and I hope that things can stay dry.

I don't have too much hope, but the weather here in Georgia is always unpredictable. Hey, at least Rory McIlroy tried. Unlike them Dallas Mavericks. Bunch of quitters. It's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio eight five five two one two four CBS. It's eight five five two one two four CBS. I'm going to take your calls on the other side of the break. I cannot even call the next guy. A quitter.

When we come back, I'm going to just tell you about someone who just might as well not exist. It's the JR Sport Reshow on CBS Sports Radio. Don't move. You are listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Hello, JR. My first time calling you and I find you to be an excellent guy to listen to. So good luck. I hope you never lose this spot because really you're so bright and intelligent and you cover it all.

And I'm very happy to listen to you. Call in now at eight five five two one two four CBS. It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. Los Angeles Lakers are currently losing to the Phoenix Suns, 50 to 49. All of the Suns starters are out of the game.

Four and a half minutes left in the first half. I don't even know what Phoenix Sun is writhing around here, holding his knee on the floor. When I figure out who the hell it is, I'll let you know.

But he is in massive pain here. Is that Bismack? Bismack? If it's AD, it's definitely Bismack. He's been in the NBA forever now.

Bismack Biambo look like he might as well have hyper extended his knee there. Oh, no. Well, we'll see. Maybe. I don't know. Nobody. Who's playing right? I don't know. It's not like the Phoenix Suns are going to grab somebody out of the Lakers crowd.

They probably could. What a disaster this crap is. And oh, yeah, by the way, Jason Kidd. He just spoke a few minutes ago. So we will hear from Jason Kidd knowing that the Dallas Mavericks intentionally tanked tonight's game, knowing that they are no longer eligible for the postseason at all.

That stupid plan. We'll hear from Jason Kidd momentarily. And then I'm going to tell you about an NBA player who just might as well be a ghost.

And it's hard for him to disappear because he's big as hell. 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. Joe is here from North Carolina. What's up, Joe?

How you doing? Yeah, it seems like to me, I mean, I don't have the statistics right in front of me, but teams that tank, it never works out because there's maybe it angers the basketball gods. You know, I remember one time the Bulls wanted to tank with Jordan. Jordan said, no way.

And he played and got him in the playoffs anyway. And that's an example for the other players that are still there that, no, we're going to win. It's almost like going against, you know, like I said, the basketball gods are not happy in the bigger, the better pick they get. Well, it never works out.

Doesn't seem like to me. Well, I mean, San Antonio Spurs a little bit different of a situation. David Robinson, he went down. They decided not to win anything. And the next thing you know, they ended up with both him and Tim Duncan.

How'd that work out for them for the better part of 20 years? I hear what you're saying. There's no guarantees in it. Here's this. Jason Kidd talked about tanking, even though he didn't, you know, go deep in depth into it. But he just spoke. And Jason Kidd said, man, we weren't out here quitting on the season. Listen to this.

Understanding it's not so much waving the white flag. It's, you know, decisions sometimes are hard in this business and you have to make hard decisions. And we're trying to build a championship team. What?

You can't you can't dress this up any other way. What is the hard decision? Jason Kidd keeps speaking in code. We weren't waving the white flag, but we were making hard decisions.

What exactly was that hard decision to lose on purpose? Come on now. Jason Kidd continued on. He said, yeah, there's there's room for us to improve. OK. We can improve on everything. When you look at the defensive schemes, understanding the offensive schemes and putting players in better positions, we'll have a little bit more time.

But understanding this roster, it's always dictated on the roster. Jason Kidd doesn't need to speak anymore, man. We got to hear Jason Kidd a few more times over the next, I don't know, week. Jason Kidd will talk on Sunday when the Mavericks take on the Spurs. Jason Kidd will speak again at the end of the season. But after that, we don't need to hear from Jason Kidd.

If he's a politician, he'd be an uninspiring one. It's terrible. 855-212-4CBS. David is calling from Baltimore. What's up, David? Hey, what's up, JR? What's on your mind?

First time calling, man. I got a couple of questions about Lamar Jackson, the Baltimore Rangers. Two questions about Lamar. So do you think if Lamar had the agent, do you think he would be out of Baltimore right now or where he had signed a deal with Baltimore?

Well, let me answer one at a time, because my brain my brain isn't that fast. OK. I actually had that conversation with somebody this evening, because that's even even here in Atlanta. People want to know about Lamar Jackson. And so a couple of hours ago, we were talking about him and not having an agent.

And what would happen? And he needs an agent. And this and that. I think all an agent would have told him is.

Hey, man, you ain't getting no guaranteed deal. Well, that's it. I think that's the only thing that would have been different. And so I think he might have just he might have just shot out outside of his range. I think Lamar Jackson at this point is going to have to settle. And so, yeah, if he had an agent, I think things would have been different. I don't think he would have got different money.

I think there would have been just the realization that you're not getting that contract that Deshaun Watson got. OK. And do you think you're going to hold out this year? I don't know, man. I don't know. Somebody told me also today that they believe that that he will.

I don't know. I wouldn't do it if I were him. But, hey, he doesn't have a long term deal. And I feel like he's he's losing leverage.

And I think he's overshot his shot. So I got no clue, man. I'm up in the air just like you, David.

I don't have any additional insight. OK. And one more one more question about boxing. My friend Davis and I listen to your show every night. I don't hear y'all talking about boxing too much, but he's going to be fighting pretty soon. But do you watch boxing?

Do y'all like. I mean, well, I actually I actually hosted Tank Davis last. Well, not this one, but the fight before against Garcia.

I hosted that press conference in D.C. That was me on Showtime. Oh, OK. Oh, OK. OK. Yes.

So, yes, I'm a massive boxing fan and I think Gervonta Tank Davis is going to end up punching Ryan Garcia in the chest enough where Ryan quits. He has no chest. Sorry. All right. All right. I'll just say about I'm literally a family bomb.

I can't see. But I listen to about always been following sports all my life. So well, it's nice talking to where y'all have a bus nightmare. You as well, David. Thank you for calling from Baltimore, home of Gervonta Tank Davis. You know, I would talk about boxing every show, but how much how much boxing is there to talk about? Speaking of boxing. Well, not next week. But the week after that, we'll have a conversation. George Foreman will join us here on CBS Sports Radio. So if you like boxing and you want to hear from George Foreman and his new film and we're going to talk to George himself. Hey, shut up.

You ever use one of them Foreman grills? If you ask me, we can have. Yes, right now. No. OK. This guy, I need that.

This is research. Does George Foreman still sell Foreman grills? Well, his name is certainly on it. I don't know if he has proprietary. No, but I mean, if his name is still on as being sold somewhere. Right. He's doing too much of an entrepreneur to not still be involved in the game.

If it's still if he's still alive, there's no way he doesn't sell. I can go to Amazon and buy a George Foreman. Yeah. Why not? I don't know if people's culinary tastes have changed over the past 20 and 30 years. I'm not I haven't seen a George Foreman grill. A lot of the places I think you would buy one don't exist. Like Sears. The Sears exist. I don't think Sears is around anymore. Well, there you go. Kmart is all the Kmart's are gone, right?

I have no idea. I know Wal-Mart's still around. We know this.

Oh, my God. Walmart. Exactly.

Walmart has whooped all of the asses. Yeah. You can buy a George Foreman grill on Amazon. Not surprised.

Yeah, not at all. Hey, Marco, man, you ever use one of George Foreman grills? Hell, yeah, man. That was my life as a, you know, one bedroom apartment.

Me single for who knows how long. I pretty much made every meal on George Foreman grill. What were you making?

See, I've never used one either. So I'm just grilled chicken or burgers, whatever. Yeah.

Wow. So this was before. What are these new things? The air fryer. Oh, way before the air fryer.

I actually I have an air fryer, but I don't know if I've ever really used it. I do have another whatever, kind of like a Foreman grill, but it's different. It's bigger and it's supposed to be, you know, nicer and better.

And it's good. But yeah, the Foreman was like the first one that you could have. Tiny little thing, man. You got a small apartment, you got nowhere to go. No kitchen counter space. Now you get every meal off that. How long did it take to just, you know, get some grilled chicken out of that simple, you know, chicken breast? How long would that take?

I mean, not long. It didn't take long to cook on the George Foreman grill. I had the grill on both sides, so you didn't have to flip.

The only thing that sucked was after you use the thing after a while. Clean it. As much as, no, no, no, you got to clean it every time. But as much as you clean it, just like any other grill, it still, you know, leaves a little residue. So when you opened it, chicken would be stuck. The burgers would be stuck. You lose half the damn thing and trying to like peel it off.

I mean, the things you go through when you're single, broke and hungry. So two weeks from now, do we need to have a conversation with George Foreman about this? Do we need to tell him about this? About the Foreman grill? I would say thank you, yeah, for me personally. Oh, no, I was going to tell him about the bad stuff.

You know what, I mean... No, leave that alone. Do you know how many meals Foreman helped me make for myself, my fat ass, when I was actually in shape back in the day 20 years ago, making a grilled chicken in my tiny little bedroom in my apartment? He helped me out. George helped me out. George Foreman.

I'm going to tell George that. It was either that or tuna, JR. I didn't really have a lot of options. I wasn't exactly, you know, a chef here. I could make a tuna sandwich, I could make turkey and cheese, or I could cook on the Foreman grill.

That was pretty much it. That's seven days a week. That sounds like the diet that Zion needs.

Probably. See, the thing is that I had no money. So, you know, you get a different diet when you have no choice. Zion's got a couple of options in front of him and unfortunately he can't put the fork down. He's still big. That guy, I don't know. We need to get Zion a George Foreman grill.

I work on that. It's the JR Sportbree Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. When we come back, we're going to talk about Zion because he can't stay healthy. And then there's even a New York Met.

He wants to play. And the New York Mets got clowned online today because they got a jersey sponsor from a hospital. I'll fill you in on all these injured human beings on the other side of the break. You're listening to the JR Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. JR, every time I get into an Uber, I always turn the Uber drivers onto your show. We talk about sports. Tell them how awesome you are. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS.

It's the JR Sportbrief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Shout outs to all the Uber drivers out there, all the Lyft drivers, all the truck drivers. If you happen to be behind the wheel of a vehicle and you making money, were you going to go make money? Much love to you.

Go ahead and get that cash. Anyway, I'm going to talk about Zion at the top of the hour. I want to get to this real quick. Amongst all of the losers tonight, and unfortunately that's a theme, Dallas Mavericks wanted to lose. They lost.

Congratulations. No playoffs. The 76ers beat the Hawks with a bunch of nobodies. The Hawks didn't want to lose, but they did.

They don't play no damn defense. We talked about Rory McIlroy. He lost. Didn't make the cut for the Masters. Last year he came in second.

This year he ain't even moving on to the second half of the damn tournament. The New York Mets, our baseball team, you knew that already, they play out in Queens, New York. The New York Mets had their home opener today in Queens, New York against the Marlins and they beat them 9-3.

Great. Good for them. But as we are kind of looking at injuries right now, Justin Verlander is a New York Met. The New York Mets have been spending money hand over fist. They have Steve Cohen, one of the richest human beings on earth. He owns the Mets. The other owners hate his guts. He is so damn rich, he gave a 40-year-old Justin Verlander a two-year, $86 million contract between Max Scherzer, who's 38, and Justin Verlander.

They're each making $43 million a year. They're at the top of the rotation. And if you know anything about baseball, pitching is fragile as hell.

You could be here today and healthy today and you could be going tomorrow. Justin Verlander missed his first start of the season because of some soreness kind of in his underarm. And so he was ramping up to get ready to start about a week ago when the season got underway.

And then he didn't go. The New York Mets put him on the injured list. This is the same Justin Verlander who just helped the Astros win another championship. It's the same Justin Verlander who had Tommy John surgery in 2020 and came back, had 28 starts, and won himself a Cy Young Award. He hasn't started 30 or more games since 2019.

But Steve Cohen has so much money, he doesn't care. And Justin Verlander spoke to the media prior to beating the Marlins in the home opener, and Verlander, in his New York Mets cap, which is still an adjustment to look at, Justin Verlander said, oh, yeah, you can expect me back sooner than later. Listen to this. Progressing well. I feel like I really turned a corner a couple days ago. The kind of general soreness that I was having is really dissipating quickly.

You know, so just kind of all positive signs, just waiting for that to really completely go away before I step on the gas. OK. Why not? And the New York Mets, from their perspective, they said, OK, OK, wait a minute. Not so fast. Well, we'll take our time with our our 40 year old pitcher. And the New York Mets starting rotation, although they're spending quite a bit of cash on it.

These guys are still old. Justin Verlander, I told you, he's 40. Max Scherzer is 38 at the end of each season. More recently, I feel like Max Scherzer has a dead arm or he's fatigued.

Last season, his side was hurting him. How's he getting through a full year? Carlos Carrasco is 36 years old. Jose Quintana, who they brought in, he's 34.

He's already going to miss half the season. And you got the Japanese guy. Corey Sanga. He's the young guy of the group.

30 years old. He's throwing that that fork ball. Hey, Shep, have you seen that pitch that he throws? That ghost, what they call it, a ghost, a ghost fork, ghost fork. It's like a splitter and a slider.

Just cuts down, disappears and gets out. And so the New York Mets, they've been the butt of many jokes today. Because we know everybody's about money.

And I guess if you're Steve Cohen and you're worth about 18 billion dollars, you're about money, too. The New York Mets announced. That they have a jersey sponsorship.

With New York Presbyterian Hospital. And with Justin Verlander hurting. With Max Scherzer being old and getting slapped around. With Jose Quintana. Out for half the season.

Edwin Diaz. We know he injured himself celebrating in the World Baseball Classic. He was the last met announced on opening day and he walked up the dugout step steps and stood at the top of it with his crutches while they played his horns and the fans clapped.

It was a nice moment, but it was also sad. A lot of fans found it quite ironic that the New York Mets have a hospital as their jersey sponsor. New York Presbyterian Hospital sponsoring the New York Mets.

And we've seen some dumb names over the years. Every time I see the Lakers, I go crypto dot com arena. I forgot what basketball team is a basketball team that has has chime on its chest. Hey, shop, you think the Yankees will ever get one of them stupid patches?

No, no. They're the cornerstone of any single North American professional franchise. They're not going to do us dirty like that.

They are. The Yankees will never, never, ever, ever get a people. A couple of folks were mad when the Yankees put the Nike logo on the front. I think one day the Yankees might man. Don't say never. No, I'll say never with.

I mean, this will never let's put it this way. Do the Steinbrenner still own the team? The answer is absolutely, unequivocally, undoubtedly no. OK, I don't I think if they can find something that fits, I think the Yankees would. I don't know what they I don't know what. But is there possibly a brand that would fit like the Yankees? There's there's nothing. They are the brand.

Yeah, correct. There's there's nothing else. You ain't got I mean, and luxury goods, they are not trying to appeal to baseball fans. For the life of me.

Please help me out. What good is New York Presbyterian Hospital? What does New York Presbyterian Hospital get out of having a patch?

On the New York Yankees jerseys. Am I missing something here? Are people going to line up to go to New York Presbyterian Hospital? Like, I'm sure there's additional activation surrounding it. I'm sure. Right. Like they got tickets, they got a suite. But what are the what what does a hospital get out of being a jersey sponsor?

Well, J.R., I do think there is visibility for a hospital that that comes with it. I do. I mean, I'm trying to think like you have Sinai.

I'm just trying to think of what you know. York City is New York City is gigantic. It's big as hell. Everybody is not going to know if I'm going to a hospital, I'm going to the hospital because it's close to me. It's not like shopping, you know, it's like I got options.

And I like, oh, well, the New York Mets put Spotify on the side of their jerseys and the Phillies have Apple Music on theirs. It's a hospital, you know. Well, J.R., you do know this being from New York. There are and I don't think most people realize this. There are more than 60 hospitals in New York City.

Just name just company wise, obviously, like there's different municipalities and localities with hospitals, but there's more than 60. It's a stiff competition. And you can only go places sometimes because of what your insurance or insurance won't take.

That's what I'm saying. If my ass is in trouble. Well, first, who wants to go to a hospital?

The answer is nobody. Nobody wants to go to a hospital. If you're going to a hospital, it's because you need to. That's just before you work there. That's it. That's it.

There's no other reason to go. And so I find it odd that the New York Mets got New York Presbyterian in a big old patch, by the way. It's not no small patch. It looks stupid and out of place. And then there was also jokes about how the logo is in the Phillies colors.

It's gray with red lettering. And so the New York Mets owner, Steve Cohen, said, oh, yeah, we're going to we're going to adjust the patch and and make it more Metsy. So kind of fit the uniform more.

I'm like, what do you need this, Steve Cohen? The New York Mets were going to put a patch on their jersey. Oh, why isn't it like Delta or something like that? Doesn't Delta have a big board and center field shop? Don't they sponsor something? I do not know that, but better than Spirit Airlines.

I'll tell you that much. They are. Oh, no. Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah. I don't think Spirit Airlines has a budget to sponsor anything. Spirit Airlines. They make you pay for it.

What they make you pay for a seat belt, right? And not to get too political, probably. But I'm so glad this current administration allowed airlines to not be monopolized by JetBlue. I'll just leave it there. You don't like JetBlue? I just think no airline should have a monopoly over every other single airline, because then I think you reduce you reduce competition and then it incentivizes. JetBlue was trying to buy Spirit? I believe so.

Yep. And the administration jumped in and said, you know what? Prices, we can't go too much higher. It's already expensive as is. We're not going to allow you to hijack this industry. Absolutely not. Let let Spirit charge people for seat belts, air masks. I bet you if a mask fell from the ceiling, God forbid.

Spirit probably charge you for that if they needed to charge for everything. The JR Sportbree show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Somebody who doesn't have to worry about the charges is Zion Williamson. He makes a lot of money and he doesn't do anything but rehab.

What a life. I'm going to tell you the next time you'll see Zion, or maybe not. And I'll give you update on these Lakers and more.

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