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4.7.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sport Brief / JR
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April 8, 2023 12:01 am

4.7.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sport Brief / JR

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April 8, 2023 12:01 am

JR is completely disgusted that the Mavericks decided to sit 5 players in a must win game and essentially tank the season


You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Happy Friday.

It is the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. I hope you've had a tremendous Friday. I hope you had a great evening up until now. I'm going to be hanging out with you for the next four hours and this is when I get started. Every single weeknight at 10 p.m eastern time, 7 p.m pacific.

Go ahead and pat yourselves on the back. This is what I do. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. I'm being joined by super producer and host Dave Sheppard. He's coming to you live from New York City. So whether you're locked in on the free Odyssey app, whether you're listening on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate, you could be locked in right now as well. Sirius XM channel 158 or you could be listening on a smart speaker.

Thank you so much. We got a lot to get into. It's just a busy day. It's been a busy day. It's been an upsetting day.

Here's a few things. The NBA season is coming to a close. If you did not have evidence ask the Dallas Mavericks.

We're going to talk about the Dallas Mavericks shortly. Zion Williamson. This man hasn't played basketball since January 3rd. Hamstring injury. Don't expect to see Zion even in the plan for the Pelicans.

That's like throw that out the window. Here in Atlanta I just left State Farm Arena. Home of the Atlanta Hawks. They're going into overtime with a Sixers team that includes absolutely nobody. The Masters is going on. It's raining.

I told you about that yesterday. Brooks Koepka is leading and then Rory McIlroy. He looks like he is absolutely, well doesn't look like it. He's cooked again. Jalen Brown is dealing with a cut in his hand.

Five stitches. Justin Verlander wants to play baseball. The Mets had their home opener. He wants to play. They're like slow down and I told you last night Kevin Durant thinks that this version of the NBA where guys don't play.

He thinks when it comes to the actual game it's just as physical as in the past and he has an explanation for it. So we got a lot to do. A lot to discuss.

A lot to touch upon. Shep how are you? I'm doing well Jay.

I'm disappointed like yourself and the things that have taken place the last 24 hours but overall I'm good man. I'm glad you went to the game after all that back and forth. I said I was going. Yes sir. It wasn't back if I said I was gonna go. No I just meant in terms of the dialogue on why you were resistant to going but you did say you would go.

Yes. Oh yeah yeah I said I was gonna go and I didn't know who the hell was playing. I saw Montrezl, Harold and Dwayne Dedmon but we'll get into that game. There's a more important game and it's actually taking place right now. It's in Dallas, Texas. It's the Chicago Bulls taking on the Dallas Mavericks and right now in the third quarter the Dallas Mavericks lead the score 83 to 75. Why is this a significant game? Well Dallas has been absolute garbage since they pretty much acquired Kyrie Irving.

We're talking sub 500. Dallas Mavericks, the Dallas Mavericks are not currently in the playing tournament. The Dallas Mavericks have been so bad only picking up eight victories and about 16 losses since they acquired Kyrie Irving. They're actually waving the white flag on the season while they still have a chance to advance into the play-in but let's think about this for a minute. They trade for Kyrie Irving. They have Luka Doncic.

They still suck. They have a chance to go to the play-in to go to the playoffs and if we're being realistic if any of the above were to happen the Dallas Mavericks are going to get waxed anyway. Why go to the playoffs when you're going to get your ass kicked? Here is the alternative for the Dallas Mavericks. That the Dallas Mavericks get beat. Don't win any more games.

Don't go into the play-in. Oklahoma City Thunder are above them. Don't go to the playoffs and the Dallas Mavericks maintain a top 10 pick by losing basketball games here to end the season for the Dallas Mavericks where they only got one game left Sunday against the Spurs. By losing games the Mavericks can maintain their top 10 pick. The Dallas Mavericks are tanking.

They are. It was only a couple of nights ago that the Dallas Mavericks they were still they were still trying to win at least. They took on the Sacramento Kings who by the way tonight they're also resting their plays a lot of guys resting tonight. Luka Doncic was asked about going into the play-in winning games still trying to make the playoffs whether or not Luka Doncic was was even going to play basketball or whether he was going to shut it down because the Mavs are playing for nothing. It was just a couple of days ago Luka Doncic was asked about that and he said hell no I'm gonna go play. Luka there's been talk about shutting you and Kyrie down for the season.

What are your thoughts on that possibility? Uh no I'm playing tomorrow uh you know when there's still chess I'm gonna play so that's not not gonna happen yet. Not gonna happen yet. If there's a chance for him to play he'll play.

He'll still go for it. Well yesterday is today and it was announced earlier this afternoon that none basically none of the Dallas Mavericks were going to play except Luka Doncic. Starting the game tonight for the Dallas Mavericks very exciting right listen to this Jaden Hardy, Frank Nielekina, Dwight Powell and Reggie Bullock and then Luka Doncic. Luka Doncic only played this game and I'm gonna just make one plus one equal two.

I will try my best I'm not a mathematician. This was Slovenian night in Dallas. Luka Doncic throughout this game only played the first quarter in like a minute 13 minutes total 13 points all five from downtown and up until a few minutes ago Luka Doncic was still the leading scorer for the Dallas Mavericks and he only played basically a quarter and he really only played because it was Slovenian night. If you didn't think you already were sending a bad message to the fans by not playing your players man how angry would people be not to see Luka Doncic on Slovenian night. I'm pretty sure there were people who showed up just to see him who were Slovenian. We might as well show love and and patronize those fans as opposed to just everybody else who bought a ticket and from a business perspective I get it. If you're the Mavs do you want to go to the playoffs and play in and get waxed and have no chance in hell or if you are the Dallas Mavericks do you want to maintain just probably a top 10 pick and why is this even a debate why is this even on the table well if you go back to 2019 it's crazy to say that that was four years ago if you go back to 2019 when the New York Knicks traded away Kristaps Porzingis to the Dallas Mavericks by the way that didn't work either Porzingis is now in Washington DC the New York Knicks got back a first round pick this year 2023 that was protected for the Dallas Mavericks if it were in the top 10 and so the New York Knicks might lose out on a draft pick but right now and it is still in the third quarter Dallas leads 88 to 83 and by the way Chicago Bulls ain't playing for nothing either here there's no DeRozan he's not playing Chicago Bulls are basically taking a day two there's no Levine it's a bunch of bums versus bums if you ask me congratulations NBA level bums and the Mavs just reversed course the Dallas Mavericks publicly quit Jason Kidd he had to talk about this before the game you heard Luka Doncic if we can play and there's something to play for we will play and I will play and he did one quarter nice thanks for showing face and sitting your ass down Jason Kidd was tasked with going out there and speaking on behalf of of the coaching staff of behalf on behalf of management this is what Jason Kidd had to say about the decision to sit the Mavericks out we were fighting for our lives and understanding this is the situation we're in but the organization has made a decision to change and so you know we we have to be able to do that so you know we we have to go by that and that's you know just something that happens and so the guys that are playing we got to go out there and put our best foot forward and we talked about that this this afternoon and the guys that are playing are going to go out to try to play to win oh oh we changed our minds right people people are entitled to change their minds human beings right you evaluate the circumstance circumstances your way the good the bad you look at the positive you look at the negative and you just go huh what would be best for the short term and then the long term and you make your decision the Dallas Mavericks made their decision and they decided to quit they did and Jason Kidd is speaking on behalf of general manager Nikko Harrison he's speaking on behalf of owner Mark Cuban who I am sure sooner than later we'll hear from they quit Jason Kidd he was asked hey was Luca Doncic in favor of this decision and Jason Kidd said listen you you gonna have to ask Luca and then it continued on Jason Kidd was asked if you Jason Kidd do you agree with tanking the season and this is what Kidd responded do you agree with the decision yes those are my bosses so yes yeah what else Jason Kidd gonna say they are his bosses they are his bosses what a what a straightforward diplomatic answer by Jason Kidd and this is what the fans think this is something I'm supposed to say right y'all suck what are you playing for that's something for me to say I'm a little I can't say I'm shocked or surprised Mark Cuban was fined in the past for going on a podcast a few years ago and saying yeah it was it was better for us the Dallas Mavericks to tank Mark Cuban was fined six hundred thousand dollars for saying yeah yeah it's better for us to stink is there going to be a fine coming his way this time maybe not while he's opening up his yap or keeping it shut did what Jason Kidd say was that a an admission I'll tell you this much the NBA should just start taking away picks that's it if you got guys and I don't have the answer here it's probably a flawed solution but if you got dudes who are saying that they can play or that they will play or that they want to play and then all of a sudden they change their mind Jason Kidd said they changed their mind he didn't have to put in any additional words saying that yeah we're tanking for our draft pick he didn't have to say that he said enough and I mean this is crap this is garbage for the fans but you know what the NBA is a it's a growing product people are going to spend their money they're 82 games for the most part the players do show up and play and unless it's the end of the season or it's a back-to-back there are enough instances where you just go damn do I want to go to the game do I want to spend my hard-earned money to go to the game do I want to spend my hard-earned money to go to the game but at the end of the season y'all can fix that man take away some of these picks it's a disaster even we'll talk about this in a few minutes it's a shame this game is going into overtime even after I left State Farm where they've gone into overtime there was no Joel Embiid playing against the Hawks because there's no reason the NBA has to do something to fix the schedule and it's not just on the players it's on the teams there used to be a time where a guy would still dress and then rest maybe he didn't play the whole damn game but there was a time where the dudes would show up and maybe play a half and then rest and maybe play a half and then rest Joel Embiid didn't even get on the plane here to Atlanta it's terrible and I can't wait to hear what Mark Cuban has to say about this and maybe this is additional you know retaliation against the NBA for not overturning his issue a few weeks ago not knowing that the Mavs had the ball and it wasn't their ball and Golden State got an easy score maybe he's still mad at that maybe Mark Cuban has so much money he doesn't care if he gets a half million million dollar fine but this sucks for the fans they deserve better than this garbage congratulations to the Slovenian fans who showed up tonight to see Luca Doncic play for 13 minutes in a game that has playing implications the players will play hard but management and the NBA they they owe their fans better end of the season all of these stars sitting out it's crap it's terrible it's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio we're going to take a break when we come back on the other side I mentioned to you Mark Cuban and he wasn't a happy camper a few days ago he wasn't talking about all of this tanking a word that he will not use or anyone will he was upset about just where the team is going and what's going on I'm going to give you an update on this this Hawk Sixers game that I just left where there were fans in the stands chanting at Sixers who are you it's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio I'm JR that's who I am and I'm gonna be here with you we're just getting started don't move you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio JR wants to hear from you call him now at 855-212-4CBS that's 855-212-4227 it's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio we got NBA teams just out here trying to lose no I'm not joking I'm not I'm not joking I'm not being sarcastic I'm not being facetious we got teams trying to lose the Dallas Mavericks are trying to lose they don't want to go to the playoffs they don't want to go to the play-in they want to lose so they stay out of the playoffs and maintain their draft position so they don't have to give up their draft pick to the New York Knicks and right now that's a little close well maybe it'll happen I never knew this how about this you root for your team to lose the Dallas Mavericks lead the Chicago Bulls 98 to 96 the Bulls are ahead they want an 11 or 2 run excuse me and they're trying to tie the game up right now I'm watching it in the studio and there's about seven minutes left in the game wow Mark Cuban just a few days ago he expressed some of his frustrations with the roster and the team and free agency and the loose just listen to Mark Cuban he likes to complain you can point to teams ox everybody where you know there's frustration it's not unusual in the NBA there's only one winner and everybody else loses um you know I was talking to Kyrie and it's like if KD had half a shoe size smaller we're in a whole different universe and so that's just the nature of the industry these guys you know haven't made the first time in 16 years and yet they've got you know HP and others that have been with them and stuff with them and so you know that's that's the NBA people are going to get frustrated the best competitors are frustrated jerk when we lost never left the season happy you know um we didn't always have great chemistry every single season that's just the nature of the NBA no yeah I mean yeah from that perspective you only gonna have one winner and it ain't gonna be us so uh let's just shut it down let's just shut it down we ain't we're not gonna win so let's just shut it down 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 cbs that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 cbs what do you think about the Dallas Mavericks and their uh their blatant quitting I don't even want to call it tanking they're quitting on the season and here's the other thing sure you can get a top 10 pick probably pick right at number 10 what the hell does that guarantee you're nothing you just get a guy you don't know what that guy will do it's a shame and then I'm going to tell you by speaking of a shame the Atlanta Hawks it's official they just lost to the Sixers bench warmers I'll give that information to you momentarily let's go to Charlotte North Carolina and talk to Charlie you're on CBS Sports Radio what's up Charlie uh hello uh I just wanted to say it was amazing to me tonight I'm heading home from the Charlotte Hornets Houston Rockets game and that's two teams that I think were number 28 and number 30 in the league and it was a great crowd and a great game and it was amazing I can't believe I was kind of hoping that we'd be able to find some good seats with a empty uh stadium with uh I brought the long three kids with me and it was uh almost packed and it was just amazing to me so I I people in Charlotte love basketball well that's good you said what tonight yep it was yeah see the Rockets won 112 to 109 yeah crazy I just can't believe how many people were there for that game and both and uh Charlotte had about seven people out um and it was the basically my son said it was the Greensboro Swarm versus the Houston Rockets yeah this is a bunch of a bunch of nobodies but there's a difference here we know Charlotte no doubt yeah we know Charlotte isn't going anywhere Houston isn't yeah we know that how but how do how do you feel going to that game well is there one more home game or the Charlotte's the Hornets have to hit the road that was it they got a road game that was the last home game how would you feel if you showed up and I mean granted everybody's hurt there's a difference here the the Hornets are legitimately hurt their star LaMelo has been hurt for months how would you feel if you if you showed up and he's just like I'm not playing there's no point how would you feel about that and we've had that and we've had that had I've had that happen several times uh LeBron came to Charlotte we went to Atlanta one time to see Giannis um and uh so we had to go see Kyrie one time and he just decided that you know a second night of a back-to-back it's just it's bad I I would compare it to um you know if you want to see your favorite band and concert and uh you know if you go to see New Edition and Ralph just decided not to show up yeah well well why do you and this is I'm not gonna say you're the problem it's not you we love basketball why do you keep going man you haven't quit yet I'd be like screw this crap I ain't paying yeah I'm I'm also a Clemson Tiger basketball fan too so I'm just a big basketball fan and I go because I like to hang out with with my son and his buddies and we just make a big time of it but um it's aggravating it is when you spend the money on it and I don't know the answer except for they just play so many daggone games yeah and they don't want to they don't want to give up that 82 man I know people say bring it down to 65 bring it down to 70 I mean every time you open up that building they they make money that's it well just like I mean exactly just like tonight you had the number 28 and number 30 teams in the and it was packed and they were selling concessions and selling parking and yep people getting paid so you're right we're we keep showing up so when we quit showing up maybe something will happen possibly hey safe driving out there charlie a pleasure call me back it was great talking to you thank you ma'am no problem yeah listen even at state farm arena tonight walking through and I'm walking I'm walking all over the damn place I'm on the floor I'm on the concourse I'm in the stands I'm in the suites I'm going all over the place people are getting food the bar lines are full everybody has a drink in their hand people have merchandise it's a it's an event people are enjoying themselves it's here in Georgia specifically it is a massive social event I can imagine I haven't been up to a game I think in charlotte it's the spectrum or whatever they call that thing now I'm sure it's the same you want to go and it's an event you take your family you take your friends you take your clients and you watch the game and even if there's a bunch of bums out there you hope that you end up with a good game I just left the hawks all things considered it was eventful because people are in the arena or were in the arena and I know my people they were in there going we lost again what else is new how did we lose to a bunch of you know bench warmers the 76ers beat the hawks in overtime the final score 136 to 131 trey young had a career-high 20 assists tonight he had 27 points he was one of six from downtown and at the beginning of the game it just looked like they were gonna walk all over the Sixers they stayed within about 10 points in that first half and I said screw this I'm leaving I'm going to the studio but they got contributions from everybody in the starting lineup this is the six of starting lineup tonight Jalen McDaniel's 24 points george niang 24 points paul reed 10 shake milton had 15 jayden springer 19 off the bench daniel house jr had 22 points this man was taking warm-up shots in front of me for like 15 minutes I had no idea who he was I knew the name I knew the face I could not tie the two together and they went out there and he beat the hawks who were healthy and had trey young and had the jaunte murray and had john con they don't play no defense the hawks just show up and they just run and gun and then they just they lose and this is against the Sixers team that just said oh we don't care we don't care we just we don't care we we set eight five five two one two four cbs tyler is here from buffalo you're on cbs sports radio go ahead tyler hey man how you doing love the show always listen to it on my drive home from my buddy's friday night um always love your cakes um first time calling in um so you know I'm everything going on with the mavs it's truly ridiculous yeah I'm a truly ridiculous yeah I'm a die-hard pistons fan um not a fan of what they're doing losing so many games and you know just starting killing killian hayes rioting with james wiseman try to get and marvin bagley absurd yeah I'm just really curious you know what kyrie is going to say about all this too you know the man of the trade and comes into this who knows what he's going to say he might make the trade this far for all we know yeah I I think we know he didn't want to be there in the first place so I don't know how much gasoline he's going to throw on anything I've never heard anyone say I can't wait to hear what Kyrie is going to say but you're correct whenever he does speak it is going to be interesting that's definitely going to be interesting and you know going like for the tanking and everything like that you know I love watching the pistons play but if they get victor they don't deserve it like man like you know they clinched the last last place so they get a top five pick at least if they get number one or two for scooter victor they don't deserve it one bit um all the tanking is just so absurd yeah well we got a bunch of teams that basically tanked all year just to improve their their positioning to end up with victor when benyama thank you so much tyler for calling from buffalo come on man a good majority of the season not even majority greg popovich at the beginning of the season before the season started greg popovich stood in front of the media and basically said hey don't go out there betting on us to win a lot of games they came out of the mouth of greg popovich it doesn't take a rocket scientist to look at the draft prospects whether it's victor when benyama scoot henderson you got miller out of alabama now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to go man if we can get our hands on a seven foot four frenchmen let's just go out there and do it that's why we got a lot of teams that suck and even a dallas mavericks about a minute left in their game they're trying to lose on the tank this is ridiculous hey shep what happens i'm watching the game here in the studio same do they celebrate like what happens do the fans i'm gonna yeah i'm gonna try to attempt to get some audio i'm gonna assume the mavs are gonna lose here do the fans celebrate well what do they do do they boo so right right now obviously it's a three-point game one minute left to play um i heard i heard some boos i heard some boos we're letting these bench warmers as you refer them to and rightfully so just go to the basket without any interior defense whatsoever wait wait you have to be clear because none of the the bulls players are really playing either no that's okay that's a fair point so like this like pinson like i see hardaway hardaway um tardaway juniors on the bench kyree's on the bench and he's he's coaching them up i give him credit for that no no this is my question right are you saying the fans were booing them winning no they were oh okay giving up layups as if they were going down mayberry street like there's no defense there's no defense being played jr the fans are are rooting for them to win well why shouldn't they yeah and i'm i'm not i'm not raising my voice at you i'm just saying like and and one more thing by the way luka doncic we know he played 13 minutes he was he had the game high for what seemed like two and a half quarters he still does he's tied 13 i didn't even know that wow jr if you are luka how do you not go to jason kid and say f the organization i am the face of this i am the franchise i am arguably the greatest player all due respect to dirt to whiskey you have ever had set foot in this organization i ain't losing like this because i'll tell you what jr you and i both watched michael we watched kobe they would never have just played for the first 13 minutes and then sat out and said you know what i'm okay we need to stop comparing guys to kobe and michael jordan this man is getting 200 plus million dollars okay so so did they between off the court and on the court those guys both made no no but that's not that's those that we don't need to compare everybody to michael jordan the attitude of kobe that's that's not who the who they are luka doncic can't even go through a season and be in shape like what do we what do we that's this he's not gonna run around and demand anything if they tell him there's nothing to play for then he's gonna go hey man i'm cashing my check we know that these dudes aren't built the same way from 20 years ago they're not and so luka doncic man they are his bosses too the other thing is he's not michael jordan he's not kobe bryant none of these guys are and so they listen to what they're told and they catch their checks and they're fine with that and very few guys who who just who command that or actually work towards it and so i'm not shocked i'm i'm more shocked that luka doncic went and played but then again he would seem like a complete ass clown if he said it's slovenian night and i'm just i'm not gonna play that's the only reason he's out there he's with it he's with the you know what's because the other thing here's something else to keep in mind the players aren't dumb they can go out there and want to compete and they can want to show up and and they could want to be good they know when they suck the dallas mavericks know they suck they know they have no chance they know they're not doing anything and i'm sure luka isn't happy at the same time he can't force himself out there that's that's not how it works he's going to take the money and after the game he's going to sit around and have a couple of beers because that's why he's as fat as he is and he's gonna mind his business and go on vacation that's it forget trying to compete he needs to be in shape put the alcohol down don't ask me how i know it's the jr sport brief show here with you on cbs sports radio eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs put the alcohol down allegedly when we come back i'm gonna give you some uh not even playoff scenarios we have some matchups that are already set in the east i'll update you there i'll leave the phone lines open we'll also have a conversation and give you an update on what's going on at augusta with the masters you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio so you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio i just want to tell you dude i i'm a late night guy i've been watching your show for a long time this is awesome i want to talk to you um i just wanna i want to be a ray of sunshine for you tonight call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs it's the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio this is a difficult thing to say a team wanted to lose let everybody know and it happened the dallas mavericks lost to the chicago bulls 115 to 112 at home that is what dallas wanted and they have been eliminated from postseason contention play in play off they are going home the dallas mavericks will take on the san antonio spurs on sunday and that's it they have a better chance now of maintaining their their top 10 pick it not going to the new york nicks and that's what the dallas mavericks wanted bunch of losers luka doncic was the only dude who played at least from the starters at least from the stars he he was the only star there no zack levine for chicago no damar de rosen for chicago there was no kari irving for that it had no starters out there luka doncic played 13 minutes had 13 points and was tied for the team lead and he only played a quarter and one minute i don't even want to say one minute he played 13 minutes come on and at the end of the game you should have seen it dallas mavericks shot an air ball air ball was saved dallas mavericks had a good dallas mavericks had a shot at a three the three goes off the side of the backboard what a way to lose an ugly fashion a matter of fact i want you to listen to the mavericks loss it should be celebrated by all mavs fans i guess i don't know this is from mavs tv airplane mode jones that is his nickname a former slam dunk champion here's aj lawson lawson indeed three and it's way off target millikina trying to save it in mckinley right in the corner off the top of the backboard and the game is over that loss eliminates dallas from playing tournament contention which certainly seemed like it was already trending in that direction given the events of this most unusual day this most unusual game comes to a conclusion that's mavs tv is sent out and produced by bally you know what next up if you're gonna go in go all in the dallas mavericks might as well have just just done an announcement hey guys we're gonna lose tonight show up for free pizza and a hot dog hey it's slovenian night we're gonna put luka out there for 13 minutes and we'll see what happens they should have made a whole damn campaign about it they gotta find five million dollars don't half-ass it if you want to lose then lose and tell everybody about it eight five five two one two four cbs cameron is here from charlotte you're on the jr sport brief show go ahead cam hey jr how you doing tonight good hey man so yeah i do want to talk about dallas because it's it's so bizarre right like none of it makes sense and like here's the thing if you're like they traded for kyrie irving right they were clearly going all in and now all of a sudden it's like we're not doing that so like i'm a hornet fan i have no ground to talk on you know much respect to the rest of the association but it's like we're gonna go all in with kyrie irving and then now we're gonna give up and i'm sure that's not what mark cuban wants i'm sure it's not what the fans want but the whole thing strikes me as incredibly bizarre you know can you can you imagine how bad even worse this is gonna look if somebody else wants kyrie irving if they don't retain him and kyrie irving is going to be eligible or he he should be eligible for a five-year 230 plus something odd million dollar deal we know dallas mavericks ain't offering that to this man but who else is gonna offer him cash can you imagine and so i guess that has to make you feel a little comfortable that kyrie irving is gonna return because who's gonna want him but can you imagine if he does leave can you imagine what type of joke the mavs would look like oh jr it's horrible and if i if i can even speak further to it i'll hang up and listen uh kyrie irving is one of the greatest players in the association uh if if michael jordan whoever owns the hornets in the future i don't even know what's happening anymore but if they want kyrie irving to come to the team i feel like i would just say no yeah yeah i hear you i don't know i don't know who would want him at this point and thank you cam for calling from charlotte i don't know who who wants kyrie irving at the price and for the drama and it's it's not so much about oh he's a good teammate his teammates love him and like him it's everything else that comes with it the teammates they ain't going to talk bad about each other unless they hate your guts when you're on another team where's he going los angeles oh by the way the lakers are playing right now and the lakers got something to play for phoenix sons they don't got squat to play for but continuity and guess who's not playing on the suns tonight i don't know some guy named kevin durant i thought it was cameron pain another dude named chris paul and then you have another dude named devin booker they just just sitting around watching the game like everybody else the suns don't got squat to play for hey it's that time of the year folks rest choke tank lose nba is only going to have one winner so i guess they might as well just sit out right it's the jr sport re-show on cbs sports radio we come back from the break i'm going to tell you about somebody else in another sport uh he choked tonight too he ain't do it on purpose i'll fill you in on cbs sports radio you
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