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4.5.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sport Brief / JR
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April 6, 2023 1:44 am

4.5.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sport Brief / JR

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April 6, 2023 1:44 am

JR talks about John Elway parting ways with the Denver Broncos and why it is anything but unexpected


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It is the J.R. Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm going to be hanging out here with you for the next three hours. Thank you to everybody locked in all across North America. Yeah, that means that means basically the United States of America and all my friends in Canada. And I don't know people listening to Mexico. I'm sure that signal goes over the border. What's up, Mexico? enough right much love to everybody in Hawaii Alaska and in everybody else who streams this show all over the world shoutouts to the troops man they got they got the radio they got Sirius XM they got radio what's up y'all thank you hey Shep they're protecting your ass right now Shep I know it thank you guys we appreciate you shoutouts to everybody out there doing whatever you need to do to earn a living as well maybe you just relax and much love to you wherever you're at whatever you're doing okay for the next three hours I'm just gonna sit here and talk about stuff I'm gonna have me some fun I'm I'm sitting here in the studio right now and I'm watching the the Los Angeles Lakers look confused they're taking on the Los Angeles Clippers the Lakers are Clippers if they're battling in Los Angeles of course LA they both have a record of 41 and 38 Clippers currently lead 63 to 49 about two minutes left here in the second half Anthony Davis foot was bothering him but he's playing LeBron James at this point of his career I guess everything bothers him but he's playing and then Russell Westbrook is like man you know I'm playing I'm trying to whoop both they asses Russell Westbrook has 10 points so far in this game we'll keep you updated as we continue to roll on the Los Angeles Lakers are currently the seventh seed and the Clippers are in front of them at six so let's see if they decide to do a little bit of a flip-flop here in the standings earlier on tonight right before we went on air actually the Milwaukee Bucks they don't have to worry about the standings in the Eastern Conference the Milwaukee Bucks were able to secure the number one seed in the Eastern Conference by beating the Chicago Bulls and who led the way not Yanis Yanis had a sore knee the leading scorer for the Milwaukee Bucks tonight was Bobby Portis Bobby Portis pouring in 27 points grabbing 13 rebounds knocking down six threes and the Bucks 105 92 win over the Bulls to secure that number one seed Bobby Portis he spoke to ESPN and he said yeah I love this number one seed I'd also love to win six man I know I'm not a starters Yanis I mean obviously I'm on this team I'm not gonna start Yanis in and Brooke on but they can hold down to 40 to 45 so I think it's vital for me to come out the biggest bring energy of each and every day I think bringing energy to the game is a skill you know some guys can't get up each and every day but I think I do you know winning the six man in a year award that's been a goal of mine for four or five years even though the first couple years is probably like not realistic but uh you know now I think I got a I got a great shot for them voters man check me out man nothing wrong with shooting for the Stars and look at where he's at now a legitimate candidate to win sixth the man of the year and so we'll keep you up to date on all the basketball games as they continue to roll on a matter of fact one just one final the Dallas Mavericks went over the Kings 123 to 119 and we'll talk about that on the other side of the break there's a there's just so much going on with the Mavs and what happens with Kyrie and what's going on with Luca and are they gonna make the play in or playoffs it's just it's a whole mess and so the only game going on right now is that Battle of LA in the arena and we'll keep you up to date on that one also an hour from now as I do every Wednesday into Thursday morning I'm going to deliver to you a new top six list there's been a lot of attention over the past several days paid attention to to women's basketball and even on a larger scale I wanted to present to you a top six list tonight that focuses strictly on women's athletics I'm gonna give you a top six list of the best female athletes that we have seen and witnessed in history yeah history I can only go back but so far but for history and so stay tuned for that we'll share that list with you next hour but before we get into more basketball and and get into the top six and update you on the Lakers I do want to update you on some football and then I'll get into Otani another another unique I don't want to call it an accomplishment but something else he was a first timer doing but let me get into some football real quick here because this is about quarterbacks no Aaron Rodgers didn't go anywhere yet no nothing happened with Lamar Jackson and I got a few details there the general manager de Costa spoke to the media today about the draft and had I guess a word about Lamar but this is about a Hall of Fame quarterback someone who went to five Super Bowls he only walked away with two they came at the end of his career he also could have played many a sports his name is John Elway we know about the success that he had as a Denver Bronco one of the best quarterbacks to ever throw a football in the National Football League we also know for the better part of the last decade he's been an executive with and for the Denver Broncos I mean operating as their general manager operating as their vice president and two years ago he said see ya I'm gonna sit upstairs I'm not doing this GM stuff he gave George Payton the job and then today we learned that John Elway is done done he's not consulting he's not being president of anything he is leaving he is out of the door he's like man I got I got better things to do it was only two years ago when he said I'm done trying to pick and identify a quarterback and this is pretty much what John Elway had to say on CBS Colorado when he quit two years ago looking at you know the last ten years I knew that this was gonna there was gonna be a time at some point time that this is the position I was hopefully to move to and so gave me the opportunity to move up and I think it's the right time for me and you know with everything that's gone on this year and being 60 years old and and really not you know there's some other things in life that I'd like to do but I'd still like to be involved in football oh sure that was two years ago and he basically told the same damn thing today to the local news station he's like yeah I want to spend more time with my family and now he's 62 years old and he's like listen I'm gonna be around if they need me you know I've been with the Broncos forever and when we mean forever it's like for the better part of 40 years now that John Elway has been a part of this team been around this team and he says I didn't want an obligation I want to have a flexible schedule I want to stay home I want to spend more time in Southern California with my wife and my grandkids and my kids and just live the good life must be nice congratulations to mr. John Elway yeah it's tough a couple years ago can can you blame him I mean he got the job one of the first things he did it took him a minute he's just like hey uh like Peyton Manning come in man he gets Peyton Manning goes to the Super Bowl gets embarrassed gets smacked around by Seattle in New Jersey and then he goes to San Francisco a couple of years after that in Super Bowl 50 and they beat Carolina I remember that because I was there in San Francisco but since Peyton Manning's neck and arm no longer cooperated with throwing a football damn Broncos haven't been to the playoffs since they won that Super Bowl I was 2015 they have cycled through about eight different QBs I'm talking about Trevor Simeon case Keenum Joe Flacco before he was completely washed drew lock Teddy Bridgewater Russell Wilson went there last year the Walmart people gave him a gigantic contract and he stunk and now they brought in mr. Sean Payton to fix it and so I can't I can't blame John Elway for saying I'm done find somebody else to do it he's just moving on and for whatever reason he seems not old or elderly not by any stretch of that but I John always been around for so long it's like he's only 62 only 62 anyway good luck in retirement John Elway no longer formerly with the Denver Broncos meanwhile someone that we know is I guess is he formally there he hasn't signed anything yet he's just been tagged that's Lamar Jackson I don't have any fancy news surrounding Lamar none none at all we don't know if he's gonna sign his tag we have certainly heard the rumors that oh my god he might sit out I don't think that's gonna happen Jim Irsay from the Colts has been let it known or let it be known that I don't want to sign anybody I want a rookie quarterback that we can bring in develop and I don't gotta pay a crap load of money right out of the gate and so we don't know what's going on with Lamar we do know this Eric DaCosta the general manager of the Ravens he spoke to the media today about their plans for the NFL Draft and as of right now and God knows this is certainly the case nobody nobody maybe except for him and his family nobody wants to see Huntley throwing a football for the Ravens nobody the Ravens select at number 22 there's a chance there's a possibility that they could probably still snag a decent QB at the position if Hendon Hooker is available who's to say that they don't go out there and decide to snatch him up I mean what are we saying here and so Eric DaCosta was asked that question it was real simple if there is a quarterback available in front of you mr. Eric DaCosta you gonna take it I mean I'd have to say yes because we have quarterbacks in our top 31 so just based on that alone simple math I would have to say yes yeah it was also a very interesting press conference because he was he was asked or the media was asked specifically hey do us a favor this is about the draft don't ask any Lamar Jackson questions and of course the second that Lamar Jackson's name was brought up a couple of the media members were chastised just a little bit put in their place what are you asking about Lamar for when I talk he's like but I'm asking if there's no Lamar at the draft it's always fun when the media gets yelled at it's fun hey chef you ever been yelled at by one of these people yes oh no have you no I don't know who yelled at you you were you on site somewhere no not on site I've been castigated through text oh my god how dare you ask for you know it's funny JR asked for what it's so full full disclosure when Yukon won their national championship I asked and I was not liked that I asked what's wrong with asking you got me there's nothing in life without ass that's what I'm that's what I'm saying JR like and it's so funny like Yukon as great as they think they are five championships 23 years no in all seriousness like you just had the lowest viewed national championship game of all time CBS Sports Radio JR specifically has one of the biggest shows in all of America in terms of sports talk radio like you can't give us an assistant coach and like and their attitude was how dare you ask us right when we're at the podium you know what that's my job we're doing our job trying to promote the college basketball game and I got lectured as to when I should be asking said athlete or coach to come on a radio show that big of a deal is basketball that's what I'm saying exactly if you're up on a podium you listen bro my phone is on all day long I get messages all day long you think every time I get a message is an appropriate time where I may or may not be doing something no you think I get an email or text and I go what the hell are you messaging me now for don't you I get a chance I look at it I respond I try to beat Tom since it's like okay you're at the podium you want a championship just don't respond then wait until after right people take that people take their what jobs careers whatever they take it too serious that's more a job than a career if you ask me especially that person who's in that said job I don't I don't I don't I don't know who the person is so I can't say but we got people who take themselves to series how dare you this how dare you well how dare you get your life together people take their things too you should have told me that chef cuz now you know I'm gonna shouldn't have told me that no I know J I mean it was um I mean let's just put it this way like the thing is that we're all we're all busy in our jobs you know you especially in your role I get all that but if you if we work in sports talk radio whether you work in communications whether you're an SID a media member whatever the case may be like we're all working together and this is where I got to agree with the people doing their job that are in the communications department for Baltimore if you're making it clear that the biggest most polarizing story has been Lamar Jackson for the last six months and if you want to go back to when they should have franchised him or sorry should have offered him a long-term extension with the way the Chiefs did with my homes in the way that the bills did with Josh Allen and didn't this has been a three-year ongoing saga but if they make it clear we're not gonna be taking Lamar Jackson questions that's where you have to show respect to the team and therefore JR you showing respect to the team when it's your turn to ask for some courtesy and some decency and some symbiotic relationship that's when the favor is returned sure absolutely still don't like that guy I don't know who it is but he's taking his job way too serious well it was it was it was me reading between the lines because he gave me like an a he gave me like an exclamation point he didn't like spell it out but I read between the lines all I'm saying is this person that I dealt with like they never they've never come through for me for you cut like every other team that we have reached out to has been more than cooperative more than cooperative because they want to promote their school because they understand when it's not three weeks during the year hey don't worry about college basketball don't worry about it I won't doesn't doesn't matter don't worry good good I'll have nice things to say about them in the future don't worry about I look forward to that although they may go back to back so I'm okay I don't care yeah matter be they're giving me a degree am I getting an NIL deal listen the amount of work you do for higher education in this country you may get an honorary degree from UConn and I'll also I don't want I don't want one I'm gonna talk to Kevin Ali and then we're gonna don't worry how's his relationship with the Huskies these days by the way just that's why I just said this got it that's it JR sport we show here with you on CBS sports radio 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS it's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS we're gonna go from Huskies to Mavericks sports right just everything is named after an animal or has a dumb name Huskies beat the Aztecs and the Mavericks who the horses the horses beat the Kings it's just just very complicated we're gonna talk about the Mavs on the other side of the break I'm gonna share with you some news on Shohei Otani and we're gonna keep on rolling we're pulling up on a top six list top six female athletes in history it's the JR sport brief show CBS sports radio demo you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio calling now at 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS it's the JR sport free show on CBS sports radio yeah man go get that money shoutouts everybody out there at work could be in the kitchen could be in your car your vehicle you could be on patrol you could be in a truck for whatever reason I appreciate the folks at the bar what's up all my bar people a certain somebody here in Atlanta wasn't at the bar the other day he shall go unnamed he know who he is anyway it's the JR sport brief show here with you on CBS sports radio oh man Anthony Davis might as well sat out this game well what was he doing there wasting his time the second half just got underway here with the Lakers and the Clippers and for the better part of this game and now extended past that like it's it's like a 20-point lead here between the Clippers and the Lakers about two minutes have gone by man I need glasses 76 to 57 the Clippers lead the Lakers well we'll continue on with an update as as we move on I did mention this to you before we went to break the Dallas Mavericks have just been a complete disaster since acquiring Kyrie Irving heading into tonight their record was like 8 and 15 I believe they're below 500 both Kyrie and Luca have battled injuries even outside the two of them I saw nothing nothing that would lead me to believe that this matchup would work this was just bringing a star and pacify Luca and say at least we have more talent but as a team ain't enough talent there for the future I mean they don't have no bigs you're gonna run out JaVale McGee and just have him play nobody trying to do that so the Dallas Mavericks are just they just tread in water and tonight they beat the Sacramento Kings a good team that also doesn't play defense they got more talent they have more depth 123 to 119 and this was important for the Dallas Mavericks because they were they were in the midst of not even getting in the play in but as of right now they stay alive they're in the 11th spot they need to jump Oklahoma City to get into that last seed but with tonight's victory they stay alive and you think Kyrie Irving he had 25 points in the second half of the game he had 31 points total they had to bounce back here at the late latter portion of this game Luca Doncic finished with 29 points and they're two games they got two games left here there's a furious rally to get things going I told you Kyrie got hot and man he started bombing away threes take a listen to this all of it courtesy of the Mavs radio network this is the first three Kyrie the rebound in the lane up the left side as Josh Green took a shot Kyrie pulls up for three and he hits and Mike Brown's gonna take a timeout Josh Green really took a shot from Kevin Herner as they were coming up the floor and then Kyrie wasting no time getting rid of it what a fourth quarter he has 16 of his 28 in the fourth and then he kept on scoring he helped make the score 117 112 he hit another three as well to increase the score listen to this Luca to his left chased by Barnes backs up but doesn't shoot across the way to Green takes a pass to Hardaway he'll drive around Monk wrap around left corner Kyrie rainbow oh man and he'd bring rain with that Chris Fox got out of there on them 31 for Kyrie Christian would 14 points off the bench third scoring option depending on what it's in Hardaway Jr. is doing sometimes he doesn't do anything but Christian would he up close this game out he hit a three himself Kyrie Euro step floater no good wide to the left would the rebound shot clock didn't reset out the hardaway on the move kick it left would four three kill shot kill shot for Christian would the Mavericks up by nine 123 to 114 they've had the answers down the stretch and the Kings were able to put a few more buckets up but the final score 123 to 119 and the Dallas Mavericks stay alive for the plan and this is not like if I need to just bring us all to reality this isn't as if the Dallas Mavericks get into the play and then actually win a couple of games and then get into the actual playoffs and they got a chance the Dallas Mavericks are similar to the gentleman who called me from here in Atlanta he's just like hey if we only play defense we'd win ten more games and we'd be one of the best teams I'm like yeah there's a there's a whole lot of ifs there if the Dallas Mavericks had a better team depth instead of two guards even though they're different at the top of the lineup and then maybe they have a chance but they don't I mean we can all be intoxicated by the play of of Luka Doncic we can be intoxicated by the the dribbling of Kyrie Irving but let's be real here man they might as well send them dudes out there to play two on five Dallas Mavericks are out here treading water they're not going anywhere even if they get into the play in or if they get into the playoffs it's the offseason man it's just a matter of when when the Mavs get eliminated and then we can all focus in on the the Kyrie Irving show hey shop you ready for that and let's see June and July you ready for that no I think we're all carried out in terms of the drama off the court but I got to give him credit in JR I mean and you've said it like you got to know the personnel to this team he is doing everything right since he has been a Dallas Maverick and I don't feel the same energy from the national media talking him up as opposed to when he was doing some things that he shouldn't have doing in terms of tweeting etc that they were doing to talk him down cuz he's losing that they are loose both of the Mavericks yeah Kyrie is not losing the right a great teammate he's been a great teammate and he is absolutely he's putting up nearly 30 points a game on 48% shooting and he's that is dishing out six assists per game like that's I mean those are MVP caliber numbers unfortunately to you to your point you are you don't even have a third legitimate scoring option for this team and then the guy who's the the best scorer on this team on most nights doesn't play defense and he's more concerned with talking smack to the referees on every little mini call it Luca Doncic well I was gonna say he needs to talk to Zion about a diet but uh it's not not gonna go anyway Zion's liked by his teammates I can't say that about Luca yeah I don't think anybody wants to play with him and hey by the way Mark Cuban made it he let it be known that they're going to offer Kyrie Irving an extension what that extension is God knows it's probably not gonna be a four-year deal that Kyrie Irving wants or is looking for who wants to hand Kyrie Irving a four-year deal now who wants that he's on the other side of 30 he doesn't necessarily have a track record of showing up or or being reliable that's with or without controversy you can just look at his injury history and figure that out that dates all the way back to when he was in college and now he's a guy in his 30s he's not the biggest guy how his game ages with his already checkered injury past is it's not the cleanest let's be real here who's giving Kyrie a deal we've even heard the Los Angeles Lakers are like what we gonna give this guy money for we got a decent team has depth is it all the way championship caliber we'll see how much they can compete I don't know even right now against the the Clippers they got some work to do it's a hard-knock life for everybody in LA as far as I'm concerned it's the Gerald sport re-show here with you on CBS Sports Radio 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS we got so much more to do here before we get to a new top six list at the top of the hour I want to talk about Shohei Ohtani he plays in Los Angeles well plays in Anaheim they just gave it a stupid name for marketing purposes and then speaking of Kyrie not playing games a few days ago Friday night we talked about it the NBA did come to an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement and if you don't play enough games as a player it looks like that you won't be eligible for a few awards and potentially some cash maybe some bonuses there I'll fill you in on that on the other side of the break you are listening to the JR sport brief on CBS Sports Radio you are listening to the JR sport brief on CBS Sports Radio folks in sports you got to appreciate greatness when you're listening JR absolutely has one of the best radio voices in the industry appreciate it while we have it at this hour that we're available to listen call in now at 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS it's the JR sport brief show on CBS Sports Radio looks like the Lakers are going on a little bit of a run here against the Clippers the Clippers lead 81 to 71 and shuffle you say that the game Michael Jordan I'm the second most famous one in the world Oh Michael B Jordan okay yeah we just spoke to him a couple weeks ago well you spoke to him that's pretty cool yes he's cool dude I don't know his co-worker cat what do you call him in the movie we call um well his I would say his supporting I you know what like his his second secondary featured actor a co-co co-star co-star yes co-star I don't know what he laying low he got problems but anyway I hope I hope everybody involved in his situation is okay but either way we'll see what happens with the Los Angeles Lakers at the top of the hour I'll be giving you a new top six list we're gonna take a look at the top six female athletes in history that should definitely be fun there's been a lot of attention paid to just women's basketball and let's go beyond basketball let's take a look at the female athletes in a general sense and so we have that coming to you at the top of the hour but I mentioned to you well just now Los Angeles Lakers the Los Angeles Clippers and one of the dumbest sports team names that I still scratch my head about the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim is are we still doing that Los Angeles Angels well that's dumb hey shop what can we real can but they don't even do that anymore they're just the Los Angeles Angels that playing Anaheim can we call the New York Giants and Jets what would be inappropriate name for that like the the New York Jets of Jersey right wouldn't that be equivalent yes but the Giants have so much history it'd be a such an insult to any sports fan to rename the New York football Giants anything but the New York Giants saying rename right but I'm saying if we were gonna take the same approach yeah be like the New Jersey you know it'd be the New Jersey Giants of New York oh yeah same thing for the Jets the New Jersey Jets of New York City well we even played in Super Bowl in 50 years they might want to rename their team how about this the the Santa Ana Niners of San Francisco you could also call the Angels the most underachieving disappointing team in the history of Major League Baseball do you blame Artie Moreno the owner right yeah I mean again Jerry you've said it many times you have the greatest hitter of his generation you have the greatest pitcher of his generation and the greatest overall talent you would say in the history of the sport apologies to Babe Ruth and yet they have not made the playoffs in eight years well I would suggest he sell the team back to Disney but Disney is like taking a hatchet to everything that exists right now and so I don't think they would have any interest in acquiring a subpar baseball team but so far this season it's still early there's enough time for them to certainly go out there and fall apart the Angels are foreign to they beat the Mariners today four to three always nice when you can beat a divisional rival and Shohei Ohtani to the shock of nobody he had one of those Shohei Ohtani games because today was the day that he didn't just swing the bat but he also happened to be on the mound and with the victory Shohei Ohtani had six innings pitched he struck out eight guys and then when it came to being at the plate he was one for two with an RBI just you can't make this up pay the man all the money in the world give him a five hundred million dollar deal can't wait till he signs with the Padres anyway we know he's a unique talent he's out here pitching in the same game he's hitting in the same game he's winning and helping his own cause it's ridiculous we know in baseball we got a pitch clock now you got to throw it got 20 seconds the batter you got to be paying attention with eight seconds left on the clock Shohei Ohtani gave us a first Shohei Ohtani came through and got busy not just not just on the mound not just in the batter's box he's the first player in Major League Baseball history to have two violations in a game one as a pitcher and the other time at bat and I can bet your ass we won't have one of these for a long time unless it's a legitimate blowout I want you to listen to Bally Sports West this was the pitch clock violation called against Shohei Ohtani to open up the game he tried one of them quick pitches listen to this pitch clock violation here has been called against Ohtani not in the batter's box at eight seconds or I guess not in there in eight seconds and he had it and then at the end of the world later on in the game I told you he helped his own cause with an RBI single he got busy take a listen to this it's on the Angels radio network here's the two-strike pitch on Shohei and that's a ball out of the reach of the third baseman and being waived home is Taylor Ward he will come in and score and Shohei helps his own cause there with a two-out RBI hit and the Angels now have a 4-1 lead what what can he do Shohei Ohtani is making more money off of the the baseball field as a as a pitchman as a spokesperson then he is playing baseball 30 million dollars for the Angels it's been reported that he's making 35 million dollars to be a pitchman and let's be real how many of them deals are here in America I don't know I see him in a video game commercial but that's it and Shep have you seen him in any other commercials or anything here in the States no yeah if if this man spoke English baseball would be in a completely different place he would be everywhere he'd be he'd be in Bo Jackson territory like what can't Ohtani do well we know he don't play football but on a baseball diamond what what can't he do now you're doing everything he's big business I'm more interested to see what happens with the Angels throughout the rest of the season are they gonna choke with the pitching staff like they typically do probably and then more importantly can they hold on to Ohtani throughout the entire season will they be forced to trade Ohtani because they're going absolutely nowhere and this is the larger question by the time we pull up to I don't know December January and early February when training camp spring training breaks for next season where's Ohtani playing is he gonna be a Dodger I have no idea I don't know if the Padres had all this money stashed under a mattress I don't know if they robbed the bank I don't know if they did a deal with one of these countries overseas are the Padres gonna give him this money I don't think so and Ohtani it was it was made very clear to folks just even before he signed with the Angels like I don't want to play on the East Coast I want to play on the West Coast so all I have to do to go back to Japan is cross the Pacific Ocean and not have to cross another ocean and a landmass like you don't want to do that I think I think he's gonna join the Dodgers Dodgers didn't spend a lot of money this past offseason they let all the trades leave there's no there's no Turner there's no Justin they let all of them leave and they got some holes you got Bellinger's now with the Cubs and you're paying Mookie bets Clayton Kershaw still there he's not sucking up all the life out of the the cap it would just be a he'd be deserving of it I don't know how much more attention he'd garner in the market though hey shut up could you imagine if if he were actually American could you imagine yeah you know Jr I don't know I mean he's spoken very little English and you've heard it it's far and few between obviously he can speak English yeah not enough to pitch I don't think I don't understand he is sitting on this incredible cash cow he is everyone says it he is the ultimate unicorn in a sport that produces no unicorns and he's Bo Jackson times 10 Jr like Bo Jackson was phenomenal as an as an athlete but he was never MVP good even when he was an all-star with the Royals he was never playing at an MVP caliber level Oh tiny would have easily gone back to back if not for the most historical AL season we've ever seen an Aaron judge and so I don't understand why he doesn't make that commitment which would even put him even more in a rarefied air speak more English correct he's making sixty five million dollars he could double that he is probably going to get a contract in the range of I have no idea and it depends who knows maybe no one wants to hand him over a deal for ten years saying man you ain't gonna last as a pitcher what am I giving you 400 500 and or like we don't know how he's going to age but I would be shocked if he does not command at least more than than 50 per and if he's making 50 per on the baseball field and he's making another 30 to 40 off and he's making almost a hundred a year over some peak earning years let's say it's the next three four or five why what does it need to learn English for like how much how much money do you need I just think there's an even greater scope and reach he can attain if he speaks one of the most popular languages in the world specifically the native language in which he is a consumer now J.R. with that being said he doesn't have to do it certainly fine he's more than fine and I'm sure now yeah it's I'm pretty sure he is saving himself stress by not speaking English that's fair that's that legitimate he doesn't have to necessarily talk to anybody but his teammates he can show up he can go to work nobody will bother him could you imagine showing up to work I get it my job is to speak your job is to speak could you imagine showing up to work and then only having to talk to a select group of people and then everybody else is just like I gotta talk to you could you imagine and then you make in a hundred mill a year come on I think Jeter would have liked it that way you know but no but you would see him interact with with kids and you know he kids meant everything to dare Jeter and so he would interact with them constantly and incessantly when they were in the front row I just nice sure I think I think baseball's missing the boat with Oh Tani if if he doesn't eventually speak and connect with fans from a language perspective a hundred percent you think Rob man Fred has said hey man you come on man just learn a little bit English thing he's thinking it if he's not saying it let me tell you this Mike trout speaks English and is from New Jersey and he don't want to talk to nobody he's not Oh Tani he's not he doesn't throw the fastest ball in baseball he doesn't hit the you know he doesn't for years there's an opportunity for him to help blow things up and he won't talk to nobody hey and you know what he got paid a lot of money too I think that's probably the reason it's the JR sport brie show here with you on CBS Sports Radio we'll get into the NBA CBA I'll give you an update on the Lakers and also on the Clippers but it's time for a new top six list on the other side of the break we're gonna honor women's athletics basketball big this week but we're going bigger than that top six list best females biggest females in the history of sports don't go nowhere last year you may have made some smart decisions and you may have made some not so smart decisions like maybe putting too much trust in those friends you met at the hotel in Sicily the good news is making smart financial decisions is easier than you think nerd wallets smart money podcast has the weekly know-how you need to get ahead Sean and Sarah the hosts of smart money break down the latest financial news and give you honest objective money advice subscribe to nerd 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