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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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March 25, 2023 1:50 am

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sport Brief / JR

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March 25, 2023 1:50 am

JR is very impressed by San Diego State Basketball and they have a legit shot of making the Final Four!


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I am JR. It's the JR Sport Brief show in the Elite 8. It's almost set. We got one game left and it's almost over. Damn it. It's just about over.

It's a formality. Texas is beating Xavier 73 to 55. It's almost a wrap here. Texas Longhorns are about to move on. Take on Miami. Miami beat Houston 89 to 75. A few minutes ago, Creighton, they just beat Princeton 86 to 75. San Diego State.

We've been talking about them. That was their early game. I should say the first game of the evening. San Diego State over Alabama 71 to 64. They smashed them, especially defensively.

And I think I mentioned this. If not Miami, they beat Houston 89 to 75. There will be no Houston Cougars participating in the Final Four. It is the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm going to be hanging out here with you for two more hours. We get started every single weeknight.

That's 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. I'm being joined by super producer and host Dave Shepherd. We've had a busy show. We've had on amazing guests already. After Miami beat Houston, we spoke to head coach of the Hurricanes, Jim Larranaga.

He stopped by. Not only did we speak to head coach Jim Larranaga representing San Diego State after they held Alabama to 32 percent shooting overall, we had a conversation with Darion Trammell from San Diego State. He dropped 21 points and that defense was out of this world, man. They were pressing. They were forcing turnovers. They were even rebounding the ball. One of the keys that Darion Trammell said that coach Brian Dutcher just pushes on his squad is all about rebounding.

This is what Darion told us last hour. Take a listen. Definitely defensive rebounding. I mean that's that's something that like I said when I got even when I got recruited here, that's something that I had to do. Defend at a high level that's something that he hangs his hat on and I mean that just trickles on down to entire roster for our entire coaching staff. So I mean that's the biggest thing for us right now is letting our defense carry us to win. Letting them win. Well they won. Alabama is gone. Between Alabama, gone.

Between Houston, gone. There are no number one seeds left here in the tournament and so we know San Diego State, they're going to take on Creighton. Only a few minutes ago Creighton won, knocking off Princeton 86 to 75 and then after that game completed, man, we heard from one of their guys. Baylor Shireman was out there knocking down shots. We had Trey Alexander knocking down threes. Ryan Kalkbrenner, he spoke to TBS and he gave Princeton a whole lot of credit.

Listen to this. I mean Princeton's really good at establishing their pace in the game so you just got to take them out of it. I mean their whole goal is to take us out of our pace.

We just got to be actually sure to have our pace and that means made shots, rebounds, any of it, get the ball out and push and I think that's what we did. It'll only be a matter of time before Texas knocks off Xavier 79 to 62. They currently lead. Earlier this evening we saw Miami take care of Houston 89 to 75 and the Hurricanes, they're going to the Elite Eight for the second straight year. Nigel Pack, 26 points. Isaiah Wong, 20 points. Miami knocked down 51 percent of their shots but their head coach Jim Larranaga, he joined us after the victory right here on CBS Sports Radio and I just detailed to you a lot of the offensive numbers. Jim Larranaga, he said it was all about defense.

Take a listen to coach. Well they're really good at forcing turnovers and scoring in the open court. The second is they're a tremendous rebounding team at both ends. So we just told our players we needed to pack it in the paint. They'd make some threes. They were 7 for 17 in the first half but they ended up 9 for 31 only 29 percent but our two-point shooting defense had to be excellent and it was.

Well you know what? Miami beat in Houston. He's not surprised. A lot of people are surprised about San Diego State going over Alabama. We've had a lot of surprises here in this tournament.

They are no number one seeds. Head coach Jim Larranaga, he also said hey if you watch the Hurricanes play tonight you shouldn't be surprised about anything else that takes place. You know what you saw tonight is what we envisioned before the season ever started and even at one of the timeouts I just told coach Courtney my associate head coach hey we just got to keep scoring because their defense is good but if we can keep scoring it's hard for them to catch us because we had a little bit of a lead and then when they did cut the lead to two I called the timeout and told them that hey Houston picked up the tempo we need to do the same thing. Yeah pretty fun.

I'm enjoying I'm enjoying the parody. I love the fact and and everybody can can be shocked and surprised about San Diego State. I did not expect them to be here. We know Alabama completely was shut down tonight. Princeton went on a magic carpet ride. Speaking of a magic carpet ride we still have Florida Atlantic here in the tournament. We still have Kansas State in the tournament. The Zags in Yukon that should be a good one tomorrow night. This is good for college basketball that legitimately at this point you could say anybody got a chance right?

Everyone has an opportunity. I will take that and appreciate that then then looking at the same old tired faces the same old tired names it's good to switch things up from time to time as right now this game it's still going on I'm talking about the Longhorns and Xavier 79 to 62 about three minutes left in this game 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 cvs that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 cvs let's go to San Diego and talk to Mike you're on the JR Sport Brief Show what's up Mike? Hey JR how's it going? It's going very well what's on your mind? Well yeah it's funny how many San Diego people are calling in and you know it it also is funny how many people are are not native San Diegans I guess but and I guess some of those people probably call in but jumping on the bandwagon a little bit San Diego State is is a great team they're you know they've got older players so played a lot of close games this year so they know how to play tough to the end but I was going for Texas and I had Texas from the get-go I mean I was I kind of go for conferences when I set up my March Madness and Big 12 was very tough Big East was tough as well you got Creighton coming in I mean UConn still going strong but I think Texas is going all the way they look strong I mean look at them right now they're dominant they dominated Kansas in their championship game I mean it's funny how many people are not talking about Texas you know even though they what are you there what do you believe people are missing from the Longhorn so what are the attributes what do we need to pay attention to well I mean they a lot of people want to talk defense and all these other teams I mean Texas is very strong defense as well they're long those guys are tall they're they're they're lengthy they're they're aggressive I mean if you watch games you've got people diving all over the place and and they can shoot the three as well so I mean they've got all the tools that you need to to win a championship and just a lot of people aren't talking about them and now you've got all these ones out I think you'll start hearing a lot more Texas talk moving forward and again I'm here in San Diego State you know go ask Tex obviously but for my bracket and my my wallet I've got Texas okay all right I hope it wins out for you thank you Mike for calling from San Diego hey money talks it sure does money talks I didn't fill out a bracket I didn't I just I'm just sitting around watching the games and then the clock is ticking now 90 seconds here with Texas over Xavier it's it's just taking a minute Jake is here from San Diego what's up Jake okay well how many jakes are there's another jake are you jake as well hey jake turn the radio down I'm on the radio yeah turn it down yeah jr was listening to you and I'm on here jr so I keep hearing that you're saying like um you're sick of the San Diego teams calling Eric fans calling who are you whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa don't don't put words in my mouth okay well you put no no no no no no no no no no no no no no not not well I didn't say I didn't say such a thing at all okay that's what I was hearing all right no no no what no that's not what you were hearing what I said was very simply we have a lot of San Diego fans calling you're right you're right I I know I'm right because that's what came so let me ask you that's your show yeah you're right no no it's not of course it's my show we know that why are you why are you so quick to call and and tell me something I didn't say hey all right well my my question is just like what okay no what were you what were you what were you what were you hoping to hear more of you know well what no no no no no what were you hearing more of what you want to hear more of Miami stop no stop I don't have a hope to hear anything you didn't answer my question all right well let me let me ask you another one no let me ask you another one why are you being so defensive if you are happy about San Diego State I don't have a horse in the race I don't have a hope for anything so what is your issue or what is your problem so is that so that's what that's what this is about you don't have a horse in the race anymore that's why you come I have never had a horse in San Diego we don't I have never first you've never had a hold on you idiot oh my god now you don't have this guy has listening comprehension issues nobody can hear you Jake so either hang up or stick around while I speak pick one I'll bring you back if you can shut up I never had a horse in the race I didn't say and now I don't have one I must I gotta talk to Jake like he's in kindergarten I need to bust out some crayons and a coloring book for this guy I don't care I'm glad for everybody in San Diego that San Diego State is winning if they win if they lose I don't care I don't have money on them the abominable snowman could pop up in march madness tomorrow in the elite eight and he could bring down santa and the reindeers and they could win the tournament and I would be excited can he shoot a three can he dunk good I don't have an interest in any of the teams I'm looking for good basketball I didn't think San Diego State was going to go this far congratulations to him I'm not an oracle now let's try to have an intelligent conversation with Jake which is going to be unlikely because the guy wanted to come on and already put words in my mouth this should be entertaining prepare yourselves as we watch a young man from Xavier cry Jake you're on CBS sports radio now you're not on CBS sports radio hey chef you see how easy that was that was pretty simple are these guys done crying yet I'm not sure wait a minute having a lot these days wait wait wait wait wait okay it's over now yep Texas beat savior 83 to 71 congratulations the Longhorns move on they're gonna take on the Miami Hurricanes this is all set oh my god oh here we go oh no oh no oh not the ugly crying oh man oh well you know what if you bust your ass and this is the height I mean for a young person's life this is the highlight of your life I can't I can't knock you for all of the emotion and all of the emotion and all of the hugs all of the crying so we're set here Texas is gonna take on Miami we got Florida Atlantic and Kansas State San Diego State and Creighton we already know about Yukon and Gonzaga the elite eight is set it's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS sports radio 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS we're gonna get some more of your calls the intelligent ones and then we'll continue on we'll hear from Charles Barkley speaking NIL I give you an update on some of the NBA scores I do want to talk about Lamar Jackson who's had an interesting two days and we'll hear from the Longhorns now that their game is over as well we got more to come it's March it's mad it's a Friday night CBS sports radio you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS sports radio you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS sports radio hey I love your show I love you brother I worked I worked I worked the graveyard shift and I listen to you every night it's a pleasure talking to you and uh you be well brother call in now at 855-212-4CBS it's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS sports radio the elite eight is set you don't have to wait anymore we had our final score of the evening in our last break the Texas Longhorns they beat Xavier 83-2 on CBS sports radio 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS it's the JR Sport Brief on CBS sports radio the Texas Longhorns they beat Xavier 83-71 they are going to move on and take on the Miami Hurricanes if you want to think about the full slate of games over the weekend don't worry about it I got you set on Saturday at 6 Eastern 3 Pacific Florida Atlantic will take on Kansas State the second game of the night about three hours later three and a half hours later we're going to have Gonzaga and Yukon those will be our two games tomorrow the winners advance to the final four Sunday 2 p.m Eastern Time you're going to have San Diego State taking on Creighton in three hours after that game you're going to have the winners who just knocked off Texas did beating Xavier Texas will take on Miami and there you have it there is your elite eight by the time we come back here on Monday night we're going to know who's going to Houston Texas for the final four uh Texas a matter of fact this is another team that has never won a championship they've been to the final four three separate times and tonight they got busy this was a little bit of a uh a runaway it didn't take uh too long even if we have to think about the first half of the game there was a buzzer beater where Texas went up 42 to 25 going into halftime you could thank Timmy Allen this is courtesy of Westwood One boom running in shot won't go rebounded by Allen for Texas they'll push Allen a half court he'd good if it goes and he makes it home Timmy Allen closing out the first half on a dominant note 42 to 25 how about we go to the second half I'm just I'm sorry for piling on right now Tyrese Hunter he knocked down the three to extend this game he made it 61 to 41 Texas Hunter on the run stop top of the key got it Texas by 20 the elite eight beckoning the Longhorns 61 41 time out savior yeah they didn't have to wait too much longer yeah the the final four or the elite eight was calling on Texas well this was the final call for the game Texas's lead is 12 they'll inbound they'll dribble it out and a wire to wire winner for the Longhorns sends Texas to the elite eight for the first time in 15 years Texas knocks off savior 83 71 and we know they're going to be taking on Miami on Sunday afternoon that'll be the last game to determine who advances to the final four and congratulations to head coach Rodney Terry we know that he had to take over for Chris Beard following that uh that domestic incident at home that pretty much he was not charged with the charges were rescinded his wife partner didn't want to press him and uh here Texas is still here either way 855 212 for CBS let's go to Miami and talk to CJ you're on the JR sport brief show what's going on CJ hi JR how are you I'm great man I think you have the radio on if you can please turn it down I am I'm gonna turn it off like that okay yeah this person I called into you um the girls the ladies today they beat number one Villanova um men's beat number one Houston I want to ask you a question how come there is so much disrespect for um because even after the girls won today I forgot the name of the lady that came on I forgot the name of the lady that came on but she was saying how Villanova was did all the wrong things and they should have won what what what wait what what what what woman are you referring to there was uh there was a woman on um I think it was ESPN but she was after the game after the game okay hold on a minute hold on CJ okay I got a couple of questions you ready rapid fire where are you right now I'm in Coral Springs Florida okay where are you are you at home are you at work where are you I'm at home okay are you at home okay have you been drinking tonight uh yeah I've had two beers okay it seems like you've had uh more than two beers sorry about that wow hey Shep I know it's Friday Shep I know it's Friday it's actually Saturday where he is so he has even less of an excuse he's like hey the woman was talking I'm like what last time I checked I'm a man I mean I think you well not thinking I think you're you are a man Shep yes you're a man I'm a man there's no woman here why would anybody disrespect no like it's just the that was one of the more random calls I can think of in a long time he's like why don't what did he say why he called wait a minute let's actually this is becoming for lack of a better word this is becoming dumber about a minute the more I think about it I feel like he's making me dumber he called here to CBS Sports Radio to ask about a woman who made a comment about the Miami Hurricanes on ESPN five hours ago correct did he just wake up if he did wake up it was uh longer than five hours in which he was out of it let's just put it that way I mean I think I think he had multi I think he had two beers I think he had multiples of two yeah well you know it's one of those things I feel like people are on holiday right now you have marsh madness and it has been every bit mad well he let's put it this way CJ from Coral Springs is but damn sure um this is CBS Sports Radio every single time you answer a phone call you say this is the JR Sport Brief CBS Sports Radio every time I screen a phone call it is hey CBS Sports Radio JR Sport Brief what you want to say to JR so he who does he think I am Monica McNutt like what what does he think this is I'm maybe Holly Rowe maybe I am maybe Carolyn Peck let's let's keep going maybe uh oh Brenda Fries I'm running out of names uh you're not you're not you know already Emma trying to think of people in the women's college I'm thinking of women I okay I understand that um great I mean Dawn Staley I mean she's she's out there in terms of a coach right I'm not uh who else uh who's the woman who does the NBA oh Doris Burke she's amazing I'm not Doris she's amazed he is Doris is amazing I don't know whatever that guy was drinking before he called I want some of that yeah well maybe I don't although JR but you know you alluded to this beforehand San Diego Aztecs San Diego State Aztecs specifically I'm really happy for him like you know Steve Fisher laid a great foundation a few years ago and they've taken off and run with it and man do they have themselves a fan base I am shocked that more people CJ has not a good representation of Miami sports fans I am shocked that people from Miami are not incredibly more ecstatic about what the 70-something-year-old head coach Jim Larranaga and the Hurricanes just pulled off what can I say I mean we had we had coach Larranaga we had him here yeah he was here yeah he was here was was he the first person we spoke to tonight he was uh the first person you actually asked him about his dance moves yeah I said man you out he well he's having more fun than the the Hurricanes fans here let's let's that was one of the things I asked him I said hey coach Larranaga because after the game I saw him going to the locker room and I he looked like he was doing the electric slide and listen to his response I don't know what it's called that just my players enjoy it it's a lot of fun I got those guys cheering for me and then dancing with me and that's what March Madness is all about it's a big dance it's a big dance and uh for his own hopes he hopes to be dancing all over the the Longhorns on Sunday well let's let's see if let's see if it takes place and let's see if it happens look it's I'm just here for the basketball people don't don't take it too seriously I know people got a lot of money down people trying to win money they're in pools I don't know if you're in an office pool I don't know if you opened up your phone like Calvin Ridley and decide to place a bet their stakes involved for a lot of people me I'm just enjoying the games I'm hoping that nobody cries too hard at the end I'm hoping that nobody gets hurt I want to see exciting games that's it I in all honesty and well in all honesty I'm still I'm still kind of high on the game from from Thursday night with Kansas State in the garden Marquis Noel like I'm I'm still stuck on a guy I told you last week when it comes down to the tournament like I'm I want to see the stars and when you got a guy just dropping 20 and 19 that's still unbelievable I want to see how he can follow that up next and that game will be at six o'clock six o'clock eastern three pacifics and the little kid makes the three oh yeah and I like when people shut guys up he gonna remember that for a long time john calipari you watching like me and you the little what do you call him the little kid what to say and the little kid makes the three yeah that's why his old ass is at home it's the jr sport reef show on cbs sports radio eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs I have not forgotten Charles Barkley he had some comments about basketball and proving well from the college ranks he also had some pointed comments about how to not make it work and he called some people terrible terrible it's the jr sport ratio on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio when you put me on a lot of times you you you blend the the the the commonalities of sports and business and drive together so uh so first of all you know thank you for what you do you you have the ultimate drive a lot of people know you and a lot of people don't know you and they will you here's jr it is the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio hey that was uh that was damon john from shark tank a big shout out to my main man damon john from shark tank us we're here cbs sports radio we're waiting on the elite eight games i can't believe we've gone another week already it march madness always just flies on by just about a week ago we were in the midst of just basketball all day thursday and friday we had the first four before that then we jumped to a sweet 16 and now here we are with an elite eight we're gonna get here monday night final four and shep you're you're gonna be on the air this weekend right when do you come on sundays uh 2 a.m to 6 a.m eastern time and jr i was telling you this in the break i gotta brush up even more on san diego state basketball i never knew and you know about the padres um you know obviously they used to have the chargers i never i i never think of san diego as being this impassioned sports fan base i just don't and i'm really impressed i'm not gonna lie well well you won't get a lot of them call well if they win you're gonna get a lot of them calls on sunday man they're really good jr like i i i i i i i overlook them i think a lot of people did i i owe um san diego aztecs an apology huge big time well that's what happens i mean who the hell but who's watching 68 of these teams who's watching 300 how many d1s 324 350 throughout around 350 neighborhood you're right who the hell is watching 354 division one teams d'shawn tate that's it and jr like let's be honest for a second how many people knew who coach dutcher was before two weeks ago like let's let's just be let's just be real about that unless you're in san diego how many people thought steve fisher was still coaching them yes well how many how many people knew that uh you know rick barnes was at at tennessee and not still in texas well he's down now now rick barnes has made a final four before he obviously made an elite eight 15 years ago he's coached lamarcus aldridge kevin durant pj tucker like he has a resume but that's brian dutcher has no resume but that's what i'm saying he doesn't it wasn't it wasn't that long ago how long has he been he's been in tennessee what five six years he's been in tennessee for a while now time flies you just wouldn't know it because he can't win the tournament of his life depended on it uh-oh yeah i spoke to spoke to one of my good friends today about uh tennessee you know tennessee right up the road here so there's a there's a lot of tennessee fans and uh not not happy today you know who owns the state of tennessee who owns the state oh so i don't know somebody pushing whiskey i don't know a university named florida atlantic ouch true you just why are you why are you rubbing salt in the wound i mean i'm just saying like you're memphis you're tennessee and you lose to a team that has never won an nca tournament game in the history of their program and you have two major programs go down to the same school it's bad it it happens man i told you yesterday i had the fond florida atlantic on the map happens i think most people are still looking let's be real yeah well we every well you should know but if you don't know now you know eight five five two one two four cbs eight five five two one two four cbs jake is here he's calling from knoxville hey jake you're on cbs sports radio what's going on man hey jr man first time caller long time listener love the show um first of all i want to say shep that is a low blow my guy wow i'm on i'm on hold and then i hear that i maybe want to hang up but uh you pretty much touched on already man i just wanted to hear your thoughts on the future of rick barnes as a tennessee head coach um is his philosophy outdated and uh i'll hang up and listen and thanks for taking my call well thank you jake for calling from knoxville is it so much of his philosophy or is it the the talent that he has like you're only good as the folks that you have out there and from what i saw there was a talent discrepancy i mean are you able to get the type of players that you want and we we spoke to jim la renega he we had him on he's older than rick barnes he's been lauded not necessarily for the just the well i guess you can say that too but he adjusts to the talent that he has i don't see anybody unless i'm missing something i ain't sitting around watching tennessee basketball all fall into winter time i i ain't seen nobody or anything that made me go huh wow i saw them being bruises i saw them throwing elbows and being aggressive and yeah you gotta make your bones where you can make them i'm not gonna not gonna fault the coach i did fault the i did fault the coach tonight his name was nate oats now that was some garbage that we saw i'm not i'm not worried about rick barnes i'm thinking about the talent as shep mentioned yeah there's a big old difference yeah kevin durant one of the best basketball players ever it didn't seem to even had like one guy to just take you to the moon eight five five two one two four cbs let's go to south carolina and talk to marvin you're on the jr sport reshow what's going on marvin what's happening jr i hope you're doing well i am what it is what's up i got a couple comments let me start with that i don't need any disrespect to kids and pull it team through the elite eight my question to you and i'm harking back that comment i think you made a couple weeks ago how many people are going to sit down other than people that graduated in this school we're going to watch florida atlantic play crayton so for the national championship i just think mark's madness may be over hold on hold on hold on a second marvin don't go don't hang up okay don't don't hang up just stay right there okay okay hold on all right shep do you know what he just asked me he said if there's the potential of crayton and fa you right playing for the national championship okay is anybody gonna watch outside of those oh okay yeah i'm gonna watch hold on let's bring him back yeah hey marvin i'm gonna watch you you not gonna watch yeah well i i enjoy as much as anybody seeing a 16 be the one right at the end of the day you know i want to watch ones and twos play for the final final four i mean you know but you just said you're still gonna watch no i said i watched up until tonight oh you quit so you have now quit on the the uh the champ you've quit on the tournament yeah well i just don't play i know the tv people gotta be going crazy how you gonna jack up the nations to watch two teams that most people ain't never heard of because most people like a fairy book what is a fairy tale story people like fairy tales you don't like fairy tales i love a fairy tale nobody whoa whoa whoa what's your favorite fairy tale alice in wonderland why do you like alice in wonderland i think alice is cool okay she hung out with that dumb ass cat with the teeth right exactly yeah yeah well anyway i feel bad i'm just i'm just curious as to how many people are gonna get really excited about watching it the great schools are not disrespecting them anyway okay i just would have expected some number one teams to be playing in the championship well there's always alice in wonderland you got it on dvd you got netflix i do oh well you do you got disney you got disney plus you got disney plus well watch alice in wonderland instead i might just do that have fun marvin hey you call me up anytime i like you marvin i like you thank you well thank you jay i like you too how about that i like him hey shut up i like him after we talked somewhere i liked him marvin's a good dude man he's got a kid i didn't know what the hell he was talking about to begin but after a while i'm like i like him you know what he's got a good uh style of his of his voice he's got a good cadence and to his point like with no number one season elite eight i mean we're just not talking brand anymore we're talking about the story to me jared's pretty compelling you got some schools that have never been to elite eights before and they have a chance to make the final four forget all of that yeah this man said he had he has netflix and disney plus alice in wonderland though that's that's a little bit of a left turn no that's no one's that's no one's favorite disney movie i'm surprised well not we ain't saying is every fairy tale a disney movie no well when you think of fairy tales you don't think of like cartoon network you think of disney it's impossible you you know what you might be right it is impossible to name a fairy tale that's not a disney am i wrong no that's that you're making my point exactly there's no i can't name wait wait wait wait wait wait walt disney ain't come up with fairy tale like there's not another famous fairy tale that is not disney related wow i barely remember alice and wonder what did she got sucked into a hole what happened to her i don't remember yeah cheshire cheshire cat all that i that's all i remember right i remember that dumbass cat he smiled from ear to ear he was purple with stripes that's all i remember alice in wonderland nothing else wow i got some brushing up to do well if you want a fairy tale just turn on basketball it's right here in front of your face mike from san diego maybe he's living in a fairy tale you're on the jr sport b show what's up hey jr thanks for taking my phone call uh no i'm not living in a fairy tale uh big fan and you just gained a fan tonight my wife and i were driving home and kind of caught the tail end of this other guy jake i'm assuming from san diego because you kept hanging up on him we're just curious you're making my laugh or my wife laugh she's just in love with you now she thinks she loves your show just from the past 30 minutes and uh we're trying to figure out what were why were you hanging up on them and then also my question was what do you think of this what do you think of the san diego state crayton matchup coming up oh well i mean damn it if they do what they did against alabama tonight put the the clamps on them it's going to be curtains so i think alabama being well they should be able to go out there and put up more points if they can do that to alabama i would go ahead and favor them against crayton now having said that the gentleman who called up the first thing he said to me was and i got to think about it he was such a dumbass hey chef what did he say to me okay so full disclosure i gotta think about this because you had like see uh mike the problem is jr takes like 150 calls a night so i'm trying to no no no i i know what happened i know hold on what i said mike was he was being an antagonistic i remember that yeah he was mike we've had and of course we've had a lot of enthusiastic san diego callers tonight a lot and so i made a reference and i made a point of of saying what i just said i said hey we've had a lot of callers from san diego tonight that's it done point way before that guy called up and so this guy calls up and he goes something along the lines of like what are you why don't you like us calling and you said you don't like you said there are too many san diego callers and i said to him whoa whoa whoa whoa wait a minute that didn't come out my mouth and so he was just being an ass and i told him i said i don't i don't i don't care like i don't talk to anybody i noted out he said well what's the problem with having saying i'm like nothing you idiot like what do you will you come on putting words in my mouth and so that was the premise of that call mike he was just being a jackass yeah i get it uh appreciate your content you put out um i definitely have i don't i'm not a die-hard san diego state fan but you know i do get excited when march madness does come around and i really i've seen a change in their defense in the past couple weeks so i think it's and they always say defense wins championships so yeah yeah i have a funny feeling i thought they could beat alabama so hopefully they can bring that same energy on sunday okay i gotta go mike i'm up against the break i appreciate you man yeah take care gar you too hey cbs sports radio don't move this podcast is brought to you by the showtime original series yellow jackets for those of us who didn't peak in high school those teenage years were pretty angsty but nobody had it worse than the whiskey high yellow jackets girls soccer team of 1996 yellow jackets the emmy nominated phenomenon that has us all asking what really happened out there and what wouldn't you do to stay alive is back for its much anticipated second season the team survived a plane crash and a summer stranded in the woods but winter bites and those girls are hungry plus there might be a dark force in the wilderness compelling them to do some unsavory things tbd meanwhile 25 years later the surviving adult yellow jackets are grappling with their past while getting caught up in kidnappings cult murders and parenting moody teenagers melanie linsky and tawny cypress star with christina ricci and juliet lewis the internet is obsessed and rotten tomatoes declared it 100 fresh so if you haven't watched yellow jackets it's time new episodes streaming now only on showtime and now stream showtime on paramount plus it's not always easy to make the right choices when it comes to saving money and opening new credit cards which has the best perks which has the lowest fees that's where we come in nerd wallet can help you compare and find top financial products to make smart financial decisions with nerd wallet on your side you're backed by super experienced nerds who help you make smart decisions on your next credit card high yield savings account and 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