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JR SportBrief Hour 4

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March 25, 2023 1:58 am

JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR

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March 25, 2023 1:58 am

JR can't wait for the Final Four and explains why the tournament this particular year is the epitome of March Madness

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JR Sport Brief

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It is the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you to everybody locked in all over North America. We got hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people listening, not people. Stations all over the place. So if you're listening in San Diego, congratulations. If you're listening in Austin, congratulations. If you're listening in Miami, good for you. Creighton.

I'm still trying to understand how to... Well, I know why. How is Creighton in the Big East? These divisions and conferences, this crap doesn't make... Well, it makes... Whatever makes money. So if you're in Omaha, then good for you too, okay? Anyway, the Elite Eight is set, folks.

It's done. The final set of games, they're cooked. Well, a couple of teams are cooked. Alabama's cooked. Houston is cooked. Princeton is cooked.

And so is Xavier. Texas beat Xavier, 83-71. Creighton beats Princeton, 86-75. Miami, they beat Houston, 89-75. And in San Diego State, they beat Alabama, 71-64.

We got four games over the weekend. After these four games, by the time we arrive to Sunday, night, we're going to know who's going to Houston for the Final Four. It won't be Houston. It will not be those Cougars. They're going to watch like everybody else.

I'm being drawn by super producer and host, Dave Shepherd. We're just having a good old time. I'll be here with you for one more hour. We've had a busy night. We've had a busy two nights.

We've had a busy just two weeks. March Madness, folks. If you missed a minute of the show, you can always hit rewind on the free Odyssey app.

A-U-D-A-C-Y. And one of our first callers of the night, happened to be the head coach of the Miami Hurricanes, Jim LaRonega. Jim LaRonega came on through after beating Houston, 89-75. And the first thing he did, well, not here in the air, but he was showing off his dance moves. I was watching the game here in the studio. And after the game, he's over there dancing in the locker room. And when coach joined us, I said, hey, coach LaRonega, the hell were you doing? The electric slide?

I don't know what it's called. Just my players enjoy it. It's a lot of fun. I got those guys cheering for me and then dancing with me.

And that's what March Madness is all about. It's a big dance. It's a big dance. Big dance.

He gonna, he gonna try to dance all over Texas. I asked him about his defense because quite frankly, Miami, he put the clamps on Houston. Was they really good at force and turnovers and scoring in the open court? The second is they're a tremendous rebounding team at both ends. So we just told our players we needed to pack it in the paint.

They'd make some threes. They were 7 for 17 in the first half, but they ended up 9 for 31, only 29%. But our two-point shooting defense had to be excellent. And it was.

Yeah, it was excellent. And now Miami moving on, going to its second straight elite eight. Tonight they were led by Nigel Pack, had 26 points and seven threes. Isaiah Wong had 20 points.

Miami shot 51% from the field. They held Houston to 37%. So no final four at home for Houston.

My apologies to all my folks listening down in the loop or around the loop on 610, all over the damn place in Houston, Texas. It's the first time in three years, no elite eight for the Houston Cougars, but Miami, they're moving on to take Texas or to take on Texas. That'll be Sunday. And I'll tell you again, Texas beat Xavier 83 to 71. The game that a lot of people were extremely hyped about tonight, San Diego state, they beat Alabama, Alabama ranked number one. There are no number one teams here anymore.

The Cougars are gone. Alabama is done in San Diego state. They, they abused Alabama.

There's no other way to say it. They forced 14 turnovers. They blocked eight shots. Brandon Miller had a garbage night, three of 19 shooting, three of 19. How many of you have seen three of 19?

How? At some point, I'm like, I'm going to stop shooting. I'm just going to go to the basket. Alabama shot 32% from the field. And, and you got to give credit to San Diego state as well. They were trailing in the second half of the game. They were down 48, 39, give or give. And then San Diego state went on a 12 to nothing run.

Pretty crazy. But of course you can play defense. You got to put some points up on the board.

And so we spoke to an Aztec Darion Trammell called us up. He had 21 points tonight and I asked him, I said, Hey man, what are y'all doing out there? We know it's all about defense. What else is coach Dutcher telling y'all y'all need to do?

This is what he told me. Definitely defensive rebounding. I mean, that's, that's something that, like I said, when I got, even when I got recruited here, that's something that I had to do, defend at a high level. And that's something that he hangs his hat on. And I mean, that just trickles on down to entire roster, entire coaching staff. So, I mean, that's the biggest thing for us right now is just letting our defense carry us to wins.

Yeah. Now I had so many people call up from San Diego. I asked him to also leave a message for all the Aztec fans. If you didn't hear the interview earlier on in the show, this is his message for, so if you like the Aztecs, listen to this.

It's been a long road for San Diego state. We appreciate all of you through the ups and downs. And I mean, right now I, you guys stay with us and keep supporting us and, and we'll keep playing hard for you and make sure we keep winning games one by one at a time. So we definitely appreciate you all. We're all set now, folks. The elite eight, we get kicked off tomorrow, Florida Atlantic. Yeah.

I said that right. Florida Atlantic and the elite eight taking on Kansas state. The second game for tomorrow, you got Utah or Utah.

What am I talking about? You got Yukon and Gonzaga. And then on Sunday, to wrap things up, Creighton will take on San Diego state and then we'll have Miami and Jim Lara Nega taking on Texas.

What a busy, busy day. Congratulations, coach Rodney Terry, helping the Longhorns try to go back to the final four. They've been a three of them. They've been a long time. Congratulations on that end.

And, and we've had some other updates. I want to tell you about this in the NBA. I'm still trying to get this. I know the answer. The Dallas Mavericks, they lost tonight. They are no longer in the play in tournament. The Dallas Mavericks, they went down to, of all teams, the Charlotte Hornets.

You, you heard me correctly. If you think about Kyrie Irving, he's playing with a busted up foot. Kyrie Irving did not have the best of, of shooting nights. 18 points, six of 16. Luka Doncic had 34 points and the Dallas Mavericks aren't even in the playing right now as they sit in 11th place. The Los Angeles Lakers, they won.

They beat the Thunder 116 to 111. Everybody's favorite walking injury, Anthony Davis. He had 37 points, 16 rebounds, and he had a steal and an assist.

And so I assume he was 15 to 21. So Anthony Davis was on fire tonight, only took one three. And I guess this means his next game, he'll have like two points and a sprained ankle.

Uh, anyway. Is Shep, am I missing anything else in the NBA? Did anybody do anything stupid yet?

No, probably not. I mean, the Grizzlies are, they're playing like a team on a mission right now. I mean, 80 something points in the first half. The Grizzlies beat the Rockets 151 to 114.

Ja Morant in his second game, which he came off the bench, he played 19 minutes and had 18 points. He's actually going to be here in Atlanta on Sunday. Uh, let's see what he does here in Atlanta. They're going to chant something nasty at him already.

No, it, I'm waiting on it. Oh, and, and clever might make you add to the group. The group here is brutal. I don't even, what creatively can they chant at this guy? Hey, if you, if you're listening here if you're listening here in Atlanta and you are a part of the, uh, what do they call them? The six man group or something. Call me up.

What, what you going to chant at Ja Morant? I want to know, give me a preview. The other day, some guy went to the free throw line and they said, who are you?

Who are you? Oh man, they're brutal. Oh, the Warriors won. The Warriors beat the 76ers 120 to 112. There's just so much basketball on man.

I can't keep up with all of this. Well, all you got to say is the Warriors played at home. And if you, if you make that clear, it's an assumption, a very safe one at that, that the Warriors win because they can't lose at home and they can't win on the road.

How many road? Do they have five road wins yet? They honestly, without even looking, they might have five or six. They are, they probably have like, beside from the Rockets and the Spurs, which are G league teams, let's just be real about that this year. What they've done this year, they're G league worthy. They, the Warriors got to be the third worst, worst road record in the West. And they probably have the second or third best home record in the West. Oh yeah. They, they, they make no sense. Grizzlies probably have the best home.

Grizzlies do not lose at home. Yeah. Yep. I can't wait. Well, I don't care about, I just want to see what, uh, what Ja Morant gets yelled, what they yell at Ja Morant. That's what I'm waiting on. No interest in Dylan Brooks first dream out of the playoffs at some point. Oh my God. I'm, I'm, I'm here for anybody versus Dylan Brooks.

Like I'm ready for somebody to just lay. I need Dylan Brooks to, he's not going to do it. See these guys know who's buttons to push and who not to push. And the fact is we don't have too many NBA players who the league is so young. They are no NBA players ready to punch a guy in the mouth. Like these guys are gone.

I'm trying to, I'm trying to think. So nobody, you, you D's on his way out. He would knuckle up if he had to. Right.

Right. He's, he's, he's going to be 43 soon. Where's the MMA fighter? Johnson. Where's he at? Is he in the league? Serge Baca's still in the league.

You know, he's, he's got, Serge is not on the team anymore. He's not on the team. He was in the NBA this season. He was. Right. He got traded and released.

Really? But a team, but a team's going to pick him up though because he's not, listen, he's not Kemba. He's not Isaiah Thomas. He's not John Wall. He still gives you size. He still gives you size. If Mason Plumlee can be a rotational player for the Clippers, Serge Baca can still play in the NBA.

I can connect you with his agent if you want to help, but happy to. The fact is he's not on the team right now. He's not going to subject us to more of the reality cooking shows, will he? Relax.

Okay. He'll punch you. He'll punch you in the mouth, not you specifically. Serge Baca will punch a guy in the mouth.

But that's the point though. But there is nobody, there's nobody to punch Dylan Brooks in the mouth. I think Brook Lopez, I think Brook Lopez would fight. Yeah, but he'd have to get pushed.

Okay. He's not, there's nobody in the league like that anymore. Well, you do know, and I, and I'm not trying to be funny when I say this, there is somebody who visibly will literally punch someone and knock someone out.

Unfortunately it was his own teammate. So we know he'll do it. Oh, wait a minute.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Draymond? Yes. See, but he needed to be pushed by his own teammate every day for two, three years. Well, he was pissed that Jordan Poole was coming up on a contract extension and would eventually get what was coming, which Draymond believes should have been his. Nobody likes him though. Like Steph Curry doesn't even seem to like Jordan Poole. Yeah.

There's some truth to that. Yeah, nobody likes him. He was having a good old time. I saw him last week here in Atlanta. He was in the tunnel.

I was in the tunnel where they were hanging out and he was hanging out with Kavon Looney. Okay. So someone who everyone likes, by the way. Yeah. He got one friend. No, no, but he might be him.

Bismack Biambo. Those two guys might be the most likable and well, it's fun. No, they might be the most likable players in the league. Likeable? Yep. Jeff Green's up there too.

In terms of just overall, everybody likes them. A hundred percent. True, true holidays on that list too. Okay. Yeah. I'm sure we can think of more.

Well, maybe one of these dudes will punch Dylan Brooks. That guy is just, he, well, it's good for him. We're talking about him, right? That's what he wants. What other reason? We ain't gonna talk about him for basketball reasons.

Yeah. Can't make it past the second round, but he seems to think that they're the real rival to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. The Grizzlies have turned into a team that you can't like. Anyway, let's talk about a team that you might like. I told you that Texas is moving on. They just beat Xavier 83 to 71. They had their share of issues over the past year. If you have to think about coaches, Chris Beard, well, let's just be real.

He got the boot after his domestic issue. And then, so you now have a new head coach in Rodney Terry who takes over. And after the whooping, Rodney Terry, he spoke and he said, listen, we just beat Xavier.

He said, yeah, it took some, took some work. We had to go out there and get the job done. We played against a really good Xavier offensive team that really pushes the ball hard in transition and makes you really have to guard on offense.

They play with great pace of play. A lot of respect for Sean Miller as a coach in this program. But again, proud of my guys on how they, how they came out and really put their will on this game from start to finish. It was a really good team win for us tonight.

Yeah, good for him. Well, we talked about this with coach Laronaga. I said, hey man, what's next? And Rodney Terry addressed that with the media. And he says, I got a lot of respect for coach Laronaga and the Hurricanes.

Listen to this. That's a great team over there. Their guard plays really good. They share the basketball really well in terms of passing the basketball. Their interior players played really well in there against a really physical Houston team. So, but nothing but respect for coach Laronaga and what he's been able to do over the course of his career. His teams just win. So we know we'll have our hands full with the really good Miami Bowl Club.

Yeah. Well, when coach Laronaga spoke to us earlier on in the show, one of the questions I asked him was, based on what we saw tonight, what the hell are you planning against your future opponent? At that point, Texas had not won yet, but this is what coach Laronaga told us on CBS Sports Radio. You know, what you saw tonight is what we envisioned before the season ever started. And even at one of the timeouts, I just told coach Courtney, my associate head coach, hey, we just got to keep scoring. Their defense is good, but if we can keep scoring, it's hard for them to catch us because we had a little bit of a lead. And then when they did cut the lead to two, I called a timeout and told them that, hey, Houston picked up the tempo.

We need to do the same thing. Yeah. I guess they're going to push tempo over the weekend against Texas as well.

8-5-5, 2-1-2 for CBS. Evan is here from San Diego. What's up, Evan? What's going on, JR? How are you doing? I'm amazing. What's on your mind? I think I know.

Over the years, it's taken hours and hours. I've hung up. Tonight, I got right through, man. But you and Shep are awesome, man. First off, I just want to say you're doing an amazing show and I want to talk sports, so I could praise you all night, but just know I think the world to you and your show, my guy.

Well, thank you so much for the kind of words. What's up? Well, I mean, we got to go Aztecs. I mean, you got me thinking pro basketball now with the little segment recently. Lakers are finally at 500. You got to like that. Mavs lose to the Hornets.

I don't know. They should be kicked out of the playoff race just for that loss. But the Aztecs, I mean, let's talk Aztecs. What do you want to know about this San Diego State team that plays, you know, nine players that play 14 or more minutes that only has one team, that's one player that scores 20 points.

Everybody else is between eight and 14. Their senior star, Matt Bradley, doesn't show up for 35 minutes. The rest of the team carries them. They get down 11 to one of the best teams in the country. They outscore them 32 to 16, a team that everyone said can't play offense, can't score 32 to 16, the last 11 minutes of the game, blocking shots, left and right, knocking down free throws, which we see, man, these college kids, turnovers and free throws at the end of the game. Aztecs don't do that. Well, I think based on what we saw tonight, if they're doing this against Alabama, unless there's a letdown in the next game, I'm going to look for them to handle Creighton.

I could be wrong, but that's what I'd go for. You know, I'm a big Ken Palm ranking guy with college basketball, not just that. You got to look at the way teams are playing at that time. So, you know, rankings don't always matter because we see a team like Miami, there's a hundred and something ranked defense and they're going to the elite eight. So no hate, but Creighton is a team that plays defense and offense. I mean, they are pretty much top 20 in efficiency on both sides of the ball. So they deserve to be there too. You know, not many people know that Florida Atlantic, they're top 30 on both sides of the ball in offense and defense efficiency.

There's a reason that some of these teams are there. And the guy that called about not wanting to watch first off, he said he would still watch. Second of all, no, he said he's going to watch maybe Alice in Wonderland. Yeah. Yeah.

I love you, JR. You're so good, man. And navigating the conversation and pulling things out of people. And then it just, that was hilarious of a segment. And then him to say that he's probably going to watch the game anyway, but if it is obviously they're on the same side, but give me that game. Give me two teams that play offense, play defense.

They're siding. Well, let's, let's, let's dial it back here. Do you think San Diego state is going to beat Creighton or you think Creighton are going to beat them? No, I think San Diego state is going to win that game.

Oh, so you're thinking the same thing. Are you telling me about all these advanced Ken Palms statistics and like you so people would know that Creighton is a team or a Florida Atlantic, that there's a reason these teams are there because they do both things. Well, and a lot of teams that you expected to be there, not you, but people that we all picked in our brackets, you go look at some of these things.

They do one well, or not the other well, or neither one very well, but if somehow, you know, found a way to get lucky, but the teams that do it well, most of them find a way to make their way towards the end. And when you look at all the teams left, the majority are in the top 20. And over the last 20 years, over the last 20 years, every national champion has been top 21 in offense and top 37 in defense outside of the Kemba Walker run, which was just insane. But that UConn team was still pretty good. Yeah.

Well, also when Kemba Walker had had decent knees. Hey Evan, I got to go to commercial, man. I appreciate you. Call back on Monday. All right. All right, man. Thank you guys.

Thank you so much, Evan, for calling from San Diego. It's the JR sport reshow on CBS sports radio eight five five two one two four CBS. I've been telling you about it, but we going to do it on the other side. Not it, but we're going to, we're going to share a funny clip from Charles Barkley and quite a few people he does not like.

And it's his way to try to improve or not improve college basketball. You hear from Barkley on the other end, the JR sport reshow CBS sports radio. You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio. You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio. Hey y'all what's going on? Big brother, truck driver, man. I've been listening to you for a few months now.

I respect what you do like it, man. Call in now at eight five five two one two four CBS. Yeah. Shout out to all the truck drivers.

It's better than them damn repo, man. It's Chris. It's Chris from Detroit, right? Shep, I think Chris. I think that's his name.

Shout out to... Nah, no shout outs to Chris out here repossessing cars. Anyway, what's going on? Oh, the Lakers won a game 116 to 111. The Lakers have actually moved into eighth place. So like the Mavericks are in 11th.

The Lakers in eighth place. LeBron James. I feel like the past few games he's been wearing shades inside. I don't get it.

Understand the style of it, but like I wear shades when I'm outside, not inside because there's no sun. I guess I'm not that cool. Besides that, speaking of cool, Charles Barkley. Shep, is Charles Barkley? He's cool, right? Charles Barkley? He's as cool as they get. Is he?

Anyway, Charles Barkley kinda sorta went viral for some comments that he made about name, image, and likeness. As I'm sure, well, you probably don't know, but the NCAA, they got a new president. Mark Emmert, he's gone. Like he abandoned ship. He's like, I ain't sticking around for this. He's like, the player's getting paid now.

I'm outta here. And so the new president, his name is Charlie Baker. He just took over at the beginning of March and Charlie Baker, for all of our listeners in Massachusetts, you probably know who the hell he is. He's the former governor of Massachusetts. And as a part of CBS's coverage of the tournament, you know, you got Charles Barkley and Clark Kellogg and they're sitting up on the studio on the set talking about God knows what. And they had an interview, a prerecorded interview with governor Charlie Baker. And one of his points to try to organize name, image, and likeness is to actually have the government pass laws and regulate it as opposed to the NCAA doing it itself.

I mean, pretty, I mean, there's some ironies there. They should have regulated this and allowed the players to make money years ago and done it in an organized fashion. And then when it was allowed for them to do so, they pretty much just said, all right, y'all handle it.

You got it. We won't get involved. And so it is, it is a gigantic mess and he wants to have it regulated by the government. He wants to have legislators go out and pass laws to help organize this. And Charles Barkley was like, hey, the last thing that we need are politicians making up rules and rules and laws for college athletes. And Charles Barkley heard the interview with Charlie Baker. And this is what Charles Barkley have to say in response when they turn back to them on the set. Did he say we're going to ask the politicians to help us?

See that, that pisses me off already. Our politicians are awful people. As I talked to Clark earlier, cause I asked him about y'all conversation. I would ask the goal to people who actually care about basketball, not looking at it just themselves. I will put a committee together. I would love for Clark to be on the committee, get some coaches, get some players, and let's try to work this thing out. We can't ask these politicians nothing. Those people are awful people, Democrats and Republicans. They're all crooks. Tell me how you really feel. Well, what's the NCAA?

Are they any different? I mean, one of the reasons that there's a massive issue right now is because they've been stealing from the college athletes for years. Hey, we'll give you a college degree though. We won't give you anything else, but we'll give you a degree.

Yep. So there's a lot of people in positions of power who ain't nothing but crooks. So Charles Barkley has a point, but what difference does it make?

The guy running the NCAA, former politician, what else can you expect? It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio, 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. The phone lines are open.

If you want to give me a holler before we roll the hell up on out. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Truly want to call you the EF button of the sports radio. You're just so good to your fans. You're the most knowledgeable man I've ever heard in a long, long, long time.

You don't put other teams down. Just smooth and cool. And I just had to call up and tell you that. And it's a real privilege and an honor to listen to your show. I just can't thank you enough for being who you are and the way you approach your job. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Oh, so many nice things said in one statement. I mean, sheesh. I mean, goodness. I told you when somebody sucks, though. I do.

I'm not ashamed. I just say what's on my mind. You guys get the closest version of what's on my mind.

You get the sanitized version for the radio. Anyway, 855-212-4CBS. I'm leaving here in a few minutes. Ryan Hickey's coming through at the top of the hour. And so if you got something to say to me, get it off your chest now, OK? Polite things.

Ain't got no time to argue with nobody. We have talked about fairy tales and March Madness and the Elite Eight. We done talked about it all. Shep, did we miss anything tonight? Nothing, right?

Nothing. I don't think we missed a damn thing. We got so much. We got things that we have to talk about next week.

Things have been so nuts with college basketball. We haven't talked about Lamar Jackson and his, I don't know what you call it. Memo. You got a memo from the NFL. The NFL sent a memo to the teams. Hey, Lamar Jackson don't have an agent.

You got to talk to him. There's a guy allegedly running around on behalf of Lamar, allegedly. Lamar's like, nah, that's not happening. So we'll get into that. Oh, yeah. By the way, Ben, Ben Simmons, this man has like a nerve issue in his back.

He's going to go, I hope not, but he is on his way. Let me put it that way. Ben Simmons is on his way to being one of the most question mark ass stories that the NBA has ever seen.

Did make three All-Star teams, though. Well, that's why question mark. He's not making another one. Well, I hope he can.

Oh no, that's done. Never. I don't know if he's in the NBA in a couple years from now.

Do you think he cares? Hey, wait a minute. Wasn't he dating the same Kardashian that Devin Booker was dating at one point? So that's not a Kardashian.

That's a Jenner. And I don't know why I know this same. They got the same mama, right?

They do have the they have the same. Oh, I'm sorry. Robert Kardashian. And yes, and oh, so that so they have a different. Wait a minute. Whoa, whoa, wait. The last name is Jenner. We got to get this right. Correct.

Caitlyn. Correct. Okay, but.

When they were born, he was Bruce. Yes. Okay. Okay. We I just needed to make that clear.

Maybe to myself. I just need to make so they don't fall in the mom. The mom has the Kardashian name, right? Yeah.

Chris Kardashian. Right. So the whole clan of daughters, they are collectively known more so as the Kardashians.

No, no, no. Kylie and Jenner. Yeah. And Kendall are not are very much considered Jenners like no one considers them. Oh, even though even though that's how they gain fame by being on that reality show or whatever you want to call it.

They gain fame because Kim Kardashian was in the video with RJ, I think. Right. No, right. No, which rage rage. Okay. Randy's brother. Right.

But and then, you know, I was rooting for her and Reggie Bush, speaking of which that never worked out. Whoa. Okay. But but yeah, but no one considers them.

I don't know why I know this, but no one considers them. Yeah. But Ben Simmons and Devin Booker at one point dated the same Jenner.

And one person's game has fallen off the face of the earth and one person continues to be one of the best shooting guards on planet Earth. But now isn't she she's dating like another athlete? Oh, I have no idea.

I have no idea. Kylie Kylie Jenner. So Kendall's the Kendall's the Jenner you're referring to. Kylie is Kylie's a mom with with the guy from Houston, the musician. I know who it is.

Maybe she's she's like the most she might be one of the most followed people on Instagram on planet. Oh, well, Kendall Jenner's with Bad Bunny. I don't know that is you don't know Bad Bunny.

No, I don't. Oh, my God. A Puerto Rican musician. Oh, my God. He's one of the biggest musicians on Earth.

What? Bad Bunny. That funny is not one of the biggest musicians on planet Earth. Yes, he is. No. Okay. Never heard of Bad Bunny.

Yeah. Bad Bunny is the his records are crazy. He's amazing. He's an ex.

I love his music. But anyway, Kendall Jenner went from two basketball players and now she's with Bad Bunny. Hey, Shep, I mean, Bad Bunny is bigger than Devin Booker and Ben Simmons combined. Bigger than Ben Simmons. I don't know about Devin Booker. Devin Booker. The guy's 70 points at 20 years old. I don't know if Devin is bigger than Booker is a speck on planet Earth in comparison to Bad Bunny.

If you pulled half the people that work at CBS Sports Radio, they've never heard of Bad Bunny. I'm talking about CB. I'm talking about I said Earth, Earth, right?

Devin Booker on planet Earth. Yes. Is a speck on planet Earth compared to Bad Bunny? Yes. I don't know about that. Bad Bunny pulled up to a gas station and just did an impromptu concert and he had they had to call out XYZ to control the people there.

Okay. Bad Bunny is one of the top musicians today right now on planet Earth. You can pull up, pull up some Bad Bunny. Well, don't do that because it's the language. I was going to put you in that position.

Yeah, don't do that. Bad Bunny is the man. He's the man shot. Sorry.

And not, not Devin Booker. I guess this was, what's her name? Kendall?

Kendall Jenner. Correct. Yeah.

She's, she's, uh, going to another stratosphere with Bad Bunny. Anyway, eight five five two one two four CBS. That's eight five five two one two four CBS. Uh, Michael, he's here from Virginia.

You're on the JR sport re-show. What's up, Mike? Hey guys.

Good to hear from you guys. Uh, just first off, great, a little spiel right there about the whole Kendall Jenner, Bruce, uh, thing, but Xavier, Caitlin, Caitlin. Sorry.

Yes. Xavier tonight nine for 33 in the first half. How do you expect to win a game if you can't shoot that well?

You don't. That's what I mean. I mean, worst game I've ever seen. Well, did you see Alabama? Did you see Alabama shoot today?

They were worse. I was working during that game. So it was really hard to watch that game, but I call it the last little glimpse of Xavier in the first half. And I was like, this is just, I mean, Texas is big down low.

I mean, do I see him going all the way? I got either them or maybe even Connecticut, I think, taking it all this year. Oh, well, you guys have a good night though, but appreciate the call. Okay. Enjoy the weekend, man. Enjoy the games.

Okay. Make that money. Thank you, sir.

Hopefully I need, well, Xavier killed me on my parlay. That's for sure. I'm sorry about that. Hey, good luck.

Good luck. Sorry about that. I hate, I don't like when people lose money. I hate it.

You lose money, you don't always come back. Curtis is calling from the D. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Curtis?

Hey, how are you? I've been watching college basketball for years now, and I've never seen these no-name teams make it to the final eight like it is now. And I'm wondering if the Porter transfers have a lot to do with that.

And I was just curious what you think back in the day. Can you imagine if the Porter transfer was back in the day when Larry Bird was playing? All he needed was one or two guys to play with him. And I think he'd have been that national championship. He might have beat Magic because he had nobody but himself. That, yeah.

Well, can I, I want to, can I, I want to answer you. Yep. We talked about that a little bit earlier on in the show about how there's so much more parity in college basketball right now because of the movement. And I don't think we'll see a lot of these blue blood schools who will dominate for 10 or 20 years. I think those days are over, over. You'll have a team who maybe, you know, I mean, like, like what we have right now with Gonzaga and Mark Few. You'll go on a run, but the, the pure dominance of this head coach will be here for a million years and this system will be here in the Bay hunt. No, them days are over.

So yeah, a lot of that has to do with the transfer portal. You had another question, please quickly. Oh no, no. I, but if this thing was going on back in the day, I could think of one player that would, and that would be Larry Bird.

If he could, can you imagine that team, if he could just stand one or two guys to play with him? Well, I can, I can say that for a lot of places, Curtis. I agree with you, man. Jerry is calling from Washington, DC. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Jerry? Hey man, it's good to hear from you again. Look here.

I'm 60. Bad Bunny is one of my guys. We listen to him here in Washington, DC on a radio station called El Zol. How do they not know about Bad Bunny? Something's wrong with this picture.

JR. They? What you mean they? He's right here. He's right here. His name is Shep. He's not a they. He's one per- Hey Shep, do you identify as they? People know, right?

I identify as he, but Jerry, I don't mind someone calling me they. That's okay. But you know what? Listen, you live and learn.

No, no, no, no. Let's get the pronoun. Well, let's get the pronouns correct.

This is 2023. I apologize. Look here, man.

Bad Bunny is the baddest thing going on right now. Him, Mark Anthony. Look, man. Mark Anthony, I know. But I know Mark Anthony more because of his failed marriage to J-Lo. Oh, see, you know all the negativity.

You don't know the prosperity. No, he was part of the Simon Cowell. What was that musical talented show they did? It wasn't The Voice.

You guys know what I'm talking about? I don't know. I haven't heard. I haven't listened to Mark Anthony in 20 years.

I don't know. Gotcha. Well, hey, look here, JR. Listen to Mark Anthony. Listen to Zona Dejente. Listen to Bad Bunny.

We got this. Man, it is beautiful. Once y'all listen to it. I just said, I just, I just said I listen to Bad Bunny. What are you telling, what are you telling me to listen?

That's shap, not me. Okay. Well, well, tell you, tell you, man, you got to listen, man. It's beautiful. Hey, Bonita Musica. Hey, it's beautiful, man. You got to learn. You got to listen. And I'm saying, hey, buenos noches.

Dios a mediga. That's Luego. Thank you, Jerry. He's very, very passionate about Bad Bunny. Everybody loves Bad Bunny. Except for half the world that's never heard of Bad Bunny. But other than that, other than that. I don't know.

I think there's a good portion of the world that he's really, I don't know, like, I don't know, K-pop star. See, but JR, and I didn't want to do this. I want to be respectful to Jerry because he seems like a nice man and older than both of us. Here we go. But does he know who Anthony Blinken is? Anthony Blinken?

Yeah. Who the hell, who that? Well, that's the Secretary of State. I don't know Blinken.

So, like, my point is, like, I don't know. I mean, I don't think, I try to pay attention to things that- I'm Colin Powell. Oh, I mean, he's one of the all-time great Secretary of States. Yeah. And he should have been for two terms, in my opinion. But my point is, JR, it's important to pay attention to who is behind policy in our world.

And that's what I like to pay attention to outside of sports. But he can't fault me for not knowing Big Bunny. Most people who- No, no, no, it's not Big Bunny.

What's his name? Bad Bunny. Well, that's just a silly name. His name is Bad Bunny and he expects to be taken seriously? He had a name. Oh, he's taken seriously.

Okay. He's called Bad Bunny because bunnies are cute like him, but he's bad. He explained it on James Corden. Is that the guy's name? Oh, another great human being, James Corden. My God, the epitome of humanization. Bad Bunny did, what is it, driving through cars?

What is it? Not comedians in cars. Carpool karaoke, he does.

Yeah, he did it with Bad Bunny. By the way, you know he's one of the biggest jerks and this is allegedly, but this is my opinion, he's one of the biggest jerks in all the show business, James Corden. I never met him.

You're better off. Where's he from? He's not American, right? He's from England.

I love England. So do I. Not James Corden, though. I never met the guy. Maybe he is a jerk.

If he's a jerk, then screw him. I don't care. It's the JR Sportbreeze Show on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, Shup, you're going to be back when? Tell everybody when. Yeah, Sunday, 2 a.m. Eastern Time to 6 a.m. Eastern Time. Can't wait, JR. Yeah, we'll be back together, 10 Eastern, 7 Pacific, Monday night. Don't move, Ryan. Hickey's coming up next. Enjoy the basketball.

Thank you, Shup. Some are stranded in the woods, but winter bites and those girls are hungry. Plus, there might be a dark force in the wilderness compelling them to do some unsavory things. TBD. Meanwhile, 25 years later, the surviving adult Yellow Jackets are grappling with their past while getting caught up in kidnappings, cults, murders and parenting moody teenagers. Melanie Linsky and Tawny Cypress star with Christina Ricci and Juliette Lewis. The Internet is obsessed and Rotten Tomatoes declared it 100% fresh. So if you haven't watched Yellow Jackets, it's time.

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