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JR SportBrief Hour 4

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March 24, 2023 1:58 am

JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR

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March 24, 2023 1:58 am

JR explains why it's more invaluable to have a cell phone than car these days. JR also had a great conversation with Florida Atlantic men's Head Basketball Coach Dusty May after an unbelievable win over Tennessee to advance to the Elite 8

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JR Sport Brief
JR Sport Brief

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That's slash positive. Hey guys, this is Kenan Thompson. I have a problem with you. Yes, you. None of y'all told me that Auto Trader has millions of new and used cars that I can shop from home. I thought we were friends.

I put smiles on your face, but I'm not smiling. No one told me that with Auto Trader a dealer can deliver cars to my home or that I could shop by price on Auto Trader. No one. Consider this friendship that you just learned we had officially over.

Finally, it's easy. Auto Trader. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. It's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you to everybody locked into the show all over North America, East Coast, West Coast, Midwest Mountains, down South, Northeast. I don't care where you at. You could be in.

You could be anywhere. How about that? Shout out to Hawaii, Alaska, Toronto, Calgary. We got a lot of folks tuned in.

Okay. If you're listening or you're listening on your local affiliate, maybe you're locked in on Sirius XM Channel 158. Shout out to all my folks on the road making that money. A big shout out to all my folks listening on the smart speaker.

Thank you to everybody listening on the Odyssey Act. Maybe you on your phone. I don't know.

A tablet. Maybe you plug your phone into the car. I don't know. Maybe you at work. Take that job's money. Take that money and try to do the least amount of work possible.

I won't tell. Take that money. Anyway. Hey, Shep, are we taking money? We're taking money, right? No.

Oh. Do we? We're just sitting here. What are we doing?

I mean, you and I work hard, man. We ain't taking anything. We earned this.

Okay. Yeah, we earned the money. Shep's earned the money. I'm just sitting here.

Speak for yourself, Shep. I'm just sitting here. Yeah, okay.

You work your freaking ass off. Don't deny it. We just hanging out. We talking about basketball, man.

Come on. It's amazing basketball. Anyway, we've had amazing basketball here on Thursday night. The games were ridiculous. Half of the damn Elite Eight is set up. The games tonight were pretty damn awesome.

Let me help you get this out the way. Kansas State is moving on. Kansas State beat Michigan State 98 to 93. Kansas State will now take on Florida Atlantic. Florida Atlantic beat Tennessee 62 to 55. Crazy.

And then in Las Vegas, we saw an ass-whooping. Okay, UConn beat Arkansas. UConn is so humble.

They're so cool. They beat Arkansas 88 to 65. And then this game was crazy as hell. A few minutes ago, Gonzaga, they finished up the night. The Zags. They beat UCLA 79 to 76 if you missed it. And by the way, UCLA almost came back in this game. The Zags, they led by about nine points with a little more than a minute left. And then the Zags were missing free throws. UCLA was going to the basket. UCLA was knocking down threes. And it really boiled down to a final three. The Zags, they did not go away. Julian Strother, who happens to be from Vegas, he knocked down a game-winning three.

He hit one of these Steph Curry threes to finish off UCLA and make sure that the Zags walked away with the victory. Take a listen to this. Strother will get it in. Salas picks it up. Clock starts. Eleven seconds.

Salas across the timeline. Pitch it back, Strother. Deep three from the top of the key.

Got it! Oh, he hit it! Strother from the top. Seven seconds left. Campbell on the run. Into the front court. Thrives to the right side.

Stripped away! Strother's got it. Foul with 1.1 to go. The Vegas native pulls up from deep and puts Gonzaga in the lead and then gets a steal at the other end.

Strother walking, staring into the crowd. What a shot by Strother who has had a tough night with his heels and the March Madness logo drills a three. And with 1.1 to go, he can ice it. Gonzaga leads 78-76. They knock down a free throw and that was all she wrote. UCLA missed a three. The Zags almost choked away this game. Drew Timmy had 36 points and 13 rebounds. He's the fifth player since the year 2000 with a 35-10 in an NCAA tournament game.

And he almost choked it away. And let's see what Gonzaga can do. Maybe Mark Few will finally win a championship.

He's going to take on who's next? The Yukon! And I told you about Yukon whooping the ass of Arkansas 88-65.

They're not competitive about that game. Afterwards, their head coach, Hurley, he spoke to the media and he pretty much said, oh yeah, well, you know, I'm proud of my guys and I thought we'd do good. And this is what Dan Hurley had to say.

Listen to him. Where we are right now is exactly where we talked about where we would be when we got together after we lost the first round game last year. We met in that boardroom and the three of us sat together and we talked about this is where we were going to be. So we're exactly where we thought we would be. And obviously we're thrilled to play one more to go to the Final Four.

Oh, good for them. That's going to be fun. Gonzaga versus Yukon. I'm going with the Zags. The Zags got to go back to the Final Four, right? They ain't going to choke this one away, right?

Well, I can't, I don't know. Gonzaga, every bunch of years they go to the championship and they lose. Sorry. Congratulations to Mark Few. Fifth Elite Eight appearance since 2015. That's sixth all time. How about you win something this time, Gonzaga?

Well, anyway, that's done. These games earlier were amazing. Kansas State and Michigan State.

Oh, my God. Back and forth. They went into overtime. I thought for a second, I'm like, Michigan State got this and Kansas State got this.

And then they go into overtime. And we saw a record broken today, tonight in Madison Square Garden, in New York City. Marquis Noel. He scored 20 points.

Yeah, sure. Big deal. You know what he did that no one else has ever done in an NCAA tournament? He had 19 assists. He broke a record. 19 assists in an NCAA tournament is a record.

He was out there whooping ass. Keontae Johnson, 22 points. And Marquis Noel. I mean, these weren't just, I want to say stat padding assists. This is not like, well, not like Jokic. Jokic does his assists to win. And so was Noel. Some of his biggest assists for the night were in overtime, helping them win the damn game.

A matter of fact, their head coach, Tang. He came through after. He talked about Marquis Noel. And he said, it's all about love. I love my guys. I love that they play.

Listen to Jerome Tang. They got a ton of faith in each other. They have faith in me. I got faith in every one of these guys right here. They probably did more coaching than I did. I just try to love them, man. And when you love people, it's amazing what you can accomplish. I saw you two going at it over a couple of time-out arguments and play-call arguments.

That's the kind of relationship you have, though. What was it like in those final seconds with the time-out battle between coaches? You know, when we was at it, it was a place of fire.

But we practiced in a place of fire all the time. So he was ready for it. This is a bad boy right here.

This is a bad boy. And Marquis, you broke an NCAA tournament game record for assists. Congratulations.

It's also a school record. You didn't know half of these guys in July. What allowed you to bond so quickly with them? Man, I just want to start by saying all glory to God. Man, he gave me these gifts and these talents.

And I'm just glad I get the platform to showcase them. But I have a ton of faith. Man, these guys worked so hard. My coaching staff worked so hard. And we just love each other like Coach said.

And you see the outcome. How are you still standing on two legs right now? Man, I don't know. But I get an ice bath and I'll be all right.

Is that New York tough right there? Yes, sir. Congratulations. Thank you. Yes, sir. Oh, wait, you're a woman. Yes, ma'am.

Yeah, yeah. Hey, Marquis Noel is from New York City. Uptown Harlem. Went to school in Brooklyn.

Good for him, man. This is like a dream to play in Madison Square Garden. And he did it.

Kansas State comes out on top of Michigan State. Marquis Noel is a winner. Tom Izzo tonight. Tom Izzo is a he's a loser.

He's always very emotional. He he wanted to have pizza and get in the cab ride. And now his ride in the tournament is over.

I'm sorry. No other championship for Tom Izzo this year. And as a classy individual, something that he is, he showed a lot of love to Kansas State.

Take a listen to this. Been part of a lot of big wins and I've been part of a lot of tough losses. Never been prouder of a team because we didn't have our game tonight.

We did not play like we were the first half. It was just kind of we're hamming egging it and we're just kind of fighting through it. Yeah. Well, now he can fight back all the way to to Michigan. Sorry.

It's unfortunate. And Spartans cost. He cost some of our well, not he. Some of our listeners lost money. Hey, Shep, the repo man. David Wright. David, the repo man.

Detroit, yes. David, the repo man from Detroit. He's out here repossessing cars right now. He called us right before the break.

Two up, three down. He said he had three more cars to repossess. He said he lost money and I said, man, so just chill out. More important things and I hear repossessing cars and we started talking about it. And I said to him like, man, you you got a you got a lot of cars to repossess and then Shep and I started talking and it's very simple here.

Shep says. A vehicle having a vehicle is more important than having a cell phone. I said it's more important to have a cell phone than having a vehicle like how you if let's say all you got is a phone. You can apply for a job with a phone. You can go on the Internet with a phone. Check your emails with a phone, with a vehicle, with a car. Yeah, you can drive anywhere, but you're going to drive somewhere.

They're going to tell you, fill out the application online, which you would do on your phone. I think in twenty twenty three, it's more important to have a cell phone than a vehicle. And so if David is coming to snatch your car up. If you still have a cell phone, I think you're in good shape. If the repo man, I don't think this happens, I've never heard anybody getting a phone repossessed. Damn.

But if you get your phone repossessed and you still have a car, you're cooked. Eight five five two one two four CBS. That's eight five five two one two four CBS. I'm going to get to the phones in a second. But I mean, damn. What's more important?

What's more essential? Is it a cell phone? Is it a vehicle? Eight five five two one two four CBS. That's eight five five two one two four CBS.

Let me get this out the way. Let me tell you about the opponent for Kansas State. Florida Atlantic. Florida Atlantic. They beat Tennessee 62 to 55. All that talk about Tennessee and the bruising style of play and the rugby style of basketball. They work out for Coach Barnes.

We still got more Dusty May. Matter of fact, layup after layup after layup, Florida Atlantic Shep told me they were ranked one hundred and ninth in the preseason and they haven't quit. They're not quitting. A matter of fact, I want you to hear the final call.

This is from Westwood one. This is when Florida Atlantic told Tennessee, sit down. It's over for you. Five point eight to go. James will inbound from side court, gets it into Vescoville and Tennessee is just going to hold the ball.

Two seconds, one second, and that's it. The Florida Atlantic Owls, who had never won an NCAA tournament game before this season, have won three in the tournament. Now they're heading to the elite eight for a date with Kansas State on Saturday. The remarkable year for Dusty May and Florida Atlantic continues their thirty fourth win of the season. Brian Greenlee and Nick Boyd standing on the table to our left and celebrating with the FAU fans. The final score, Florida Atlantic 62, Tennessee fifty five. And there was little question tonight. Who was the better team?

Yeah. Who the hell had this? Florida Atlantic versus Kansas State. Nobody had this every step of the way for Florida Atlantic has been a shock. They beat Memphis last week and Penny Hardaway.

Penny was ticked off. They beat Fairleigh Dickinson. Now they beat in Tennessee. Now they're in the elite eight. You might remember we spoke to Dusty May last week after he knocked off Penny Hardaway and Dusty May told us here on the JR sport brief show.

He's like, listen, man, I believe in my guys. We had a 20 game winning streak and our league was really tough this year. So we learned early on that there was no moment that was too big for our guys. We went into the University of Florida when they were playing great basketball and won in their gym. And then Conference USA, we played really well in our conference tournament. So other than the gym just being significantly bigger, we we didn't feel like our guys would be phased by it at all.

We knew if we took care of the basketball and found a way to rebound, we'd have a chance to win. Oh, the bright lights of Vegas. They scare them with bright lights. New York, New York City didn't scare them. I guess New Year.

Hey, Chef, I'm so confused now. So many damn games. I know Kansas State and Michigan State. They played in New York and then Florida, Atlantic and Tennessee. They followed them up in New York. Right.

They did. Yeah. Yes.

I'm looking as we speak because there are so many freaking games. That was in New York. Yes.

I'm scared of no bright lights. Yeah. I will. I will tell you if we're wrong. I'm pretty sure you are 100 percent right about the New York factor. Yes.

No, no. They played in. I know for a fact Michigan State only. And you said this because Izzo had this silly quote about pizza because he makes six million a year. But apparently he needs his players to buy him pizza. Yeah, he needs his players to buy pizza. And he wants to get in a dirty cab. And hey, now Tom Izzo can take a dirty cab back to Michigan. Sorry.

Anyway. Hey, we got more games on Friday. This is half of the elite eight before we get down to the final four on Friday. We got San Diego State and Alabama.

Oh, people are real hyped about that one. What's Brandon Miller going to do? What's the defense of San Diego State going to do? We got Houston and Miami. I want to see if Sasser is going to continue to be healthy with that groin.

I want to see if Jim Lara Nega can move his team ahead. We got Princeton. Let me say that again. We got Princeton and Creighton. And then we have Xavier in Texas, the Longhorns.

Damn, I don't. It's the games tomorrow. It's going to be very difficult to top and match what we saw today.

Bananas. The games tonight were nuts. Congratulations to Drew Timmy of Gonzaga, the 60 year old senior at Gonzaga. He's still trying to win. He's going to be there for another 80 years. How he has eligibility, I don't know.

But he busting ass. Thirty six points. Eight five five two one two four CBS. That's eight five five two one two four CBS.

One of our callers. He lost a lot of money tonight. He put his money down on Michigan State.

Kansas State beat him in Madison Square Garden. Ninety eight to ninety three. He's repossessing cars as we speak. If you live in Michigan, if you live in Detroit and you ain't pay your bill, hide your car. But anyway, we had a conversation.

What's more important in twenty twenty three? Do you need a cell phone? Do you need a car? John is here from South Carolina, your CBS sports radio.

Go ahead, John. Hey, man, I'm sixty nine retired. I got a bike. I ride around electric. And I see people all the time, all day.

And I don't care if they got hurts or bikes or just walking and hanging. They got to have that cell phone. They might not have a car, but they beg for a phone usage if they don't have one handy.

So you're right. With a phone, you can call Uber if you have enough money and you get a ride that way. But without a cell phone, you're like dead in the water. Oh, my God.

Twenty twenty three. Thank you, John, for calling from South Carolina. It was nice when we lived in the world. I'm not mad. It was actually cool to live in a world with no cell phone. You remember them days?

You got up and you live without looking in a stupid phone. Remember them days? Remember getting in the bed and not looking at a phone? Remember going to dinner and not looking at a phone? Remember those days? I miss them.

I really do. Larry is calling from Texas. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Larry? Is a car more important than a phone or a phone more important than a cell phone? I don't know what I'm saying. Go ahead, Larry.

Cell phones are definitely more important these days. I mean, I've got a story about repossessing cars. I used to work for a finance company and I was the one that would sign out the cars to be repossessed. Oh, well, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You're evil, man.

You're evil. You used to go get you used to tell the repo man to get people's cars. We we had a policy at the at the institution that I was working for at the at the lending institution. You had to be a certain amount past due before we would send it. We would send you. I mean, we would like you said, we try and make payment arrangements and everything like that. But if if you get to be 90, 120 days late, you know that, you know, obviously it's not going to be not going to be payments coming or whatever. So then we would review it. And if it if the car would look good enough and everything, we put it out for there for repossession.

Damn, you just you're like the repo man's friend. You I mean. It's one of those things where I mean, if if a lot of times if people would just talk to us, you know, and say, hey, I'm going through something or whatever, we'd be willing to work with you.

But if you a lot of times it's people that are just angry and everything and they start cussing at you or whatever, you know, but after after 90, 120 days or more. You know, we got it. We got to do something because we're losing money and everything else, too.

So anyway, but cell phone, you can have I mean, you can have a you know, you can work from home or whatever, but cars not necessarily as important as a cell phone. All right. Love the show. Thanks a lot. Thank you, Larry, for calling from Texas, friend of the repo. He's the one who sends the repo man.

Damn. Nolan is here from Indianapolis. You're on the J.R. sport brief show. How are you doing tonight?

I'm OK. What's up? You going to take my car? I pay my bills.

Well, actually, it's funny. I'm surprised you didn't call the last caller out for trying to pass off his his place of work as an institution. Yeah, the bank bank owns the car.

What's the way? It makes sense. Yeah, no, but I'm saying like he's a middleman.

It just feels disgusting that like people who steal cars from like people trying to get to where they're not stealing cars, they can't pay the bill. Right. Right. But also, when you were talking about like the eras of having a phone, like when it was when we got to just flip phones and like T9 texting, that wasn't that bad. But when phones became like you had to have it was when like the next held shirt became like a fashion thing.

And then the razor flat phone came out and then it became kind of like, you know, a fashion thing. OK. And then all of a sudden you think the phone is more important than the car, Nolan. Well, you have to have the phone if your car breaks down. But I actually have a story about fighting the repo man. If you want to wait, you got a story.

Well, hold on. I got something important I have to do. OK, listen to me, Nolan. We're going to talk to the head coach of FAU in about five to 10 minutes. OK, so I'm going to talk to the coach. We're going to talk to Dusty May. And then after we talk to Dusty May, I want to hear about you fighting a repo man. OK. OK. OK.

Thank you. I'll be patient and patient as you know. OK. Hey, Nolan, just wait a minute. Hey, Shep, is it OK if I put that fight guy on? Talking to the head coach of FAU is more important than the repo man fight, right?

Just a little bit. And Nolan, we do not want to disregard or minimize your story. So J.R. will get to the second we're done with Coach May. He just happened to have the biggest win, maybe the NCAA tournament this season.

Yeah. We're going to take a break. And when we come back, we're going to talk to a head coach, Florida Atlantic University. We spoke to him last week when he beat Penny Hardaway in Memphis and we're going to talk to him in a few minutes. He just beat Tennessee, Florida Atlantic wins 62 to 55.

They're going to take on Kansas State. It's the J.R. sport re-show on CBS Sports Radio. The head coach, Dusty May, on the other side of the break on CBS Sports Radio.

Don't move. You're listening to the J.R. sport brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the J.R. sport brief on CBS Sports Radio.

That's right. It's the J.R. sport brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. It has been a day. It has been a night of absolute madness. The Sweet 16 is getting narrowed down to the elite eight.

Half of that is in the books, especially here on Thursday. One of the big games. We've had a lot of exciting games tonight. This one went down in Madison Square Garden, Florida Atlantic FAU. They beat Tennessee.

Them beat them up. Vols the final score 62 to 55. And joining us right now is the head coach of FAU. He's the Conference USA Coach of the Year. He just won another big game in Madison Square Garden. Joining us again, head coach Dusty May. Coach, how you feeling, man?

Madison Square Garden. That's a lot of energy. Yeah, feeling great, but a little bit of anxiety knowing we've got an incredibly difficult task on Saturday with Kansas State. We know Kansas State is coming up. They had an amazing watch as well in overtime. That was pretty awesome to see. Talk to me about what just took place. We heard about the physicality and the rugby type defense of Tennessee, but your guys came out on the second half and the second half and went on the run. What changed?

What adjustment did you make to get some of those shots off? Well, our guys, after the first seven minutes, we kind of settled in to how we play. They were moving it, sharing it. We felt like we were getting good looks, and it was almost as if we were surprised we were open and we weren't making them. We weren't focused on just making the shot. So I did give our guys some confidence, and John L. Davis, our leading scorer, set out the last eight minutes of the first half in foul trouble. So a lot of things went into it, but most importantly, our guys were confident that they felt like we played poorly, more like down five.

Head coach Dusty Mays joining us here on CBS Sports Radio FAU just beat Tennessee 62-55. You talk about that second half. Michael Forrest, man, he went out on a run himself. It seemed like he dropped, what, like eight consecutive points there. What did you see in him that helped move the team forward?

That was pretty much the last stand, the final drum to win the game. Well, we've seen Mike do that for five years. He's a prolific scorer. He's a winner. He won state championship in high school, and he's probably been the cornerstone of our program over five years. And he's in a little bit of a rough patch, and he's probably had been overthinking things and wanting it too bad because he's put so much into it.

And we've talked about it as a staff several times. We're going to ride with Mike, and even when he's not playing well, we're going to keep putting him in and keep getting the shot. And when the one went in, you could see a look in his eye. He had a different level of intensity and focus, and it looked like old Mike was back because he was just hooping instead of overthinking. Well, Coach Mays, let me ask you this. There were a lot of conversations about the physicality of Tennessee. We heard the polite back and forths about how physical this game would be and rugby-like, and Rick Barnes says he loves rugby, et cetera. Was the defense and what they threw at you what you expected?

How did you prepare? Yeah, I mean, that was a little bit overblown, and I made that comment in jest after I'd seen the comments on social media. I guess that's the danger of social media, where you just read something and then you just run with it, and we don't take ourselves super serious anyway. We try to have a sense of humor.

We try to have fun with this, and so I just made a comment. And to be honest, if you said our team was incredibly physical and tough and aggressive, I would take it as a compliment because that's the way we want to play on the defensive end. But our guys, we knew the size and the mass. To be the number one defensive efficiency team in the country, you have to be good in a lot of areas, and they are. But our guys, we do feel like for the bigger teams, we're a little bit of a tough matchup because we can spread you out, and we've got a lot of different weapons. Head Coach Dusty May here with us.

FAU, final question. You talked about the upcoming matchup with Kansas State. It feels like half the team, the star players, are from New York City. Talk to us about the energy that you felt in MSG tonight.

What are your plans for the next game? I mean, you guys were serenaded on the way out of the Garden. Talk to us about that. Well, we're working on that.

I know they've got some Brooklyn and some of the other boroughs represented on their roster. But we're going into it as the underdog now against the Big 12 program, and we welcome all bandwagon fans on board with us. And we're excited to play and continue competing at a high level, and we could have more respect for the program. Coach Tang, what a job. National Coach of the Year, most likely.

Their staff, a group of really good guys who happen to be great basketball coaches as well. So we're excited for the opportunity, and obviously MSG is icing on the cake. Hey, Coach May, congratulations going up against Kansas State. Keep the roll on going. Good luck to you. Thank you.

No doubt about it. It's the J.R. Sportbree show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. We just had a conversation with Dusty May, Conference USA Coach of the Year, as Florida Atlantic knocked off Tennessee 62 to 55. They knocked off Memphis. They knocked off Fairleigh Dickinson. They knocked off Tennessee tonight. They are looking to knock off Kansas State Saturday. They're trying to get to the final four.

F. A. U. Thank you so much to Coach Dusty May. It's the J.R. Sportbree show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the J.R. Sportbree on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the J.R. Sportbree on CBS Sports Radio.

Hey, brother. Really love your show. I really appreciate all your work through the years.

That makes it some really hard time. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Hey, thank you so much. Head coach Dusty May. He just joined us. He just had one of the biggest wins of his career. Florida Atlantic just beat Tennessee in Madison Square Garden 62 to 55.

And he just called us. Thank you so much, Coach May, for coming on the J.R. Sportbree show. Knocked off Penny Hardaway in Memphis. Knocked off Fairleigh Dickinson. Knocked off Tennessee. You could say arguably the toughest defensive team in Division one basketball. And now he's going to take on Kansas State in Madison Square Garden.

If you missed the interview, you can always hit rewind on the free Odyssey app. Thank you so much to head coach Dusty May showing and proving to everyone once again another victory. Why he was awarded Conference USA Coach of the Year.

It is the J.R. Sportbree show on CBS Sports Radio. We've had a crazy slate of games. Gonzaga beating UCLA 79 to 76. Or should I say holding on to beat UCLA? We had UConn smash Arkansas 88 to 65.

No, Eric Musselman did not rip his shirt off in defeat. We just talked about Florida Atlantic beating Tennessee. And then we had Kansas State beat Michigan State in overtime. What a great game that was.

98 to 93. We actually saw a record broken. An NCAA tournament record broken. Marquis Noel.

Not only did he hand out or excuse me, not only did he put up 20 points, he handed out 19 assists. That is an NCAA record for dimes. Congratulations to Marquis Noel and Florida Atlantic. They going to keep on rolling. Next is Kansas State.

That should be a whole lot of fun. 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. As we get ready for Friday's games. San Diego State will take on Alabama. Miami will take on Houston. Princeton will take on Creighton. And then we have Xavier.

They will take on Texas. And I know we had a caller. David called from Detroit.

He was disappointed in Michigan State's loss this evening. He said he's out here repossessing cars. Our favorite repo man. Yes. Shout outs.

And you got to make your money. I don't know if I don't want to say that. Shep, I was about to say shout outs to the repo man, but I don't know if I like that. Glad you pulled back there. Shout outs to the repo man.

Yeah, no, no, no, no, no. I don't. And so we had a conversation, Shep and I. And I said, it's more important to have a phone in 2023 than a car. And so if David is coming to get your vehicle, take solace in the fact that you probably still have a phone.

Because if if he came to repossess your phone, you be cooked. And we have some callers here with some opinions on that. Let's go ahead and get them on before we roll out. 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. We got George. He's here from Birmingham.

You're on the JR Sport Reef show. OK. Thanks for listening to me. But all of my life, I've needed a car to get to work. I've needed a car to get to the grocery store and I've never needed the Internet in my whole life. I've been a construction worker all of my life. I just retired last year.

Congratulations. Only a few months ago, you know, and today I went and picked up my cousin from a senior citizens home. It could take him to dinner because he was a nice, sunny day and he needed to get out of the place. Now, I couldn't do that with the Internet.

I had to go pick him up and take him. You know, you don't got to do nothing. You can have your food delivered with a phone.

You can have a no, no, no. I go to the grocery store and pick up the food that I like. I look at it.

I examine it. Well, I understand that. Yeah, I'm not saying that everything. But if you should choose, you can have your groceries delivered with a. And I wouldn't choose to let somebody else pick up my girl. Well, that's that's that's that's fine.

I'm just telling you what you can do. You can have your groceries delivered with a phone. You can have everything in your house delivered with a phone. You can have a car come pick you up with a phone. You can pay your bills for a taxi.

A what? Wait, two hours for a taxi. Two hours for a taxi. Hey, I'm sitting in the studio right now in the middle of Atlanta, Georgia. Michael, you would make it would take two hours here.

No, no, no, no, no, no. Listen, I'm in Atlanta. You and Birmingham right next door to me.

I have I have driven to Birmingham. I got it. You don't you know what Uber is? I don't have the Internet, so I don't. Oh, OK. Well, let me ask what I'm trying to tell you.

I'm trying to let you know, George. There's a thing called Uber. We got a lot of listeners right now who are listening to us all over America. They use Uber.

There's some people are driving cars and some people in the back of them. I can pick up my phone, George, and I can say I am here at X, Y, Z, and I can have a car come get me in two minutes without having to speak to anybody. Well, if you're working in Bridgeport, Alabama, you can't do that. Don't be so sure. Uber's everywhere.

OK. Don't worry about it. I'll travel the country now. Yeah, me too. And I know that you need a car in some places, especially when you're jumping from one state to another and you go into construction jobs. OK, I've been for because my car broke down and I couldn't get to work.

Well, I could take Uber from here to from Atlanta to Birmingham, but I got my own. Thank God. Hey, thank you, George. All right.

Appreciate you. I got the Internet. How are you going to talk about something you don't have? How are you going to talk? Look, man, I've been in the middle of nowhere.

And yeah, sure, it'll take you a whole lot longer to get Uber, but I don't think anybody in the middle of nowhere want Uber. Come on now. Jeremy's calling from Michigan.

You're CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Jeremy? Hey, how are you? I'm amazing. What's on your mind? Thanks for taking your call. I got a lot of thoughts.

One of them is we talk about the Lions. Can we do that? Or I would one I would just say car over the phone.

For sure. Car over the phone. Because in a car you can you can leave. You can just get out and just go if you need to.

A phone can't do that for you. OK. A car lets you go. You know what I'm saying? Like, you can go. Yeah, I know.

I know about you. Independence. Independence. I guess I can think about the independence. The car will just let you go.

I can't even put a numerical amount on the amount of things that a phone can and will allow me to do. But what do you have to say about your lines? Oh, all these rumors about the Lions signing Lamar Jackson or whoever. We like Jared Goff.

Like, we want him to stay here. So all these rumors about someone or we're going to sign Lamar Jackson. Oh, Jeremy. Jeremy. No, no, no.

I'm telling you. No, no, no, no. Hey, Jeremy, have you been drinking? No. OK, then stop.

Let's save time here. Listen to me. Are you you've been listening to local radio in Michigan? Is that what you've been doing?

No, but I do enjoy the local radio in Michigan. So whatever you've been listening to. No, slow down. Stop.

I'm trying to save America time here, Jeremy. Stop. Whatever the hell you've been listening to or reading, ignore it.

Ain't nobody but you and five people or a couple of hundred people in Michigan thinking about Lamar Jackson. It's a waste of time. Don't waste it for yourself, OK? No, that's what I'm saying. I'm saying we don't need him. Yeah, but I'm. Yeah, but then don't worry about it. Doesn't matter.

Thank you, Jeremy. Like, who cares? Nobody cares.

Nobody thinking about that. But you if you want to tell me, then we don't need him. You just said it then. Don't worry about it.

Why are you so bad? Who cares? People say dumbass things all the time. Not everything is worthy of a response.

Not everything. Man, it's been a fun basketball night. Hey, shut up. Do you think David from Detroit, you think he since he called us when? Like last hour?

You might have been an hour and a half ago. Yeah. Well, you think he picked up one or two more cars? One, maybe I'd say with his energy, probably picked up six. I know he said he had three on the agenda.

Probably doubled it up. I'll put it to you this way. I don't I feel uncomfortable saying shout outs to the repo men. That just makes me want to take a shower thinking about it. Well, you love it.

You love all people from it from all places. So that's shout outs to shout outs to everybody out there making ends meet. I'll put it to you that way. And if you got a car in Detroit, put it away.

Because David, the repo man is out there. Beware. I warned you. It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. We had an amazing, amazing half a slate of Sweet 16 games. We got another slate coming to your Friday and we got you all set up here as those games get underway. We're going to be back with you tomorrow.

10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. Thank you all so much. You just heard him. Super producer and host Dave Shepherd. We're done here.

We'll be back tomorrow. But don't move here on CBS Sports Radio. Amy Lawrence. She's coming up next. It's March Madness.

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