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JR Interview with Florida Atlantic Head Coach Dusty May

JR Sport Brief / JR
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March 24, 2023 2:01 am

JR Interview with Florida Atlantic Head Coach Dusty May

JR Sport Brief / JR

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March 24, 2023 2:01 am

Florida Atlantic was ranked 109th in the preseason. They are headed to the Elite 8 in one of the most unlikely runs in NCAA Tournament History!

Their Head Coach Dusty May joined JR to talk about their incredible win vs Tennessee and magical run to the Elite 8

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That's slash positive. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. It has been a day, it has been a night of absolute madness. The Sweet 16 is getting narrowed down to the Elite 8.

Half of that is in the books, especially here on Thursday. One of the big games. We've had a lot of exciting games tonight. This one went down in Madison Square Garden. Florida Atlantic FAU. They beat Tennessee.

They beat them up. Vols the final score 62 to 55. And joining us right now is the head coach of FAU. He's the Conference USA Coach of the Year. He just won another big game in Madison Square Garden. Joining us again, Head Coach Dusty May. Coach, how are you feeling, man, in Madison Square Garden?

That's a lot of energy. Yeah, feeling great, but a little bit of anxiety knowing we've got an incredibly difficult task on Saturday with Kansas State. We know Kansas State is coming up. They had an amazing watch as well in overtime. That was pretty awesome to see.

Talk to me about what just took place. We heard about the physicality and the rugby type defense of Tennessee. But your guys came out on the second half and the second half and went on the run. What changed?

What adjustment did you make to get some of those shots off? Well, our guys, after the first seven minutes, we kind of settled in to how we play. They were moving it, sharing it. We felt like we were getting good looks and it was almost as if we were surprised. We were open and we weren't making them. We weren't focused on just making the shot. So, I did give our guys some confidence. And John L. Davis, our leading scorer, had set out the last eight minutes of the first half in foul trouble.

So, a lot of things went into it. But most importantly, our guys were confident that they felt like we played poorly and were only down five. Head Coach Dusty Mays joining us here on CBS Sports Radio FAU just beat Tennessee 62 to 55. You talk about that second half. Michael Forrest, man, he went out on a run himself. Seemed like he dropped, what, like eight consecutive points there. What did you see in him that helped move the team forward?

That was pretty much the last stand, the final drum to win the game. Well, we've seen Mike do that for five years. He's a prolific scorer. He's a winner.

He won state championship in high school. And he's probably been the cornerstone of our program over five years. And he's in a little bit of a rough patch. And he's probably had been overthinking things and wanting it too bad because he's put so much into it.

And we've talked about it as a staff several times. We're going to ride with Mike and even when he's not playing well, we're going to keep putting him in and keep getting the shot. And when the one went in, you could see a look in his eye. He had a different level of intensity and focus.

And it looked like old Mike was back because he was just hooping instead of overthinking. Well, Coach May, let me ask you this. There were a lot of conversations about the physicality of Tennessee. We heard the polite back and forths about how physical this game would be and rugby-like. And Rick Barnes says he loves rugby, et cetera. Was the defense and what they threw at you what you expected?

How did you prepare? Yeah, I mean, that was a little bit overblown. And I made that comment in jest after after I'd seen the comments on social media.

And I guess that's the danger of social media where you just read something and then you just run with it. And we don't take ourselves super serious anyway. We try to have a sense of humor. We try to have fun with this.

And so I just made a comment. And to be honest, if you said our team was incredibly physical and tough and aggressive, I would take it as a compliment because that's the way we want to play on the defensive end. But, you know, our guys, we knew the size and the mass. To be number one defensive efficiency team in the country, you have to be good in a lot of areas.

And they are. But our guys, we do feel like for the bigger teams, we're a little bit of a tough matchup because we can spread you out and we've got a lot of different weapons. Head Coach Dusty May here with us.

FAU final question. You talked about the upcoming matchup with Kansas State. It feels like half the team, the star players, are from New York City. Talk to us about the energy that you felt in MSG tonight.

What do you plan for the next game? I mean, you guys were serenaded on the way out of the Garden. Talk to us about that. Well, we're working on that.

I know they've got some Brooklyn and some of the other boroughs represented on their roster. But as, you know, we're going into it as the underdog now against the Big 12 program. And we welcome all bandwagon fans on board with us. And we're excited to play and continue competing at a high level.

And we could have more respect for the program. Coach Tang, what a job. National Coach of the Year, most likely. Their staff, a group of really good guys who happen to be great basketball coaches as well. So we're excited for the opportunity.

And obviously the MSG is icy on the cake. Hey, Coach May, congratulations. Going up against Kansas State. Keep the roll on going. Good luck to you. Thank you.

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