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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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March 22, 2023 1:53 am

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sport Brief / JR

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March 22, 2023 1:53 am

JR can't believe some of the comments that come out of Rick Pitino's mouth


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That's slash positive. Hey guys, this is Kenan Thompson. I have a problem with you. Yes, you. None of y'all told me that Auto Trader has millions of new and used cars that I can shop from home. I thought we were friends.

I put smiles on your face, but I'm not smiling. No one told me that with Auto Trader a dealer can deliver cars to my home or that I could shop by price on Auto Trader. No one. Consider this friendship that you just learned we had officially over.

Finally, it's easy. Auto Trader. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. And I would happen to be JR. Thank you to everybody listening all over North America. I'm going to be hanging out here with you for the next two hours. I hope you're safe. I hope you're well. I hope you good. Hope you getting money. I hope you relaxing.

I hope you chilling. Coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. My main man, super producer and host Dave Shepherd. He's coming to you live from New York City. Let's get started.

I get started. I should say at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. Thank you to everybody all over North America tuning in.

If you missed the first two hours, you can always hit rewind on the free Odyssey app. We got hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of stations that are locked in on their local CBS Sports Radio affiliate. And so whether you're here in Georgia with me, shout outs to my folks, especially in Atlanta on ninety two nine the game. Or whether you're in Miami or Boston or Houston, Portland, San Diego, Vegas, Alaska, Seattle. I can go on and on and on. All my folks in Midwest, Milwaukee, etc. We can go everywhere.

Nebraska, Boise. I appreciate you. Thank you for hanging out here with me. You can also tune in on Sirius XM Channel 158.

So if you got that serious subscription or maybe if you you got one of them free trials, 158 is the move. And then you can also stay connected on a smart speaker. All you have to do is just say, hey. Play CBS Sports Radio. It's been a busy day. It really has been this evening. Japan beat the United States of America in the WBC final. The score. Three to two. The final match up.

Pretty amazing. Shohei Ohtani was reportedly not going to pitch today. And then late this afternoon, we found out that Shohei Ohtani, he would come out and he'd be available in relief.

And he did more than come out in relief. Shohei Ohtani closed the game. Shohei Ohtani hit today and then he closed the game with his own teammate at the damn plate. He struck out Mike Trout to win the WBC final.

Take a listen to this. Courtesy of Fox Sports. The Call by Joe Davis. Ohtani's ready. Trout's ready.

Three, two. He struck him out! Ohtani strikes out Trout and Japan's back on top of the baseball world. They've spent six years preparing for this. And this incredible moment to finish it off as Shohei Ohtani strikes out Mike Trout. And Japan beats the United States three to two in the championship game.

A classic in every sense. Hey, I was excited for the World Baseball Classic for half an inning. I saw Shohei Ohtani out there. I said, wow, he got Jeff McNeil in front of him. Mookie Betts and then Mike Trout. Jeff McNeil got on base. Mookie Betts grounded into a double play. You got one out. It's Mike Trout there.

He's your final hope. And then he gets struck out. So it's pretty cool. You don't see teammates striking each other out.

You don't. And who knows how long Shohei Ohtani is going to be teammates with Mike Trout. Because Shohei Ohtani is about to get paid. In the words of one of my favorite hip hop legends from the Boogie Down Bronx, New York. It's my main man, Fat Joe. Shohei Ohtani is probably going to be the first half a billion dollar athlete in North American sports. And he continues to just jack the price up.

Listen to Fat Joe. Yesterday's price is not today's price. Yesterday's price is not today's price. He's certified. He's certified. He's certifiably probably not going to be an angel because Artie Moreno is cheap and they don't win anything. Sorry.

Anyway, speaking of the price going up. Rick Pitino left Iona. He's now the head coach of St. John's in Queens, New York. And now Rick Pitino is looking to inch his way back up. On Friday, Rick Pitino was like, all I was doing is focusing on UConn.

I don't I don't know what my future is going to be. On Saturday, he's negotiating with St. John's. On Sunday night, we find out that he's basically taken a job.

On Monday, he tells everybody he's taken a job. And on Tuesday, Rick Pitino said, I am thrilled to be the head coach of St. John's basketball. This is one of the most special moments of my life. I've been to the garden as Nick coach. I've been to the garden as the Providence coach. And now I get to represent something really, really special. And it's not about when or if it's going to happen for St. John's. It's going to happen in a big way. I guess Rick Pitino, he knows where to find or his his assistants know where to find all of the the things that would attract a young man to St. John's University.

Hopefully this time he keeps it clean. And anyway, Rick Pitino said, them guys who played here last year, for the most part, I don't want them back. I'm a bring in my own people.

Listen to this. What is your message to these current St. John's players as you will bring in others to try to build this team that can contend? Well, the one thing I want to be honest with it, a lot of players probably won't be back on this team because they're probably not a good fit for me. With me, it's it's I mean, I think my players love playing for me, even from Mark Jackson and Patrick Ewing and Charles Oakley. I spoke with Oakley last night. They love playing for me with the Knicks, but it takes a certain type of basketball player to want to play for me. He's got to be a total over the top in love with the game of basketball. And if you're not, it's just a bad fit with me.

It doesn't work. So there'll be a lot of players that will move on to, I hope, greener pastures. Joel's the type of person that I want to build around. And that's why I asked him to come today. I have to meet so many other young men, but there'll be other guys that don't fit.

It'll be a round peg in a square hole and it won't work. Oh, well, damn. Shout out to Joel Soriano from Yonkers, New York.

OK. All right. Good luck to Rick Pitino. I hope he has all of the success in the world.

I hope he has it all. Rick Pitino from New York City. Rick Pitino back home. I own was close to home.

It is home. But now he's in St. John's. He's in New York City proper.

And then amongst all of the things that took place today. Speaking of New York City. Willis Reed. Legendary center for the New York Knicks. The closest thing that the New York Knicks have had for just a champion, a leader. Everybody knows about Walt Clyde Frazier and his suits. Everybody knows about his style and his outfits. And sometimes people get lost on how amazing of a player Walt Clyde Frazier is or was.

But the the bone, the backbone of that team, those teams, I should say like the leader, the boss, the enforcer, the big dude, the man in charge. Willis Reed. Legendary. Today, Willis Reed passed away at 80 years old. Growing up in New York City, I have heard about Willis Reed my entire life. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to meet Willis Reed. I have met various people that knew him, who have played with him. How about Walt Clyde Frazier? Have met Walt Clyde Frazier. I've spoken to him a million times. Earl the poor Monroe have spoken and met Earl.

I have that going over to the man's house in Harlem. Earl the pearl. I have not met and it's unfortunate I haven't met Willis Reed because he's he's revered and respected in a different way than Earl or Walt when it comes to basketball in New York City.

And a lot of people remember just the iconic moment. Going into the playoffs, going into the finals where Willis Reed basically had a toe up. Hip was pumped. Full of I don't even.

It's a numbing agent. 1970. Willis Reed tears his hip. Doesn't play in Game 6. Madison Square Garden.

New York City. Game 7. Willis Reed comes out and basically inspires the team.

Gets the crowd going. Only has four points and three rebounds. Walt Clyde Frazier goes out there and has 36 points and and shut was at 19 rebounds or assists. Had to have been assists.

But you know what? But then he had a million rebounds on top of that, right? But that Walt Clyde Frazier goes out there and wins the game. And this is iconic.

I've heard from my family and a million other people in the Garden in 1970. When Willis Reed stepped out and just. I don't want to say he shocked everybody. He inspired everyone. I want you to take a listen to this courtesy of NBA TV. And Jack, nineteen thousand five hundred fans here in New York City have yet to see Willis Reed at this hour of the evening.

That is very critical. We heard Red Holzman say he expected him to start. We just had an announcement from the press row that Willis has just received 200 CC of cortisone. Now, I've had cortisone myself and I think we see Willis coming out.

Here he comes right now. Six feet, 10 from Grambling, the captain of the next. It's a standing ovation at the new Madison Square Garden. This is a 38 sellout crowd and they have been reacting to their knickerbockers the same way all season long. And he has hit two in a row and they are beside themselves.

And to read on the forecourt right side from 20 jumps. He finished the game with four points and three rebounds and pushed everybody over the edge. I just talked to you about Walcott Frazier, 36 points, 19 assists, seven rebounds and the New York Knicks beat the Lakers in that game seven.

113 to 99. And this is what I've always appreciated. Just just hearing about Willis Reed, whether it's from friends and family or guys who played with him. And we actually spoke to his teammate on the second championship in 1973, Henry Bibby.

We'll share that with you momentarily. I never heard anybody say a bad word about Willis Reed. When it comes to Willis Reed, people always talk about how great of a teammate he was, how no nonsense he was, how respectful and polite he was, how professional he was, how good at his job he was.

How how cool he was. And I'm like, well, damn it. Can we get more Willis Reed's in the NBA now? And I don't even think it's a basketball thing. It's just a society thing. Everybody wants to complain about things of insignificance. People want to pass the buck in and pass the blame.

Nobody wants to work, but everybody wants to to reap the rewards. I appreciate Willis Reed. Unfortunately, I never seen him play.

But this man has been a legend since the day I was born. Growing up hearing about him and to have a chance earlier in the show, we spoke to Henry Bibby. Yes, the father of Mike Bibby, Henry Bibby won three straight championships at UCLA before getting drafted and selected by the New York Knicks. He was a head coach at USC. He actually roomed with Willis Reed when he was a rookie. And so we had the pleasure of having a conversation with Henry Bibby.

If you missed it, you can listen on the free Odyssey app. And I asked Coach Bibby. I said, hey, what made Willis Reed the standard in the NBA?

This is what Henry Bibby told me. People would know him as a a great basketball player. People doing that time.

I don't think a lot of people. We didn't have the social media as they have now. So a lot of people didn't know about it at the time how how great this guy was as a player, how legendary he was as a player. But more so than that, you know, he was a he's a great person, a great friend. I was his roommate. Willis was the godfather of my son. So Willis and I go back a lot of years of just being a great, great person, a great person to be around.

He would give anything to a person to help them. Everyone loved Willis Reed. You talk about the Knicks. And, you know, there are a lot of great players who played for the Knicks, who who are still playing for the Knicks.

But Willis Reed is the name that everyone cheers about. Just a great person to be around. A great demeanor. Just a gentle giant, so to speak, who really, really didn't get his due as a pro basketball player.

This man. He was the MVP. That season, the Knicks won their first championship in 1970. He was the MVP. Of that NBA finals where he ran around with that sore muscle in his hip when he got into the NBA. He was the rookie of the year in 1965. He was an All-Star seven times. His career was done by the time he was 31 years old. This dude at 6'9 and 6'10.

He was out there just just grabbing 20 and 13 and 14 and 15 like it was nothing. Willis Reed is one of the greatest NBA players that we've seen. He's on that top 75 list. Willis Reed is what a lot of NBA players should look at when it comes down to professionalism and being a teammate. The New York Knicks, they just celebrated 50 years. And yes, it's been a long, long time.

1973 to 2023. Unfortunately, Willis Reed could not be there. But Willis Reed had a message for that 1973 New York Knicks team. I want you to take a listen to this.

This workshop could be with you. I just want to say that I am so proud that I was a member of the championship team in the best city in the world with the best fans in the world. Enjoy the party without me and I hope to see you soon. Hey, he passed away today at the age of 80, was dealing with heart issues. And even outside or before Willis got to the NBA, he decided to attend Grambling, which is pretty damn awesome.

He's from Louisiana, built himself a home in Louisiana to relax. Wasn't up in New York a whole hell of a lot. Had a chance and shout outs to the Atlanta Hawks. Shout outs to all the teams in the NBA today.

Taking time, a moment of silence for Willis Reed. He was an assistant with the Hawks. He was part of management with the New Jersey Nets. He was a head coach at Creighton. He coached the Knicks.

Unfortunately, they didn't have success. The Knicks needed a whole lot of help. But Willis Reed, I wish we had more Willis Reeds in the NBA today. When we got guys complaining, they don't want to play. They don't know how to be a teammate. They know how to pass the buck.

They don't know how to show up for work. Willis Reed was the consummate professional. I would have loved to meet him, but it's pretty awesome that we can have conversations with people like Henry Bibby. That we still have the Earl, the Pearls here. That we still have the Walk, Clyde Frazier's to help share some of those stories. Much love to Willis Reed and his family. Willis Reed was the prime example of being not just a damn good basketball player. One of the best basketball players that we have seen. But actually understanding what it means to be a professional. A teammate. A decent person. And still not take no crap from nobody. Ask the Lakers. He broke a couple of noses.

But they pushed him to it. It's the J.R. Sportbree show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. The phone lines are open. That's 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. We're going to take a break and I'll get to your calls. And then I unfortunately have to tell you about a couple of guys who may be able to learn a thing or two. Or three or four or five from Willis Reed. It's Jon Morant who made his return publicly with the Grizzlies today. Spoke to the media on Tuesday. And Dylan Brooks who I guess has just completely lost his mind.

They can learn a whole lot from Willis Reed. It's the J.R. Sportbree show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the J.R. Sportbree on CBS Sports Radio. It's an honor to call you. I've been following you since 2015. I've always been a good group for your success. Keep up the good work, bro.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the J.R. Sportbree show on CBS Sports Radio. NBA lost a legend. The New York Knicks lost a champion. The man who helped lead the New York Knicks to their only two championships. Willis Reed passing away Tuesday at the age of 80. A consummate professional. A gentle giant. Still didn't take no nonsense. Man, it's just a lot of values that it'd be nice to see in the current NBA. Except for we have more divas and more whiners and complainers.

We have a lack of accountability. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. I'm going to get to some of your calls. And then I want to give you an update on Ja Morant and also Dylan Brooks.

Ja Morant spoke to the media for the first time since returning on Tuesday. And I want to share with you some of his comments. Let's go to Baltimore and let's talk to Scott. Scott, you're on CBS Sports Radio.

What's going on? Thank you for taking my call, J.R. And I also want to thank Henry Bibby for pointing out two things about Willis Reed that really hit home with me. First, his leadership skills. He was the unquestionable leader of that New York Knicks basketball team. And then secondly, that 18-footer that he could pretty much nail at will, especially in the fourth quarter.

When everybody was running out of gas to put a game away or to win a game. And he was truly amazing. But the thing I remember the most about Willis Reed, just being a small boy, was his heart. He had the heart of a champion. And when he came to Baltimore, you knew it was going to be a fight between him and Wes Unseld.

And those two would go at it mercilessly at one another. Unfortunately for us, the Knicks would usually come out on top. But that was just, I mean, you could say, you know, Reed Alcindor, Reed Chamberlain, Reed Russell. But also Reed Unseld, one of the great rivalries of the game back then in the 69-71. And the electricity that he would bring that was back then, it was called the Civic Center.

And I mean, in Baltimore they used to call it the largest indoor insane asylum. And when the Knicks came to town, I mean, the electricity level, I've been to a lot of sporting venues. And the excitement and the electricity that was generated by Willis Reed and the New York Knicks basketball team was unmatched at that time. It was truly something to be a part of. And I'm just, I'm thankful that my dad was able to let me be a part of that.

I hear that. And thank you so much, Scott, for calling from Baltimore and sharing that. I have known about Willis Reed my whole damn life. And it is, it's very interesting. You know, my mom, my mom was actually at the Garden that day in 1970.

And so you best believe I have had to hear about this for a long ass time. Also, Willis Reed, in a million different ways, reminded me of my grandfather, both in stature and size. My grandfather wasn't 610, but this man was built like a bull. And just in mannerism, just a gigantic human being who was quiet and relaxed. And so there wasn't a minute or a time where I looked at Willis Reed and it feel like I was looking at my grandfather. And he reminded me of him, too, from all the stories that I've heard about Willis Reed from being a kid and not knowing a damn thing about basketball, but then getting older and just even tonight talking to some of his teammates, there's a consistency there for as long as I've been alive about the qualities of Willis Reed.

It's a gentle giant, calm, relaxed, cool, real nice. You know, give you the shirt off his back. But would not hesitate to throw down if and when necessary.

You do not or did not want to cross this man, but he showed up and he was cool. And I think he's the type of dude that you want to look up to. And we can say that about it's not just athletes. There are a lot of people who every now and then you say, oh, man, I want to I want to be like that guy.

I mean, I look at what Willis Reed did and some of the qualities and I say to myself, well, damn, like, why wouldn't somebody want to be like him? And I think that's even harder to say. And in the world that we live in eight five five two one two four CBS. Let's go to Maryland and talk to Mike. You're on CBS Sports Radio.

What's up, Mike? Hey, J.R. Willis Reed and the nineteen seventy twelve man Nick team was a special team. And I know that whole 12 man squad on it, Frazier, Bradley, the Bush, a read that was the five Jackson wasn't on a team that year because he had spinal fusion surgery. And talking to that last gentleman when they did play the bullets, I think before they played the Lakers that year, I think the bullets took him seven and the bullets. Oh, man, what a team. They had Earl, they had Jack Marini at their little birth.

He was what a shooter. And they had Gus Johnson and a young on. So it was it was special. Even the garden back then. J.R., the garden was it was different.

And everybody could get a ticket. You didn't have these ridiculous ticket prices, right? You had a guy from the play for Franklin K Lane High School in Queens. Redholtz went coaching the team.

Danny Whelan, I think I think the ball boy was the most wanted PSAO coach in New York. Now that card does in a Clario or even later. But it was different back then. And getting to St. John's and Pitino, this is his last stop.

But you know what? He might bring them back. I mean, we'll kind of sec is 98 now. He had great teams. I don't think Lou ever won it. But Lou, you remember that team with Marlon Berry, Jackson, Glass and Weddington? I think, Lou, if you ask Luke on a second, if you had 25 seconds left, Lou, who would you want the ball to be in whose hands? And you know what he'd tell you? A guy that played for Jamaica High School called Alan Seiden. He wouldn't say Marlon, he'd say this guy, I guarantee you.

So if you ever interview Lou, he's 98 now. I don't know. I don't know the last time you heard Mr. Carnesuckers speak. It's been a very long time. I don't think there's going to be an interview there. Let me ask you this, Mike.

Yeah. Talk about Rick Pitino. Rick Pitino brings St. John's back to what exactly? Well, he ain't going to bring them back to the glory days of St. John's when Sonny Dove and Joe Dupree and guys like that.

But when Lou retired and all the teams they had after that, without Lou, I think... Well, I'm not asking you about then. I'm asking you about now. He'll get them in the tournament, I think. Maybe not the first. He'll get them in the tournament pretty quick.

Alright. You know what I mean? He's going to recruit. I don't know who he's bringing in now with this portal. He's got something up his sleeve. We'll see. I mean, he's doing a good job at Iona.

He'll be good enough to get them back in the tournament. But I mean, at the same time... Like, that's nice for money. That's nice for cash. Everybody wants to go on a run. But Rick Pitino, he's a basketball life. I don't think he's sticking around here trying to just go on a run. He's going to try to run them as far as he can take them. I mean, you never know.

You get into the tournament and you go from there. It's going to take a few years. He reportedly has a six-year deal. Who knows? Maybe St. John's becomes one of the top schools in the country. Who knows? Hopefully no scandals on the way there. That's how it goes. It's the JR Sport Reshow on CBS Sports Radio.

855-212-4CBS on the other side of the break. Hey, Shep, does John Moran count as a scandal? No, right?

Not scandalous. Just stupid. Yeah, moronic. Yes.

Yeah, moronic. We're going to hear from John Moran on the other side of the break. It's the JR Sport Reshow on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. I appreciate you. I'm grateful for your brand of sports talk. You are the best. And I appreciate you keeping us entertained, informed with your hard hitting and beautiful style of sports talk.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Oh, man. It's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio.

Oh, my goodness. Paul George had to be helped to the locker room. Right now in Los Angeles, the Oklahoma City Thunder. They're playing a close one against the Clippers.

As of right now, it's 97-95 with about two minutes left in the game. A few minutes ago, Paul George went up for a rebound and Paul George came down on his right leg. Looked like Lou Dort was right in between him. Paul George comes down straight on his right leg. His right leg, his knee bends backward.

He goes down to the ground. He has to be helped to the back, helped to the locker room. It's a clear hyperextension of his knee. His knee bent the wrong damn way by a ridiculous amount.

I'm actually sick of watching it now at this point. And we have no idea, none, what the status of Paul George is. The only guy I remember this happening to and him getting up and walking around and busting ass the next day was Giannis Atetokounmpo.

I don't know if that will be the case. It's highly unlikely that will be the case for Paul George here. And Paul George already having a history of injuries, period. None more so than when Paul George broke his leg on the stanchion in that Team USA kind of set things up game back in... Man, was that 2018? Not even, earlier than that.

Wow, 2014. Yeah, because he broke out. His breakout party was 2013 when they made the Easter conference finals for the first time when he was the best player.

Yep, that was 2014. He broke his leg. And it was his right leg. And it's the same leg that he came on down tonight. And outside of a hyperextension, I hope that there's nothing worse going on with Paul George and his leg.

What else can I say? You play basketball, these things are unfortunately going to happen. That and Kevin Ware are the two injuries that I think of were absolutely gruesome.

You don't wish that on your worst enemy. Obviously, Paul George more elite, clearly. Wasn't Kevin Ware, he jumped up on a closeout and came down on a leg and broke it? Yeah, that was hard to watch. Yeah, he came down on that leg and that leg just snapped. Paul George's leg snapped. Yeah, I ain't going to sit here and speculate. He hyperextended his knee and I hope that's the worst of what took place with Paul George.

Not as wild of a scene. When he needed to have his leg stabilized to save his leg, he was helped off of the floor. But not good for the Los Angeles Clippers, who as of right now, they're the fifth seed in the West. Everything in the Western Conference is so bunched up. We know Ja Morant, he did speak to the media today on Tuesday, the Grizzlies.

Despite him being gone, the Grizzlies have won three consecutive games. Ja Morant expected to make his home debut or home return on Wednesday against the Rockets and Ja Morant spoke to the media today. And his comments? I don't want to say head scratching. There's just always, there's a lot of fluff outside of just saying I did something stupid. Nobody wants to say that. Ja Morant spoke to the media. He shared with everyone why he just went to counseling. Listen.

I went there for counseling. To learn how to manage stress, cope with stress in a positive way. A set of ways I've tried to deal with it before that caused me to make mistakes. Stress. Stress. Stress. So Ja Morant was stressed with the parking lot incident. With the Indiana Pacers, you know, thought that there was a gun pointed at him. That was stress.

Okay. Ja Morant was dealing with stress when he put a gun on Instagram. That was stress. Was he dealing with stress at the moment?

I guess his mom called him and he goes to the mall. Was Ja Morant dealing with stress or was he just overall stressed when he was getting into a physical altercation with a 17-year-old? Do all of these incidents lead to stress? I don't know. Is he just stressed out?

If I was 23 years old and knew that I had, I don't know, $400 million coming my way before I even hit 30, I don't know how stressed I'd be. Ja Morant, I have a question for you. In all seriousness, have you ever met a person who dealt with stress by flexing at a nightclub with a gun when there was no threat of danger around them whatsoever? Well, I don't know that. I would assume he wasn't in danger. I'll say this.

This is the point. Nobody, we need to stop holding hands and spoon feeding and being, oh, he's stressed and this and look, there are a lot of people who deal with stress. There are people who are stressed right now and I'm not going to sit here and tell you that Ja Morant is not dealing with stress or was not dealing with stress, but I think that's a weak-ass excuse for what's taking place. Ja Morant has admitted fault. I need to be smarter.

I need to figure out better ways to deal with stress. Look, we don't need the fluff and he don't owe me anything. He doesn't owe you anything.

Ja Morant don't owe nobody a damn thing but to himself. But when you open up your mouth to the public and there's this fluff and there's excuses, it's like cut out the garbage. It'll get to the point. It shouldn't be that difficult or tough to say, you know what, I screwed up. I made dumb-ass decisions. I'm going to do better moving forward. I'm going to make better and more responsible choices. I'm going to put myself in better positions. I'm going to try to mature. I've been dealing with issues and I've been lashing out and I'm going to take care of them. Done.

Is everything now a stress or a mental health? Like, come on. Ja Morant. The thing that got him caught, the final straw, was Ja Morant putting himself on social media.

Utilizing or showing off that little small gun that he had. Ja Morant said, I ain't going to be using social media like that anymore. I won't be doing that at all. Me saying things, actions speak very louder than words. That's my main focus now. Oh, okay.

Alright. Well, now he knows, right? He found out the hard way that you put yourself out there, you get your ass whooped. And he said, he's going to be himself. Oh, by the way, Ja Morant said he does not have an issue with alcohol. He says, I don't have an issue with alcohol. He also admitted that it's going to be a little uncomfortable thinking about the receptions that he's going to have in front of a live crowd. But he said, I am still going to be myself.

I won't change for anybody. The only problem with me right now is just getting into a space mentally that I'm very comfortable in and I feel good. That's why I made the decision to take the time away and go to counseling.

That helped me learn a lot of things. People make mistakes. I guess it was his decision, huh? Yeah, he voluntarily went. Yeah, well, was Ja Morant going to go to counseling when he woke up on Saturday?

If the NBA didn't call, if the Grizzlies didn't call him, if his family probably didn't call him, if his agent didn't call, was he going to do that on his own? His agent put out a statement like the day before this man was flashing a gun on Instagram talking about how Ja has just been pretty much cleared in all of those incidents. And then the next day, like a couple hours later, Ja Morant is showing off that gun.

Like, stop it. It's the JR Sport Reshow here on CBS Sports Radio. Unfortunately, Ja Morant, he has a teammate named Dylan Brooks. He ain't flashed a gun, but on basketball court, on the court, he doesn't seem to be smarter than Ja. We're going to talk about him, Lamar Jackson, and more.

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