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JR SportBrief Hour 4

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March 21, 2023 2:02 am

JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR

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March 21, 2023 2:02 am

Does Cam Newton deserve ONE more shot in the NFL?


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That's slash positive. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You are locked in to CBS Sports Radio. My name is JR.

This is the JR Sport Brief. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. I'm here every single weeknight starting at 10 p.m. Eastern time, 7 p.m. Pacific. Joining me, super producer and host Dave Shepherd, and we're glad to be here with you.

I've been hanging out for a while. If you've missed a minute or a second of the show, you can always hit rewind on the free Audacy app, A-U-D-A-C-Y. Thank you to everybody listening live on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate. All my folks who got that Sirius XM. Yeah, Sirius XM channel 158. It's real simple.

Thank you. And then if you got a smart speaker, all you got to do, just ask the speaker to play CBS Sports Radio. Hey Shep, I tell you, man, the computers and the devices are always listening.

Always. I'm sitting here in the studio and I don't know what I said. I think I just said Sirius XM and my iPhone just starts looking at me like I'm talking to it. Like, you know how it lights up on the screen and it's asking for you to say something to it? Yeah.

It's like, give me a break. Yeah. Technology is a very, very fundamentally sound thing.

It's something that we have become a little too reliant on, but when it comes to your show, there are so many options for people to access it and that's what it's all about. Yeah, it is. That's a good thing, right? It's a great thing. People listen in Europe.

I'm like, okay, that's cool. We've had some Australia calls. We've had some calls from Jamaica.

Yeah, people call from everywhere. I mean, whatever. As long as they listen, that's all that matters to me. I don't care. I'm pretty sure there's a, you think there's some space aliens somewhere listening? Maybe? There's some AI. That I know.

Artificial intelligence. I don't mean number three from Philly. Yeah. Who?

Number three from what? What's that? What's that about?

I don't get it. You know, the guy that changed the many people's perception of the NBA that took a, you know- Allen Iverson? Oh, okay. Not a little bullet, but took a proverbial bullet, a metaphoric bullet so other people could be themselves later on in the NBA. Allen Iverson sacrificed a lot.

Yeah, we were talking about artificial intelligence. I didn't think about number three in Philadelphia, Allen Iverson. May have another MVP soon, by the way. Oh, Joel Embiid? Yeah, he right now, JR, he's the favorite.

There was that whole narrative of Nikolai Jokic winning three straight, but yeah, man. Yeah. Well, I know Joel Embiid.

What do you have? I think he had 38 points today. Filed out, yep. He fouled out. Did the Sixers hold on to win or the Bulls won?

You know what? You got DeMar DeRozan playing the way he's been playing. You got Zach LaVine playing like he was from a couple of years ago in all-star form. The Bulls are going to be a dangerous out when they make that playing game. To answer your question, the Bulls won the game. They pulled it out. Yeah, but ain't nobody think about no Chicago Bulls, man.

Well... It took them two overtimes for that game, by the way, to end. But they beat them in Philly. Philly had Maxie, Harden, and Joel Embiid. The Chicago Bulls are a waste of basketball time. Oh, geez.

They are a waste of time. You know they have one of the most underrated players maybe in the history of the NBA. I don't care. I ain't talking about none of their players.

Okay, but you know who I'm talking about, right? He never, ever gets any love. He's probably going to end up with more than 30,000 career points. He's going to be one of the top 10 scorers in the history of the game and nobody ever talks about him. Sir, he doesn't talk.

DeMar DeRozan doesn't speak. He's such a good dude. Yes, people in Toronto love him. People in Chicago will appreciate him. And maybe at the end of his career, he'll win a championship elsewhere.

But for right now with the Chicago Bulls, waste of time. I feel bad for Lonzo. How about him? The man going to miss another year. He's going to have a third surgery. I think he's having cartilage put in his knee.

Cartilage replacement surgery, I think I saw. I'm not thinking about the Bulls. I'm sorry. That's fair. We can look at a bunch of teams in the East and go, oh, they're doing good.

Oh, so what? The Bulls are in basketball purgatory. The Chicago Bulls got a record of 34 and 37. Yeah, well, the Bears are doing so much better these past few years. I mean, well, between both, yeah, they got no hope.

At least the Bears, you can hope and cross your fingers and go, well, maybe we got our guy in fields. But ain't nobody thinking about no Bulls. Fair enough. Huh? Say again, Sean?

No, I was just saying fair enough. And I remember there was a time, speaking of baseball, we thought that 2016 squad was going to be a dynasty in the making and they have fallen flat. So it is not a good time to be a Chicago sports fan, last few years. It's been abysmal. Yeah, beautiful, beautiful city.

Beautiful city. Hey, listen, every place has to go through its ups and downs. Everybody gets his time. 855-2124 CBS. Let's get to some of your calls. And then I want to tell you about someone who certainly had his own personal share of ups and downs. And that happens to be Cam Newton. Cam Newton trying to make it back into the NFL. Joe is here from DC. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up, Joe? What's going on, JR?

What's on your mind, please? Man, when you was talking about Dan Snyder getting the hell out of DC, if the other owners don't kick him out, I don't know what's left. And honestly, I was really getting excited when, you know, Bezos and Jay-Z was, you know, talking about, you know, putting their bid in.

But, you know, because if Jay-Z would have put his bid in, he got Roc Nation Sports. And I know a lot of players are going to want to come play under Roc Nation Sports and for the commanders. And it's going to be a brand new franchise when Snyder's gone. You know, we got the new name, new coach, new coordinator. And we need to just grab us a good quarterback and a solid owner.

And the future is ours for real. Well, I think, I don't think you got to wait too much longer. I'd be shocked. I'd be surprised, I'll put it to you this way, if Daniel Snyder was around for, I don't know, maybe a month longer. So I think if you cross your fingers and hold on for a little bit longer, he will be gone.

Definitely, definitely. Because Dan Snyder actually made my father give up the season tickets he had for 27 years. What do you mean he made him give them up?

The prices were too high or was there another reason? The way he was managing the team and how he was trying to raise the prices of season ticket owners. And then when he was telling people that they couldn't wear Redskins memorabilia in the stadium anymore, I'm talking about memorabilia that we had bought last season, and now we can't even wear it to our stadium anymore. Seriously, it has the Redskins logo.

They tried to tell us to take it off or turn it inside out, which is ridiculous. Well, I've also heard of, well, I want to say, I don't want to kind of put stories on different levels, but there are instances where fans who haven't been able to purchase or pay in full for their season tickets, where they've been sued. I mean, he's a disaster. And so I expect for him to be gone sooner than later. And we've heard a lot of the instances about not wanting to sell the team to Jeff Bezos, because Jeff Bezos who owns and runs Amazon and Whole Foods is also the same Jeff Bezos who owns the Washington Post, which hasn't necessarily put out the most glowing of articles as it relates to Dan Snyder.

And so there's a grudge to be held there. It appears that Joshua Harris and then potentially Magic Johnson will be a part of that ownership group. Let's see if that goes through. 855-212-4CBS. Adam is calling from Providence. I guess he feels sad about Mr. Cooley. Adam, you're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up? What's going on, Jay? How are you doing? Feature fan of the show.

Thank you. What's up? I just want to follow up on Cooley. I mean, I've followed Providence since I was 17. I'm 29 now, so I've been there through his tenure. I mean, he took them to the first Big East, their first Big East title last year. I mean, he's done nothing but a good job.

He won 61% of his games. I just think that these Providence students, you know, they're in college. They're younger. They're just hating on him. I mean, the way he left, I can see why they're a little mad, but you know what? He did nothing but good for Providence.

Put them on the map a little bit. Yeah, when he comes back, he's getting nothing but love. Like, ain't nobody bothering him when he comes back, right? No, no, definitely not.

Like, I think nothing but love, you know, for the majority of people, I should say. Yeah, I can't see. You can't be mad at somebody who wants to move on with their life and, you know, go to greener pastures and not what everybody wants to do. Like, you have an opportunity. Sometimes you can't pass it up. You can't be mad at the guy.

Thank you, Adam. If anyone isn't, you know, maybe keen, if you didn't hear us last break, we talked about Ed Cooley moving from Providence. He's taken a job at Georgetown, 12 years at Providence, and there were some local students from Providence that were interviewed by ABC 6, and they were talking about Ed Cooley leaving like he just decided to, you know, leave his kids outside on the curb.

Take a listen to this. All I can remember is Coach Cooley. Like, Coach Cooley is the face of Providence College, the face of Providence Friars, even beyond basketball. Like, he's in all our ads, all our commercials. I'm a Cooley guy through and through, but if he leaves here, that's, it's a wound that's tough to heal.

What happened to us? We together, family Friars. Benedict Arnold. Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

Whatever. A wound. It's a wound that's tough to heal.

Man, wait until your ass graduates college and then you step into the real world. Come on. Then you can start talking about some wounds that are tough to heal, not the college coach leaving. Come on. Vlad is calling from Illinois. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Vlad? Dr. Sportsbrief.

How you doing today, my man? Oh, I'm a doctor now, huh? Okay. Dr. Sportsradio, my brother. That's right. Well, thank you.

What's on your mind? Hey man, I want to give a shout out to Shep, man. He's the best producer on the planet, man. You got to make his merch too, man. All right. I got to, you, you putting me to work?

Hey Shep, you hear that? Thank you, Vlad. No problem. I'm barely doing it myself, and you telling me I got to do for him too? He's the nicest human being on the planet, man. Give him a break. Give him a break. Oh, well, thank you, Vlad. He is.

Go ahead. Yeah, man. I want to talk about Superman himself, Cameron Jarell Newton. So, J.R., I've been a fan of Cam Newton my whole life since I found him out. He won a national championship. This man is an all-time leader in rushing touchdowns and he's the second Cuban in history and have rushing yards, man, behind Michael Vick. I think he can bounce back, man. He got a lot of hate after that Super Bowl loss, but I really think he can be a starter again, or at least a backup. I think he's better than Baker Mayfield even though, but I'm giving him a chance, J.R. I really am. Well, A, and thank you, Vlad, for calling from Illinois.

Appreciate you. Cam Newton is about to be 34 years old. Let me say that he's about to be 34 years old. Cam Newton did not play a down or a snap in the NFL this past season. When he did play in 2021, he basically, you know, picked up a little bit of slack. I think it was, what, Sam Darnold went down that year, Sam's first year. What was he playing for? And then the year before that, you got to give him credit. He played for Bill Bill Belichick.

They kept him in the most organized of ways. The offense was ugly to watch. He was just a battering ram.

And after almost two years, I feel like, out of the game, I'm not going to even count 2021. He came in, played for the Panthers. It was nice. Showed up, had a good game, and then everything went to crap after that. Cam Newton screaming, I'm back, I'm back. And I'd love to see him back.

I'd love if he never left, but I don't think people give him crap because of a loss in the Super Bowl. I think people mostly look at Cam Newton and say, man, you got busted up. You got hurt. You got injured. I've seen more Cam Newton workout footage over the past several years than anything else. We know about the shoulder and in the foot, the Panthers released him.

He got picked up by the Patriots and played in a COVID year, and then had a tough time getting picked up after that from the Patriots when they wanted to go with Mac Jones. And then he has to fill in for Carolina. And then we haven't seen him.

You could take one or two approaches. Well, now Cam Newton is ridiculously fresh. Or you could take the approach of he ain't been around long enough. He's going to get hit one time for a guy who was already injury prone. He's not hardened enough for the game. And I'm not sure that a team would want to bring in a Cam Newton.

Why? Do I think he could still play and contribute? I'm not so sure.

As a backup, yeah, you maybe put him at the goal line, but is he going to hold up? And Cam Newton said it himself. He said it when, when Cam, when, excuse me, when Mac Jones was given a job, Cam Newton came out and said, he talked about his aura. He said, there's no way I understand the Patriots letting me go.

Mac Jones is not going to grow with my presence here. Cam Newton is a big personality. Do teams want to deal with that?

It's it. A matter of fact, Cam on Tuesday, Cam Newton is going to be throwing the ball around at Auburn's pro day. So by the time we get to tomorrow evening, we'll probably have stories and reports about how good he looks and that he's ready to go, ready to play. Listen to this. He said that there are not 32 quarterbacks in the NFL who are better than him today. This is what Cam Newton posted on his own social media this evening. Listen.

Tell me how these randoms keep getting times. Don't worry about it. I'm going to say it. I can't wait to say it. Oh, I love it.

I love it. Ain't 32 better than me? You did. And not 32 people. You fill in the blank. There's not 32 quarterbacks better than me.

All right. That might be true, but we can ask Jimmy Garoppolo, who is now Mr. Raider. No, he's not. My apologies, Tim Brown.

That's the real Mr. Raider. We can ask Jimmy Garoppolo, what good are you if you can't stay healthy? And that Cam Newton is even more removed. He's going to be 34 years old.

We know he comes with a big personality. I would be surprised if he got a job in training camp. I think the only way Cam Newton will get a gig or a job or an opportunity to play in the NFL again is if the 49ers lose like four and five quarterbacks in a game.

That's it. It would have to be that playoff scenario for us to see Cam Newton get a job. Somebody would have to go down. You can't bring in Cam Newton and go through training Cam. Training camp. And then start the regular season. It's just, it's too much. There's going to be too much attention on him. It's going to be too much of a distraction for a team.

And that's just, that's just the reality of it. You know, ain't nobody running around screaming and yelling to sign Odell Beckham Jr. How long has he been eligible to be signed by now? Months. He even held his own workout and, and maybe the New York Jets go ahead and give him a flyer. I mean, you're trying for Aaron Rodgers, you might as well, right? Who cares at this point?

The Jets would sell their whole soul if it meant winning a championship. Cam Newton is going to throw. Cam Newton will look fine, but I don't see Cam Newton on anybody's roster in the summertime. I'd be surprised if he was. 855-212 for CBS.

That's 855-212 for CBS. Simple question. Cam Newton wants back in the NFL. He says there are not 32 quarterbacks better than him. Do you think Cam will get another shot? Do you think Cam Newton has any gas left in the tank? I think on spot duty, yeah.

But it's real simple. Is the juice worth the squeeze? I don't think any team would necessarily want the attention that Cam would bring unless they are absolutely desperate. Give me your thoughts on Cam Newton.

You got anything left? I'm going to get some more of your calls on the other side. It's the JR Sportbrief show CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. How you doing JR? Let me give you your flowers right now. I appreciate what you do and I know there are young people who hear you and they want to model themselves behind what you're doing and you're doing it so well. I know we'll end up with some really good people out there on the air in the near future. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS.

The phone lines are open right now. Cam Newton shares on social media on Tuesday. He's going to be participating in throwing at Auburn's Pro Day. Cam Newton says that there are not 32 quarterbacks in the NFL who are better than him. Cam Newton wants back in except for when we've seen him last. He wasn't all that good with Carolina. We know that last season he did not play at all. He's 34 years old. He was injury riddled the last we saw him before that was that pandemic year with the Patriots where all things considered their offense was anemic.

It was a shock and a surprise that they even went seven and nine and Bill Belichick seemingly held that entire team together with tape. But Cam Newton wants back and I'm not sure that he'll get that opportunity given his personality. His big personality. There's nothing wrong with that but it can be a distraction. I think his health and I think the distraction is the biggest part. Like I could think of a million teams that would want him as a potential goal line back if he could stay healthy but then he's like the sun. Everything surrounds him. It's attracted to him. The cameras, the attention it takes away from the team ain't ain't nobody trying to do that.

People want to show up to work, get the job done, get some victories, make money and leave. They don't want to have to answer questions about somebody who who would barely play and so I don't think we'll see Cam Newton this season. I'd be surprised. I really would and speaking of a surprise everybody's still waiting on this quarterback. He's a technically a free agent or has been tagged by the Ravens and that's Lamar Jackson. We've heard some interesting stories about Lamar. Scott Fitterer of the the Panthers basically said that Lamar Jackson is great but he's expensive so we ain't touching him. Jeremy Fowler of ESPN. He said that the New England Patriots they might be a team that will try to bring in Lamar probably. He said that the Colts if they can't get their hands on a quarterback in the draft that they may get Lamar.

That the Jets if Aaron Rodgers if that situation doesn't work then maybe they'll try to swing for Lamar so it's a tough world for both of these dudes. 855-212-4CBS. Barry is calling from Boston. You're on the JR Sportbreeze show.

What's up Barry? Hey JR. I love the comparison of Cam Newton to Michael Vick because Michael Vick is one of my favorite players ever of all time. I mean when I when he played for Virginia Tech I was he's in ticket holder at Boston College and I saw this guy play and I was like oh my god.

He was a man playing with little boys. He was unbelievable but obviously he went through some hiccups and in his life but as far as Cam Newton goes I live in New England. He played for the Patriots. I saw him play and he is done like kind of like Muhammad Ali. Later on in life sometimes you need to know when to hang it up like Cam Newton is done done and done and I just think that he should never ever come back.

Okay thank you Barry for calling from Boston. He wants to. No harm like what's the worst that could happen from him trying? He gets told no I mean he wants to.

What's the worst that could happen? 855-212-4CBS. Brad is here from Knoxville. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up Brad? What's up JR? How's it going brother? It's going very well.

What's on your mind? Well I was speaking on your point real quick. You know I mean I'm a Jets fan and I would not take Cam Newton. I would take Wilson over Cam Newton first off but secondly I wanted to talk about Tennessee. Did you get a chance to watch that Tennessee Duke game?

I saw bits and pieces of it off and on. Okay so we got Jay Billis over here. I guess he's just a Duke homer saying that it was officiated like a hockey game. I mean he's calling us dirty.

I mean we just wanted that game more. Yeah I guess you really had to watch it but saying that we should have had multiple flagrant fouls. That we were that we played dirty and saying that he's talked to other officials saying that we should have had multiple flagrant fouls. I don't see where the flagrant foul was but when dude got his eye cut they were both going for the basketball just the basketball play. Dude swipes the basketball.

Oh you're talking about Filipowski? Yeah no I definitely saw that early on the elbow. I saw that yeah I said I tweeted I said he needed a cut man. Yeah exactly yeah that was a bad cut but I mean you can't can we agree that that was just a basketball play? Nothing flagrant about it? Yeah I don't I don't believe that that was that elbow was dirty at that point in time. They think they happened guys get their teeth knocked out people get cut it happens.

I don't it's it's it's hard I don't think that was intentional no. Correct and I mean and then we got the FAU coach saying I'm gonna go study uh Australian rugby. Well I mean we can actually we we talked about that earlier on in the show Dustin May referenced that early on. Hold on a second uh Brad let's actually hear from from Dustin May. Yeah FAU they beat Fairleigh Dickinson so you had two cinderellas playing uh they beat them 78 to 70. They're gonna take on Tennessee next in Madison Square Garden and Dustin May had a point to make about yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna study rugby.

Take a listen to this. We're gonna study Australian rugby rules and and get ready for the Vols. I guess they're violent. I guess that's the case and Tennessee's head coach Rick Barnes he pretty much his joke was kind of lame in response. He says ah I used to used to check out rugby. It's like okay fine Rick Barnes and let's be real Tennessee is probably gonna wipe the floor uh with with FAU. Hey Brad you ready for that ass whooping? Why you worried about Jay Billis? I mean just because he's nationally known he went to he went to Duke and he's I mean and he's just slamming us for no reason. Yeah so who cares your team.

But on another note when you have. No no not on another note hold on Brad I got a simple question I gotta let you go. Do you really care what he says? You're gonna take on the team. Are you worried about FAU?

No I mean I'm glad he said it. Put the fuel to the fire baby. Let's go. Good luck.

Good luck. I don't know why people get so upset about something else somebody says. Like who cares? Like he gets paid to say things. Like just who cares?

People get mad at me I go okay who cares right? 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. Ahmed calling from Houston. What's up Ahmed? What's up?

Alright greetings greetings. Well my personal opinion. Cam Newton it's like a little story behind him you know that you can't he kind of broke the protocol you know after that Super Bowl and right now it's somebody who has. Yeah he as in he whined after his his loss.

Yes continue. Well yeah and when he walked out on the yes sure the thing what he did but you know he it's something that he experienced that uh he didn't helmet correctly or didn't helmet like he should have but he did real you know his eyes would open up. What do you think about now? He probably could play but I can say it's it's a spot on him behind that you know you know what I'm saying they kind of like weeded him out you know it took took a little while to uh. They weeded him out? I think his body weeded him out. Yeah well all right if you recall right after that Super Bowl season the start of that following season it is like they let him get beat up you know. They let him get beat up? Ahmed I mean watching him all the way from college all the way through now he has pretty much been the same player and yeah you can you can improve he has been a physical player who will knock the living hell out of you and so to think that they they let him get beat up before he was even in the NFL he was getting his ass whooped man he dropping shoulders into defensive backs and linebackers he was challenging everybody ain't nobody want to see that man six foot five quarterback big as or bigger than some of these DEs and and he running them over definitely the defensive backs definitely the DBs they let him get beat up. Cam Newton was out there to deliver pain that's it I'm not gonna say they let they let him get beat up he's playing in the NFL he's a man and I one of our callers mentioned I didn't say it him and Vic here's the difference Vic and Lamar Jackson try to to be elusive they try to be elusive they ain't trying to run you over they're trying to run past and around you. Cam Newton was dropping that shoulder and he was running you over and you can ask his shoulder how it paid for it or you can ask his feet how he paid for it and now he's going to be 34 we think he's going to come back and and be better it'd be a nice story but I don't think so it's the JR sport re-show on CBS Sports Radio 855-212 for CBS going to take more of your calls before we roll out you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio what is happening JR I've been listening to you for a good little while now I've called it a couple times man the most sensational voice on the radio is you JR Sport Brief no doubt about it man call in now at 855-212 for CBS it is the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio we've had a busy night taking a look at the games over the weekend thinking about some of the miserable coaches John Calipari was miserable think about a happy coach Tom Izzo he's happy to be continuing on to another sweet 16. We talked about Cam Newton releasing a video on social media this evening he loves to show himself working out he's trying to get back into the NFL Cam Newton says there are not 32 quarterbacks who are better than him we saw WBC finals or I guess we we know who's set for the final tonight this evening we had Japan a come from behind victory over Mexico six to five Japan is going to take on the United States of America in the WBC final that will take place on Tuesday night and so that should be a fun discussion tomorrow I'm gonna I'm gonna check out that final game I'm gonna really look into that one John Moran is back his suspension is over he sat on the bench today or this evening for the Memphis Grizzlies the Grizzlies ended up beating the Dallas Mavericks at home and John Moran it appears that he's gonna play as soon as as Wednesday it's not sure nobody knows exactly when he's gonna play but he might play on Wednesday at home against the Rockets so a busy day a busy night a lot to get into I'm waiting on the sweet 16 to get started on Thursday and Friday let's hit the phone lines and then I want to tell you about mr. Roger Goodell someone that you will see likely for a very well but just not a very long time you're gonna see him a few more years eight five five two one two four CBS Warren is here from Ontario up in Canada you're on CBS Sports Radio what's up Warren yeah Jr not gonna lie sorry if I'm yelling I am in the car I just wanted to say love your take on tomorrow earlier being a Toronto Raptor gosh darn I wish I saw him win a championship those are some nice teams back in the day just like I said work and shift work so I don't always hear the full show but just want to get some Canadian love up here and get your take on some Canadian teams I can talk a bit of Raptors not my biggest forte and basketball can talk about them but what about the Jays what about the Jays upcoming season some of the Canadian playoff teams pushing for a NHL playoff berth just wanted to hear some Canadian love you want to hear Canadian love well if you want to think about Canadian love I feel of most of the teams are just it's kind of flat mediocre here let me let me run you through them you ready yep are you confident in the Blue Jays and their starting rotation I I like their starting rotation last year I'm not gonna lie I'm sad they couldn't find chicken strips raw stripling I mean losing Robbie Ray last year I didn't think he was going to sign but I I am confident in the team I know losing to Oscar and you're a they're you know but some of the like the odds that they picked up I'm I'm confident and I mean the AL East is the beast of all beasts I know some other conference the Orioles the Orioles should improve the Yankees are going to be the Yankees the Red Sox all as bad as they were and the Blue Jays I have concerns about first of all injuries and then depth in the rotation I mean outside of Alec Manoa and and knowing that Chris Bassett is going to show up ain't nothing necessarily dominating there and so that's that's on the Blue Jays so I'm just trying to go through your teams quickly here since you want a Toronto yeah no no no no worries yeah I baseball my biggest four-body so okay I love talking those boys okay well good luck to them in the future I don't I don't know what what do you think about Gossman and that new the new pitch clock and that little swagger he has do you think he's gonna get many ball calls or do you think he'll settle down I don't know man how would I know that I remember Kevin Gossman when he came up because he used to pitch against the Yankees all the time I don't I can't I can't predict what anybody's gonna do with the pitch clock I could tell you this yeah I don't see I look at teams and I put them in simple categories are you a championship contender are you rebuilding are you in kind of the middle the Blue Jays are kind of in the middle and so I I'm not I'm not checking for the Blue Jays I'm sure I'll see a whole lot of them as they take on the New York Yankees but I'm not I'm not I'm yeah I I'm scared that the Yankees signed judge but I'm also I know the Yankees are the Yankees in Boston or Boston and let me tell you I am scared of war they are young dumb and they're gonna be good but I don't know I think we'll give them to be honest give them time I'm with you I I don't know if the Jays would pull off the AL East title but if it's last year they've got some experience now under Schneider I think I don't know I think they could give you a good champion Warren I don't care Warren I'm not interested in who wins the AL East okay let me know when the Blue Jays are actually World Series contenders okay and I know it takes time the only it takes time well hold on I don't I don't want to spend hey Shep how much time am I talking about the Blue Jays how much more time must I do it it's been about four minutes now oh my god and listen to me yeah John Oliver was not walking through the door right hey Warren listen listen carefully Warren anybody can go into the playoffs and we know anything can happen sure fine I'm not all that confident in the Jays and so let's make a deal hey Warren you back you here you here okay yeah I'm here okay good come back in like five months and then ask me about the Jays okay I will because like I said I know I'm no no no no no no no no call me back then and let's discuss okay I will I will like it okay thank you thank you Warren appreciate you for calling from Ontario man I what do you want me to say about the Jays everybody's hurt is George Springer gonna be around even play I was just Vladimir Guerrero is he eating good or did he stop eating food like I mean what do look can we see him play to me Toronto is not a Toronto love Toronto love sir to me Toronto is it's another city I don't care that it's in Canada I'm not someone oh I gotta ignore that I don't talk about the Toronto teams any more or less look if the Toronto Raptors were worth a damn I'd be talking about them all the time but they're not they're not the Celtics or the Lakers or the Bucks and somebody will call me and tell me oh we need the Bucks need more love and they're in America everybody needs more love right everybody speaking of more love I don't know anybody who loves this man and it appears that he's going to be around for at least three more seasons his name is Roger Goodell Roger Goodell who well just maybe five six years ago with his last contract in 2017 it was supposed to be his last deal Roger Goodell was supposed to be out of here in 2024 that's next year but he's been working on a contract extension reportedly for an additional three years and Roger Goodell ain't going anywhere and by the way must I share with you Roger Goodell the New York Times reported in 2021 that he's making about 60 million dollars per year that in 2021 Roger Goodell made 60 you know how much money he's making in every NFL player all of them in one single season he made more money than any player that's about two million dollars from every single franchise I guess that's decent rationale when you think about the NFL and all the money that they're starting to generate 20 billion dollars per year paying Roger Goodell the steward of all all the owners I guess it's not too bad get used to Roger Goodell he ain't going anywhere it's the JR sport re-show here on CBS Sports Radio I'm not going anywhere just just for now I'm gonna be back with you tomorrow 10 p.m eastern time 7 p.m pacific if you missed a minute or second of the show you can always hit rewind on the free odyssey app a-u-d-a-c-y we're gearing up towards the sweet 16 the world baseball classic will have its final between Japan and the United States of America tomorrow night I'm sure we'll have word on Cam Newton and his workout maybe Aaron Rodgers will end up on a team maybe Rick Pitino he has his press conference Tuesday at Madison Square Garden we got a lot to do tomorrow the JR sport re-show here on CBS Sports Radio it's a wrap but don't move Amy Lawrence is coming up next thank you Shaq you Shaq honestly the economy got a little scary in 2022 and that could continue in 2023 it's okay to admit when money gets stressful but what if you had an objective relatable expert to help navigate the financial world that's where nerd wallets smart money podcast comes in smart money hosts Sean Piles and Sarah Rathner talk with experts from nerd wallets team of 100 money nerds to help you make smart financial decisions without the stress subscribe to nerd wallets smart money podcast today goalie gummies get you so close to your goals you can actually taste them the trick simply start with bite-sized steps like goalies apple cider vinegar gummies with added b vitamins for daily health or goalie ashwagandha gummies to help you relax restore and unwind tastes like wellness just got a whole lot better and when goals taste this good it's easy to achieve them goalie taste your goals learn more at today it's march that can mean only one thing the madness is here not in front of a tv on game day listen to every round of ncaa march madness live from westwood one free in the odyssey app catch all the biggest moments of the tournament no matter where you are from cinderella's to buzzer beaters to champions for the fourth time search for ncaa march madness right here in the odyssey app to get started
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