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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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February 24, 2023 2:00 am

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sport Brief / JR

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February 24, 2023 2:00 am

JR looks explains why there is TOO much drinking in professional sports these days


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It's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. Congratulations to you. I'm going to be here with you for the next two hours. Consider yourselves lucky.

I've been here for the past two hours because I get started every single weeknight at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. Much love to all my folks holding it down on the West Coast. Everybody from San Diego to Portland to Seattle to Vancouver. Everybody out in Idaho. Yeah, Idaho. You the ho.

I don't know who the ho. Idaho is. Utah, Denver, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Everybody in the Dakotas. I appreciate you.

I'm going to stop there. I don't need to go all over the United States of America, but you can listen everywhere in America. On the free Odyssey app, on your local affiliate, on Sirius XM Channel 158. And if you want to talk to me, it's very simple. You can identify and find me at JR Sport Brief on social media. You can also call me up 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Right before we went to break, we talked about Eric Bienemy. The NBA is back. After giving us that crap All-Star game, that crap All-Star weekend, we got legitimate basketball games back in action tonight. And then as we continue on and I pick up the phone lines, I do want to talk to you about some of the commentary and some of the messages that have been sent unfortunately surrounding an Alabama basketball player who is a witness. Yes, a witness and a murder of a young lady.

This man's name is Brandon Miller. There's a lot to do. Also, I need to touch on this as well. There are quite a few people who aren't happy with the Kansas City Chiefs and their drinking habits last week. There are some fans who find them to be embarrassing.

There are some fans who have found the Kansas City Chiefs to be a little too drunk or intoxicated in public. We'll talk about it. We got a lot to do. We got a lot of phone callers on the line right now. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS.

Let's not waste any time. Sandra or Sondra? She's calling up from Tennessee. You're on the JR Sport. Show us up, Sandra. Well, not much just at work and it is Sandra, but thank you. Thanks for taking my call.

I wanted to touch on the Brandon Miller thing and I'm going to take a different approach and a different opinion on it. And I've read a lot of the stories that had the text messages and whatnot. And I'm not going to use the slang, but if you and I are good buddies, best friends or whatever, and you message me, hey, bring my gun, crap just got real. I know that gun's in the car and there's a good chance you're probably going to use it when I get there.

And him to say he didn't see it, you may not have opened it, but everybody looks at those notifications when they pop up on the phone. I'm just not buying this whole story that he didn't know. Okay. Well, time will certainly tell. We don't know for sure that's valid. What you say is no hardcore reason to speculate.

We'll find out soon enough. Let's keep it moving. Marcus is calling from Columbia. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show.

Hey, thanks for taking my call. I'm going to take a different perspective. I think the kids should be playing.

You can't control what somebody else is going to do. And another thing I said, the kids should be playing because the kids are just a freshman. Basketball may be a form of therapy.

This is a tragic event. You're talking about sitting kids because of a dumb, stupid, hideous mistake that his teammate did. From a psychological standpoint, that could be very detrimental to him.

And basketball is a therapeutic to some people. So you can't just sit the kid because of some crazy mistake that somebody else did. I mean, he gave all the facts.

He cooperated with the law enforcement. You can't punish the kid for that. Okay. You can't just say, hey, no, you got to look at it from a different standpoint. Okay. This can be so damaging to him psychologically.

You know, he could possibly check out. Oh, thank you Marcus. You can't just do that. Okay. Thank you, Marcus. I appreciate you.

Yeah, you can. It's basketball. Yeah, it can be therapeutic. You know what can be therapeutic? Sitting down and filling out a coloring book. It's basketball.

There are certain things that are bigger than basketball. It's not so much a punishment, but it's an acknowledgement of that there's a very serious situation going on where someone lost their life. And whether or not he did this or did that, he was involved to a certain degree. Ain't that wrong with sitting him out? If that's going to damage his damn life, then man, then find something else to do.

Maybe fill out a coloring book. Axel is calling from Michigan. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Mr. JR, how are you, sir? I'm okay.

Go ahead. Hey, man, I was trying to write down some bullet points here because I just, I'm getting incensed. It's bothering me, this whole thing, but I'm going to try to keep it cool, man.

Please. Because there ain't, the dude with now with the therapy, this is three people in a row that have lit a fuse with me. The lady that called earlier, okay, this is not about me against your other callers. So I'll just cool it there. But come on, man, that you guys led up into the prior opening, the prior segment with a song from like the 70s or 80s is called Cold As Ice.

How appropriate, man. That's what I think about those people that have that view. Now, a witness, he's being called a witness. He, from what I understand, Mr. JR, he's not a witness like, whoa, I just saw that accident happen. No, he was a participating witness. He's still culpable. I have a handgun, I give it to a buddy of mine, and a buddy of mine gives it to somebody else that uses it in a not, you know, takes somebody's life.

Now, who does that and then gets public support? Only people that are calling into your show saying that, because that is just, it's sick. I mean, it's absolutely sick. Now, you got, if I could, sir, if I ain't taking too much of your time, man. Well, I mean, if you got to think that hard about what you're going to say, maybe you shouldn't say it.

No, no, no, I have so much stuff, I want to narrow it down. Would you be able to tell that child, hey, little fella? Yeah, you know, it'll be okay. We really needed that win, though. You know what I'm saying?

How cold, how cold can you be? Well, thank you. Excellent. Yeah, I think I think we got it.

Thank you for calling from Michigan. Hey, look, it doesn't matter to me what level of witness he is or is not. I just don't think it's that big of a deal to say, hey, man, sit this one out. That's it. That's not that tough. What is he losing? Nobody's saying, man, you did this, you did this, you did this, sit your ass down.

No, this is a very serious matter. And to limit distractions and to have respect for the family that lost their folks, just let's just chill. Let's just chill.

That ain't too much to ask. It's not. Greg is calling from South Carolina, you're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, I got a question for you. They knew the day after that this guy was involved. Who is the name? Who is they?

The police or the law enforcement? Okay, I'm not sure why continue. Well, it's been three or four weeks since this incident happened. Am I correct? Yeah, this took place.

Yes, in January. Yes. Okay. Well, his teammate was charged on the spot.

Okay. Why have they sent him out before? Everybody wants to send him out last night.

Why would they not send him out before last night? Well, as far as that last night against South Carolina, and I'm a Gamecock, we're the worst team in the SEC. I'm sure we'll say, I'm trying to answer you. Okay. Yes.

As far as I know, the testimony from the detective as it relates to Brandon Miller was just released. And that's why I think the timeline aligns. Am I for sure one million percent certain on that?

No, but that is my understanding. Okay. I don't know one thing about this kit. Not one thing. All right. Well, I think, go ahead.

Has anybody checked his background? Well, hold on. Well, Greg, hold on a second. Greg, if I may ask the hell you've been doing tonight, what you're doing right now? I'm sitting in my driveway. What were you doing before you were sitting in your driveway? I was in a baseball game. What were you doing at the baseball game?

Watching my nephew pitch. Okay. And that's it? Yeah. Okay. Okay. Continue on. Go ahead, Greg. Yeah. My question to you is, all right, what, when, if he set out last night, I will, did not go to the game last night.

Okay. But if he set out last night, yeah. You know, when will, when will it, well, Greg, well, let me get to the point. Greg, did you have something to drink tonight?

That's what he's really asking. You did? Yes, sir. I did. It sounds like it.

Thank you, Greg, for calling from South Carolina. Come on, damn it. I went to a baseball game. That's all you did?

Yeah, that's all I did. What'd you do? I watched my nephew. Shep, was it his nephew or his cousin nephew, right?

It was his nephew, but to you, but I know this is very good for you, JR, and warms your heart. He was not drinking and driving. He was drinking and sitting. He was in his driveway.

He was drinking and sitting in his car and not driving. Well, damn it. It took him a while to get there, didn't it?

Yeah, it did. Come on, man. Let's, let's even it out, brother.

Come on. You drove from the baseball game. It didn't sound like he had one beer.

It sounded like he had maybe two beers or maybe three, maybe four. I don't know. Maybe he was on that Patrick Mahomes. I don't know watching. I want to know how his nephew pitched tonight. Was his nephew good? Was his nephew bad? I, I don't know. He probably doesn't know. Hey, please keep, keep folks safe on the road. Okay.

Keep them safe on the road. Just a little bit, please, please. There were actually fans in Kansas city last week that sent notes to the Kansas city star saying it is an embarrassment that our Kansas city chiefs, the, the super bowl champions, they just won the super bowl that they were getting drunk at the parade, that we had Kansas city chiefs, that you had Patrick Mahomes pouring beer off the top of the double decker bus off the side of it, into the mouth of, uh, you know, Travis Kelsey, I believe it was Jalen Watson. There's a whole video of him drinking a bottle of Hennessy, a whole bottle of Hennessy. I'm sure somebody helped him out because if he drank that whole bottle, man, he'd be an ICU. He was drinking a bottle of Hennessy and even in the video, he drank a whole lot. He posted it himself on social media and then also posted himself being wheeled out of God knows where in a wheelchair because he had too much Hennessy. Be careful with what you drink and look, look folks, I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I'm an angel that I'm a Saint that I like most people have never had too much to drink.

I'm not going to say that, but when does this become a problem? I feel like over the past few celebrations and every sport, regardless of what it is, we had Tom Brady. Oh, it's Tom Brady.

It ain't no big deal. It's just Tom Brady. Tom Brady almost threw the Vince Lombardi trophy into the literal Bay of Tampa. Like damn, could you imagine if Cameron Brait threw the damn Vince Lombardi trophy into the bottom of the Bay? We would never hear the end of it.

Cameron Brait would have no job. But it's Tom Brady and it was caught. So it's okay. Tom Brady was drunk off his ass when the Bucks won the championship and good for him, he should celebrate. Patrick Mahomes last week, Patrick Mahomes was having a good old time at the parade for the Kansas City Chiefs. He's pouring beers for Kelsey.

He's pouring beers for teammates. This man, Patrick Mahomes, came out the restroom. He got a standing ovation. Well, everybody was standing, but he got a round of applause just for walking out of a porta potty. Yeah, that's our quarterback. He takes a pee just like us.

Clap, clap, clap. Thank God he went inside the porta potty and not on the side of it. Clay Thompson ran clear the hell over a spectator. Clay Thompson is six foot seven. Yeah, you might look at that as a basketball player.

He playing basketball. Yeah, when you see Clay Thompson on the street, the first thing that comes to your mind is, oh my God, that's a big mother. You know what? He ran over a small woman, small as in five foot seven. Small as in five foot nothing. Six foot seven over five foot nothing. That's a lot. He cleared her out.

What if this lady hit her damn head on the curb? My God, I remember years ago, J. R. Smith, the Cleveland Cavaliers finally won a championship. Thank you, LeBron.

Thank you, Kyrie. There's still jokes all these years later about J. R. Smith. Man, put a shirt on.

Barack Obama saw J. R. Smith at the White House and marveled at the fact that damn, this guy finally put a shirt on. He walk around with a bottle of Hennessy. And look, folks, I got no problem with nobody drinking. I like to have a drink from time to time.

Maybe a couple of them, more than a couple of them. But the fact is, it's getting kind of funky with these celebrations. And I'm sure Patrick Mahomes is not leaving the championship parade and getting in his vehicle. He's not driving home or to the club. I'm sure J. R. Smith is not taking his bottle of Hennessy, which he doesn't like. He doesn't like Hennessy.

I know he doesn't. He's not taking his drinks and driving home after the parade. But there has to come a point in time when Tom Brady is getting ready to throw the trophy, the Vince Lombardi trophy, into the bottom of the bay. When Klay Thompson is running over fans. When Jalen Watson is being wheeled, wheelchaired out of the parade. That we got to relax on the booze.

This is not a good look for anybody. Are you going to tell me that every member of the roster, every teammate, is getting a ride home? Every teammate is getting a ride home? Are you going to tell me that every single player participating in these parades, these celebrations for championships, you're going to tell me that every single one of them is just getting in a Uber? What are we waiting for? The disaster story where XYZ had too much to drink at the parade and now he did XYZ and it's a disaster? Let's let's pump the brakes.

I'm not trying to be the bad guy here. Like I said, I like to sit down and have a drink. But damn, when Patrick Mahomes is pouring a drink over the side of a bus. When Klay Thompson is running somebody clear the hell over. When Jalen Watson is on camera celebrating himself drinking a bottle of Hennessy and finding honor and being wheeled out of a situation. Man that ain't cool.

Save that for your friends bro. We don't need to see that on social media. I should be the last person to be the moral police.

I'm kind of out there. But I mean but I mean damn. Certain things should not be celebrated. Being drunk in public potentially putting other people at harm especially if you get behind the wheel of a vehicle is not something to be celebrated.

And I'm not drawing it too far. What are we waiting on? One person? One teammate out of 53 to get behind the wheel? Are we waiting on one out of 12 or 15 from an NBA team to get behind a wheel? What are we doing? Let's chill out.

I would not be surprised if over the next few years and celebrations if they start to restrict the amount of alcohol or the ability to consume alcohol on a parade route. You should celebrate. You won a championship. You've been busting your ass for eight months, nine months, 10 months, 12 months, your whole life to win a championship and have a parade.

Couldn't imagine a feeling. Do you gotta be a whole drunk about it? Let's chill. There are plenty of people listening to me right now who have dealt with these issues, who have dealt with alcoholism, who who knows what it feels like, who are overcoming, who know the dangers, who understand the risks. Hey it's funny on social media but you know what I don't want to see drunk Patrick Mahomes. I don't want to see drunk J.R. Smith. I don't want to see drunk Travis Kelce, Jalen Watson. I don't want to see drunk Clay Thompson running over anybody. I don't want to see tequila Tom Brady because some people don't know better. Some people think well if Tom Brady does it I could do it too and I'll be okay and that's not how it works. Drinking, driving, alcoholism is dangerous.

I hate to sound like a stupid PSA but be careful what you drink, be careful when you drive and please don't do it. It's the J.R. Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio.

You're listening to the J.R. Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. I want to thank you for the sports entertainment that you provide for all of us who call your show and listen to your radio show. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Yeah it's the J.R. Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio.

855-212-4CBS that's 855-212-4CBS. You know before we went to break we were talking about unfortunately a situation going on with Brandon Miller of Alabama and I had a caller hit me up I don't remember where he's from maybe Alabama maybe not and he was he had a little too much to drink I'm like man what the hell you been doing he's like how's that my nephew's baseball game were you drinking yeah yeah yeah okay sure you sound like you had too much to drink and thank god he was sitting in his driveway and it reminded me of last week with the Kansas City Chiefs they were drinking as I mean congratulations they won a championship and they want to celebrate knock yourself out go have a drink go have a two drink go have three go have four do it responsibly have a drink and go to bed don't get behind the wheel man and they were actually fans in Kansas City there were individuals who wrote letters to the Kansas City Star the local newspaper yeah the newspaper still exists and they basically said it was an embarrassment how much some of our our players were drinking it was an embarrassment how much some of them glorified drinking Jalen Watson cornerback this man had a whole video on social media drinking just straight out the bottle of Hennessy and then he also posted a photo of him being wheelchaired out of I don't know what I'm sure they had to pump him full of a Gatorade and whatever the hell you need to give somebody who's drunk and put him on his way and everybody's joking about it on social media we saw drunk Tom Brady almost lose the Vince Lombardi trophy we saw shirtless JR Smith walking down just I don't know what with no clothes on we saw Clay Thompson truck a woman it's a little too far for all the championship parades that I can ever remember in life I don't remember these dudes being wasted I don't remember these dudes just standing up at the dais on the stage just talking all willy-nilly and dropping profanities and look I'm not a prude I'm a jerk myself a nice one but it is going a little too far with the drinking at these parades it's like the NFL the MLB Major League Baseball NFL somebody is waiting for an accident to happen before they go hey guys we almost lost the trophy maybe we should tell the teams to relax on the booze hey guys one of our NFL players had to be kind of wheelchaired out of a hospital maybe we should relax hey guys a six foot seven guy just ran over a five foot tall woman she almost hit her head on the curb maybe we should relax they had nothing wrong with drinking nothing do it responsibly it drove me nuts as well I can't I could not believe it Marshawn Lynch who does a lot of amazing things and in Oakland where he's from in the Bay Area it's I admire it it's admirable what he does he was on the I Am Athlete podcast and a few months ago last year I'm sure you saw the video Marshawn Lynch was approached by the police he was arrested it was early in the morning out in Vegas he had had a lot of fun he was under the influence of something the night before this man wore the tires he wore the tires off of his rims his rims he was driving on his rims he had to pull over it's amazing that he was able to drive the car they pulled over he was basically incapacitated Marshawn Lynch might as well have been asleep he was basically asleep when they approached him but then on an episode in a clip that I saw yesterday with Brandon Marshall Marshawn Lynch had the gall to sit around and talk about how he just mixes Patron and Hennessy this is the same guy who could have killed somebody in his vehicle listen to this nonsense all of us right now we all got our you feel me though you like you don't blow you rather took the cbd type but I want some dope or me you feel me I want some dope I feel what I'm saying I want some dope and then I won't you feel me though my patrenacy or something though but at the end of the day yeah but at the end of the day we all don't do that though what is it mixing all kind of liquor that's not like just the patron Hennessy that's right it don't but it's a tequila it ain't a white it's a tequila man if you want to have patrenacy do it at home if you want to have patrenacy you don't do it when my son or my daughter or my cousin or brother isn't on the road if you want to have patrenacy then do it and get an uber don't talk about no stupid patrenacy when there's a video of you being arrested for being under the influence that ain't no joke that ain't no game that's disgusting to me it's the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs do me a favor don't have either not while driving you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio so you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio hey what's up jr i agree with you i like your show because i tend to disagree but tonight i agree call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs that's a pretty amazing uh juxtaposition feel free you know what's terrible if people agreed with people all the damn time unfortunately we have too many folks who just agree and agree and agree and agree i think it's cool that people disagree anyway we got a lot of callers who have been patiently waiting on the phone lines i want to go ahead and bring them in and then oh my god well wow how about this chef have we finished with every basketball game all the nba games are done they're finished right no you would be correct i mean the lakers were up almost 30 on the warriors but every game is is complete yeah steph curry i saw him on the bench he's just like rolling his eyes yeah he's like what am i doing here i gotta be back in a week yeah the lakers beat the warriors 124 to 111 and that's why i said at the beginning of the show i'm just like yeah let me know when we get to the playoffs this is kind of boring but we'll get there eight five five two one two four cbs robert he is calling from san diego you're on the jr sport brief show what's up robert hello jr hello can you hear me i can certainly go ahead you're live okay hey man um i got into your show three years ago now i want to say i love your show doing great and to go in on that from driving when or the crazy drinking is going to go away it will go away when you get a phone call one morning and they tell you that your dad was killed in a accident okay why because he was drunk oh damn and then you you realize that damn the last thing i ever told my dad was a lie because i knew he was going to drink if he went out so i lied to him i said i had something else to do i thought it was smart he didn't come home but he didn't come home because you know he killed himself he rolled his car was going down the hill coming home yeah so you know that that's sad that that's what might take somebody to stop drinking you know okay all right well thank you robert i appreciate you thank you for sharing that from san diego yeah it's dangerous i i never get it people are going 70 80 90 sometimes 100 miles per hour on the road somebody listen to me right now going down the hill 90 sometimes 100 miles per hour on the road somebody listen to me right now going fast man you surrounded by metal man that's it get tricky out there gets real tricky kareem is calling from here in atlanta you're on cbs sports radio go ahead kareem jr what's going on my brother how are you hey i'm will hey jr so just want to touch about the brandon miller situation with you man uh i've uh been listening to y'all listen to you every night but you know you're you're you're lamenting that you know you feel like the university should uh sit him out right but my question to you jr is right what is this indefinite do you think the guy should not get to play for the remainder of the year is it okay if he comes back at the sec championship if they make it uh to uh march madness elite eight around no i'm not trying to sound sarcastic i think i think i think i think at minimum to look at at last night's game would have been a minimum i i you know i never insinuated that they should go ahead and suspend him for the entire season that they should just knock him out for the entire year it's it's a simple thing it's like hey man this just happened have a seat that's it because it becomes a distraction it moves into the space of of where we're at right now where he's at the free throw line and people are chanting to him lock him up where we have the discourse now that is is being shared here uh on the radio where people are obviously passionate about this uh he has shown that that he's tough i don't believe that he was uh you know out there to just supply a gun to have someone murdered i don't i would give most human beings the benefit of the doubt in that scenario and situation i just think at minimum regardless he was involved that's it he was involved whether he knew or what he did not know that's a lot to stomach that's a lot to take in and so i'm not saying hey man go ahead and bench the dude indefinitely but i think at minimum last night it wasn't necessary that he go out there and play daniel is calling from chicago you're on cbs sports radio go ahead hey how are you i'm excellent go ahead quickly please oh my no respect guess what i agree with you but what you did for me yesterday i'm a little bit upset man you you you messed up you mess up chicago bs that chicago bs is they can never get so super bowl for the next 10 years or 20 years man i don't know you don't like chicago bs like that wow what what did i say about the biz why he says yesterday the best the worst thing that they're supposed to make it number four chicago bs what the chicago bs i i don't i don't know if i uh i think i'm almost sure i ain't saying what you just said but the chicago bears are going to be selected number one in the draft and if if they don't figure things out with this young man justin fields that they may have to suck for the next few years that's i think that's very clear i ain't saying nothing extra i think everybody knows that no but you said you said chicago bears not going to make it for the next time to 20 years uh i don't know i know for sure i ain't say that man i don't know what you heard i ain't say that i know what i know they've been looking for a quarterback for the past 30 years that much i know okay sorry okay okay yeah you thought whoa whoa can you throw a football oh yes how far can you throw a football how far uh from uh from the 20-yard line to to the other side of 10-yard line okay okay so so why are you not playing for the chicago biz then well because i'm i i'm too old for that how old are you oh you don't want shit okay it's okay when i come to the west loop uh when it gets what's the temperature today 30 oh yes all right i'll be out there in a couple of months okay daniel i don't know when you come so i can come and pick you up well i well listen it ain't gonna be no time soon because i ain't going to chicago while it's 30 degrees it was 80 degrees here in atlanta daniel i'll see you soon okay okay okay okay thank you for calling from chicago hey shop what the hell i'm going out there for it's freezing what am i going out there for you get an argument for me it's 80 degrees today the hell i'm going right let me know when you come to chicago no time soon bruh yeah i'll let you know it'll be summertime i love chicago in the summer i almost said a place that i like to go to but i don't want to see nobody there not at all 855-212-4 cbs who the hell is this rich is calling from chicago what's up rich you're on cbs sports radio hey good evening uh the answer to that question that you just raised is uh since i'm from florida i've been here 23 years the 4th of july don't come before that uh and i i've been i've been there year round so i i ain't too picky but i ain't gonna go when it's 30 degrees anywhere really but go ahead oh that's what i was talking about it doesn't get warm till about the end of the day it does it does a little wind never hurt nobody go ahead all right hey look um i was going to talk about brendan miller a little bit and it reminded me uh i think ken playing at home is not a problem i guess from the sense of the crowd but you point you pointed out he goes on the road if you remember back in the day valvano had a guy at nc state they got in trouble with a pizza delivery guy and when they went on the road they're throwing pizza boxes at him in the pre-game warm-up so he's going to get that kind of treatment and the point i was going to raise is that he's going to get that kind of treatment and the point i was going to raise and here in chicago you would be charged as an accessory as enabling the person who was the shooter yeah yeah but we're we ain't in chicago what a what a could have should have no i understand but i understand that the point is it's going to be handled obviously geographically tied to the local laws sure and i'm sure i don't know the law in alabama but i mean they treat it just like the marijuana possession well let's slow down this is what we do know and this is why i don't want to speculate about what takes place in chicago versus what takes place in alabama as of right now he has been called to be literally just a witness and we can go ahead and leave it there so whether it took place in chicago alabama indiana idaho over the sea under the sea little bit of a sea little mermaid it don't matter what took place is what took place and to be honest i don't think it even matters whether or not this was uh at a home situation where he was yelled at to just get locked up it don't matter sometimes you just gotta have ethics don't matter where it is or or the scenario or the locale you just gotta be a human being that's not too much to ask for i guess it is because we got a lot of human beings who treat other humans like complete trash it's a terrible situation really is hey shub what do you think about it it don't matter where it is home game away game it don't matter i would i would agree with that um i mean i think i mean i think in any sport home field or home court advantage plays a significant role but at the end of the day you got to play the game and uh you know let the rest take care of itself yeah that's it that's it there you go it's the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio this oh are we in the dog days of sports chef or is it just me can you ask that question the beginning of the show and i just think that yeah i think that i think it i think it's fair because right now there's not a whole lot going on in college basketball the only dominating headline is something involving alabama i just can't quite put my uh my finger on that headline right now what is that this is this is the this is the dog days of sports yes when we have the xfl like come on that's pretty obvious it is i answered my own question it's the jr sport brief show on cbs sports radio we're going to talk about a team where they just finished playing yeah we're going to talk about the los angeles lakers we're going to talk about the nba i'm going to get some more of your calls i'm gonna have a good time it's the jr sport brief show cbs sports radio no betting 101 increasing one's bankroll take 200 deposited at that us watch it grow to 450 now that is science sign up today at or call 1-800-79-betus be like me bet for free
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