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JR SportBrief Hour 1

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February 23, 2023 1:40 am

JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sport Brief / JR

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February 23, 2023 1:40 am

JR looks at the mess that the Atlanta Hawks find themselves in right now on the court


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Additional terms apply. Here's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio. Today is Wednesday. That means it's hump day. I'm here to get you over the hump.

I'm going to pull you over the midway point of the week, and I'm going to do it for the next four hours. So thank you to everybody listening all over North America on the free Odyssey app. People tuned in, locked in on your local radio station, your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate, people everywhere on Sirius XM Channel 158, and everybody locked in on a smart speaker. I'm being joined by super producer and host Dave Shepherd and everybody listening all over North America. I don't care where you at. I'm just glad that you're here. Coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Shep is coming to you live from New York. And because it is a hump day, if you listen to the show on a consistent basis, you already know what we're going to talk about.

Two hours from now. It's a new top six list. So much going on in the NFL. So many, so many thoughts about the franchise tag. Quarterbacks. Free agency. Tennessee Titans let a few guys go today.

We'll get into that. But tonight's top six list, we're going to look at teams, the top six teams in the NFL that need to hit it big, hit big, just hit the jackpot. This offseason. There are some teams that are pretty desperate that they're at a crossroads.

And we'll talk about that two hours from now. Top six list of NFL teams that need to hit it big this offseason. NFL in the news for a variety of other reasons. Russell Wilson can't catch a break.

Sounds normal. I told you about the Tennessee Titans. They they've already started to release quite a few players. How about this? Robert Woods is no longer a member of the Tennessee Titans.

And this is what we do here in twenty twenty three. Robert Woods was like, thank God I'm free. He let everybody know that he's no longer a member of the Titans and he's he's very happy about it. There are conflicting reports about Aaron Rodgers and whether or not the Green Bay Packers still want him. Brock Purdy might be returning later than anyone would have expected.

Has a little bit of a delay to his his surgery. Pretty wild. Man, oh, man. NBA All-Star game. The game was trash. And the ratings indicate as much. Terrible.

We'll get there. And in the news that has just especially here where I live in Georgia. People, people ain't getting over this because it's such a massive disappointment. The Atlanta Hawks are a disaster right now as well. This finger pointing all over the place from the actual organization.

And people are even looking at Trey Young going, brah. The hell are you doing? What is the team doing? What is the owner doing? What is the family doing? The family that owns the team? There's a lot of people. A lot of unhappy people here in Atlanta, Georgia.

And so I want to I want to put a bow on that. We mentioned it last night, the firing of Nate McMillan. And I want to expand upon what this means for the Atlanta Hawks, specifically their star player. His name is Trey Young. If you want to talk to us, it's simple. The phone number here is eight five five two one two four CBS.

That's eight five five two one two four CBS. If you utilize the Internet, if you are on Twitter, if you are someone who likes to consume content or maybe even argue. I'm on Twitter at J.R. Sport Brief. We just tweeted out an entire rundown of the show.

And what you what you're going to hear about. So on Facebook as well. Shout out to everybody who follows me on Instagram. We every Wednesday we post a new episode of the Agents of Inclusion podcast with Special Olympics.

So make sure you go ahead and search that. And that's good stuff. That's nice.

Let's get into Trey Young momentarily. Shep, how are you this Wednesday evening? I'm doing great, Sheriff. Thank you for asking, man.

How are you, sir? And it is wonderful to always be with you, particularly on Wednesday, where you do your very famous, very interactive top six list. Yeah, I can't wait to hear what nonsense people call me about. And speaking of the crazy people on Twitter. Wait, no one on Monday and Tuesday called about Terry Bradshaw?

Let me think about it. Yeah. Somebody called on Friday out of the blue.

A couple of people did. Yeah, just out of the blue. It's like this is what we're talking about. I don't know. The all star game for celebrities. And you're just randomly thinking about Terry Bradshaw. It might be a problem.

Anyway. Hey, a big shout out to John Anderson. He just messaged me on Twitter at J.R. Sport Brief and he says, hey, guys, I am I'm listening now. So thank you to John Anderson and thank you to Jamison the barber. Hopefully he's a good barber and not a crap boy. But before I move on, Chef, did you hear about Jalen Rose?

That the comment he made last week about how if you're going to have a barber, you need to have a barber that you pay one hundred dollars a cup. Did you hear that crap? So the only reason I'm aware of it is because I know you tweeted that last week. And when I not me, I could have sworn you brought attention to it.

No, no, not me. Jalen Rose has me blocked. Oh, why did Jalen Rose blocked you? He blocks everybody.

Yeah. But you don't do anything that's ever malicious, though. So I'm surprised someone would block you. Well, that's that has more to do with him than me. I've seen Jalen Rose.

I've spoken to Jalen Rose. So the fact that he has me blocked is this man just sits around. I guess he has nothing better to do, except for go for marriage.

Number three. Oh, my God. Well, he was married before. This is none of my business. He was married besides Molly. I'm pretty sure I could be off on that.

None of my business, none of my business. But but at the same time, like, you know, when you put out that you can't get a haircut for under one hundred dollars, especially with the economy that we're in right now and inflation being so high, it's a little bit insensitive, if you ask me. Yeah, he was trying to be a funny guy. He was trying to be a cool guy.

Yeah. If you want a good barber, you're going to have to pay that barber one hundred dollars. I have an absolutely amazing barber.

It's a she. She is absolutely amazing. And she cuts plenty of people's hair who are on movies and television. She cuts she cuts Tyler Perry's here.

How about I just start there? She is great. I don't pay her no one hundred dollars. Like, come on. Like, that's that's asinine. Who am I to talk about somebody's hair? I got a whole afro growing out of my head. But I mean, damn, here's here's the thing. I'll just leave it here.

And this maybe this is one of the reasons I got blocked a million years ago by Jalen Rose. There's a lot of a lot of stuff in his hair. OK, a lot of stuff. It's not just the hair that has grown out of his head.

There's there's a lot of work that is to be done. And he can certainly afford a one hundred dollar haircut. He's spending a lot of time in that chair. Go ask him to take a shower and see what happens afterwards with his head. I'll leave it there. Hey, Chef, I expected to start on a nice and all I'm dissing this man's hair. No, you're giving him a reality check. Something he needs because apparently blocks everyone that does speak the truth. Oh, look, I don't ever think I said anything disparaging. This has been years now that he's had me blocked.

Years. I'm just curious the ingredients that would come out when he does take that shower. Here we go. Are you familiar with with Beijing, Chef? You ever heard of that? No.

Is it something Carlos Boozer knows something about? Sorry, my man. Yes. Yeah. There you go. A lot of it. You know, it's just hey, I'm sorry.

I'm telling people secrets. My bad. Well, we played better than Guillermo in the celebrity All-Star game. You got to give him that right. That's got to count for Carlos Boozer. No, that was that was a Seattle Seahawks that blocked his shot. Yeah. What was that guy?

The DK Metcalf. Yeah, the guy that you were enamored by with his dunk. Yes.

Yeah, he's yeah, he's a freaking nature and then he got drug tested for it over the weekend. Heard that. Yes.

Yeah. Well, God bless him. We got to figure out who's going to throw DK Metcalf the football but in due time in due time. Let's let's get to this guy since we started off with jail and I'm sure he's going to unblock me to crap on me and block me again.

But anyway, this dude's name right now is not completely mud here in Atlanta, Georgia, but it it might be on its way. It's it's Trey Young, Trey Young of the Atlanta Hawks. And I was actually was that both games trying to think? No, I wasn't. I wasn't at both games. I saw the Hawks take on the Hornets last week. I watched the game. It was in Charlotte, I believe. Hawks suck.

They had no heart. I went to the game before I went on air. I went to the game. I'm here in Atlanta.

The studio is like 10 minutes away from the arena. I went to the game and said, let me see the Hawks take on the Knicks. And the Knicks just ran him out the building. Atlanta Hawks had no heart. They were down like 30 to 8 to begin the game. They never really got closer than 20.

Nobody cared. It's like they were all standing around waiting for the the All-Star break. And then after the game, they pretty much all said as much. Nate McMillan. The head coach is just like, oh, yeah, we need a reset. Well, they reset his ass up on out of there.

You got Trae Young. He's all, yeah, yeah, we need the break. Man, y'all need a foot broken up in your ass, man. So Nate McMillan is gone. Joe Prunty, the assistant, is now the interim head coach. Landry Fields had a whole press conference here in Atlanta earlier this morning telling everybody it was time to let him go.

The last two games certainly didn't help things. We need a different voice. We we need someone else in here. It's it's it's tough.

Landry Fields. He showed his appreciation for Nate McMillan, who took this team to the Eastern Conference Finals two years ago. But he says, yeah, I needed to give the guy a boot. These decisions are never easy. A lot of thought went into it. You know, a lot of conversations. And it's something that we've obviously arrived to today. And I just first and foremost want to say thank you to Nate. He has done an incredible job for us, taking over as interim after Lloyd Pierce, getting us to the Eastern Conference Finals. The band has over 750 wins in his career. That is an unbelievable achievement for him. Just getting to know him over the past few years.

The amount of respect and honor that that man has, even in hearing the news is something that I'm honored to say that I was I was glad to have worked with him here. But as of late, my pulse and my read on this team and the changes that we're making and the things that we want to implement felt like this was the time to make a change. And that was the sense that I've gotten something that I've read on. Oh, yeah. Oh, it's time to make a change.

All right. Where they been all this time. I know Landry Fields just got here over the past a year or so, maybe more than that.

He was the assistant to Travis Schlenk and Travis Schlenk and air quotes by John Collins. He steps down and moves on, moves forward. You got Kyle Korver who comes in as an assistant general manager. Neither Landry or Kyle Korver have experience. And everybody got to start somewhere.

But what a disaster this has been right out of the gate. Trey Young is in the midst of a of a max contract. You trade what three first round picks to bring into John T. Murray. John Collins has a giant contract. They've been trying to move him for years. DeAndre Hunter. He got a big old contract. And is he living up to to his deal?

The answer's no. I'm always surprised when he's actually healthy enough to play. The Hawks need a lot of help. Speaking of John Collins, this isn't good when one of your active players goes, yeah, the coach wasn't a match for us. Listen to John Collins today.

Coach Mack is more so, I'd say, suited for guys who are in a different part of their careers. And just being as young as we are, we feel like we need to focus on a couple of different things. And I really feel like, you know, it wasn't more so the basketball, just where we're at mentally.

That's the biggest gap. So do what you can. We'll do what we can. What? We need somebody who can connect with the younger players? He's better suited to coach veterans, is that what it is? But why?

This is terrible, man. And overall, they're going to look at Quinn Snyder and maybe they look at Imei Udonka. It's always easy to get rid of the head coach. And Nate McMillan did have some decisions that even I looked at.

What are you all doing? Like, what is the Hawks offense? I'm pretty sure they didn't listen to him and he was tired of barking fundamentals at them.

It's a little bit of everybody's fault. Hawks management can take some blame for some of the decisions that they've made. You can look at the roster. Now Landry Fields is tasked along with Kyle Korver, who's not just teaching people how to shoot.

He's an amazing shooter, by the way. Still is. They got to construct the roster. This team ain't doing nothing. They were better off with Kevin Herter. We heard that Travis Schlenk didn't want to trade the world for the Jontay Murray, but that Trae Young helped kind of influence that. And yeah, Trae Young is at fault, too. Is it all Trae Young's fault?

Hell no. He has to shoulder some blame. You're the star player of the team, man. When Trae Young talks to the media, he's rather just, he's just happy to be here. You know, like, oh, yeah, we need to do better and this and that. The accountability and the pointedness of being a leader for a basketball player is not there. There's no assertion. There's a lack of assertiveness when Trae Young discusses the failings of the Atlanta Hawks.

Accountability is a word that's missing. We know he and Nate McMillan, they had a beef in December. Hey, Trae, you going to play? You hurt?

What you doing? If you not, then come off the bench. Well, you don't want to do that, then don't show up at all. He didn't show.

He stayed home. Come on. And then Trae tells the area, well, you guys, media doesn't know what happened. Well, tell everybody, man. These are people who paying to see you play basketball. You can't even give the public. Well, some things got to keep in house.

Well, you just real happy you sitting on your hundreds of millions of dollars, ain't you? Trae Young is at fault. If the Atlanta Hawks cannot fix their roster at some point over the next year and a half, Trae Young is going to be gone. DeJounte Murray already next season is the last year on his deal. They traded three first rounders for him.

They don't get that back. I don't I don't foresee a situation that the Atlanta Hawks are going to be able to bring in a new superstar or star to help right the ship. I see things as a sinking one more than likely eventually to get blown up.

Not good for me here in Atlanta. That's all people want to talk about is how bad they are. Who's to blame? Everybody's to blame.

It's not all Trae Young's fault. But when you're the leader, when you're the face. You do set the tone.

You are the leader. He can definitely do better. His effort on the court, which is sometimes a little lackluster.

And yeah, he can get twenty six and ten on poor shooting. He can also be a little bit more active in the offense to help things flow. He's not doing that. He don't got the ball.

He's just kind of chilling. Landry Fields adjust this. Excuse me. He addressed this as well. This is not just on Nate McMillan.

This problem that we have being under five hundred is everybody's fault. This is my decision, and it's something that I don't just put on Nate. I absolutely believe that no matter who is in that lead role, that voice has got to be partially who they are. But also just with our players and the accountability that they must have. At the end of the day, they have got to they've got to own their stuff. They've got to own their roles and their own professional habits. Take accountability towards one another. It can't just always be on the coach. But I do believe that there was slippage. And there was this was an area that we we needed to address in order for us to continue to build out how we want to build out here in Atlanta.

Yeah, it's the it's the first area. You get rid of the coach. In the off season, you bring in a new one. Maybe things won't work.

You have to look at what type of players that you bring in, what type of system you run. The Hawks might improve just a little bit in the off season. We don't know what's going to happen. I'm not expecting them to move on from Trey Young. Far be it. It's going to be Trey Young.

I don't know. This is his third coach right now. If he gets replaced, which is likely, he'll then have four coaches. With every change that doesn't work for the Hawks.

The finger is going to get larger and larger and larger. The one that points at Trey Young. That's how it goes. It's a superstar league, man. You ain't winning. You going to get the blame. Ask the league.

It's sub 500. You didn't get voted into the All-Star game by nobody, not even the other players. It's a hard knock life. This might be the beginning of the end, but we are not there yet. Trey Young isn't solely to blame.

You can start by looking at the the organization. Nate McMillan. He's just the first dude to get the boot. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio.

Ain't no boot here. I'm just going to keep on rolling. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Nate McMillan is gone. Who the hell is next in the NBA? We'll talk about that. We're going to get into the NFL.

It's a top six list. It's a warm up here on CBS Sports Radio, the JR Sport Brief Show. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4227. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio. I'm going to give a shout out right now to The Sightless One.

He hits me on Twitter at JR Sport Brief. Good evening, JR. Love listening to your show on my Alexa as a blind person. Love listening to the radio.

My main man, Sightless. Thank you for listening to the JR Sport Brief Show. I don't care who the hell is listening, how you're listening, where you're from and you're listening. Thank you for listening. I like to sit down and tell stories and have fun. I don't care what you do or where you're from.

Much love to The Sightless One. You can holler at me at JR Sport Brief. You can call me.

855-212-4CBS. I'm actually sitting in the studio here. In the background I have on Alabama and South Carolina. Alabama has just taken a lead, 41-40, over the Gamecocks. They have certainly been in the news a lot over the past several days. Shootings and potential murders and star players handing guns off to people.

It's a precarious situation with Alabama right now. Let's go ahead and talk to T. He's calling from Louisiana. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's going on, T? First of all, man, love your show. Long time listening. I don't get to call as often as I like, but got a couple questions.

Okay. Have you ever been to Louisiana Mardi Gras? Have I ever been? I was considering going this week. Unfortunately, I've probably been to New Orleans more times than I should.

I love that answer, buddy. So you know what it's all about, right? Yeah, I'm very familiar. I can tell you about all over the street. Yeah, I can tell you more than I care to. What's your point? Okay.

Well, my point is you're an FCC guy, right? Being Atlanta, Georgia, and everything. Yeah, I know a little something about Baton Rouge and, yeah, a little bit.

Well, I'm a big-time LSU fan. I'm sure. Okay.

All right. So, you know, years ago, they had a kid from North Louisiana that went to Alabama, got caught with guns, weed, cocaine, and it was swept under a table, right? I know you know who I'm talking about.

Not off the top of my head. That was his football. That sounds like a- Offense of the tackle.

Offense of the tackle. Oh, my God. Hey, T, do me a favor.

That sounds like a million people I know. Just say his name, save me some time, and get to it. Okay.

Well, okay. Well, to make my point, how does this kid that brought a gun and that kid got off with it, how does this kid that brought a gun that someone was killed with and not nothing- Well, the team's- His name is Brandon Miller. I'm watching him- I know who he is, and I appreciate that. Well, T, you're using a lot of pronouns. This kid, that guy, you know who it is?

I don't. The man's name for the education of not you but the listeners, his name is Brandon Miller. He is actively playing basketball right now. He is reportedly the young man who delivered a gun to his teammate, Miles, who used that gun then to kill someone. The reason why Brandon Miller is playing right now, reported by Alabama, is because he is not a suspect, even though he allegedly brought the gun, but he's only a cooperative witness. And so we can dance around the legalese and the ethics of him playing. I personally would not have him out there. I think it's just too big of an issue.

I think you sit him down. That's what they decided to do. I find issue with it. I don't think it's appropriate.

It's odd, but there he is. I agree with you, T. Thank you so much for that answer, because that's what I wanted to hear, my man. Well, thank you so much. I appreciate you. Next time, we can speed things up just a little bit, okay, T? Okay, okay. Look, love y'all's show, man.

Have a good night. Thank you, T, for calling from Louisiana. Hey, Shep, he was already participating in Mardi Gras. That's why he was so damn slow. Well, I knew Brandon. You know, it's funny, because obviously Alabama has gone under the radar in terms of college basketball. Yeah.

They are the number two seed in the country right now, so I think basketball fans know what they've accomplished. But, yeah, that was like who was on first, who was on second. He was trying to play with you there. He's like, hey, do you remember the guy from Alabama? I don't know if you're talking about football or basketball. Oh, cocaine, guns, weed.

Man, like a million people went through my brain. I don't know. Yeah, but Brandon Miller, like you said, obviously, brought the ex-teammates gun before, yeah. That's the only reason why he's playing basketball tonight, because Alabama is good.

They're really good. Yeah, if this was a few years ago, man, they would have sat his ass down, and nobody would have cared, and the story would have went whoosh. Jarrah, like in all seriousness, like big picture, would you ever have thought in a Nick Saban season that he coached, a basketball team would have more success than the football team? It's still early, okay? They're looking like it, though. Give it, what month are we in, February? I mean, 13-1.

Oh, my God. The record on the SEC? I mean- We got to go to March? March is already? Yeah. When is March 1st, Wednesday?

Seven days away, yep, next week. This is the time for college basketball. The number two scene in the country, yep. And so anybody in Houston is number one. Anybody who wants to now start paying attention, football season is over.

By the way, I heard the XFL ratings were crap. If you are done with football, if the NBA is just kind of dragging along until the playoffs, which it is, sit down and watch college basketball. Alabama is damn good, and that's the only reason that Miller is playing. I just can't, and it's not even, oh, he's guilty. He's not guilty. He's a witness. The dude allegedly, his friends say, hey, man, bring me the gun. He brought him the gun, and the guy's playing basketball tonight, allegedly. Come on. Sit him down. But everything is about money. Yeah, sure, innocent until proven guilty, absolutely. Some things are bigger than the game.

But most times, nothing is bigger than the dollar bill. And that's why his ass is out there playing. It's the JR sport reshow here on CBS Sports Radio. I just told you the XFL ratings were kind of crap.

I could tell you what ratings weren't as bad, but they were pretty bad historically for what they did. Hey, Marco Belletti, did you enjoy the XFL games over the weekend? Didn't watch one second. No interest. You didn't watch the, hold on a second, wait a second.

Can you tell me the games? Because I don't think I even know any of the teams. I am trying to identify the city of which the Vipers, this I know because my man Hines Ward coaches this team, so I know them. They are the San Antonio Brahmas. Brahmas? As in Brahma Bulls? Um, okay.

Like The Rock, the Brahma, no? Alright. Okay, no XFL for Marco.

You know, look, I'll be- AJ McCarron is there. Okay. Super. Yeah, no. No interest.

Sorry. Look, and I know they want to do stuff with like the replay and give you behind the scenes access and that's all cool and if you like it, you do you. For me personally, when I was a kid, I loved watching the original USFL. I loved it. I loved every second of it to the point where it even rivaled watching the NFL for me.

But that was a long time ago and they had ridiculous star power and it was really good football. If you get to be really good football, I'm not going to lie, you got to get there first and then I'll parachute in. But I'm not watching third rate NFL, or I don't want to say NFL, third rate football in the spring. I'm sorry. I got too many things to do. I'm not doing it on the XFL. I'll find other stuff.

I can't help it. In the break, what we'll do is we'll identify the team that is the Vipers. I don't know where the hell they play. It sounds like it would be Vegas, wouldn't it? I mean, the Vegas Vipers. Doesn't that sound good? Vegas Vipers.

I mean, at least that makes sense. You got a little alliteration. Is there an X? Is there even an XFL team in Vegas? I don't know. Do they got eight teams? I don't know. To your guys' points, you guys are right and they do play at Cashman Field, which is downtown.

Oh no, Marco's right. The Vegas Vipers. Are they Vegas Vipers? Again, I just took a shot here. You guys are both right.

Alliteration. And they play, I mean, downtown Vegas. That's where they play. Cashman Field. Cashman Field. Oh, where's that at? I know where that is. Oh, downtown Vegas is worse than the strip in Vegas.

It's where the soccer team plays. Oh no, it's terrible up there. Don't go to downtown Vegas.

That place is, XFL 3.0 debuts to significantly lower ratings than XFL 2.0, which was Vince McMahon's version. Wow. It's a sad world. Maybe, no, there's no maybes. Hey, good luck to The Rock with his venture.

He put some money into it. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio, 855-212-4CBS. If you thought the XFL was bad, wait until I give you the numbers for the NBA All-Star Weekend.

Horrific. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Man, I love your show. Every time I come home from work, it is a great listen. I just want to tell you, man, I love the show. What's up, JR? Thanks for taking my car, man.

I want to say personal. I love your show, bro. I listen to you almost every night, man.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm glad that we were able to figure out a few of the XFL teams. Hey, Shep, we know two. The Vegas Vipers and the San Antonio Brahmas.

The other teams I have no idea. And like Marco Belletti, I'm not interested in watching. You're going to watch the championship game at least, Shep, right?

No. I mean, JR, this has failed before. I feel like this got a lot more, and the reality is, and correct me if I'm wrong, this is a partnership with cable, not network television. So it's even less of an audience now. And listen, Rock is not exactly, you've talked about it many times, and he's not exactly coming off a high with the Adam movie that he made.

So it's not like he's coming in hot. I just don't get that there's this huge appetite for the XFL with all the promotion they did. And the Rock, as great as the Rock is, he's never been the promoter. I'm not talking about the entertainer, just strictly a promoter that Vince McMahon was. He's the greatest promoter in the history of any sport. He's BT Barnum.

He's a circus, what do you call that guy? Look, we know the monster that he has become, but in terms of promoting, there's no one that has done what he's done. Yeah, he was born on second base and all that with his father before him, but nonetheless, Vince McMahon did everything he could and then some with the XFL, and it failed and flopped miserably.

What is going to be so different about this? Yeah, it's bad. All of the news surrounding the XFL is about how poor their ratings are. San Antonio Brahmers fire their vice president after the first game.

Good luck? I mean, what can I say? Former Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron holds back tears after emotional XFL debut. XFL fans pelt the field with lemons after massive beer snake is confiscated. You know, but maybe this is one of those success stories. You know, maybe in four years from now, the XFL will utilize the clip that we just are actually creating now, and they'll utilize this as one of those messages to say, hey, we were counted out, but here we are.

Unlikely, but good luck to the XFL. Hey, good luck to the NBA, because we talked about this on Monday, how crap the All-Star Game was. Unwatchable. It wasn't a game. It wasn't an exhibition. It wasn't a scrimmage.

It was like a walkthrough. This is not even the Pro Bowl, and the numbers indicate as much. This past All-Star Game, the NBA All-Star Game from this Sunday, with the draft selection that took forever, and here it is, brass tacks. This was the least watched NBA All-Star Game in history. They had about 4.5 million people watch this game. They had 6 million people watch last year.

If we have to think about the most recent All-Star Games, 4.5 here for the NBA. The Pro Bowl had more people watch a couple of Sundays ago. 6.2 million people watched the Pro Bowl. 4.5 million people watched the NBA All-Star Game. If we got to go back to last July with Major League Baseball, 7.5 million people watched that game, and that was on FOX. Major League Baseball All-Star Game is probably the best played out of all of them. The Pro Bowl isn't even a game anymore, and they drew more people on a Sunday afternoon than the NBA did on a Sunday night because their players weren't playing.

They weren't interested. Team Giannis beats Team Lebron 184 to 175. What type of crap is that? And it wasn't just Sunday night that was garbage. Mac McClung went out and won the slam dunk contest.

He got a deal from Pumas or Puma. He got a $100,000 check, more money than he's made in I think any year of his career. All-Stars Saturday night pulled in about 3.5 million people, 3.5 million viewers. That's the lowest number in 20 years. Rising Stars on Friday night, okay, it's a Friday night. Rising Stars had less than a million people watching.

They played like four different games. I told you after the celebrity game, I said, I don't know what the hell I'm looking at. About 900,000 people watched. Last year they pulled in more than a million. And this is where the NBA should probably slap itself.

I mentioned this too. The Celeb Game. More people watched the celebrity game on ESPN than watched Rising Stars. The celebrity game actually had an increase. Almost one and a half million people watched the celebrity game.

Less than a million people actually watched NBA players participate in Rising Stars. And so Shep, you talk about Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel and what's this guy's name? The Dunker Man, DK Metcalf from the Seahawks. The Miz hit a half court shot.

The Miz hit a half court shot. They had just other celebrities from all over the world that I've never heard of in my life. You're not alone. I didn't know who some of these guys were. He's like, hey, this is an Indian superstar from TikTok. I'm like, okay, fine. It shouldn't be called the celebrity game.

It should be called the guys who are willing to say yes game. The Miz is a celebrity. He has a TV show. Okay, so when I see individuals like Jay-Z.

Okay, so these are icons. I get it. But when I see individuals like Jay-Z and Denzel and Anthony Anderson and Ludacris supporting these all-star festivities, those are the people that I can really relate to and identify with and I want to see play. You know what, but Jay-Z is old, man. He ain't playing no basketball. Have you seen Jay-Z play basketball?

Jay-Z, he could do anything he wants and he's tall. He can't play basketball. He could play in that game, JR. Oh, oh, oh.

He could play in that game. Like Janelle Monae played? Yeah, like, well, she's good. Oh, that what, singing and dancing? I'm being respectful. I mean, look, if Guillermo, who's got a belly for two, can play in that game, Jay-Z can find a way to play in that game. Okay, yeah. That's it. I saw, what's that guy's name, Cordae.

Naomi Osaka, her boyfriend, who she's having a child with. He didn't play in, he didn't really, I don't think he played a minute. If he did, it was literally a minute. He was eating pizza next to Fat Joe during the game. Okay, so that was the Guillermo thing.

Because Guillermo ordered a pizza, yes. He came out with pizza and he offered Shaq some and Shaq said, nah, not Papa John's, get that out my face. JR, what they need to do, and I know you've said this and we've had fans say this, they need to make it an NBA Legends game. People are going to tune into that, I promise you. Which game? Instead of the celebrity game. The celebrity game was the most watched thing.

It's the only thing that had an increase. But it was still bad. And that's, it's the best of the worst. It's the JR sport re-show here on CBS Sports Radio. We're just the best.

We're going to talk some NFL when we come back on the other side, here on CBS Sports Radio. Wellness just got a whole lot better. And when goals taste this good, it's easy to achieve them. Goalie, taste your goals.

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