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JR SportBrief Hour 1

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February 14, 2023 1:26 am

JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sport Brief / JR

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February 14, 2023 1:26 am

JR discusses the greatness of Patrick Mahomes and where he ranks on the all-time great QB list

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It is the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. Happy Monday night to you. Happy day after the Super Bowl. Happy another day just to be out here breathing, right? I'm glad I'm going to be hanging out here with you for the next four hours.

This is when I get started. 10 p.m. Eastern time at 7 p.m. Pacific. The Super Bowl happened last night. Oh yeah, it was a good game. Half-time show was interesting. The commercials were interesting. More importantly, it was a good game. Held us all the way throughout the game.

It was one of the most watched programs in television history. Mahomes is great. Andy Reid is great.

The Eagles, they're great, but they're going to have their work cut out for them to swing back this way. We got a lot to do. A lot to discuss. It's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. Thank you to everybody listening all over North America. Everybody listening on their local CBS Sports Radio affiliate. All my friends tuned in on the Odyssey app. Everybody locked in on Sirius XM channel 158.

And everybody listening on a smart speaker. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. It feels good to say that because for the past week, I've been coming to you live from Phoenix, Arizona.

So there's nothing wrong with a little bit of change. And I guess for now, temporarily, just a little back to normal. Back to normal.

I'm being joined in New York City by super producer and host, Dave Shepherd. Dave, how are you this evening, man? You doing good? I'm doing well, thank you.

And like you said, man, what a fantastic game to watch. How are you, my friend? I'm good, man. I ain't got nothing to complain about.

I'm living, I'm breathing. I am here. If you want to talk to us over these next four hours, it's simple. The phone number is 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. If you want to get a hold of me, I'm on social media everywhere at JR Sport Brief. That's at JR Sport Brief on all social media. And we are going to pretty much talk about everything in a little bit different of a way that you've heard about for the last 24 hours. I'm sure you've heard about holding penalties and was he held. You've heard about the Eagles and their defense. You will talk about Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid and Jalen Hurts putting up a historic performance and a loss.

The Eagles did the same thing. And so it's going to be a busy show. But as I said, and as you just said as well, Shep, it was a good game. It kept me awake throughout the entire game. I didn't fall asleep. I wasn't bored. This wasn't crap.

This wasn't garbage. This was the third highest scoring Super Bowl in history. The Eagles scored the most points by losing team in history. And we know the final score came down to a field goal where the Chiefs won 38 to 35. After the game, Andy Reid was up there and he made it known everybody, hell yeah, I'm coming back trying to win more Super Bowls.

Why not? This man has Patrick Mahomes. If he would have had Patrick Mahomes years ago, there'd be a difference. But Patrick Mahomes is only 27 years old. Andy Reid, now one of the greatest, most accomplished coaches in NFL history.

He echoed the sentiments. Yeah, this was a damn good game. Listen to Andy Reid tell you. That game last night was a heck of a game. You really, I know Philly's hanging their head a little bit, but nobody really lost. I mean, it was two great teams playing each other and then two great cities. Somebody had to lose. The Eagles lost. And even in the Eagles loss, their fans were still in downtown and center city, just ripping stuff up. I guess you got to find something to destroy even if you lose. Philly fans make no sense.

All the college students, downtown. Tough to swallow a loss. It's also easy to win. And this is why this was such a difficult Super Bowl. I'm happy that we had a close game. I told you last week, I picked the Eagles because of their defense. Their defense fell flat at the end of the game, not sacking Patrick Mahomes one time. And as we know, and as Shep said, hey, the Chiefs, they came out on top because of their experience. And we saw the adjustments that Andy Reed and the Chiefs were able to make in the second half of the game, scoring on every single possession. And then going towards that second half, we saw Patrick Mahomes go down.

It's kind of crazy. Patrick Mahomes goes down. The man has to limp off the field.

Now we had all these HD cameras. All of these damn cameras are in his face. Patrick Mahomes looks pained. He looks pained on the field.

He looks pained on the bench. At one point in time, he leaned over and so one of the trainers he hurt so damn much. And I automatically said to myself, here we go again. Like here we go again with the Eagles knocking out a starting quarterback. And now they're about to feast here in the second half. And the only saving grace was that it was halftime. And that Patrick Mahomes had a chance to go in trailing 24 to 14. The Eagles just held the ball 22 minutes to eight at the half. I mean, Butler missed the field goal in the first half. Nobody's talking about that. The Eagles dominated this game at the beginning. Patrick Mahomes goes in during halftime. He gets treatment.

They add flexibility and mobility. I don't know what that means. Maybe drugs. And he comes out like nothing is wrong. And then the Chiefs just turn it completely around. And the Eagles, they fall flat here in the second half. After the injury, when Patrick Mahomes spoke to the media, this is courtesy of the NFL Network, he said, yeah, my ankle was busted, but you bet your ass I was going to keep on playing football.

Yeah, it's that competitor. I mean, I think everybody on this table would say it, man, that competitor in you to be in this game, this is what you worked for your entire life. Oh, man, I knew I wasn't coming out of this game. And even with that high ankle sprain that kind of re-aggravated a little bit, I'll worry about that in the off season.

Yeah, he said he has to relax now on golf. So Patrick Mahomes is going to go in trailing 24 seconds. So Patrick Mahomes, his golf swing will suffer and hopefully he'll come back at full strength and no reason that he won't. For the next several months, Patrick Mahomes isn't going to have to worry about 300 and 340 pound men just trying to drag him to the ground and beat him into a pole. And so congratulations to Patrick Mahomes.

But you also got to show love even in a loss to this man Jalen Hurts. 304 yards passing, a touchdown bomb, 70 yards rushing, three touchdowns. He tied Terrell Davis for the most rushing touchdowns by anybody in Super Bowl history. And that Davis record has to be about 25 years old at this point in time. And so Jalen Hurts played his ass off.

He's going to get paid big time, probably approximately $50 million. And Patrick Mahomes, this is why the Super Bowl was so damn good outside of the talent. This is why it was so interesting. It was no bad guy. There wasn't anyone that you want to root against. Patrick Mahomes is tough to just root against. Jalen Hurts, the underdog story. He was tough to root against. And this is why Patrick Mahomes is great. After the game, he showed Jalen Hurts love.

Yeah. I mean, if there was any doubters love there, there shouldn't be now. I mean, the way he stepped up on this stage and ran through the ball, whatever it took for his team to win. I mean, that was a special performance that I don't want to get lost. I don't want it to get lost in the, in the loss that they had. I mean, even whenever we got all the momentum in that game and we went up eight points in the fourth quarter for him to respond and move his team right down the football field and run it in himself for the two-point conversion, it was a special performance by him. And I mean, you make sure you appreciate that when you look back on this game.

Yeah. I mean, Kansas City Chiefs took the lead late. The Eagles get the ball back and then they score. And it's like, damn, we got a tie game.

Maybe at minimum, we'll see two more possessions. We know that did not happen and we'll get into the, the holding call. But Jalen Hurts, I mean, it kept the ball away from them in the first half of the game. The Jalen Hurts and the Eagles, it was like they converted every single third and fourth down possible. They were ridiculously aggressive.

And in the second half game, and the Chiefs just blew him out of the water. I know the Eagles and their defense, defensive coordinator Gannon just beat to a pulp today. Why are you now playing soft?

Why are you now playing to prevent? Why are you not being aggressive with, with Patrick Mahomes? And they paid for it and they lost the game. Everybody on Fox pretty much said that, Hey, we believe that the Eagles are going to win. I picked the Eagles to win. And Travis Kelce, who I think at this point is trying to line himself up for a new career at the WWE. Travis Kelce told everybody on Fox, man, y'all should have believed in us, not the Eagles. Man, one of y'all said the Chiefs were going to take it home this year, not a single one.

Feel it. And on top of that, next time the Chiefs say something, put some respect on our name. I guess Travis Kelce is, I don't know. He's trying to work for WWE. He's trying to be a professional wrestler.

I guess he's trying to go to, uh, you know, WrestleMania. Every time Travis Kelce opens up his mouth right now, he's, he's saying something while we know one of the themes and stories surrounding the super bowl was, uh, his brother Jason opposing Travis. First time we had brothers in the super bowl, two brothers, Jason Kelce, the loser who already has a super bowl ring from a few years ago with the Eagles.

Uh, he was a little bit more solemn. He said he's happy for his younger brother. You know, really, really happy for Trav, played his ass off. Um, that team deserves everything they had coming to them. They've earned it. Got a lot of respect for everybody in that organization. Um, there's a lot of people in that organization that gave me my start in this league, including the head coach, Andy Reed.

So obviously would have liked to win, but, you know, happy for Trav, for sure. It's going to be an awkward podcast. Oh yeah. Everybody does a podcast now. Little brotherly, uh, do you know what their podcast is called? No, I, I should, uh, I should know what it is. I saw it on radio roll last week. I don't even remember what it's called. Have you ever listened to it?

I have, I have not, uh, but I haven't, but I've never listened to let's go either. So yeah. Yeah. Okay.

It doesn't matter. Jason and Travis, Travis have a podcast. Good for them.

Never heard of it. Couple of guys that I did hear of and good for them. Shout outs to Isaiah Pacheco, Rutgers university, a rookie, the Eagles. They're supposed to be the rushing team. The chiefs combined for 158 yards on the ground of Pacheco ran for 76 yards. He had a touchdown. Uh, he slipped on that, that ridiculous ass field that everybody was slipping on. When he was celebrating his touchdown, Isaiah Pacheco talked about what this meant for him to win this big one. Dream come true. Um, you know, it was all written. It was already written.

My grandpop told me, and for me as a rookie, you know, to continue on the task and eliminate the distraction, the distraction is going into this game. Good for him. Stone cold, Chris Jones, picking up another Superbowl championship. We know this is the second time in four seasons that the chiefs won. He's grateful for the W solid blessing, man. You know, um, I was very emotional.

I've been emotional, you know, for the last few days, you know, just going through a lot of things going in and out, you know, just the battles of life, just being able to, you know, um, hit the pinnacle. You know, I had a goal this year. Um, there wasn't sack numbers, never sack numbers.

You know, that's what people fail to realize about me. And I can get a sack every game if I wanted to, you know, but I'm a team player. Oh, he's a team player. So he doesn't get sacks every game.

Okay. He does the job, plug a hole here or there via deflector every now and then good for him. But this is what this much we know the Kansas city chiefs aren't going anywhere. Tyreek Hill left and they went right back to the Superbowl and won.

You got the same damn production from Marquez, Valdez, scantling and Juju Smith Schuster, who I will assume is going to be prime for a return. You have somebody on the ground, a young guy, Pacheco right out of Rutgers university, running the ball all over the place. You have Patrick Mahomes running around on one damn leg. I mean, even that 26 yard scramble at the end of the game that helps set up the game winning field goal.

It's like, what's, what's going on? Even Mahomes on one leg, they gave him all the space in the world, Travis Kelsey. And this has been the case for several years now, but he's adding to his case for being one of the most successful and best tight ends that the game has ever seen. And the Kansas city chiefs, their defense, the defense is always good enough just to help them win. And kudos to the offensive line as well, keeping the Philadelphia Eagles at bay.

It's amazing what an offensive line can do. The last time we saw the Kansas city chiefs in the Superbowl, Patrick Mahomes was getting ripped to shreds behind human turnstiles posing as offensive linemen. So congratulations to the Kansas city chiefs. Congratulations to their fans. Congratulations to Andy Reed and congratulations to Patrick Mahomes. I'll tell you this right now, Patrick Mahomes could decide to hang it up and quit tomorrow.

Not going to happen. And why would he, but he can quit today at 27 years old and he can go right into the hall of fame. That is a fact we're watching greatness. We are witnessing greatness.

He is only 27 years old. And I say this get used to it. The Superbowl was great. The halftime show was cool. I ain't got no problems with it.

The commercials were okay. More importantly, we got a good and great game. We're going to talk about Andy Reed.

We'll talk about Jalen Hurts, the Eagles, their defense. We'll get into Kelsey. We'll talk commercials. We'll talk Rihanna. Damn it. I'm going to come back after the break and tell you how amazing Patrick Mahomes is.

We're just getting started. The phone lines are open if you want to talk to me. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. How did you feel about Superbowl 57 in Glendale, Arizona? I'm going to talk to you. We'll talk about Mahomes. It's the JR Sportbrief show. CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. JR wants to hear from you. Call him now at 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4227. It's the JR Sportbrief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Superbowl is done. The Chiefs walk away with a victory. About 24 hours ago, the final score, 38-35. I'm glad we had a good game. I'm glad we had a game that didn't put me to sleep. It wasn't boring. It wasn't a blowout. It was close all the way through, especially in the second half when the Kansas City Chiefs, their offense woke up and the Eagles defense couldn't do a damn thing about it. Patrick Mahomes continues to check boxes here in his own career.

Jalen Hurts pretty much establishes himself as a star. There's no more comeback. There's no more underdog. He's definitely going to have to win one and that may never happen, but he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and the Eagles are here to be respected. It was a fun game. I enjoyed it and Andy Reid, man, he checks some boxes too. He's one of the all-time great coaches in the league based on his tenure between the Philadelphia Eagles now and getting over the hump with the Kansas City Chiefs.

I'm going to talk about the greatness of both Mahomes and Andy Reid, but we got some callers here on the line. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Eric is calling from California. Hey, what's going on, JR? I'm good, Eric.

What's up? Well, I got to say I got to say that you're absolutely right on the Kansas City Chiefs. In fact, I was listening to Mitch Holden's broadcast last night and the thing is what he said is absolutely true. The Chiefs won their first game in Glendale and their last game was in Glendale. They won in Arizona, so I have to give them a lot of credit. I am originally from the Philadelphia area, so you know one of the things as a Charger fan and also as an Eagle fan, I have to say to the Eagle fans out there, hold your head up high. Don't badmouth the Eagles right now.

The Chiefs are just absolutely on fire and so is Jalen Hurte, you know, and the thing is without all this going on, there would have not been a very, very dramatic Super Bowl as it was last night and I got to give the Eagles a lot of credit for hanging in there and the Chiefs for pulling everybody over the hump because this was a very, very good game. This was the game that I wanted. This was the game that I accepted. This was the game that I loved and this is what is important, JR. Yeah, you're damn right, it's important. Thank you, Eric, for calling from California. It was important to maintain my interest.

I appreciate that. John is calling from Vegas. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hi, JR. I'm originally from Chicago, so except for my 85 Bears Championship, this was the most most exciting football game or I should say Super Bowl game that I've ever seen.

Okay. My question that I have, were there any penalties against Kansas City? Yes, there were three penalties for 14 yards and I believe those penalties were only lying in fractions.

Wow, I don't remember those three penalties but I kind of got a question that last penalty against the Eagles. I mean, I didn't see the replay but did the guy hold? Yeah, the guy the guy held him absolutely.

It was just his name is James Bradbury. It was just a matter and thank you, John, for calling from Vegas. It was just a matter of whether or not the referees were going to call it and we're going to get into that at the top of the hour.

I know there are a lot of folks. Is it a hold? Should they have called it? It's the Super Bowl. You know, we didn't have any pass interference or holding. All game and now this is when they decide to call it.

We're going to get there at the top of the hour. Let's go ahead and talk to Christian. He's calling from Philly. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey guys, Christian, how's it going? Well, no doubt Christian, I announced you as Christian, but go ahead. Hey guys, I just wanted to call in and say that honestly it's not.

Oh, what is that? Man, you're on the radio. What the hell is wrong with you?

Watch your mouth. Greg is calling from Michigan. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey JR, Mr.

Positive. Hey, it's being, what a game. It's being bandied about that Andy Reed was the 12th man on the field. They're talking about that Mr. Reed won the game for the Kansas City Chiefs because of his play calling and we know that Mahomes is arguably, like I've said in the past, now he's in the top five greatest quarterbacks of all time bar none.

And what do you think about that? Because it's always been thrown around about Brady and Belichick. Does this open up a dialogue that we can have about how important coaching is to the game? I don't remember it being so prominent and so salient bringing Andy into the arena about winning a football game a coach. It's always been about players.

Am I a little bit misguided or is there something to it? No, I mean this has been said for a long time and thank you Greg for calling from Michigan. We know it's players. It's always the players. Like you could be an excellent head coach and you can get the most out of whatever the hell you got going on but you ain't winning a damn thing if you don't have the players. And so Andy Reed back in Philadelphia had players.

He could just never get over the hump. He didn't have super super super superstars. Donovan McNabb was great but Donovan McNabb is not Patrick Mahomes. How many of those guys are running around?

None because there's one of them. His name is Mahomes and so Andy Reed has been a very good head coach and you can look at issues of clock management and you could blame him. You can certainly go wow you never won the big one. Well now he also has one of the greatest quarterbacks that played the game and you're going to hear about this forever as well. I mean it's pretty sad that people can look at somebody like Bill Belichick and go well we know after all these years because Tampa Bay won a championship with Tom Brady that we know who was the operation here who was running it.

That's that's crap. Come on. They won because of the talent that was there in Tom Brady. An all-time great talent. They also won because they had a tremendous head coach who pulled it all together. That's why it's called a team. That's why the teams have a coach. That's why the coach hires an offensive coordinator to develop the talent that happens to be on the team. This is not just one guy who runs the show and so I'll believe it.

For the next five to ten years you will hear about this. Oh Andy Reed this. Andy Reed was along for the ride and Andy Reed isn't all that great of a coach. He's good but where would Andy Reed be if it weren't for Patrick Mahomes? Get used to it but Andy Reed deserves credit and so does Mahomes.

I don't care if it's Greg Popovich or Phil Jackson or Bill Belichick and that's just thinking about the last you know 20 to 30 years. Ain't no coach winning nothing without great talent and great players and coaches deserve credit too because we've seen coaches coach great teams and get shown the door because they don't demand or have the respect of their players. So let's give Andy Reed some credit. Let's give Andy Reed some love and let's show some love to Patrick Mahomes as well and that's exactly what we're going to do on the other side of the break. Why does Andy Reed have two championships? Because of Mahomes.

This man ain't stupid. I'm going to talk to you about the the accomplishments of a young Patrick Mahomes. You'll hear from the people on his team what they think of Patrick Mahomes and we know this already.

He's hall of fame worthy. It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. I'm getting out the car and you know and then I'm walking in the house and I'm still hearing you man.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio. I'm going to get to Patrick Mahomes in a second.

I'm here in the studio. I got the Portland Trail Blazers and the Lakers on in the background and I see Yusef Nurkic on the bench and I'm saying to myself this guy does he ever play basketball and good for him. He's played 45 games this year and it just automatically made me think about other human beings who do not play basketball. Zion Williamson also out I don't know another two or three weeks minimum because he he re-aggravated his hamstring injury. It's like Zion needs to get on a vegan diet.

He needs to take up yoga. I don't Zion is never going to play basketball. I would say go play football but he's not durable enough to play basketball.

How would he play football? It's just a damn shame. I'd like to see Zion play but I don't think it'll ever happen. By the way the Portland Trail Blazers right now they're beating the Los Angeles Lakers 41 to 23. Still no LeBron James. He's been dealing with his foot injury.

Anthony Davis has eight points six rebounds and then leading the way for the Portland Trail Blazers of course is Damian Lillard who has 13 points. Just pointing out some of the the grades but back to this Patrick Mahomes man. Right before we went to break you know one of our callers Greg from Michigan just talked about whether or not Andy Reid was going to get his just due and you know typically people don't show a whole lot of love to the coaches etc and I'm like yeah that's just just par for the course. The coaches when when the teams win it goes to the players as it should but the coach won't typically get or receive the credit that that he should and Patrick Mahomes last night he took time out on NFL network to praise Andy Reid as one of the best test coaches that we have ever seen in this league listen to this. We had to win this one right here I mean coach Reid did so many great things for the Eagles and to be in this big game I mean I know he has a ton of respect for everybody he's still over there but we had to win this game for coach Reid and I wanted I want me this is one of the greatest coaches of all time he needs that second Super Bowl ring to solidify that but I'm gonna keep him around a little bit longer we're gonna go go for some more of those things. Yeah why not Andy Reid was equally as complimentary of Patrick Mahomes listen to this. He grew he grew up in a locker room he's seen the greats and he strives to be the greatest I mean without saying anything that's the way he works I mean he wants to be the greatest player ever that's that's what he wants to do and that's the way he goes about his business and he does it humbly you know I mean there's no bragging he could stand up here and give you these stats that are incredible that he's had but he never he's never going to do that that's just not him and so we appreciate we appreciate that and then when it's time for the guys around to raise their game he helps them with that he's one of these great the great quarterbacks make everybody around them better including the head coach. Yeah come on Andy Reid ain't stupid like you don't win unless you have great talent that's that's just what it is man eight five five two one two four CBS that's eight five five two one two four CBS Cody is here from Maryland you're on the JR Sport Brief Show. JR great show as always I appreciate you having me on I wanted to touch base on the cat and mouse game I felt like Andy and Pat were playing you know the whole ankle thing a high ankle sprain I get it there's nothing to sneeze at but I feel like they kind of sold the whole injury before halftime just to keep the Eagles guessing I want to get your thoughts on that. I don't think I don't think you fake that that that that pain you know when Patrick Mahomes is driven into the ground and is is walking off I don't think you fake that I don't think you fake the expression on the sideline because why why would you want to make yourself a target if this was the WWE I would most certainly say oh yeah this is this is drama this is this is acting this is all part of the show and we know that in the NFL and teams have been punished for this non-disclosure of injuries oh we've seen players fake injuries at the end of games typically to manipulate the play clock there's no reason for Patrick Mahomes to just you know act lame to exaggerate his injury what to set himself up in a fourth or what hoping that maybe the Eagles would become aggressive and and blitz and allow open lanes I don't think so when you're at that level of football I believe that you go all out you look to take advantage of what you have in front of you and sure everybody is it's gonna try to you know outsmart you but I don't think you need to result to uh school yard tactics and you know faking injuries or you know trying to exaggerate injuries to quote unquote you know get a leg up you heard from Patrick Mahomes bigging up his head coach Andy Reid you heard Andy Reid bigging up Patrick Mahomes well right now I want you to hear from Travis Kelsey because Travis Kelsey in his own right he's on the receiving end of many of those Patrick Mahomes passes and Travis Kelsey when he wasn't streaming like a lunatic he showed some love to Patrick Mahomes as well toughest son of a gun you ever you ever met man that Texas that Texas gunslinger ain't gonna let nothing get in the way no he's not they had this man at at Disneyland this afternoon I don't know if it's the most magical place on earth but that's what happens when you're Super Bowl MVP that's what happens when you win another MVP MVP second career Super Bowl second career MVP second Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes is the 11th player to win the Super Bowl and league MVP in the same season he's the first to do that since Kurt Warner in 1999 the greatest show on turf he is the sixth man to win league and Super Bowl MVP in the same season he's only the 13th quarterback to win multiple Super Bowls and every one of those guys except for Mr. Jim Plunkett of the Raiders is in the damn Hall of Fame he's a three-time All-Pro he's been to five Pro Bowls twice he's led the league in touchdowns this past season he set a league record an NFL record for yardage when it comes down to passing rushing this is this is ridiculous what he's doing Patrick Mahomes could disappear tomorrow from the NFL and Patrick Mahomes would be a Hall of Famer just in these short years since he took over for Alex Smith that feels like yesterday the man burst onto the scene and said hey guys here's 50 touchdowns give me an MVP and then went to an AFC Championship game and lost to some guy named Tom Brady like Patrick Mahomes is the real deal Ryan Clark who played defensive back in the NFL he was on ESPN and he took it a step further than what the hell I just said he put Patrick Mahomes on on god level listen to this when the Philadelphia Eagles have to settle for a field goal to go up 27-21 you think that it's that drive that Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs have the three conference championships that he's won and then it's watching him play and what he means to this team to me Patrick Mahomes is already top three all time you're going to include him in conversations with Joe Montana and Tom Brady but then when you look at both of those players as compared to Patrick Mahomes and the skill set and the talent and the things that he can do on the field that we've never seen I don't believe that's close and so I don't believe that's close and so now as he continues to win he continues to dominate he continues to lead he's going to creep closer and closer to who Tom Brady is and what Tom Brady has done yeah let's get there in time though we're talking about that in regards to accomplishments which is is reasonable you measure greatness when it comes to accomplishments and for that he's most certainly there I can think of a few other quarterbacks and he's in the conversation yes I'm not not throwing him out I look at someone like like Peyton Manning Peyton Manning didn't have the the team success that Patrick Mahomes had Peyton Manning didn't have the team success that Tom Brady had with the Patriots you know sometimes it's it's really a matter of the team and the structure that you have around you if you're great you're going to be great you know it attracts other great things it attracts other great talents it's like it's like the sun if you can be the centerpiece and you have something decent to start with you can go ahead and have better chances of success but when you have to think about 53 other dudes on a roster with you when you have to think about head coaching when you have to think about the parody in the NFL it's it's not an easy thing to do and so for the past several years let's think about this we've looked at Patrick Mahomes as an absolutely amazing talent when he took on Tom Brady after that loss in the Super Bowl where he was pretty much ravaged behind a poor offensive line the conversation wasn't so much of oh my god can can Patrick Mahomes be the greatest as is Patrick Mahome up in that upper echelon the conversation was oh he ain't never catching Brady well here we are people put that conversation right back on the table is it likely for him to get to seven Super Bowls no I'd say it's unlikely is it possible that he annihilates the record books his own way and and grabs more Super Bowls likely or we might never see Patrick Mahomes back in the Super Bowl again we have no idea that's why it's important to pay attention and watch but the fact that he's already you know in these conversations of Montana and Brady Manning you throw him in there Marino poor Marino no championships poor guy he is one of the greatest and there's nothing wrong with that but to look at the totality of his career can you wait until he's done is Patrick Mahomes gonna play another 10 years is he gonna play 13 more seasons until he's 40 is he gonna tack on I don't know maybe another 20 on top of this until he's 47 I doubt it sometimes you got to enjoy a good thing while you got it but he is one of the all-time greats I don't know if I'd want to throw him out there right now at number three like Ryan Clark did but he's certainly paving the way what he's been able to pick up and do up until now amazing absolutely amazing Sanjay's here from Corpus Christi go ahead Sanjay uh hi Jay how are you I'm good go ahead uh so for the Super Bowl would you say that Jaylen Hertz would have gotten the MVP if he had won yeah yeah he he's so yeah Jaylen Hertz would have won the MVP if he won but he did it the man had three rushing touchdowns he threw for another touchdown we haven't seen anybody have three rushing touchdowns since Terrell Davis did it that's a long time he was out there converting two-point convergence you know the sad thing here unfortunately about Jaylen Hertz is that we don't know if he'll be back we don't know if the eagles will be back Howie Roseman swung for the fences in constructing this roster he brought in a lot of great pieces on the defense he handed out a contract to A.J. Brown you don't have to worry about that but the offensive line is going to change there's going to be some guys on the defensive line that will change but the offensive line is going to change there's going to be some guys on the defense that changes and I know there are a lot of people upset in Philadelphia right now about that holding call we're going to get into that take your calls get into Hertz the eagles it's the JR Sport Brief Show on demand at
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