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JR SportBrief Hour 4

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February 14, 2023 1:58 am

JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR

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February 14, 2023 1:58 am

Was there truly a controversial penalty at the end of the game? JR looks at every angle of why it WASN'T 


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It's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm hanging out here with my main man, super producer and host, Dave Shepherd. We're talking to you.

Yeah, you, everybody listening all over North America. You could be hanging out in Hawaii. You could be in Alaska, San Diego, Boise, Kansas City, Colorado, Phoenix, home of the Super Bowl. You could be in Dallas. You could be in Minneapolis, Wisconsin, Chicago. You could be in West Virginia. You could be in Baltimore, New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina. You could be here in Atlanta with me. Maybe you're down in Florida. Maybe you're listening to New Orleans. I'm going to be hanging out here with you for one more hour.

You can always stay locked in on the free Odyssey app. Much love to all my folks riding on the road, listening on Sirius XM Channel 158. Everybody listening on a smart speaker. And of course, everybody tuned in on your local radio affiliate. We got, we got, we got a lot of affiliates, man. Tons.

Hundreds and hundreds of hundreds all across the country. And we've been talking about the Super Bowl. So we we've gone through Rihanna and we've talked about the actual game.

Andy Reid, Hall of Fame, Patrick Mahomes, Hall of Famer. What was the standout commercial? Did one exist? Like, I saw, I saw the flash. What else did I see? Hey, Shep, was that Will Ferrell? He got bit by zombies. Was that Will Ferrell?

That was, yes. Okay, I saw him get bit by a zombie. I saw a little zombie. I saw Alicia Silverstone.

I haven't seen her in 25 years. Uh, I saw Snoop Dogg wear Skechers. And I saw commercials for Jesus. Oh, that, yeah, that commercial.

I knew you would get that. Yeah, I remember that commercial. But there wasn't like one standout was there? Well, do you think there was a standout commercial? There wasn't, right? No, no, like there's no like said the entertainer where he spilled the, where he spilled the Bud Light on him or like the talking frogs.

Oh, the Budweiser, no, no, not the Budweiser frogs. Right. I think people are going to back to the well on so many of these. There's no real original ideas. Like you have talking babies and you go with the dogs and you, it's just, it's just the same thing each and every year.

I'm trying to think, like there was something, there's something where there's something we're glossing over though. Oh, Serena. Like she was in two commercials. What movie? She was the longest yard, right? Yeah.

She was, she was quoting, uh, any given, and that just, that just didn't work for me when she was quoting Al Pacino. Yeah. Right, right. See, I screwed that one up. Well, they're similar made in, you know, within four years of each other.

So you didn't screw that up. Okay. Plus Adam Sandler has been in a movie with Al Pacino before. So, Oh, they were the Pepsi, the Pepsi commercials where they were just like, you got to act like it tastes good.

You got to taste it to find out, right? Yeah. Steve, Steve Martin and Ben Stiller just trying to go with old Hollywood classic actors and comedians and that didn't land either. Did we miss like the, the Clydesdales? Were the horses there? I don't think they, I don't, I think, I don't think they were.

They've retired that, huh? Yeah, they did. You know, I mean, there was, um, uh, they had the rock, they had Rocky with his daughters.

I believe that that fell flat. Rocky? Yeah.

Sylvester Stallone, uh, when he was like talking out of the side of his mouth on one of the mountain tops and his didn't see that. Yeah. Well, we didn't miss much. Hey, did the rock make an appearance last night in any way, shape or form? I don't think so. Kevin Hart was in a commercial. Um, Oh yeah.

Kevin Hart was in a commercial with Poppy Undertaker. Yes. Yes.

Big Poppy. Yeah. Who else was there? I don't know. Ludacris might've been in that commercial.

Ludacris was there. Right. Right. Yeah.

These commercials sucked. Yeah, they did. The game didn't though.

Yeah. The game was good. We got lucky with that. Oh, well we, we, we, we thought it would be a good game. Andy Reid said it would be a good game. Listen to what Andy Reid had to say about how damn good this game was. And I guess it's fun to be good when you won. Listen, that game last night was a heck of a game. Uh, you really, I know Philly's hanging their head a little bit, but nobody really lost.

I mean, it was two great teams playing each other and, um, then two great cities. When is the parade? Oh, here we go.

Chief's kingdom champions parade finalized for Wednesday in Kansas city. Oh man. I'm not going to say, well, I, I've thought it out loud. I thought it to myself. Might as well say it. Yes, sir. No, who's, uh, somebody is going to be drunk.

Oh, I mean, we know the clear-cut public. Oh, well, we, we, we know it's, we know it's, uh, you know, that, that all time great tight end of theirs. I wonder if they're going to send an invite to Terry Bradshaw or if it's going to get a jab back at Terry Bradshaw, something funny JR, that you didn't allude to is Terry's gut and no disrespect because he's an alternate quarter.

As in gut, as in like a stomach, as in his stomach is bigger than the guy he was clowning on. And Andy Reed last time I checked is more than a decade younger than TB, the original TB, not Tom Brady, that being Terry Bradshaw. And he's clowning on him for his age. And it's Terry Bradshaw that many people believe should retire from Fox. And he's still going strong.

So it's like on multiple levels. It just look, look at who it's coming from. This isn't Michael Strahan, who was starring in co-starring in Magic Mike, making a remark and, you know, deriding Andy Reed for his weight. My God, Terry. Well, I guess Terry Bradshaw said he's 74. And he, I guess, as you mentioned, he's older, so he can afford to, you know, throw some crap back at him. Yeah.

Yeah. I wonder if Andy Reed gets a line in there about Terry at the, uh, cause. Terry Bradshaw has a gut? He's got a huge gut.

Huge. I can't tell, I can't tell sitting at the, uh, what does he do? He's sitting at the, uh. Oh no, just, just watch, no, just, just watch that 20 second clip of him, um, clowning on Andy Reed for cheeseburgers and, uh, waddling over there. You, you see the gut, you see the gut, like from outer space.

Terry Bradshaw struggling to fit into his jeans during quarantine is such a move. Yeah. I'm not surprised.

Yeah. Well, when we've had him here on the show, he's a nice guy. He's a great guy, but I. So the next time we talk to him, you ask him about his gut, okay? That's a deal.

I will do that, by the way. I don't, I don't care. It won't be me. No, because when you're that age, you really got to look after the circumference of your stomach. You can't be having that out there at 74 years old. It's not good for your health. Well, I guess at that point you live, you've lived enough.

You're like, hey, why not? Hey, 74 is still young, JR. Not for Terry Bradshaw with that gut. Your guy Vin was, had 15 more years of him.

Vin who? Scully? Yeah, he was, he was going 15 years after 74. Vin Scully didn't look like he ate cheeseburgers. Yeah, I know.

You got that right. Maybe he had a Dodger dog every now and then. He had no cheeseburgers.

Anyway, 855-212-4CBS. Tony's here from Massachusetts. Tony, did you, did you watch the commercials? Did you enjoy any of them? Did you care?

Yeah, I did. And they all sucked, man. They sucked. Every single one of them. Every single one of them. So actually the best, best commercial that they should have played during the Super Bowl, actually, they was doing before Super Bowl week. And there's like four different versions of it, but it's with Jerome Bettis, Eli Manning, and I don't know who the other guy is, but it's the one when he actually picks Bradshaw up from the convenience store and he's taped on the top of the bus in the chair and he's singing.

It sounds like he's tone deaf. That was probably the best commercial. That's better than any commercial that they showed on the Super Bowl. Now, what I wanted to say about the Super Bowl was Jalen, I'm proud. I'm so proud of like Jalen home, Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes.

I'm so glad that they showed up on the biggest stage, man. And they balled, especially Jalen Hurts, because one of the things going into the game was like, if we can get Philly into passing and make Jalen a pocket passer, then, you know, he's probably not even going to succeed. But let me tell you, man, that boy, Jalen balled. He balled. And I'm so proud of him, man, because that stigma he can't throw from the pocket.

That's dead. He's not a Lamar Jackson. That boy balled. I just wanted to hear what you had to say, because, you know, Patrick Mahomes is the man. And honestly, if he wins in the next four, eight years, let's just say health and they keep rolling.

If he wins every other year, the next eight years, he's going to be on the go. Well, I'm glad I'm glad you brought that up. And thank you, Tony, for calling from Massachusetts. No, Jalen Hurts did an excellent job last night saying his turnover, that he wasn't necessarily knocked into oblivion when he fumbled it. He just he just lost the ball.

You know, we had a caller last hour. Someone brought up the element of of Mahomes and Mahomes being able to just light up the world. And God knows how many championships he adds.

We don't know. He may not win another one, but we do have another era of quarterback. And I believe the question that was asked was was more along the lines of everybody is playing catch up to Mahomes.

All of the legends in the old guys are gone. There's no Tom Brady. There's no Phil Rivers here. Aaron Rodgers will probably be the last dude to go. We know Matt Ryan is going to be on his way out the door. It's no Roethlisberger, Breeze, et cetera.

These guys are gone. Somebody else is going to pick up a title. He's not winning all of them. He being Patrick Mahomes, he's not winning the Super Bowl every year.

And so all of those dudes, quote unquote, chasing him, the active guys, the other young dudes. The Josh Allens, the Burroughs, the Hurberts, maybe the Lamar Jacksons, if he can get get healthy and get a good team around him or a better team, I should say. Somebody else is going to win a Super Bowl. It's not going to be Mahomes every single year. And you can put Jalen Hurts in that conversation. Unfortunately, you got a lot of free agents. I mentioned a lot of the names earlier on in the show.

Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham, Jason Kelce, James Bradbury. So you never know when you're going to get that next shot and that next opportunity. I do want you to hear Jalen Hurts postgame. He has a great way of putting everything into perspective about how he can bounce back and pretty much use this loss as a learning experience. We lost.

We came in the win, came up short. So it's something that I know I had to motivate me. I've been here before. That's the beautiful thing about it.

So I figure it out. Everything ain't peaches and cream, nothing. You're going to have your good days. You're going to have your bad days. You're going to have your W's. You're going to have your L's. It's all about how you persevere.

It's understanding how you can take losses and build on top of them instead of looking at them as closed doors and shut down opportunities. This was the part that was going to suck about the game. You have two great quarterbacks who are easy to root for, easy to just watch. Patrick Mahomes doesn't do anything that makes you go, oh, I can't stand this guy. His brother sometimes can be a pain in the ass, but Mahomes is such a cool dude. Hertz is the same way.

And the fact that they were just lobbing flowers and roses to each other afterwards, it's like, whoa. Listen to Patrick Mahomes. He pretty much put to bed anyone or the idea that, oh, well, Hertz still has more to prove. Listen to this from Mahomes. Yeah.

I mean, if there was any doubters left, there shouldn't be now. I mean, the way he stepped up on this stage and ran through the ball, whatever it took for his team to win, I mean, that was a special performance that I don't want it to get lost in the loss that they had. I mean, even whenever we got all the momentum in that game and we went up eight points in the fourth quarter for him to respond and move his team right down the football field and run it in himself for the two-point conversion, it was a special performance by him. And I mean, you make sure you appreciate that when you look back on this game. Yeah.

He's, he's the only dude in addition to Terrell Davis to rush for three touchdowns in a game. And at one point the Eagles made it look too easy, too easy. Every time they were out there converting a fourth down, third down, let's convert, fourth down, let's convert. It was demoralizing.

It's like, damn, they just taking them to the woodshed, whooping that ass. Eight five five two one two four CBS. Sebastian is here from San Diego. You're on the JR sport brief show. Hey, how you doing? Excellent. Sebastian, how you doing?

I'm doing phenomenal. I'm surprised nobody talked about the, um, the Tubby TV commercial, you know, the one where it was just like magically changing to be the one that was changing the, um, it was changing the screen and everybody in their families. They're all freaking out. They're like, who's touching the remote? Who's moving the remote? But it was just the ad.

You're right. That, that was a standout commercial. Uh, were you watching the Super Bowl by yourself or were you with family? I was not, I was working on my Amazon driver and I was on the road. I saw it on, uh, I was watching the TV through, uh, as weird as it sounds to, uh, some people's houses while I'm driving by. Or were you a peeping Tom, peeping Sebastian? It was the only time they'll excuse it on a Super Bowl when you're an Amazon driver, but now never that, never that occasionally just watch the game.

No, you, you bring up an excellent point. Thank you, Sebastian. Uh, that, that to be commercial was, it was, you know, I, I was watching the Super Bowl by myself and so it was easy for me to just go, Oh, this is a commercial. It looked like a commercial and I know ain't nobody pressing buttons in my house. So I'm like, okay, this is, it was a cool concept. It was thoughtful. It was cool.

Shep, I know you were with your folks that when that to be commercial came on, did anyone suspect that somebody was messing around with the remote? Yeah, a little bit. Oh, somebody got got, huh? Yeah. Yeah. But, but, but that doesn't make me go on to purchase anything to be related.

You know, to be honest, like I have an idea of what to be, is it as to be, is it, it's just a streaming platform. If Sebastian hadn't mentioned to be, I never would've thought about it once again in my life. Yeah. Yeah. They didn't, they did.

I mean, they, I mean, they worked for Sebastian. I don't think, I don't think it resonated with most people. You know what else is, uh, is, is a poor just, it's a, it's a poor, it's just a terrible waste of money. When some of these, these commercials would have the QR codes, right? And the QR code would only be on the screen for a second. You're spending all this damn money for commercial QR codes are great.

You use them for everything. QR code for menu at a restaurant, a QR code for an advertisement, static ad, you know, outside QR codes for everything, but a QR code on a television screen. When you have a 30 second ad and the code is there for one second, who's pulling out their phone. Who's pulling out their phone to open the camera for a stupid, stupid QR code. That's going to be there for one second. It's dumb.

You know, it's funny, Jay, the super bowl is meant to bring you back in the time. I don't know if you caught this. I don't know how I forgot this, but do you, you know, scrubs was a very popular show, uh, with Zach Braff and, uh, never watched it. Okay.

And Donald Fay's unfair. Okay. You remember PD and remember the Titans? Don't remember. Anyways, you remember Greece, the movie? Yeah. Yeah. No Greece, John Travolta.

Right. So Olivia Newton, John, obviously, uh, unfortunately tragically passed away, you know, due to cancer too young of an age. Um, I thought they missed, I thought AT&T missed the boat or T-Mobile. I thought they missed the boat. There was a Greece commercial last night. There was a, there was, there was an homage to Greece, John Travolta.

And I don't know what the connection is with him and Zach Braff and Donald phase. And that's a whole nother discussion, but it would have been so cool if that was like a tribute to Olivia Newton, John. And I thought they completely dropped the ball on that, that, that, cause when, when you're watching the Superbowl, you're watching it with, with friends, but a lot of people watching it with their family. Um, and that would have brought people to an amazing time in our country's history in the late seventies when things were popping and a lot more loose and friendly and amicable.

And so that would have been a real moment to capitalize on that they just missed completely. Okay. I don't remember. You don't remember that commercial? No, I didn't see it.

But John Travolta singing with the, okay. Got it. Nope. Got it.

Sorry. You look good. John Travolta. He looked pretty good for 68 years old.

Yeah. Didn't John, he's going to sue me. Didn't he like, isn't he like doing a lot of stuff to his face? That's, I mean, what actor over the age of 55 years old doesn't do a lot to their face?

John Travolta. He looks, uh, nevermind. Got it. Yeah. Carl's calling from Atlanta. What's up, Carl? Hello. How you doing, buddy? I'm good. What's up? Hey, everything's good here in the APL.

We still celebrating with George Bulldog from back to back, but I was calling you. I, I, I mostly agree with you most of the time, but I just wanted your thoughts in there. You're out there with, you were talking about calls, you know, in the, in the form of the game. So I just wanted to say that if it's not something that just detrimental to the guy, not making a play to that point in a Superbowl of this magnitude, I just don't understand how you could kind of think that, that, that, that the first quarter just good as the last five minutes.

It is supposed to be. Why, why, why are you, why are you gonna, why are you going to treat it any differently? I mean, it could be the same call. He might see, but the thing is it's only magnified because it's the end of the game. Like, so, so what are we supposed to do? Have different rules because it's crunch time and basketball and basketball football. You know, it's this thing about that you, you know, okay, if the egregious, yeah, I get it.

I get it. But, but you don't call ticket tech ball calls. What is the Superbowl with the two best teams in the game in the last second of the game? So if it wasn't normal, what we normally do. So if it wasn't called, what is that fair to the Chiefs fans?

If it altered the end of the game for them, would that have been fair? Okay. Look, yeah. Okay. No, I'm asking.

I don't, I don't think you maybe I missed it. Would that have been fair? Okay.

Yes. And I'm gonna tell you why, because they get a chance to make the field goal and they get a chance to kick the ball off and stop Philadelphia on a long drive. So if you make that call, the game is over. So you want the referee, I understand, Carl, I understand the implications. I don't think it's fair for the referees and thank you to orchestrate the ending of the game. So it is fair because if they didn't call it, then the chiefs would have kicked the ball, probably through a field goal, a long ass field goal, and then the Eagles would have gotten a chance. That's not the referee's job to help now dictate the game. They naturally dictate the game through the play calls, but it's being what the players do.

Referee's not supposed to be out here giving handouts. I know there's a lot of jokes and conversations and it kind of played out now. The script. The player X didn't get the script. The referee didn't get the script.

There's scripts for this. Like, come on, stop. They got 60 minutes. I don't care if it's minute one in the third quarter, a minute one in the first, just stop.

Eagles lost because they ain't playing no defense at the end of the game. Problem? Case closed.

They got 60 minutes. Problem? Case closed. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. I'm going to get some more of your calls on the other side. And you know what?

I just thought about the one Super Bowl commercial that I actually liked. I'll tell you about it on the other side on CBS Sports Radio. J.R., I'm a first-time caller, long-time listener. I love your freaking show, man. I listen every night. I make my 14-year-old listen to your show, and he's an addict too.

Keep doing what you're doing. I'm out. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the J.R. Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. You know, now that I thought about it, one commercial that did stand out to me during the Super Bowl was that flag football commercial. That was pretty good, Shep. I enjoyed that one. You know what the hell I'm talking about? I do not know. You don't remember the flag football with the young lady?

They were trying to take her flags? I remember the Pro Bowl in the flag football, which apparently was a success, but not the commercial itself. Yeah, that commercial last night was great. It had Jalen Ramsey was in it, Sauce Gardner, Aiden Hutchinson. All the guys that will never play in the Super Bowl one day.

I thought that was kind of fun. I mean, I know Ramsey had in the past, but yeah. What are you, Terry Bradshaw now?

Sheesh. Throwing shots. I'm just saying, these young guys should worry about getting to the Super Bowl, not making Super Bowl commercials.

If I'm Aiden Hutchinson. This was an NFL commercial. All right. It's an NFL commercial. The NFL puts its NFL players in commercials and they do a good job. Well, apparently it was so good that no one's talking about it. I don't know how you don't remember that one. You're telling me about Greece, that NFL flag football. It was about women's sports and flag football. Oh, now I sound like a jackass. This is a commercial about women's sports? I mean, I'm all for that and diversity and growing.

Yeah, you do sound like a jackass. It was for the promotion of women's sports. I didn't know that part.

Okay. It's produced by the NFL and they were trying to take her flag. She was running through the whole neighborhood, through the whole city, and you had NFL players trying to take her flags. Is it Allison Felix or something? Who was the young woman?

She was just a young woman. Just a fun commercial. Check it out. I'm going to have to at this point. Yeah.

When you check it out, maybe you won't be such a jerk about it. I'm going to take my foot out of my mouth. Sorry, Terry. Yeah, Terry Bradshaw. You're kind of gunning for his spot. Hey, Lee is calling from Cleveland.

You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, Jared. How are you doing? I'm okay, Lee.

What's up? Well, I'm going to ask you about a certain quarterback if I can. It seems to me that he's blackball. He'd never be on NFL talk shows or nothing, and I'm speaking about Joe Namath. Is he blackballed from NFL?

No, Lee. Joe Namath was actually at NFL Honors last week. He has been for many, many years now. I've actually met Joe Namath at NFL events. He is not blackballed.

People do not forget what took place with Susie Colbert. That was at this point maybe 20 years ago, but Joe Namath, he is alive. He is well. He is on commercials. He is on red carpets. Joe Namath is okay. Thank God.

And thank God he's wearing a suit instead of stockings. Hey, Marco, do you remember the flag football commercial? Do you remember that, the young lady running around the city? Yeah, and her mom's trying to take the flag from her too? Yeah, I remember.

Right, right, right. Did you have a standout commercial? Did they all suck? No, I mean, there was nothing that jumped out to me, but I'll be fair, watching it with little kids, especially my daughter that's two, and I'm reading Elmo books and whatnot, commercials is not what I'm paying attention. Did she go to sleep easy? No, she went to sleep way after the game was over.

So yeah, no, sleep is not something that any of my children do. It's great. Damn. Damn, Marco. Damn, Marco. Damn. Sheesh. Hey, what are you gonna do?

Can't win them all, right? I don't know. What are you giving them? You giving them caffeine? You giving them coffee?

You know, that would be something. Maybe I should try that. Maybe see if that'll work.

I don't know. Don't take my advice on parents. When you give them a little bit of rum, they go right to bed. Yeah, I've been trying to convince my wife of that for a long time. She's not down with it though. All right, let's relax before we both get ACS cold on us. Let's get out of that quickly. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio. We are not giving alcohol to kids. Just believe it, okay?

We are not. 855-212-4CBS. You are listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. I really, really respect you, man. I don't always agree with you, but you are really, really good at your job. Smart, well-spoken guy. And I respect how you listen to people, even if they have different opinions than you. And you seem like one of the rare people in your industry who's willing to hear things and potentially change your mind. So I love that.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Has somebody got married or a couple got married at the Dallas Mavericks game? Like at half, they got married at halftime. I've seen the proposals at basketball games, the real ones, the fake ones, everything in between. A marriage? Shep, you ever seen that before?

Not a proposal, yes, but never a marriage. That must have cost them, I don't know. 50, 60? How much you think Mark Cuban charged them for that?

A lot. Unless they're his friends or something, I don't know. He's got a lot of those too, so... Yeah, I wouldn't want to get married at no Dallas Mavericks game. I wouldn't want to get married at any sporting event. A destination wedding for you, JR? A destination wedding for me?

Yeah, Hawaii, you know, Aruba, Caribbean, et cetera. I don't know. Let me find a wife first, Shep.

One step at a time. Fair enough. Maybe I should... I gotta try one of them apps that we were talking about last week? Let me tell you something, you do not need an app, my friend. I may just do an app. You don't need an app, trust me. Oh, okay. What are you, there are bad experiences there? I'm just saying, when you have the kind of resume you have, when you have the gifts that you have as a human being and your ability to communicate with people, you don't need an app.

It's a detriment to you. I'm gonna create my own app. Well, let me tell you, so I'm getting off the apps as we speak. When you create your own app, you got your beta customer.

Count me in. Well, I don't want you on my app. It's just gonna be me. Oh, okay.

Well, then good luck for you, sir. Like, it should just be Tinder for me. It's the JR app.

You just swipe and I just pick. You know what I did see? I did see a reality show, Find Your Farmer. That's something that's gonna be on Fox in April, I believe, yeah. I believe I saw, I heard about that once. Find Your Farmer?

I believe so, unfortunately. Where does this take place? Well, clearly on a farm. Yeah, but where? There are farms all over the place.

Where? Montana, would be my guess. You see, but there's a difference between a farm in Pennsylvania versus a farm in Montana. Of course, of course, yeah. One's probably gonna have a little more space.

When you talk about being in the Midwest, all the way out there with Colorado's of the world, the, you know, Wyoming's, there's a lot of green and a lot of pasture out there. They got a lot of balloons just floating all over the place, too. We know what happened with that a couple weeks ago. Oh, there's more, there's more balloons, man. Yeah.

There's balloons everywhere. Yeah. Anyway, 855-212-4CBS. Bobby calling from Atlanta. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Bobby? Hey, Joe. How you doing, big guy? I'm very well, man. What's up? Hey, man, I just wanted to tell you and shit, y'all be cracking me up, big guy.

You're welcome. Yeah, but I had to come in on the game, right? Yeah. One of, couple of caller called in, somebody, you know, the guy wasn't, but the chief wasn't complaining. He complained a couple of times. Matter of fact, he was jumping up and down. It's like, they just calmed it down, you know, because, you know, you don't want to get no penalty or anything like that.

And you can, you know, you can just about read the real mouth. He told the guy, he told him to clean it up. He told him that a couple of times. So, you know, everybody was talking about why he called, threw the flag at the end of the game. Threw the flag at the end of the game. You know, something, you can't clean it up. You know what I'm saying? Okay.

Yeah, no, it's a penalty. Appreciate you, Bobby. I'll be glad. Y'all have a good one.

You too. Yeah, I didn't see Juju Smith-Schuster being demonstrative about the call. Pretty relaxed to me. Connor's calling from Buffalo. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Well, yo, thank you for me out, man. Yeah, no problem, Connor.

What's up? You're a god in my eyes. I just wanted to say that. I'm sorry?

You're a god in my eyes, brother. Oh, okay. That's, that's a lot, but go ahead. But, yo, I just thought that, uh... Hey, shut up. I had a, I had an idea that that's where that guy might go. Yeah. I mean, wow. I should have, should I have, I should have hung up when he said I'm a god in his eyes.

Whoa. Well, I, so I, I honestly have never heard that before. I just thought that was like a sentimental, a genuine compliment towards you. That was a little creepy, man. Okay, I didn't see, I didn't perceive it that way. But then nobody ever said, you're a god in my eyes.

This is not going to end well. Nobody ever said that to me. I don't know if I ever want to hear it again. That's not going to be on an app anytime soon. What? At that line. You're a god in my eyes?

No thanks. I'd rather just be a, I'd rather just be a human being walking the face of the earth. I'm okay with that. Rich is calling from Chicago. What's up, Rich?

Good evening. Hey, I, I agree with your assessment. I was telling Shep this about one call doesn't really win or lose a game.

But my take on a fish egg is a little bit different. I want to get your take on this. I think what's happening, and I'm an old school guy back when they had much different rules. The rule changes have changed the way these guys call the game. And you had mentioned earlier that that's a penalty. That's debatable. But here's, here's what the players want.

And I've heard this from several. How is it, before you go on, how is it debatable of whether or not it was a penalty when the guy who committed the penalty said it was a penalty? Well, I think he bailed the ref out. But let me tell you why. Wait, why would he bail the ref out for what?

Well, ask his teammates if they thought that that should have been penalized. No, no, that's irrelevant. It's irrelevant as to whether or not this, this is two separate things. And we discussed this earlier in the show.

I don't know if you heard it. Now, there is a difference between it being called and there's a difference between it existing. There is no debate as to whether or not it was a penalty.

Anyone can debate whether or not it should have been called. Those are two separate things. Well, but go ahead. Well, let me finish because we're more on the same page than you think. I was talking about everybody refers to a 50-50 ball.

Obviously, common reference to guys can go get it, right? A 50-50 ball doesn't get a 50-50 call. And let me explain that. How often do you see offensive pass interference versus defensive pass interference? And both guys legally are entitled to make a play on the ball. What you said earlier is true but here's where I have a gripe. Not that the call made made the ultimate difference. I'm not complaining about that. And even though I did have, I was on the wrong side. Oh, please, please, please hurry. I am but no, you're not. That, that, all right, well then I won't finish.

Go ahead. It's, it's, it's, I think consistency is what I was trying to bring up. If you're going to call it one way, do it the whole game. Baseball and basketball players adjust. If they call tiki tack fouls, the players adjust during the course of the game.

Same thing with a strike zone in baseball. But if you're going to call it, call it throughout the game. That wasn't going on. Well, Rich, Rich, you could have said that could have been the first thing that you said.

I should have probably. All right, you're right. Well, thank you. That's it. All right, we got the preamble there. Four score and we need the preamble.

I can agree with that. Maybe there weren't any other penalties. I'm sure that there were but maybe the referees didn't see them. I don't think the referees wake up and go, I'm going to call this one but not that one.

That doesn't work that way. Can we give the, and I'm not, can we give the referees some credit? I'm not saying they're perfect. They're not perfect. Nobody's perfect. We'll call it the whole game. Well, that's easy for you to say.

You ain't out there running around with these giant human beings doing it. Ralph is here from Miami. Hey there, how you doing? I'm okay, go ahead. I agree with you. I don't know why everybody want to play this game at the last minute call.

Please come on, it's the last minute call and I hear your call, your show all the time and you mentioned the same thing all the time. There's 30 minutes in the game. I can't sit down and base the game in 30 minutes. I watched the game and I was rooting for both teams and I was just going for the momentum and Eagle had the momentum at the beginning of the game is they just lost the momentum at the end of the game. So, it was just a great game. It was not based on the last call. Eagles made a lot of mistakes at the beginning of the game. They had a way to win the game since the beginning but due to the mistake that they made that caused them to lose the game also too.

So, the last call did not cause them to lose the game. Yes, defense and thank you Ralph for joining the show and getting right to your point. I appreciate that. Chris is calling for me.

Hey, what's going on? Hey, so the only reason I don't like that penalty at the end of the game is yes, it was holding technically and I'm sure that kind of holding was going on the whole game except because they called that penalty the Eagles couldn't respond and that's the reason we change the overtime rules is to let the other team get a chance to respond. Yeah, I actually mentioned that maybe last hour or so of the show. I agree with you. Well, thank you Chris. I agree with you man. Not from the aspect of the referees should now be lenient but from a fan's perspective of I want to I want to see this and they changed the rule to give the other team a chance but what are the that that wasn't as a result of the referees blowing a whistle that was as a result of just the flat rules of overtime the premise is the same yeah you want to see football played who wants to see somebody sitting on the clock nobody but it's not the referee's job to go oh yeah well uh yeah if I don't if I don't call this then this is fourth down and then the Eagles will get the ball back and let's see if they can score I mean this is this is not the script that everyone's referring to oh man NFL got a script there's a script here there's a script there there's not where we at so let's just call a spade a spade and say that the Eagles sucked in the second half they ain't stop anybody and that's why they lost that's what Nick Sirianni said let's hear Nick Sirianni before we get the hell out of here this is what Nick Sirianni had to say you'll see me on the sideline I'm going to argue with different things of calls here and there but it's not my job to make the call those guys got to do that in in split second um you know scenarios um and so you know that's what he saw and he called it and so that's never it I know it always appears to be that you know it's one call that makes the it's not it's not what it is right it's not what it is there's there's so many plays that contribute to the the end result of the game and and today they were better than we were yeah can yeah so what is both Bradbury and Sirianni bailing out the refs what do they have to gain by that actually gain respect for me by not being whiny crying you know what play better next time don't leave it in the damn hands of the officials do that and yeah I say that all the time too because it's true it's the JR Sport Brief show here on CBS Sports Radio I'm just about done I'm gonna be back with you tomorrow 10 p.m eastern time 7 p.m pacific if you want to holler at me I'm on social media at JR Sport Brief that's twitter facebook and instagram thank you to super producer and host Dave Shepherd thank you to all of you for tuning in all across North America and much love to all my friends and everybody out in Lansing Michigan unfortunately a shooting taking place at Michigan State University I'll be back with you tomorrow folks be safe be cool be smooth much love to you don't move here on CBS Sports Radio Amy Lawrence she's coming up next listen up team we've got a game to win so here's the strategy deposit 200 dollars at and get 450 dollars immediately to play with sign up today at or call 1-800-79-BETUS be like me bet for free
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