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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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February 15, 2023 12:45 am

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sport Brief / JR

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February 15, 2023 12:45 am

JR looks at the latest Aaron Rodgers/Derek Carr rumors to determine where both veteran QBs end up


You're listening to the JR Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio.

It's the JR Sportbrief show on CBS Sports Radio. Happy Monday night to you. I hope you had a good month. Whoa, damn. Chef, what's today? Uh, today is Tuesday. Damn, I said Monday? It feels like a Monday. What, is it because of the Super Bowl?

I was just being nice just because you said I was trying to make you feel better. Wow, today is Tuesday folks. Soon to be Wednesday. It's about to be Wednesday, yeah. Happy Valentine's Day to you out there.

I heard there was traffic all over the place. People are trying to run the supermarkets and buy flowers so they can buy flowers and act like a jerk tomorrow. You know how it goes? Ah, Valentine's Day. Let me treat you nice today and treat you like garbage tomorrow. But I love you because I got your flowers. Be nice every day.

Try to do something special every now and then. Anyway, it's the JR Sportbrief show on CBS Sports Radio. It is Tuesday. I'm going to be hanging out here with you for the next three hours. Thank you to super producer and host Dave Shepherd. Thank you to everybody who locked in to hour number one of the show because I've been hanging out here for an hour already.

Every weeknight I get started at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. I've also learned that this is basically an alarm for some of you. I'm looking at Twitter here. You can follow me on Twitter at JR Sportbrief.

I have been made aware Jeremiah Bonds. Whenever JR Sportbrief comes on I know my daughter should be sleeping. She isn't.

Laughing while crying faces. Well listen, I hope that you and your daughter can get some adequate sleep. Your sleep patterns don't have a damn thing to do with me. But anyway, if you missed the first hour of the show you can hit rewind on the free Odyssey app. Thank you to everybody listening on our many CBS Sports Radio affiliates. Thank you to people tuned in on Sirius XM 158 and everybody listening on a smart speaker.

And so whether that smart speaker is in your phone, whether it's in one of these stupid Alexa things, I don't know where it is, whatever it is, just ask your speaker, computer, phone, whatever, to play CBS Sports Radio. We opened up the show by talking to you about all the movement in the NFL today. The Eagles lost both their offensive coordinator, their defensive coordinator, and they got to promote dudes from within.

They got to look to the outside as Shane Steichen, offensive coordinator for the Eagles. He's now the head coach for the Indianapolis Colts. And I guess there's a theme of crying tonight because he was very thankful for his new job with the Indianapolis Colts. He decided to thank all of his former Eagles players and he was crying while he did it.

Listen. Thank you to AJ Brown, Devante Smith, Quiz Walkins, Zach Paschal, Dallas Goddard, Jack Stoll, Grant Calcutta, Miles Sanders, Boston Scott, Kenny Gainwell, Jordan Malotta, Landon Dickerson, Jason Kelsey, Isaac Suomala, Lane Johnson, Ian Book, Gardner Minshew, and last but not least, Jalen Hurts. Thank you to each and every single one of you guys. I would not be sitting here today if it wasn't for you. It's all about the players and it'll always be about the players. And I will be forever grateful for you guys.

And I wish you guys all the best going forward. There's going to be a lot of crying for that man when he takes a look at the Indianapolis Colts roster. That's not going to be the last tears that he shed. Meanwhile, the Arizona Cardinals, they have a new head coach as well. Jonathan Gannon, he's the former defensive coordinator for the Eagles and he didn't cry.

He didn't even have a press conference yet. I guess he was too busy packing up his house in Philly and he decided to send a video message to all of the Cardinals fans. Listen to this and tell me how inspired you are. What's up, bird gang? Jonathan Gannon, your new head coach, Arizona Cardinals, ready to get to work. Buckle up. We're going to have some fun. Bird gang, buckle up.

Sounds like something that you play before one of these. Let me not say that. Can we hear that again? Let's hear that one more time. What's up, bird gang? Jonathan Gannon, your new head coach, Arizona Cardinals, ready to get to work. Buckle up. We're going to have some fun. Buckle up.

We're going to have some fun. Sounds like a substitute math teacher. Man, get your ass out of here. That's four times too many. Trying to teach me algebra. You're not my real teacher. Get out of here.

Buckle up for math. Shut up. At least he did well in the Super Bowl.

Who? At least he did well in the Super Bowl. Right, he did as his players were slipping and sliding on the turf. A great audition.

Yeah. Well, he got a job. He did good throughout the course of the year. But as his former comrade there, his former offensive coordinator mentioned, yeah, we got a lot of players to thank. And so we have no idea ever how these new head coaches are going to work out. We never know how any of these coaches are going to work out.

They basically get plucked off of a tree. This team went to the Super Bowl. This team had success. And let me just go ahead and hire this guy on my team.

OK, fine. Nathaniel Hackett, oh my God, he worked with Aaron Rodgers. He's going to be great for Russell Wilson.

Yeah, sure. He sucked at everything else, including Russell Wilson. Oh my God, we got Adam Gase. Adam Gase used to take care of the laundry for Peyton Manning. He's going to work wonders in Miami, in New York. And Adam Gase, where the hell is he?

Just staring into space right now. You know, you got guys like Steve Wilkes. Don't get a chance. Don't get an opportunity.

You never know. Hiring a head coach is hit or miss, unless you got the talent. And most head coaches worth a damn pretty much say that every single time. Shane Steichen hasn't coached a game in the NFL. And in his first press conference, he's rattling off a list of who's who's of Eagles players saying that we ain't squat without them. Andy Reid wins the Super Bowl and he's just like, man, I ain't doing this without Patrick Mahomes.

Bill Belichick has opened up his mouth repeatedly and has said, man, it's the players. Good luck to Shane Steichen. Good luck to Jonathan Gannon. Let's see what you do with the, with the Arizona Cardinals.

Have fun. Let's see if your quarterback will pick up Call of Duty or a book and then have fun with the Indianapolis Colts as they look for their future quarterback. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. We have so much to get into. You know, we talked about Derek Carr last hour.

He's now a free agent. I'm going to get into Eric Bienemie. I want to talk about Lamar Jackson.

The Ravens now have a new offensive coordinator from right down here in Georgia. So we got a lot to touch on. Let's just get to the phones.

Let's start off. AP is calling from North Carolina on the JR Sport Brief Show. Hey guys, how you guys doing? Hey JR. Hey Shep, how you guys doing?

Excellent, man. What's up, AP? Hey, I just got two things. Number one, that dude Gannon sounds like a father who hates his kids, but somebody's paying him to love him.

That's how, who it sounds to me. Wait, wait, hold on a second. Wait, wait, wait. Let's, let's hear it again.

Is that accurate, Shep? Let's, let's hear that again. What's up, bird gang? Jonathan Gannon, your new head coach, Arizona Cardinals, ready to get to work. Buckle up.

We're going to have some fun. So you said this man sounds like somebody who's being paid to love his kids? Yeah, it's horrible, man.

It's just, it's bad, man. Well, Nick Sirianni, Nick Sirianni could barely get a sentence out during his introductory press conference and he just coached the Super Bowl. So maybe Jonathan Gannon will do better.

We'll see. And one more thing, the Panther Nation here is thinking that Derek Carr's going to come here, although he's a little bit of a crybaby. Me, personally, I would accept him if he just wiped the tears away and just go out and play football.

Yeah, I would too. If Sam Donald was my quarterback, man, I'd be wiping tears away too and taking on anybody. Thank you, AP. Like, where do the Carolina Panthers have to go? Where they going to go? You got Frank Reich now, could have had Steve Wilkes, but you got Frank Reich now. Who wants to look at Sam Donald throw, throw footballs, huh? Sam Donald selling tickets at Bank of America Stadium?

8-5-5-2-1-2-4 CBS. Adam is here from Toronto, Canada. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up, Adam?

Hey, JR, I really appreciate you taking my call, man. Oh yeah, Jonathan Gannon couldn't motivate me to do five push-ups, but that's besides the point. Um, look, if I'm the Jets, right, and I can't go out and get Aaron Rodgers, I think I'd rather take Jimmy G over Derek Carr. I know the house is in complete question because Jimmy G is made out of the same material as Anthony Davis. They were both made in the same lab together, but I mean, if Jimmy G was healthy, I'd rather take him. I think that the problem with Derek Carr is that every time he's about to enter the top 10 quarterback conversation, he takes one step forward and then three steps back. I think Jimmy G's more of a winner. He's been to the big game. I think in, in the big game, he did enough to win it.

Um, unfortunately, Patrick Holmes is just Patrick Holmes and came up super clutch, but I don't know about you, man, but I'd rather take Jimmy G if we can stay healthy. Uh, I just want to hear your thoughts. I appreciate you taking my call, man. That's a big if, Adam. Thank you, man.

But that's a big if. We got people listening just all over the country right now. We got folks tuned in. They're at work. They're in their car at work. They just minding their business at work. We have people who are stealing money at work, listening to me right now.

Come on, man. Just because you got a job doesn't mean you earning your money. And what good is anybody who's getting paid, but doesn't show up? I don't care what you do. What, what, what good am I if I just walked into the studio and just sat my ass down and just said, ah, I'm just going to play interviews all day.

What good am I if I've walked into the studio and said, Hey, Shep, you talk like, what, what, what's the purpose of that? Like show up to work and do your job. Jimmy Garoppolo doesn't show up for his job because he can't stay healthy.

I would, I would agree wholeheartedly with that. With that being said, there were some durability issues about Matthew Stafford. He was in the right system with the right coach. We saw what that turned into in 2021 when he had the pieces around him as well.

Cooper cup, shout out to him, right? So if you put him in the right system, JR, Jimmy G can thrive. He can get hot for an eight, nine game stretch. You're not expecting him to play 17 games in the season.

Okay. It's a 17 game season, but look who the jets have had. They have had next to nobody. You, me and our next door neighbor could play as good quarterback as Joe Flacco last year, who was a statue and that's paying him a compliment that has nothing.

Wait, wait, there's two separate conversations going on here. I ain't talking about the, the New York jets who they bring in as quarterback, right? They're going to have no choice. Jimmy Garoppolo would be a better option than anything that they've had recently. Derek Carr would be a better option for the New York jets than anything that they've had recently. Obviously Aaron Rogers would be a better option than anything that they've had recently.

If you were to choose any of the three, Jimmy Garoppolo would be the last and final option because he does not play. He does not stay healthy. JR in fairness though, you and I both know I've never heard a teammate knock, deride, ridicule, disparage Jimmy G the way I have from multiple teammates that have even won with Aaron Rogers, just absolutely rake him over the coals because of his personality and lack of leadership. He can be, not my, not my words, not my words. NFL players don't talk trash about their fellow dudes when it comes to injuries.

They don't do it. No, but no, but in terms of Jimmy G as a leader, like, like, like, like you hear all the dirty laundry being aired about Carson Wentz and, and Kyler Murray and Aaron Rogers. We're not talking about personality. No, but no, but what I'm saying is Aaron Rogers can literally divide a locker room. Jimmy G ain't going to do that. He's not going to be drama.

He may not show up. None of that, none of that matters. But JR, but look at the playoff success that Aaron Rogers has had compared to Jimmy G the last five years, who has doubled up in win total. None of all of that is irrelevant.

It matters a little bit, no? No, all of it is irrelevant for the New York Jets. If you're the New York Jets, you're looking for talent.

You're looking for the most talented quarterback who gives you the best chance and opportunity to win. Nobody gives a damn about Aaron Rogers and his personality. People know that Aaron Rogers is not sticking around forever.

It's not about dividing a locker room. It's about, Hey man, when you step out there onto the field, can you help deliver the New York Jets to a place that they have never been? And when I say never, I mean, never them winning the super bowl in 68, 69 with Joe Namath was a flash in the pan. They haven't had success ever. The New York Jets have an opportunity to bring in someone like Aaron Rogers and they know this might be their best chance in maybe 20 years, not even counting AFC championship games from a decade ago to legitimately compete in the AFC East and go to the playoffs.

When you have that chance, it's like going up the home plate and saying, man, I can hit a single and I can hit two singles and then maybe I can hit three singles and score, or man, I might as well just go for it all. The New York Jets have been so damn downtrodden. They're not trying to build their team for the future at the moment. Put Zach Wilson over there to the side.

This is a team that's like, Hey, we need to hit a grand slam and go for it right now. It doesn't matter about either one of these guys' playoff success. It's about their talent level. And so regardless of whether Aaron Rogers is Mr. Congeniality or whether or not he's deciding to go into another wilderness retreat, Aaron Rogers would be the most talented quarterback the New York Jets have ever had in their history. And he's not even the same caliber of dude he was a few years ago.

And that's the key point though. You're mentioning the talent. No one's going to deny that, but you and I both very well know that talent dissipates in the playoffs.

How many games is this guy going to blow and play mediocrity in the playoffs? Irrelevant. He has been so irrelevant and he's had every single home field advantage the last five years and it doesn't matter. He gets outplayed every single time at Lambeau. Irrelevant.

Irrelevant. We're talking about the New York Jets here. You're talking about his talent level. It's not like he just flat disappears.

It's not like his talent just goes down the drain. Has he had success? No. Has he become a little reticent in the postseason? Yes. He's become a little careful when the postseason comes along.

He's not as aggressive, but it's not like, what's that? You know movies. What's the one where the dumb chick rolls around in the pumpkin?

What's that? Cinderella? Yeah, but I've never heard anyone describe Cinderella as dumb though, but yes. I'm calling her dumb chick rolling around in a pumpkin. How stupid you got to be to be in a pumpkin? Yeah, her carriage turns into a pumpkin at midnight, correct?

Yeah, that's a, that's a dumb chick to me. But anyway, Aaron Rodgers, it's not like all of a sudden he's a, he's a piece of trash quarterback. If you want to only judge him by what has taken place in the postseason, that's still somewhere the New York Jets are unfamiliar with. And if I have to think about the totality of a season and what I might want it to be, this is still someone who has had, and maybe not recently over the past several years, he's had plenty of success as a quarterback. He's a hall of fame quarterback.

He still has juice. He has experience winning a championship. He has everything the New York Jets have not had.

And so I know it's real easy to live in a what have you done for me lately world. Aaron Rodgers would be the best option for the New York Jets at quarterback. Give it to Sands bringing in Jimmy G for what? To be hurt in game number 10? Like the New York Jets have been through this before. If you're going to swing, swing for the damn fences. If you're going to strike out, strike out with the biggest and most talented option, not the one who can't show up to work.

It sucks. These are the New York Jets. They ain't got nothing to lose. 855-212-4CBS. It's 855-212-4CBS. Speaking of Aaron Rodgers, he speaks is what he does. Every Tuesday on Pat McAfee. And today Aaron Rodgers took issue with Adam Schefter and Ian Rappaport. Aaron Rodgers wanted to let everybody know. No one knows what I'm going to do.

Not even those guys. Hear from angry Aaron Rodgers on the other side of the break. It's the JR Sport Brief Show, CBS Sports Radio. CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

So you were listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Man, I love your show. Every time I come home from work, it is a great listen. I just want to say, man, I love the show. What's up, JR? Thanks for taking my car, man.

I don't want to take first though. I love your show, bro. I listen to you almost every night, man.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Right before we went to break, we talked about, you know, some of the free agent quarterbacks, the top tier of quarterbacks who are going to be available. We don't even know what Aaron Rodgers is going to do. Aaron Rodgers is going to be going on a... What is he called?

I can never get it right. Is it darkness, wilderness? What is he... Darkness, right?

You got it right the first time. Darkness Retreat. A darkness retreat. A darkness retreat. I feel like I'm in a darkness retreat every day. But somehow Aaron Rodgers needs to go into a darker place.

And so he's been telling everybody for a few weeks now. He's going to go into this dark place. He's going to shut his brain off.

He's going to shut himself out from the world and just think. And be quiet. And get away from Pat McAfee and his podcast.

And get away from social media. And then he's going to make his grand decision again. And while he's in the process of this, Aaron Rodgers has also made it clear, don't listen to anybody.

Yeah. Adam Schefter doesn't know what I'm going to do. Ian Rappaport, they don't know what I'm going to do.

They don't have any damn sources as it relates to me. Aaron Rodgers, he was pretty straightforward about this on the Pat McAfee show earlier today. Listen. Listen to angry Aaron Rodgers.

I have no problem with Ian Rappaport. Schefter, I think they really get their jobs. When it comes to me, they don't know shit. They really don't. They don't have, they don't have inner source. They don't have people in my inner circle who are sources. I can promise you that. And anybody who would talk to them is not in my inner circle.

It's that simple. Oh wow. The inner circle.

Whoa. Hey Shep, you have one of them inner circles? You have one of them things? I'm not important enough to have an inner circle, unfortunately, JR. Do you have an inner circle? I ain't got no inner circle. You really don't?

No. Inner circle or what? I thought you did. What's a, what's an inner circle? Define inner circle. Confidants that you tell when you tell them it doesn't leave that conversation. Thinking. Thinking.

Like, for example, and again, I know something that you told me and disclosed to me a couple of months ago, which is huge. I didn't put the body there. I didn't do it.

No, not that one. But you alluded to the fact that there was also a big announcement and everyone was contacting me because, you know, apparently we can't contact National Weekday Hosts here. That's off limits, apparently. People can't talk to me? Because they don't want to bother you. They know how visitable you are. They know how busy you are.

So they contact me. And they go, Shep, JR put out this tweet. He's got this big announcement.

What is it? I said, that's not for David Shepherd to say. That's for JR to say.

And he'll say it when he feels it's appropriate. And so I'd like to think that I am one of the people in your inner circle. Yeah, yeah. So then I got one. It's you. No, well, there's more than me.

But it's you. There's more than me. Congratulations, Shep. You're part of the inner circle. Congratulations, Shep. You're part of the inner circle.

I appreciate that. Let's get some t-shirts. Yours will be a square. Oh, funny. Because I'm a square human being?

Thanks a lot. No, we can do inner circle shirts. And I'll be, I might as well have a triangle, like PlayStation. You know the PlayStation buttons? Yeah, of course.

Of course. Circle, square, triangle, and X. But JR, but in all seriousness, the significance of an inner circle is huge. Like Tom Brady may have never stepped foot again on an NFL field had he trusted his inner circle. Clearly, he don't have one.

His inner circle is oval. Well, whoever was his inner circle in 2021, that got decimated and blown up because they leaked something that they never should have to Adam Schefter. And that prompted Brady to be so fed up with how that went down that he came back just so he could be in control of his own retirement. How much of an inner circle can Tom Brady have when he has a whole digital media department orchestrating a retirement video? Like what is nobody supposed to know you quitting? Well, you got videographers and editors sitting around making a farewell message. They're probably making thousands of dollars and nobody's supposed to know what's going on. Come on.

But then that's not your inner circle. Maybe that's his, maybe it was his ex-wife. You know, you know. It could be.

Why not? I have too much respect for Bridget than to leak information to the media. Bridget? No, I'm talking about the other. They were married. Gisele Buncha? Gotcha.

Yeah, the most recent. He was married to both. He's got multiple ex-wives. I'm pretty sure he was married to Bridget. I know they had a kid together and he basically left mid pregnancy. This man, he has two ex-wives. I believe so. She's a partner.

She's something. I know that. Even if she wasn't his formal wife. This man never had an inner circle, okay? But JR, you know what's- Yeah, two ex-partners, no inner circle.

None. You know what's amazing about inner circles? Like, you know who's got the best inner circle?

And it does speak to his character because- Wait, wait. Hold on. You were judged by- I'm going to guess. Yeah. Kawhi Leonard. That's actually a great guess.

Well, I don't know if he speaks to anybody. Yeah, right. But when LeBron went back to Cleveland, that was the biggest story in all of sports. And somehow, you remember the article with Lee Jenkins and the cover of Sports Illustrated, you know, kind of- He just wrote a letter, right?

Exactly, paying homage to what happened in 2001 with The Chosen One. And so that was a great secret. When he went to LA, nobody knew. He did that on his own terms. He broke that. His inner circle broke that.

You know who does not have an inner circle? Tom Brady. Kyrie Irvin. Kyrie Irvin.

They screw him over every single time. Well, whatever shape he's in, it's obtuse, okay? That's fair. And flat. Yeah, well, you're flat. Hey, Marco Belletti, who's in your inner circle? I guess wife and kids. They count? They count, right?

Yeah, inner circle. You tell your kids secrets? Expect them not to tell nobody? Yeah, no. Don't tell mommy.

Yeah, no. I mean, I got my brother and sister. They're definitely there. I've got a couple of friends that we've been together. We've been hanging out since we were like 14, and we still do. So they're almost like brothers to me.

Oh, that's beautiful. Well, listen, Marco. When I'm back up in New York, I know how to handle a black garbage bag, bleach, electrical tape, and I know where the Rubbermaid factory is at. I'm very familiar with the woods of Westchester County. And if you ever need me to become a part of your inner circle, just give me a phone call, okay? Okay. See, this is stuff that we don't discuss, though, on the air. But, you know- Talking about, I like to put together plants and nature.

Yeah, no. These are things that we need to know about each other, but we probably should discuss them not on the air. Just to make sure that we're keeping things tight. I like agriculture. I like plants. Yeah, me too.

Yeah. Let me say this, Mr. Horticulturalist, both of you guys. I have spoken to Marco JR on several occasions. I've known Marco for a long time, over a decade now. He has never ever betrayed my trust. I believe Marco would be a solid member of your inner circle.

He's never betrayed me once. Marco, a chef will wear the square T-shirt. I'm going to wear a triangle. You want to be X or what's the other one? Circle. Which one? Like the PlayStation.

I was going to say, what do we do with PlayStation? Because this sounds right. I took it as an insult at first, Marco. You understand the square part? Yeah. Whatever one you want to give me. I don't know. I guess the fattest one. That'd be me. The circle. Yeah, the circle that makes sense. Yeah, I look like a circle. That sounds about right.

All right. We just need somebody to be the triangle for our inner circle. Anyway, it's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio. When we come back, speaking of Tom Brady, who has no inner circle, he defends Aaron Rodgers.

Yes, this is the world that we live in. Tom Brady is defending Aaron Rodgers. I'm going to tell you about what, and you'll hear it from Tom Brady himself. We're going to talk about Eric B. Enemy not having a job, DeMar Hamlin and more. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. The only reason I call, you made me laugh my ass off. I nearly collapsed on the floor with laughter.

When I turn you on, the first thing you said, and I think you should start writing some of this down and compile it into a book. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It ain't no laughing matter tonight. In Phoenix, Arizona. Oh yeah.

It's not just football. The Phoenix Suns are back to playing basketball downtown. The Phoenix Suns beat the Sacramento Kings 120 to 109.

Devin Booker played basketball. That was nice. Scored 32 points. Chris Paul had 17 points and 19 assists. That was nice. DeAndre Ayton had 29 points and 11 rebounds.

That is very nice. And then Kevin Durant made his debut on the bench. The most action that Kevin Durant got, a standing ovation and a little salute to the crowd when he was acknowledged on the big board. And late in the game, he was very enthusiastic about all of the fans in Phoenix getting free chicken sandwiches due to missed free throws, which is always fun. Anyway, 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. We were talking about Aaron Rodgers going on his retreat, his darkness retreat. Aaron Rodgers talking about his inner circle. And let's just listen to him.

This is him on Pat McAfee's show. Say that he hasn't gone on his retreat yet. It's actually starting this week. Listen, I'm not in my darkness retreat yet. What? Oh, yesterday. What? Nope. This thing has been planned for about four months and it was always the same date.

Always the end of this week. Oh. So anybody with knowledge to the opposite of that?

It's fake news. There's an inner circle, right? And in my inner circle, nobody talks to Ian Rappaport, to Adam Schefter, or to any of those people. Okay. So if you're one of those people who's talking to those people, it's a great reminder for you.

You're not in the inner circle. Aaron Rodgers is like a, he's like a mushroom using Dr. Seuss who throws football. Those footballs. Tom Brady, he was on his own podcast.

Let's go. I don't know if he'd go to the extent of Aaron Rodgers, but Tom Brady said, yeah, it's a, it's a good idea to turn your brain off from time to time. You know what? I hope he doesn't retire because like I said, I think the world, the, the, the league needs good quarterbacks and he's one of the greats. So if he retires, it'd be a sad day for the league. He's an incredible player and everyone has their different processes they go through.

And you know what? I think we all need to get off our phone a little bit more. I think we all need to get away from the TV a little bit more. I think we all need a little more nature and a little more silence and a little more peace and whoever he's going about it. Good for him. Everyone's got their unique way to process the season and we've all got to be on. It's very intense for all of us. And it's nice to, you know, everyone's gets to choose what they want to do, but certainly from standpoint of him leaving the game at his, the way that he's playing, he broke his thumb this year and still played tremendous.

And you could see as he got healthy throughout the year, how, how incredibly talented he is. So, you know, I hope the good players keep playing. That's what I hope is. That's what I try to do. And now you hope that the next generation does that.

And I hope they have the tools necessary to do that. Okay. All right, Tom Brady, whatever you're staying at home and Tom Brady was also active on social media today. I guess, uh, you know, kind of taking a take that it's, it's Valentine's day. He put up his own little post here, Tom Brady. Yeah.

Let's take advice from Tom Brady right now. Here it is. Love is not a transaction.

It is a certain exuberance and sweetness of your emotion. Did you know that Shep? No, I did not. Well now, you know, courtesy of Tom Brady. Meanwhile, Tom Brady's ex-wife, Gisele Bunchen, she decided to, uh, talk about the pure love that she has for her two dogs.

Happy Valentine's day to all. 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. Let's go ahead and talk to Daniel from Chicago. You're on the JR sport brief show. Hey Daniel, this is Daniel. How are you? I'm okay.

You know who you are? Yes. I'm talking to, I'm talking to my guy. Thank you.

What's going on? Yeah. I just let you know that I lost Philadelphia, but my 10 people, my friends, they enjoyed the game. Oh, that's right. You had a good, uh, you had a good Superbowl party.

Yeah. I got a good Superbowl party. My 10 friends, they came. I didn't see Shep. I didn't see Shep. You know, I was thinking he's going to come. Oh, Shep, Shep, why didn't you go to, why didn't you go see Daniel in Chicago?

I'm just screening a bunch of calls. Uh, I mean, uh, Daniel, Daniel, I would have, I would have, but I didn't know the specific address. My apologies, man.

You could have come to my house in Connecticut. Oh, next, next, next year. I invited you to come, you know. I'm sorry, Daniel.

Daniel, next year when my home's going for number three and it becomes the all-time greatest athlete. Okay. Next time when the Chicago Bears get to the Superbowl, I'm going to invite Shep and I'm going to invite Shep.

Okay. Well, I mean, I may not be around, uh, when the Bears go to the Superbowl. Listen, dude, when we go to the Superbowl, next year, this year, I mean, this year we're going, we got all these, we got all these drops. They're going to be, we're going to take all these, all these stuff from me. You know what, Daniel, I don't know if I want to come to your house. What you be putting in that food, man, you talking crazy.

You talking crazy, man. You send people home with food when they come to your house? I give them iced tea and I give them jalapeno fish. Okay. All right.

I think they might be sending in that tea. Hey, good luck to your Chicago Bears. Okay. Okay. Thank you. Okay. Thank you.

Appreciate you. 855-212-4CBS. Don is calling from Birmingham. You're on the chair of Sport Reef Shop. Hey. Hey, good to hear that. Thank you for taking my call.

Sure. Yeah, this is a retreat deal. It may be based on some Indian, you know, American Indian stuff. They had, they would do the same thing when they had a big battle coming up or a bigger season, they would hop into the desert or whatever and not have any food and water. And they would have visions. And there was some mushrooms involved with it, you know, but that may be what it's based on. And the other thing I want to talk about, and nobody wants to talk about it, is that field that's a super super bowl. It may have been manipulated.

It is sure to help out the way to teach. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Okay. The field was manipulated because it helped out the Chiefs. How about both teams on the field at the same time? What are we saying here? Well, you talk about the pass rush.

Want to know where it went, you know, from from legal. Well, when you're blocking, if you're standing there, you're in a lot better position to stand there and put your feet down. And if you're trying to push against them with traction, you can't get no traction.

There's no, there's no conspiracy theory here. They both have to play and thank you, Don. They both had to play on the same field, whether or not you're trying to block or rush or run or pass or catch. I mean, everybody was out there slipping and sliding and busting their ass.

That's it. They said the field was, was, was wet. It was damp. They said that the fact that you had to put the stage on top of the grass and it compacted the grass down didn't necessarily help matters at all either. Everybody was busting their ass.

So why do we got to look for conspiracy theory here? The field was manipulated so that the Kansas City Chiefs could win. Where?

When? Who manipulated the field? How? Did God do it?

Who did it? Shep, how do you manipulate a field that both teams are playing on? The simple answer is you don't. Like what? Like does somebody have a switch? Like what? I don't know.

And the refs don't want that situation because the refs are more susceptible and amenable to slipping because of their age. So yeah, nobody trying to bust ass on no grass man. Kareem is here from Georgia. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up Kareem? JR, what's going on my brother? How are you? Hey, I'm Will.

Thanks for asking. Hey JR, just a few things about you and Shep's combo about Rodgers. Man, I kind of have to agree man. Rodgers comes up. He has came up big in the last couple of playoff games. Little Fleur let him down, especially with that two years ago when he took the ball out of his hand and chose to kick a field goal or whatnot. That's one instance. Yeah, so I don't know.

I agree with her. Yeah, no, but he's even more careful. Like he's historically one of the safest players and one of the safest quarterbacks that the NFL has ever seen. When you think about his efficiency from his completion percentage to his touchdown to turnover ratio, it's absolutely amazing. But then when he's going to the postseason more recently, he's even more careful and it's the aggression doesn't do him any good. But I'm looking at his whole body of work. He's one of the greatest dudes to throw a ball and even with recent missteps, I would still take him over Jimmy Rob below but continue on Kareem.

Absolutely, man, my deal man. Well, tell me Jr. Why isn't the enemy getting a shot man? I mean Andy Reid has said that the enemy's called the plays, right? It's been said that be in those those two touchdowns that they grew up late in the game the enemy, you know saw that on film and knew that they could probably get get those two. Yes, uh, get open on those plays, but it just seems like, you know, I'm just use your platform to state the obvious Jr. Right, you know, I mean the man if he was if he was not of African-American descent, he would have been gone a shot and I and that just is what it is.

I would I would tend to agree with you. It is it is one of the the biggest I don't know if it's a surprise, but it is one of the most head-scratching things in the NFL right now and it's why does Eric the enemy not have a job and we learned earlier today. We talked about it on this show. You can look at Shane Steichen.

You you can look at Jonathan Gannon. They just lost in the Super Bowl. They lost they got they got they got jobs. They got I know they got jobs, man. Kareem, what we're going to do.

We got to get ready for a break and on the other side of the break. You mentioned Andy Reid. I want to let you and everybody else here from Andy Reid. I want everybody to hear from Patrick Mahomes and you can listen to their thoughts about Eric the enemy and that he should have a job and then I want to share with you some audio from someone who used to play for Eric the enemy. He thinks he has the answer why Eric the enemy doesn't have a job and we'll talk about it. Everybody gets a job except for him. It feels like five five years now. It's the JR sport re-show on CBS Sports Radio. Why can't this man get high?
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